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Spanking Chessie Kay

Here’s a fun recap of a spanking (cum) porn star from the Uk I like a lot… I have done some fantastic custom shoots with her in the not too distant past and she has also appeared at AAA Spanking and POV Spanking (and I will recap that another time) but I wanted to focus on one site she brought some naughtiness and fun to… which is usually quite austere… & that is Bars-and-Stripes.com – the infamous girls prison spanking site that follows them from their intake to the various punishments, spankings and beatings that goes on behind closed doors and in the cells. Being an all girl prison, lesbianism is often rife, or girls have nothing to do but think about their freedom, I like the dream sequences that they come up with too… anyway, let’s focus on Chessie’s progress from the day she arrived to where she is now – still incarcerated at Bars-and-Stripes.com

Chessie’s intake

Chessie Kay

New inmate Chessie Kay arrived at the prison. She has been sentenced to 18 months for soliciting. Officer Dodge was in charge of her intake and he soon had the cheeky little madam over his desk spanking her when she wouldn’t co-operate properly. Soon after he ordered Chessie to change into her new prison tunic and then she received the rest of her punishment. She tried everything to seduce him to avoid his painful hand but she only ended up getting more hard spankings on her ever so inviting, spankable ass!

chessie_intake - 15 chessie_intake - 19 chessie_intake - 25 inmate spanking chessie_intake - 34 asking for a spanking chessie_intake - 67 chessie_intake - 88 chessie_intake - 86 chessie_intake - 91

Chessie’s Good Intentions

Cood Intentions - 007

New inmate, Chessie, was later summoned to the Governor’s office but when he got there the little madam was bent over the desk, bottom bare, fantasizing about being spanked again! He decided to oblige her and gave her a good spanking but he soon realized that she really enjoyed having her bottom spanked and this wasn’t really a punishment! (Good viewing for us, though!)

Cood Intentions - 051 Cood Intentions - 087 Cood Intentions - 066 spanking intentions_scr5 intentions_scr6 red bottom well spanked

What goes on in the cells is just as naughty… I am actually wondering if she was the naughtiest slut to ever visit this prison, she’d have to be right up there with the best of the bad girls! (Which appeals to my perv loving nature).

Officer Zoe Page & Chessie’s Playtime!

You may have seen this already, but I’ll show it again as part of her ongoing story…

ass pussy and spankings

Officer Zoe Page caught inmate Chessie masturbating openly and provocatively in her cell and chanced some intimate playtime for her own amusement. Zoe decided to play some naughty games with her which involved spanking Chessie’s sexy pert bottom and paddling her cheeks red while she made Chessie play with herself. This was a lot of naughty private fun which they kept their secret!

playtime_001 forced to cum fingered and spanked spanked in panties girl on girl spanking playtime_scr4 spanking and wanking

Stinging Seduction


The Governer decided to pay inmate Chessie Kay a visit to see if she was behaving herself. The little madam decided to try and flirt with him and she acted like a little slut to try and get out of the spanking she knew was coming. No such luck, of course. Her bottom got exactly what it deserved and this wasn’t playtime!

sting_seduct2 sting_seduct3 otk hand spanking sting_seduct5 hand spanking stinging_seduct_scr5

Hmmm, I am getting a theme here that Chessie is a bit of a slut (LOL) – well, the latest update pretty much confirms our worst (or best depending on how you see this) suspicions as she is STILL brazen and defiant. This girl can’t keep her fingers away from that wet aching pussy of hers! Check out the very latest in this ongoing story…

Chessie’s Silent Desires

spanking and paddling

This latest 22 minute long video features the lovely and incredibly sexy Chessie Kay who masturbates and orgasms while fantasizing about different Officers and implements used on her bare bottom as she imagines them turning her luscious little bum a fiery red.

Silent Desires - 31 masturbating otk spanking Silent Desires - 66 Silent Desires - 24 Silent Desires - 25 paddling Silent Desires - 25a




You can follow all the going on of Chessie Kay at her well followed Twitter feed HERE

Spanking Biz Updates

Just a selection of some outstanding updates for y’all today. This is my way of catching up a little and it covers a lot of what is currently being watched and downloaded by members of the respective sites I am featuring here… let’s check out what is out there in the wonderful kinky world of spanking – which is why you’re here, right?

Syrena is Embarrassed & Spanked –  RealSpankingsInstitute.com


The Dean left Syrena in a specific position, which she had now gotten out of because she was embarrassed to be like that on full display. The Dean quickly put an end to that, and instructed her to bend over and spread her cheeks and wait. When he finally returned, Syrena was taken OTK and spanked hard on her bare bottom. She was then left in time out, just as exposed as before but with more on display plus a very sore red bottom!

13191_007 13191_008 13191_011 13191_015 13191_024 13191_026 13191_042 13191_059 13191_061 13191_077

Check out this awesome new lesson in humiliation & Spanking HERE


This site is part of the RS Network – multiple sites for a fraction of the cost…

Real Spankings Pass


Return to the Manor (A helping hand) SpankingSarah.com


This is another episode in our amazing spanking soap Unladylike Manor. These are the poverty years and the inhabitants of the manor have to earn money the best way they can, Lola is the new maid, fresh from prison she earns money the only way she knows how but in this film we see her repentance and penance at the hands of mad preacher Lord Stern. A  spanking good addition to the series

npp7211004 npp7211007 npp7211010 npp7211012 npp7211015 npp7211018 npp7211020 npp7211021 npp7211023 npp7211024

Check out sexy naughty Lola Marie & her archived content HERE

Spanking Sarah


A love rekindled (Joelle Barros & Bianca Rose) – Punishedbrats.com


It has been several months since Joelle sent Bianca packing during a snow storm. She has regretted that ever since. She felt that her book and life were now incomplete. Against the advice of Audrey, her editor, Joelle departed New York for the secluded house in the woods. Upon encountering the lovely red head in town one night, they resumed their passionate and combustible relationship. After spending the night together, Bianca asked if Joelle would spank her. She hoped that this would absolve her of the guilt she has carried since that snowy day several months ago and this would show that Joelle still loved her. Once Joelle finished punishing her lover, she led Bianca to the corner by the bed where she could admire her handiwork and satisfy her carnal desires.

love1-5 love1-7 love1-8 love2-1 love2-3 love1-4 love2-8 love2-6

Check out this hot film, part of a really cool series these girls made together! Click HERE

Punished brats


A really HOT update next from NorthernSpanking.com – this is how you do a “cheer girl and female coach” film. (Honestly the only other site that really gets this uniform niche along with myself and Sarah!) – man… Alex Reynolds is smoking in this and new girl Nuna in that dark cheergirl outfit looks adorable (especially panties down) when the punishment begins! Well done Alex & Paul… I loved this!

Nuna is a promising young cheerleader attending her first convention. Excited at being away from home and no doubt encouraged by others, Nuna consumed alcohol the night before a qualifying round and woke with a hangover. That was far from her only problem; Coach Reynolds had heard all about it. Coach Reynolds had a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, and a huge wooden paddle…

Click here to see more cheer style films and new girl Nuna’s debut film


A new long play series called “Bad Plumber” has just started and it looks.. um, sexy 🙂
This film is courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl.com

002 (2) 003 005 (1) 006 (1) 008 009 (1) 010 (1) 013 (1) 014 015 (2) 016 (2)

Amelea Dark is a plumber with no answers, though she blames Angela Sommers because her pipes are old. In the first episode of this series, Angela spanks Amela right in her kitchen for doing the bad job. But when Amelea threatens to tell Angela’s landlord about the bad pipes, the blonde beauty finds herself over Amelea’s knee.

Click HERE to download this latest hot spanking film

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Finally… Not the most recent, but I am catching up with Bars and Stripes and I missed this one – but oh my… that Chessie Kay is such a naughty girl, isn’t she? I know Officer Zoe page would have enjoyed a bit of playtime with her too! The “Screws” in this prison are bored too!

playtime_001 playtime_005 playtime_scr1 playtime_003 playtime_004 playtime_007

Officer Zoe Page caught inmate Chessie playing with herself and being a naughty girl. Zoe decided to play some naughty games with her which involved spanking her delightful tight little bum and paddling Chessie while she played with herself. They both ended up having a lot of private naughty fun that both need sometimes!

playtime_scr2 playtime_scr3 playtime_008 playtime_scr5 playtime_scr6

Prisoners and guards, Punishments and Discipline – Check out the new look site HERE



Before I go… I know those in the southern hemisphere are laughing at us poor people stuck up here facing the looming winter (well, okay… those in Texas, Nevada, California & Florida etc might disagree) but please enjoy the LAST of what was Summer here up north… and ENJOY the rather gratuitous booty shots in Calvin Harris’ “Summer” video – I approve. Play it loud and watch your spanking vids! 🙂

Spanking BB Housemate Harry Amelia

Young Glamour Model, Harry Amelia, recently was one of the latest evictees from the Big Brother House on the annual reality TV show in the UK. I wasn’t aware that it still had a big following in this country but I was wrong and it is watched on the national (free to view) Channel 5 network – it is still popular with those who love this style of show. It could be watched online so when I checked Harry’s Twitter Feed HERE – I and my colleagues were shocked to learn that Harry had entered the Big Brother House as a contestant. I won’t bore you with any more detail… I have provided a link to the show’s main website and you can navigate around it but I’m sure you are all familiar with the format as I do remember it being global at one point.


Now it just happens that Harry isn’t shy and she knows what work she has or hasn’t done… after all, many evenings you will be able to see her appearing on shows such as the adult “Babestation” and similar… so rather than hold onto this content for another year or more, a video she co starred in alongside the very lovely but ever so naughty Chessie Kay (if you have forgotten her already…) she has made some excellent films for AAA and appears at other sites… I love this girl too! Yes, she might do regular porn, but she also LOVES to be spanked. A girl after my own (spanko) heart!

cheer005 cheer006

Charming ladies! Harry Amelia (left) & Chessie Kay (right)

The video is called “Catholic Cheerleader Spankings” and has been released at AAA Spanking as an additional FULL Film bonus this week. meaning there is still a NEW film to come out as well! Once I have given you a background to this you might wonder if she has done more work – I have some information which should help you if you’d like to see this hot Brunette in more spanking film releases. This was the only actual film Harry did for AAA so let’s make the most of a (rare) appearance of Harry filmed on a spanking site! From what I can remember, I think this was filmed in 2013.


This is a special full film bonus update we love bringing to you from time to time. It would appear one of the “Cheerleaders for Christ” featured here had been moonlighting away from the good cause for the Catholic Church! Harry Amelia was recently evicted from the Big Brother House Reality TV Show in the UK (which we were sad about). Some of the AAA team had followed her exploits online and she was a great housemate that we supported. However, this site is an international one and so many of our members may not have been familiar with her or that this TV show was still going after so many years. So to her detractors, perhaps they would like to see her taken down a peg or two… and this film could certainly help. We are sure she won’t mind! She is a true kinkster after all. You will see her spanked on her bare bottom, alongside fellow cheer girl Chessie Kay. They both got a hand spanking over the knee, in turn and in front of each other (for added humiliation) by Father Michael. It was a no nonsense short, sharp shock hand spanking punishment given as a last resort.

Chessie Kay OTK cheerleader otk spanking panties pulled down spanking cath_cheerleaders05 cath_cheerleaders06 cath_cheerleaders07 harry amelia spanking cath_cheerleaders09 cath_cheerleaders10 cath_cheerleaders11 cath_cheerleaders12 cath_cheerleaders13 harry amelia sore red bottom spanking cheerleader Harry Amelia cath_cheerleaders16 cath_cheerleaders17 cath_cheerleaders18 cath_cheerleaders19 spanking asses

Check out the free play clip (below) taken from this movie (it’s lower res but you’ll get to see what it is about)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41957″]

Access the full film in full HD1080 at AAAspanking.com

aaa spanking

This will also be available as a one time download option from the Clips Store


Some other sites you might find Harry Amelia in are below – most notably as a twosome with Chessie Kay (again) and working alongside Michael Stamp at some of the Xerotics sites. I’m aware they aren’t everyone’s favorite but Harry did appear here in about 10 or so films and you would do well to find the majority of them via the 4 Site SpankPass – if you haven’t been here for a few years it’s most probably worth it! & I am guessing they will also be available in some form or other at HDspank in their highest resolution. It’s hard to say what is at most of the sites as they never update their front page covers but I do know that there is a good amount of films (as I said) from Harry & Chessie together via the Spankpass Network option for sure. Some images taken from the films are below:

film01a film02a film03a Harry Amelia spanks Chessie Kay film04b film05a thrashing schoolgirl butts schoolgirl spanking spanked in the cellar secretary spankings film10a film10b




Finally there are a couple of spank castings Harry did for Redstripe Films – from what I learned she actually wasn’t that well that day, in fact, very unwell as she had meningitis or something equally sinister and went to the hospital – of course she is okay now but one can only imagine how she must have felt and suffered even more so on her very first spanking audition in the 2 films (below):

Harry Amelia at Redstripe Films – rather than put up loads more images I found the galleries promoting the website which have a ton of pictures for you all… just click on the image to see the full free gallery page.

harry amelia OTK spanking Harry Amelia leather paddle


Have a good one! TTYL!

BB HarryAmelia

Another Fantastic Wheelbarrow Spanking

Members at AAA Spanking have a treat when they next log in as the full 12 minute HD video of Chessie Kay’s 1st ever wheelbarrow spanking experience is now available along with a HQ Stills gallery and the HD video screen shot gallery too. Quite an impressive mid week update, one of 3 a week at the site… this video is also available as a one time download option in 3 formats of the same HD quality HERE

You may remember Chessie previously perved on by fellow Girl guide Zoe Page
Click image below to access the free video image gallery of this naughty film

Chessie Kay is spanked and punished by Zoe Page



Chessie is a very busy girl and I’m happy to say that she likes the spanking work that she does (she is naturally submissive in real life though you’d never guess from her increasing credits in the porn world). It’s very different to her porn acting and such… before I show you a fun example of her work… there’s a cool interview of her I found, she is exactly like this in real life… full of the joys of life right now – SEE THE INTERVIEW HERE – Okay, take this example which I found on Youtube which made me giggle… I might just have to see how this ends up as she is “The Sperminator” (uh oh… I see where this is heading) sent back from the future (hmmm, lol!)

Youtube preview of “The Sperminator”

Chessie has appeared at a growing number of established European Porn houses, as well as her regular spots on various TV/Internet Shows in the UK… she has also dabbled in spanking several times which I’d like to think was all my fault as I got her into appearing as a spanking model in the 1st place away from her more established roles as a hot up and cumming porn star and so here she is in the latest sexy spanking video from AAAspanking.com doing something she never would have dreamed of a year ago and making one of the hottest, intimate spanking films in the process! It was also a first for Michael Stamp who had never tried this before… I am wondering if he now does this with his wife, Zoe page at home nowadays? (LOL)

Michael & Chessie make their 1st Wheelbarrow Spanking Film together

Wheelbarrow Spanking

I got Chessie to dress up as a hot cheerleader (well, why not?) There is no story to this, the 12 minute video opens with Chessie already in the position and waiting to take her spanking. Michael has a few implements perfect for this position… and this isn’t a light spanking at all, she takes quite a punishing session with the small leather paddle and bathbrush, the perfect implement of choice for the most stinging effects which you really don’t have to do much with in this position. Anyone who argues differently hasn’t tried it and received the bathbrush when your butt cheeks are more taut and exposed as well as the inner part of the tenderest cheeks (or sweet/sit spots) which are not easily accessible, can be agony if smacked too hard which takes little effort from the brush! Trust me, this was a HOT spanking, there were 3 cam angles to catch it all so nothing was missed from Chessie’s facial expressions to the reddening of her cheeks and her vulnerability, all fully exposed and caught on camera.

Chessie Kay

Check out the images below taken from the film – followed by the official explanation of this latest update for your understanding.

assuming the wheelbarrow position ass on display spankings spanking butt cheeks leather paddle OTK cheerleader spanking revealing spank position spanked OTK wheelbarrow spanking of Chessie hand spankings shamed and embarrassed

Chessie appeared in this revealing & intimate position as she took her first ever “Wheelbarrow Spanking”. This is your chance to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films to date with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 12 minute ordeal in this awkward position with some great close up facial reactions. You will not miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouble! Chessie grabbed hold of her Teddy Bear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – She got a harder than expected hand spanking and also received a leather paddling and some very stinging strokes of the dreaded Bathbrush (which was ideal and perfect for accuracy in this position!) Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular wheelbarrow films to date – out now in full HD!

See Chessie get spanked in the wheelbarrow position

and I have a special long play feature from SpankingTube as well, which was uploaded, so you can view this in more detail (I apologize in advance for Mobile device users as Flash is used so may not show on them).

You can also view a short HD1080 WMV clip of this spanking from the tour pages HERE

Well done, Chessie… she made it – Welcome to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club!

Chessie makes it through her 1st wheelbarrow spanking

click here for AAA Spanking access special offer at AAA Spanking

This film is available as a One Time Download at The Clips Store

Download the full HD film at the AAA Clips Store here

aaa spanking clip store


cats love Triple A too!


Don’t forget if you’re attending the Lone Star Spanking Party – full details below!

How Texans deal with Ebola

How Texans fight Ebola! Don’t mess with Texas! 🙂

Lone Star Spanking Party

Updates for your Weekend

freezing cold weather brrrr

The 1st of 2 multi site posts for you this weekend period. Just so you know, I have been in America for some time and still can not get used to how cold it is here in New England. I have always said snow is for ski resorts only… I used to work in them in my youth and loved the snow back then as it got used for our purposes for pleasure. I find no pleasure, not do my fellow neighbors here, from what I have learned so far… think about the current snowfalls and expected storms coming again this weekend. To me, it serves no other purpose than to piss off the population, shoveling it, re-shoveling, slipping over on icy patches or finding it hazardous to drive in. That’s no way to go about one’s business. I made a joke that it was always 50f temperature in England (year round… winter or summer). how I wish I was basking in the relatively mild temperature of 50f right now when today’s daytime max temperature is just 18f… and feeling like -1 (there’s a minus in Farenheit?) God knows what silly temperature that is in Celcius, I’d rather not know. (I actually just Googled it…) and it’s feeling like -19c !!! OMG…. brrrrr!

OK, the good news is that Sarah can warm me up… and here are some equally warming spanking updates to kickstart your weekend wherever you may be!

In the warmer climes of Los Angeles… many girls are often sourced from LA’s famous Sanctuary LAX Dungeon, so the girls know what is expected if attending a “spanking shoot” – so there are 2 great debuts for working girls Bunny & Luna… appropriately at Spankedcallgirls.com – no acting required for this one, just turn up, get bitchy, steal clients, be difficult to control and you’ll get a spanking in no time!

Bettie Teaches Luna & Bunny How to be Call Girls

01 03 04 06 07 08 09 10 paddling 12 13 14

Pro Domme Bettie Bondage instructs new girls Bunny and Luna how to be successful call girls. Since they can’t even walk in heels, Bettie has her work cut out for her. So she uses spanking as a great motivator. All 3 ladies work at the Sanctuary LAX dungeon, and Bunny and Luna make their spanking shoot debuts in this scene.



Another film out now to view from this network of sites features a great pairing, I have worked with one of them (Maddy) who is great and judging from what I saw of this film… Jenna complimented Maddy perfectly so well done to the casting team!

Jenna Rose & Maddy Marks explore limits at SpankingSororityGirls.com

002 004 005 008 otk spanking 011 013 016

Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose are pledge candidates at the sorority. While they await the tour, they begin talking about the punishments that might await them. They decide to explore their limits and here is where Jenna Rose takes the hardest spanking she ever got, including a whack or two with the large wooden pledge paddle. She was speckled and bruised and the two ladies decided not to join, instead running away!

001 004 005 007 010 012 fraternity paddle 014 015

See the full double film unique to SpankingSororityGirls.com

Both these sites can be viewed as part of the ClareFondaPass.com network

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


A great new longplay film is developing at NorthernSpanking.com with principal top characters Miss Chris & Stephen Lewis in a cross Atlantic “Wager” with their respective hired helps, Jenni Mack (for Chris) and Aleesha Fox (for Stephen)… it’s a delightful film with some stunning images to compliment it, check it out do far  (below)

VIDNSI113001-005 VIDNSI113001-020 VIDNSI113001-026 VIDNSI113001-031 VIDNSI113001-041 VIDNSI113001-050 VIDNSI113001-049 VIDNSI113001-051

Stephen and Chris seem to have altogether too much domestic help. The help is, however, not very helpful when it comes in the form of Aleesha and Jenni. Pretty, but lazy and in need of discipline. This gives rise to a domestic challenge: who can most improve the girls performance via a sore, smacked bottom? There are several surprises in store for Stephen and Chris however as the girls seem to take their punishment rather too well…

VIDNSI113002-003 VIDNSI113002-005 VIDNSI113002-006 VIDNSI113002-007 VIDNSI113002-014 VIDNSI113002-025 VIDNSI113002-015 VIDNSI113002-030

See MORE of this latest film HERE


The next film is something sweet and why I love Sarah so… she made Justin’s dream come true by allowing him to explore his new found love for switching from a bottom to a top – in this film with Alex, who was only too happy to help (as they are all friends). Justin helps film a lot of Sarah’s content, so it is nice to see him in such a role on the other side of the camera! Just look at his broad smile!!!

From Bottom to Top

0193_bottom_to_top_gal-004 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-005 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-008 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-009 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-012 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-014 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-016 0193_bottom_to_top_gal-017

Justin is Sarah’s submissive and has been learning a bit about the topping world. He is actually quite good at giving a spanking and asked to try it on camera, so who better to help him than spankee of the year, Alex Reynolds. This is a short video of a bottom who has been learning to top with some coaching from Alex and Sarah. A very sweet real life moment.

See the full HD film at SpankingSarahGregory.com


At SpankingServer.com next – Schoolgirl Bella gets an embarrassing medical examination from Peter before she is then spanked over the knee of another medical professional, played by Heidi… in a short sharp shock spanking – one of the many typical films they now update, and in English too (hoorah!) Images below are taken directly from the short spanking film:

bella01 bella02 bella03 bella04 bella05 bella06 bella07 bella08 bella09 bella10 bella11 bella12

See the full HD film of Bella’s punishment HERE


The latest film out now is a girl I know very well… I helped introduce her to the UK spanking scene, after all – and we did a lot of private work and custom videos together before filming for other UK websites as well as AAA 🙂
Welcome Chessie Kay this time to Bars and Stripes in her induction “Intake video” now showing at the site… she has one of the perkiest tightest behinds in the UK!

chessie_intake - 19  chessie_intake - 15 chessie_intake - 25 chessie_intake - 27

New inmate Chessie Kay arrives at the prison. She has been sentenced to 18 months for soliciting. Officer Dodge is in charge of her intake and he soon has the cheeky little madam over his desk spanking her cute tight little behind.

chessie_intake1 chessie_intake2 chessie_intake3 chessie_intake4 chessie_intake5 chessie_intake6

Chessie is one of dozens of naughty inmates given a good hard bare bottom correctional form of discipline for ladies who lost the privilege of their own freedom because they have been sent to this facility to serve out the remainder of their time behind bars. CLICK HERE


From FirmHandSpanking.com comes this recent addition with yet another offering of Kat St James and Samantha Woodley in the “Brotherly Love” series. Kat is given a hard soapy sud spanking in the bath tub as Samantha is made to watch! The girls are looking as beautiful as ever, and of course both have long retired from The Scene so it is nice to see them looking like they filmed this only yesterday!

Nude bath-tub spanking for Katherine St James finale sets buns bouncing

brotherly_zb002 brotherly_zb003 brotherly_zb006 brotherly_zb007 brotherly_zb009 brotherly_zb012 brotherly_zb014 brotherly_zb017 brotherly_zb023 brotherly_zb024

Two naked girls, lots of suds, a blistering, wet spanking: it’s the bath-time finale of Katherine St James and Samantha Woodley planning to run away to New York in Brotherly Love. Bouncing bare butt spanked crimson in slow-mo: enjoy to the end!

To see a free clip of this film – CLICK HERE


Finally today. a special bonus feature from the AAA Clips Store – a real treat for lovers of Face Sitting and Spanking, poking fun at the draconian new rules from the UK! In a fun film called “In Your Face!” we see how ridiculous the new laws are made to look when a light hearted approach to the face sitting dilemma is mixed with spanking and curiosity about exactly what this “banned” kink is all about! It won’t be released at AAA’s main site for some time and is the 1st of many special very early previews that help make the store one of the top in its’ niche by providing customers with unseen clips. below are some images from the film starring Lola Marie – this exclusive film will be the 1st of many to appear over the next few months!

face01 face02 face03 face04 face05 face06 face07

Lola Marie and Dodgy Dave are out in the garden enjoying the sunshine but they are also there to have some fun as Dave loves Lola to carry out some serious Face Sitting “play” – John catches them both at it and is shocked that Dave would allow her to do such a thing. John is intrigued by what he saw, but he prefers to spank his ladies and tells Lola she will get a spanking from him right there. She agrees but only if she’ll help enlighten his narrow views on what he had just witnessed and she promised him that she would ensure he’s enjoy it with a special treat! So John agreed and was rather excited at the thought of what she’d do after he had spanked her bare bottom. The treat was what she she would do with her breasts but you would have to see that and poor John receiving his first ever face sitting experience! Surely someone in the UK should ban this wondrous filth? In your Face!!!

A fun consensual facesitting & spanking film from US owned & operated Triple A with a delightfully naughty British streak!

face08 face09 face10 face11

Click HERE for this exclusive film only available at the AAA Store



Feature on Chessie Kay


I’m not sure if this is an English girl many of you are familiar with… however, she is a rather (new-ish) performer/actress whose talents you’d expect to lie elsewhere. Chessie is a hard core porn model based in England and as well as being a regular on Adult TV shows produced in this country… she does varying fetish work too which is where we fit in.

chessie008Chessie meets girl guide, Zoe, for the first time

I’ve met her several times now and she is as bubbly and fun as you’d expect her to be from her online cam persona. Some girls are reserved off cam, or quiet, but not Chessie (lol) – She’s certainly not shy and I don’t think that much fazes her. I had one person ask me if she did spanking for the paycheck… I can most certainly say “no”. Of course she’s not going to film for free, she’s a busy girl… but she gets what we do and she is into spanking. It makes it so much easier to work and produce content with people that know what to expect. I have had issues in the past so try to avoid using what I’d describe as “Adult” stars… Chessie admitted that she gets spanked in her homelife and is naturally submissive. members of my site will be aware that there is a new film and it is a F/F spanking with Zoe Page in the hot bully role that she makes her own.

chessie016Oops… Zoe has Chessie topless and feeling vulnerable in no time!

I always encourage Zoe to camp it up and she exceeded herself this time… oh my! We did a purely fantasy related film where Zoe is the dyky Girl Guide who accepts girls into her little gang (or clique) by way of a ritual or hazing. In this case… Chessie is no stranger to being spanked and desperately wants to join the gang and the girls have told her Zoe is calculating and mean and will no doubt find ways she never though about to humiliate her. But Chessie is ready and wants to try… good job, as that is the film. I have to say, Zoe has new found body confidence too (she looked stunning in this) and of course the girl guide uniforms are a personal favorite of mine, it’s always nice to get them out 🙂

chessie057Chessie thought Zoe could be nice but she could also be incredibly bullying!

I have also included a longer than usual free Hd clip for you to check out on the website, it’s in WMV format and please do try to save it first, you’ll get a better viewing experience. I will include it here too, but the HTML5 viewer doesn’t always work in every browser but I’m working on that (works best in Chrome and does work on mobile devices too!)


Images below are from the film “Chessie’s Initiation” – think that is self explanitory 🙂

chessie025 chessie035 chessie048 chessie064 chessie071 chessie086 chessie094 chessie098 chessie114 chessie118 chessie128 chessie138 chessie144 chessie153

Imagine a world of sheer fantasy where predatory Girl Guide, Zoe Page, was ensuring only the most popular girls could be in her little gang… and to be in or out of that clique was important to impressionable young girls like Chessie Kay… She was desperate to join and knew of Zoe’s fearsome reputation, but was willing to undergo what some might say were lesbian powerplay hazing rituals. Chessie was no stranger to being spanked and was always in trouble at school, fresh from a recent spanking she waited with anticipation. Why did the girls accept Zoe’s Hazing Rituals? It was a badge they couldn’t put on their arms and all the cool girls wanted to be in this clique! Zoe was into the powerplay and enjoyed spanking, groping and checking out the “new meat” for her little band of delinquents! Either way, this makes for a very naughty girl on girl spanking film with Zoe using her hand and a wicked looking riding crop, one of her favorites, to excellent effect! This is Chessie’s stunning debut to the site – and what a naughty first film she finds herself in! Watch out for the amusing scene at the end where Chessie gets tongue tied and shy… which is very unusual for her!

View the HD download HERE if unable to view (above)

You might also be aware that there is a Special Trial Offer which gets you access tot eh site for under $15! It’s to celebrate just over 4 years of the site being online and to those that might want to try the site out it’s an excellent chance, 5 days access and a really low rebill rate if you stay. Or check out the usually hot longer term memberships for great value and rewarding those who stay long term!


If you only want to watch the odd film then this full length version is already up at the Clips Store for your convenience as well. Check it out and all the other films which you might see there is also ANOTHER special Chessie film released ahead of the main site. I will be doing more of that and also putting up some wholly exclusive films there too! OK… remember I said that Chessie wasn’t shy? Well, she knew all about our little “Wheelbarrow Club” which was so expertly phrased by Katie Brown when she tried it out (see Katie’s film below – click the image)

Katie’s Wheelbarrow experience


Back to Chessie… on a private shoot we did a few months back, she mentioned that she wanted to try it out. I wasn’t going to ask her as I thought it was too obvious but Chessie really wanted to do it and so I relented and said this would go on AAA to which she was excited about… so I set up 3 camera angles as the studio we were in had far more access and opportunity for better lighting for the 2 cams on tripods and using one for some “arty” side shots trying to catch her long legs draped over Michael who had the hard task of carrying out this duty! This was also one of the longer wheelbarrow films we made and poor Chessie took some wood on her bare behind too… the bathbrush (especially) in this position is devastating…it doesn’t require much at all and can be placed exactly where you want it each and every time! Michael soon caught on, and the gasps and facial reaction caught on cam 3 said it all! I have a few images below and the descriptor of the film taken from the clips store. I didn’t look on my schedule for AAA, but I think it is due in around 5 weeks… so check this out early, it’s in HD1080 and the image quality is pretty awesome too…. definitely one of the best WB films we have made and I know how popular these are on the Clips Store (as I think 3 out of the Top 5 were WB films!)

Chessie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

Images below are taken from the film – members will also get a HQ Stills gallery when this movie is available at the main site in due course.

wb001 wb002 wb003 wb004 wb008 wb005 wb006 wb007 wb009

Chessie makes a stunning debut in an early exclusive to our clips store as she appears in this revealing & intimate spanking position well over 6-7 weeks ahead of this film’s schedule at our main site! So be the first to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 11 minute ordeal in this position with some great facial reactions close up and you won’t miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouible! Chessie grabs hold of her teddybear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “AAA Wheelbarrow Club” – She gets a harder than expected hand spanking and also gets a leather paddling and some choice very stinging strokes of the dreaded bathbrush (which is superb for accuracy in this position!)

Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular WB films to date


Still United and Still Updating

keep-calm-we-re-still-the-united-kingdomWell… that was a tense evening I spent watching some of the votes coming in on the question of Scottish Independence… I went to bed late but knowing that when I woke up, barring a complete disaster for the “No” camp – I’d still be waking up in the UK… however, it was a reasonably close vote at 55% voting to stay in the UK and 45% wanting to go it alone. with a massive turnout, nearly 90% of those eligible to vote did so! Amazing!!! The larger majorities in the poorer areas of Glasgow and Dundee as a whole voted for independence but by and large the rest of Scotland continued to vote it down. Anyway, this has far reaching repercussions… as the English, myself included, are now thinking “what about us?” – I have stood by and watched the Scots get more and more power and devolution (whilst not being fully independent) and in a bizarre twist of events, the Scots can legislate and make some of their own laws already, but we English are subject to the Scottish govt members voting on, or helping to make policy with others on something south of the border which I am starting to find a little odd in light of what has happened. This has come to the attention of our Govt in Westminster who are debating what should be done and I’d expect the Welsh and Northern Irish to push for more autonomy whilst we are all within the umbrella that is the United Kingdom. Time will tell, but I feel a groundbreaking constitutional reform is on the cards – exciting times indeed!

& as promised though a little late, here is that naughty and wonderfully fun cheerleader update I was talking about last time. I very nearly couldn’t find the original images that I had taken, but eventually I found them… tsk! Thank goodness, as the images you are about to see are smaller versions of what members can download right now, a complimentary 80 image stills set based on the old principles of the Blushes magazine: I changed the colouring a bit and included black and white images to signify what one of the girls was thinking and imagining… all will become clear when you take a look at the images and the story that I made up for this stills set! It stars 2 new girls for me – Chessie Kay & Harry Amelia. In an awesome reto style cheer girl uniform out of the 1980’s that I got while I was in America.


Not much of a storyline to this, as it’s just a special bonus set of images which we enjoyed taking that are now being shown here. This was after we had made a special custom film for a client who insisted we use both girls together. It was a girl/girl movie and so John wanted in on the action afterwards (you know his fetish for cheerleader costumes!). In order to make it interesting we created a retro feel with the images with the style of an old spanking magazine that John loved (his favouraite is Blushes, it always has been). You will see the girls waiting for a discipline session for fighting in cheer practice… but brunette Harry was really fed up waiting next to blonde Chessie … and the girls soon started to fight again until John brokes it up! However, Harry imagined beating the hell out of John too, with the help of Chessie when he was lecturing them and promising both girls a more humiliating spanking in front of each other for fighting again. However, back to reality… it wasn’t happening – and both girls took their spanking in turn, in front of each other as he had promised… until both their bottoms were sore and visably glowing red! He left them alone for some cornertime which gives us a chance to see the beautiful markings of a well spanked bare bottom on each girl!

cheer005 cheer006

cheer010 cheer021 cheer024

cheer028 cheer030

Harry then imagines what it would be like to punch, kick and get Chessie to join in on beating me up!

cheer031 cheer032

cheer036 cheer040

But reality comes back all too soon for them both as I took them over my knee! Hoorah!

Harry was first as she was dragged over my knee for a spanking in front of a wide eyed Chessie!

cheer044 cheer048

cheer050 cheer056

Followed by Chessie who had to suffer the same fate, now watched by Harry!

cheer057 cheer072

cheer073 cheer076

Both girls are left to reflect in their corner time… it would appear they tried to soothe each other’s sore bottoms!


This update, along with the many that I have featured this week has made it another memorable week for members at AAAspanking.com – I hope you liked this little diversion as we head into the weekend! have a good one… I intend to!



This film is available as a FULL download at the AAA Clips Store

Joelle Barros at AAA Spanking & POV News

The latest hot spanking film is now available for members at AAAspanking.com and if you take a look at the images below, most of which are from the film itself (reduced in size) you will see just what a stunning French Maid Joelle makes in this upmarket tale of my preparations for an important dinner party… I trusted Joelle to get on with laying teh table and getting everything looking perfect… but she messes up so of course, there are consequences! This full film has a HD1080 version playable in MP4 whilst the standard HD is set at 1280×720 WMV (which is not shoddy either). The screen images you can view below are reduced in size to 1200×675, taken from the full HD version at 1920×1080

OK, enough of numbers… check out how awesomely cute Joelle looks as a French maid… I had to find ANY excuse to spank her in that, didn’t I?


Mr Osborne had a special evening meal planned for close friends and he left his trusted maid, Joelle Barros, to set the dining table with the finest silver, china and crystal dinner service. With time running out he came to check up on her progress and was far from impressed with her tardiness. Joelle was employed as his corporate “eye candy” and she was paid way more than normal maids because he got to punish her in his unique way when she did something wrong! It was part of her very special contract! Joelle’s eyes were raised in disbelief when he told her to assume the position over his knee for a short sharp shock OTK spanking on her bared bottom. He didn’t have much time but insisted that this would speed her up especially as he insisted that she’d continue preparing the table with her skirt hiked up in shame afterwards, the sooner she took her spanking the sooner her bottom would heal before the party guests arrived!

joellemaid003 joellemaid008

joellemaid023 joellemaid032 joellemaid035

joellemaid038 joellemaid045

joellemaid047 joellemaid055 joellemaid069

joellemaid071 joellemaid082


joellemaid094 joellemaid096 joellemaid099




There’s an interesting concept short film (in 1920×1080 HD MP4) at POVspanking.com which stars Chessie Kay making fun out of YOU – it’s from your perspective but read the storyline and try to get into this headspace if you can… if you like the idea, then I promise you that the film is worth downloading – there are no actual spankings done by YOU or given to YOU… but this is a provocative, confident highschool girl teasing you and there are threats, hints and even promises of spanking that you, as a younger awkward person… just embarking out on the road of discovery of kink and relationships… finds hard to comprehend… only you are excited beyond words!


This is a fantasy scenario of when you might once remember and imagine how socially challenged it was to be an awkward geeky 18 year old high school college boy… you always found excuses to hang around at your Uncle’s place after college had finished because your attractive and sexually active blonde cousin, Chessie, was a very naughty and alluring girl. You’ve thought about being with her more than once, you’ve thought what it must feel like to even spank her as she could be so infuriatingly confident and you wanted to take her down a peg or two!, You know she has spanked boys at school for fun. her butt is to for, so here we are… you walk into the kitchen and she is cleaning something on the floor, her tarty short school skirt has ridden up so much that her white cotton panties are on show! You feel yourself getting hard, your mind races with the sight of her in front of you until she catches you staring at her!
She is a little shocked but knows what horny boys like you want but you won’t get it that easy – if at all. She’s a real cock tease and makes fun out of you. She loves the power she can wield with her sexuality, you know it, you fear it… even hate that she can do this to you! You feel embarrassed that you were staring at her bum cheeks, then she invites you over for a closer look but she is only teasing! You feel foolish and your cheeks redden… she’s laughing at you, mocking you, calling you pathetic and even referring to your “tiny” manhood… “damn it, how did she know?” You feel angry now, you feel like you want to spank her, she even teases you to try and spank her, smacking her cheeks for you and then tells you that YOU must go over her knee instead. You’re excited and really confused… is this for real? You want to be near her but at what price? As your mind furiously races on whether you want to go over her gorgeous milky thighs, your cock is bursting… to hell with it, you WANT this, you want to have her spank you, you’ll probably cum inside your pants you’re that excited now.
But – Disaster! Your intransigence has pissed her off – she gets fed up with your time wasting and calls it a day! Ah… the folly of youth and missed chances! Re-live a moment like this when you were younger and wanted that girl you never could have – Goddamit, she was offering to spank you and you hesitated!!! “Next time”, you tell yourself… “it’ll be different” as you mumble and make your excuses and leave!

This short scene tries to recapture this description, the headspace, those thoughts and the sight of this sexually provocative girl offering something you had hesitated to take! Contains language of a suggestive nature, threats and promises of spanking, some scenes of self spanking and close up shots of Chessie’s oh so sexy white cotton school panties – all filmed from YOUR perspective – This version is 1920×1080 HD-MP4 playback,

makingfun001 makingfun003


makingfun005 makingfun006


makingfun008 makingfun009


makingfun011 makingfun012


makingfun014 makingfun015


See MORE POV style spankings & scenarios based on various themes HERE