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More Cheerleader Spanking Update News

Yup! I’m back with a whole load more spanking news updates from around the interwebz…. it has been a while and I still would like to post about our recent trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco, especially since both Sarah & I filmed so many new girls and fab new spanking storylines. But that will have to wait as I know the updates need to be addressed – and I really am woefully behind on that!

Just for now, I thought I’d catch up with the last 3 spanking updates featured at Cheerleader Spankings – so you will get a special animated GIF feature along with some high quality images taken directly from the film and links to more free previews. Just remember you can purchase these films and the smaller parts if you need to – at the popular Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store as well!

Mom Takes Charge
Starring Mackenzie Reed, Kitty Catherine, Clare Fonda & Madame Samantha B

spanking a tearful cheergirl

Sisters Kitty and Mackenzie have been giving their cheer coach, Clare Fonda, all sorts of issues at the latest practice with their squabbling and petty fighting. Coach calls home and Mother rushes over to discipline the girls there and then… brandishing a hard heavy hairbrush! The girls are ashamed, then doubly embarrassed as Mom spanks Mackenzie in front of Kitty, letting Coach know this is what should happen if they play up again. Kitty is near to tears watching her sister being punished and is told to hand the brush to her mother. Poor Mackenzie yelps, cries and struggles over Mom’s lap as the hairbrush wields so much pain! Then Coach is told to spank Kitty in the same fashion… Kitty sobs and Mackenzie cries watching her little sister receive the same humiliating punishment. Mom finishes off the punishment of a very tearful Kitty… letting Coach Fonda know she has no problem with her punishing both girls this way in the future!

hand me the hairbrush! spanking cheerleader spanked by mommy  hard hairbrush spankings


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)

Autograph Ass Whoopin
Starring Lady Alice, Violet October & John Osborne

caned cheerleaders

Alice and Violet skipped an important cheer practice. Their reason for not being there was because they wanted to meet a famous film star who had arrived in town and they eagerly explained and showed their Coach the autograph they had got from their idol to prove their story! However, Coach was far from impressed and decided that this was not a valid reason for ruining the previous cheer practice. He confiscated the autograph and informed each girl that they would receive 12 hard strokes of his cane. These would be hard mean strokes split into two sets of six due to their severity. The girls agreed to take their punishment to atone for missing practice and by the second set.of 6 cane strokes their legs were shaking and buckling from the onslaught of his heavy dragon cane. The tearful girls barely made it to the end before Coach sent them back to their current practice session without their prized autograph.

tears canings and spankings caned cheerleaders


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)
cheerleader canings

Sisters Before Misters
Starring Nuna Starks & Mackenzie Reed

Mackenzie invites her BFF, Nuna (and fellow cheergirl) over to hers after practice. Mackenzie has an ulterior motive for this as she wants top see Nuna’s reactions when she recounts her boyfriend issues as she suspects he has been seeing someone behind her back. She already knows it is Nuna and as she awkwardly lies, Mackenzie shows her the proof she obtained from her boyfriend’s phone! Nuna is busted and unable to reply – her best friend is upset but they are still best friends… “Sisters before Misters” she says. She knows a way they can get over this and move on. Mackenzie wants to spank and paddle Nuna’s bare bottom, to punish her, and if she accepts this, that will go a long way to showing that she cares for their friendship. Nuna agrees to take the spanking over Mackenzie’s lap and her beautiful bottom is spanked over her white crisp panties before they are pulled down and the spanking gets harder to teach Nuna her lesson. It’s far from over, Mackenzie wants her to feel truly sorry and produces a heavy wooden hairbrush that is used with much greater force than Nuna expected. She gasps and cries out in pain as the wooden implement whacks her bouncing cheeks time and time again. The girls make up and Mackenzie tells Nuna that her boyfriend is history as it is always “Sisters before Misters!”

otk spanking hairbrush spanking


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)

cheerleader spankings

Cheer Camp Year One – 100th Film Special!

Well, members of Cheerleader Spankings can now start downloading this fantastic special film that Sarah & I released for the weekend. Now before I provide you with some amazing preview images, behind the scenes gossip and the link to the long play clip (this full movie is nearly 45 minutes in length), I would like to address something which really pisses us both off… and of course, many other producers plagued by this continuing shit. Piracy!

I’m not gonna bleat about it affecting sales or closing the site down… (that’s silly) but I do want to explain something to those content thieves, those fuckers who profit from us and how it does risk sites like ours not bothering to produce or create stuff like this in future. This was NOT a custom video, Sarah & I paid a lot of money between us to film it, get it together, spend LOTS of time on editing, updating and such (as well as all the pre communications of getting 9 girls and 2 tops to commit to a timeslot at a particular place).

We felt we wanted to give something back to our members, those who support the site and this is the 100th special film. It’s probably THE most colorful spanking film ever seen, I love the cheer uniforms, and it was filmed perfectly… capturing great angles and had a great storyline to bring all this together. So when some c*nt deliberately shares the first clip hours after release – on a (thankfully) shitty file sharing company like “fuck.all” (that’s not the real name, lol) which they choose as it is more profitable to them. “Fuck-all” happens to be run by shady people out of the ex Soviet bloc (surprise!) – I “almost” feel sorry for those that use their credit card to actually pay for “premium” access when a similar amount gets a legit membership. The problem is, using resellers and such via this shitty company will almost entirely guarantee identity theft as well as helping them to help people continuing to steal from us and other hard working producers.

cheerleader spankingsSay “hello” to the cast of Cheer Camp -Year One

To Sarah and myself, this is actually OUR livelihood. However, I know those who frequent piracy forums and such read this blog… to get info or some such twisted pleasure (fascinating!) Well, imagine if you had people trying to undermime you constantly… have some fucking empathy for once!

Without support, this site has been expensive for us to operate but we do it because we love this genre and just as it starts to do well and making us believe we are doing something right… we are then getting so many dodgy sign ups that it is driving both myself and Sarah mad with anger and disappointment. I bet you didn’t even know that these fucking thieves don’t even use their own cards, FFS! Fuck knows where they get this shit… most probably on the “Dark Web” somehere (fuck that, right?)

So the joy we felt when we released this fab film is tempered by the fact we have to deal with an increase in piracy attempts. Should we be flattered? Well, both Sarah and I would prefer people try to support what it is they love, it’s hardly a rip off. For example, we now have 100 full HD films at Cheerleader Spankings and all for around 25 Dollars or so. Honestly… is that so much to ask that you can support the site, download to your heart’s content and also download zipped image files for added convenience as well as in browser streaming (our images are pretty darned good too). I don’t think so.

Anyway, rant over, yeah, this has upset us both and she knows that I was going to write this… but let’s get on with why this film and a lot of our recent content has made it such a tempting target (I guess!)


The film is split into 2 distinct parts: The OTK hand spanking (carried out by coach, Miss Elizabeth) – followed by the wooden paddling (which I will cover next week in far more detail) by coach Mr Masterson. Below in the order of being spanked, is the naughty cheerleading cast – I have linked all players in this film to their various Twitter Accounts – a handy starting place in case you want to see what they are up to! I am sure you will all recognize them!










This is our 100th film and to celebrate we have a very special presentation. A unique multiple cheergirl full length punishment film with 2 respected coaches, Miss Elizabeth and Mr Masterson who have their work cut out disciplining an all star cast of the very best spanking talent. We also think this is the most colorful spanking film ever produced with all those different authentic cheer uniforms. The girls are all lined up in their uniforms on induction day, having all been sent to Cheer Camp, for a week long corrective training review. Naturally, this means discipline, something all the girls are used to as they are the worst behaved from the various squads. Miss Elizabeth is first to spank the girls in a position they know all too well… over coach’s lap. She hand spanks them hard and firm, across their panties and withthem pulled down… scolding them and reminding each girl in turn how embarrassing it must be to have their bare bottoms spanked in front of the others.

They are lined up one by one with their bottoms bared until it is Mr Masterson’s turn to introduce them to the Bad Cheerleader paddle. This is a no nonsense very painful six swats introduction. It’s a reminder of what is to come if any girl misbehaves. The sobbing, tears and sore red bottoms confirms that Cheer Camp will not be a pleasant stay for these young ladies!

I’m only covering the spankings this week so also check out more screen video images of each girl’s ordeal… knowing that anticipation of the punishment is often as bad as the actual spanking.

So there you have the first part of this epic covdered. There is a FREE clip to play below and I will follow this up with the wooden paddlings, some of which you can see a sneak preview of in this clip below!

[jwplayer mediaid=”54104″]


“Yay! Give it up for awesome cheerleaders around the world!”

Just so you know, we have also filmed another BIG cheerleader epic and there are some other special films we’ve made that is starting to get this site noticed for some great spankings and some of the best caning content around! Check it out and if you like what you see (there are LOTS of awesome free previews) then please do help support Sarah Gregory & myself invest in more content and costumes. We are thinking of selling some of the costumes used by the girls as  to be honest, we have so many costumes now that they are taking up an awful lot of room. As ever, please do give us feedback or any helpful tips about how we should promote the sale of costumes (if you are interested!) & of course, we DO custom videos too… just check out the custom page HERE – we really do cheerleader and 1950’s/vintage style discipline films like no one else!

Meet Angela the Slut

Angela Sommers at cheerleaderspankingsIt’s time to check out the hot new full spanking film that has recently appeared at new site CheerleaderSpankings.com starring one of the hottest fetish models currently in the scene, Angela Sommers (pictured left). I don’t need to tell you what a looker she is, I think the images below will do that for me, but what I do need to tell you is that this uniform she was wearing was made for her, don’t you agree? Sarah & I saw this and once we knew that Angela would be filming with us (we were very excited!) qwe both said “Angela” looking at this! What I adore about this new site is the attention to authentic uniform detail, more than any other site in a similar category that uses uniforms as their niche! If you want to see cheerleaders and cheer girl storylines based around our favorite subject, then this site really is for you! With superb additions like Angela here… what we have discovered is that the girls LOVE to wear these uniforms and act out their darkest, meanest fantasies. For some, it relives their memories of being the popular girl at school. For others, like many stunning fetish actresses out there, they may have been late developers so missed out on being that stunning cheer girl that they can portray now! & of course, with the added twist that they can play a slutty or naughty girl far more than if they were their younger selves and get punished for it too! As was the case with Angela, she embraced this storyline you’ll see below and found it very hot… I know I did too watching this! So to all you uniform and cheerleader fetishisistas out there, this really is for you! Enjoy!

Angela the Slut – now showing at CheerleaderSpankings.com



Angela honestly had no idea why the assistant coach, Miss Gregory, wanted to see her in the basement below the gym. She was soon going to find out why she wanted to see her alone as the other girls were fed up with Angela being such a diva and, as they pointed out, screwed her way into the squad. Miss Gregory knew exactly how to deal with little sluts like Angela and gave her an ultimatum… she took a punishment like the squad members or she could leave. No amount of screwing the coach or anyone else would change this. Angela, dressed in her cute uniform, decided to take the punishment and took a bare bottom hand spanking which was humiliating as Miss Gregory took delight in making this attractive brat apologize and ask to be punished. For good measure, the Bad Cheerleader paddle was used as a further deterrent against future indiscretions. This is a really hot all girl spanking video!

CLS-56-001 CLS-56-005 CLS-56-007 spanking Angela sommers CLS-56-012 CLS-56-018 CLS-56-014

Check out the FREE CLIP of Angela’s punishment (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”48462″]

(below) are some images taken directly from the rest of this movie…

CLS-57-009 CLS-57-010 spanking CLS-57-046 OTK spanking CLS-57-068 CLS-57-087 CLS-57-094 CLS-57-099 CLS-57-105

Convinced yet? Check out MORE of Angela NOW at CheerleaderSpankings.com




Isobel Wren’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

There have been 2 fabulous new films released in full this week at AAAspanking.com – and this is the second, just out a few hours ago, as promised (that is because Members get to see who is featuring next week on the home page – as they can right now for the following week, but that would be telling *wink*) 

Isobel Wren

wbIt stars the very lovely Isobel Wren, who was filmed at last year’s Fetishcon in Florida… I was hoping I could get to meet her again at this year’s event (next month) but she might not be attending, so this is the last of any content that was filmed of her for AAA (make the most of it… as there are also rumors she is leaving porn and online fetish for keeps due to her personal career in her private life). I fully understand that though it’ll be a great loss if she does “retire” – but nothing in this biz lasts forever, eh? Okay, so to this video update… Isobel confided to us that she was intrigued about the “Wheelbarrow spankings” she had seen – and wanted to try it out for herself, even though she was a bit nervous and feeling a little embarrassed about just how vulnerable and submissive this position made her (that is the point!). Sarah & myself shot this footage and Isobel was awesome… there was a great range of spankings, from warm up to harder and also her barely touched sweet spots were able to be spanked too… which she later admitted stung like hell!

Below are a collection of images taken from the film, these are only 1280×720 in size but the actual film is in full HD1080 so you don’t miss a thing! Get up close and personal with Isobel in this latest spanking video now out to download in full at AAAspanking.com

seeing what Isobel is made of exposed bare ass for a spanking ass grabbing Isobel Wren wheelbarrow spanking spanking her intimately spanking Isobel Wren grabbing ass in the wheelbarrow spanking asshole exposed and bottom spanked isobel is spanked exposed ass spanked hard

Isobel knew about the “Wheelbarrow Club” and had seen some videos so had some idea of what this special membership meant! She was a little nervous at being in such a submissive and revealing position… which she confirmed how it felt like being unable to anticipate or imagine her spankings and how she must look from the rear angle. This, as we have always said, is part of the attraction and why we do this position so well as we “get it” and pass that knowledge on to our ladies. Isobel was naturally submissive and this was one to tick off her “Bucket List” having never done anything quite like this before. After we ensured that Isobel was comfortably positioned, her spanking began, lightly at first, gauging how she would respond with the rushing to her head. Then her spankings got harder and more stinging as her pert bottom was open to having her vulnerable “sit spots” spanked and turned red in front of our eyes for the very first time. She got what she wanted, more new headspace sensations as her bottom was spanked, caressed and played with. Welcome Isobel, to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club.

spanking stroking her ass in the wheelbarrow position intimate spanking position for Isobel smacking her bare bottom face down ass up Isobel is embarrassed at being spanked like this ass grabbing spanking her exposed butt

Check out a short clip of this film… it’s lower spec but you’ll get the idea!

[jwplayer mediaid=”42083″]


Isobel Wren

Access the site with a special long term Annual Membership effectively making it only $12.50 /month or check out the other excellent long term offers from AAA Spanking including the popular 5 day membership/trial options with lower rebills too – CLICK HERE



This video is also available to download at the Clips Store



Cheerleaders & More Spankings!


I might have bored you with my recent new found ill health, well, today I had my long awaited Doc’s appointment here at home and he wanted to ensure that I do not have COPD instead of Asthma… (COPD is a term for, among others, emphysema and chronic bronchitis which are often interlinked making it a nasty condition!) I didn’t quite know what it was or even imagine I might possibly have this terrible condition in it’s early stages until I got home and looked it up… needless to say, I think I’ll wait until I take my “Spirometry Test” which has been booked after I take a course of new meds which should help diagnose exactly what I have. In the meantime I am going to be still here boring you with my blog ramblings and site updates for the foreseeable future at least! I will announce my own exciting special new girl update tomorrow (the first of about 6 over the coming weeks!!!) & I am excited about her introduction as we made some really good films together at the recent Crimson Moon Party… as you’ll see tomorrow from her unique introduction.

Tomorrow, real lifestyle player Melody makes her unique OTK & intimate spanking intro at AAAspanking.com !!


But in the meantime, let’s check out some other fabulous new updates and the first today is a stunning reworking of a classic that had me gasping for air! No! Fear not… not the asthma  but the sheer stunning beauty of Sarah Gregory getting spanked by “momma” Chelsea Pfeiffer in her latest long play production at MommaSpankings.com – and just “wow!” – this has everything you could want… mommy/daughter roleplay, cheergirl uniform and both Sarah and Chelsea at their best… it also happened to be a good hard spanking film.
WARNING: Images below caused me severe #TrouserArousalwatch out for damage to your undergarments if viewing the following images as I can not be held responsible for stretched stitching or spoiled gussets, thank you 😉

Cheer Lies – the new film starring Sarah Gregory & Chelsea Pfeiffer


momma-115-002 momma-115-005 momma-115-008


momma-115-018 momma-115-019

momma-115-021 momma-115-025

momma-115-027 momma-115-032

This video is from Sarah’s archives. The wonderful Chelsea Pfeiffer portrays Sarah’s mom in this classic. This video just HAD to come to Momma Spankings and be brought to people’s attention as it is one of Sarah’s harder spankings from the classic Sarah days when she began her career. You don’t want to miss this one. Even though not done originally in 1920 HD format, it is still an amazing spanking video which has been remastered to the best qquality possible making this an absolute “Must See” addition to the “Momma style spankings” Collectors Library.


See the FULL film HERE at the unique Momma Spankings website


At Sarah’s own namesake site… SarahGregorySpanking.com – I helped her out when she asked me to spank Alex Reynolds for letting her down. I love helping out with real life requests… so this movie was fun (for me) to help bring to life… and I remember this well as we were both staying in LA in February with Paul & Alex & I had just spanked her in a very hard OTK spanking film earlier for my own site (this went up a few weeks back HERE in case you had forgotten… an awesome OTK film, by the way) – & then had to do it all over again (sigh, it’s a hard life, eh?) but fortunately I had use of a leather paddle too as my poor hands were starting to feel the burn of some excessive spankings I had been dishing out… seriously, I gave poor Alex some pretty mean spankings in this (& my own) film… check out the images below which are both screen shots and stills which members can view along with the new film in full at Sarah’s site now!


Alex Reynolds & I in the film – “Spanked for Sarah”

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-034

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-009 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-013

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-037 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-016


Sarah has sent her boyfriend John to spank Alex. They had plans to room together in Vegas and the room was under Alex’s name so Sarah and John couldn’t get in without her there. Upon arriving they found Alex not there and they had to wait for her for a long time. Alex didn’t even call to say she would be late. John gave her such a thrashing for her tardy behavior upon Sarah’s request.

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-022 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-024 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-025

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-029 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-032


You can see the Full Film – HERE at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Both sites above are awesome in their own right but you can also get access via the discounted double site offer
& that is via The Sarah Gregory Pass CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS


A few missed updates on my part with a couple of new intros I was well aware of since I helped with this final filmshoot for Paul’s final “big” shoot in the UK at  NorthernSpanking.com – This was a fantastic location which Paul had been eager to film at for some time… we all had a blast and I felt privileged to be a part of this closing chapter as Paul now concentrates his efforts for his site on the US West Coast… (which I am somewhat jealous of since there is a willing supply of fetish models in LA!) I know he will still continue to film here in the UK too (as will I… and I am later this month) but they will be smaller and more specific model related shoots, which I understand fully.

Firstly… Seeing Zoe Page punish Satine and Masie (again) was a joy to watch… I wonder if you can guess why? (below):


NSI110-ZMS009 NSI110-ZMS026 NSI110-ZMS033

NSI110-ZMS052 NSI110-ZMS059 NSI110-ZMS062

Miss Page corners two uninvited guests in on of the many outbuildings on her estate. Trespassing is an offence and the girls are going to be stripped, humiliated and thrashed.

The 2nd is a retro feel with Amber West’s intro… I watched Paul set this up, a master at work as he paid attention to detail… even the BMW was a classic car that fitted in with his 80’s style shoot… Amber’s uniform rounded this off nicely.

 NSI128-AP002 NSI128-AP009

NSI128-AP018 NSI128-AP027

NSI128-AP039 NSI128-AP042

Here’s what Paul had to say about Amber’s intro to the site:
Another fairly swift introduction of a new face at Northern Spanking. And what a pretty new face too! We were really pleased to shoot with Amber, a well-known UK fetish and glamour model quite recently.
This scene is another of my recreations of my youthful exposure to corporal punishment imagery. And whoever says it should be in black & white will now leave the room! Amber looks super-sexy and super-scared in anticipation of her visit to a professional disciplinarian as directed by her ladies academy. She fears what awaits within and rightly so. What waits within is a world of pain and humiliation for poor Amber.

The 3rd features Rosie Ann – who we have both filmed with (just before I left for the USA a few months back) – & I intend to again very soon! I love this girl! She debuted at my site recently and she will be a very busy young lady over the next few months in both spanking and bondage which she genuinely loves… some of her images made “Kinky & Popular” on Fetlife which were amazing! What a trooper… hehe!

A few teaser images of Rosie Ann’s 1st appearance along with Miss Jessica who also made a memorable debut as the nasty female top (who I had a lot of fun with and hope to meet again at some point as well!) “Thank you ladies for a fun few days!!!”


Paul had this to say about his next new girl!
A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosie Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosie is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!

NSI128-CJ012 NSI128-CJ014 NSI128-CJ016

NSI128-CJ017 NSI128-CJ018

You can see these full updates and much much more at NorthernSpanking.com



Here’s also a stunning reminder of Rosie Ann’s first appearance at my own site a few weeks ago… click on her images to view the full screen video images (I’ve reduced them to 1280×720 here but members get them at full HD size, the same as the film at 1920 x 1080) which have never before been shown anywhere first outside the members area except here – I just “loved” that “cosplay” Japanese schoolgirl uniform and my twisted storyline… She will be featuring again soon but I have so many new debuts coming, it is frightening… I need another site to get it all out, lol!!! (hmmm, that gives me an idea! More on that in a moment)

caughtshort003 caughtshort011

caughtshort012 caughtshort016 caughtshort026

caughtshort029 caughtshort037

caughtshort041 caughtshort046 caughtshort058

caughtshort054 caughtshort062

Rosie Ann was the last girl in her detention session on the school trip before they all had to catch the bus home and she begged to go to the bathroom early as she was aching to go. She is just 18 years old and should know better but she was caught short and made a bit of a mess in the bathroom, wetting her panties and the floor. Her teacher caught her trying to clear up the mess and punished her further with a humiliating bare bottom spanking followed by forced pantie washing and wearing of the wet cotton undergarments underneath her short skirt as a shameful reminder before she was sent on her way to the waiting school bus to take her and the rest of her classmates home from the weekend retreat!



That idea I had is this… my poor PPV site naughtybottom.com has been vastly underused and it is about time that was put to rest… I know many people love to download the odd film instead of a membership… so here is my deal, I think I will also put up some films in advance at naughtybottom.com to give it some more exposure whilst I also get to make sure this site offers better value, WAY BETTER VALUE than, say, Clips4sale – I have control over that – whereas when I upload films to the Clips Store it usually works out at around a Dollar a minute… it’s fixed like that… so in this case the full 30 minute film… which has not been offered in this format until now… can be viewed for just $12.95 and not the $25-30 or so it would cost at C4S!

The film? Check out the link below… and I have a few reminder images too… there is also a free clip in MP4 (there are 2 versions, both in 1280 x 720 of WMV and MP4 which has not been shown before of this classic that started my Wheelbarrow Quest with a vengeance… Ladies & Gents, I give you the full uninterrupted Mishka Devlin Wheelbarrow Spanking “Quintology” – yes, all famous 5 segments joined as one seemless film as it was once intended! Divided into the various fantasy wheelbarrow style spanking sections of:

  1. The innocent looking girl next door
  2. Naked girl with just sexy stripey socks
  3. Dropseat PJs
  4. Schoolgirl in a short revealing gingham dress uniform
  5. Sexy naughty Girl Guide uniform spanking

Mishka Devlin’s Wheelbarrow Spanking Quintology


Mishka Devlin only ever worked with one English Spanking Company – but the films she made with them were outstanding and she soon retired from The Scene which was a great loss as she had the perfect girl next door look without ever being shy. This enabled this fantasy series to be born and spawn a whole series of further intimate spanking re-enactments with other girls. But this producer will always remember the first time this collaberation took place. You will see 5 different scenarios of Mishka in the now infamous “Wheelbarrow Position” as she was spanked as the girl next door, in her dropseats PJs, in a girl guides uniform, as a schoolgirl and in some very sexy stripey socks and wearing nothing else! 2 cam angles show the spankings in intimate detail from the spanker’s view and also as a general view so we see how she is spanked intimately!

This is your chance to download the complete 30 minute HD film for the very first time!

2 5

6 8

Click image below to view the free MP4 HD Clip of Mishka’s wheelbarrow spanking




Finally today, a beautiful image set that accompanies the new spanking film out at English-Spankers.com with another new couple… I haven’t seen this girl with a cracking name before, she is called “Honesty” – talk about setting herself up for a fall… this is one site that consistently has amazing photography that I admire… along with their films, it’s hard to beat generally. See what I mean in this self spanking film, which goes a bit wrong for Honesty when she is caught doing things to herself a young lady would rather not get caught for… all will become clear! I have also got a free HD clip for you to view as well! Enjoy!

npp7060006 npp7060013

npp7060017 npp7060023

npp7060032 npp7060035

npp7060038 npp7060040

npp7060042 npp7060048

Honesty is going through her bosses cupboards and finds some spanking paddles. She soon has her skirt raised and with her black stockings on display is giving herself a good hard paddling. Her boss is watching from another room and after a while he offers to take over and really lays the paddle on her bare bottom, a lot harder than she really wanted but he does not care, a good full strength paddling not only by herself but from her strong armed boss.

You can view the FULL  film HERE



Back later with my site updates & other spanking news with clips & POV offerings you won’t wanna miss!


Update News

Hi everyone… it’s been a while since I have been able to find time to blog and I wanted to first let you know about what is at my site as I just finished an update with a cracking new film with a very pervy twist!!! Then there is news of a new Clips Store that I have had a hand in running but I will get onto that later in this blog post!

My new film stars Sarah Gregory in a rather naughty and delightfully shocking cheerleader/schoolgirl style punishment fantasy film that we have both come to love. I don’t mind telling you that she gets rather excited when I spank her… if you know what I mean *ahem* – so I decided to incorporate this into her punishment!!!

The Cheergirl Vandal


These are reduced size stills images from the 1800×1200 resolution (I think there are about 85 of these) that accompany the film and also the 170+ screen grabs taken directly from the movie which are also large resolution at 1920×1080 as this full film MP4 format will be in that HD size!

vandal008 vandal015

vandal026 vandal031

vandal042 vandal047

vandal049 vandal067

vandal069 vandal082

Sarah Gregory was the last of the girls to be disciplined for the recent vandalism of the school basement classrooms. She was sent from Cheer Practice to face
her punishment with Mr Osborne who was really not impressed with this very sassy & impertinent young madam’s attitude. When he started to spank her, he discovered that she was visibly excited and quite wet between her legs. He was shocked and upset that she was rather enjoying this punishment so he devised a more humiliating discipline session which involved using a nasty wooden ruler across her hands which she didn’t like one little bit followed by her mouth being gagged so that this noisy rude schoolgirl could not answer back. She was placed on a punishment bench then strapped and paddled hard. He tested her exposed bare vagina for more signs of excitement and continued to punish her until he was satisfied that this no longer turned her on! Lovers of Sarah Gregory will enjoy this different but pervy schoolgirl punishment fantasy!


See the NEW film now showing at AAAspanking.com

This movie is available IN FULL at the AAA Clips Store (see below)



OK… and now back to other news… I will be updating you all on my exploits at BBW (Boardwalk Badness Weekend) and the people I met, filmed, played and hung out with in another post when I am back in the UK later after this weekend…  As I said earlier, here is some news about a brand new clips store and developments of the fact that I now have a male submissive as well as Sarah for my partner… His name is Justin and he is the long time submissive of Sarah Gregory. I have developed a real affection and bond with Justin and feel honored that I can now mentor and be another of his trusted dominants. Justin wanted to set up a Clips Store and a punishment journal so we agreed to help him out with this… although it is not our site as such, we love helping him discover more about himself and I am more than happy to let everyone know about his new store Justin’s Punishment Journal


Now it won’t be for everyone as it is me or Sarah (& a few other invited “guests”) who spank, scold and basically thrash Justin… or J_Doggg as he is known on Fetlife, for being naughty or needing to focus his mind on something in his life. So it is basically F/M or M/M punishments but you never get to see the spanker or punisher… the sole focus is on Justin as he is the most important person on this store! It also opens up the door for those who can only be anonymopus who wish to help discipline him on film too!  He comes to us with ideas or in fact many real life experiences we are all involved in where we keep a “Punishment Journal” for him and we go through his misdemeanors or good things he has done and decide on his various punishments or praise or focusing sessions he may need… many are not corporal discipline based… but for those that are… we have helped film them. He also wants to write a journal about his experiences and this will be out soon alongside all the 5 or 6 minute clips we have produced and I’ll let you know about that too.


attitudeadjustment-cover clothes


naughtyelf-cover photoshoot


plate POOP


Many of the clips are quite humorous (seriously they are very funny…) as well as often severe and I will be uploading clips for you all to see for yourselves as the basic clip previews on the Store site are never ever enough or reflect the quality of the playback as they will all be in HD1080 formats of MOV WMV or MP4 depending on your preference, and they always follow a format:- A quick intro and what he is being punished for, quickly followed by his resulting punishment! Justin is like a blank canvas for me, I am able to fully express my caning techniques or severe thrashings that most girls would bulk at… in fact, at one of our most recent filmshoots, Justin wanted to be punished in front of Adriana Evans… she herself is an amazing sub able to take virtually any punishment thrown at her and even she was amazed at how much Justin took… You see him take unholy paddlings strappings and severe canings that welt his thighs and are used full force onto his cast iron butt! I am proud of the way he accepts his punishments and how he has become a better person under the guidance of Sarah over the years (he once approached her as a client and sessioned with her many times before they both developed a special bond and now I am part of that and feel very honored to be helping and mentoring Justin when I am over here in America). We also chill out or do things together like hopelessly trying to keep up with sarah at Zumba Classes (we are at the back flailing and failing badly!). Justin has Asberger Syndrome and also has some form of Dyspraxia which means he sometimes needs to have more discipline and order in his life and routines… he is also the star at the spanking parties who everyone loves. As I said, check out his Fetlife profile HERE and you will see for yourself!

See Justin’s Punishment Journal HERE


Back soon  with more spankings and cat madness!


OK, and

Casey Calvert – Coming Soon to AAA

I only have some images from my LA filmshoots, I did some great stuff with Sarah & Alex away from what I am about to show you but I don’t have the stills images (they are with Sarah at the mo) so… here are some images taken from the day I filmed Casey Calvert for my site… these are largely unedited but still, they give you a great idea of what the full stills images and the films will end up like, and I loved putting her in PJs and cheergirl costumes… she is so adorably cute!

Casey Calvert – I played her as the cute girl next door… with a very kinky twist!


(below) My 1st film: I buy the girls cute PJs only for them to argue and bicker over who wears what so I *have* to resolve this with some old fashioned OTK spanking of them both in front of each other to humiliate them a little more… that shut them up! (I think I removed the pyjama clothes too and told them I was gonna burn them or something, lol)


I played Casey’s step uncle who is in the unfortunate position of looking after this precocious brat. I caught her out using social media on her phone to contact her deadbeat boyfriend whilst she was grounded… I thought she looked particularly cute in these stripey jim-jams I had brought over from England! I even used my own phone to add to her “social media” experience 🙂




I did 2 wheelbarrow style films, this first one I asked Sarah to do it after a long OTK spanking… this was schoolgirl Casey’s “Special Detention” by pervy teacher Miss Gregory who enjoyed humiliating her girls in this most precarious and revealing of spanking positions… both of them looked absolutely awesome in this film!



& below is one of the 3 POV films I did… this one is the wheelbarrow film… Sarah gave me this image she took on her phone whilst she had gone out to grab us all lunch… this was the last of the films we did just as she returned… don’t you love how intimate these behind the scenes POV films look? The other films included a very sexy OTT teasing film and a spanker’s perspective OTK film.


This was one of my more offbeat films as I played an eccentric English cheer coach who had been brought over to LA to help with the girls for this particular team… I had been shopping in Hollywood and brought this “Director’s megaphone” – Casey wasn’t impressed as I attempted to liven her up… so she got coach’s “Special Treatment” – the humiliating anal hook punishment he (or I) loved so much… this will be the 1st Casey film you guys will see in a week or so with any luck! The images and footage that I’ve seen are stunning… and I gave her quite a stinging hairbrush punishment too!

I also jokingly used this to announce “QUIET ON SET!”




Another double cheergirl film (and why not?) as Sarah makes out with Casey who is weary and unsure that this is right… I catch the girls at it and punish them in a long session… there’s a great twist in this film too as Casey and I play former lovers which grosses out my step daughter Sarah and although she isn’t 100% sure during her side by side punishment… Casey and I swap furtive glances at each other which makes Sarah suspicious and adds to her uncomfortable situation… it’s yet another hot film! I can’t wait to show you these on the site!



That is all I have from that day… the following day Sarah went to film for Clare’s naughty Diaper Girls site and I got to see her in some hot teasing and adult baby girl diapering and a classic Momma inspection of all her intimate areas which I of course loved watching! Clare took us out for a late lunch to her fave Chinese restaurant and she found a way to keep me quiet!!! Ah, such good memories of my trip to LA… I will definitely be back there sooner rather than later, that’s for sure!



All these films will be available to members over the coming months as they will compliment all my other recent footage… I promise you these films are just getting better and better… I loved making these… can you tell? they will also ALL be available in Bluray quality 1080HD (real HD not unlike some that just throw up footage at a lower spec). There is also the new pricing structure at the site so please do take advantage of this while you can, all prices for every membership have been lowered giving you a fantastic value for money experience! View 100% original spanking materials from as little as $12.50 a month!!!


Cheerleader Butts & Upskirts

Whilst I am updating my site and this blog, please find some images to keep you occupied… some are of my fave subject: CHEERLEADERS! Enjoy! I have some links to another blog with a couple of posts you shouldn’t miss that I updated earlier today too!!! All images are as large as I could find them for your enhanced viewing pleasure!

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com















OK… wanna see some other postings so far today?

Go check out this blog HERE… or better still, click on the 2 small teaser images (below)
These lead to the direct posts (images show you what to expect!)

tease1 001

Sophie’s HOT new spankings

It’s still sweltering unusually here in the UK, I had a day off from work which was a blessed relief from my stress there and have been juggling several things recently so it was nice to not do much (well, I did update my site… more on that in a mo) and I have not wanted to spend time in the sunshine… I’m at an age, (and ugly appearance) where I really am past caring if I get bronzed or not… unlike, say, 20 odd years ago. But I think my skin could do with a break – so no sunburn from me (yet)!! I didn’t realize that if the weather here was at a reasonably high consistent temperature of +30c (about late 80’s farenheit, I think) for over 5 straight days then it is officially considered a “heatwave” – hardly sweltering, but it’s warm all the same and the 1st time we’ve had consistently high temperatures like this day after glorious day since 2006 – yes, that long ago, that is how shit our summers have been here for the last few years!!! So I will not complain, I’m rather pleased and happy that our lawn is turning yellow, it means I don’t have to mow it for a while 🙂

Please, do I have to keep my clothes on? I’m so hot! (yes you are, my dear!)


& onto the promised updates, if you check out my site, you will see Sophie given a double punishment by Zoe Page who has a naughty wicked plan to humiliate her… an OTK spanking in that cheergirl uniform followed by *drum roll* a wheelbarrow positional spanking leaving NOTHING to the imagination! Someone complained that I was too porny? (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean) well, this is kinky and naughty and I loved making this. Zoe and Sophie did too, actually… see more images below, I have some HQ images (reduced in size) as well as some screen shots showing you what you can see as a member of the site watching this naughty little flick 🙂

sophiecheer02 sophiecheer03

sophiecheer04 sophiecheer05

sophiecheer06 sophiecheer08




Sophie was one of those girls that never really learnt her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid any further trips across her lap then the bad behaviour & poor attitude would have to show a remarkable improvement! In fact, the opposite was happening & her latest “boob” mishap with her magnificent breasts popping out of her tight cheergirl uniform in front of a capacity crowd had shamed her fellow cheergirl troupe & her coach! All because Sophie couldn’t be bothered to wear the correct sports bra! This film starts with Sophie being told she will be punished, she doesn’t argue, just accepts her fate & whimpers as Zoe progresses quickly to a bare bottom OTK spanking before the final humiliating & embarrassing finale of her punishment… a 1st time wheelbarrow positional spanking! Sophie knows that Zoe can see everything, every detail of her private anatomy & added to the stinging smacks, Sophie pleads for this new humiliation to stop! This double discipline might have just got through to young Sophie at last!

Below are some screen shots and if you haven’t already, so check out the FREE CLIP below

sophiecheer006 sophiecheer019

sophiecheer025 sophiecheer036

sophiecheer037 sophiecheer046

sophiecheer050 sophiecheer066

sophiecheer079 sophiecheer085


If you just want to watch the OTK spanking or the wheelbarrow spanking clips then this can be done at the following clips stores below, a quick cheap alternative if a membership (even a non recurring one) seems somewhat daunting as I just counted up the films and there’s now about 150 there, all with extensive screen galleries and about 90 image sets, not bad for around two and a half years worth and I only started filming from zero… nada… scratch in  Sept 2010!!!

Click either image below for direct access to the clips

sophieotk222 sophieWB


Check out all the films from both clips stores below:






I hate Rural Broadband!

Sorry I have not been here sooner, I had to rely on my new smartphone to catch up with mails and such as my home broadband connection had been playing up, it’s taken days and been really infuriating. It seems to be back to normal (well, it’s not great as I still have to rely on copper wiring rather than fiber optics and the upload speeds are crap, basically). I first ensured that the concluding part to the Aleesha Fox and Zoe Page film was uploaded earlier today – eventually – then I think I have just about confirmed my next new spanking model who I shall be filming with next week at a new location, which I am quite excited about. Another real girl next door type who is just 21… sounds promising! You’ll all be the 1st to know about that, of course… & in the meantime, I have an awesome new film coming out this week at AAA Spanking starring 2 cheer girls and me (aren’t I lucky?)

Jessica Jensen, who I am proud to say was first properly showcased at AAA Spanking stars in a really tearful movie called “Cheerleader Mayhem” as she got a double whammy punishment off Zoe, a rival cheergirl… then me. When those lucky enough to see this view the full film, you will see her real tears and fantastic reactions… not to mention that fine sexy red ass of hers in that lovely outfit! & of course there’s a great bonus of Zoe in her cheer girl outfit too scrapping with Jessica! I’m really excited to be showing you this film as it was one of the highlights of the day when I worked with them both… I hope that the images taken from the movie below give you a good idea of what members can expect… and of course, if you can’t wait until Wednesday… those that only want to download the odd film can download the HD-WMV version immediately at the Clips Store – more on that later 🙂

Images taken directly from the film “Cheerleader Mayhem”








For more info on how to view this film as a member – Click HERE

There will also be an additional update of HQ pictures of the girls in their cheer costumes for members too!


As I mentioned earlier… You can also see this stunning film IN FULL right now as a special one off download and that’s at our Clips Store – just click the image below of Jessica in trouble and you will be able to view this film in WMV-HD playback 🙂



I will be back with my updates of the week very soon, now that I know I have an internet connection again! Take care… and apologies in advance for not getting back here and at my other blogs sooner! Regards, Chief.

Summer Spanking Fun!

Hello everyone, first up, I have some great news, so click on the banner below and help celebrate our fantastic best ever British summer (not) – I decided to bring this back as I was feeling so f*cking miserable, our useless summer just gets worse and worse with washout after washout and bigger flood events with severe gale warnings and the awful month’s worth rain downpours falling overnight that some folk in my country have had to endure… WTF happened to global warming? It is sooooooo depressing, so I felt like cheering those who purchased an Annual Pass to AAAspanking last year (which most will start to be expiring pretty much about now) and thought I’d extend this offer for those who wanted to continue enjoying my site for the knock down equivalent price of just $8.50 per month with a one off purchase (no rebills, obviously) – just click the banner below for the proof it’s currently on offer! Enjoy… as it may get pulled anytime this “summer” 🙂

I first found out from this offer from this newspaper clipping (ahem) – well, OK, that’s a little white lie but a fun one all the same 🙂

& to help you decide – here is what is coming out THIS WEEK as Mishka turns up the heat as a filthy cheerleader try out who just can’t keep her fingers (or anything that will fit into her tight hole for that matter) when easily distracted waiting for her Cheergirl Trial. Click on either image and they will leader to a full and complete gallery of the movie that is about to hit the site! I much prefer Mishka’s use of the Pom Poms! 🙂

CLICK HERE for more of Mishka and the 100 or so other films now available!


& so to the rest of today’s great spanking updates starting with one of my fave sites FirmHandSpanking.com who have really put out some excellent films recently… like the 2 below!

Kelly Morgan as a cheerleader? Yup, this series continues and fits nicely in with the start of today’s update, don’t you think? Check out Kyle’s latest punishment of this beautiful girl as  a prank goes wrong costing her a 31-swat bottom spanking to tears (below)




Kelly Morgan fesses up to changing the music for another cheerleader’s routine in Cheerleader Captain. To have any hope of getting back her place on squad, she asks to be spanked by Mr Johnson. 31 swats with a leather paddle, 10 bare, bring tears of genuine sorrow and a sore butt.

In the next series finale, Director Amelia Rutherford (you’ll see her behind the scenes) creates a wonderfully hot scene for Au Pair Trouble with Aleesha Fox and Earl Grey. Aleesha wants to be caned but is shocked by 18 strokes as she counts them out. Then she’s strapped with his belt, almost nude…





See a FREE Movie clip of the above scenes HERE


The next brand new update is from when Sarah and her daddy, Paul Rogers visited England last year and this was filmed in London with leia Ann Woods – it’s really good and promises much more for members… check out “Uncle” Paul giving Leia a good thrashing (you’ll see why in the explanation below)

Leia’s in Hot Water

Leia is just about to get into the shower when she gets an important call that she must go into work right away. When Uncle Paul gets home, he is not too happy to find a flooded house. He waits for his niece so he can properly punish her for her irresponsible behaviour.





Check out more of daddy Paul Rogers and Sarah Gregory’s collaborations which include real gems like this spanking punishment of Leia Ann Woods! CLICK HERE for their latest offerings which do NOT disappoint!


There is a girl you can see at SpankingServer.com that is featured nowhere else, and she is stunning! She’s called Miela… and, well, I rather have the trouser rumblings for her as you’ll see below in a typical scene of her getting a good hard OTK spanking and caning punishment from a very fortunate but stern Peter Schober… who does his job of thrashing this beauty with utmost professionalism *cough*

Miela wonders how the hell she arrived in this position… again!

This is how it happened (below)




See far more of the addictive viewing that is Miela – Click HERE


Finally today, a very good film starring 2 of the curviest, shapeliest figures and bottoms in Spankoland… Sasha Harvey and Jadie Reece, team together in a Glamour Shoot that ends up very quickly being, well…. a rather nice SPANKING shoot (yay!)

“Hang on… this doesn’t feel like a Glamour Shoot!





I love this last image of Jadie as it looks back past Stephen and to Sasha in the background!

Need I say more than this is from the folks at Northern Spanking – bravo!


& please do NOT forget my British Summer Offer *smile*

Cream Horn Spanking Special

As promised today, I am bringing you some very special Cream Horn rated spankings which I hope you will enjoy! These are a collection of past and up to the minute spankings from across t’interwebz, so please do ensure that you are sitting comfortably and relaxed… please do ensure that you have been to the toilet (do so now as you could be some time gazing at this spledifera of spanking talent.

Have a glass of your finest vino, bubbly or milkshake (whatever turns you on) to hand… and remember to lock the door for that extra privacy as I show you some of what I have been viewing and downloading today… I’m spent, I’m sure you will be too! Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you today’s Cream Horn Spanking Specials! *drum roll*

Possibly my all time favourite spanking model from Punishedbrats in the past was Juliet Valentina, when she had that perfect girl next door look, with her long blonde locks and able to play a schoolgirl or naughty cheer girl at will! She has since come back… and depending on her real life commitments, so I understand, she could well do again (I can hope!) – But fear not, as you will (probably) already know, there is a vast collection of Juliet’s films waiting for you to discover her talents at PunishedBrats.com

Not sure who made this poster at the time – but it’s a giggle.
Edit: Just been reminded that it was Cutiepie of CutiePiesSexySpankings.com that made it (nice one!)

One of my all time fave films of Juliet is shown below, I think it was the combination of that school uniform, the OTK spanking and just how breath takingly beautiful she looked that day over one very lucky David’s knee!




“My Ass is AWESOME!” – Juliet Valentina (made up by Chief)

Currently at Punishedbrats.com there are heaps of great new updates with new girls and as you’ll see in the latest images below, this site, with it’s amazing archives just gets better and better!

Pixie was and still is my number one girl and the reason so many have stayed loyal to Punishedbrats.com – now that she also edits the films, when she can find  time to be in front of the camera… we get fantastic images that accompany this recent film called “Office Pal” – don’t miss it, it’s Pixie at her wriggling, yelping best over (the very fortunate) David’s lap!



the storyline: Ten had been taking advantage of her friendship with her supervisor, Pixie, by asking for a lot of time off work. Now she has left an important project incomplete and it’s Pixie who has to pay the price when her boss finds out! See how Pixie coped with fixing the problems at work with a very sore red bottom! Click HERE for the free preview


Amber Dawn has been a busy spanking bee recently… secretly acquiring newbies like insects to honey… this blonde waif came to Amber for a correctional spanking punishment… I don’t think this young lady will be back as she looks like she might just try to behave and avaoid those stinging hand strokes on her bare soft bottom… but I’m sure glad she gave her the “once over” as Amber has some private time, I’m guessing she might even have broadcast this as part of a webcam show – I’d like to think so 🙂

Amber Spanks Abbey Rhode (like the play on the name… were her parents Beatles fans? lol)





At the time of writing this I have just noticed that there is a new full movie just added, it’s a HUGE file and it’s called Amber spanks Alyssa… she looks f*cking hot and the file size is a humungus at 2.7 Gigs! I’m currently downloading it as I write up this post today (predicted to take well over an hour and then some) so I promise to get back to this but YOU can view this and Amber’s other sites on a Special Trial promotion for under $5! Sign up through SpankAmber and there are the member page links to all 3 sites! That is so cheap… but also, her long term memberships are worth every penny, you’d be hard pressed to even download a fifth of what Amber has in her archives in the trial period! Anyway, check out some teaser images of Amber and Alyssa below… this looks well worth it alone for a 2.7 Gig download!



Edit: I have just seen it – F*CKING HELL!!!! I will get you news of this SOON! See for yourself!


Things are hotting up, aren’t they? I have a ton more stuff for you yet and while I’m taking a break to waffle a bit, please take a break and get some fresh air, stretch your legs a while… as I aim to bring you what’s hot and new across Clare Fonda’s excellent sites… and at the 1st site I’m going to showcase for you, there is a theme running ever since they hit the 100th episode in this ongoing spanking soap opera… that of “female wrestling and powerplay” – Who wins, gets the power to spank the other… and I have to say I had to make a choice with this as these themes are in both episodes 101 and 102, so here is number 101 with Kay Richards and Ashli Orion (who is tall and athletic, whilst Kay is bosomly – I love the way her breasts hang like they do…but that’s another trouser busting distraction… ahem!) Let’s find out how they get on!

“Ding! Ding!” Round 1:  Kay and Ashli are working out when they begin to argue about how their relationship has turned out. First, they begin smacking each other’s bottoms playfully. Then it becomes war. They wrestle and spank each other harder and harder with hands and even hairbrush. It leads to some kissing, but Kay is still bitter about the breakup, so she spanks Ashli hard and tells her “no fooling around!” – Go girl!





The next site with new content was the one voted most improved in 2011, so that means we are taking a quick look at SpankedSweeties.com

Why? Because it is one of the hottest girl-girl spanking sites. Each girl is interviewed, takes some hot photos then gets down to a long, hard spanking. Clare uses the prettiest girls and a good array of newbies, first timers and established models – some have been spanked before and tell us all about what happened to them growing up and re enact some events and some have never had their bottoms spanked before – these girls often have very red bottoms, which I love, of course… take Lilia Spinoza… one of the stars of EE6 ( <<< click this link as it is a really good free gallery of Lilia in a cheer girl outfit!!!) as a convincing cheer girl, see her get a man spanking across the lap of Double Dan in that cutsie school uniform! Mmm!




See what makes this site addictive viewing – Click Here for the tour pages

Finally from Clare’s site GirlSpanksGirl.com today, tall slinky Elise is in trouble with her mother, Clare (again) home from school, Momma has a few things to say and Elise is humiliatingly stripped and given yet more demeaning discipline designed to make her daughter learn to avoid such bad behaviour in future! This punishment included a hand whacking with a wooden ruler which was kinda “ouchie!” (Oh, and Elise looks drop dead gorgeous over Clare’s knee, doesn’t she?)




This is part of the Disciplinary Section (with all the hour long movies and the infamous EE Series of schoolgirl films) – I just thought I’d also show you what I hadn’t seen in a while , which was amazing… this was the film between Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory in one of these home domestic discipline classics, this film is  one of Clare’s finest in my opinion and I forgot just how bloody good it was! (Thankfully I found a gallery with a complete explanation for you, so click on the image below and all will be revealed!)

These movies and the latest updates I have shown you of Elise can be viewed seperately at GirlSpanksGirl.com


All Clare’s above sites featured here today can be purchased seperately, for they are all HUGE in their own right… or you can get the BEST multi site deal around and get these sites in any combination YOU choose of 3, 4 or 5 sites in the CLARE FONDA PASS – saving a lot of money on monthly and further on quarterly membership deals!


That’s it from me, tomorrow I will be focussing on European sites and some that I haven’t for a while which I promise you won’t want to miss! Until then… cheers! Chief.

Pass the cream horns around, will you? 🙂