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Spanking galleries & FREE to enter Competition

It’s late, I’m probably gonna be told off any second to get to bed… and I’m in a foul mood anyway, I have to get up in less than 6 hours and it’s freezing cold outside, a great car drive to work awaits! *sigh* I also never get why my blog is shunned or hated by some, I get hate mail, I really do, apart from the piracy comments, maybe I will publish some… fuck them, fuck those that never link or shun me because they are snobs or whatever…  (what makes me laugh is a guy that always gets linked won’t when I’m involved, so I’ll do it as I called Dave at Cherry Red Report, a genuinely good blog and asked if he wanted to do a caption competition as I found a great image I’m sure you’ll all love, he agreed when he saw the image… so go check out Dave’s Caption Competition HERE and the winner WILL win a month’s free membership courtesy of this pissed up bitter old fart that everyone hates! So what are you still doing here? Go try and win a month’s FREE membership!

OK, it’s late and I’ve been drinking, so if you’re back or can’t be bothered… here’s a ludicrously sexy spanking gallery or 2 for you to check out… and please do go check these out… oh, I also have a treat for my members with a 90 image preview gallery of Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone… when I’ve sobered up and less pissed off, I’ll probably publish some images…. but as members get priority, I hope they enjoy this first… it turned out to be a great movie which should be out in the new Year sometime! (I’m not even printing a preview image!) – & I’m rambling, aren’t I???

Click images below to access to some HOT spanking action!

Courtesy of Spanked callgirls

Courtesy of Spanked sweeties

Courtesy of My Spanking Room Mate

Courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl

Courtesy of Spanking Sorority Girls


As you all know by now… all the above sites in the Clare Fonda Site network can be viewed with one pass for far less!
– that option is HERE –


Goodnight! & Good luck to those that enter. Dave will let the winners know around Xmas time

Hard Hitting Easter Updates!

It was a bit wierd going back to work just for Saturday, then having a further couple of days off after this… thank you Jesus for allowing me some much needed time off, even if I didn’t really intend to write on here as My Missus (Er Indoors) is livid that I am spending my spare time with you and not her so this will be brief today and I will cut the waffle down to a bare minimum, just check out these poor bunnies, all these updates are available from the one off Real Spankings network Pass – or you can view more from the individual sites I have covered here today. Enjoy!

Bailey Sullivan is one of those girls I always loved seeing spanked though I rarely cover her here, I really should do so as she has one of best spankable asses out there, even if she is kind of semi retired from the online scene, there is still stuff at SpankingBailey.com being updated as never before seen, so it’s still a site well worth watching out for, especially as you can also get access to 3 other sites in this little network for under $25 a month (MASSIVE archives alone at this sub network as you’ll discover!)





Drop seat spankings? Spanked & paddled by the sexy cougar, Miss Burns? Bailey rubbing her bottom in shame, you say? Check out more of this and other fantastic schoolgirl discipline movies of Bailey – CLICK HERE


At RealSpankings.com there is a fantastic double update of Lila (now without blue hair) that I am sure many of you will identify with. She arrives at Michael’s for her 7pm maintenance spanking, but she’s a little early and he’s watching a poker tournament on TV so she is made to strip and wait – humiliating enough but then she is given a hard OTK spanking followed by more corner time by the TV as he resumes “Live TV” then she is given another more severe OTK hairbrush spanking which you will have to see to believe… Lila is definitely one of my favourite RSN girls as she can take just about anything given to her! There are some images and a short OTK scene for your perusal, members can see the full resoltion movie (and I highly recommend this!)

Lila is also mercilessly given one of the hardest OTK hairbrushings I have ever witnessed and fans of her (like myself) know that this is indeed severe!!! Watching these films alone is worth the entrance fee but this site contains mases of Lila content as well as having possibly one of the largest archives of spanking stuff stretching back to 1996!





Please also do not forget to enter for Caption Competition, I shall be thinking about closing that off soon… there aren’t that many entries so you do stand a great chance of winning that! Click image below for the caption page!

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone! I am predictably stuffed on chocolate eggs! 🙂


I haven’t done one in an age and just checking through some images from our forthcoming film next week (I haven’t decided on the final title just yet) I came across this amusing image of Emma Brown pulling a face as Sara (aka Wynter Sky) is being caned in front of her!

Think up something amusing and witty and I’ll reward the winner with a month’s free membership to AAAspanking.com for your efforts! Go on… what have you got to lose (except your dignity, self respect… and possible bladder control if you are like me?)

I’ll keep this open and give you gentle reminders until there’s a sizeable amount of people entered to make it fair. Keep it to one entry (don’t go using proxy IP’s as I can tell, lol!) and ensure your email address is correct as I will send the winner their codes to that address.

What are you waiting for? It’s FREE to enter 🙂
Have a good weekend.