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Tears Spanking & Canings

Mandie Rae's real tearsThere’s a new film available at SarahGregorySpanking.com with Mandie Rae and myself… there were some pretty harsh scenes we shot but one we both wanted to do. Mandie needs to cry sometimes and a good hard scolding and caning will easily do that to her! She got into the mindset of a poorly behaved young madam all to familiar to her… so I had my work cut out to whip this girl into shape over various punishments as you’ll see below. In the end though… in her proper attire, the tears came and she got some reassuring hugs that it would be alright in the end!



Mandie Rae spanked spanking OTK spanked over his knee handprint spanking marks spanked bent over no panties schoolgirl strapping leather belt on the bare bottom caning tearful schoolgirl painful spanking discipline

Mandie is out of control and has been sent to John Osborne, a well know British Disciplinarian. She is to stay with him until she truly feels remorse for her bad behavior and changes her ways. She is made to change out of her slutty clothes and into a proper uniform. She gets multiple spankings throughout her stay, hand, hairbrush, strap, and cane until she is sobbing real tears.

hugs for mandie rae

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From Northern Spanking – this great caning film of one of my favorite play partners… Rosie Ann. She was just 18 when I first met her and she was this age when this film was made (unbelievable – as she was kink mature beyond those years!) I think that is what I love about her, she is curious about many things and willing to try out a lot as she explores her own identity… and I was present for this filmshoot for Paul Kennedy – He told me this was his last big one in the UK and he had found a mad place in Derbyshire… where many spanking producers, myself included, (in the past) would go. I think it is because the Derbyshire Dales are very touristy and so have more accommodation packages and choice if we don’t film in a private house of someone we know, we rent one out instead. We did this last year (around June, I think)… I say “we” (it was a shoot for Northern and I was just helping).

Paul told me how he had wanted to film here, it was a timewarp of a place, perfect for playing out sets and films of the 80’s… it was a little rundown and the basement was damp, in fact this room where Rosie was filmed getting caned was so musty I think we filmed twice in there and got out quick after (it probably didn’t help my developing asthma at the time, lol). There was a huge coin operated sauna in the room as well… which really smelled mouldy and none of us tried it out! I’d have loved to have filmed there big time as there were so many rooms and the dining area had a massive long table which we didn’t use, as we just plonked all our cam gear and laptops etc there and did some work in between takes. Anyway, I am digressing, this was a perfect set for a 1980’s style theme which Paul loved and Rosie really did look the part as you’ll see below!

A bad place for Good Girls

Rosie Ann

A bus station is a bad place for good girls to hang out! When eighteen year old Rosie Anns parents got a call from her best friends family, letting them know that the girls were caught hanging out among the crowd of delinquents there, Rosy was definitely in trouble. Like most girls her age in the nineteen eighties, she was no stranger to getting her bottom smacked but, this time, she was in bigger trouble than that. This time, she was going to get the cane.

traditional OTK bare bottom spanking

Having mostly been a good girl, Rosie had never been punished this way before, and she was scared and nervous from the moment she saw the thick, rattan implement. Being mostly good, she did not protest against the punishment she knew she deserved. Her round little bottom was soundly spanked until it glowed red through her white school knickers while she grimaced and whimpered. Then she was ordered to kneel up on the bed, presenting herself for the harsher discipline she required for being such a wayward, naughty girl.

spanked Rosie takes her spanking

What followed was a hard caning, with each stroke biting into her tender cheeks and making her lunge forward, trying to escape the pain that never seemed to stop growing. The strokes were hard, and they did not get any softer when she whimpered and cried out: she needed to learn a lesson.

caned on the bottom presenting her bottom

Once Rosie had been properly beaten, she collapsed on the bed, her red and swollen bottom sticking up. Rosie promised that she will not be caught in the bus station again. Hopefully, she will not need another visit from the cane!

canings reassurance aftercare spanking


Northern spanking


There is always a way to stop girls smoking… I hate it – especially indoors! So this stars cute Dutch girl, Sammie. in Mike’s unique aversion therapy… as you’ll see, she isn’t too keen on smoking after this! Images taken from the film at Real-Life-Spankings.com

sammie_smoking_pub_P1010063  sammie_ps4 sammie_ps7 sammie_ps8 sammie_ps9 sammie_ps10 sammie_ps12 sammie_smoking_pub_P1010061 sammie_smoking_pub_P1010065 sammie_smoking_pub_P1010056 sammie_smoking_pub_P1010057

This is what Mike had to say about the 1st part of her punishment: Sammie came to me with a tale of woe. The little rebel went to a pub and decided to smoke which, as we all know, is illegal and when the owner told her to stop, she continued. The result being that he threw her out of the pub. I decided to give her one of my special stop smoking spankings, a sound bare bottom strapping and a sound OTK bare bottom birching.



… Don’t forget. Like this party, everything’s



… in Texas!


Caning Demo of Sarah Gregory

OK, I’m gonna have to be quick as Sarah is sat next to me nagging to go to the thrift stores on Hollywood Boulevard and the Valley… she promises it will be worth it as there are lots of vintage cheer and other uniform fetishes that will no doubt surprise me… so I will get this news of my latest film out to you which involves a good caning of said Miss Gregory a few years back… this film was the last from that particular shoot I did… and Sarah says she looks nothing like that now but I think she looks cute… especially the nervous look of apprehension as she lined up to take 3 different canes off Paul and myself!


As it was a caning demonstration… Donna Davenport was on hand to provide how English girls took the rod… which I think only made things worse for poor Sarah as we whacked Donna quite hard, the strokes of the cane making familiar whooshing noises that it would appear so many American girls dread! Below are some sample images taken from the film… I have these resized, members get to see the full 1920×1080 resolution images.

demo001 demo002

demo004 demo006

demo012 demo013

demo018 demo026

demo031 demo035

demo039 demo045

demo052 demo057

demo060 demo061

This film was made in June of 2011 and was the last of Sarah Gregory’s tour to the UK at that time. We saved the last and best film until the end of her day’s shoot with us as she had been promised a lesson in what it was like to take various caning implements across her bare bottom. Sarah was understandably quite nervous and this showed in the film as she watched Donna, our “stunt bottom”, take various canings from Paul & John before it was her turn! The look on her face is priceless as well as her reactions to the cane. An unusual film that fans of Sarah will enjoy immensely!

You can see a free teaser clip at AAA Spanking


These films will also be available at the clips store when I have time… as I have to go shopping now *sigh* have a good one everyone from a rather overcast Los Angeles. Just so you know I shall be meeting Clare Fonda tonight, which I am rather excited about… and please do keep suggestions about what we will film with Casey Calvert coming in… example, the anal hook scene will now be done thanks to one individual’s request… I also got a temp taking request that I will put to her too! You naughty people!

P.S. Affiliates, the gallery is uploaded in your admin section or you can use the images you see here as they are the same… sorry there’s no mail this week, I just don’t have time. Regards!

Aftermaths & Schoolgirl Spankings

This is just a brief update as I am away most of the day and wanted to get something like this earlier in the week… so it will have to do now as this sort of punishment scenario has been on my mind the past few days…

One site that I love viewing for authentic schoolgirl punishments is Girls Boarding School – nothing overtly sexual, this site concentrates on harsh dormitory style discipline that often has the girls spanked and punished to blubbing tears! The girls are often in uniform, but you also get to see them in their dorm rooms, sent early to bed, in their casual clothing, I love seeing a  girl’s jeans yanked down, and her red sore bottom on display… I don’t know what it is, I just get off on that, perhaps because it feels rather humiliating, like a violation that she had her protective garments pulled down and left there afterwards… GBS have become masters of the aftermath images as you’ll see from a brief selection below… perhaps this better explains what I am trying to convey!


pic03 pic04

pic07 pic11

pic13 pic14


Oh the shame of it… so imagine having to bare your bottom for a hard buttock welting caning… let’s see the results of that punishment as this poor wretch (below) is left in the cellar to reflect on her latest punishment!


pic03 pic04

pic06 pic14

pic11 pic13


…the shame and embarrassment of holding the cane that had caused her so much pain!

Finally I will leave you with a stunning mixture of images from one of my most fave girls at GBS in this (in my opinion) erotic punishment of a very naughty girl by the legendary and fearsome Mr Lewis who uses this paddle across her wiggling behind majestically…. see for yourself from the GBS Archives (below) – seriously, I get off to this just looking at her legs, so damned shapely… dat ass… and her pained expressions…. this is HOT!

pic05 (1)

pic06 (1) pic07

pic08 pic10

pic13 (1) pic14 (1)

pic15 (1)