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More Cheerleader Spanking Update News

Yup! I’m back with a whole load more spanking news updates from around the interwebz…. it has been a while and I still would like to post about our recent trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco, especially since both Sarah & I filmed so many new girls and fab new spanking storylines. But that will have to wait as I know the updates need to be addressed – and I really am woefully behind on that!

Just for now, I thought I’d catch up with the last 3 spanking updates featured at Cheerleader Spankings – so you will get a special animated GIF feature along with some high quality images taken directly from the film and links to more free previews. Just remember you can purchase these films and the smaller parts if you need to – at the popular Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store as well!

Mom Takes Charge
Starring Mackenzie Reed, Kitty Catherine, Clare Fonda & Madame Samantha B

spanking a tearful cheergirl

Sisters Kitty and Mackenzie have been giving their cheer coach, Clare Fonda, all sorts of issues at the latest practice with their squabbling and petty fighting. Coach calls home and Mother rushes over to discipline the girls there and then… brandishing a hard heavy hairbrush! The girls are ashamed, then doubly embarrassed as Mom spanks Mackenzie in front of Kitty, letting Coach know this is what should happen if they play up again. Kitty is near to tears watching her sister being punished and is told to hand the brush to her mother. Poor Mackenzie yelps, cries and struggles over Mom’s lap as the hairbrush wields so much pain! Then Coach is told to spank Kitty in the same fashion… Kitty sobs and Mackenzie cries watching her little sister receive the same humiliating punishment. Mom finishes off the punishment of a very tearful Kitty… letting Coach Fonda know she has no problem with her punishing both girls this way in the future!

hand me the hairbrush! spanking cheerleader spanked by mommy  hard hairbrush spankings


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)

Autograph Ass Whoopin
Starring Lady Alice, Violet October & John Osborne

caned cheerleaders

Alice and Violet skipped an important cheer practice. Their reason for not being there was because they wanted to meet a famous film star who had arrived in town and they eagerly explained and showed their Coach the autograph they had got from their idol to prove their story! However, Coach was far from impressed and decided that this was not a valid reason for ruining the previous cheer practice. He confiscated the autograph and informed each girl that they would receive 12 hard strokes of his cane. These would be hard mean strokes split into two sets of six due to their severity. The girls agreed to take their punishment to atone for missing practice and by the second set.of 6 cane strokes their legs were shaking and buckling from the onslaught of his heavy dragon cane. The tearful girls barely made it to the end before Coach sent them back to their current practice session without their prized autograph.

tears canings and spankings caned cheerleaders


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)
cheerleader canings

Sisters Before Misters
Starring Nuna Starks & Mackenzie Reed

Mackenzie invites her BFF, Nuna (and fellow cheergirl) over to hers after practice. Mackenzie has an ulterior motive for this as she wants top see Nuna’s reactions when she recounts her boyfriend issues as she suspects he has been seeing someone behind her back. She already knows it is Nuna and as she awkwardly lies, Mackenzie shows her the proof she obtained from her boyfriend’s phone! Nuna is busted and unable to reply – her best friend is upset but they are still best friends… “Sisters before Misters” she says. She knows a way they can get over this and move on. Mackenzie wants to spank and paddle Nuna’s bare bottom, to punish her, and if she accepts this, that will go a long way to showing that she cares for their friendship. Nuna agrees to take the spanking over Mackenzie’s lap and her beautiful bottom is spanked over her white crisp panties before they are pulled down and the spanking gets harder to teach Nuna her lesson. It’s far from over, Mackenzie wants her to feel truly sorry and produces a heavy wooden hairbrush that is used with much greater force than Nuna expected. She gasps and cries out in pain as the wooden implement whacks her bouncing cheeks time and time again. The girls make up and Mackenzie tells Nuna that her boyfriend is history as it is always “Sisters before Misters!”

otk spanking hairbrush spanking


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)

cheerleader spankings

Prove Yourself – New at Cheerleader Spankings

Just a brief interlude before the next round of voting and results are announced for the #SpankingAwards – please do go check out the next category that will have results announced sometime Wednesday, so make sure you vote for the face” – who really does have the best expression in a spanking? A few images can’t do these girls justice but take your time to Google them with a spanking tag and check out the images section, you’re sure to find a few more! 🙂

However, before I go to sleep and hop on a plane later today… please do check out this aweome spanking film with a return for a very bratty, provocatrice… Miss Ashley Graham. She foolishly flirts and attempts to half heartedly seduce her coach, Johnny Lake, who is shocked, angry and knows EXACTLY how to deal with her poor attitude, behavior and disrespect. When he asks if she really wants to get on in the team and progress to actually “Prove herself” – this is where we get the title of the film!

Ashley is a hoot in this, flirting, slurring her words and being a pain in the ass – what a drunken bum this bad cheerleader is! Talking of a “pain in the ass” that is precisely what she got from coach Johnny’s hard measured hand!

cheerleader gets a spanking


Starring Ashley Graham & Johnny Lake – out now at CheerleaderSpankings.com

“How did it end up like this?” Ashley thought… She only had herself to blame!

During a long trip away with the football team, one of the senior cheerleaders, Ashley Graham, thought she could get on coach Johnny Lake’s good side by trying to seduce him. She had heard there was an opening for one of the top positions in the squad. However, Ashley had been drinking and made a foolish clumsy attempt at trying to “persuade” her coach who was shocked by her advances. “In order to be the leader of the squad”, he told her, “you have to prove yourself!” Ashley was not impressed and swore at him. Coach Lake had enough of this awful behavior and quickly took her over his lap. She struggled and complained but she had brought this on herself and he relentlessly spanked her bare bottom after pulling down her white panties. He scolded her, reminding her about how her disrespect for him and her fellow cheer girls would not be tolerated. Ashley was one very sore, sorry and contrite cheerleader after he had finished with her!

Ashley Graham getting a hard hand spanking  Ashley Graham spanking  spanking cheerleaders spanked by the coach


Ashley is one of the latest, naughty recruits to Cheerleader Spankings – one of the best uniform niche websites for spanking out there! Check it out for yourself!


cheerleader spankings

Superbowl Spankings

I’m half watching “Superbowl LI” while I type this and New England are getting their asses kicked (poor Pats!) – Superbowl Sunday is also Sarah Gregory’s birthday… so happy birthday, my love, and I’ll be seeing you soon! As I promised yesterday, here are some more spanking updates for y’all. No waffle, just showing you what is out there and where you can get it! As it’s the Superbowl, why not check out one recent update from FirmHandSpanking.com starring Samantha Woodley in this current Cheerleader Challenge series (below):

Samantha Woodley feels a stinging leather tawse across her jiggling bare bottom

Richard Anderson metes out tough justice as Samantha Woodley’s uncle Guy. She’s trashed his security clearance by compromising his laptop and phone. Now he takes it out on the perfect target of her spectacularly bare bottom, cheerleader skirt raised, kneeling on a chair. “Stick it out!” he barks. This is some Cheerleader Challenge!

Real “girl next door” models getting hard, bare ass spankings!

What happens when young curiosity gets the better of you? Here’s a tale many of us remember from the past… remember porno magazines? Don’t get caught reading them after dark… as poor Kitty did by her strict aunt Bianca! This is one of the latest hot new all girl spanking films from Punishedbrats.com

Kitty was caught by her Auntie Bianca reading a pornographic magazine under the covers with a flashlight. She was then taken out of bed, had her PJ bottoms lowered, and a hard spanking ensued. Auntie Bianca spanked Kitty until she tearfully promised not to read such material again. Once her spanking was over, all Kitty wanted to do was pull up her pajama bottoms but she was instructed that she was to sleep with them down. Kitty cried herself to sleep, on her stomach.



St. Justs Academy at SpankingSarah.com opens punishments to the parents of the poorly behaved girls as posh mother, Amelia Jane Rutherford, finds out!

The new rules at St. Justs Academy are being strictly applied, no matter how posh the parents no matter what the problem rules are rules and the parents have to go along with the rather strange Headmistresses way of sorting out problems in her Academy. Amelia Jane Rutherford feels that she should not be treated in the same way as ordinary parents, but she is soon to find out the error of her ways. Her bare bottom will tell the story.


Sarah also appears at one of the other Strand Media sites over at English-Spankers.com with a new girl called Isabella. When mother (Sarah) finds out her daughter has been caught fighting at school… it won’t end well for this young lady at all!

A brand new model to English Spankers and she is a real beauty. Her name is Isabella and she has been naughty at school now she is to be punished. Sarah does like to use a slipper on a naughty bottom and that’s what she gets. Straight over her knee and she starts on her skimpy panties and then on her bare bottom. She is not a girl who likes to be spanked and punished but she does take what she deserves.


Finally, for those that like the awesome pussy strappings that SpankingServer.com are well known for, past and present. Here is one of their all time top girls, Miela (from Hungary), getting this humiliating treatment! Peter is waiting for her, looking imposing  in his white medical coat, she disrobes and places her legs in the stirrups waiting for him to strap her bare exposed pussy. There is no hiding her shame and this is what I always find exciting to watch as she catches his eye at times and feels even more embarrassed. Like there is no hiding place and you can see she feels vulnerable (who wouldn’t?). There are also more strappings like this in the archives of this website.

Miela takes a painful and embarrassing pussy strapping at SpankingServer.com


I’ll be back later with a thorough review of another spanking network you won’t want to miss! & if you started reading this blog post, I finished it AFTER the Superbowl result so I have to say… WHAT THE F*CK??? Well done to the Pats. I will be finding my Patriots tee shirt and fitting in with the rest of New England when I am over there soon enough! #bandwagonjumper “laters!”

Spanked & Paddled Cheerleader

cheerNot so long ago, Jordana Leigh worked with Sarah & I. Of course I knew her from the archives of SarahGregorySpanking.com and also at Punishedbrats.com known as Scarlet or Brittany depending where you saw her. Well, it’s been a while since she last filmed any spanking content as a spankee/bottom and nowadays, is a successful producer in her own right. But it was nice to finally meet her, and she is a fun young woman who is game for a lot of things and took a much harder than expected spanking and wooden paddling (as you’ll see) when she filmed this awesome and extremely colorful video with Sarah. They rekindled their friendship and talked about old times… and boys (LOL) and how things were going for each other and how things had changed. However, the one thing I really liked about this particular shoot was the uniform we got for her! I just *LOVED* Jordana’s outfit, this was the first time we used it and it suited her perfectly! As it is so distinctive I don’t think you’ll see too many of this costume but we shall see! I would LOVE to have a team of girls kitted out in this uniform… don’t you agree? Oh my!

Okay, on with the  production update, this is a little late showing to you but members of the site can see the full film right now HERE


Rival cheerleader Jordana was caught by Sarah secretly videoing one of her squad’s routines for the upcoming finals. She took her to the office where Sarah disciplined her own girls in her own unique fashion. If Jordana wanted to know why Sarah’s squad were so good then she was about to find out the hard way! This would be a short sharp shocking reminder of how she treated girls who betrayed her trust. Jordana was understandably nervous and embarrasssed that she would get a bare bottom spanking, a humiliating lecture on her sleazy behavior and ultimately the dreaded “Bad Cheerleader” paddle which she knew was going to hurt like hell on her pretty, firm behind! Watch as Joradana took this punishment, panties down, in one of the cutest cheer uniforms yet!

CLS-76-004 CLS-77-040 CLS-77-041 CLS-76-006 CLS-76-008 ch1CLS-76-010 CLS-77-081 CLS-77-089 CLS-76-012 CLS-76-019 CLS-77-094 (1) CLS-77-094 CLS-76-020 ch2 CLS-77-105 CLS-77-107 CLS-77-108


If you love seeing sexy girls in uniform, real cheerleader uniforms and sporting outfits – then this site should be worthy of your consideration. All updates are exclusive with at least one new film each and every week plus tons of beautiful images to add to your library of spanking erotica… check it out – there are loads of free clips to see for yourself on the extensive tour pages. This site is backed by one of the biggest names out there on the spanking interwebz… from Sarah Gregory!


Multiple Cheergirl Spankings

cheerThis is a very special in depth preview update of this week’s video (which has just come out at the time of writing) from cheerleaderspankings.com  – it features several girls you will all know well, but wearing the same cheer uniform as members of the same team. This is just the start of several larger groups of cheerleaders (all wearing the same uniform) which makes sense rather than seeing a group of them in different and often halloween type costumes too that we’ve seen in the past (which, to be honest, looked lame in my opinion.) So this made the story easier, Sarah Gregory played the hapless assistant coach unable to control 3 feisty cheergirls in one of the hotel suites their group was staying at. That was until head coach, Johnny Lake, was called upstairs from his lunch meeting by Sarah to help her deal with the girls (he was NOT best pleased as you’ll discover). The girls faces and bratty attitude soon changed as he taught them a lesson in authority and respect. Oh, and there’s also a twist to this story, which you can see below 🙂

So this week’s LONG PLAY film (it’s approx 25 mins long) is called “Uncontrollable Brats”

cheerleader spankings

Video cast (l to r) Sarah Gregory, Stevie Rose, Maddy Marks, Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake

(below) the 3 instigators of assistant coach Gregory’s woes!

more cheerleaders about to be spanked

Video screen grabs etc. are shown below: No-one will have seen these images or GIFs taken from the film yet as they are hot off the press! Now you remember why you should check out my blog, eh?

cheer cheer cheer cheercheer

uncontrollable_brats_003 uncontrollable_brats_017 uncontrollable_brats_034 uncontrollable_brats_047 uncontrollable_brats_056 uncontrollable_brats_061 uncontrollable_brats_068 uncontrollable_brats_073 uncontrollable_brats_081 bare bottom spanking uncontrollable_brats_097 uncontrollable_brats_105 wooden paddle spanking uncontrollable_brats_32 uncontrollable_brats_39 Stevie Rose paddled hard uncontrollable_brats_119 uncontrollable_brats_123 Adriana Evans hard wooden paddle spanking uncontrollable_brats_124 uncontrollable_brats_135 uncontrollable_brats_139 uncontrollable_brats_151 uncontrollable_brats_156 ub3 uncontrollable_brats_162 uncontrollable_brats_165

Assistant coach, Sarah Gregory, had been having a problem getting the three feistiest of her cheerleaders (Adriana Evans, Stevie Rose & Maddy Marks) to practice a new routine. They had taken so many spankings in the past from Head Coach Johnny Lake that her more feminine approach was considered a light touch by them. She interrupted Coach Lake’s lunch meeting with a desperate phone call and she told him what had been happening. He was furious with the girls! Their disrespect for Miss Gregory was unacceptable and he took no nonsense off them as he spanked them all, panties down, then gave them all a hard wooden paddling. He marked out ringleader Adriana Evans for extra special treatment, giving her harder more furious strokes bringing her close to tears! However, he was also displeased with Miss Gregory who he had blamed for her lack of leadership and punished her too… panties down, in front of the girls as an example that no-one in his team were immune from discipline punishments!



cheerleader spankings - click here for more

cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer


Freakin’ Hawt Spanking News Pt2

Part 2 sees the latest new spanking movie released earlier this week at cheerleaderspankings.com with an all girl cast with Kajira Bound getting her 1st taste of bare bottomed discipline there… punished by Sarah Gregory in the role of her older sibling! We filmed this on our last visit to Las Vegas and so themed the video in a hotel room, naturally. One thing is for sure, Kajira looks damn hot in that cheerleader outfit, as you’ll see from the many images and GIFs below! There is also a link to the site showing a FREE Clip along with many others on the extensive tour pages showing the site continues to update with only new original spanking films each and every week now without fail and will continue to do so.

moron I had some ignorant moron remark to me privately that the site was a rip off (it most certainly isn’t) … the idiot failed to grasp the concept that as a new site, Sarah could have started with far less films, new sites generally do that… (surprise, surprise… *sigh*) but I said why not supplement a few films in an archive of the last films updated on there from both AAA Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking – as not all new members to this site would have been members of both sites and it would be a nice bonus as well as advertising for those sites. This gesture went un-noticed, of course. No new films there will be taken from the existing sites and any in future that might be added would be as a BONUS in addition to the regular and new updates shown. I do sometimes despair at the ignorance shown, but I just needed to get that off my chest. So to the latest update, as I said… it stars Kajira Bound & Sarah Gregory as sisters – check it out (below).


Kajira Bound makes her first appearance at CheerleaderSpankings.com

spanked_cheer_sister_004 spanked_cheer_sister_014 sister1 spanked_cheer_sister_016 spanked_cheer_sister_038

Sarah’s family were on a free vacation courtesy of the cheer team as she was instrumental in getting them to the national championships. However… her younger sister, Kajira, was selfish and “borrowed” the cute cheer uniform (that Sarah had laid out for practice) to go out in and use it to help attract attention, and of course…boys! Sarah was late for her practice because of this and she decided to punish her sister like their mom or dad might do when they overstepped the mark! Kajira had little choice as Sarah was so mad at her that she had threatened to tell Daddy, who would have gotten his belt out for sure! Cute Kajira’s bum jiggles and turns a shameful sore red as she is relentlessly spanked, scolded and given a furious hairbrush punishment at the end which has her squirming in real pain and embarrassment. Sarah ensures that Kajira won’t be borrowing her uniform without asking in future or there will be the promise of more bare bottom spankings over the knee of her older sister!

CLS-60-001 CLS-60-005 CLS-60-007 OTK spanking spanked_cheer_sister_054 spanked_cheer_sister_056 sister3 spanking spanked_cheer_sister_066 spanked_cheer_sister_077 CLS-60-009 CLS-60-012 CLS-60-014




This film is also available at the NEW Cheerleader Clips Store for those that only wish to download the odd movie or two! Check it out HERE for all the films and clips that have been uploaded so far with a full description and a free preview.


Time is also running out to grab yourself the cheapest possible option to sign up to the Lone Star Spanking PartyFULL INFO HERE when you visit the offical Lone Star website!


Sexy Cheerleader Spanking Updates

Here is a quick update of a new cheerleader spanking film released earlier today which has an all star cast at new site Cheerleader Spankings – it features Sarah Gregory fulfilling a wicked fantasy to spank two other really hot girls in cheer uniform alongside her. This was filmed over a year ago and it was around this time that she started collecting cheergleader style spanking films to show exclusively at this site and this is a really hot and sexy update. I have noticed that Sarah has a pattern as some of the films at this site are rather severe and if there is a hot sexy film one week, or an all girl spanking-fest… then the following week there will be a harder, meaner film which keeps the dynamic of the site flowing with varied intensities and storylines. It’s a winning formula as new members have written in to her to say how much they LOVE the new films. I am sure you will LOVE this film shown here today as well! Take a look at some stills and video screen grabs as well as there being helpful link to a free HD movie clip later!


Cheerleader Fantasyfeaturing Sarah Gregory, Casey Calvert & Christy Cutie

cheerleader spanking fantasies

Sarah wanted to be in a naughty all girl video alongside Christy Cutie and Casey Calvert. Her personal fantasy was to spank them both side by side and enjoy the erotic sight of them both in their authentic cheergirl uniforms getting their bare bottoms reddened under their white panties. Of course that would never be enough and so Sarah had them both pull down their panties to show off their bare peachy butts getting spanked on the bare, fully exposed! Sarah placed them in various revealing and naughty positions before getting them to spank each other too! This is a voyeur’s dream to watch sexy young ladies in cheergirl uniforms baring their bottoms and spanking each other. Warning: Extremely sexy cheerleader spanking action!

CLS-52-008 CLS-53-002 CLS-53-014 CLS-52-024CLS-53-023 CLS-53-030 bare asses getting a spanking cheergirl spanking previews CLS-52-020 CLS-52-022 CLS-53-033 CLS-53-039 Casey Calvert spanks Christy CutieCLS-53-049 CLS-53-058 CLS-53-060 cheerleader spanking CLS-52-016 CLS-52-014 CLS-53-073 CLS-53-079 cheergirl strapping and spanking videos


more naughty cheerleaders getting spanked HERE

See why this site is one of the fastest growing – it’s only been open a month or so but has become very popular! All movies are in HD formats with streaming options for Tablets/Pads and also in HD-WMV & MP4 versions to download and keep as well as high quality photos, video images, full film description, cast member page and a list of scenarios/implements used for indexing… and a new film guarantee each and every week. Check out the special lower pricing options for those who have joined at the beginning. This site will grow VERY QUICKLY to become a genuine and authentic uniform fetish leader in the spankosphere! Run by a female spanko with an eye for pervy detail… this is a hot site that features exciting girls as well as some genuinely hard and severe films which will keep members on their toes as to what happens next! CHECK IT OUT


In other news, the FULL schedule for the Lone Star Spanking Party is out!


Cheerleader Spankings

cheerleader spankings hereA new spanking site has just opened, catering to the fetish of seeing girls in authentic cheer uniforms, who, in some cases checked off their bucket list by getting spanked in such a uniform or just fulfilling their fantasy. Either way, this is a hot concept and this site has been in the making for well over 9 months. How do I know? Well… It is the brainchild of Sarah Gregory who so LOVES seeing girls in these uniforms that she genuinely has a vast collection of them and she decided to put them to good use! You’ll see amazing girls spanked, paddled, strapped hard or playing with each other before or after cheer practice and so the site features a lot of F/F content. At least half of all future updates will always be dedicated to F/F spankings. It also will feature some of the heaviest caning scenes around, I should know… as I did help film some of these and they are just awesome! I believe one such film will be coming soon after the opening date and I will, of course, report on this when it is released!

cheerleader spankings

So just because the girls look cute in those uniforms, don’t let this new site fool you into seeing them all get off lightly… oh no! Check out a couple of films, I apologize if I am in one scene to start with featured below, but it was pretty hard with Melody Nore… and in the other film featured (the most recent film on the tour page) Sarah Gregory punishes and humiliates Adriana Evans as only she knows how!

The site is designed for easy viewing and has 2 downloadable options of HD1080 in MP4 and HD720 in WMV as well as an HTML5 streaming option on every full film update and the new films will come out every week without fail, updates are 3 times a week and the Members Area Landing Page is designed with the most recent updates showing from the last few months for your convenience: THE menu bar options have the following:

cheerleader members area spanking


So you can pretty much find what you are looking for! The EPISODES section leads to the full movie description with the streaming option (if available) including the clips and MP4/Wmv options as well as the photo/screen grab gallery links… and all image galleries contain a zip file option which I know is popular.

Okay… enough of the introduction… here is Sarah doing what she does best, spanking and humiliating cheerleader, Adriana Evans in the most recent update to feature on the home tour page HERE


Hungover & Humiliatedfeaturing Adriana Evans & Sarah Gregory

spanking news

Adriana had gone AWOL and missed the game because she had been partying the night before. Coach Gregory eventually found the sleeping brat nursing a huge hangover in a random hotel room and was so angry that she started spanking her really hard! Adriana was close in shock and close to tears but Miss Gregory hadn’t finished with her yet as she had let the squad down so badly that she decided to humiliate her too. She used a wooden paddle on her bare exposed bottom, making her “ask” for the paddling. She knew that this would humiliate Adriana further, as was very stubborn. Then Miss Gregory informed her that she would investigate rumors about her lesbian activities that were distracting the squad! It was not a good day for Adriana to cross her tough female coach!

CLS-43-012 CLS-43-017 CLS-45-001 CLS-43-020 CLS-43-023 cheerleader spanking CLS-43-033 CLS-43-058 CLS-43-078
“Do I see a little glisten in there?” Sarah sneers at a humiliated Adriana! Poor A is speechless!
CLS-43-083 cheergirl paddling CLS-43-100 CLS-43-104 CLS-45-015 CLS-45-020



Melody’s Initiationfeaturing Melody Nore & John Osborne


Melody had just joined one of the best All Star cheerleading squads, there was a reason why it was one of the best squads and she was about to find out why! All the girls went through the same initiation where they got a bare bottom spanking. Her coach also showed her what could happen if she fell foul of their strict rules with various other punishments including a leather strapping and some swats with a wooden paddle.

CLS-47-005 CLS-47-016 panties down spanking CLS-47-022 CLS-47-037 CLS-47-042 CLS-47-050 OTK spanking CLS-47-054 CLS-47-063 CLS-47-078 CLS-47-088 CLS-46-024



This site is new and all future updates will be 100% exclusively produced for it. As it is a new site, there is an archive of approx 10 films taken from some of Sarah’s other sites which feature some of the hottest cheerleader scenarios but that was to make the whole new site experience a little nicer with more content, especially for those that have not been a member of Sarah’s sites and want only to download films of this genre! For almost the last year, she has been filming cheergirl scenarios to add to this site and only this site and there are multiple girl shoots planned right now to ensure there will always be regular fresh and different updates not seen anywhere else! You’ll be hearing more on this site over the coming weeks… check it out HERE!

Spankings for Girls in Trouble

A quick update before the next round of spankings gets underway! Cheerleaders are among my favorites so it is nice to see a new uniform update at Spanked-in-Uniform.com covering this, and what’s more with 2 amazing girls, Masie Dee & Satine Spark!


This update is taken from the Rockford School of Dance section:

Episode 29: Satine & Masie in trouble

ep29_1 sore ass massaging her bottom rubbing ass ep29_3 ep29_4 girls rub their bare bottoms ep29_6 spanking ep29_8 white panties upskirt ep29_10 ep29_11 ep29_12

Cheerleaders Satine Spark and Masie Dee are in trouble. Satine told Masie that her mother spanked her the night before because she was late getting home and Masie took pity and offered to rub Satine’s bottom to make her feel better. Little did they realize that practice had already started and coach went looking for them. He caught them and gave them both a sound OTK spanking. In part one – Masie gets spanked.

OTK spanking episode29_a episode29_P1010386 episode29_P1010390 spanked in her knickers episode29_P1010397 episode29_P1010398 episode29_P1010400

Check out plenty more films of Satine & Masie together at this site HERE

Part 2 comes out soon featuring Satine’s turn (she looks worried) !!!

cheerleader spankings



Join the BIGGEST new spanking party coming soon – if you are in TEXAS!



Another Fantastic Wheelbarrow Spanking

Members at AAA Spanking have a treat when they next log in as the full 12 minute HD video of Chessie Kay’s 1st ever wheelbarrow spanking experience is now available along with a HQ Stills gallery and the HD video screen shot gallery too. Quite an impressive mid week update, one of 3 a week at the site… this video is also available as a one time download option in 3 formats of the same HD quality HERE

You may remember Chessie previously perved on by fellow Girl guide Zoe Page
Click image below to access the free video image gallery of this naughty film

Chessie Kay is spanked and punished by Zoe Page



Chessie is a very busy girl and I’m happy to say that she likes the spanking work that she does (she is naturally submissive in real life though you’d never guess from her increasing credits in the porn world). It’s very different to her porn acting and such… before I show you a fun example of her work… there’s a cool interview of her I found, she is exactly like this in real life… full of the joys of life right now – SEE THE INTERVIEW HERE – Okay, take this example which I found on Youtube which made me giggle… I might just have to see how this ends up as she is “The Sperminator” (uh oh… I see where this is heading) sent back from the future (hmmm, lol!)

Youtube preview of “The Sperminator”

Chessie has appeared at a growing number of established European Porn houses, as well as her regular spots on various TV/Internet Shows in the UK… she has also dabbled in spanking several times which I’d like to think was all my fault as I got her into appearing as a spanking model in the 1st place away from her more established roles as a hot up and cumming porn star and so here she is in the latest sexy spanking video from AAAspanking.com doing something she never would have dreamed of a year ago and making one of the hottest, intimate spanking films in the process! It was also a first for Michael Stamp who had never tried this before… I am wondering if he now does this with his wife, Zoe page at home nowadays? (LOL)

Michael & Chessie make their 1st Wheelbarrow Spanking Film together

Wheelbarrow Spanking

I got Chessie to dress up as a hot cheerleader (well, why not?) There is no story to this, the 12 minute video opens with Chessie already in the position and waiting to take her spanking. Michael has a few implements perfect for this position… and this isn’t a light spanking at all, she takes quite a punishing session with the small leather paddle and bathbrush, the perfect implement of choice for the most stinging effects which you really don’t have to do much with in this position. Anyone who argues differently hasn’t tried it and received the bathbrush when your butt cheeks are more taut and exposed as well as the inner part of the tenderest cheeks (or sweet/sit spots) which are not easily accessible, can be agony if smacked too hard which takes little effort from the brush! Trust me, this was a HOT spanking, there were 3 cam angles to catch it all so nothing was missed from Chessie’s facial expressions to the reddening of her cheeks and her vulnerability, all fully exposed and caught on camera.

Chessie Kay

Check out the images below taken from the film – followed by the official explanation of this latest update for your understanding.

assuming the wheelbarrow position ass on display spankings spanking butt cheeks leather paddle OTK cheerleader spanking revealing spank position spanked OTK wheelbarrow spanking of Chessie hand spankings shamed and embarrassed

Chessie appeared in this revealing & intimate position as she took her first ever “Wheelbarrow Spanking”. This is your chance to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films to date with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 12 minute ordeal in this awkward position with some great close up facial reactions. You will not miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouble! Chessie grabbed hold of her Teddy Bear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – She got a harder than expected hand spanking and also received a leather paddling and some very stinging strokes of the dreaded Bathbrush (which was ideal and perfect for accuracy in this position!) Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular wheelbarrow films to date – out now in full HD!

See Chessie get spanked in the wheelbarrow position

and I have a special long play feature from SpankingTube as well, which was uploaded, so you can view this in more detail (I apologize in advance for Mobile device users as Flash is used so may not show on them).

You can also view a short HD1080 WMV clip of this spanking from the tour pages HERE

Well done, Chessie… she made it – Welcome to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club!

Chessie makes it through her 1st wheelbarrow spanking

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cats love Triple A too!


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How Texans deal with Ebola

How Texans fight Ebola! Don’t mess with Texas! 🙂

Lone Star Spanking Party

The Geeks, A Cheerleader & The Head Girl

Here’s an early sneak preview of what members can download this week at AAAspanking.com – It was going to be called the title of this post today… but it was too long and wouldn’t fit in the text box on the site too easily, so it was renamed “Multiple Detentions” … however  I think the title of  “The Geeks, A Cheerleader & The Head Girl” is quite cool which is based on an idea from a much loved independent film which I highly recommend from director Peter Greenaway. The film ” The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover” from 1989 (the French) poster below, was on my bedroom wall when I used to live in Paris many many years ago and I actually saw this film in an independent cinema in the 14th Arrondisement where I used to live… ah the memories! I loved this poster (and it has some great scenes with Helen Mirren & Michael Gambon in it too!)


Anyway, it’s not related to the spanking film shown here, just a loose title idea… hope you like the poster 🙂

This latest release from AAAspanking.com has 4 girls in it which are all punished at various stages of the film with a great finale where they are all lined up and given the hairbrush next to each other. You will no doubt recognize all the American adult/fetish stars, Ashley Graham, Nyssa Nevers, Joelle Barros and Carissa Montgomery. A great combo of ladies in various school/cheer uniforms for our veritable delectation!


Nyssa & Joelle are the “geeks” in this film!


Ashley plays the naughty cheerleader & Carissa seems to think it is highly amusing that she is the Head Girl who never gets into trouble (hmmm!) – there’s a nice twist to ensure she gets spanked too!!! Images below are from the stills gallery and there are also over 120 screen images that are with this film (a few samples also shown here) which is all out soon this week!

4girls006 4girls027 4girls071 4girls100

Four girls are given a detention punishment together at the same time. They are the most unlikely collection of naughty reprobates to ever appear together. Two bookworm types (Joelle Barros & Nyssa Nevers) who have committed infractions in the School Library, a slutty cheergirl (Ashley Graham) due yet another discipline session and the Head Girl (Carissa Montgomery) who also has good reason to be there and give a full report on these girls – but she also gets a surprise punishment too for some poor behavior not befitting a girl of her status! This is the one and only time all four of these girls have ever appeared together for this rare multiple punishment.

  4_girls013 4_girls015 4_girls016 4_girls020 4_girls023 4_girls025 4_girls029 4_girls030

4girls111 4girls114

You can check out MORE of this film and over 230 more at AAAspanking.com


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I also wanted to let you know that the film will be appearing as a one time download at the Clips Store as usual if you prefer to download using this option as well with all formats of your choice becoming available over the next couple of days. Click the animated image below and check when it is available! Thanks, and goodnight from America once more!



Nominations for the Spanking Awards are now in and will be looked at (I have to be honest and say I haven’t put them together yet, it’s a daunting task) but the first round of voting will begin shortly!!!

Another Weekend & Another Spanktacular

wintTime flies quickly at the moment, I should be grateful, I guess… as that means less time to wait until I fly back to America in November for a few weeks. However, that also means the nights are drawing in much earlier, there’s a chill in the air and that forboding of winter around the corner for us in the northern hemisphere is a reminder of what is to come. I’m not a winter person, I hate the short days, the lack of sunshine and the long dark nights, I hate the cold and (in our case here in the UK south west) copious rainfall.  That’s one reason I don’t like Halloween, I think… as it really signals, for me at least, that it is winter and there are 3 months of misery waiting ahead with all my pet peeves, weather wise! I think these thoughts were brought on by the fact I attended a funeral this morning, it wasn’t nice at all (how can they be?) – Watching my cousin in bits… it was heartbreaking to see him like that saying goodbye to his wife well before her time thanks to cancer (grrr!). Life can be so cruel sometimes. It’s so transient, we have to make of it what we can in our woefully short time here on Earth… sorry to get all heavy for a moment. This is a spanking blog, I know it has my personal touch, but I just wanted to share the grief I saw today and celebrate her life and the joy she brought to my cousin and his family. We have our memories… it is this which defines us all!

OK, I really am getting deep, so I will stop! The first update news I am bringing to you today is from Sarah’s great site HERE in which I helped with this film. I loved this and we had a blast making it with Adriana Evans, who I just love spanking and being involved with. * She is responsible for feeding my growing diaper fetish! … but that is for another blog post, lol! This new film is called “Flirtacious Model” and Adriana and I had fun with this as she came onto me and I got “creeped out” by her behaviour… I even mentioned this to Sarah in the film before Adriana was due for a shoot with us and Sarah agreed to hide and watch her to see if what I was saying about her flirting with little ol’ me was true! I have to say, I rather enjoyed Adriana’s advances… LOL! The film ends with a fantastic double paddling scene of Adriana by Sarah & I after we each took turns spanking and humiliating her beforehand over our laps! I even recall we high fived at one point… hehe! It is all rather HOT, I can assure you – another winner of a film from Miss Gregory!!!

The Flirtacious Model


Sarah doesn’t believe her boyfriend, John, that model, Adriana, comes onto him when she is not around. So, the plan is that Sarah hides and watches when Adriana comes to shoot for them. Sarah is appalled at the flirty behavior towards her man that she witnesses. The shoot has now changed directions and they will BOTH be giving this flirty girl a hard spanking together!

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-017 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-018

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-022 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-035

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-029 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-031

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-026 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-040

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-011 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-050



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A visit to the Clare Fonda Network of sites next shows they have been relentlessly busy – all these new updates and films are now out and being viewed by the members of the various specialist sites that you can view individually (as each site is MASSIVE in its’ own right) or as part of the best selling Clare Fonda Pass – combining up to 5 sites access for a fraction of their total monthly cost (highly recommended!) let’s visit a few of these sites and see what you might be missing 🙂

Spanking Sorority Girls

In episode 60… Cheyenne, Star and Poppy are all waiting in Sister’s office. They are in trouble because one of them made Veronica cry. There is only one way to weed out the true culprit before Sister arrives, and that is with some serious hard spanking that includes the use of a wooden mirror. Both sides! Can you guess who finally admits to being the bad girl? See if you can spot who from the images below:

01 03

04 05

06 09

11 12

13 15

16 17

19 20

See who was guilty HERE


Our next visit to SpankedSweeties.com – (the specialist site for 1st timers, interviews, growing up roleplays/fantasies) sees a continuation of new girl, daisy Elizabeth, enact more growing up roleplays around babysitter experiences and getting spanked by members of her family! Checkout more of her below:

002 003

004 006

007 008

012 013

Young Daisy Elizabeth was spanked by her nannies growing up. Many times, she confesses. Cheyenne Jewell plays her first nanny, sexy Sandy plays her later nanny. Daisy talked about a crazy birthday spanking she once gave to a friend (Cheyenne takes this one for the team). Daisy also fantasized about spanking her nannies, so she spanks Sandy. There are lots of good spankings with Daisy on all curvy bottoms.

002 004

005 008

009 010

013 014

See MORE exclusive Daisy Elizabeth spanking films from this site HERE



& finally from this group of sites… the ongoing and amazing cheerleader epic that makes the Exclusive Education series this year – EE9 “Cheerleader Camp” nears it’s close in all full film updates, this is a reminder of the utter mayhem of having so many girls in cheer costumes getting spanked in an enclosed space – (I heartily approve!!!) What is there not to like when you are getting spanked by Snow Mercy AND the delightful Christy Cutie?

001 002 (1)

004 (1) 005

007 010

011 014

015 016

It’s summer time and eight beauties have arrived for cheerleader camp! Snow Mercy is the camp coach – and Christy Cutie is from her same school, so she doesn’t want the girls messing with Christy. But while Miss Snow is away, Christy actually picks on the other girls, who then spank her, which Miss Snow sees. So Snow spanks them otk one at a time with her hand. Then she allows Christy to spank each one on the other cheerleaders. Then both Snow and Christy spank them 2 at a time, with hairbrushes. But when Snow discovers that it was actually Christy who started it all, she spanks Christy with hand, hairbrush and the dreaded cane. The class of 8 schoolgirls are Christy Cutie, Willow Lynn, Koko Kitten, Alex Reynolds, Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez, Yasmine DeLeon and Lilly with camp coach, Snow Mercy.


All the Clare Fonda sites featured here can be viewed as part of the ClareFondaPass.com



Something a little different now as I recall a recent update from SpankingServer.com – Those of you who have subscribed to this excellent site might be pleasantly surprised that the owner and webmaster, Peter, is usually speaking English to his models, I’m not sure if that is because the girls are not always Slovak or East European in origin… or if he wants to broaden the appeal of his site… but I approve either way! This beauty, called Yasmeena (it’s hard to tell what country she comes from as she is speaking English – not her native tongue but it’s more than adequate… and rather cute, actually!). She takes a rather painful hard caning once strapped into the bench… oh, & I love their implements and devices!

yasmeena001 yasmeena002

yasmeena003 yasmeena004

yasmeena005 yasmeena006

yasmeena007 yasmeena008

yasmeena009 yasmeena010

yasmeena011 yasmeena012

Yasmeena has a “girl next door” quality that I like about her… don’t you agree?

Yaseema (1) Yaseema (2) Yaseema (5)

Yaseema (6) Yaseema (8) Yaseema

MORE caning & severe punishments of pretty East European girls can be found HERE


& why am I showing a State map of Texas? All will become clear soon enough!