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Would you Spank these Models?

One spanking site I know just LOVES to spank those naughty bimbos, brats and just plain stuck up greedy models you just love to hate… that’s right, I’m showing you a special preview from the archives of BunBeatingFun.com and I checked that I haven’t shown these ladies before. So settle down and see what happens when a girl complains about the shoot location, or tries to hold the producers to ransom demanding more money and so on (with the hilarious and predictable results of very sore red bottoms from their often hard OTK spanking sessions!) – Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Taylor Knight


This is what Red Hot Video had to say about Taylor Knight:
Without a doubt this sultry southern belle was very easy on the eyes.  The lady chose not to treat our ears as kindly however. Indeed, upon arriving at the Red Hot Video studio – such as it was – Miss Knight’s verbalizations could best be described as having a distinctly tart edge.  A sweet Georgia peach she was not. Luckily for our company, we’ve had no small amount of experience in dealing with tart tongued tarts and best of all… her bottom proved every bit as sweet as her tongue was not!

taylorknight003 taylorknight005 taylorknight006 spanking taylorknight008 taylorknight009 taylorknight010 taylorknight011 taylorknight012 taylorknight013 taylorknight014 taylorknight015

[jwplayer mediaid=”44905″]



Jill Cannon


This is Red Hot Video’s account of their time with Jill:
The first thing we noticed when this stunning fox arrived was that she looked every bit as good as her publicity photos led us to expect. Then, when she spoke it only got better.  Her voice, soft and sweet like a robin’s song.  It was only after we took note of the actual words lilting off her tongue, that our expectations sank… like a lead weight.
“It’s hot”… “This place is a dump”… “I want more money”… and so on.
To her credit, it should be noted that Jill did show up on time and – best of all – clearly displayed under her tight dress was irrefutable evidence of why the young lady had just recently won the “Best Ass in Texas” contest. Who wouldn’t want to spank dat ass?

jillcannon002 jillcannon003 jillcannon004 jillcannon005 spank jillcannon007 jillcannon008 jillcannon009 jillcannon010 jillcannon011 jillcannon012 jillcannon013

[jwplayer mediaid=”44919″]



Natalia Ashe


Red Hot Video described their double encounter with first Natlia… then her so called friend, Azura!
We could smell the whiskey the moment the door opened for Miss Ashe was quite tipsy indeed and… it wasn’t even night time yet! Clearly this liquored up miss was in need of a good licking. Natalia may be as loose as a goose but, not so her bottom.  Her tightly molded butt cheeks are the sort that require a hard swung palm spank to get a proper response.  Indeed the harder our boy slapped her bottom the better it felt – to him. Having found his rhythm, he then gleefully whaled away for the next ten minutes, no doubt the longest ten minutes in this slut’s life.

nataliaashe002 nataliaashe003 nataliaashe004 nataliaashe005 nataliaashe006 nataliaashe007 nataliaashe008 nataliaashe009 nataliaashe010 nataliaashe011 nataliaashe012 nataliaashe013

[jwplayer mediaid=”44933″]





In the long session, this is an account of what happened to Azuray:
Here we have a blue eyed blonde beauty with pearly white skin and a mouth watering pair of natural jugs. Though fit and trim, her body is of the softer type, as evidenced by how her tasty rump jiggles in a most provocative manner when the first loud spank slap lands. Clearly captivated by this spectacle, our man ignores Azuray’s outraged screams and paces his stinging blows so as to ensure that her bouncing buns are not afforded any opportunity to stop jiggling throughout the festivities.

azura002 azura004 azura005 azura006 azura007 azura008 azura009 azura010 azura011 azura012 azura013 azura014

[jwplayer mediaid=”44947″]


If you like to spank girls or see them spanked, check out how these are disciplined!

Bun Beating Fun


Special 1st Early Bun Beating Fun Preview

Happy Monday everyone… another long week ahead for some of you, I guess, looking forward to the weekend again. So I shall attempt to start things off for you people too upset that you have 5 days of hard work ahead of you until your precious time off. I guess Americans will be especially looking forward to the following weekend for some strange reason that I find totally offensive as a blue blooded Brit (I am kidding, so don’t get all literal on me, ok?) – so what couldn’t be more American than the excellent site BunBeatingFun.com and their highly amusing and mildly offensive (to some overly PC idiots that take things waaaaay too literally) – it’s a tongue in cheek site treating the really badly behaved,  bratty and nasty models to some good old fashioned discipline these guys only know how… hard on the girls bare bottoms!

Greg let me see his latest offering a little early, knowing I am a fan of his site and we plan to meet up, I hope, in Florida later this year… but for now… here is the continuation of a popular story arc that members liked… the bratty model’s agent turns up… and she gets the same treatment.

smurfasaur001 smurfasaur002

So, last time, it was left with model Alexandria left to contemplate the consequences of her bratty behaviour doing some walltime after a good hard OTK spanking by Mystery Spanker, Rick… when the door knocks and a really gobby, mouthy loud young woman with some serious attitude demanded to know “what the actual fuck” (sic) was going on with her girl. Well, you are about to find out in the glorious medium of image and a video clip I have made so you will see just what happens.


smurfasaur004 smurfasaur005 smurfasaur006

The agent is not your conventional type of girl… she is rather “unique”, I don’t mind saying… and at first I took an instant dislike to her, perhaps it was her overly tattooed body, perhaps her foul mouth which Rick remarked on… or perhaps her hairstyle or piercings… I am old fashioned and set in my ways like that. But, actually, I really got to like watching her get a spanking, it could be something to do with the fact that she possessed a very… VERY spankable ass that cried out for a good ol’ fashioned thrashing. She has a rather interesting name too… Smurfasaur (OK, I don’t get it… but hey, I’m an old git, OK?) what I did like from the moment she got her ear pulled and taken over his lap was the way in which her clothing was deftly and expertly removed bit by bit… you could tell Rick  just wanted to spank this naughty foul mouthed agent… another purveyor of uppity and poorly behaved models that had given both Rick and Greg a lot of grief… and you find yourself willing on Rick to  get her pants off quickly. We are not disappointed… she has a most spankable posterior and it was turning red rather quickly.

smurfasaur007 smurfasaur008

smurfasaur009 smurfasaur010


She still screamed and complained… now remember her model that she had sent on the previous job was still doing her walltime and Alexandria saw this as her time to get the hell out… which you see her sneak out… leaving the near naked Smurfasaur alone with her tormentors.


“Yoinks! I’m outta here!!!”

She started to become a little more contrite and you actually warm to her, feel for her as the spanking is rather relentless. She politely gets the trademark wooden paddle that the guys use… a sign she was learning her lesson and I actually enjoyed the sight of this naked young girl now… whereas before I may not have, perhaps it was the contriteness making her appear more attractive? (she had a nice little pair of titties… how’s that for being not politically correct? LOL)… so back over his lap she goes for the last part of her punishment…

smurfasaur013 smurfasaur014

smurfasaur015 smurfasaur016

smurfasaur017 smurfasaur018


The paddling which ensures her bottom is an angry sore red before she too ended up doing her walltime. No answering back… no complaints, this young lady had learnt her lesson and accepted what she had done was wrong… and of course we get to see her cute spankable butt and body (and those pert li’l titties below) one more time.


smurfasaur022 smurfasaur023

smurfasaur024 smurfasaur025

Bravo Greg and Rick… this was a surprisingly good film and I liked the little out take scene at the end… I won’t spoil it too much… but Rick has something to say about some of the implements they use… there is also a nice scene of Rick rubbing Arnica Lotion onto the butt cheeks of a very grateful Smurfasaur. A tender scene to end this on.

Below is a special freeview clip of a screaming and bratty young girl learning her lesson!

You will be able to view this film in full this week… and it compliments the many other themed spanking retribution films that BunBeatingFun.com have become so well known for.

Spanking Memories while I’m away #2

I have done the same at my other blog HERE so there will be plenty of spanking materials, these are selected posts over the years that I think you’ll like reading about again… I will try to update you with news of my trip here on this blog when I can (please be advised customer support and anti piracy issues for my site continue as normal) do go check out my Twitter Account as I will post images and stuff there too!

Oh, and remember to send me filming suggestions for Casey Calvert and Sarah Gregory please (together, apart, naughty, kinky, CP, tears etc etc…) these girls will take what is given to them, heh heh – or else!


As I wait to bring you the news from NaughtyBottom.com featuring a fantastic movie package starring Debbie Fraser (one of my fave US brats that I ever had the fortune to spank… and more) – I thought I’d bring you some more updates of some of my fave sites that I’ve been lucky enough to be a member of over the years!

I often think these sites don’t need promoting, but, it would be criminal not to let you all know what’s available, like I’m keeping them secret or something, lol! So, the aptly named Punished Brats – home of Pixie (who I never seem to promote, God knows why, she’s gorgeous and I just LOVE, her facial expressions!)

Amber Pixie Wells

Check out the Home Page of Punished Brats for the free movie clips, I won’t host any here today, but I will let you view some cracking images from her latest movie below!


As you can see, Pixie can’t seem to stop sassing the fearsome Mr Windsor even during her punishment, but if she doesn’t quit, her spanking will never end!

click here

Below, get to see lucky David Pierson handle real brat Chloe Elise
(love that name, to us folk in the UK, it sounds trashy!)

see Chloe learn  


Chloe is finally learning about “patience” but it’s a bit late for her now to apologise
as you’ll see David just continues to spank harder!


click here

Finally from Punished Brats, some bonus pics of some cracking Hi Res images of more recent updates – you get the picture…frightening Veronica with the oh so cute Nyssa Nevers, Mr Windsor and Pierson dishing out their OTK punishments!

click here

click for MORE here


Finally, lucky Greg (aka the Mystery Spanker) from BunBeatingFun.com has an awesome update of a B-movie actress called Julian Wells.

click here

She hasn’t quite cracked Hollywood just yet, but she’s a doll and I gotta say I reviewed some of the films she’s starred in such as “An Erotic Werewolf in London” – you’ll get the drift, she’s also been the main star of movies like the Misty Mundae series, some of National Lampoon’s efforts and horror flicks.


OK, so the girl herself, from Greg’s film, shot at some seedy motel in New Jersey (as always) was a bit of a come down to the production sets she’s used to, so no guessing she gets a bit “uppity” which is when the punishment of this delightful madame begins!

Julian Wells

Uh-oh, the Chief decides to take a very cold shower watching her “devour” this banana! 😀


To see the FREE 10Mb Movie clip and 24 images from this latest film
click on the image of a crying Julian below! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

click here to view

To see ALL of this fantastic new update – CLICK HERE

click here


Here below is news on the NaughtyBottom Movie package

Once again, if you haven’t already, do NOT miss this fantastic PPV Movie Package which is out in US Dollar format and even cheaper (as are all movies featured here now) and it stars one of my all time fave girls Debbie Fraser from Connecticut, USA. Just over 6 years ago, she came over and got her amazing butt blistered in front of our cams and unfortunately, technology being what it was then, we hadn’t had the chance to upgrade some of the movies with her which were encoded on Real Player at 360kbs. So I had the dubious honour of finding my fave and the best movies we did with her and placed them into this one off payment Multi Movie Package. Now if some of you liked the Brazil package, you’ll know you got a lot of extra content and extra remastered goodies! Well, the same applies to these 4 movies! Click on the image below which will give you direct access to the movie tour page, there are 4 great promo clips and full movie explanations, which will let you know just what these movies are about!

click here to view more of Debbie

Debbie was a rare thing, she really had that “Girl Next Door” quality about her, and in a couple of movies she’s punished to tears, I have to say I love these movies, I was in a couple of them and I can remember whacking her lovely soft cheeks like it was yesterday, so to see these movies again remastered…oh wow! This girl really does take a very hard thrashing with the strap, even a leather flogger and the cane, which she absolutely hated, wait til you see the “Debbie’s Horse” and “Debbie’s Demise” movies and you’ll see her broken with the Rod!

click here

This is the umpteenth movie package out now at NaughtyBottom and I have no doubt it will become a best seller like the wonderful Brazil series! For your further perusal, I have made these 4 special galleries below available, they feature some never seen before images and the promo movie clips. You might want to view and (hopefully) purchase this amazing deal via these galleries as you may get to view the movies easier BELOW than the home page of NaughtyBottom.com as I’m sure the server will be busy with 1000s of people downloading the clips there!

Debbie's Appointment - click here Debbie's Discovery - click here

Debbie's Demise - click here Debbie's Horse - click here

So I present to you, Miss Debbie Fraser – Welcome to England…

She came, she saw, she snivelled & got thrashed – sent home days later with a very sore red bottom!

Debbie Fraser at NaughtyBottom


click here

Bun Beating Fun feature

This is the 1st of 2 posts today as I got news from Greg at Bunbeatingfun.com about an upcoming new film… which is a real screamer, and it kind of reminded me of another uppity girl I had viewed waaaay back at his site so you have the very latest film and a real bratty model getting her comeuppance from 2006… and that is a real screamer too!!!

Enjoy this special update here FIRST as others will no doubt pull my images and promote it themselves, which is fine, it’s not my copyright and that’s all part of the game… but remember where you saw it originally, ok? (lol!) I always get you the updates to Greg’s fine site before anyone else… I have been told this film should be up later today or by tomorrow latest!


It stars a model called Johannie (pronounced Jo-Hannie) she has numerous inkings and tatts over her body, which, in my own weird way, would encourage me to thrash her more… but she is cute, very cute… but that is as far as the cuteness and compliments from me are forthcoming… as she is a stroppy strumpet, a REAL brat and kicks up from the start about the location, the shoot and of course how much better she is than our Mystery Spanker #2… check out the images AND the preview clip you can play direct on my blog! Warning: this girl has a very spankable butt AND a horrible potty mouth in between screaming the studio down from her spanking! VERY SATISFYING!

00a 01 01c

02 04

05 07

08 10

09 11

20 23b

24 25 27

This is what Greg had to say about the latest girl to grace his site: “When she wants to, she can come off as sweet, delicate and innocent as a spring flower.   When she wants to that is. She has a hell of a temper though – anger issues she calls it – and it required damn near every last ounce of our man’s resolve, determination and no small portion of his physical strength to ensure that this spoiled brat was properly chastised. He sure had a lot of fun though!”


Such a lovely girl… such manners and decorum, eh? You can view the free preview clip below and see for yourselves… then see a similar potty mouthed, screamer from yesteryear that Johannie reminded me of in the way she had behaved!

Anyone remember Kandy? (image below)


Kandy gave Greg’s fellow photographer friend a real hard time with her diva demands and refusal to work for the agreed rate at the (admittedly sleazy) motel location… she is told she will get what’s coming to her… and she reaps it IN FULL as you will see from these reminder images taken from the remastered film as far back as 2006 – taken from the archives of BunBeatingFun.com

kandy01 kandy02

kandy03 kandy04

kandy05 kandy06

kandy07 kandy08 kandy09

This is the official take on what happened that day: “Every now and again a young lady crosses our doorstep and proceeds to really anger us.  We’re not talking about mere annoyance here or even disappointment tinged with a dab of anger, we’re talking truly about pissing us off. Such was the case when this gorgeous long limbed brunette came calling.  Came calling, that is, well over an hour after we had laboriously completed our preparations. More galling still was Kandy’s choice of this exact time and place to renegotiate her already not ungenerous modeling fee. This 27 year old hottie was conducting her affairs like a con woman! And a seasoned one at that. Our man’s reply was nothing if not quick and sure…”


Check out the real tears and a naughty but explicit teaser clip (below)


Midweek Spanking Updates

I’d have got this out sooner but I have had a problem once again with some shitty pirates using stolen credit cards… 3 fake transactions today (I won’t tell you how I know but it is rather crude and obvious to most of us, I am just pissed off that I didn’t see this until a few hours after their sign up as I was out at the time!) So whatever bastard it is, I have a good idea who it is as they prefer to use their own Spanish IP address to download the stolen films) I shall investigate if I can find out more about them as what they are doing is, essentially – criminal! Anyway, they have no doubt raped the site for what they need, as for the other 2 crap sign ups, those transactions have been voided already and the poor people these thieves have acquired the stolen details from won’t have to get bothered wondering what my CCBill transaction is all about! Anyhoo, this is the crap we website owners have to contend with… just thought you’d like to know, it’s a real danger to the continuing existence of sites like mine. All sign ups go direct to my mobile phone so I can act pretty much straight away nowadays if something isn’t right, just a pity the battery power on the phone was out at the time… but enough of that… grr!

The latest film, as promised, starring cheer girl Leandra is now out… I have 2 galleries for you to check out which you can see below… and if you just want to download the film then that option via the Clips Store is also available! (click any image and it leads to the free gallery)





If you only want to download this full HD-Wmv film then see how to HERE


In other site updates, check out my pick of the day…

Starting with my good bud Greg’s delightfully un-PC site bunbeatingfun.com

Why do I absolutely love this format? I like seeing brats given a real good spanking…there’s some humour (or “humor” if you’re in America/Australia etc) at the start in the build up to this latest model brat to fall into the clutches of Red Hot Video as they film out of some sleazy motel room in Florida… please welcome Briella Jaden. A blonde tempting harlot that soon learnt that manners cost nothing… except for the marks left on her poor blistered red butt – heh heh!


Here is the early banter between Briella and an increasingly fed up “Mystery Spanker”

Him: “I’m the photographer… and you’re the model.”

Her: “I don’t care, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

He mutters under breath – “Another one”

Her: “You’re… wasting my time with this frivolous shit!”

Him: (off cam) “Bitch!”

Her: “… and I think this shoot has been the worst day of shooting I’ve ever had!”

Him: (grabbing her by the ear) “Not yet… BUT IT WILL BE!”

bri001 bri002


& so her ordeal begins… this girl’s reactions are very real as she couldn’t take a spanking as much as the other girls I have seen but this doesn’t make this film any less for it, perhaps it is better as I have worked with girls like Briella who reacted so much better than, say a seasoned spanko… that’s the appeal of this site, you never know what model brat you will get and they all react so differently! I loved watching this film, and I know Greg’s members will too! (She’s also incredibly cute with a trim figure that looks as if you’d break her in 2… but with a mouth like that, you know she’s made of sterner stuff!)

briella-09 briella-34 briella-10


briella-20 briella-13

briella-16 briella-18 briella-22

bri004 briella-28 bri006

This is what Greg had to say about his latest girl!

Briella has an angelic countenance, born for the camera coupled with a wicked bottom that is very much in need of a firm hand.  An exquisite combination, to be sure, and one that was guaranteed to result in noisy fireworks sooner or later.  And to this already combustible equation let us add that Briella’s bottom is both extremely sensitive to the touch and as alluring as a Siren’s Song! 


Click HERE to view all the latest updates and great little intro clips of what you can expect to see inside the members area


The gorgeous Lola Marie is featured next and gets a hot cruel punishment at home!


Oh dear! Lola Marie is home from school and she is in trouble. She knows the rules of the house, punished at school, punished at home. She knows what that entails. First off she has to bend over the knee for a good spanking on her white school knickers then it’s knickers down and out comes the slipper. Now if you have never had the slipper you don’t know how much it can hurt, well this was Lola’s first time and she soon found out that once she was kneeling, bottom well presented and the slipper used by an expert it can be VERY painful!

npp6017030 npp6017013

npp6017017 npp6017038

npp6017042 npp6017058

npp6017061 npp6017066


Check the FREE HD preview clip of schoolgirl Lola Marie’s punishment HERE


Madison Martin & Veronica Ricci co star in this latest episode from My Spanking Room Mate


Madison looks just stunning and this is an awesome F/F spanking film!!!

msr-p141-010 msr-p141-018

msr-p141-021 msr-p141-023

msr-p141-028 msr-p141-030


Veronica Ricci is working as a temp at Madison’s office, where manager Aaliyah Love will not put up with any poor work. So when she catches Madison and Veronica slacking off, she has them spank each other, with hand and hairbrush. 

msr-p141-031 msr-p141-039

msr-p141-040 msr-p141-042


See the results of 2 curvy bottoms turning red for their boss’ personal viewing pleasure.

This site is part of the 5 SITE Clare Fonda Pass Network (saving you lots of $$$$!)


The last update today is from Sarah’s great site – SpankingSarah.com


School girl Bow is in real trouble in the latest instalment of my Trophy Wife series. She has purposely got herself into trouble  because she knows that her step mother must undergo the same punishment. This time she has taken a step too far and is really for it. Stretched out on the vaulting horse she is spanked first of all over her white school knickers by the headmistress and her stepmother then her knickers are removed and the ladies take it in turns to apply school canes to her bare bottom. They know what they are doing and really lay the cane onto her bottom.

npp5050009 npp5050012

npp5050017 npp5050019 npp5050020

npp5050021 npp5050029


Click here to see a free preview clip of this latest punishment film!


Right, I’m off outside to enjoy our BBQ meal… gotta make the most of this fine weather 🙂

I have the veg and meat ready… heh heh!


Getting it good!

I haven’t much time, as I want to watch the football and have several cold beers waiting for me. However, after yesterday’s post, I sure wish Madame Presidente Kirchner had wrongfully paid a visit to the mystery spanker instead of adressing a bunch of fawning delegates at the U.N. as I know damn well he wouldn’t put up with her attitude and give her a damned good hiding (I’d seriously LOVE to cane and birch her too, is that wrong? I’m a little worried about my feelings on this matter, lol!) So not settling for the Argentine president, we have the very latest bratty model to come into the clutches of Red Hot Video productions… aka Bun Beating Fun and this aptly named cute bundle of bosomly joy, called, wait for it… Jacky Joy!

Jacky Joy (I love this name) is primarily a very naughty girl – if you Google her name you’ll soon see 🙂

Yup! This is Jacky Joy and she is the next victim girl to turn up knocking on the seedy motel room door for her next assignment… only it of course ends up with her getting far more than she bargained for, as these brats always do… and she is soon left with a very sore red bottom, snivelling and wishing she had never made the short journey to New Jersey for some perceived easy ca$h! Aah, they never learn, do they?

Get to see some early exclusive free preview shots here on this blog of Jacky’s raucous OTK encounter which starts off with her acting the diva, getting the dreaded ear pull treatment which meant only one thing… this bad girl would indeed be going over his knee for an intense corrective brat therapy session! bring … it… on!





Jacky’s bum has a fantastic jiggle & this buxom porn actress is brought close to tears as she can’t take anymore!






I will be back with more updates tomorrow morning! Have a good evening, folks!
Preparing new for tonight’s game… so I have just one thing to say



Awesome Spankings!

Hello everyone! I’m back from a short trip away, unfortunately I have to work today elsewhere even though today and tomorrow are public holidays to help us all celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee… but that is what happens sometimes, eh? *sigh*

But don’t fear, I have quickly spied some amazing new updates with a newcomers, a returnee and what looks like  a promising switch – all from David Pierson’s Punishedbrats.com

Check out the extensive image gallery below of Piper Hill, a young new spanking talent he has found, looking oh so scrumptious in that tennis outfit getting a rather deserved spanking, as you’ll find out! (oh, and some nice cam angles too!)

Say “hello” to Piper Hill! Spanked and given the hairbrush for being such a precious brat!







Piper is disqualified and not allowed to continue participating in the tennis match after she gives the finger to the umpire. The fiery red head’s poor judgement continues in the locker room when she flips off Veronica too! Veronica’s response is even stronger than the umpire’s as she applies a wooden hairbrush to the bratty girl’s backside.After having her poor bottom spanked fire engine red, Piper promises that there will be no more arguing with the ref’s calls.

You can watch the full film (I highly recommend it) right HERE

& if that wasn’t enough, please do give a big welcome back to Brittney, over the knee of Audrey (below) – who is also a rather new addition as a switch and doing a really fine job, if I say so myself! This is the 1st part of a new set of films from the “Office Decorum” series…

Just because Brittney is working for her cousin, that’s no excuse for her showing up to work in sweats and slacking on the job. Audrey decides that she needs to spank her cousin just like she did when they were younger… (I HIGHLY recommend this new film, btw!)




Miss this film at your peril! See it in full HERE



“You bought WHAT with my credit card?”

Triple A members will understand Paul’s distress when you see what she has bought! There’s a damned good bickering argument and of course some great OTK spanking action! I can’t wait to let you know more later this week… and of course, that is Leia-Ann Woods over his knee, need I make any further excuse for you NOT to miss this? 🙂

Has Zoe Page met her match?

Those of you who know what a fearsome domme Miss Zoe Page can be will be shocked to see her wrestled to the floor and treated like a bimbo… but in the this new film coming out next week at AAAspanking.com – members will be able to watch Zoe play one of her most submissive roles I have ever been privileged to witness and this is a totally 1st excluisve to my site!
This is purely a teaser but for those that are signing up to the site this is a fantastic bonus as anyone joining right now will 100% see this movie in full before the 1st 30 days are up so whether it’s a one off membership for that period or a recurring one or one of the special deal longer term memberships (best option!) – either way, you ARE going to get to see this film AND the fantastic image set (which I have cut a few below which are reduced in size) so you get the idea of what will happen at the start of this film!

It’s called “Where are my shoes?” -and this is what Zoe asks of her nasty step sister, Jessica, who has hidden them in one of their sibling conflicts! (how delightfully catty and petty, eh?)

Zoe absolutely loved playing a bratty schoolgirl, and of course, both these young ladies look amazing and I promise you the wrestling scenes are hot, both girls went for it, and I’m afraid to say that Jessica beat her… yup! You’ll see Zoe submit… but for how long? Ah, well… that would be telling, eh? *wink*


I haven’t said much about new girl Jessica either, she is beautiful and stronger than she looks, as you will discover! I am really excited about showing you this film next week and obviously there are also some other great updates (the rude n lewd 2nd part to my fantasy spanking, mmm!) and a full film release as well as this new film showing at the site which is making it a great time (if I say so myself) to be a member of AAAspanking.com

Sorry there is no more today, I had a full day at my workplace and am shattered but wanted to share this early news with you all, I will promise to get you more worldwide spanking updates here tomorrow morning, however, until then, I hope you enjoyed this exclusive free preview of what Triple A patrons will be able to view next week! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Book early to avoid disappointment! 🙂

Brats, Brats & MORE Brats Spanked!

Well, it’s a miserable Easter Monday here in England… chilly, damp, grey and nothing to go outside for on a typical Bank Holiday after the weekend *sigh* – so I thought I’d find some nice warm American spanking images to cheer myself up and I thought I’d start with Sarah Gregory as her latest film has her dragged in from the pool and spanked by Daddy for being outside too long in that gorgeous warmth! (She’d be BEGGING to come inside if she were outside in the UK today, or freezing her ample bits off, that’s for sure!!! Brrrr!)

So check out one of my fave brats getting a thoroughly deserved spanking by her Daddy, Paul Rogers.




Sarah has been grounded. When Daddy comes home from work early, he is not happy to find his grounded daughter out in the pool and she starts to brat off giving him a hard time so he drags her into the house and gives her a hard bare bottom spanking on her exposed wet bottom! You can see more of this movie and download it HERE

“Ouch! Daddy gave me a proper spanking for being such a brat!”

Keeping it in the family (no it’s not Mississippi… sorry, only kidding! I love you folk of The South! Honest!!!) – oops, there goes my last remaining southern reader… (come back, Sir!) Um, as I said, Sarah does the domestic and family stuff so well, and as I didn’t let you know about her last spanking exploit, here is a brief reminder of what older sis, Lily, got up to with her younger brat sister’s very ample and spankalicious posterior… and that “Attitude Adjuster” paddle looks kinda “ouchy!”


Sarah’s big sister, Lily, is left in charge of taking care of Sarah while mom is out of town. Sarah thinks that taking care of her means dropping everything and doing what she needs. Well, Sarah wants pizza and Lily is on the phone with her boss. Sarah doesn’t care, hangs up the phone, and demands her sister..”take care” of her by making her dinner. Well Lily takes care of her alright… with a hard spanking and paddling!


You can Check out all of Sarah’s original movies at her bratty best right here


I was going to give you some sunny spankings from Badtushy.com but then realised that I had shown these before, what I haven’t shown you, though, is this amazing film from around 6 months back that I just had watched again earlier today… and I decided, “what the hell? You can warm yourselves or feel warm just looking at thieving Becky’s roasted red rump!” Indeed! (& it’s Ms Law at her nastiest best!!!)




Ms Law catches her girl’s best friend stealing from her pocketbook, but instead of calling the cops, she bends her over and spanks her over and over in front of her tearful blonde haired daughter! Every time she would cry, Ms Law would smack her bare ass even harder! Seriously, see how red and busted up this thieving fool’s ass really gets! A BadTushy Classic!




Where would I be without my fix of brat related spankings if it wasn’t for the aptly named Punishedbrats.com – well, fear not, I have some cracking new updates from this fine site and of course these girls are getting what is most deservedly coming to them… over the lap of their tormentors! Yay!

What better film to showcase a real beautiful brat than pouty Lorraine Little? & who better to give her a hard hairbrush spanking than her no nonsense Aunt Veronica? I love these 2 together and I always feel I’ve had my money’s worth watching any of the films with them in. Fortunately… Punishedbrats.com has a considerable amount of content with both ladies… so enjoy this latest Aunt & Niece punishment re enactment.



Veronica takes in her troublesome niece, Lorraine, then immediately enacts some strict rules and discipline starting with a good hairbrush spanking for her all her recent bratty behaviour. Lorraine is quickly learning that if she’s going to live with her Aunt Veronica, she’s going to have to improve her attitude or she might never sit down properly again!



Check out more of this stunning spanking film with Lorraine & Veronica at their best!


In sunny California, Clare keeps on getting some amazing new talent in, some from LA’s infamous Dominion Club… and of course, LA is full of beautiful, wannabe actresses and budding porn starlets who are more than happy to let Clare know about their in house shenanigans growing up, which often included spankings so – at SpankedSweeties.com – this is the site that showcases such stories which are re encted for our benefit and here we have a gorgeous newcomer by the name of Riley… that “Momma Clare” gets over her knee after her introductory interview!

Clare had this to say about new girl, Riley: “This was Riley’s first spanking shoot, though she was no stranger to being spanked! She was discliplined by her mother, father and even the nanny. Riley is a tall, gorgeous model of Arabic descent, with an amazing round spankable bottom”.






OK, before I go, you might want to know what is coming out later this week at AAAspanking.com – it’s a real treat with Danielle Hunt who absolutely LOVED wearing this uniform, so I ended up making 2 films with her in (and out) of it… can you guess why she is going to be spanked in this 1st film? (heh heh!)

I shall also be uploading this film at the Clips Store later TODAY and there are some new additions added there recently for those that only want to download the odd clip, part of a movie or entire film but never seem to like membershoip sites… so the choice, as they say, ladies and gents… is entirely yours!

Have a good remaining holiday today. Happy Easter.

Someone will win this, it may as well be YOU!