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Lest ye forget… MORE Spankings

How can any of us forget such a date, a date forever etched in history… I can still remember seeing the 2nd plane live on SKY News crashing into the 2nd Tower, such evil… and such malicious hate and forethought of planning, never forget what it is that is still wanting to create more mayhem like that if our security services aren’t always trying to thwart ever new and twisted crimes against innocent people going about their daily lives… however, this is, after all, just my little titillating spanking blog, so if you want to bog yourself down in the memories of what happened 10 years ago… well, I’m sure you can find whatever it is you want on the internet nowadays elsewhere… here, I guess you came to escape all that so I’ll just choose some of my fave spanking images and films and explain what made me choose them!

The first sets are of a delicious spanking punishment with blonde schoolgirl Wynter Sky from Northern Spanking that has an added bonus of her first being caned in her school uniform and then later on her own bed, she is slippered with her PJ’s removed! This is a hell of a film and comes complete with an amazing set of HQ images, some of which I have got for you below so you have an idea of this update I wanted to highlight for you which is just so typical of Northern Spanking – There are 2 clips, the first is a caning scene and the second is later when she’s in bed! Sit back and take in the awesome sight of Wynter’s punishment!

Incidentally, this series of films were the deciding factor in making me approach her for working with me on what was at the time my fledgling unknown site… Wynter, or Sara… as she wanted to be called on my site, has become a firm favorite with my members and it’s not hard to see why!


Wynter is taken home by Headmaster to Paul’s and he is shocked to learn that Wynter is totally drunk! What follows is a punishment to sober up any disgraceful teenager!

This is from the movie “In Loco Parentis” 

Wynter is brought home from school in a drunken state by her Headmaster. Furious and at his wits end with the girl, Paul asks the Headmaster for some suggestions and guidance in very severely disciplining her. Even in her inebriated state, Wynter most certainly feels the hard and prolonged caning she receives, both with and without the protection of her PE knickers as you’ll see below!



With the departure of her Headmaster, Wynter’s ordeal is still not complete. Sent to bed without supper to sober up and rub her smarting bottom, she is in for a spanking and a visit from the slipper to her pyjama clad bare bottom ensuring her shameful behaviour is fully punished! After a day like this I don’t think Wynter would dare come home drunk again after school! I have to say the PJ scenes of Wynter are fantastic as you’ll see below, there’s something about a girl being spanked over her cotton PJ bottoms then being told to remove them with her bare arse stuck there – it almost seems wrong, but that’s the point of it, right? Her shame and humiliation is complete when this added slippering reminds her of what she had done earlier – and in the sanctity of her bedroom too!



You can see loads more specialist pyjama down punishments and plenty of spanking slippering and caning punishments from NorthernSpanking HERE


& another girl I haven’t seen for a little while but she is stunning, I just replayed some of her films… *sigh* Do you remember Chervana who was sent to the Birchrod Inn at Spanked-in-Uniform.com in her gorgeous maid’s outfit? Click the image below for a quick reminder, her update is towards the end of that post! (mmm!)

Wasn’t that simply stunning? Well, I have news for you, she is now in the familiar pink air hostess uniform of Air Europe and starred in one of my fave episodes called “Nuts!” – and I can tell you’ll go “nuts” for her as I have when you check out some of the images below of her punishment at the hands of Mr Johnson!

In this episode Chervana explained what happened to her. It was a painful day for her bottom. She had a party so she decided to take a box of nuts from the airplane’s serving cabin but was caught. Mr Johnson gave her a good hard bare bottom spanking for that but worse was to come! That afternoon on a later flight she was working on, the little madam got hungry so she decided to take MORE nuts and was caught again by Mr Johnson who this time promptly marched her up to his office when the plane returned to base and gave her a sound OTK thrashing with the carpet beater like her dear mother used to give her. To make sure this pouting minx really had learnt her lesson he gave her six of the best with the cane and sent her packing where we could clearly see the damage done to Chervana’s booty-botty!





I am so looking forward to seeing MORE of Chervana very soon – CLICK HERE


Right, the reason I have picked this below is because I find it inspiring, I know our cam guys have purchased special filters and want to test them out on a dream sequence movie… anyway, here is a perfect example of how to do it! It’s from a site I haven’t covered in a while, and I should be as this is one of the most overlooked spanking sites in my opinion, I reckon, and that is the original Bars-and-Stripes.com – the female punishment site that covers the correctional institute for wayward madams, whether it’s in their cells, in the Warden or Governor’s Office, hell, even in their specialist punishment dungeon for the naughtiest brats there and of course just about every well known gorgeous UK spanking star has “Done Time” there with the officers and Matron… like Amelia Jane Rutherford, for example. The clip I have for you below is a little different, as she struggles to get to sleep in her punishment cage after her latest thrashing, we see her dream… or is it a nightmare unfold? I love the dream sequence in this film, it gives the editor something to get arty about and of course it doesn’t detract from the fact that we are seeing a butt naked Ms Rutherford spanked too! Click image below for the free clip and I have also cut you some image grabs throughout the full movie!





The FULL movie of Amelia in her dream along with her many other unique punishment films at this website can be seen HERE and I highly recommend it, but if you are still not convinced just how good this site actually is, then you might want to check out something a little more traditional from Bars-and-Stripes.com – Hmmm, how about a verbal lashing from Prison Officer Lewis for a very uppity Sasha Harvey who thought being assigned Laundry Duty was too demaning for her! Oh dear! Click on image below which leads to a long play streaming clip of her OTK spanking!

More movies of naughty girls at this prison reformatory can be seen HERE


The following film is one I’ve always liked & when you check out the screen grabs from this movie you’ll appreciate that this movie is well worth a peek as 3 girls in their Blue Gingham Dresses are spanked and strapped by Miss Smith. Images below will give red blooded gentlemen “wood” – so please be warned! :D

See the screen grabs from the movie and the final large pic is a sample HQ Stills image which members will also be able to download too!





As you can see this movie has the girls showing no shame which is why Miss Smith had to thrash them all that much harder! I can tell you viewing this wasn’t the only thing that ended up “hard” so be warned, it may not contain caning scenes, but I forgot all about that when I watched it again… there were many other naughty distractions!!!

If you’re interested you can see the FULL Movie HERE

Click image below for another way to view this movie too!

It’s late here in England and we’re expecting what is left of Hurricane Katia to dump an obscene amount of rain wind and such you’d expect from such vicious uncaring weather systems that grow to 500 miles wide across the Atlantic… just plotting on how to wreck our tiny island nation within the next day or 2 – great! Now it’s OUR turn *groan*

“NATURE! DAMN YOU!” *pointlessly shakes fist skywards*