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Spanking Updates for the week

Howdy! It’s been a while and I had been traveling (now briefly back in the UK again) and there is much for me to catch up on. Both Sarah and I had been touring the West Coast of the USA and filmed with so many awesome people, we have so much content and so many new ladies to show you… so I think at AAA (at least) we will be showcasing new talent for the next few weeks… there’s a new girl in a full HD FF spanking film tomorrow and the following week I’ll be dishing out one of my meanest scoldings and canings to another schoolgirl miscreant which saw her legs visibly trembling (this is being edited as I speak).

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for news of that but in the meantime let’s catch up with some other producers and what they have been showing recently!

At Northen Spanking this was released a few weeks back, I played the part of a pervy rich resident at a convalescent home (look at that awful technicolor dreamcoat dressing gown Paul got for me) and it brought back many good, fun memories of that filmshoot… however, the spankings by Matron Jessica Wood to uber naughty, cute nurses, Jenna Jay and Rosie Ann, were the big feature! Go check out the tour pages of Northern Spanking to watch this awesome free clip they have provided as well!

The Matrons Alternative – Northern Spanking

naughty nurses in tight fitting uniforms
Featuring: Jenna Jay, Rosie Ann, Jessica Wood & John Osborne 

The Matron of a convalescent home has received a complaint about the conduct of two of her nurses. The complaint relates to the lack of respect shown to one Mr Osborne whom, according to his daughter, is teased mercilessly by these two girls and left to his own devices, not even served his tea and biscuits on time!
The complaint is somewhat puzzling, as we shall see. However, the punishment suggested by Matron Jessica and its subsequent application to Rosie and Jenna’s bottoms seems to satisfy the complaint, particularly when Mr Osborne gets to examine the results for himself! You have to feel sorry for the poor old chap!

strapped over white panties matron punishes her nurses with a spanking sore red booty leather strapping for a nurse spanked nurses


northern spanking

This was a great introduction for a girl I know little about, but she is featured more at this network since her first appearance at the turn of the year (see? that is how far behind I am on bringing you update news sometimes!!!) – She is called Mila, has fantastic breasts (I know Mr M loves to see girls spanked with their boobies hanging out and their booties spanked hard… & why not?) – oh, and I absolutely loved this film, stunning Mila took this hard punishment well!

Mila’s Dress Code Violations – Real Spankings Institute

Mila bares her breasts at Real Spankings Institute
Featuring: Mila & Mr M.

Mila is bent over a stool and spanked on her bare bottom with a leather strap for choosing not to wear a bra. Then Mila is dragged out of corner time and spanked on the bare bottom with a cheek to cheek wooden paddle. With a very bruised bottom, she is placed back in time out until the bell rings.

bare bottom otk spanking breasts hang down exposed and bared mila takes a hard wooden paddling wooden paddle for a schoolgirl wooden paddle bruises


Go to Real Spankings Institute for a special offer

Next up, I would like to wish Angel Lee a Happy Birthday (it’s a day or 2 late here… but better late than never). Angel and Harley Havik both switch perfectly, although I think Harley’s hand might hurt more… I know it did when she spanked Angel in this sibling rivalry style film, then used a wooden spoon without holding back! Ouchies! This was a recent film update which you can see in full at Sarah Gregory Spanking right now and it comes with an image gallery, extensive full set of video images and the HD film options.

Wooden Spoon for Sister – Sarah Gregory Spanking

Featuring: Angel Lee & Harley Havik

Harley has just been spanked for something both she and her sister did, take the car. Harley covered for Angel, but now Harley is going to get even with her. If Angel doesn’t want Harley to tell mom she was in on it, then she must take a spanking and wooden spoon on her bare bottom just like Harley got. Angel is a sorry and sad little sister. Harley gives her the hard spanking she deserves.

spanking her sister over her tight panties spanked in her bedroom spanked in pajamas wooden spoon spanking wooden spoon spanking kiss and make up after a hard spanking



I can’t tell you how good it is to see our friend, Clare Fonda (aka Ms Jamie Foster), spanking lots of tearful girls for a variety of sites nowadays. I can’t get enough of this self styled cougar “soccer mom” who looks better as each day passes. Isn’t she incredible? Fortunately we had Rachel Adams in this day (a real beautiful crybaby) who gave Clare the perfect excuse to give her a hard, hand and hairbrush spanking – to tears!

Spanked for Smoking – Momma Spankings

Featuring: Rachel Adams & Clare Fonda

Momma Clare has a crush on the school principal so when he calls her to tell her that her daughter was caught smoking, she is mortified. How embarrassing of a phone call, not what she was expecting. When Rachel arrives home from school, mom is waiting for her. She takes her naughty daughter of her lap for some old fashioned discipline. Rachel cries real tears and mom knows she is sorry.

spanking over panties panties down otk spanking momma spanking her daughter hairbrush spanking


This site can also be viewed as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – Giving you more content for less than the combined cost of the sites with one set of codes for your added convenience!

momma spankings sarah gregory pass

Finally for today, it’s been a while (a-Hwhile – sorry I can’t help myself) – damn! “Now I have Cool Hwip on my mind… Thanks Stewie Griffin!!!” Grrr, I’ll just get this out of the way & you’ll understand cool whip/cool H-wip and awhile/a-Hwile… or the weird/H-weird – now that one doesn’t even have an “H” in it!!!

Wil H-wheaton… LOL, I forgot about that one and the whip references (I adore Family Guy’s subversive kinky references) Anyhoo… onwards to the final installment today from Spanking Server and one of their many caning videos you will always get to see with a delightful difference, the caned anus feature. This short video stars the beautiful Chelsy who appears at this site often… oh my!

Chelsy’s caning – Spanking Server

chelsy at spankingserver
Featuring: Chelsy & Peter

Chelsy had been in the time out position after her traditional caning but now it was time for the humiliating part of her caning. peter instructed her to bend over on the floor, with her ass fully exposed and her face down. Her puckering hole was visible and as he teed up the first stroke, her nerve ending tingled with dread as she knew just how painful her delicate area was. Chelsy took the strokes without complaint but it was obvious you could see the telltale reddening over her most intimate parts! This caning and many more like it are available from this website.

cane marks bare exposed ass caning her anus bent over and exposed for a spanking  



Do Spankings feel harder on Mondays?

mondaysCurrently, I never feel the Monday blues as much as most – as I rarely have weekends off and my work life pattern is just a blur of continual work/overtime and juggling between my vanilla work and blogging/site updates – so to be honest I am unaware or apathetic (if I’m honest) – and have little sympathy for those that moan and cry about the start to the week after they have regularly enjoyed nice relaxing weekends. In particular, those on my Facebook timeline are guilty of posting pics of sad animals and deploring how miserable they are to have to wait until Friday again… FFS! Now I’m not bitching about it (well, maybe a little), but I chose my lifestyle and that’s how it is, I just don’t “get it”, personally. However, as I am preparing to leave my current job/partner/life – and start anew… these things may become more of a focus as I intend to give myself more time at weekends, solely because so many of my friends back in my hometown where I will be for the most part to start with have that time or make time around this specific period and I am still a social animal so it will be great to start watching football matches again (even if my team are shit), getting drunk with mates and other weekend shenanigans that immature grown men like myself get up to… however, I am probably just all “talk” and none of this will happen – however, I do intend to get a transfer if that is possible with my current employers (which I am now thinking is not such a great idea as I have time planned off in February, April and May to start with, all with Sarah) or I can take a “career break” and focus on what is important to me (Sarah) and my sites/blogs and other non vanilla stuff I am involved with. I much prefer the 2nd option even if it will mean I’m gonna be broke in the short term… but I have to try, right?

As Mondays generally feel more depressing to many, I was wondering if the thought of a punishment on such a day would be felt more, perhaps as a result of some weekend frivolity catching up with said punishee? I shall no doubt be investigating such matters personally and filming the results at a later date… so on that thought, let’s just find some excuse for you to gawp at and admire beautiful ladies getting much needed spankings, whether they be “at play” or in a more severe and austere punishment environment… the results are the same – red bottoms!

First up is a girl I am rather excited about working with next month, Miss Casey Calvert, in what is her first appearance over Chelsea Pfeiffer’s knee and whatever else she can get from this gorgeous young lady into more compromising spanking positions at GoodSpanking.com


Casey smiles slyly as she makes mischief. Her mischief soon pays off & Casey goes over Chelsea’s knee!

cc002 cc004 cc006

cc007 cc008

cc009 cc011


Chelsea commands Casey to undress for her spanking then sets about spanking a naughty naked girl! Casey wriggles and kicks as Chelsea quickly moves on to a well-earned paddling and flogging of her pert tight bottom!

cc013 cc014 cc015

cc016 cc017

cc018 cc019


Check out the full film now available from Goodspanking.com


Naughtiness abounds aplenty at SarahGregorySpanking.com as she shows us what she got up to at a typical Fetishcon with a girl I have loved seeing elsewhere, Candle Boxxx… both she and Sarah got up to all manner of horny girl play and of course spank each others bottoms red raw in the process… this was amazingly hot and is a full film available as part of Sarah Gregory’s archives! WARNING, if you haven’t already got the dreaded “TA” then I do warn you to proceed with caution!

Candle Boxxx has three squirting orgasms in this super HOT spanking film!!! Candle and Sarah finally met at Fetish Con 2012 after being fans of each other for some time. Sarah knew that Candle was more into the porn side of fetish and wanted to shoot a video that included some more erotic girl-girl action. Who better to do this with than super hot and sexy Candle? Right away they had great sexual chemistry. After some kissing and touching, they got right to business. Sarah spanked Candle, Candle spanked Sarah, then while Candle uses her Hitachi, she is spanked to squirting orgasm, THREE TIMES!!!


0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-010 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-019 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-023


0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-036 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal2-042 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-002


0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-004 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-009 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-012


0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-013 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-020 0108_sexy_adventures_fetishcon_gal3-021


Achingly hot spanking films await at SarahGregorySpanking.com

This site is available via the Sarah Gregory Pass giving you cheaper access to 2 sites!



Claudie (2)

Finally for now a fantastic preview of what you can see at Spanking Server – with pretty girls given short sharp shock type punishments, with the help of their infamous contraptions and benches, this beauty… Claudie, suffers the indignity of her bared exposed anus given a caning that must surely sting like hell!

claudie001 claudie002

claudie003 claudie004

claudie005 claudie006

claudie007 claudie008

claudie009 claudie013

claudie012 claudie011

claudie010 claudie014

See more anus caning punishments unique to Spanking Server

want to see other embarrassing positions of Claudie’s spanking punishments?

Claudie (4)


Nice View Punishments

Hello everyone, I am going to be a little intrusive and show you some fantASStic stuff today featuring a rear view perspective of girls punished in their most vulnerable position and parts, exposing those delicate female flowers and not even something as private and almost forbidden is spared when these beautiful ladies are spanked (or even caned across their tiny puckerholes, which I have to admit is a real turn on for me from my aching eyes!)

So to anus caning specialists – SpankingServer.com and you can check out what Peter and Heidi are capable of when the right girls come along and offer up their most holy of holies for punishment! I have only ever once caned a girl on the anus and although you must be more accurate and less severe, you don’t need to thrash the living daylights out of that of her hidden area as it is so sensitive (there are more nerve endings here than anywhere else except for the obvious sexual parts, so this is why it’s important to be careful!) – However, from my own experience and talking to models, some girls really get off on this extreme pleasure and pain… I have to tell you… from the spankers gaze… so do I! 🙂

Some recent representative images from films now in HD showing at SpankingServer.com






 You can check out more unique punishments carried out at SpankingServer HERE


You can’t get more intimate than spanking and diapering a grown girl, with her sore bottom aching for some soothing cream afterwards… however, before this is allowed, in the film below, beautiful strong Amazonian girls like Ariel (shown below) get the full submissive treatment from Clare at her NaughtyDiaperGirls.com website – I watched this film again earlier, it’s a classic amongst the adult baby girl niche as far as I’m concerned as Ariel accepts her diapering even though she is embarrassed that Clare can see everything… as do we, then she’s given the soothing cream afterwards with much red bottom rubbing!






MORE diapering, baby play, crib time and more grown spankings available HERE


I have to cut this update short today (sadly) as I have to sort out my rather annoyingly complicated accounting for the tax assessment, so rather than get into trouble with our dear tax man, I shall be sorting this out, unlike some idiots I once knew. There are 2 things certain in life… “death and taxes” oh and maybe a third, if you’re naughty and I’m around, you’ll get a spanking 😉

Laters, Chief.

I’m tired, but this perked me up!!!

Sorry, I have a total writer’s block today, I really do, it happens to us all I suppose, and I’m finding it difficult to enthuse “gush” or review/promote anything today, it’ll pass and I’ll come back with some totally different exclusive and interesting stuff, I always do! Maybe I should just go to bed, I’m feeling really tired, maybe I’m ill, I don’t know. However, a photo set from a few videos that I have viewed not too long ago from SpankingServer was stored in a folder I had on my desktop just called n2 – I saw it and opened it up to discover some of the images I’m about to show you now (there were many more) … I probably meant to upload this a few weeks back and saved it in the wrong place and why did I save it as “n2” ?? – I’m losing the plot!!! Either way…check out the images below and I’m sure you’ll see why I perked up a bit – and just *HAD* to let you all share in my joy!!!

Casandra – another East Euro beauty that gets her botty, pussy & tits spanked caned & whupped!





You can see MORE of Casandra (much more in fact) at SpankingServer!!!!

In between writing this and having an eye on the football (oh Portugal…7-0 winners v N. Korea..that was interesting!) I flicked channels and came across the series “Countdown” on Channel 4, something I hadn’t seen in an age over here in the UK, and that new girl Rachel Riley!!! OMFG!!! I have the absolute cream horn for this mathematical minx!!! Here’s her dress today that I just pooped an eyestalk over, straining to check out more of her ass n tits…seems she likes me too..lol!

Seems there are several sites dedicated to her and I found one that linked to her apparently “infamous red outfit episode”, which you just have to admire for daytime TV!!! I’m liking this girl mucho grande!!!

OK, back soon when my mind is fully functioning on all levels of complete spanko pervyness!!! Adios!!!