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Spanking Cherry Blossom

Please welcome the very lovely Cherry Blossom to AAA Spanking – she is new to this site. I’m sure you’ll recognize her, she has appeared elsewhere and I will be writing a special post to highlight more of her recent work in our niche. However, today, I am just focusing on this one site as she is just so damned adorable. look at her… all dressed in that authentic, British Girl Guides uniform. I gave that to Sarah to take to the USA (knowing she would be filming with Cherry) on her most recent visit to Los Angeles. So… did I do right? You can see the results of this film as she stars alongside one of my most trusted friends, Dave (Dodgy Dave). I think he did an outstanding job. He keeps it together during the spanking of gorgeous Cherry… the true professional that he is! LOL!


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In her awesome debut appearance at Triple A Spanking, stunning Cherry Blossom is a Girl Guide who has been keeping a secret from her father. He was so proud of how she would be always so keen to volunteer for charity fundraising events by collecting and selling items for the various causes that the Guides assisted with. However, news has come to light that shows she has been pocketing some of the money and even overcharging neighbors for items and keeping the difference. When he confronts her about one such incident of a simple Five Dollar overcharge, he looks into his daughter’s eyes and knows she is lying!

In this house, discipline is carried out the old fashioned way with a hard spanking. Worse is to come for Cherry as he discovers many more Dollar Bills stuffed inside of her white cotton panties, profits from her latest sneaky embezzlement. How much more has she taken regularly? Daddy is angry and spanks Cherry’s bare, jiggling bottom which quickly turns a shameful burning red. Cherry is promising to be good but her pleas about her future change in behavior are ignored and she is punished further. She gets it with a thorough hairbrush spanking as daddy finds the implement on her bed. How unfortunate for her! With the continuing whacks of the hairbrush, Cherry really is one sorry, sore Girl Guide…

“No more charity fundraising events for her”, he thinks, “she can’t be trusted!”

Starring: Cherry Blossom & Dodgy Dave

Cherry Blossom at AAAspanking
Cherry Blossom looks so cute & innocent as a Girl Guide

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