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Catholic Discipline at AAA Spanking

I had waited until the third and final part of the recent Catholic Discipline series,which in total is over 45 minutes long, had been released at the membership site and the clip store. There are 3 very distinct parts to this series, featuring 4 catholic schoolgirls and 2 teaching staff who know how to punish their badly behaved miscreants.

I have made available video grabs from each long play episode including some animated GIFs with links to where you can view the free previews and links to the various clips.

Catholic Discipline – Part 1

We have always been interested in many old fashioned methods of corporal punishment employed by the more austere religious educational establishments from our past. So this new three part series has a special focus on the strict and often severe punishment methods employed when carried out at this particular catholic dorming school for girls. Three parts will cover the punishments of four schoolgirls, two at a time, then in the final part the girls are all punished together by the teaching staff.

This first part features Misty Lovelace and Apricot Pitts, looking dishevelled, and already punished during that day again, for fighting. Their uniforms are a disgrace, they look untidy and there is dirt on their shirts… Apricot can not even wear the correct regulation knickers! This first film could also be entitled “Girls who fight together get spanked and strapped together” – as they are made to repeat this line many times to the other as they are being punished! They watch each other getting spanked over Sir’s lap, with their underwear pulled down.

When when both bottoms are smarting and throbbing in pain, they take their second punishment holding each other’s hands, bent over a table, looking into the eyes of the other as each young miscreant is given many swats of the heavy Reformatory Strap across their burning bottoms! Apricot found the act of looking into her classmate’s eyes rather amusing, even enjoying Misty’s anguish… until it was her turn. Embarrassing and humiliated, the girls are dismissed and told to return later in different attire which you will be able to see in the final part of this series! Lots of scolding, hot schoolgirl uniforms, real discipline, what is there not to like about watching this scenario?

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Catholic Discipline – Part 2

This second film features Ashley Lane and Veronica Weston, who are discovered by Matron during “room check” in a post orgasmic state, completely naked and blissfully unaware of the trouble they are in. Miss Bernadette, a stout catholic matron is appalled at the sight of these two naked sluts and has no alternative but to punish them where they are lying, entwined in each others arms! Veronica is first to go over matron’s lap as her now tearful lover, Ashley, watches… knowing she will be next. Miss Bernadette spanks both girls in anger but also has her trusty leather paddle in her pocket as each girl receives many swift, mean stinging swats turning their beautiful pale bottoms a very shameful red. Watching both girls taking this spanking, naked, embarrassed and humiliated by Matron’s scolding and hard hand is a “Must See” for collectors of this style of all female “old school” discipline erotica

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Or you can view this full length clip at the Clips Store (click on the image below)

Catholic Discipline – Part 3

This is the concluding 20 minute film of the three part Catholic Discipline series. Previously, two sets of girls, Misty/Apricot and Veronica/Ashley, had been punished for very different offenses. In this final episode, all four girls were told to report to the punishment room where they would receive further discipline from the Headmaster and Matron together. They are reminded of their sins and are embarrassed and nervous at their near nakedness, awaiting the inevitable punishment. Matron takes each girl over her lap for a bare bottom spanking and a leather paddling in front of the other girls. The two girls caught fighting, Misty and Apricot, get a further leather strapping from the Headmaster. It is fierce and unrelenting, both girls were close to tears by the end and feeling very sorry for themselves. After the discipline session is concluded the girls are informed further punishments, prayers and confession will be carried out during the week. Discipline in this religious educational establishment is never over until the staff say it is

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Or you can view this full length clip at the Clips Store (click on the image below)

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This 45 min. series is now available to members at AAA Spanking

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