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Dydd Gŵyl Dewi hapus i bawb

Have I lost the plot? No, just wishing you all a Happy St David’s Day in Welsh since it is their national day today! This image below makes me laugh, the longest railway station name in the world, all I know is how to pronounce the end (it’s pronounced something like go-go-gohkk).

OK, I don’t have anything else spanking wise that is Welsh inspired, no daffodils or leaks, or rugby balls in sight… I just thought I’d pay my respects, since half my family originate from “The valleys” (tidy, isn’t it?) – well apart from this cheeky lass below!

I hope you’re looking forward to March 5th as it’s St Piran’s Day
(For the Cornish, the other half of where my family are from – heh heh!)
I’ll find some suitably celtic buttacular for ye all…

Anyway, today’s spanking updates and recollections will try to be with less waffle from me and in 6 images or less where poss… so here goes (deep breath).

One of my favorite Dutch girlies, Angel, at Real Life Spankings got a nasty wooden spatula across her bare bottom for ruining all her hard gym workouts by scoffing down Burger & Fries (tut tut). I think Mike enjoyed this “schpannking” – I know I would have!



Check out the very latest movie updates with Mike & his very naughty girls at Real-Life-Spankings.com


A new film which was uploaded recently at BritSpank has their new model Masie Dee who is dealt with by her horrified church going father when he discovers that she had been drilling her hairy pussy with a vibrator (I actually like the fact Masie had let it all grow in a beautiful retro fuzz – I’ve seen her elsewhere with far less bush… but here it is unashamedly full on!!!) anyway, the film starts with some very explicit scenes of masturbation with some interesting revealing close up shots, then the discovery of the offending object and the conclusion of her getting a hard spanking as she blubs and pleads that she’ll be good. An excellent new film (selected screen images below)



Click here to see the free intro movie clip on the front page


Cute redhead beauty Amber Dawn wrestles and playfights with Stephy C, a gym magazine model and strong amazonian beauty who grapples Amber on the bed and eventually as both girls get naked much spanking mayhem naturally ensues making it a veritable visual feast as you’ll see from my selected film screen images below: This is taken from SpankAmber.com



Check out Amber’s site HERE & take advantage of her offer to sign up to both spanking sites for $10 less!


Next up is a recent movie that is currently playing and I have to admit that I have a bit of a MILF “crush” on Andi and was rather hoping that she would both dom and sub in my next shoot (whenever that will be) but according to Leia at our last shoot, she said she now only tops (well, maybe if I beg and just ask her to get spanked a few times?) This film below from NorthernSpanking has an edge for me & you can see lucky git Paul who comes home from work not expecting to find his pretty wife (Andi) collapsed in an armchair, the worse for the contents of a bottle of wine. And he has told Andi before that he hates that skirt. Paul knows a foolproof way to sober her up as you’ll see!




Check out all the very latest updates, the good people of NorthernSpanking are about to film some new content with Zena Stones & new girls Xela Chaste & Aleesha Fox (as well as some well known domme, hmm, they’re teasing us!)



Finally today, there are 10 images on this one, sorry, but it’s because it’s a 50 minute film and so much happens later, I’d like you to at least see what happens! Chelsea Pfeiffer of GoodSpanking.com lives up to the site’s name in this recent movie where she explains to us how to give a good spanking in a documentary style and it helps when her subject is Ariel X who is super buff and so damned spankable… Imagine that this film really does last this long and you get to see Ariel expertly spanked with various implements and placed in many positions, but the beginning sees us in the more traditional OTK position – nice!!!





Check out more HOT Spankings at Chelsea’s site GoodSpanking.com
(I will be featuring more of her stuff & the very sexy Sinn Sage in future!)


For your reference, there is a brand new film update tomorrow, it’s a special introduction of Irelynn Logeen to AAAspanking but this is no pattycake spanking, despite it being the 1st film of the day for gorgeous Irelynn, I felt it only fair that we should at least let her know why she was filming with us! I forgot to say “Happy Birthday” to her for a few days back… so Irelynn, “Happy belated birthday” and I hope you had a great time 🙂

For your info: This full 10 minute movie, image set AND availability to watch it in HD MP4 format all coming tomorrow – this is some update… if you can’t wait check out AAAspanking and the still low join up options but these will be changing soon (the 3 and 6 month deals are by far the best around though!). I’ll be covering more behind the scenes on this film tomorrow, all I can say is that Irelynn was a real star! 😀

Have a good St David’s Day, my fellow celts!

Trouser Arousal Spankings

Hi everyone, as I shiver yet again, and wonder why our stupid country grinds to a halt with one inch of snow, I have to wonder if the poor people stuck in America’s Mid west cope, especially if someone was locked up inside this lighthouse… imagine the conversation ” It’s a bit windy and cold outside… I’ll go check all the windows are tightly shut” … Next morning they wake up with the whole damned thing was lashed all night by icy gushing waves that have frozen and entombed them… looks like they have an internet connection and are regular readers of the blog…. So to the couple inside the lighthouse who I can see are reading this right now, (from my IP address search), & probably with chattering teeth… “I’m sending help!”

Stay calm! Await the thaw!

Here’s something to warm you up, some fantastic Trouser arousal Spankings that certainly got my temperature rising… and once again, how the hell David could ever keep a calm professional manner here is beyond me with the very naughty wrigglesome niece of his, darling Mischa, who I voted my favorite model recently at TheSpankingSpot awards (I think they’re currently voting on hardest F/F scene and best blog…yes, I know, mine wasn’t there… boo hoo!) Anyway, check out the below images and you’ll see why I rate Mischa as one of the hottest girls to bare her bottom, don’t you just love that oh so cute pout? OMG!

“You can pout, brat and wriggle all you want… I’m wearing my cast iron undergarments!” says David



Why was Mischa over Uncle D’s lap? Her grades had been terrible lately and Veronica asked David if he could have a “talk” with his favorite niece about proper study habits and of course, he remembered how he dealt with her last time & prepared himself with his “Anti-wrigglesome” (™ D. Pierson) underwear and summoned her over his knee for this most excellent brat punishment! Mischa tries again to do her best “Puss in Boots” look to “wriggle out of her spanking but Mr Pierson is made of sterner stuff!

You can view ALL the amazing films of Mischa and the other gorgeous girlies given their OTK spankings only at PunishedBrats (Disclaimer: Puss in Boots is NOT featured anywhere inside the site and if the wonderful producers of Shrek, watching this eating a Club sandwich, with their trousers down at their ankles are annoyed, then please write to Chief at the usual address and I’ll remove the doe eyed image of Puss! Thank you)

PS. “I haz wood!” innit?


I just spotted this latest caning update of Kara Jayne at Britspank and I have NEVER seen this movie before! I thought I had seen most of her stuff from Xerotics but appears I was wrong, and this is a great caning movie, brilliantly restored, or should that be “found” ? – especially as she is being chastised severely for “sucking off the boys” behind the bike sheds and loads more truly filthy lewd acts… and in that cute schoolgirl uniform too! OMG, I’m aching, you’ll see why from the images of this film below and a cracking preview clip currently available on the HOME PAGE! Another great BritSpank excluisve movie!







See ALL the very latest naughtiest teens & EXCLUSIVE bare bottom punishments!


Finally for now, as I can’t post anymore due to a rather protruding aching lump of “wood” in my trouser dept – thanks a lot, Clare – as if the other spanking updates were not erotic enough, who is back but the delicious (I really could eat her whole) Isobel Wren and as you’ll see below from this very latest spanking movie from GirlspanksGirl – Clare has another HOT Hit on her hands… or is that over her lap?

Isobel is called to the house of fellow church choir member Clare. When Clare reveals that she has proof that Isobel was smoking, and that she will tell Isobel’s parents, Isobel agrees to do whatever Clare wants. It starts with a spanking, and Isobel saying some bad words and ends with Isobel touching herself! (Oh by the way, Isobel has the most delctable tushy as you’ll see in these images, and check out her trim pubic tuft, a real favorite of mine!!!)




This movie runs for 20 minutes and I think I’ll be “touching” myself viewing this now 🙂

This site is part of Clare’s awesome MULTI SITE PACKAGE – Click HERE 

Have a good weekend and wrap up warm those braving the winter!!!

Sunday evening scorchers…

Brrr! It’s a tad chilly outside, I’ve got a roaring log fire going and brought the laptop into my Living Room to write this as I watch some lazy crap on the TV… The missus is away and I couldn’t even find solace in sneaking off to watch my football team as they are so dire that I actually resent supporting any of the vastly overpaid players that are shaming my club, Plymouth Argyle – I wish nothing but unemployment and illness on those slacking fuckers many who are just playing down their contracts as they have all the power… just FUCK OFF along with the property developing scum infesting my club who are hoping to profit from England supposedly getting the Soccer World Cup bid for 2018… it won’t happen, I’m actually hoping Spain or Russia get it so the leeches running my beloved club will up sticks. I know the club will fall into Administration, and for the amount of money owed… A Premiership footballer could give up a month’s wages to help out our now utterly shit ridden club…anyway, I am digressing, I am thoroughly depressed following them so I, like many other of my fellow fed up fans, are voting with our feet and not going until the present Board members piss off. I WANT MY CLUB BACK!

Ok, better get off that damned soap box, it was very therapeutic though! & now for some spanking goodness to warm ye all up!!!

I’m going to start with Amber at her SpankAmber site as she is seriously HOT this week, getting spanked and allowing her “Daddy” to place his excited cock in her mouth aafter has has has spanked and groped her and is so excited he begs her to let him put his stiff cock into her mouth (as you do, of course!) and I know I’d be begging too, just look at the glorious sight of Amber, her red bottom glowing and her mouth full of her man’s salty rod! Yowsers… ! “I haz wood” (again) thinking about being in his position… click on the images below to enlarge the film screens!



Here’s something the guys at Britspank must have been thinking about to warm themselves up too, thinking of the early summer days when both KJ and Paige were frollicking outdoors (do it now and they’d be treated for hypothermia!) – 2 girls thinking about the long sunny days of summer holidays but of course their tomfoolery is noticed and doesn’t go unpunished!!!

These girls get up to all sorts of naughty fun outdoors before they are caught!


Paige thought it might be good fun to pull down KJ’s panties & slap her on the bare bottom out in the open – after all no-one was watching & both girls had a curiosity about each others bottoms especially when they were bared! Sadly they were being watched & all too soon the indecent fun was over, KJ was caught nursing her sore bottom and given some more for her troubles then he went after Paige who was given the strap in the privacy of indoors for a thrashing with the strap!


The next update comes from another of my fave sites and this week I was pleasantly surprised to see a truly stunning teenage brat get the full French Maid punishment at the hands (and his implements) of Mr Johnson at The Birchrod Inn at Spanked-in-Uniform

Beautiful Chervana arrives at the Birchrod Inn for her training unaware of what was instore!

The absolutely gorgeous Chervana (yes, I had “wood” watching her punishment!) was sent to the Birchrod Inn because in her own hotel she is very lazy and does everything half heartedly, getting away with anything her employers might miss… well at Birchrod they miss nothing! Her first task was to dust and she dusted around everything instead of picking them up. That earned her the first sound OTK spanking from Mr Johnson. Then later that same afternoon the lazy little madam decided to take a break and read a magazine instead of finishing off cleaning the bathrooms. She was laid over the table and got a nasty leather paddling on her cute quivering bared bottom. Mr Johnson didn’t miss a trick and as she liked to sit around so much, he put the special scratchy punishment mat in her panties so every time she sat down, she would feel her sore stinging bottom!!!

This is NOT the only episodes that she will be appearing in at the excellent Spanked-in-Uniform and of course you can get to see all the latest various updates now out with the other uniform punishments, if you like seeing nurses, schoolies, airline stewardesses and policewomen thrashed in and out of their uniforms then THIS is definitely the site to check out!



Finally I just caught the latest PPV movie update just released at NaughtyBottom.com which currently is showing the latest series of new movie updates all for just $5 each! This is the 5th film in a series of 10 that are going for that price and if you click here or the large image below the page has a free clip too!

I particularly liked this film as Ashleigh MacKenzie reacted so beautifully to her slippering, you’ll see her wince and clutch at her bared cheeks and of course, she is a stunning girl in that uniform too… if watching this won’t warm you up, I would check your pulse!!! As a bonus treat I have grabbed a few images from this movie (below).


Hope this warmed up your Sunday evening, to those of you, like me, shivering in the northern hemisphere!

While I’m at it…remembering Anita

I’ve heard that Anita de Bauche no longer does “Fetish” or adult work anymore, which is a great pity to those fans like myself that have admired and been amazed by some of her online work! Fortunately, she had featured quite a lot at one group of spanking sites and in particular if you wanted just one site to choose from, then I’d have to say go for BritSpank.com Why? Simply because there were some awesome films she starred in that are exclusive only to that site – and still, thankfully, not found anywhere else!

The delicious buttocks of schoolgirl Anita are given a good pasting as you’ll see from this free strapping clip below: Please right click and save the file first as it’ll be easier for you all to view this movie file saving the film to your PC or laptop first, I expect a lot of people to try and view these clips!!!

Right Click and save file 1st to view!

The story: Anita held the position of Head Girl of her class. With that comes a lot of responsibility to uphold the rules of the school & set an example to other pupils. Much to the horror of the Headmaster she fell foul of the strict rules in regards to how girls have to behave when outside of school! On a school outing she disgraced herself by getting into trouble with a number of her class mates. The result was a VERY SORE BOTTOM for Anita! Spanked – then strapped across her bare quivering cheeks,  gorgeous Anita had to learn quickly to mend her ways. This movie is only available & EXCLUSIVE to BRITSPANK.com

Want more? click on the link below as it contains a hand strapping scene, which is quite rare nowadays!

below is one of my fave pyjama bedroom scenes of Anita, this is what I found in the members area (you can now click on a model profile and look up your fave girls featured etc) This is a brilliant film with a shameful Anita, who fails a Knicker Inspection in bed. You’ll see her in her pyjamas, bare arsed, getting spanked OTK and then caned hard across her beautiful cheeks… see what I mean from these lovely images and FREE Clip which is special to this blog!

See the Hi Res vid caps and the FREE movie clip below.

Right enough waffle – I just wanted you to appreciate yet another fantastic spanking model as I prepare my usual updates so don’t go too far – Remember this download & all content is exclsuive to BRITSPANK.com

Spankings from around the world!

Right you ‘orrible little lot, I have been informed that you have been touching yourselves with excitement viewing some of these recent spanking news and updates provided by Chief, well, as your Drill Sergeant I own your ass and am this stopping RIGHT NOW!

Screw you Hartman, this is MY blog, leave my readers be… we’re gonna get our rocks off to some fine bare bottom spanking erotica whether you like it or not, you dinosaur! So stand by for another rollercoaster ride around the world of spanking and today there are some cracking girls and some seriously good updates out there at the moment which will no doubt occupy your time as much as mine! Here is what I have been mainly, ahem…viewing “sans pantalons” this week! 😀

2 glorious new movie updates are out at PunishedBrats this week and the first below has gorgeous stalwarts of the site, Amber Pixie Wells and Lily Anna back together and in deep doo-doo as you’ll see below! This is what happens when bad girls sneak off and cover for each other!!! A double pyjama spanking for the bratty sisters from Michael! Lily Anna is in trouble for sneaking out to see her sleazy boyfriend ( Snake – great name, lol) and Pixie is punished for trying to cover for her.

Seriously, I’m loving these new film supdates from Punishedbrats.com – where the hell do they find some of these girls? They’re just lovely! Case in point below when new this relative online spanking newbie steals from mom!
Ashley didn’t just borrow her mom Veronica’s jewelry without permission, she pawned it for some quick cash!! Veronica is furious and spanks her thieving daughter!

Chief’s fact of the day: I used to work in a Pawnbrokers/Check Cashing establishment, and boy do they rake in the dough now in these times, eh? Should have stuck with it…oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh?

You can see some cracking free clips (in lower res – members get better) and more previews of all the most recent updates from Punishedbrats HERE


From Japan, some incredible recent updates have appeared with the schoolgirl and young newbie teachers getting thrashed, seriously,I gotta take a trip to Tokyo before I shuffle off this mortal coil…I’d bust a gut seeing those cute little minxes with their knee length socks and oh so short school skirts!! See what happens to this new teacher below as she is first spanked then paddled AND PADDLED HARD!
I got you a clip from the TEEN SPANKING TUBE as well! (see below)

Japanese girls and their school uniforms are such a temptation, eh? What about seeing them thrashed in their swimming costumes? Well, in a recent movie, that is precisely what happens when a teacher overhears 2 girls cursing and being disrespectful, it’s not long before they are both punished together, sobbing and crying as only these cute chicks know how to…

You can see ALL the very latest updates from CutieSpankee HERE


In Holland, the “schpaannnkings” continue without mercy or rest as I take a quick look at 2 sections of the hugely popular Spanked-In-Uniform website – today we see gorgeous Kami in a school uniform and new girls Leandra and Stacey this time at the Birchrod Inn in their French maid costumes, oh my! “I have wood”…

Kami Robertson learns quickly the “No Alcohol rule”

In this 22 minute full length film which is out now to download in full, little Kami decided to sneak a beer into the school but while she was drinking it in the playground, The Headmaster called her to the punishment room for a knicker inspection (as they do nowadays, heh heh). Whilst he was inspecting her knickers he smelled beer on her breath and this was all the encouragement he needed to give her a  good spanking over his knee. The next day naughty Kami put some Whiskey with her coffee in a flask to not get caught again – but the silly girl forgot that it can still be smelt! Oh dear…back to the Punishment Room this time for 12 of the best with the cane and as a final insuly and humiliation she had to bare her bottom to the whole school during assembly as an example to the other girls! (I so want to be janitor at this school!!!)

I love their little effects, placing girls in assembly halls, and airplane stewardesses in the planes etc…very neat trick! You can view this whole movie only at SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM.com

I promised I’d show the new French maids Leandra and Stacey, prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen, I thought they looked cute in their airline uniforms, but oh my, do they look delicious in and out of these! See more below and you’ll understand why!

“No hanky panky” – the full length 28 minute film from Birchrod Inn at Spanked in Uniform

Stacey and Leandra are lovers. Their boss sent them to the Birchrod Inn because they could not keep their hands of each other during workhours. After the warning lecture they changed into their maid’s uniforms upstairs then were ordered to dust but very soon they were involved in some “hanky schhh-panky”. Stacey was sexily spanking blonde Leandra on the couch when they were caught by Mr Johnson! He turned both girls across his knee and gave them a good “sch-panking”. He then sent them upstairs to clean the bedrooms but they were caught again as stacey was soothing and fondling Leandra’s beautiful bottom! They were dragged downstairs and their bottoms got a sound leather paddling over the table then forced to stand against the wall, sore red bottoms on display, ashamed and had to stay like that until all the guests had checked in! Again…where is this birchrod Inn…do they do super spanking saver weekends?

Check out this and ALL the latest updates only at Spanked-In-Uniform.com


Finally today, back in northern England, at BritSpank.com things aren’t getting any better for Angelina at her stuffy private school, this latina exchange student needs to learn how to behave and she’s a long way from home! Perhaps she wants to learn how to sit down on very soft cushions for comfort?

Angelina was sent out of class to speak with the Headmaster after she started crying. When asked why she said it was because she missed her home since she had started at the private girls college whilst in England. While the Head was not unsympathetic he did explain that she would have to get used to the idea that she had been sent to England to finish her education & that she would be expected to do her very best in all things. He then said that he would actually now give her something to cry about & that he felt she would benefit from getting her bare bottom soundly thrashed. Loud sobs filled the room as Angelina was bared & then punished! I know there are many of you, like me, addicted to her sobbing and sniffling, she doesn’t let us down in this film!!!


Check out all the latest movies & free previews exclusive to BritSpank & no other site

Tuesday Teasers

By having a quick look at the following content I’m sure you’ll find something which will satisfy your craving for all things spanking this fine Tuesday (well, it’s drizzling outside…a typical British summer’s day…sigh) – anyways, below are a selection of free image galleries and movie clips from various sites from around the spanko world and this is what I’m currently gawping at in private! Enjoy! I did!!

From HDspankSTILL the only true pure High Definition site in my opinion, Hannah Crawford takes a severe hairbrush punishment in this latest FULL HD release, see below!

You can see a FREE HD Clip from HDspank.com HERE


Seeing as it’s miserable here, (temperature in my car recorded just 15c/59f when I went to the shops earlier) I thought I’d cheer myself up, remembering that I had a sunny classic double girl punishment somewhere that Dallas from DSH had shot a few years back around the pool and what happened after, I guess… it starred Abigail Whittaker and Audrey Knight and what I have got is the original Real Player clip (I tried adding it to my Teen Spanking Tube site but the damned audio codecs were totally out of sync when it was converted to Flash making the clip look ridiculous and it would do a massive disservice to both Abi and Dallas as it’s a great strapping scene.) So I’ve had to leave it as it was and warn you that the clip is in RM format, not my fave, but Real Player or VLAN can easily play this (I’m a bit pissed off as I wasted about an hour researching how to rectify audio/image sync issues and am still none the bloody wiser – anyone know, cos it’s f*cking me right off!!!) Grrrr!

So the pool girls Audrey and Abi look great with their tan lines which I hear Dallas, a true spanko loves, like I do…..why? Because it’s a private area of a girl you don’t always get to see – and of course a white bum can show off so much more of your handiwork, eh? Keep sunning girls, enjoy your rest, you’ll need it!!!

Below are some higher res images and a great strapping clip where Abigail receives her first 15 severe straps….it appears Dallas straps hard also – and check out the first image after Dallas rolls down her bikini bottom, is that not a sexy sight to behold???  😉

View all the archives and the very latest videos in Higher WMV formats exclusive to Dallas Spanks Hard


Finally today I have a collection of teasers featuring the many movies of exclusive English spanking site BritSpank.com – perhaps because for a very brief period there’s an offer where you can join from just $9.50 – which isn’t too shabby, is it? Image galleries and vid clips are all from this great site below – enjoy!

See more of the very latest updates here & how to view all these from just $9.50!


Below are my latest new releases and MY watched movies from my SPANKING THEATER

Fabulous Friday’s Spanking Updates

As promised , I have a selection of new updates from around the spankosphere, something for everyone, and there’s some damned fine stuff here, so I hope this keeps you going til my next post!

NEW from OTKspank.com is this very hard and nasty spanking of Joanna at the hands of her boss! Never be in any doubt that this spanking film is anything but severe, when you take a look at the Free clip HERE you will understand fully what I mean as her tired sore red buttocks are continually slapped, I can feel the heat of her cheeks just looking at the movie…ouch!!!

Once again, the images you see below from this movie are totally exclusive and shown here first before anywhere else!

Joanna’s wobblesome cheeks are mercilessly thrashed and it starts to become all too much for her as she wriggles and squirms in both pain and embarrassment that she knows her bottom must be looking like raw mince and her privates are provocatively splayed for all to peer at OTKspank – still one of the cheapest Premium spanking sites with an amazing long term sign up offer – CLICK HERE!


I also have a sneak preview of a brand new movie coming out later today or definitely tommorow (Saturday) from BRITSPANK – it’s so new and I managed to blag a few images off the webmaster (I also got to see the film starring Elizabeth Simpson who “tests” out new British girl, Wendy, who is excited to be trying out with Elizabeth). But the smiles and laughter soon turn to yelps of pain as Elizabeth never slacks in her duty and thoroughly thrashes her tight bottom with a leather paddle and the cane, the caning scenes are pretty severe – what we get to see is this girl CAN take a hard punishment – just as well, as she was in a day long film shoot and shot several severe movies, some of which you will have already seen come out in my previous recent posts!

As you can see Wendy is a tiny thing, only about 5ft tall, but she proves she can take a really hard punishment – check the image below!



As we’re on the theme of casting sessions, which I always like wherever I see it, it often means there is a fresh faced girl, a newbie, the sort of girl next door type, a nervous teen etc etc and anything can happen, it can be mundane or superb, of course, most spanking producers will only show us the decent girls shown first time, a girl crying off after 2 minutes is not worth watching now, is she?

Check out the very long legged model called Star, below, who Amber has a great time teasing and spanking over her knees, Star really does have a tight little body and in the movie you can see Amber enjoy tweaking Star’s nipples as her breasts hang down when she’s spanked! A very horny and erotic girl/girl spanking from AmberSpanks.com – see my special EXCLUSIVE Free preview of this below, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

Bravo to Amber! Check out both her sites that you can see Amber dishing it out or getting it good as we all know and love to see!



Talking of long legs, here is possibly one model that even rivals Amelia Jne Rutherford, a gorgeous newbie at Firm Hand Spanking who I am smitten with, I had already previewed one of her last movies, well, once again, we have a chance to see those legs that look longer than the River Nile (I’d love to snuggle in her Nile Delta – haw haw) step up ADRIENNE BLACK!

Smoking and playing pool instead of studying hard soon gets the attention of tutor Earl Grey when he catches Adrienne slacking in this series of College Discipline Program films. You’ll see her given a proper sound spanking, her white panties slinking down those catwalk legs of hers as her bottom turns a beautiful shade of crimson! See my EXCLUSIVE Free clip below and the rest of some chosen images from this movie!

Adrienne is one of the new breed of girls that Firm Hand Spanking have managed to procure making this still one of my essential spanking fixes and of course, looking at Adrienne you can see why, eh?



Finally today, Ellie Maye’s slippering movie is made available for StrictSpanking members and this is the one where she really complains, trying to stop the punishment, crossing and uncrossing her legs, her poor bum burning, heavily reddened with her trademark speckles, it’s a delight to see this brat given a damned good slippering, and you can see the preview below! Please loosen your trouser garments, gentlemen, if you haven’t already drilled a hole through your cotton slacks!!! Thank you.


Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope you enjoyed these latest updates! Chief.

Naughty Jasmine – Teen Masturbatrix

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you all had a good long weekend, good job I didn’t go to Dublin for a long weekend (I was almost thinking of it) as I wouldn’t have gotten back again thanks to that stupid Icelandic Volcano spewing out yet more ash in our direction disrupting flights over all of Ireland and the north of Britain today (can’t the North Atlantic countries just sink Iceland?) Awww, only kidding, we love you tall blonde attractive girlies, but the guys…well…heh heh!!!  😉

Subject today is a new movie just released at Britspank.com – It was a naughty movie filmed way back before Christmas last year but now available to lucky members only at this site! Jasmine is a wanton teenager brought up in a strict house with often hard rules according to Old Testament Scriptures! It’s hardly surprising she rebels and in this case she is in the living room and can’t help but shove her fingers down and removes her tight sopping panties and frig away til she came loudly in a satisfying climax (that is all filmed in intimate detail)

This movie also has double edged standards which are quite hilarious, as you’ll see from this exclusive free clip brought to you by SpankingBlogg where she is bringing herself off with her fingers unawares that she is being spied on!!! The dilemma of her elders is etched on his tormented yet curious face (note the double take for a further peek later!!!)

Mmmm, you can understand what an alluring view this would be seeing this horny teenager fingering herself off to a moaning panting climax! As I said, it’s all caught on film, and I have said it before, but Jasmine has the most amazing labia which of course members get to see in close up sticky detail! But we are also here to view her following punishment when she is tackled on the subject of (for goodness sake) “why do it in a public place??” She is spanked very hard and given the hairbrush across her bare buttocks which reddens her bottom beautifully and removes the pleasure of her recent climax to cleanse her of this impure act!!! I have got you some images below from the movie which are shown here for the 1st time anywhere!


Seriously, this is a great punishment film and the spanking and hairbrush scenes are quite severe which should satisfy just about any spanko!!! It’s cheered me up viewing it. Check out this and all the other recent updates with some seriously naughty free clips HERE