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Laura Dore – her bum is no bore!

While you wait for me to post something else, I just wanted to share a few choice images of one of the most spankable bottoms I have clapped eyes on, courtesy of this infamous Brazilian model, Laura Dore (pronounced dor-ray)… Would any lady or gentleman know where to begin with such a magnificent booty? Could we fit her comfortably on our laps as she wriggled… imagine the lunge position or even the wheelbarrow (oh my goodness… such hot lewd thoughts!) – Anyway, enjoy, I have been busy behind the scenes today so forgive me, I am hoping to get you up news of 2 very different but fantastic films that Casey Calvert is appearing in later, so don’t go too far, ok?

LAURA DORE – A real “Whooty Beauty!”










A Bimbo-tastic Reminder from Brazil!

I had a couple of mails recently asking if the Brazil package was still about and could I remind them of what it was all about? Well, I couldn’t find one of my original posts and anyway, I think the links have changed so I checked my hard drive for some of the promo materials I used way back and luckily for you folk, have found them! So here it is again, with a nice added bonus to a freeview link of my own that still works and also if you check out the home page you’ll see more…all these films are only available at NaughtyBottom as one amazing filthy thong-tastic spanking package with remastered movies and huge image sets! mmm! Enjoy!!!

Once again – here are the amazing series of spanking and discipline films which were done in Brazil – all fully remastered and re-edited with EXTRA film footage, never before seen out takes and scenes with 100s of pics to compliment the Hi Res playback of the movies. There are 4 films in total, over 1 hour’s worth of cute girls in thongs, bikinis, school uniforms (and less) – All receiving a shock as the intrepid crew went to Rio, Sao Paulo and the rain forest to discipline these wayward but very cute girlies! There is a special promotional page that explains everything and includes a long play special promotional free clip from the first film.

Important: Be aware that I linked an old promotional poster where it said pricing was £12.95 GBP
The NEW pricing (as they all are on this site) is CHEAPER at $13.95 US Dollars!!!

Special new Brazilian Girl Discipline package

This unique Brazilian Discipline Package only available in FULL from NAUGHTYBOTTOM.com

As a real treat I have also managed to get you an EXCLUSIVE Promo Clip from the last film.
See watch weep and then be prepared to want this very naughty latino spectacular!

click here to play

What can I say? It still remains one of the most popular downloads and it’s hard NOT to see why!
For your info, MORE new movies are being added weekly – ALL with free sample clips
(I counted 5 more recently…and there’s some good uns!!!)

FULL MOVIE LIST can be viewed & downloaded HERE

Cold Shower anyone????? Regards, Chief.