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Spanking Memories while I’m away #2

I have done the same at my other blog HERE so there will be plenty of spanking materials, these are selected posts over the years that I think you’ll like reading about again… I will try to update you with news of my trip here on this blog when I can (please be advised customer support and anti piracy issues for my site continue as normal) do go check out my Twitter Account as I will post images and stuff there too!

Oh, and remember to send me filming suggestions for Casey Calvert and Sarah Gregory please (together, apart, naughty, kinky, CP, tears etc etc…) these girls will take what is given to them, heh heh – or else!


As I wait to bring you the news from NaughtyBottom.com featuring a fantastic movie package starring Debbie Fraser (one of my fave US brats that I ever had the fortune to spank… and more) – I thought I’d bring you some more updates of some of my fave sites that I’ve been lucky enough to be a member of over the years!

I often think these sites don’t need promoting, but, it would be criminal not to let you all know what’s available, like I’m keeping them secret or something, lol! So, the aptly named Punished Brats – home of Pixie (who I never seem to promote, God knows why, she’s gorgeous and I just LOVE, her facial expressions!)

Amber Pixie Wells

Check out the Home Page of Punished Brats for the free movie clips, I won’t host any here today, but I will let you view some cracking images from her latest movie below!


As you can see, Pixie can’t seem to stop sassing the fearsome Mr Windsor even during her punishment, but if she doesn’t quit, her spanking will never end!

click here

Below, get to see lucky David Pierson handle real brat Chloe Elise
(love that name, to us folk in the UK, it sounds trashy!)

see Chloe learn  


Chloe is finally learning about “patience” but it’s a bit late for her now to apologise
as you’ll see David just continues to spank harder!


click here

Finally from Punished Brats, some bonus pics of some cracking Hi Res images of more recent updates – you get the picture…frightening Veronica with the oh so cute Nyssa Nevers, Mr Windsor and Pierson dishing out their OTK punishments!

click here

click for MORE here


Finally, lucky Greg (aka the Mystery Spanker) from BunBeatingFun.com has an awesome update of a B-movie actress called Julian Wells.

click here

She hasn’t quite cracked Hollywood just yet, but she’s a doll and I gotta say I reviewed some of the films she’s starred in such as “An Erotic Werewolf in London” – you’ll get the drift, she’s also been the main star of movies like the Misty Mundae series, some of National Lampoon’s efforts and horror flicks.


OK, so the girl herself, from Greg’s film, shot at some seedy motel in New Jersey (as always) was a bit of a come down to the production sets she’s used to, so no guessing she gets a bit “uppity” which is when the punishment of this delightful madame begins!

Julian Wells

Uh-oh, the Chief decides to take a very cold shower watching her “devour” this banana! 😀


To see the FREE 10Mb Movie clip and 24 images from this latest film
click on the image of a crying Julian below! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

click here to view

To see ALL of this fantastic new update – CLICK HERE

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Here below is news on the NaughtyBottom Movie package

Once again, if you haven’t already, do NOT miss this fantastic PPV Movie Package which is out in US Dollar format and even cheaper (as are all movies featured here now) and it stars one of my all time fave girls Debbie Fraser from Connecticut, USA. Just over 6 years ago, she came over and got her amazing butt blistered in front of our cams and unfortunately, technology being what it was then, we hadn’t had the chance to upgrade some of the movies with her which were encoded on Real Player at 360kbs. So I had the dubious honour of finding my fave and the best movies we did with her and placed them into this one off payment Multi Movie Package. Now if some of you liked the Brazil package, you’ll know you got a lot of extra content and extra remastered goodies! Well, the same applies to these 4 movies! Click on the image below which will give you direct access to the movie tour page, there are 4 great promo clips and full movie explanations, which will let you know just what these movies are about!

click here to view more of Debbie

Debbie was a rare thing, she really had that “Girl Next Door” quality about her, and in a couple of movies she’s punished to tears, I have to say I love these movies, I was in a couple of them and I can remember whacking her lovely soft cheeks like it was yesterday, so to see these movies again remastered…oh wow! This girl really does take a very hard thrashing with the strap, even a leather flogger and the cane, which she absolutely hated, wait til you see the “Debbie’s Horse” and “Debbie’s Demise” movies and you’ll see her broken with the Rod!

click here

This is the umpteenth movie package out now at NaughtyBottom and I have no doubt it will become a best seller like the wonderful Brazil series! For your further perusal, I have made these 4 special galleries below available, they feature some never seen before images and the promo movie clips. You might want to view and (hopefully) purchase this amazing deal via these galleries as you may get to view the movies easier BELOW than the home page of NaughtyBottom.com as I’m sure the server will be busy with 1000s of people downloading the clips there!

Debbie's Appointment - click here Debbie's Discovery - click here

Debbie's Demise - click here Debbie's Horse - click here

So I present to you, Miss Debbie Fraser – Welcome to England…

She came, she saw, she snivelled & got thrashed – sent home days later with a very sore red bottom!

Debbie Fraser at NaughtyBottom


click here

Sunday Spankings

As the good people of the affected states of the eastern seaboard on North America start the big clean up after Sandy, and as power is slowly and finally being restored, I thought I’d cheer up the few fellow spankos over there with some typically American updates, many very recent, which (if they have power) they can now see.

Tomorrow is the official date for Guy Fawkes or “Bonfire Night” as we Brits burn effigies of Guy, the man who dared to blow up parliament with barrels of gunpowder. So we now find an excuse to burn anything heaped up and set off a ton of fireworks in honour of this infamous traitor… however, that is usually done at weekends so I have attended the usual local firework displays and such already… but I also did smile when I saw that although the race for The Whitehouse is hotting up and is really neck and neck, us Brits and most of the rest of the world clearly know who we’d want to win in various respected worldwide polls – Obama! I can’t think of anything worse than that ignorant, smarmy Romney winning… well, another superstorm, perhaps. So as I have now alienated half my north amecican readership… let’s move on with an image I took yesterday back from work as Autumn, or “The Fall” is well and truly under way here… (I didn’t crash my car taking the pic on my phone) and judging from recent news of killer fungus and airborne arboreal diseases, our beautiful woodlands of Ash and Oak may be decimated if what has happened in some European countries befalls our most striking tress (90% of the entire Ash tree population of Denmark have been wiped out and that killer fuingus is now found in some of our woodlands already with no known cure) it kind of reminds me when I was a kid and seeing all the magnificent Elm tress in the 1970’s being destroyed, once everywhere they are now an extremely rare tree in the UK, if found at all – so images like this on the way back from work should be enjoyed while I can 🙁

Right… on with my American Spanking Special!

Gorgeous girls spanked can always be found at FirmHandspanking.com and the current series with snooty spendthrift sisters, Beth and Carina Thompson is simply a winner, both girls have an amazing spankable ass, and they are such DESERVING brats that make this series all the better to watch! In the latest episode now available to view in full: Carina Thompson’s jiggling bottom turns crimson making it an an easy job for disciplinarian Patrick Bateman.  He bends the wealthy brat over and tans her hide with a ping pong bat to pay off $600 on her credit card in “Paid in Full”. She had already counted off her sister’s 60 swats. Now it’s her turn! (see images below)





 See a FREE preview of Carina’s punishment HERE

& For all the latest punishments of stunning girls check out teh banner below


Now for a bumper catch up from Punishedbrats.com as I haven’t featured them here for a while and so you get to see some of my fave spankees all in one go! I’ll start with stunning new girl, Marissa… who I hope will be back to film with them again soon if all her films I have seen so far (including this one) are anything to go by… simply divine!

From the new film: “Meeting the Brush”

Marisa may be married to David’s nephew, but she is having a hard time shaking her wild bachelorette habits. After staying out all night partying, she begrudgingly shows up in David’s office to discuss her behaviour. Much to her dismay, it’s time for Marisa to meet the family hairbrush! (It’s well used, by the way!!!)




Next up is Ten Amorette (who I have long had a thing for, especially those strong powerful legs and firm butt) and as you know I can’t film with her later this month as I already have other commitments, but you can be sure in 2013 I *will* be filming her come what may. Until then, check out this and her many films she has done with both David & Veronica, easily her best spanking work!

After receiving an embarrassing bare bottom spanking from her Aunt Veronica, Ten is made to endure a bit more punishment as she’s made to hold a penny to the wall with her nose during corner time.




Don’t miss any of ten’s great spanking films – Click HERE to see a FREE preview of “The Box”

& finally from this website today, a girl I have actually worked with and love to bits, the tall and leggy Joelle Barros who can take quite a disciplinary punishment as I remember well… and of course, talking to David, we both love her ability to take whatever punishment we could dish out, even if Joelle hates the hell out of a hairbrush!

A scene from “Nanny’s Lemonade” with Joelle over David’s knee

Joelle was enjoying a few special “lemonades” at the park with the other neighbourhood nannies while the children were on the playground. When David hears that she was drinking on the job, he uses the leather nanny paddle on the nanny! After enduring the nanny paddle, Joelle won’t even think of having another sip of alcohol on the job.




OMG! What can I say? Another 2Must see” film which you can see a sneak preview of HERE


& to finish off this quick update today, a look at 2 of the top sites from the Clare Fonda Network – a visit to Spanked Sweeties sees Lana Miller dishing out a hard OTK punishment in a fantastic all black spanking series of films with the beautiful slender Rihanna in her 1st online punishment introduction as she recalls the days when she would get punished at home by her Mom!





Rihanna is a new Nubian Goddess who was spanked by her mother and father growing up. Her mother is played by Lana Miller (a friend to Rihanna’s real mom). Rihanna enjoys a little light spanking play in her personal life, but she wasn’t prepared for the level of spanking Lana delivers for these re-enactments. Her skin turns red and she had trouble sitting long after the cameras stopped recording. This is her first ever spanking shoot!

See more of Rihanna’s 1st ever spanking shoot HERE


Meanwhile, as it was Halloween recently, My Spanking Room Mate had a series of films dedicated to girls thrashing each other in costume… a great excuse to see some hawt images then… eh? Tinged with some sadness but what a “Finale” to go out on!

Madison vs Chloe Elise at Halloween

This was Chloe Elise in her last ever spanking scene with this group of sites!
I hope she isn’t retired from the scene completely! We need to see MORE of her if this film is anything to go by!
Spanked over the knee of Madison Martin – don’t miss this film out in full right now!





Madison and Chloe Elise are getting ready to go to a Halloween party, only one of them has lost the car keys. They look around, can’t find them, and then argue over who is to blame. They have a spanking contest to determine the guilty party and spank each other over and over and over in all varieties of positions with hands and many implements until one gives in. This is Chloe Elise’s final spanking scene.


The above 2 sites are an integral and important part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass network
(click banner below for full details and the amazing sacings such a network membership saves you!)


Oh, I couldn’t resist one final update here today, the talented Sarah Gregory gets to spank Dani Hunt when Dani stayed over at hers and left Sarah’s personal space in such a mess Danielle got such a hiding in her pyjamas. I’d have spanked Dani even harder if I had seen the mortal sin of her wearing panties underneath her Jim Jams! Fortunately, Sarah does just that and there is much more to come than this OTK spanking punishment… as you’ll see below!

“OMG! Look at the state of this room!!!”



Then she gets the strap across her bare bottom!



…then she is caned and thrashed some more!


Sarah allows Dani to stay in her room, but Dani doesn’t seem to respect the space. Sarah finds it a complete mess. Her suitcase has exploded and there are spanking implements and clothing all over the floor. Sarah decides to use some of the implements to teach Dani a lesson in being a respectful house guest.

Check out more of  Sarah Gregory’s great spanking films HERE


 Oh, before I go… some of you might be interested in knowing that in a few hours at most from the publishing of this post, those of you that want to see the odd movie or clip (I have cut these into 2 action clips and the full movie in glorious HD-MP4) you can view the scenes of Danielle Hunt ball gagged and humiliated as a chatterbox schoolgirl in detention. (taken from the very latest film out at AAAspanking right now)

Click on images below to see the updated films when they appear


Cheers, have a good one! Chief.

& now for something (not) quite completely different

As I start this post I just see on the news that Osama Bin Laden had been shot dead earlier today by US Special Forces where he was hiding out in his luxury apartment in Pakistan.

I won’t get out my soapbox or witter on for long on this subject but feel I have to have my 2 Cents anyway as this is, of course, a spanking blog but it would be rude of me not to comment as it’s such a big piece of global news after all… First of all, watch out for the possible backlash & reprisals from those upset that this murdering piece of trash got what was coming to him after 9/11 – I still remember watching that 2nd plane crash into the World Trade Center live on TV nearly 10 years ago slaughtering people of every faith and denomination. So what do I personally feel? I don’t feel at all bad in seeing this monster no longer able to draw breath and experience the miracle that is life… If there really is an afterlife or another plane of existence and there is judgement on what we had done after being “self aware” then I am sure this excuse of a human being , like so many other hate mongers and despots before him, might just face some sort of eternal damnation, preferably with metaphorical hot pokers up their existential arses! & so onto lighter matters…. my spanking round up (yay!)


Here’s a site I don’t often highlight, but I really should as they are producing better stuff and of course their girls are unique to their network, so from Spanking Experience check out a couple of recent films that I liked, I hope you do too!

Erica was caught drinking yet again and this time her punishment would be severe and humiliating as she was first spanked over the bed, then as her bottom was stinging she was cuffed to the posts and given a strapping and cropping as she struggled and cried into the sheets!

These girls are watching porn on the laptop and have thought about making some cash from webcam sex too… that is until they are caught and both of them face a rather embarrassing naked show in front of each other as their pert bottoms are given a good hard thrashing to teach them an important moral lesson! These movies are taken from Spanking-Experience.com and there is an very extensive tour page section where you can review these movies. This site is also available from just $12.95 – so WELL worth checking it out for that interesting money saving option 🙂


Back in the USA, Clare’s spanking soap opera website continues to earn rave reviews and the last couple of episodes at My Spanking Roommate show a back to basics with some of the most popular stars of this website! In the latest episode, we see the welcome return of Madison Martin! Madison decides to skip work and stay in a nearby hotel room. But Mr Phillips, Harmony’s boss, shows up to the room with a note from Harmony (who is Madison’s boss). Madison reads how she will either be spanked by Mr. Phillips, or fired. LOL… what a choice! She chooses the spanking… & it’s a hard one! Yeowch!

The previous episode stars the fantastic duo of Kailee Robinson & Chloe Elise
(images and description are below)

Chloe catches Kailee sneaking through her desk and snaps a photo of her. She threatens to show the photo to everyone unless Kailee agrees to submit to a very painful hairbrush spanking over her knee. Reluctantly, Kailee agrees… & from the images above you’ll see what happened. This is a great F/F movie (as viewed by Chief).

Finally I thought I’d feature a rare classic from the episode archives of this wonderful site and it starred Audrey Knight… a girl i can never get enough of seeing over anyone’s knee with her bare bottom getting a good hard spanking, we all know she loves to dish it out, but of course she proves that she can take it too! *MMM*

Lawyer Audrey Knight pays a visit to Mr. Ford to get money from him for his spanking of Alanah Rae. Unfortunately for her, she has a clause to waive all claims – and she is spanked by Mr. Ford until she signs the clause! To see Audrey, Chloe, Kailee, Madison and umpteen other girls in this spanking soap opera, CLICK HERE to view every episode update and see for yourself!


Clare has also been busy getting the ever so delightful Lindsay Meyers in another great film at Spanked Callgirls – Lindsay is leaving the callgirl ring and going back to college. She knows this is costing Clare a lot of money. She asks Clare if she can have a bare bottom spanking to make her feel less guilty about what she is doing to her boss. Poor Lindsay is paddled as well but she knows she deserves it!

Personally, I love seeing Lindsay spanked, a really spankable bottom and she has that wonderful squinting look without her glasses on… I’d have played tricks on her hiding paddles and hairbrushes from view until it was too late if she was over my knee and take advantage of her poor eyesight… but I’m a cruel person… lol! However, unlike her YOU can see some of Lindsay’s best spanking films at SpankedCallgirls.com

TOP TIP: As you know, Clare has her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which includes both sites featured above – a great way to view your monthly or quarterly membership options at a fraction of the price of single site memberships!


Remember I said something a little different? How’s about this beautiful 19 year old Russian bride (called Dior) who was given the Dallas Spanking treatment in front of her hubby… her English wasn’t the best but I guess she quickly understood what was happening!!! She was simply stunning as you’ll see from the promo images below and I have a short spanking clip which shows you a very small part of Dallas getting to grips with this young woman’s amazing butt! It includes some nice cam angles of this gorgeous thing too… as it would be a shame not to capture her reactions! Don’t worry… Dallas didn’t – images and clip taken courtesy of the archives from DallasSpanksHard.com



I also have a treat for those that enjoy just the odd download rather than a membership, I see there are a couple of new movies added at NaughtyBottom.com, I’ll show you some images and where to download a free preview clip with the full description of the movie along with the original site should you want to download MORE or all of their movies instead!



The latest full list of movies available for download are located HERE

The above download films are taken from BunBeatingFun.com – if you want to download ALL their 80 plus fantastic movies with one membership fee option!

Have a great May Bank Holiday!
Back tomorrow with more NEW movie updates for you!