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Monday Spanking Updates

A few spanking updates to start your week, the first is an old series of a hot model from Firm Hand Spanking called Ashley Thomas. She could take a good spanking. I’m showing you some of their archived stuff as I hate to be negative – but recently it has all been bloody Alison Miller on nearly every update. This site is so much more than all about her. I refuse to ever show anything with this clown so that is why updates recently have been sparse from FHS as far as I’m concerned. However, things are looking up as a new series of Dani Daniels (without Miller ruining it for me) is starting, so more cause to celebrate! Also, the archives at FHS are awesome and worthy in their own right as I demonstrate here!

Life Coach series featuring Ashley Thomas & Patrick Bateman (from 2013)

Lifecoach spanking at firmhandspanking

“A very stern lesson about time management and responsibility,” Patrick Bateman tells tardy Ashley Thomas in Life Coach. She nervously lies flat on a pool table for a 75 swat paddling on shorts, panties and her red, bare bottom. This scene also includes a hot “Reaction Cam” slow-mo replay!

lifecoach_cd003 Ashley Thomas is spanked in her gym shorts lifecoach_cd005 lifecoach_cd008 lifecoach_cd010 lifecoach_cd015 sore red bottom spanked lifecoach_cd020 hot leather paddling bare bottom spanking



A brand new hard and severe punishment film has just been released in the “discipline section” of Girl Spanks Girl and this is really rather good! Maddy can take a hard spanking and Bella can dish one out! I liked this storyline and it features lots of things you don’t always see in Female/Femdom at this site like face slapping and far more humiliation including use of ropes. Check it out (below)

Punishing Maddy The Spy – with Maddy Marks & Bella Bathory


Maddy Marks is a spy who will not give up the name of her contact. Bella Bathory is the dominant woman who is assigned to get Maddy to talk. She punishes Maddy severely for nearly an hour, with hand spanking, hairbrush, whip, paddle and cane – even face slapping. Will Maddy give up the name of her contact? Tune in to see! (I won’t spoil it).

GSG-346-056 face slapping GSG-346-047 GSG-346-052 GSG-346-041 GSG-346-043 GSG-346-044 - Copy GSG-346-045 - Copy wooden paddle spanking maddy marks spanked GSG-346-004 caning GSG-346-009 GSG-346-011 GSG-346-001


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I thought I had covered this strumpet model at Bun Beating Fun but obviously I hadn’t so please let me rectify this immediately. Below are some awesome facials and some fantastic hard hand spankings making her wobbling bottom speckle in shame!

Vanessa VixonThis week’s featured Red Hot Video Productions model.

Vanessa Vixon spanking

She spells her name with an “o”, but the definitive vixen she most assuredly is.

vixen (vik-san) n.
1:  A sexually attractive woman.
2:  An angry unpleasant woman: SHREW

Vanessa here fully fits the bill on both counts and as an added bonus, we were quite pleased to discover that her’s is a very, veeery
sensitive bottom indeed.  Even her own agent wanted us to spank this disagreeable shrew’s bottom red raw!

02 03 Vixon is spanked OTK slut shamed spanking 15 pulling her thong off for a spanking 21 otk spanking 33 40



Tyron at Spanking ServerHere’s a gorgeous model I’ve not often featured from Spanking Server – members will have seen Tyron this past week taking the birch dressed in white bloomers. She is also placed into stocks (I LOVE their contraptions). Needless to say she can’t rub her poor stinging bottom until she is removed from the stocks. It’s a lovely short sharp, shock film which is one of 10 new short clip updates every week at this site. You will also be able to view Tyron in their archives with many varied spankings including a pussy strapping in the Gyno Chair as well as canings and more traditional hand spanking scenarios. I’m not sure where she is from (Hungary or Slovakia at a guess) but she is striking and worth the entrance fee alone! See some screen grabs from the latest clip now showing (below)

tyron001 tyron002 tyron003 tyron004 cute spanked ass Tyron is birched on her bare bottom birching tyron008 tyron009 tyron010 sore red spanked bottom tyron012



Finally today, the adorable Linny Lace takes her final session with Chelsea Pfeiffer at Good Spanking in the “Spanking Ranch” series. Wow, Linny is a perfect naughty bratty spankee. Beautiful! See the results of her wooden paddling, caning and switching punishment across that oh so spankable butt (below).

The Spanking Ranchwith Linny Lace & Chelsea Pfeiffer

Linny Lace

Linny takes her final and hardest discipline session on her last day at Chelsea’s Spanking Ranch. Lovely Linny takes a very hard paddling with a very large wooden paddle. But, it’s the final caning with a switch that really stings!

Linny Lace spanking spanked over panties set1484_0007 set1484_0010 set1484_0013 wooden paddling set1484_0015 set1484_0018 caning set1484_0021



I’ll be here waiting for you to update more spanking updates!

More Spanking GIFs & Updates

tinkerbellspankedHello again. I get so addicted to making Spanking GIFs – I love them. I know that Sarah and I had fun comparing what we made when I showed her how to do them… I think in essence they capture a moment in time and you can see it played out… again and again, like yesterday’s mesmerizing hand spanking of the lovely Audrey Sugarsmak’s bum! Oh my, I really could watch her bare jiggling bottom getting spanked non stop! But I digress… another girl who has an awesome spankable butt is Casey Calvert, and couple that with her dressed as a schoolgirl in a yellow Gingham Dress and it really gets interesting. This is a traditional father/daughter style spanking with just a stern lecture and plenty of spanking including Daddy’s belt which is waiting for her at the end of her punishment. This video is now available as the latest update (I forgot to mention it here before) – there is, of course, another NEW film coming out tomorrow… but you will have to wait and see who it is… it’s of a girl not seen at AAA Spanking for a while and it was one of the older films not put out. I watched it earlier and decided that it *had* to go out sooner rather than wait even longer (it was made over 3 years ago!) – & I digress again… so heeeeeeere’s Casey!

Beyond Disappointmentfeaturing Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert disappoints daddy

Daddy was waiting for his daughter, Casey, to return home from school. She had already been grounded for previous infractions & punished for them so returned home in a timely manner but this day she would find out he knew something far worse which she had been keeping secret. Her mistake of texting Daddy instead of her boyfriend (in error), with highly inappropriate sexual acts she was recalling, meant that this awkward situation required swift & humiliating punishment. This time Casey would get spanked over daddy’s lap without the protection of her panties, with a hairbrush & his belt that he had ready for her! This would be one punishment that Casey wouldn’t forget as you will see how this domestic discipline session brought her close to tears from the pain & sheer humiliation.

beyond002 spanked panties punishment beyond004 pulling down her schoolgirl panties for a spanking knickers down for her spanking otk hand spanking beyond007 beyond008 beyond009 beyond010 hairbrush spanking beyond010a beyond011 beyond012 Casey Calvert belting daddy's belt beyond014 beyond016


This film is also available as a one time download from the Clip Store located HERE



The scene below was taken from a special long play movie (of which there are many) at Girl Spanks Girl – this was in the “Discipline” section of the website and you may recognize the type of storyline as it was a special custom video, made long before custom work became far more prevalent nowadays. This has a great script, storyline and some neat camera work as you’ll see when you’ll feel involved watching as poor Beverly thinks to herself whilst being lectured and you can hear her thoughts. A nice touch!

Punished Schoolgirl – with l-r: Beverly Bacci, Lana Miller & Clare Fonda (below)

Beverly Bacci Lana Miller Clare Fonda

In her last scene as a bottom, Beverly Bacci took a hard spanking from her Principal (Lana Miller), to the point where she was driven to real tears. She was lectured, then spanked long and hard with hand, hairbrush and a heavy, wooden paddle. Finally, she received a spanking at home (a spanking at school would always mean a spanking at home too!) from her mom, played by Clare Fonda… who, at the time, also made one of her last appearances for some time. So this movie was a bit special in that it saw an end of an era with Beverly spanked as a bottom! This movie had also been remastered and enhanced for better viewing quality.

bev001 spanking beverly bacci bev003 bev004 bev005 pulling down her panties bev006 pantyhose spanking spanked and put in the corner bev009 bev010 bev011 spanking and paddling bev012 bev013 bev014 bev015 bev016


 otk hairbrush spanking

Girl Spanks Girl is a massive site in its own right (easily the largest single site within the CF Pass network) but it is also available as part of the Clare Fonda Pass giving you up to 5 sites together with one set of codes for a fraction of the combined monthly cost! CLICK HERE or on the banner below for more information.

clare fonda pass - spanking site


Finally today, a site I haven’t covered in a while, through sheer volume of work and travel (of course) … but it is definitely NOT forgotten. Check out the newest girl, Tara, who currently features as yet another foul mouthed, bratty model for Bun Beating Fun – You’ll see her get a good old fashioned lesson in discipline and manners!

Tara – now showing at Bun Beating Fun


This is what the good folk at BBF had to say about Tara:
“Not long after prancing through our doorway, Tara’s behavior was such that she found herself unhappily sprawled, bottoms up,
across our man’s lap. Upon taking a firm grip of the young lady’s waist, he then raised his right hand whereupon he focused his
gaze upon the anatomical center of his immediate interest. And oh… what a fine, fine sight it was!”

Tara is earpulled for her spanking 02 05 06 07 09 impact hand spanking 14 OTK spanking tara spanked at BBF 23 30 36 painful hair brush spanking 37 spanked hard hairbrush otk discipline


See MORE of bad girl Tara at Bun Beating Fun


Animated GIFs are fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Easter Spanking Choices 1

choceggsI have decided to find something from the archives and something interesting that is currently out so you can enjoy these spanking videos as I did… I hope you are having a good Easter Weekend!

Check out the intro clip (below) and you’ll see why I chose to show Eve… she really had something about her, a very sexy and bratty, self assured young woman that decided that she was waaaay better than the guys employing her for the day – which of course had consequences that you will see! It really was a pleasure to see her punishment!

Eve Blake – A classic from the archives of bunbeatingfun.com

[jwplayer mediaid=”47917″]

Oh my goodness, just look at those eyes! She is stunning!


Long, long ago a good man was led into temptation by one named Eve and cast out from Paradise was he. And then on one fine day Eve’s namesake ventured into a humble New Jersey photography studio wherein a long overdue bare bottom spanking of biblical proportions awaited the unsuspecting She. And somewhere far, far away Adam smiled contentedly as he munched on a big juicy apple for he knew it was every bit as red as Eve’s bottom was soon to be.

02 04 05 06 eve1 07 08 11 12 17 spanking 25 27 19 spanked bottoms 21 22

A very sexy young lady that got far more than she could possibly have bargained for!

humiliation and spanking



Liked that? You’ll love this next feature, I hadn’t shown this, trying to catch up recently so here’s a few films you SHOULD see from the Clare Fonda Pass network and I’m starting with one of my fave sites SpankedCallgirls.com and a battle between 2 pro Dommes who play rival madamas fighting it out over the division of the girls! This is awesome as it stars Snow Mercy and Bella Bathory! These two play HARD!

001 004 005 006 007 008 spanking 010 011 013 014 015 016



 Next update preview is from Spanking Sorority Girls – There’s a great video with Gigi Allens as she breaks in new sorority girl Goldie Rush, who is hot, sexy and has a nice bottom that Gigi spanks right over her knee. Gigi spanks her for not doing her designated chores. But when Goldie proves that she wasn’t on the list for those chores, then she makes Gigi take a spanking herself if she doesn’t want her mistake to be shared with the nuns.

001 004 005 006 007 008 009 hot spanked girls 011 spankings 014 spanked ass



Did you know that in her real life, Dani Daniels is training and taking lessons for her Pilot’s Licence. Well, on my last visit to Los Angeles, I met up with The Cameraman and he mentioned that he had recently hired Dani for the sites… I was rather excited, after all, she is gorgeous (and talented). Anyway… check out this first movie that I have just seen! & how apt, as she is dressed up as a Pilot – taken from MySpankingRoomMate.com

Kay Richards’ new Boss is Pilot Dani Daniels

001 004 005 006 spanking 008 OTK spanking 010 011 013 014

Dani Daniels is a pilot who also happens to be flight attendant Kay’s new boss. When Dani confronts Kay after her third offense Kay begs Dani not to fire her, but instead spank her. When Dani warms to this idea, she spanks Kay very hard – so much so that Kay pleads for her to stop and fire her instead, but Dani’s not having it. She embraces the new form of successful discipline.


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To celebrate Easter… I hope you like these Cadbury adverts for Cream Eggs! Goo! LOL

Vanessa Vixon’s Deserved Spanking

This is an exclusive early preview of the spanking punishment of new bratty model, Vanessa Vixon, the latest young lady to fall foul of the gentlemen running the aptly named site – BunBeatingFun.com

Bun Beating Fun

However, this is part of a long running story arc and brings me back to 2 other ladies (one a model and the other an agent responsible for bringing such poorly behaved girls like these to the shoots). It all started way back with a model (who it would appear I never showcased) called Charlette Webb… this heavily inked model had a very pretty face and a very… VERY spankable bottom! I don’t know how I missed her, but I did, and thsi was from earlier this year, so I – ahem – needed to research this in the privacy of my darkened study before continuing to write up the the early preview!
Verdict? Wow… Charlette isn’t usually my type but I really enjoyed watching her get her bottom well and truly spanked!

Charlette Webb

It wasn’t long after Charlette came prancing through their film set doorway that their man at Red Hot Video productions was seized with an overwhelming urge to inflict no small measure of percussive mayhem upon her bouncing bare butt cheeks… and that he did do… with unbridled glee. It was the wise man indeed who knew to trust his instincts! Some more images of Charlette’s “time” with the gentlemen from RHV are below:

beautiful bubble butt pert ass spanking charlette gets spanked OTK spanking pert bum spanking spanked over his lap Charlette Webb given a spanking c11

The lady in the middle of all this is the agent… Nikki Brooks. In a previous update which you read up about HERE in more glorious detail, she turned up, angry and upset that Charlette had been treated this way and to cut a long story short – she got the same treatment when her foul language and poor overall attitude fired up Rick and Greg to deal with her in the same manner too! A couple of reminder images are below… I remember her very well – a very pert spankable bottom indeed! (and very contrite at the end)

spanking Nikki Brooks spanked spanked naked over his lap spanking impact

Modeling Agent, Nikki Brooks, experiences what some of her brattiest, most sassy models went through and came out a better behaved and more reasonable young woman… so much so that we are here today with this advance preview of this film introducing Vanessa Vixon (which I have seen in full already… thanks Greg!) & you are getting to see images exclusively here before anyone else!

This film starts with some aftercare of Nikki. Rick is soothing her burning ass with Arnicare lotion when she informs him one of her other difficult models could probably do with this treatment… so she agrees to send Vanessa to them a few weeks later on a pretext that it’s a “lingerie shoot” when she knows this feisty diva will go crazy and give the guys just the excuse they need!

sore bottom and arnicare soothing lotion into a red butt v03

Nikki (above) discusses putting her model, Vanessa (below) in contact with the guys!

Vanessa Vixon

… aaaaand here she is, Vanessa Vixon (who turned up late) for her “Lingerie” shoot

Vanessa in lingerie ear pull spanking

You know how this goes, right? She is infuriating the guys in no time at all and before she knows it gets the dreaded “ear pull” and is placed over Rick’s lap for the start of her long painful spanking ordeal!

bunbeatingfun v07 embarrassing spanking OTK spanked Vanessa Vixon gets spanked v13 face down ass up spanking

spanking vanessa

You should have heard how Vanessa here hollered and carried on once their man got her upturned bottom a-bouncing and a-jggling… and under his hard swung spanking hand. Hot diggity damn! It’s a wonder the windows didn’t shatter!

spanked and manhandled spankings spanking aftermath tits and punishment jiggling sore booty


OTK spanking

There are more films just like this where real uppity brats, lewd, rude models and real divas get the full Bun Beating Fun treatment over the laps of these film producers. Their films have a timeless retro feel about them, when there was no political correctness and badly behaved girls were quickly and mercilessly dealt with in the time honored tradition of a short sharp shock spankingputting the world to rights one smack at a time 🙂

Bun Beating Fun

Spanking Crystal Clark’s Buns

Hello everyone… here is a quick spanking image update to brighten up your holiday Sunday featuring a new girl by the name of Crystal Clark coming out any day now from those no nonsense bimbo spankers extraordinaire at Bunbeatingfun.com – I was given a quick sneak preview of this butt jiggling spanking and this tearful girl gets what’s coming to her in their finest tradition of hard no nonsense OTK hand spankings mixed in with some added humiliation, snivelling and timely ass grabbing… Crystal was made for this part… and this perky girl with a very spankable butt is very addictive and must see viewing!

Crystal Clark – the new model spanked at Bunbeatingfun.com

Crystal Clark is a very rude girl

This is what the good folk at Bunbeatingfun had to say about their latest model: She calls herself Sexy Crystal Clark and sexy she most assuredly is. But naughty too she was, as in very, very naughty. She was late, she spoke ill of our facilities and she even insulted the photographer’s dog! But that’s okay… problems are opportunities. And this was one opportunity that was far, far too sweet up pass up!

c01 c02 c03 tight bubble butt naughty girl ear pulled c06 c07 hard hand spanking c09 c10 bare bottom spanking c12 OTK spanking c14 c15 c16 c17 tearful spankings c19 spanking painful spanking wooden paddle spanking c23 c24 c25 c26 c27


sore bare butt

These are the girls that your mommy warned you about. Wicked, wicked temptresses each and every one and not a one here who has saved herself for the marriage bed (her own that is). These are bad, bad girls, the sort who are not only quick to say the “F” word, but do it!  You may rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that tardy though these spankings may have been in coming, each was administered with the pitiless ferocity appropriate for truly shameless miscreants such as these.

You are invited to peruse these samples of their work HERE knowing that you will appreciate the passion with which it was executed.

Bun Beating Fun

Would you Spank these Models?

One spanking site I know just LOVES to spank those naughty bimbos, brats and just plain stuck up greedy models you just love to hate… that’s right, I’m showing you a special preview from the archives of BunBeatingFun.com and I checked that I haven’t shown these ladies before. So settle down and see what happens when a girl complains about the shoot location, or tries to hold the producers to ransom demanding more money and so on (with the hilarious and predictable results of very sore red bottoms from their often hard OTK spanking sessions!) – Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Taylor Knight


This is what Red Hot Video had to say about Taylor Knight:
Without a doubt this sultry southern belle was very easy on the eyes.  The lady chose not to treat our ears as kindly however. Indeed, upon arriving at the Red Hot Video studio – such as it was – Miss Knight’s verbalizations could best be described as having a distinctly tart edge.  A sweet Georgia peach she was not. Luckily for our company, we’ve had no small amount of experience in dealing with tart tongued tarts and best of all… her bottom proved every bit as sweet as her tongue was not!

taylorknight003 taylorknight005 taylorknight006 spanking taylorknight008 taylorknight009 taylorknight010 taylorknight011 taylorknight012 taylorknight013 taylorknight014 taylorknight015

[jwplayer mediaid=”44905″]



Jill Cannon


This is Red Hot Video’s account of their time with Jill:
The first thing we noticed when this stunning fox arrived was that she looked every bit as good as her publicity photos led us to expect. Then, when she spoke it only got better.  Her voice, soft and sweet like a robin’s song.  It was only after we took note of the actual words lilting off her tongue, that our expectations sank… like a lead weight.
“It’s hot”… “This place is a dump”… “I want more money”… and so on.
To her credit, it should be noted that Jill did show up on time and – best of all – clearly displayed under her tight dress was irrefutable evidence of why the young lady had just recently won the “Best Ass in Texas” contest. Who wouldn’t want to spank dat ass?

jillcannon002 jillcannon003 jillcannon004 jillcannon005 spank jillcannon007 jillcannon008 jillcannon009 jillcannon010 jillcannon011 jillcannon012 jillcannon013

[jwplayer mediaid=”44919″]



Natalia Ashe


Red Hot Video described their double encounter with first Natlia… then her so called friend, Azura!
We could smell the whiskey the moment the door opened for Miss Ashe was quite tipsy indeed and… it wasn’t even night time yet! Clearly this liquored up miss was in need of a good licking. Natalia may be as loose as a goose but, not so her bottom.  Her tightly molded butt cheeks are the sort that require a hard swung palm spank to get a proper response.  Indeed the harder our boy slapped her bottom the better it felt – to him. Having found his rhythm, he then gleefully whaled away for the next ten minutes, no doubt the longest ten minutes in this slut’s life.

nataliaashe002 nataliaashe003 nataliaashe004 nataliaashe005 nataliaashe006 nataliaashe007 nataliaashe008 nataliaashe009 nataliaashe010 nataliaashe011 nataliaashe012 nataliaashe013

[jwplayer mediaid=”44933″]





In the long session, this is an account of what happened to Azuray:
Here we have a blue eyed blonde beauty with pearly white skin and a mouth watering pair of natural jugs. Though fit and trim, her body is of the softer type, as evidenced by how her tasty rump jiggles in a most provocative manner when the first loud spank slap lands. Clearly captivated by this spectacle, our man ignores Azuray’s outraged screams and paces his stinging blows so as to ensure that her bouncing buns are not afforded any opportunity to stop jiggling throughout the festivities.

azura002 azura004 azura005 azura006 azura007 azura008 azura009 azura010 azura011 azura012 azura013 azura014

[jwplayer mediaid=”44947″]


If you like to spank girls or see them spanked, check out how these are disciplined!

Bun Beating Fun


1st Show Spanking of Jenni Cakes

bbf-300x250I have a fantastic EXCLUSIVE early preview and… Once more, the Red Hot Video gentlemen of BunBeatingFun.com do it again with a fantastic no nonsense hard OTK spanking film. I love these guys! I hear that some people don’t get their films, they are a great distraction, poking fun at themselves and at the sort of “Bimbo” models and bratty airheads we so often hear about in the biz… it would seem they have a never ending supply of girls to fill this slot (sadly… or fortunately?) What’s more, at Bunbeatingfun.com many of these girls are first and last time spankees which makes seeing their often hard and unrelenting hand spankings all the more interesting! I had never before seen Jenni Cakes but she could take a spanking… this is one of their longer videos at around 25 minutes and from a couple in it’s spanking all the way! Jenni, like so many others is shocked… I love their reactions which seem that much more pronounced, their shock at a spanking, at being treated like naughty divas getting their comeuppance, I can appreciate that… and so would it seem, do their fans as they have been around for eons!

So, let’s check out the latest uppity model to cross Rick & Greg’s paths this coming week… a fiery number called Jenni Cakes. Red Hot Videos can NOT stand girls being late, it is disrespectful… of course Jenni starts off this way and fails to apologize for numerous other faux pas that she makes before Rick hauls her over his lap for a long and painful lesson in learning to be a proper compliant lady. Check out the numerous 1st show images taken from the long play spanking video and I have also got you a short special preview that is NOT shown anywhere else. You can check out the ferocity of this spanking in between the continual humiliating and embarrassing chastisement that she is receiving!

Bun Beating Fun - Jenni Cakes gets spanked

Jenni Cakes makes her painful debut at Bun Beating Fun

jennicakes002 jennicakes003 jennicakes004 jennicakes005 spanked OTK jennicakes007 jennicakes008 jennicakes009 jennicakes010 Jenni Cakes jennicakes012 jennicakes013 spanking jennicakes015 otk spanking spanked butt jennicakes018 jennicakes019 Jenni Cakes OTK spanking jennicakes021 jennicakes022 jennicakes023 jennicakes024 jennicakes025 jennicakes026

Remember – this is an exclusive early preview so join up, download the other excellent long play videos and hard hitting OTK films then wait for Jenni’s punishment to arrive in full WMV or Real Media options with a full gallery of spanking images.

Click below for the freeview clip I made exclusively for readers of this blog

[jwplayer mediaid=”42757″]


Vicky Vixxx gets a Spanking

Vicky VixxHere is the very latest update from BunBeatingFun.com – the folks that ensure the rudest models and (even better) some of their disgraceful agents that send these girls to Red Hot Video (BBF) getting the sound punishment spankings they so richly deserve! Welcome Vicky Vixxx to the (Agent’s) Hall of Shame. She was responsible for the last girl (Mya) who you can see here on my last write up – needless to say Rick & Greg were far from impressed with this foul potty mouthed individual who had some of the treatment that her crappy models with attitude had dished out previously! Sit back and watch a very satisfying spanking punishment which was pretty brutal and relentless at times… this uppity madame “got what she was due” alright!


Vicky Vixxx: Now starring at BunBeatingFun.com

02 Vicky gets a spanking 05 otk spanking 10 bare bottom spanking

Models say the “darndest things”. Take Vicky here for example. No sooner did the wench find herself sprawled across their man’s lap, then she started going on and on about how she was a grown woman, that this was “silly”, that this was outrageous, that this was humiliating, that it hurt like the dickens and so on…

spanked OTK 16 17 getting a deserved spanking 24 25 very sore spanked bum 29 33 34 35 36

Vicky Vixxx: Cute as a button she was. And oh so precocious. Her transgressions weren’t so cute however. Vicky doubled as an agent and, in that capacity, she had sent Mya and a few of her other more disagreeable “model” friends their way.

38 spanking 41 43 Vicky gets what she deserves

This is a great spanking video, see the full film HERE (but do watch the trailer below 1st!)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41746″]

Bun Beating Fun

Spankings to start the week

I’m still waiting for a few images as we are updating the Houston Lone Star Spanking Party website and have just announced exciting plans for next year as it is at a bigger and better venue (perfect for those flying into Houston’s IAH George Bush Intl as it’s on JFK Bvd which is the main exit road to Houston’s infamous Beltway 8 which circles this great city – but this will be revealed soon along with much more that is being planned (now that we all know the people of Houston/Texas want this and made hosting the 1st Lone Star event such a success for an inaugural large national party… Those who missed it sure missed a treat 🙂 – It’s exciting times for the Lone Star State – being lucky to have 2 parties located inside its (large) borders… anyway, I will bring you news behind the scenes including some filming we did there for the various websites with some awesome new girls. But today, I want to bring you up to date with a few choice websites I like and trust that you will too! These are pretty much all their latest updates in this “industry news” showcaser:

Mya_at_BunBeatingFunNew girl Mya shows us exactly what naughty, pouty, bratty models shouldn’t do when taking on an assignment for Florida’s Red Hot Video Production Company – aka “Mystery Spankers” Greg & Rick from BunBeatingFun.com – whoops!

Model Name: Mya
Age: 29
Occupation: Glamour Model
Offense: Her mouth ran up a tab that her sweet ass couldn’t pay, except that it did… in spades.


Check out the trailer clip and some images of Mya’s punishment (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41197″]

Seems that Mya here got a little too greedy for her own good and Wooo-Weee! You should have seen how she hollered and carried on once our man got her bottom a-bouncing and a-jiggling!

mya_gets_spanked_otk002 mya_gets_spanked_otk003 mya_gets_spanked_otk004 mya_gets_spanked_otk005 mya_gets_spanked_otk006 mya_gets_spanked_otk007 mya_gets_spanked_otk008 mya_gets_spanked_otk009 mya_gets_spanked_otk010 mya_gets_spanked_otk011 mya_gets_spanked_otk012 mya_gets_spanked_otk013

See this great spanking movie in addition to all the other hot brats getting hard OTK punishments from the mystery men who do not put up with tantrums, divas, poor behavior and anything else not becoming a good model girl! CLICK HERE

Bun Beating Fun


The next update is one I missed whilst helping to host the spanking party and it’s rather good for 2 reasons… Alex Reynolds & Maddy Marks. Bonus points are that it is one of the latest films from SarahGregorySpanking.com and it was my first time I had seen Alex switch – and she is rather good and spanked Maddy hard with her hands, hairbrush and a slipper that she managed to find (slippering is rare and perhaps Paul Kennedy’s influence, either way, I approve!) – Sarah and I were on cameras for this and it’s available in kick ass HD1080, naturally… which we filmed when we were all in Vegas earlier this year. Seeing this again brought back some fond memories! It’s a “typical” Vegas hotel plot too… which I quite liked 🙂

spanking otk

Spanked for Stealing – I took the screen grab images since the quality was that good along with a free video clip I have made (they are reduced in resolution but still great quality to view here) – members get to see full size images, screen grabs and HD1080 quality playback in MP4 or Wmv.

0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-005 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-010 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-011 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-015 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-018 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-021 Alex spanks Maddy 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-036 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-039 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-053 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-057 0205_spanked_for_stealing_grabs-067 ass pinching hairbrush spanking

Maddy and Alex are best friends and vacationing in Vegas together. Alex can’t find the money she put in the safe. Maddy is anxiously waiting for Alex as they have plans to meet friends in the casino. Alex suspects Maddy has taken the money and confronts her. Maddy tries to lie and Alex hears the money rustling beneath Maddy’s short skirt. After finding the money she spanks her friend to teach her a lesson about stealing and honesty.

[jwplayer mediaid=”41214″]

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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I have another stunning girl/girl punishment update with the return of Dani Daniels spanking Melanie Taylor at FirmHandSpanking.com – I may have missed showcasing the first film on my blogs as I was away and busy (remember?) However, you can see the continuation of this sexy sorority series here below… and then view all the latest free clips on the tour pages and decide for yourselves the current excellent variety that is showing at this site at the moment!

sisters_cb001 sisters_cb002 sisters_cb004 sisters_cb006 sisters_cb008 sisters_cb010 sisters_cb011 sisters_cb012 sisters_cb013 sisters_cb015 sisters_cb019 sisters_cb020 sisters_cb021 sisters_cb024

Melanie Taylor’s bare bottom bounces from a revenge spanking by Dani Daniels: Sexting Sorority Sisters boyfriends deserves a good spanking, and college hottie, Melanie Taylor, knows Dani won’t go easy on her jiggling bare bottom!

Check out all the latest free clip previews including these sexy girls HERE

Firm hand spanking


Next up is a no nonsense spanking with a flip flop on pretty Chloe’s bare bottom as she tried to go down to the beach while still grounded! Oops… if she wants to go down and try to sneak out now she’ll have obvious red bare bottom spanking marks which are no doubt a great deterrent! This is out now to download from BiSpanking.comit’s part of a 4 site deal – join any of these core specialist RSN sites listed and get access to the others for free in that network! Details of other sites are included below the images and clip I have exclusively for you.

911_003 911_011 911_019 911_027 911_039 911_041 911_043 911_061 911_062 911_065  911_075 911_094 911_066 911_098

This site uses 2 angles, members get to see the bare bottom angle too (not shown here)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41244″]

Bi Spanking

Other RSN sites included in this pass are:

Spanking Teen JessicaSpanking Teen BrandiSpanking Bailey

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Finally… from my good friends at Northern Spanking – some first show images from their delightful new girl called Dorothy Burnett in her first ever spanking on film!

Dorothy Burnett Dorothy is shown a strap

Below is what Paul & Alex have to say about their latest girl…

We have another brand new spanking model to introduce to you today! This is Dorothy Burnett in her very first spanking shoot. In fact, she got her first proper spanking on film for us. Dorothy is petite, adorable and very spunky. We will definitely be working with her more in future. Today, Dorothy is a young girl who has had enough, packed up her suitcase and run away from home. She quickly finds that living on her own is a lot of hassle, though. She is eager to accept Mr Kennedy’s rather forceful offer to help her out, and he leads… well, drags her back to his place.

When she gets there, though, she discovers that an object lesson in the dangers of being unsupervised awaits her, as Mr Kennedy turns her over his lap, pinning her legs in place so she has no chance of getting away while he smacks her bottom, hard. Dorothy isn’t sure if this is a warning for what could happen, or what she was warned about, but she certainly learns a lesson about not running off, either way. It gets especially driven home when Mr Kennedy straps her tiny bottom harshly. Dorothy will be heading straight home and following her parents instructions from now on… that is, once her dress is untied from the chair!

spanking punishment  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     

See more of new girl Dorothy HERE


This spanking news update was brought to you in partnership with
The Lard Information Council of Great Britain


Bun Beating Janelle

bunbeatingfunI love these guys! many people don’t get their films, they are a great distraction, poking fun at themselves and at the sort of “Bimbo” models and airheads we hear about in the biz… it would seem they have a never ending supply of girls to fill this slot. What’s more, at Bunbeatingfun.com many of these girls are first and last time spankees which makes seeing their often hard and unrelenting hand spankings all the more interesting! Their reactions are that much more pronounced, their shock at a spanking, at being treated like naughty divas getting their comeuppance, I can appreciate that… and so would it seem, do their fans as they have been around for eons!

So, let’s check out the latest uppity model to cross Rick & Greg’s paths this week… a fiery number called Ganelle Angel (classy name!) She is everything you’d expect from the moment she introduces herself, with that big fake blonde wig (well, maybe it isn’t… oops) and her equally oversized fake titties, you *know* she is going to be trouble and Rick overhears her muttering about how shitty the place they’ve hired looks and how unprofessional they appear – uh oh… let the lesson to be learnt begin in earnest!

Meet Ganelle Angel – she is in for a shock at “Red Hot Video”


Another girl with few manners remaining that her mommy and daddy may once have taught her were nowhere in evidence when she made Red Hot Video’s acquaintance. It wasn’t long before she was complaining about teh shoot, the location, had called her agent and requested MORE money to complete the assignment! As you may know, this is a like a red flag to a bull for Rick who had showed remarkable restraint – until now!

ganelle002 ganelle003 ganelle004 ganelle005

You know what is going to happen and it isn’t going to end well for Ganelle… but it does for us who are viewing this wonderful spectacle. She has the most remarkable jiggling bottom that invites Rick’s hands onto her bouncing derriere… it is quite the sight! Her loud protestations are too late as far as he is concerned, this brat needs to learn her lesson and this is the only way he knows how… and it ALWAYS works in the end. She is stripped of what remaining lingerie she was wearing and spanked OTK in the nude over his lap kicking screaming and yelling as his hand blistered her delicious bared behind! Check out the results of yet another remarkable spanking (below)

about to be spanked bye bye lingerie protection hand spanked shocked from her spanking restrained and spanked OTK Ganelle OTK spanking bare bum spanking spanking beautiful red ass ganelle015 ganelle016 ass grabbing spanked again pawed groped and spanked hand spanking ass after her spanking shamed and contrite Ganelle leaves with her ass on fire

Download this new film HERE

Bun Beating Fun - spanking site

Chocolate & Spankings for Easter

choceggsI am feeling rather ill having stuffed a few chocolate eggs earlier today… I’m terrible like that. I can feel my poor pancreas working overtime to produce insulin, *groan* – is there such a thing as a chocolate hangover? So while my blood sugar levels spike to syrupy levels… here’s a few updates you really should be checking out for yourselves, including a rather amusing and ALWAYS entertaining film from Greg & Rick at one of my fave sites – BunBeatingFun.com

They are delightfully un-PC – they find all those troublesome models most of us wouldn’t ever dream work with as they’re… well, such “bitches” (I know, people hate using that word but in some cases the girls are such high falluting Divas that this would appear to be the only word to describe them).

Bun Beating Fun

 OK… I’m kidding, of course without shattering your illusions, they tell the girls to play up, of course! But it is rather interesting to see just how bitchy, mercenary and lazy they can become – and it’s really ugly… I like to think of watching movies from the BBF guys as a public service announcement on how badly behaved girls will get treated and given a good hard spanking at Red Hot Studios!

The latest new vid stars model Dee Dee (so naughty they named her twice)

New model Dee Dee at Bun Beating Fun

This is what Greg had to say about Dee Dee: Chilly as February breeze this frosty platinum princess was and whatever manners her mommy and daddy may once have taught her were nowhere in evidence when she made our acquaintance. Dee Dee here was indeed sparing in her dispensation of human warmth.   But had she deigned to notice the evil smile that swiftly spread from ear to ear across our man’s face she might well of sensed the perilous position upon which she thereby placed her patrician bottom. Silly girl.

deedee001 deedee002 deedee003 spanking dee dee at BBF spanked otk ouchy otk spanking red bottom spanked hard getting a spanking she deserves hard hand spanking face of pain dee dee from bun beating fun bad model gets spanked

Click here to view the new free Spanking preview Clip of Dee Dee

Dee Dee at BunBeatingFun.com


When I was a child, Mother always taught me NOT to play with my food… so much so that it’s a pet peeve of mine nowadays. So imagine my recent surprise when a new full length film called “Food spankings” was released at Spanking Sorority Girls – however, knowing hot redhead, Veronica Ricci, I am guessing she was the major instigator of this mad ‘n’ bad video. This playful minx loves to act as bratty as she can… it’s a naughty messy bit of fun though… just don’t go eating any sushi whilst watching this bit of spanking fun!

Veronica Ricci Koko spanks Veronica Sorority girl spankings brat ass grabbing spank handprint 08

Veronica Ricci had asked cutie  Koko Kitten to help her monitor how much she eats. Koko catches Veronica eating junk food in the kitchen so she must punish her with a bare bottom over the knees spanking at once. Koko puts Veronica over her knee and spanks her butt while lecturing her about not eating too much. But Veronica decides Koko must be spanked, too, and she even spanks some food right into Koko’s bottom, leaving it red, sore, and messy. YUM!

10 11 12 spanking Koko Kitten Koko Kitten OTK spanking Veronica Ricci shows off her ass

Check out the latest film from Spanking Sorority Girls – It’s messy, sticky and HOT!

Hot girls spanking

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Clare Fonda Pass - 5 sites for less!


If you sign up to Spanking Server then the chances of coming across this beauty, called Bella… are high – since she appears regularly. She and Caprice are amongst my two favorite girls currently showing … well, there are many more, but they both stand out as stunning girls taking various and sometimes more unusual punishments (like anus canings) – however I have opted for the more traditional (and staggeringly sexy) OTK spanking of a schoolgirl (scenario). I’m sure you’ll agree… you can see much more of her HERE

Bella at SpankingServer

Bella is called up for her spanking punishment over Peter’s lap

schoolgirl spanking upskirt beautiful butt hand spanks knickers down shame schoolgirl punishment spanked OTK spanking Bella OTK spanking walltime after the spanking

Walltime reflection after a spanking never looked so good at Spanking Server

spanked arse


I rather liked this recent update at Firmhandspanking.com and wanted to show you as her next film has just been released… (I need to catch up!) so better late than never – this is one of the new girls at the site called Kelsey Baker – getting a good solid hand spanking from a male top that I like there, Patrick Bateman.

new girl Kelsey Baker at FHS receiving her spanking spanked on the bum hot spanking punishment Kelsey Baker gets spanked sitter_e015

Pretty newcomer Kelsey Baker’s new job as The House-sitter gets off to a red bottomed start as Patrick Bateman spanks her bouncing bottom cheeks 380 times for tardiness.

buttocks spanked in the hallway spanked stood up clutching her sore red bottom

Click here to see her latest new film clip as well as all the other new updates


Finally for today… from POVspanking.com is a brand new film from YOUR perspective as the spanker with new girl Angel Lee in her very first POV style experience captured on film. I was rather impressed with the way she coped adapting to this style, making it far more believable for us (the viewers immersed in this) than some girls who always find it odd staring and talking directly to a camera lens. Angel is no professional either, just a red hot blooded spanko that enjoyed the chance to make something interesting… oh, and she actually got a pretty good short sharp shock at YOUR hands too… and the hairbrush (you are so mean!)

Images below are taken from the video – the playback is in HD1080.
Angel Lee’s 1st POV spanking

Angel Lee at POVspanking.com

Angel Lee is your babygirl in this relationship and she is submissive to her Daddy. However, you told her that this spanking punishment was coming… she knows it too but still tries to reason and plead with you until she gives in as you give her a frown that says “Enough!” – She complies and turns around even pulling down her panties for you to spank her on the bed with her bare exposed bottom up in the air! You also use a hairbrush on her behind which reddens her bottom up in no time! Experience the spanking as the “Dominant” from your perspective in this video release with Angel Lee starring in her first ever POV style spanking film.

presenting her bottom spanking Angel Lee Angel ass hairbrush spanking you spank Angel POV style buttocks and red cheeks on display whacked with the hairbrush hairbrush for Angel Lee pov spanking of Angel Angel's punishment Angel promises to be good


Consoling Angel Lee

POV Spanking



However, it’s not as cold or isolated & is home to the BEST spanking parties you can imagine!


the Lone Star Spanking Party - Houston

Spanking More Bad Girls

Following my post yesterday, it would appear that the model in question had not given up hassling said producer, but had instead started abusing him with multiple profanities. I have suggested that he forward all communications from now on to the Fetlife Support Admin – as at the very least I would see this as harassment along with threatening behavior. A few producers had already pre-emptively contacted me after seeing my post so I have shared the info on who she is – as I said, it is up to them if they want to employ her (if at all), maybe they will and good luck to them… I am just pointing out this behavior to one producer that I know and find it unacceptable (my opinion).
I’d have left it alone but when she wrote back saying “Do you know who you’re messing with?” and “Don’t fuck with me!” to him, then I couldn’t leave it alone, could I? I hate those tired old clichés!
I’d much rather write about spankings and girls bottoms being tanned for better reasons, so let’s do that and due to my extensive travels I had forgotten to check out Greg’s excellent follow up from Charlotte Webb’s glorious ass smacking in this series at BunBeatingFun.com where the last full video ended with the model’s agent arriving and going crazy over the treatment of her useless girl. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? & it didn’t end well for that agent… guess what, Nikki Brooks… the latest sassy modeling agent is going the same way… and how! Like her useless booking, she has an ass to die for and this spanking , like the last, is as good as it gets!

Charlotte Webb gets a much deserved spanking (last time)

Charlotte Webb last time at Bun Beating Fun

Nikki Brooks demands to know “what the fuck” (her potty mouth verbage) is going on?

what the fuck have you done to my model?

Time to get rid of the girl and deal with this agent these guys only know too well! Nikki is an unscrupulous agent who saw fit to send an unprepared model the way of “Red Hot Video” (trading as Bun Beating Fun). Needless to say, they made their displeasure felt… where it would do the most good! Stand by for some images of Nikki’s reddened sore butt – this is a great film follow up!

Charlotte Webb says sorry to her Agent Nikki Brooks gets her pants pulled down spanking for Nikki Brooks spanking Nikki Brooks bare bottom spanking ass smacking OTK spanking impact shot of spanked butt hard hand spankings

Go on… get out! & send us girls who KNOW how to behave!!!

Nikki Brooks red sore bottom

Check out the FREE Clip of Nikki & the other girls like Charlotte (on her books) HERE


There’s a fab series at NorthernSpanking.com with Amelia Jane Rutherford & Michael Stamp called “Come here!” – I didn’t know that this worked so easily with Amelia! (*makes mental note for next time)

taken over his knee for a spanking

When he beckons her to come sit by him, the last thing Amelia is expecting is an OTK discussion of her spending habits but that is exactly what she gets! What she also gets is stripped and leathered with his well used and well worn in tawse.

NSI083-MAB024 Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked otk spanked OTK dragged over his lap for a spanking spanked over panties hand spanking Amelia Rutherford spanking spanked on the bare bottom

For one of the best archives of Amelia Jane Rutherford (Spanking) Collections CLICK HERE

Northern Spanking


With all the catch ups I had been doing, I’m not sure If I had chance to show you new girl Lily at SpankedSweeties.com – in case I didn’t, you cab bow see this interesting film of them both role playing what happens if you bump into Lily at one of LA’s best known dungeons! This role play is on top of other introductory spankings already up as Lily explains who she is and how she got into spanking – the usual interesting formula that works so well at this site! Check her out with Snow mercy providing all the ouchie entertainment with her hand and some choice implements!

004 005 006 008 009 010 012 013 014 015

There are more M/F  spankings at this site too… Lily is appearing in one with “daddy” in the very latest video release… can’t wait for a preview? Check it out HERE



I also wanted to remind you about this old film, it was pretty hot, I had just finished watching it as a distraction… so go check out what happens to Alexis Grace when she is caught stealing! (Yes, it involves humiliation and spankings, how did you guess?) Video and images taken from SpankedCallgirls.com

002 003 006 009 010 011 012 013 014 015

Alexis Grace and Brandi are waiting for their trick Logan, when Alexis decides to steal his wallet. When he returns, Brandi tells on Alexis and suggests they gang up and spank the tall beauty. They do it hard with hand and hairbrush, otk and in the diaper position. Alexis learns her lesson… and the money, forced to watch Brandi earn her share of the money instead! HOT!


Callgirls & naughty young ladies who should know better get what’s coming to them HERE

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s awesome post as I cover “Tears & Pantyhose”

Images below should give you an idea of what is to come!

coming_soon momma-158-182 pantyhosepov