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Alex Reynolds appears in Dormitory Discipline

Hi everyone, sorry I had not been blogging for a few days… but lots of things were going on away from here that I had to go deal with, including the fruitless trip to see my team lose so pathetically getting a spanking at the English national stadium at Wembley (in London). It was an impressive place… but it was meaningless in the end because defeat in a Play-Off Final game is always just more than a cup final… it’s a promotion, a promise of greater rewards for the following year and of course the opponents (I won’t mention the winner’s name) was the stuff of fairytales… a team that arose from another after it had been stolen from the supporters and franchised to another town (this rarely if at all happens in the UK and 99% of ordinary folk here, myself included, are dead set against it). So¬†they get to meet the team that took their name and place next year as equals – after only 14 years climbing from the depths of despair and the lowest leagues. Good luck with that I say! (yawn) – “Moi? bitter? Whatever gave you that idea?” ūüôā

Okay, the new updated movie today is the start of some far more traditional and harder films I think you’ll all enjoy appearing at AAA Spanking – this was made over 3 years ago when Alex first visited the UK and she was starting to really feel these punishments as she had been filming for nearly 4 days in a row. Alex has a legendary tolerance and I think at the time she could take a lot. Maybe even more than right now (these things change and evolve, of course) – but nonetheless, it was a great austere “Dormitory Film”. She pouted and bratted a little (big mistake) as that sort of behavior always makes me angry and I gave her a good scolding before she got a cold heartless strapping, hairbrush spanking… and the best bit, using the heaviest (rattan, I think) vintage Carpet Beater¬†which I had that always gets the message across to the girls! Add to that, I got Alex to strip out of her cute school uniform and into her night shirt in her bleak, cold Dorm Room… watching her neatly fold her clothes away and chastising her all the time… it was a good old fashioned schoolgirl spanking film… to the AAA members, I hope you like it. & of course it stars Alex… one of the best spankees at any website (and now a personal friend of mine) that you will see! I’d say “enjoy” – but perhaps just reminisce as to the austere old days instead!

Dormitory Discipline – starring Alex Reynolds


Alex should have been in bed but was still up just before “Lights Out” – in her school day uniform – after yet another troubling day caught smoking and such… punished earlier in the day, she is pouting and sulking… unaware that her light should have been out 20 minutes ago! This would attract trouble from her Dorm Master for sure!

tantrum for Alex Reynolds as she realizes she is getting another spanking hiding the spanking implements stripping off her school uniform moody and pouting face means more spanking bedtime thrashing awaits a007 a008 strappinghairbrush spanking a010 a013 a011 a012 a014 leather strapping on her bare spanked bottom a2spanking with a carpetbeater a017 a019 a018 a020 refecting on her punishment at the wall, bare bottom on full display

Alex Reynolds had been punished in the main Boarding School building for smoking earlier that day and was sulking in her room and not ready for bed at all… she refused to conform and had brought in a forbidden Black Duvet Cover on her last visit home instead of the “Parents choice” (in this case Alex should have had “Care Bears” covers) that she detested. She had also hidden all the implements of correction that were supposed to be on permanent display in her dorm room. So when she was caught, still in school uniform, using her phone at lights out… there could only be one outcome. The implements were soon found and she was made to strip and get into her regulation night gown in front of the Dorm Master before enduring a painful reminder of what happened to naughty girls that continued to defy strict school guidelines. This video features much strapping and use of heavy wooden implements such as a hardwood hairbrush and rattan carpet beater. Strict, mean and nasty: This is one punishment Alex wished she had avoided right before bedtime!

carpet beater spanking punishment


click here to view the free movie previews at AAA Spanking

Or if you prefer, click the image below for the Clip Store direct access link to this film – I know there are plenty out there that prefer this method which is why it is always made available… have a good one everyone!

Dormitory Discipline – available to download in full – HERE from the Clips Store

spanking clip store favorite - Alex punished in the Dorm


Personal Trainer’s Hot Spanking Punishment

Lola MarieHi everyone, just a quick update to keep you going and it won’t have been advertised anywhere else yet as it was only released a few hours ago…. Today’s post features a TON of images for you to ogle over… the reason this update was a little late at AAA was because Sarah was busy and I couldn’t help her get this out on time either as I had been visiting relatives before the Xmas ¬†period gets under way and they were in the middle of nowhere with poor internet connection (oops!) – However, it is now out for members at AAAspanking.com and stars the beautiful and very sassy Lola Marie getting a pretty severe discipline session (you only have to take a look at the Preview clip of her hairbrush punishment to see what I mean & I’ll let you know where you can see a free preview of that later).

The carpet beater used in Lola's spanking punishment

This video comes with approx 150 screen grab images (there’s a lot of action) and about 60 High Res Stills which compliments the video so it’s a good sizeable update for members to view! I have some sample images, all reduced in size but you’ll get the idea! I can remember this film like it was yesterday… it was a hot summer’s day (July 2013, the day before Dodgy Dave & I left for our first trip to Las vegas and Nevada/Arizona) and we had been filming outdoors and these were the last vids of the day and I mentioned to Lola that the last film was going to test her… and that it did. It might have been a video with a lot of banter (Lola Marie can’t help her sassy attitude, of course) but there were scenes, especially with the wooden implements that I guess she was a little uncomfortable taking but she did it through gritted teeth…. otherwise it would not have been a punishment, would it? The hairbrush, bathbrush and a hard wooden paddle were used as well as some stinging strokes with a carpet beater, six strokes of the cane and I believe there was also a heavy double stitched leather strap… all in all, poor Lola took quite a spanking punishment!

Are you ready to spank me?

Read on and you’ll find out why…


Personal Trainer’s Punishment¬†starring Lola Marie

personal trainer's punishment

Lola Marie was a specialist Personal Trainer at a Kink Friendly Gym Club. She was aware that as well as exercise, club members would practice discipline sessions in the basement. She had been called to the basement before her shift one morning so knew something was wrong! The Gym Owner needed to confront her over an issue brought up by some of the members. She had been mean & working some of them too hard so they had requested that she be disciplined to teach her a lesson. Lola was aware something like this could happen & was paid a lot of money within this kink friendly environment. Her attitude got her into trouble with the owner & she had to accept the consequences… she was spanked to start with then placed on the bench, mouth gagged to keep her more compliant and then a variety of implements, both leather and wooden, were used across her bottom including the dreaded bathbrush, carpet beater & a horrible looking tawse! Finally, Lola Marie was caned on her already sore bottom & told to reflect on the error of her ways!

Images below are taken directly from the video…

bubble butt made for spanking personal_t007 hairbrush spanking personal_t041 tawsed and spanked personal_t049 bathbrush spanking personal_t068 personal_t080 personal_t086 personal_t094 personal_t100 personal_t107 personal_t118 personal_t129 toned trainer's naked body spankable ass spanking aftercare
Lola needed some aftercare and reassurance after this punishment.


beautiful bubble butt


This video can also be downloaded at the Clips Store HERE




Don’t go too far… as I will be bringing you news of the next category to vote on in the Spanking Awards as well as results of the Best Facial Expression in a Spanking. Laters!

You can still vote in the following categories at the time of writing:

Master of the House

DSC_4694I have had a most excellent weekend… after partying ’til the early hours a few times… we all headed out in a boat for an afternoon’s fun and eating before enjoying the most awesome sunsets and the pictures that we all took will show you just how we had fun partying on what is called the Sand Bar… a shallow sandy reef that boats of all sizes come and anchor as you can swim and relax in the middle of the bay in the clear warm shallow waters, which was great fun… check out the images and see for yourself… we added a spanko touch, of course, since everyone featured here are into fetish in some way or other… and yes, as well as Sarah Gregory, that is also Adriana Evans and her man, Dom King, as well as Johnny, aka FLApaddler, who we give thanks to for being a most generous host down here in North Miami! Party on peeps!

Clubbing “VIP stylee” at Passion nightclub, Hollywood FL (near Fort Lauderdale)


Having fun at the Sand Bar – North Miami.

DSC_4843 DSC_4823

DSC_5121 DSC_4920

DSC_4937 DSC_5047

DSC_5060 DSC_5084

This was great fun… and so to my feature as Sarah brings you “Master of the House” a period spanking film she wanted to make with me and I think her female fans will love this as much as the gents who love seeing her bountiful booty given a good spanking! It has a nice period feel to it as you’ll see from the images… this film is now available to download at SarahGregorySpanking.com


In this period piece, Sarah has not been treating “the domestics” with respect. She has been rude and hostile towards them. Her husband will not have this. In their home he is the “master” and when his wife misbehaves she knows what is coming. She receives his hand, crop, and carpet beater to her bare bottom.

0173_master_of_the_house_gal1-003 0173_master_of_the_house_gal1-011


0173_master_of_the_house_gal1-005 0173_master_of_the_house_gal1-014


0173_master_of_the_house_gal1-017 0173_master_of_the_house_gal1-020


0173_master_of_the_house_gal1-025 0173_master_of_the_house_gal1-029


I haven’t featured the carpet beater until below and you can see these are the actual images from the film… it’s a stunning production and poor Sarah really took the carpet beater quite severely (well, it was a domestic punishment after all!) – see below!

master_of_the_house_098 master_of_the_house_104

master_of_the_house_106 master_of_the_house_108

master_of_the_house_111 master_of_the_house_121

See the FULL HD film of Sarah’s period punishment HERE


When I have more time I will bring you images of the Fetishcon from Tampa last week – (promise!)

Sunday Spankings

I’ve been busy at my other job so unable to devote as much time here as I’d have liked to… but that’s the way it goes, sometime, eh? I have also been seeing signs that Spring here in the UK is kind of coming, we already have ligher evenings, which is a blessing… even though it’s still far colder than normal, the sun has been shining, and mercifully no rain!!! That has been the main bugbear for me these past few years, due to the climate changes… and there IS something significant happening here in England… we are unfortunately getting a far wetter climate. I HATE rain with a vengeance, I hate seeing a wet, grey, soggy day… and that has been the main theme of our ever depressingly familiar weather these past few years – GREY, COLD, WET! So I cherish every blue sky I get to see… those in sunnier or far more temperate climes without the deluges or prolonged wet periods…. please never take for granted that beautiful blue sky colour above and that warm bright orange thing in the sky… it is indeed a natural aphrodisiac, a real “pick me up” that makes us all feel good. Now us English peeps love to drone on about our miserable weather… so I’ll stop, but of course, some of us like to talk about, share and discuss all things ¬†spanky… so lets look at a few updates that maybe other blogs won’t have today in between some you may have seen recently! I’m in a jovial mood… so let’s start with some gorgeous Japanese ladies in various revealing and embarrassing spanking positions – who just happen to be dressed in very cute PJs!

“Naughty Teddy!” The new film from hand-spanking.com


Hmmm, I feel a theme going on here with Teddy Bears at the mo after my much loved F/F ¬†Naughty Mr Bear film with Zoe and Alex recently! Well, this take on a very cute story is just as good with the typically perverse Mommy/Daughter Japanese twist I like so much… check out the images that showcase this movie below:

u1503 u15-10


u1528 u15-38


u1549 u15-48

Maria likes to relive her childhood with a severe spanking from her mom and aunt. But the two cruel mature ladies go too far. Maria’s faithful teddy is there to catch the spanking action!

CLICK HERE for a free preview of this film

& as I had not brought you news of what is happening at this site for a while, here’s another superb recent PJ film, a few images below… of course, one of the girls here is wearing panties underneath her PJs…. I’d have scolded and spanked her so hard for such a shocking misdemeanour! It’s also a film about “bedwetting” which I find quite erotic in a perverse sort of way as there are so many possibilities of shame, confusion and control that one can use from the embarrassed party… as happened in this film, check out a few images of this below:


y14-31 y14-51


Runa, a student, visits a clinic for her bedwetting treatment. She receives some magical treatments!
sound spankings and hypnotism using an hourglass from the doctor. 

Check out the free preview of this movie from Japan’s premier F/F punishment site Hand-Spanking.com


In case you had missed it, sacked (fired) teacher, Michael is back at Girls Boarding School (oh no, I hear you cry!) in fact, he’s far better and I am guessing time, a lot of time spent with Headmaster Tom over the past 4-5 months has paid off as he has a passion for whacking his unruly girls with a nasty looking carpet beater or cane that has them understandably nervous! There are also a whole new range of girls, sourced from his native Sweden, I think… although all dialog is in English, of course. Check out 2 of the most recent additions to the site – oh, and Headmaster Tom still dishes out his well known brand of discipline too ūüôā

Check out new resident Vanja (pronounced van-ya)


Thsi is one perfect girl next door type I so love seeing punished

ppic01 ppic04

ppic07 ppic08


ppic10 ppic12

ppic13 ppic15

the above smaller images enlarge to screen shots from the film and as you can see they are now in 1280×720 HD resolution which means we get to see more detail of the spanking and punishment action… as well as some fine image stills that accompany all the movies, you won’t miss a single tear of this thrashed schoolgirl!


& if you want a contrast then check out new girl Penny from the very latest film now showing (their 663rd film at the time of writing which is a MASSIVE archive of data and all downloadable with one membership) – Penny has proved very popular and I can see why! She has that quirky unseen girl next door look… and she is deservedly naughty too, so warrants punishment, that is for sure!


pic05 pic06 pic07


pic10 pic14 pic15


Check out more of the latest hot schoolgirl punishments HERE


I can not believe that I haven’t shown you this yet… yes, I know that every blogger and his dog have probably shown this, but in case you are just returning from the planet Mars and have missed other updates elsewhere, please do check out these superb screen grabs from the POV style gaze movie with Alex Reynolds (on her most recent successful visit to us here in the UK) and one of Pandora’s partners, and popular top, Thomas Cameron.


Reflected in the mirror, Alex can see Tom’s hand rising and falling; her bottom bouncing under the smacks. The glimpse strengthens her determination to obediently submit!


Dreams-of-Spanking_pov022 Dreams-of-Spanking_pov025


Check out this FREE preview and also a chance to view the latest offering starring Caroline Grey & Amelia Jane Rutherford in an Edwardian style spanking romp at the hands of Pandora herself (as you see, I have been EARLY this time so I hope that visiting my blog you have seen the error of your ways, lol!)

Seriously, this is a beautiful visual treat as you’ll see (below)


Amelia and Caroline are sneaking out to a dance in town, hoping to have a little fun, and perhaps meet some officers. Unfortunately for them, they are caught by Amelia’s stuffy governess Miss Blake before they even make it past the front door. She hauls the pair of them upstairs and shows Caroline what happens to young ladies in this house when they misbehave. The governess takes each girl over her knee and gives her a firm, no-nonsense spanking with her hand and leather paddle.


Dreams-of-Spanking_edwardian035 Dreams-of-Spanking_edwardian071 Dreams-of-Spanking_edwardian099


Check out all the most recent updates at  Dreamsofspanking.com HERE


Almost at an end now… here’s a chance to see some more unusual and provocative spanking punishments from Spanking Server – with clever use of their contraptions and implements as well as an old fashioned hard hand spanking from Peter himself!


ss7 ss9 ss10


ss2 ss3

ss4 ss5


s1 s2

s3 s4

More unique and interesting punishments and oh co cute east European tearful girls can be seen HERE


Actually I just wanted to end on this image set I have for you as I updated my site end of last week with a massive image gallery that compliments the “No respect” movie (from the “Uncle knows best” series) and these images are reduced in size but you get the idea… and both Jenna and Aleesha certainly get a good whacking in the end to suppress their giggling and smirking…. but I fear this is NOT enough as Uncle Dave has told Uncle John about their poor behaviour & he was far from impressed – so watch out for 2 short sharp shock films coming in the next month or so that ends this series which will see the smiles completely wiped off their faces… that is all I’ll say for now!!!


nrespect012 nrespect014 nrespect017


nrespect025 nrespect040 nrespect061


nrespect068 nrespect073


The full film (and this massive image set) available for members at AAA Spanking


Alternatively, I have some outstanding films, including this one which are popular at the Clips Store… including 2 which have not been shown anywhere else yet (the final 2 which feature wheelbarrow spankings – yay!) Click any image and that leads to the download page with the full description of what you can expect, and a small free clip too!!!

a1 a2

a3 a4

a5 a6

a7 a8


Bookmark this Clips Studio HERE

OK, I better get on, there is another blog post coming here later today!


Spanking Updates – part1

Hi everyone, I have had a real “mare” of a day at work so am waaaaay behind my preferred online activities… I will be updating my site with a new movie tomorrow when I have more time, sorry about that, but if you saw my post yesterday, you can either see the new film in full “Sarnies & Red Bottoms” from the Clips Store – or handg on to watch it in belting HD quality from tomorrow evening.

So that means I have a 2 part update for you today, as I am invited to a neighbour’s for a bite to eat and so will upload something else later as I only have 30 minutes here so enough of my waffle and on with what is a superb opening update from Sarah Bright’s site spankingsarah.com with this excellent retro bonus movie update of Wynter Sky in hussy red getting a carpet beater thrashing!


When Wynter Sky decides to steel her Mistresses clothes and jewellery she gets a bit carried away and lays on the settee playing with her pussy, very naughty especially as she is being watched by the butler. He gives her an ultimatum, punishment his way or she will have to go. Left with this choice she finds herself in a variety of the most revealing positions whilst he beats her hard with a rattan carpet beater this really hurts her pride, her pussy and her bottom.




This is a cracking movie of a girl I know well, lots of pussy play, exposed and humiliating spanking positions and *that* carpet beater wielded by Mr Stern! This film is worth the very fair entrance fee alone and you can see a wonderful FREE Clip HERE


& from another site in this network at English-Spankers.com Mr Stern is finalising his audition of voluptuous Holly (who you will have seen before cruelly thrashed by both Sarah and Mr Stern at this site and previously at Sarah’s) Check out her amazing wigglesome bottom that can take about anything thrown at it, including the cane! This is a girl that can take a hell of a thrashing, if you remember!

The final part of the story of the spanking life of Holly.

This is the series that you seem to love the best on English Spankers. We get a real live and honest insight into the lives of our favourite spanking models. This is the last part of the story told by young Holly, a lady very new to the spanking scene, indeed I think that these are her first films. Now the most severe punishments will be handed out. The crop and then a very nasty plastic paddle applied to the bare bottom before a good hard traditional caning. This has been a real insight into the life of a girl who loves to be spanked.




Yiu can see a very good free trailer of this final full movie installment by clicking the link below!


Finally, I had to let you see a little more of the extremely spankable, fuckable and whatever else-able Jadie “Trouser Arousal” Reece as Paul from Northernspanking.com admits this was one of his fave sets he took images of as you’ll see below: Lucy Maclean (who I have to say was looking scrummy and ALL woman, mmm… sorry Paul for coveting yet more flesh, lol!) decided that Jadie was just rather too dirty before her spanking and caning so a nice excuse below as you’ll see Lucy soap up the suds and give naughty Jadie a sopay wet groping wash before the spanking and caning… you can see the spanking pics at the site, I’m a rease and I hope you like these images I have of the “warm up”… and “Yes!” I… have… wood! ūüôā

“Hello! Look at my eyes… not my gorgeous tits!”




Wanna see more? I don’t blame you!!! Check out NorthernSpanking HERE


OK, I am now hobbling off over to my neighbour’s on 3 legs… ahem! back later with part 2!

Something Old, Something New & Something Coming!

OK, I’m preparing to travel any time now for our next film shoot at AAAspanking and I’m really looking forward to it! It’s the fun part of owning your own little spanking site, the actual day of filming! I’ll let you all know how it went on Sunday or Monday latest as I have promised to also let members have a peek at behind the scenes and what they can expect as we edit whatever films we make! The girls have said they’re coming, I’m getting this post out then that will be it until I come back from the Shoot on Sunday!


Something Old: No it’s not “Leia-Ann Woods” – (awww, you know I’m kidding and have a spanko crush on you anyway, Leia!) –¬†No, it’s this classic set of images and clip that I’ve got from Peter Schoober’s SpankingServer as I take you on a quest to marvel at the sight of Regina, one of the prettiest girls there to have been subjected to their various famous implements including the dreaded Gyno Chair as Regina took a pussy strapping, fully exposed, and possibly got me all hot and bothered for wearing those insanely cute Girl Scout and Snow White-esque costumes – oh my! Take a look below and I have got you a free clip courtesy of SpankingServer as well!

Hi Res images of Regina are below of her in the chair and also legs hoisted up as her exposed bottom is mercilessly strapped!



As promised some incredibly cute images of Regina in her girl scout uniform.


You can see these classic sets & movies from the permanent section of SpankingServer’s member area.


Below is something NEW with Amelia Jane Rutherford in a delightful film as this series continues at FirmHandSpanking.com – I have also got a small clip showing you¬†a side cam angle with her¬†facial reactions – the full movie, which I’ve seen, contains the carpet beater close up and focussed on Amelia’s amazing bottom as well!




Amelia Rutherford discovers that a rattan carpet beater can deliver a blistering tanning to a bare bottom – hers! An investigation of corporal punishment takes her into the realms of domestic servant discipline. What to do if a maid is stealing expensive perfume? Thrash her! Amelia finds out first hand what 12 strokes with a carpet beater feels like!

There are plenty more angles to view this beating, one is below as I show you some of Amelia’s facial reactions which are a peach! Members can view the full unrestricted movie in this Definitive Guide Series…

The full movie can be viewed HERE (check out the tour pages as there’s an additional rear view short clip you might want to see!)


& for something coming up, I haven’t quite decided yet what movie we should show, but I do know that a movie with Kami Robertson is due and I hadn’t actually seen the movie below until yesterday when I was reviewing what had been edited, but I quite like this film as it has me spanking and slippering Kami’s bare cheeks whilst she was in this Flamenco costume – it was the 1st time she had used this and wanted to be spanked in it, so we duly obliged (with a cheesy storyline) and me attempting to be camp at the start but I soon lost track of what I was doing and just got into the flow of thrashing Kami’s beautiful bare rump instead! These images have never been shown anywhere, as this film is not out yet… so enjoy what is coming very soon to AAAspanking and remember the 3 and 6 month options I have on the sign up pages HERE are basically giving you access to my site from just $12.50!!! bargain! ūüėÄ


OK, I’m off now, will let you all know very soon how the Film Shoot went. Chief.