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End of Weekend Spanking Fun

Ok, the weekend is virtually over, so to catch up… I am bringing you multiple site updates of 8 images or less (as I sometimes do). All images should be full size if you click on them (I hope) – enjoy what little remains of the weekend, those of you who have to get up early on a Monday morning…. here’s a little “pick me up” to keep you going!

New Film released at NorthernSpanking.com for Johdpur Lovers (like myself!)

Johdpurs ass grab spanking special

For the good of the team – Alex and Harley are friends who are on the same riding team. The girls decided to make a deal with one another: whoever scored the most points for the team during the next competition will get to spank the other. Alex came out on top, by a wide margin, so once everything was over, she lead Harley to the back porch of one of the buildings. Reminding her friend that a deal is a deal, she pulled Harley over her lap. Feeling quite pleased with herself, and giggling at her friends predicament, she soundly smacked Harely’s bottom over her tight jodhpurs, being a bit generous with her soothing rubs.

Harley protested and whined, but Alex got her to admit she did not hate it. At least not until Alex stood Harley up and pulled down her jodhpurs to expose her soft, white cotton knickers. Alex then used her riding crop to drive home the point that she was trying to make: that it was in everyone’s best interest for both of them to do well and earn more points for the team.


To see more & watch what happens when Alex pulls down Harvey’s jodhpurs – CLICK HERE


 Next from Spanking Server – one of my fave girls from their site – Caprice

This time she takes one of their dreaded asshole canings… This girl is beautiful whatever angle she is placed in or punished… breathtaking!

Caprice takes off her panties caned anus asshole caning Caprice takes an asshole punishment ass spread for the cane Caprice from Spanking Server ass spread wide Caprice does some exercise without her panties

See MORE of Caprice exclusive to Spanking Server HERE


There’s a stunning new girl at Firmhandspanking.com – check out Anna Grant

Anna Grant at Firmhandspanking pantyhose spankings black girl punsihments gymnast_a013 ebony spanking gymnast_a019 restrained and spanked gymnast_a024

Cute black gymnast Anna Grant discovers that a well-spanked bottom is what Earl Grey calls “motivation” – and she’s in Gymnast Hell for a week! Her tight booty soon warms up under his hand, despite her constant struggling.

Check out new girl Anna’s 1st film and MORE new girl recent additions HERE


Go grab yourself a sneak preview of much more to come at RealSpankings.com as they have a lovely new girl called Staci, she is given an OTK hand spanking by Betty and she is interviewed by Michael (off camera) on how she felt before and after her very first spanking! I can’t wait to see more of her!

01 ff spankings 03 04 hot OTK spanking 07 bare sore ass

Check out the full film of Staci’s Punishment profile from RealSpankings.com


Finally, one of my favorite spanking models, Joelle Barros gets a good hard hand spanking from Veronica Bound, this was one of their first encounters… and it’s a memorable one as you’ll see! Out now to download from Punishedbrats.com

Joelle OTK of Veronica

After being spanked hard with the leather paddle and Veronica’s hand, Joelle, the girl who gave her undies to a man at the restaurant, could but rub her sore, naked bottom on the way to bed.

Joelle is spanked OTK girls1-52 girls1-72 Veronica spanks Joelle Barros hot spankings otk spanks

& just in case you thought that was good, Joelle is coming out very soon in a HOT new series alongside Bianca (another hot new model at PB) check these early preview pics out!!!

brando2 OTK girl girl spanking lesbian making out and spanking pussy exposed and ass spanked



I just got back the edits to an amazing double feature with Joelle and Lily Swan for AAA – they are really hot with real orgasms and lots of spanking with Joelle receiving her spanking to orgasm 1st… I’ll try find some pics tomorrow and explain some more in advance of the film as I want to get this update out! Stay tuned…



Don’t mess with Texas… instead embrace the fact the BIGGEST spanking party is coming to Houston
May 28-31 2015 – the 1st Annual Lone Star Spanking Party – I can’t wait!


We are family!

This song was in my head, “We are Family” a classic disco hit from 1979 by Sister Sledge (when life seemed so good back then, eh?) – anyway, I was trying to find a decent clip on YouTube to show you all and most of the clips were awful, cheesy synced numbers so I eventually found this clip below which showed a live version of this song. Even though the clip is poor quality and slightly out of sync, they are at least singing it “live” and will nicely bring you into this short post and why I feel I had to say…

“We are family… I got all my sisters with me
We are family… Get up ev’rybody and sing!”

Today’s spanking fest comes courtesy of Spanked Sweeties and they have surpassed themselves with a double… a real life family spanking of the Miller Clan… Lana Miller is well known at this network and has worked closely with Clare Fonda and the “Big C” on a number of projects including being Principal Miller in many of the Exclusive Education series of films. Last year we saw one of her real life neices take part, but now we have sisters Michelle and Mandee (Mandee appeared last year in EE6) >>> a reminder HERE

So check out Michelle with her awesome big booty given a good hand spanking by Aunty Lana!





This is just the start as Michelle also gets to spank her more submissive sister, Mandee, in their many arguments and of course this site helps re enact some of their memories and model fantasies so this time the girls can carry out some of what they have practiced in the past in private!





Sisters Michelle and Mandee Miller have already been spanked by mom, Lana. Now, Michelle gets her sister back for getting her into trouble with a spanking of her own. This Sweeties episode is truly a family affair with Michelle and Mandee being related to Lana in real life

Lana punished both girls (below) in yet another scene and re enactment that members of SpankedSweeties.com can now view in full! In this case, the girls are spanked for throwing a party when “Mom” was away!






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For your info, I have just uploaded the full length film “You spent WHAT on my credit card?” at our CLIPS STORE in tandem with today’s latest full film HD update at AAAspanking.com

Click image below for the latest clip store film

When online camming gets tough!

Another week starts as we continue to hurtle through this year at an alarming rate (well, I think so anyway!) and what a way to get immersed in some amazing spanking updates and the highs and lows that accompany Amber as she gets a request for a fast furious belting from one of her cam clients (Daddy was only too happy to oblige, unsurprisingly!) to the joy for us to see Amber’s real pleasure in finally spanking her 1st black beauty… The “Cocoa Goddess” Kay, as she put it (& oh boy has this girl got some “booty” on her, I’m so jealous!) So let’s start with the belting request… money talks, and Amber’s bottom is going to feel the burn of this one!

Amber can’t turn down requests when the customer is paying good money so when he has her with her panties down looking at the cam with her big doe eyes, he requests that she get a damned hard belting… luckily, Daddy is on hand to film this and carry out the wicked punishment! Just think, you could do this with Amber yourself on one of her many cam shows… she’s such a naughty girl, isn’t she? So this time, the customer, after my own heart…. demands that this redhead minx be thrashed fast & furious, he knows she can take it, maybe he had read some of my encouraging posts about Amber’s abilities and cam shows… I’d like to think so, lol! Check out what happens and marvel at Amber’s trim toned body and that mesmerising bubble butt of hers… she’s definitely been working out and it shows!

Images below are the first shown anywhere (with Amber’s permission, of course)

OK, it’s very late here so I better get a hurry on… that’s what happens when the missus is away and I stay up late (it’s past 2am here… yikes). Anyway, this really is a HARD belt punishment, as requested and I have no hestitation recommending this movie at all! Exclusive to SpankAmber.com

The following movie has just been released (at last!) and , in Amber’s words, stars a cocoa goddess by the name of Kay, I remember her talking about this shoot an age ago… comparing her to Serena Williams, who is an Amazonian princess in need of a spanking, but I digress! Kay recalls to Amber her early spanking experiences and soon this beautiful girl is over Amber’s lap on the bed for her first ever black girl spanking. All I can say is.. “wow!” The combination of Kay’s dark skin and that awesome bubble butt with Amber’s flawless pale skin giving her a good hand spanking has to be seen to be believed!

Ok, that’s enough… I have to go to bed and need some sleep, if I start to think about these 2 in a Booty “Shake off” I shall go…. ah… too late! Damn! Well, I’m sure that’ll happen and members will no doubt get to see this very soon but for now be content with Amber’s very 1st beautiful black beauty, Kay, getting her magnificent bubble butt tanned by Amber…. there’s so much more of this to come! I can’t wait!



Remember that you can purchase a special 3 site deal to see all of Amber’s spanking & modelling shenanigans & there’s a nice Trial promotion to see this all for under $5! Go check out her sites 🙂


Spanking Classics

Short and sweet as I’m out and about so I’ve got a short update today and a larger one will follow very soon.

OK, so what was I viewing this weekend? I haven’t featured the folks from Girls Boarding School for a while & in particular, Abi Whittaker. There’s something about this teen brat I really like, I think it’s her reaction to the punishments!
Oh, and that cute arse, of course!  😉
However, she certainly gets the Chief going, see why below in this recent update which follows the previous Hair Brush Punishment.

See Abi’s Confession Series (Parts 1 & 2) at Girls Boarding School

Previously, in Part 1 – Abi was spanked & her bare bottom disciplined with a hard wooden brush (below).

Abi feels the hair brush Abi feels the hairbrush

Check out the latest Abi Whittaker movie below, I’ve also made some pics available for you to view.

Abi at Girls Boarding School

FREE Pics from this movie are below, click on them to enlarge.

To save time, I found a free gallery below of another great movie I viewed which had this dark skinned beauty severely punished.
I don’t usually feature such punishments as most dusky girls don’t show their punishment marks as well.
However, this film was above that, as the girl is simply stunning. see below – Lucky Tom!

click here to view this free gallery

Like what you see? Check out the extensive Tour Pages of Girls Boarding School


& onto my Japanese cuties now from CutieSpankee 😀

click here for more

This is a special Retro Spanking Session as both girls get to spank & paddle each other. Warning: Contains cute Japanese girls having their bare bottoms punished! 😀

click here to play this clip

Free pics from this sample clip are below

Think these pics say a 100 more things than I could, hope you enjoyed them as much as I did anyway!

Check out the latest content at the Cutie Spankee Tour Pages HERE