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More Spanking Updates

Hi everyone… while Sarah and I are on vacation, I just had enough time to bring you a couple of the latest site updates which feature her both as a top and bottom. I think you will like these! I think we also annoyed the people in the room next to us as I gave her a long “good girl” spanking last night, something I haven’t done in a hotel room for quite some time. We were at friends recently and that was different as they are kinky and big spankos it wasn’t a problem there! I don’t know why… but I guess it’s my British reserve creeping in and I felt sorry for whoever was trying to sleep near to us… well, maybe not *that* sorry, lol!

The first update is a really hot girl on girl spanking video and it stars Candle Boxxx, a very well known and very sexy fetish model who I had the pleasure of meeting at last year’s Fetishcon (she didn’t go this year). Sandle was everything I expected and more… she had already filmed at Sarah’s main site HERE so this was a great introduction at AAA Spanking – and how! Sarah spanked her naked, OTK on the bed… and then spanked her in the wheelbarrow position for a very revealing and humiliating first time experience for the lover of Puns… Miss Candle Boxxx!

Candle’s Intimate Spanking – with Candle Boxxx & Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory is spanking Candle Boxxx at Triple A

This is a very sexy spanking video starring legendary fetish model Candle Boxxx. She met the equally alluring Sarah Gregory (who was voted Top Female Spanker, 2014). It was filmed at one of the recent Fetishcon Parties and they made this entertaining and hot spanking film with a twist. Candle thought it was just a naked OTK spanking, which it started out that way… however, Sarah changed tactics and insisted that as she was filming for Triple A – her man John loved wheelbarrow spankings and that she should try it out too! Candle had never been spanked in such a revealing position before and she had no idea how embarrassing or humiliating it would be until she was actually getting spanked like that. Check out the close, beautiful chemistry between the ladies and how nothing was left to the imagination in this erotic girl on girl intimate spanking & paddling video.

OTK spanking bare bottom spanked girl spanking girl grabbing ass spanking her butt OTK intimate spanking spankings spanked c010 c011 spanking wheelbarrow spanking revealing spanking position a paddling for Candle Boxxx c017 c018 cropping her bare ass

Check out the FREE spanking preview of Candle’s spanking HERE

see more of Candle Boxxx spanked by Sarah HERE


This video is also available in the format of your choice to download as a one time HD1080 film from the AAA Clips Store located HERE (or click on image below to locate the film exactly)

Candle Boxxx at AAA Clips store

aaa spanking clipstore


The next film sees Sarah doing what she first did on the scene… getting spanked for being a brat! This is the latest film to appear at Sarah Gregory Spanking with her daddy, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers – and it’s a return to a good old fashioned hard (and this was hard!) OTK spanking of sassy schoolgirl Sarah. See for yourselves… I watched this movie to learn how to deal with her brattiness as – I have to admit – I am not good at taking crap from those that give me undue sass in this way… I tend to turn mean and punish them hard and swiftly to stop it. I know Paul’s style is different and I enjoyed it…. he allows Sarah to dig ever deeper holes from her poor behavior and then takes it out on her bare behind which makes for good viewing if you like to see a brat get what is coming to her!

schoolgirl OTK

Sarah’s Short Skirt

Sarah is back bottoming with just as much sass as ever. She has been sent home because of her skirt being too short, but she interprets this as “sent home for being sexy.” Daddy is not happy with her, but she continues to brat and talk back the whole time he is trying to reason with her about why she was sent home. He has had enough and takes his naughty daughter over his knee for a long hard discussion with his hand and her bottom.

brat spanked OTK schoolgirl brat spanking 0217_sarahs_short_skirt_grabs-019 0217_sarahs_short_skirt_grabs-038 0217_sarahs_short_skirt_grabs-041 Sarah is spanked over daddy's knee spanked over her schoolgirl panties ass and panty spanking daddy pulls down her panties for a spanking panties down spanking 0217_sarahs_short_skirt_grabs-070 bare ass spanking Sarah Gregory spanked by Paul Rogers

See this new HD1080 video of sarah getting a much deserved hard hand spanking HERE

sore ass spanking

Sarah Gregory Spanking

For the best of both worlds – see all of Sarah’s films from her 2 signature sites as one

Sarah Gregory Pass


I couldn’t leave without advising you of a recent addition to NorthernSpanking.comHarley Havik is back in a delightful costume spanking period piece of bygone Americana… I really loved this and I have a few images for you so you can see for yourselves, description and story credits go to Alex Reynolds.

This is a delightful little film, written by Alex and capturing the spirit of an almost-disappeared part of American tradition; the County Faire.

Harley is writing in her diary and looking forward to the County Faire later that day at which, everyone has told her, she is sure to win the Faire Princess crown and be recognized as the prettiest girl in the County. Everyone, that is, except Alex who has been pipped to the title three years running and is in no mood to see it happen again! Her writing and her happy mood is interrupted by Alex herself. She has decided to ensure her victory over Harley, by means of a spanking, a hairbrush and a very bad attitude!

Harley Havik spanked by Alex Reynolds spanked over panties tight panty spanking

To see the full update and MORE videos of Harley Havik spanked – Click HERE

bare bottom spanking

Northern Spanking


& I had a few people ask via this blog when Stevie Rose would be making another appearance at any of the SG sites… well, it just so happens that her next appearance is at AAA Spanking next week in a hard humiliating OTK spanking and leather strapping next week (it might be sooner on their Clip Store) if I see it there I will let you know in advance! Sarah provided these teaser images for me from the film (which I remember well of course!)

stevie1 stevie2

Weekender Spankings

Some of us in the Northern hemisphere are starting to feel the wintry grip which is a miserable time for most… just a few more months and it’ll all be over, eh? Here are some choice spanking updates from around the globe to keep you well and truly “on top” of what is out there this week. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Northern Spanking – full movie of “You are so mean” now available, starring a first appearance for Casey Calvert at this site over the lap of Sarah Gregory.

youaresomean001 youaresomean013 youaresomean015 youaresomean017 youaresomean024 youaresomean025 youaresomean030 youaresomean032

Casey has always lived in the shadow of her elder sister, Sarah and, even more unfortunately, her discipline and punishment also lie in Sarah’s hands. And Sarah applies her hand, hard and regularly, to poor Casey’s bottom.



English Spankers has a great new film with Ashleigh & Ella called “After the Party…”

npp7055006 npp7055013 npp7055016 npp7055017 npp7055030 npp7055039 npp7055045 npp7055053

After the Party… the Paddle: Tiny Ella Hughes has had a party and things got out of hand, now she is blaming Ashleigh for the mess and the alcohol stolen from the house. Sarah is in no mood to mess about and wrongly decides that Ashleigh should be punished. She finds a large leather spanking paddle and makes Ashleigh bend over bare bottom in the air. The poor innocent girl gets a real hard beating with the paddle.

Click HERE to see this film and the 100’s of others exclusive to this site!


 At Firm Hand Spanking – Was the next film the last ever with Kat St James & Samantha Woodley? We shall see, but this looks like being the concluding part to this series – I have to wonder just how many more films of Samantha were shot since she had long retired from the online scene some good 4 or 5 years – at least. I’m not complaining, anything with these 2 is always a bonus! & Kyle gives Kat (his girlfriend at the time) some extra hard swats with the strap in this film so you get value for money!

Katherine’s perfect buns are burned with a strap for lying and fighting

brotherly_za001 brotherly_za005 brotherly_za009 brotherly_za010 brotherly_za012 brotherly_za021 brotherly_za023 brotherly_za024

Supremely sassy, perfectly pert, Katherine St James is back for a 50-stroke strapping in Brotherly Love, 25 totally bare bottom. She changed Kyle Johnson’s web profile and was fighting with sensuous beauty Samantha Woodley. See those round cheeks go red!

Check out a FREE Clip of this punishment – CLICK HERE


POV Spanking has a gorgeous Candle Boxxx tease us and do as she is told in this self spanking film that gets her client (that’s us, Point of View) all hot and bothered since “we” requested she do a very sexy self spanking tease which this southern gal does far too well!

candleb002 candleb004 candleb006 candleb007 candleb008 candleb009 candleb011 candleb015 candleb017 candleb018

This naughty clip is for all you voyeurs out there, the ones that like to watch and might be afraid to touch! You are in Candle’s hotel room for a session when she expects that you will spank her. You forgot to mention that you LOVE to see a girl spank herself in front of you first. “Oh really?” She asks demurely in that cute southern accent, “I think I can do that for you… you naughty thing!” As she winks at you and starts to play and spank herself as instructed. In fact, watching this so turns you on that she can see how excited you are at what she is doing and this is just the start! Candle loves to tease and play… so this is perfect for her, she gives you one of the most erotic self spankings all the time remarking on your excited performance too! She caresses and spanks her bare bottom, even getting into such an intimate “crab position” so you can see her spank both her cheeks and you can admire her womanly charms! Candle is surely one of the hottest girls out there willing to please your every whim… see for yourself!



The concluding part at Bars-and-Stripes of “Bedroom Games at the halfway House” sees Zoe Page finishing off her private fun punishment of Aleesha Fox…

bedroom_games2_IMG_4383  bedroom_games2_IMG_4402 bedroom_games2_IMG_4408 bedroom_games2_IMG_4390 bedroom_games10 bedroom_games11 bedroom_games12  bedroom_games2_IMG_4442

Zoe soon picked up her red leather paddle and told Aleesha to lay flat on the bed. She then proceeded to paddle Aleesha’s bare bottom untill it was red and sore. Zoe finished off the session with a sound hand spanking and when her bottom was a fiery red, Zoe fetched some soothing lotion and lovingly rubbed it into Aleesha’s well spanked bottom.

See the new look Bars and Stripes and the new girl punishments HERE


A red hot pervy spanking and hazing is next from Spanking Sorority Girls – please do watch out for yet more severe Trouser Arousal viewing this material! #HAWT – You’ll see sorority sister, Star, fuck and spank new pledge, Alyssa, with her strap on… smacking her bare butt as she does so!

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

Pledge sister Star Bound (also known as the Sheriff in her sorority) breaks in new girl Alyssa Reece with some hard hand spanking. When “innocent” Alyssa continues to deny she ever stole anything and doesn’t belong in the reform school (and claims she is not a lesbian)… Star puts her on all fours on the bed and has her way with the sexy sorority girl, using a strap-on whilst continuing to spank her bottom red! Oh my!

THIS IS HOT! See MORE of this film HERE

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(giving you access to all sites for as fraction of the cost!)



An all girl buxom babe spanking scene now from Punishedbrats.com in a new films with Nikki Sebastian getting a good hard whacking off Julie Simone! I remember Julie in the day getting her fantastic bottom smacked, well just look at this amazing bubble butt of Nikki! #Spankable

wisdom1-1 wisdom1-2 wisdom1-3 wisdom1-4 wisdom1-5 wisdom1-6 wisdom1-7 wisdom4_edited

Today is the fifth day of Nikki’s modeling assignment for Julie. Instead of having her pose, the irritated artist instructed her model to lift her skirt and lower her panties. At first, Nikki tried to protest but she was quickly overwhelmed by Julie’s commanding nature. She placed her difficult model hands on the wall of her loft studio, and spanked her very hard, all the while giving instructions as what a good model does and does not do.

Check out this wholesome fullsome spanking movie HERE


Finally from Real Life Spankings – a great return to one of my favorite Dutch spanking stars – and one I was going to bring over to England at one point early last year but with so much filming in the USA nowadays, this didn’t happen… so please welcome back Scarlett!

Scarlett returns for a Sound Maintenance Spanking

scar_main1  scar_main5 scar_main9 scarlett_maintenance_P1010003 scarlett_maintenance_P1010005 scarlett_maintenance_P1010007 scarlett_maintenance_P1010016 scarlett_maintenance_P1010017 scarlett_maintenance_P1010018

This is what Mike had to say about their latest encounter: “I got a direct message on Twitter from Scarlett telling me that she had been rather naughty and before it got out of hand, could I please give her a sound spanking? – Of course I obliged and the naughty madam was soon over my knee getting her delightful bottom soundly spanked once more!”

See how red Scarlet’s bottom glowed in this return spanking HERE


Have a great weekend – and once again, thanks to my members for the great feedback you sent me on the latest film at AAA Spanking – it is rather good and my favorite scene comes out on Monday! *tease*

You can see the whole film straight away as a one time download (below)


or view it as part of a wider film membership HERE


& if you still want MORE spanking action, check out this earlier blog post today about


A Weekend of Damn Hot Spankings

I hope you have all had a good weekend… later sees the “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” kick off at AAA Spanking which I will all let you know about in due course, but I want to keep that separate and let you in on a couple of seriously HOT spanking updates I watched this weekend! The 1st is from SarahGregorySpanking.com and stars Sarah giving the “oh so hot” Candle Boxxx a “good girl” spanking. This was filmed earlier this year at August’s Fetishcon in Tampa, FL… I was there of course and got to film Candle too which you will see soon enough. But, oh boy, are you all in for a treat with this hot movie first! We got the lighting in this hotel room just right and managed to film some HOT spanking action that fans of Sarah and in particular, Girl/Girl action will just ADORE! From the moment Candle smiled and begged for Sarah to give her that “good girl” spanking, I knew it was gonna be awesome and erotic with the girls having a fantastic chemistry (having worked together a few times). Now, before I show you some awesome images from this film, I have to say what a pleasure it was to work with Candle, a genuinely decent fetish model I can’t praise highly enough and she is just so darned nice away from the cameras too 🙂

OK, so here it is: needless to say, seeing hot spanking action like this rather caused some uncomfortable viewing so please do loosen undergarments and for you ladies who love this sort of action too… please do switch on your dehumidifiers before ogling such naughty, erotic imagery! Thank you

Candle Boxxx’s Good  Girl Spanking – at SarahGregorySpanking.com


Candle has laid out all her favourite spanking toys for Sarah. She sits submissively waiting for her dominant/girlfriend, Sarah, to come in. She asks Sarah for a good girl spanking, this is the kind she likes. A lot of grabbing, touching, warm up, and all different toys. This is not a punishment or hard spanking. Just two girls having some very sexy fun together.

0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-001 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-003 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-004 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-007 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-009 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-015 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-011 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-016 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-020 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-024

& I also have some screen shots from the movie, these are in lower spec as the actual film footage comes in at a whopping 1920×1080 HD playback (likewise the images above I have chosen are reduced in size and quality to those that members get too!)

0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-015 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-030 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-063 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-069 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-026 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-049 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-056 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-068

You can much more of Sarah & Candle (plus their other work they have done together) HERE

This site is part of Sarah’s Special Pass giving you even better value to join both her spanking sites!


Remember later today comes the Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival of kink – basically you’ll get 3 amazing and naughty films showcasing this marvelous position starting off with Miss Sarah Gregory, followed by a very trim and buff naked Lily Swan… and finally young Rosie Ann, in her school uniform, no less… getting the same embarrassing and revealing spanking that makes the wheelbarrow position either the most dreaded or most fun (depending on the girl and the situation!)

Check it out later… this week also sees the conclusion to Zoe’s amazing cold caning film too!


POV Style Spankings

soapboxrantI have a quick rant to get over with before I continue… I get people who rubbish me for what we do at our ongoing project that is the POV Spanking Clip Store  I have made no secret that it was/is a massive learning curve and a process that takes time to master especially if I have to deal with different models and not just plonk a camera down myself and film… I wish I could but I  don’t really think people would want to see that… or would they? Would you want me to be seen scolding or shaming you if I did it? Should I get male doms in doing the same? Well, if I get any mails or feedback, then perhaps! Would that appeal to female readers of this blog, a female perspective? Back to the POV clips… I admit the earlier clips were not as good and I might actually remove some from the Clips store but most have disclaimers on them, they are still great spanking films but close up spanking or wheelbarrows (of which I know they are not even close to being POV – but at the time I used them to fill up the store) – I will probably remove those and if they are only at that store I will move them over to the AAA Clips Store where they belong. However, our more recent films are so much better, the interaction of the girls with the camera or the scoldings have been so much better… What has always made this subject so difficult, if we try to do this properly (as I am a perfectionist) are the 2 basic perspectives of spankee and spanker… when there is physical action being filmed! That’s when it gets hard. believe it or not, the person operating the camera WILL get spanked or whacked… it’s what we do, we don’t fake this part at all. In fact, I got a hard paddling recently and you can actually hear me gasp… that’s coming soon, and I know that there are some of you who really appreciate this out there and want better. Well, GIVE ME FEEDBACK – what do you actually want to see? This is YOUR chance for me to try and make it happen. I have 2 shoots coming up (one next week) and I will devote more time and energy to it so LET ME KNOW!!!  I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel as far as the POV Spankings are concerned.

I know there are critics who argue that I don’t know or care about it: Well, how f*cking wrong they are… I love this format… I want to succeed at making good films of this format. I am passionate about it, it is just that I can’t film myself, it wouldn’t sell… and I have always lacked finding the right girls on a regular basis. I know who the girls are and will be asking them in future to always film this style for me, more so… I will also be more ruthless in future… if the model is uncomfortable with it, I will stop so as not to make a bad film and concentrate on making a more traditional spanking film she would be far more comfortable in. countdownThe problem is for some girls (and guys too) not everyone can to do this – it is totally alien for many models to just sit in front of a camera and talk, they clam up very quickly, they don’t look at the camera, can’t take direction for this format (I end up cutting a dozen times in some and persevere but in future this won’t happen as I will just stop and then set up the cams again for a more traditional shoot. As I have been filming this on and off for a while now, I have started finding some girls that can actually act or enjoy this experience. To illustrate this today… you will be seeing a few clips with Candle Boxxx, another recent clip from Sarah Gregory and news of 4 amazing scolding and punishment scenes from none other than Dana Specht herself who I got to film (this is rare, believe me!). When you get the right people – it makes ALL the difference, seriously! This is perhaps the most important lesson I have learnt doing this genre – oh and finding a right camera person as they need to understand this also and it can be tedious not trusting people sometimes. So to the critics… this is what we deal with, the talking scenes into a camera on a tripod are piss easy, a lot of models do this (and I want to move away from that – it becomes stale and boring) I have a new format that I am hoping will become far more interactive for you, but I am keeping that secret for now until I see an edited version. I hope it works out as this could be a FIRST in the spanking genre and I have not seen this anywhere else in POV!

In the meantime…

So today I have news of 2 clips from YOUR perspective as a spanker… dealing with 2 characters I just wrote about, a new clip has literally just been released earlier today with Candle Boxxx  (who I filmed with at the 2014 Fetishcon event) – she was a natural – Candle had never done anything like this and found it a little strange at first then embraced what we were trying to do and “Got it” totally and loved the idea! She is also one of the most beautiful models I have ever had the pleasure to work with and totally nice in real life… an all round good “fetish loving” egg! It shows too… as you will see, I have many images (reduced in size as the original movie clips are full HD 1920 x 1080 playback) and a short clip so you can get an idea of what happens and how it looks from YOUR perspective spanking and paddling poor Candle! Let’s get on with it!

Candle’s 1st POV Spanking


cb002 cb003

cb004 cb005 cb006

cb007 cb008


We met the gorgeous Candle Boxxx at the 2014 Fetishcon event and booked her to make some 1st ever POV spanking themed clips… and we promise you will NOT be disappointed! Candle is a natural and so engaging that you can’t but help feel drawn to her. In this clip, we introduced a female hand, but it could easily be YOURS as you’ll soon see – Candle pleads not to receive the leather paddle for disobeying you once again. She looks you in the eye, fluttering her own eyelids, looking all pouty and smouldering … but it’s too late! She finally accepts her punishment but isn’t happy about having her cute panties removed as well! You paddle her bare bottom as it gets more of the same treatment. A stunning and beautiful girl for you to chastise and punish – that is the amazing Candle Boxxx! At the end you tell her to remain in an awkward and humiliating position on the bed as you admire your handiwork…. that’ll teach her!

cb010 cb011

cb012 cb013 cb014

cb015 cb016

Check out the FREE Preview clip of a scene of candle’s 1st ever POV spanking experience!

[jwplayer mediaid=”44680″]




& to show you how difficult it is, some girls don’t like ad-libbing or talking to the camera without me or another interacting vocally… to do so would ruin the POV experience. One such young lady that doesn’t have this problem is Sarah Gregory… how fortunate is it that we are together so when we are I request that she makes a few films for me. She understands and now “gets it” too, which makes me happy – as remember what I said earlier, I really love this genre (and I understand if some of you find it boring or unwatchable) which is why this blog post sits alone today as I wanted to highlight it.

The following clip is based on a true life event!
Sarah’s Excessive Shopping gets her into trouble! –


excessive002 excessive003

excessive004 excessive005

excessive006 excessive007


Sarah Gregory has ignored your pleas to take it easy on her latest shopping trip. But she can’t help herslef and has bought so much stuff that she needs a new suitcase to take her purchases home with her to America. You are appalled that she ignored your pleas so point to the punishment chair and you take her over your knee and give her a spanking over yoru lap. She kicks and squirms, gets even nore bratty, she doesn’t like this at all and pouts some more before you remove her panties and spank her bare bottom until it is red and sore. She never learns, you know it won’t be long before she takes yet another trip over your knee, but it’s Sarah Gregory… look at her pouting there, don’t tell anyone, but you enjoyed spanking her… didn’t you?

excessive009 excessive010

excessive011 excessive012

excessive013 excessive014


Below is a clip of Sarah explaining why she shouldn’t get spanked after YOU see all the excessive shopping in front of your eyes! Experience what I did and how I felt as she tried to foolishly justify more expense (she actually bought that bag to take back her shopping from London to America!!!) There is no actual spanking but please try to embrace the spirit of it as I was telling you about girls that are comfortable doing this and those that are not – note how Sarah can think and act quickly in this storyline, it’s what makes these clips more interesting if the girls can do this to start with! 🙂

[jwplayer mediaid=”44681″]

So there you have it… this is from one perspective, those of you who are more “subby” and love the perspective of these girls spanking YOU – do go check out another post I did which you may have missed which covered Sarah’s last Dom POV film she did (which I liked rather a lot) CLICK HERE FOR THAT REMINDER!

View all the spankings filmed and uploaded so far and please do READ the descriptions, I try to be as honest as possible so if I’m unsure about the style of the film or how it will be received, I do try to say this… remember this POV clip store is an ongoing project, it’s not a fully fledged paysite as such.


& COMING SOON! Dana Specht Scolding Belt, paddle and caning Special!
“Quick like a Bunny” now… you will NOT want to miss these…
no one scolds quite like Dana, as you will discover!

dana001 dana002

dana003 dana004

Spankings this Weekend

I thought you deserved to check out something current and also a few films I have been watching which I know you will also enjoy! So without any waffle, let’s just get down to what is out there and what has been causing me uncomfortable #TrouserArousal ™ Chief.

Here is a fantastic reminder of what you can find in the archives of SarahGregorySpanking.com – since I shall be going to Fetishcon later this year and will be filming Candle Boxxx (amongst others) here is possibly what I could expect… I can’t wait!

Sexy Adventures at Fetishcon


Candle Boxxx has three squirting orgasms in this super HOT spanking film!!! Candle and Sarah finally met at Fetish Con 2012 after being fans of each other for some time. Sarah knew that Candle was more into the porn side of fetish and wanted to shoot a video that included some more erotic girl-girl action. Who better to do this with than super hot and sexy Candle? Right away they had great sexual chemistry. After some kissing and touching, they got right to business. Sarah spanked Candle, Candle spanked Sarah, then while Candle uses her Hitachi, she is spanked to squirting orgasm, THREE TIMES!!!


candle001 candle002


candle003 candle004


candle005 candle006


candle007 candle008

candle006 candle007 candle008

You can see much more of this and similar naughty erotic spankings HERE

Or via the great value Sarah Gregory Pass giving access to 2 sites for less than the combined cost


The next is one of the new film and photo updates from a filmshoot I attended in Los Angeles… Sarah Gregory makes a return to Naughty Diaper Girls – she and Clare love working together and as always they produce great stuff… there’s no actual spanking in this, but if you fancy seeing Clare play a pervy Aunt finding some excuse to strip search her niece (Sarah) with some rather intimate inspections… everywhere, then you will see what I mean below… this was filmed at Clare’s place and was a lot of fun to watch, I was holding my breath and keeping very quiet in the corner as I know not all producers like to have the model’s partners present, so it’s a lot of trust for Clare to let me watch this in person, for which I am rather grateful – oh and of course Sarah gets diapered in the end!!  🙂

001 003

007 008

009 010

012 014

You can more of what is showing at NaughtyDiaperGirls.com


The 2 most recent updates from Punishedbrats.com are contrasting and excellent punishment videos… including the long awaited upgraded film quality in 1280×720 resolution. I’m hoping to film a few scenes with tearful Mandie Rae at the BBW party, I’ve really liked her footage I’ve watched so far! & another PB lady, Audrey should be there too so I am hoping I get to meet her too, she has possibly one of the most spankable bubble butts anywhere on film…I’ll let you decide as she is currently appearing in a more severe spanking film with Pixie.

Concerned Father, Little Anarchist

concerned1-62 concerned1-43

concerned1-52 concerned1-32

concerned1-72 concerned1-91

concerned1-101 concerned1-111

Mandie had just been arrested for underage drinking and the theft of the alcohol in question. This was her third offense . In the past she had gotten away with her misdeeds, using her innocent looks and cuteness as her defense. Her father confronted her about her behavior but she felt that he was overreacting. ‘ Your lawyer’s will get me off again silly’, she quipped. Her exasperated father explained that as this is her third strike and that under the edicts of the newly formed government she is facing Discipline Camp. She responded that she wasn’t afraid of Discipline camp. Her father then took her over his lap and spanked her bare bottom to give her but a sample of the punishment yet to come.

Math Tutor (with Audrey & Pixie)

Audrey was doing poorly in calculus and enlisted the services of the best math tutor at the university. Miss Wells will not tolerate anything less than her students best efforts. When Audrey failed to do her assignment , she found herself over her tutor’s lap for a hard spanking with a hairbrush over the seat of her tight jeans, panties and then, bare bottom. As she was being spanked, Audrey was required to keep her eyes on the paper containing her undone assignments

math1-42 math1-103

math1-82 math2-51

math2-41 math2-71

Pixie instructs Audrey in the basic laws of mathematics as the hairbrush falls upon Audrey’s bottom in intervals of 2.3725 seconds. Audrey promised her stern instructor that from here on she will be putting forth more effort. Upon completion of her punishment , Audrey is left to stand by the chair upon which she was punished and work on math problems with her bare spanked bottom exposed.



From Firm Hand Spanking comes the next installment of the new Intern Series with new girl Tara Somerville and coach Frank Reed (Ralph Marvel)

Hot butt-rippling strapping for beautiful blonde Tara turns up the heat!

intern_cd001 intern_cd005

intern_cd006 intern_cd011

intern_cd012 intern_cd013

intern_cd018 intern_cd019

intern_cd020 intern_cd023

A perfect bubble butt, 31 with a stinging leather strap on dress, panties and bare for blonde hottie Tara Somerville, The Intern! Her cheeks bounce and ripple spectacularly as Frank Reed spanks her for a late project. Awesome, hot as hell slow-motion replays!

You can check out MORE of new girl Tara’s punishment HERE


Remember.. for us in the UK, the clocks have finally gone forward and now it is officially British Summertime (ha!) – the rain gets ever so slightly warmer.


Do Spankings feel harder on Mondays?

mondaysCurrently, I never feel the Monday blues as much as most – as I rarely have weekends off and my work life pattern is just a blur of continual work/overtime and juggling between my vanilla work and blogging/site updates – so to be honest I am unaware or apathetic (if I’m honest) – and have little sympathy for those that moan and cry about the start to the week after they have regularly enjoyed nice relaxing weekends. In particular, those on my Facebook timeline are guilty of posting pics of sad animals and deploring how miserable they are to have to wait until Friday again… FFS! Now I’m not bitching about it (well, maybe a little), but I chose my lifestyle and that’s how it is, I just don’t “get it”, personally. However, as I am preparing to leave my current job/partner/life – and start anew… these things may become more of a focus as I intend to give myself more time at weekends, solely because so many of my friends back in my hometown where I will be for the most part to start with have that time or make time around this specific period and I am still a social animal so it will be great to start watching football matches again (even if my team are shit), getting drunk with mates and other weekend shenanigans that immature grown men like myself get up to… however, I am probably just all “talk” and none of this will happen – however, I do intend to get a transfer if that is possible with my current employers (which I am now thinking is not such a great idea as I have time planned off in February, April and May to start with, all with Sarah) or I can take a “career break” and focus on what is important to me (Sarah) and my sites/blogs and other non vanilla stuff I am involved with. I much prefer the 2nd option even if it will mean I’m gonna be broke in the short term… but I have to try, right?

As Mondays generally feel more depressing to many, I was wondering if the thought of a punishment on such a day would be felt more, perhaps as a result of some weekend frivolity catching up with said punishee? I shall no doubt be investigating such matters personally and filming the results at a later date… so on that thought, let’s just find some excuse for you to gawp at and admire beautiful ladies getting much needed spankings, whether they be “at play” or in a more severe and austere punishment environment… the results are the same – red bottoms!

First up is a girl I am rather excited about working with next month, Miss Casey Calvert, in what is her first appearance over Chelsea Pfeiffer’s knee and whatever else she can get from this gorgeous young lady into more compromising spanking positions at GoodSpanking.com


Casey smiles slyly as she makes mischief. Her mischief soon pays off & Casey goes over Chelsea’s knee!

cc002 cc004 cc006

cc007 cc008

cc009 cc011


Chelsea commands Casey to undress for her spanking then sets about spanking a naughty naked girl! Casey wriggles and kicks as Chelsea quickly moves on to a well-earned paddling and flogging of her pert tight bottom!

cc013 cc014 cc015

cc016 cc017

cc018 cc019


Check out the full film now available from Goodspanking.com


Naughtiness abounds aplenty at SarahGregorySpanking.com as she shows us what she got up to at a typical Fetishcon with a girl I have loved seeing elsewhere, Candle Boxxx… both she and Sarah got up to all manner of horny girl play and of course spank each others bottoms red raw in the process… this was amazingly hot and is a full film available as part of Sarah Gregory’s archives! WARNING, if you haven’t already got the dreaded “TA” then I do warn you to proceed with caution!

Candle Boxxx has three squirting orgasms in this super HOT spanking film!!! Candle and Sarah finally met at Fetish Con 2012 after being fans of each other for some time. Sarah knew that Candle was more into the porn side of fetish and wanted to shoot a video that included some more erotic girl-girl action. Who better to do this with than super hot and sexy Candle? Right away they had great sexual chemistry. After some kissing and touching, they got right to business. Sarah spanked Candle, Candle spanked Sarah, then while Candle uses her Hitachi, she is spanked to squirting orgasm, THREE TIMES!!!


0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-010 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-019 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-023


0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-036 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-042 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-002


0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-004 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-009 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-012


0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-013 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-020 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-021


Achingly hot spanking films await at SarahGregorySpanking.com

This site is available via the Sarah Gregory Pass giving you cheaper access to 2 sites!



Claudie (2)

Finally for now a fantastic preview of what you can see at Spanking Server – with pretty girls given short sharp shock type punishments, with the help of their infamous contraptions and benches, this beauty… Claudie, suffers the indignity of her bared exposed anus given a caning that must surely sting like hell!

claudie001 claudie002

claudie003 claudie004

claudie005 claudie006

claudie007 claudie008

claudie009 claudie013

claudie012 claudie011

claudie010 claudie014

See more anus caning punishments unique to Spanking Server

want to see other embarrassing positions of Claudie’s spanking punishments?

Claudie (4)


Cream Horn Spankings – Vol23


Edit: I started this post yesterday and have finished it today (was tired!)

Ah… ’tis time for some more excellent “Cream Horn” of spankings – fully refreshed after my little rant recently, I went out and spent a fortune on girls pyjamas today, I’d post a pic but I can’t currently locate my camera phone and the main cam is locked away, so when I do eventually locate my damned phone (probably in my car, the battery is dead as I tried to call it and it went straight to answerphone) I’ll get round to posting some of my purchases! That’s for an upcoming filmshoot end of this weekend, but I’m a busy little bee before all that as I have another update to do (I haven’t started it yet, oops) so these are the very first sneak preview pics and I will hopefully get this up late Wednesday or early Thursday, tops! But you will be able to see some early, if somewhat reduced image size pics of the “naughty Bear” film starring Alex Reynolds and Zoe Page. I covered some of this in my film shoot preview – remember?

However, you know me, I love PJs… I love age play and I love seeing girls doing silly girly stuff we men think they get up to, well.. don’t all girls do this sort of thing?

Girly Sleepovers – men’s expectations!


& the reality is illustrated below…


Yikes!!! So let’s skip the real events and head on back into fantasy land where it’s so much nicer… heh heh!

To celebrate this wonderful misconception – I have the new film “Naughty Bear” coming out at AAA Spanking and it has both girls dressed in their fine PJs, both similar , in fact… only the girls are pillow fighting (as girls do, apparently… sigh!) with a HUGE Teddy Bear looking on in the background. I filmed this in a white room, I just wanted the focus of attention on both girls in their jimmy-jams… and that gargantuan bear – who it turns out, could get up to no good quite easily!!! What did you expect? It was Zoe’s bear… and “Mr Bear” was going to witness yet another strop from this spoilt brat. Invited guest, Alex, had displeased Zoe in this sleepover by daring to disagree with her and seek the attention of Mr Bear! Well, from the screen images of the film below, you’ll see that Zoe quickly dominates Alex and starts to spank her but isn’t satisfied so she goes and gets the hairbrush and continues to paddle Alex’s bare botty, after she worked out how to expose it in the 1st place as poor Alex was wearing “Dropseats” – whoops! (I kept this in the film, we could have edited it out but Zoe managed to quickly find out how to bare Alex’s bum, turning her over and untying the dropseat cords!


nb015 nb019

nb030 nb039


nb054 nb059

nb069 nb079




& Mr Bear? Well, Zoe humiliated poor Alex by leaving her prostrate over Mr Bear’s lap, she was actually placed over his knees, holding the brush and Alex was told to remain there, red bottom bared and on display… I’m laughing as I write this, but it was a real fun film to make and basically embellished what the film shoot was about… some good hard spankings with some nice humour thrown in for free! OK, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… but I know it will be a lot of people’s cuppas… so enjoy! There are many M/F films we shot with Alex that day too… so watch out for those coming soon to a PC, laptop or mobile device/tablet fairly soon!

nb126 nb146

nb149 nb152

You can see this film coming out later today with over 150 screen images & an HQ photo set (later this week) at

Triple A Spanking

P.S. No doubt the forum freetards will wet themselves silly over this one (sigh)


… and to another site that the freetards love to see (esecially when it has Jessica Jensen looking HAWT!)

English Spankers released their latest film earlier this week and it has Jessica in a cute school uniform, doing rather rude things like playing with herself (yum!) and getting caught… ah, that old spanking chestnut, heh heh… where would we be without that delicious plot line? One of my faves… so here she is, showing us just what a naughty girl she is before getting that tight, red bottom of hers smacked hard for such delicous self defilement! WARNING: Cream Horn rating is set to HIGH!


npp5008004 npp5008008

npp5008009 npp5008012 npp5008016

npp5008022 npp5008025


npp5008032 npp5008033 npp5008043

npp5008044 npp5008049


When naughty schoolgirl Jessica Jensen is discovered to be laying on her bed playing with her pussy, and still in her school uniform her guardian is not best pleased, she should be doing homework not taking finger pleasure. He decides that the only way to sort things out will be by way of his rather hard slipper and so she is bent over and gets a good slippering first on her school knickers and then on her bare bottom

See a naughty spanking/wanking preview clip HERE


Another site worthy of the Top Cream Horn Award this week is Sarah Gregory Spanking with her awesome duet with the very striking fetish model Candle Boxxx (I remember seeing her spanked only before at the Clare Fonda sites) so see what happened when both girls finally met up at FetCon 2012 – it’s HAWT beyond words, so I’ll let the images do the work for me…


Candle Boxxx has three squirting orgasms in this super HOT spanking film!!! Candle and Sarah finally met at Fetish Con 2012 after being fans of each other for some time. Sarah knew that Candle was more into the porn side of fetish and wanted to shoot a video that included some more erotic girl-girl action. Who better to do this with than super hot and sexy Candle? Right away they had great sexual chemistry. After some kissing and touching, they got right to business. Sarah spanked Candle, Candle spanked Sarah, then while Candle uses her Hitachi, she is spanked to squirting orgasm, THREE TIMES!!!


005 006 011

013 015 016

Below are the scenes with the Hitachi and graphic images from the film of squirting orgasms!


005 007 009

010 012 013

014 015


See the full filthy wonderful film – the best I’ve seen from Sarah G in ages – Click HERE


Diaper positions are one thing, but at Spanking Server, almost all the girls face a time on the spanking bench and the other wonderful contraptions to hold them in place. The images below showcase one such punishment as both Heidi and Peter take charge in administering this excellent piece of humiliating discipline for our viewing pleasure!


pic_2 pic_3

pic_4 pic_5

pic_6 pic_7

pic_8 pic_9

Check out the amazing spread eagle positions that the embarrassing spanking bench gets these girls into…

CLICK HERE for the latest films and archived data from Spanking Server


OK, that’;s it, gotta get my site update out!!!
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