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Multi Site Spanking Updates

Here are the latest offerings from the following websites I have chosen for you today. From cute Japanese girls receiving authentic schoolgirl punishments to various age regression and humiliating discipline to multi-site pass updates with news of much more… continue reading. There is so much to check out today!

School Doctor is like a Mother to Us

The school doctor takes care of the girls and treats them when they feel unwell… but she severely punishes the girls when they are naughty and misbehave. She’s like another mother to the girls and provides much needed maternal discipline which works well at the school.

For all the latest & authentic Japanese discipline, visit HAND SPANKING

Naughty Ella Gets A Spanking

Lilly Calloway is babysitting Ella Raine. Lilly is a wicked girl who starts humiliating and regressing her young charge. After baby-talking to Ella about how little she looks in her outfit, Ella refuses to admit that she’s “just little baby”. Lilly tells her that makes her a naughty little baby, and pulls her over her knee for a spanking, which she delivers with vigor and delight. A spanking is the least of Ella’s concerns, though. After her bottom has started to turn red, Lilly bares it, and mocks her about how babies do not wear panties. Further punishment comes to her sore cheeks, but when that’s over, things only get worse. Lilly strips Ella naked, exposes her, opens her legs, and shows off her private areas. Ella is so embarrassed. It’s almost a relief when Lilly tapes her into a vintage Fabine diaper. Almost.

Naked in nothing but her diaper…
Ella must entertain Lilly like a plaything, now that she has been rendered to nothing but a baby. And that means that Lilly breaks out some baby toys, including a teething toy that she shoves aggressively into Ella’s little mouth, gagging her and making her drool all over herself. This only further’s Ella’s regression and Lilly’s delight.

For more ABDL punishment & age regression, go to SPANKED AND DIAPERED

Luca Bella Schoolgirl Birching

Luca Bella is in Spanish Class detention and this punishment will be a little different this time as she is told to remove her panties and present her bottom on the table. She will receive a nasty switching which she soon discovers stings and creates a real mess as the fresh supple birch breaks apart on impact, leaving her with a very sore bottom.

To see more of hot East European girls like Luca Bella, go to SPANKING SERVER

Next up, these are the very latest updates from the Clare Fonda Pass network. One membership gives you access to 5 premium sites for a fraction of the combined cost. This is the best way to be a member of this network.

GIRL SPANKS GIRL – Gigi Lea Spanked By Babysitter

In the second part of this series, Gigi Lea is visiting her cousin Dria, who spanked her. Gigi thought the strict discipline was over, but when she gets home late, she learns that Dria has hired Veronica Ricci to be her babysitter. Veronica is even stricter, which Gigi quickly learns with a painful trip over the knee of her babysitter. She is spanked with hand, wooden bath brush, and then bent over and paddled and she must read the babysitter rules while she is punished. A lesson well learned. She will always be a good girl from now on!

MY SPANKING ROOMMATE – Cece Spanks New Roommate Gigi

Cece Lachey makes her spanking video debut in this scene in which she really spanks her real-life roommate Gigi Lea. Cece proves to be quite the sound spanker as she breaks in her new roommate by putting her over her knee and spanking her while informing her what to expect in this apartment complex.

SPANKED SWEETIES – Introducing Harmony Rivers

New young porn star Harmony Rivers was not spanked growing up, but she was punished and she enjoys talking about spanking, which she likes during sex. We include a role-play spanking scene with Clare Fonda playing her mom and punishing her for something she talks about in her interview.

The CLARE FONDA PASS – Giving you access to 5 premium spanking sites, with one set of membership codes. Membership means you only pay a fraction of the combined price as if you signed up to all these massive sites in their own right!

Spanking on Titillating Tuesday

This is an update post on what could be called “Titillating Tuesday” when you see the film reviews past and present I have for you today! Have fun, y’all!

titillating Tuesday

Doctor’s Dilemma
Starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Stripped naked and paddled hottie doctor Lucy Lauren volunteers for a spanking

Gorgeous private clinic doctor Lucy Lauren decides to appeal to boss Zoe Page’s good nature by undressing ready for a spanking, but it doesn’t save her bottom. Stretched over a punishment frame, bare butt in the air, Lucy yelps as a leather paddle goes to work in Ms Page’s hand for Doctor’s Dilemma. Exciting Reaction Cam shots and slow-motion replays!


The next updates all make up a membership to the Clare Fonda Pass – the site owners are now actively encouraging you to make this your default way of becoming a member, as it really is so much better in terms of value… accessing 5 sites for a fraction of their combined cost. So who are we to argue? Ignore the landing page as it is in transition. What matters is that it gives full unrestricted access to the five sites with your membership codes. Here’s what members have been viewing this week from the very latest updates (from 3 sites chosen below):

Vixen And Darling REMASTERED at Girl Spanks Girl

This erotic remastered classic stars Darling (who goes by Dee Williams now) and Vixen and will now have full files in all formats. Here is the original description: Darling’s pussy is too tight for sex so she visits her friend Vixen who has a magic technique for loosening it up and getting it nice and wet — which of course involves a sound spanking, then some dildo play. Afterwards, Darling gets her turn to spank the very long Vixen, who then is so aroused she decides to pleasure herself.

Veronica Spanks Her Aunt at My Spanking Roommate

Aunt Clare Fonda recently spanked her niece Veronica Ricci for laughing while she watches her friend Kay get spanked by her mom. But after Veronica also got spanked by that mom, Veronica is angry that she got spanked twice for the same offense. So she gives her aunt a taste of her own medicine, putting her over her knee for a sound spanking.

Stevie Spanked By Tiana Irie at Spanked Callgirls

Stevie Rose poses as the madam who interviews a new lady, Tiana Irie. But turns out Tiana is an undercover cop, ready to bust Stevie. But Stevie offers to take a spanking instead of going to jail. Tiana agrees, and gives Stevie and incredibly hard spanking with her hand and wooden paddle!

All the above 3 films are available with the CLARE FONDA PASS membership

Jessica Fox Paddles her Bottom
A self spanking by Jessica

This is what Sarah Stern had to say about this particular film released a few years ago:
“I just love Jessica, she is such a lovely lady and these films I have of her are the only ones she has made. We had a great day filming and were looking for ideas and she said why don’t I spank my own bottom. I know that lots of you do like to see this but I was not sure if she would be hard enough but said OK and left her with Remington Steel who filmed her for me. The result is spectacular and when you see this film I know you will agree and love the way she goes about it.”


Corona Infractions
Starring Ana & Mike

This is what Mike has to say about the latest episodes completed in the Bellview Catholic School section:
After many months of not filming, we are finally back with a new Bellview episode. In this episode young Ana is soundly spanked for disobeying the CoVid measures put in place for all our benefit. This is the first punishment of many. In part two… Ana is soundly slippered with a Gym shoe for not wanting to wear mouthguards as instructed by the health services and Government. In her final punishment of this painful session, she feels the sting of our Tawse explode on her bare bottom for not keeping her distance during this pandemic.


News from around the Spankosphere

Hello again… here’s a collection of some of the latest films and updates I may not have covered from the past in detail so do go check out all these sites and see for yourselves what is going on.

However, currently, I am really pissed off and am having issues where we are unable to have unrestricted internet access due to EverSource in Connecticut unable to get power back to the residents in a timely manner. Storm Isiahs hit early this week and has caused havoc to 750,000 residents. Now, observing this as a British citizen living in the USA right now, this situation is unheard of to me. I used to live in a rural area of Somerset (similar in the UK) and the most we ever had with no power was 24-48 hours after a severe winter snowstorm. We literally had a few hours of 60mph winds and it has caused this devastation… I also notice nearly all power lines are overhead in the USA, as that is cheaper, something cable and power companies don’t always do in the UK as underground costs more but residents DESERVE service, especially when Eversource Corp are the ONLY power company where we have no choice but to use them. Again, unacceptable. This goes for internet services too where we live. It is a monopoly and it doesn’t create competition or innovate, just makes profits for shareholders, and pays exorbitant salaries to CEOs and VPs. The CEO of Eversource earns a reputed $19M a year, I wish I was paid that much for overseeing the gross mismanagement and incompetence we residents of Connecticut are experiencing. Anyway, I have phone access (using my British phone and the data plan) which, through COMPETITION… I am still getting offered at no extra cost to use here in the USA. Sarah’s cellphone company doesn’t offer that at all. Anyway, I could rant on and on… this does make me miss the UK when some of our problems are much simpler there.

But enough of that, here are the latest updates for you all that I am covering today!

Breaking Point – Full movie from Punished Brats

real tears punishmentStarring Chloe Noir & David Pierson

As Chloe was preparing to leave the campus of the Amber Wells’ School For Girls, she was surprised when she was summoned to Dean Pierson’s office. She wondered if the dean had not gotten the message that she was a reporter on assignment and not a student. When she met with the dean, she found that he was quite aware of who she was but still insisted that she take her punishment. Chloe was shocked to hear the her editor also believed that she needed to take her punishment or there would be no job for her when she returned. The young reporter now grasped that her time at the school had been a set up all along. She gasped when she learned that her punishment was to be twenty-five whacks with the school paddle on her bare bottom. Despite her best efforts to control her emotions, the pain of the paddle made her cry. Once the twenty-fifth whack was delivered, the tears were streaming down the young, undercover reporter’s face. She was then sent back to face her editor.

paddling and spanking    spanking chloe noir  


Lucy Lauren – Doctor’s Dilemma (ongoing series)
starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Spreadeagled nude over a punishment frame, Lucy Lauren is soundly strapped

Talented doctor Lucy Lauren works at a top clinic, but boss Zoe Page likes nothing more than telling the pretty blonde medic to bend over for a spanking! Seems Dr Lucy is starting to enjoy the experience as she strips totally naked to lie spreadeagled over a punishment frame to be strapped in Doctor’s Dilemma. Epic slow-motion bottom-bouncing replays!


Sarah Spanks Amy (Spanked callgirls) via Clare Fonda Pass
Starring Amy Fox & Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory recently received a spanking and it was all because Amy Fox told all about her plan. So now Sarah exacts her revenge by putting Amy over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand, and a hairbrush. The spanking goes on until Amy repents for what she did. Lesson learned. Do not mess with Sarah Gregory.


Smacked in the Changing Room
Starring Zabrina Black, Jadie Reece & Alex Reynolds

Zabrina has been caught cheating in an inter-school cross country race… by the PE Mistress of the opposing team. Cornered in the changing room by a furious Miss Reece, Zabrina soon finds herself bent over having her bottom smacked, first across the seat of her PE knickers, then bare. Miss Reynolds, the PE Mistress of Zabrina’s school enters, having heard the commotion. Attempts to defend her girl only to inflame Miss Reece’s temper and soon Miss Reynolds is in Zabrina’s place, having her bottom smacked like a naughty girl, Miss Reece having ripped off her knickers!

We hope you appreciate the 70’s/80’s feel we were able to create with the wonderful venue we had available to us. This film was in fact shot in 2016 as the finale of a four-part series of PE-themed punishments.


Clare Fonda Pass updates

Hello again, I thought I’d give you a brief update on what having a Clare Fonda Pass membership gets you with some of the most recent updates across the network. Nowadays, the owner of the network has decided that the best way to view all the content that is updated across the 5 separate sites is via the pass. Why is that? That’s because the combined cost of the 5 sites is a fraction of the cost of membership compared to if you signed up to any on their own… if you were to buy a membership to 2 sites (without this pass) it would actually cost MORE! So that is why just signing up for the pass then gives you access to all five sites at their respective member entry points, all with the same codes. Makes sense, right?

Just to showcase what you’d get with THE one pass – there is a 7+ minutes clip highlighting content from all 5 sites, just click and play below… then feel free to check out the latest updates further down this page.

[jwplayer mediaid=”62594″]

Also, please don’t be put off by the awful landing page as it is in transition, it is precisely that – a landing page, a portal to get your 5 site membership access codes! So here below are some of the most recent updates that you will find across the entire network this month.

clare fonda pass

Strict Cousin Dria

This very traditional scene features Gigi Lea in her first ever spanking scene. She does a traditional voice-over about how she spent the summer with her strict cousin Dria and received a spanking to introduce some real discipline into her life. There is a hard over the knee spanking with hand and hairbrush before Gigi is bent over and counts out 10 whacks with a large wooden paddle. Welcome to the wonderful world of corporal punishment Gigi!

Kaylee Robinson

Kaylee is a pro switch who did receive spankings growing up. We re-enact one with pro-Domme Mistress Gloria playing her mom. She was spanked with a hot pepper in her mouth in the kitchen. Kaylee talks about her childhood spankings as well as her adult experiences in her revealing interview.

Carissa Montgomery

In something a little different, there is no interview, but Carissa is spanked by both her mom (played by Clare Fonda) and then her father (in the classic “wait till your father gets home”) for having an accident in the kitchen, leaving the floor stained. A hard spanking role-play.

Inspection and Correction

This archived classic from the Kara Prepare Yourself site stars Clare Fonda who is the aunt of Pixie Wells, who is visiting along with her friend Kendra James. Clare has Kendra strip so she can inspect her and when Kendra flashes attitude, she gets a painful spanking. Pixie gets spanked as well.

Already Sore Bottoms Spanked Again

When Aunt Clare Fonda catches her niece Missy Rhodes hiding a visit from her naughty friend Jade (Veronica Ricci), Aunt Clare gives Missy a spanking over her already very sore bottom. But she is not done until Jade also gets a trip over her knee for a sound spanking on her sore bottom, too. She turns those bottoms bright red. She bends them both over the bed and finishes with a flurry of spanks to both bottoms before leaving their room. Lesson learned.

Kay Spanked For Being Short On Rent

Kay Richards has recently spanked her new roommate Dria to enforce the rules of the apartment complex. But Kay breaks one of the prime rules of not being late or short with rent. So Kay ends over the knee of an angry Dria, who spanks her hard while Kay reads some of the rules. Dria also uses the dreaded bath brush which really marks her bottom a painful red!

Andy gets Revenge

Iris just spanked Andy Moon until she agreed to say she was the one who started their fight. But Andy wants revenge to seal the deal, so Iris agrees to letting Andy give her a spanking, thinking that the much smaller Andy cannot possibly spank very hard. She quickly learns that she is incorrect. Andy turns that bottom bright red using a wooden bath brush.

All these titles can be viewed across the entire network with one set of codes for a fraction of the combined cost – to sign up, go HERE


Various Spanking Updates

Hello again… I hope that you are all well and that self-isolation or whatever you are doing (socially distant-wise), is not driving you all too mad… here at “SG Towers” we have been doing much-needed yard work and general upkeep where possible. As usual, grocery shopping is probably the most stressful time of the time when we need to do this. We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe!

It’s sad that we can not interact or trust people close-up right now… especially when you see folk stirring up trouble to break lockdowns or whatever (with pathetic feeble-minded and selfish conspiracy theories) with what is downright civil disobedience (in the name of The Constitution… pah!) However, without getting political as we have all had our fill of that in our lives and you didn’t come here to be lectured. I am hopeful that before the end of the year we will be able to resume (with safer practices) a semblance of life before COVID… in person, right?

I have to say I am far from impressed by the Govt responses from the USA and the UK with the lack of testing being the issue when we all want to try and restart our lives but everyday changes and the sooner we realize this virus isn’t going to be lectured, lied to, or ignored… and we deal with how to beat it from the advice of infectious disease experts (and no-one else) the sooner we will have an idea of something to genuinely hope for… so stay strong out there.

Here is a selection of some featured spanking updates to keep you occupied and check out at the participating sites: This is the first of (hopefully) many posts that I need to catch up on… so without further ado, let’s just get on with bringing you all the latest HOT spanking video updates I have chosen for you today.

Spanked to Cum

Cara and Veronica are popular girls here at “Intimate Spanking” and they make their return in a stunning, hawt erotic video that will have you wishing you could be either of them. Veronica is the fortunate spanker and Cara is the lucky recipient in this thrilling girl on girl spanking with a difference. You can imagine being there watching the girls and you decide who you want to be… both options are too delicious to think about but we will let you decide as you gaze upon this pair. Cara shows off her recent marks from a recent hard discipline punishment as Veronica takes pity wanting to give her girlfriend a “good girl” spanking. Blonde Cara doesn’t mind… she replies to her GF’s concerns that it is sore but hurts in a good way! This encourages Veronica to make her move as the girls make out and caress each other. Then Veronica uses 2 pink paddles and spanks her gently at first bringing back the glowing red cheeks of her BAE’s bottom. Both girls are getting turned on and Cara takes a prolonged and intimate pussy and light clit spanking until she can take it no more, wanting to cum with her powerful Hitachi wand. She grinds it against her swollen, glistening clit, bottom stuck out as Veronica spanks and gropes her to a shattering orgasm that has her body convulsing with pleasure, washing over all that delicious warm pain.


Check out the new sexiest all girl spanking clips at intimatespanking.com

Taken for a Ride

Luci is a rather over-privileged young lady and is equipped with her own credit card. Her parents are unimpressed when she uses her financial independence to purchase an unorthodox companion for her horse. A discussion ensues about financial responsibility and who pays the bills! The discussion concludes with a very sore bottom for spoiled Luci, Paul having smacked her over her jodhpurs before taking them down. Concluding with a prolonged paddling from Elizabeth.

See this latest domestic discipline from Northern Spanking

Mummy’s Going to Slipper your Bottoms

This is the full film of the slippering of two naughty sisters by their very angry mummy. Do sisters really behave like this towards each other it will end in tears, that’s a promise. Sisters Willow & Holly are in trouble and know that one of them is going to be punished and punished hard. They have been very cheeky with the lady who lives next door but which girl is the guilty one? It’s up to mummy to find out and so when they are in their pyjamas she goes to their room and has it out with them. Willow ends up over her knees getting her bottom spanked and then slippered but is she the guilty one. Willow has just been spanked and slippered for supposedly telling lies. Now the truth comes out and the trouble maker turns out to be Holly. Mummy is not best pleased with this and invites Willow to spank her sister’s bottom. She proves to be not very good at this so mummy takes over and gives Holly one hell of a spanking before taking off her carpet slipper and beating the bare bottom of this very naughty teenager. Two girls with very red and sore bottoms.

See the full film only at Spanking Sarah

The following updates below come courtesy of the CLARE FONDA PASS network

Iris Spanked For Scamming

Iris tells Bart her fee is $10,000. When he threatens to call Madam Clare for clarification, she tries to move the price down a bit, but he calls and Clare recommends spanking Iris. So Bart does just that, putting Iris over his knee for a sound spanking.

Rachel’s Hit and Run Punishment

When Rachel Adams hits another car and flees the scene without leaving a note, she does not realize that it was caught on camera. She shows up to a location to resolve the issue. Turns out the car belonged to dominatrix Snow Mercy, who will settle the issue the old fashioned way, with some sound corporal punishment in her dungeon. Rachel is bent over a spanking bench and she is spanked by hand and paddled until she learns a valuable lesson – always leave a note. She leaves in tears, with a very sore, red bottom.

Teacher Snow Spanked By Volleyball Coach

Volleyball Coach Veronica Ricci is upset that Teacher Snow Mercy failed star player Iris, which means she will get kicked off the team. So Veronica marches into her office and puts Snow over her knee for a very long, hard spanking, lecturing her about respecting the Volleyball team, turning her bottom bright red. When Veronica uses a strong wooden ruler, it drives the lesson home.

View all these latest films courtesy of the Clare Fonda Pass – access to all 5 sites with the same set of codes for a fraction of the combined cost of them all… what’s there not to like about this multi-site deal?


Clare Fonda pass Updates

I hope you are all keeping well, wherever you are, and staying safe and I know my readership is not one of those selfish types by going out and meeting people unnecessarily as I’m sure you know COVID-19… or SARS-CoV-2 (to give this disease its proper name) is highly virulent and a pernicious self spreader. This is why we are all stuck mainly indoors for now. Until the day this virus has nowhere to go or we find better drugs to ameliorate our contracting it… then we stay inside and follow safe practices.

So, it’s back to blogging again… and time to bring you more news of recent updates all featured today from the Clare Fonda Pass network. There’s a lot of good stuff to catch up with so enough of me wittering on, go enjoy each of these updates from each unique site within this network.

Sarah Spanked For Sleeping In

Sarah Gregory slept through at least one session and Madam Clare Fonda wants to nip this problem in the bud. Or the butt. She wakes Sarah up with a sound spanking over her knee on the bed, using her hand and a hairbrush. She brought real tears to Sarah as she cried during this spanking.

Download this spanking film here

Missy Spanked For Naughty Pictures

Missy Rhodes gets a call from her best friend Jade, who convinces her to take some naughty pictures to post on her social media. But her aunt (played by Clare Fonda) catches Missy in the act and puts her over her knee for a sound spanking that turns that bottom bright red and speckled. And she makes Missy count out the last 100. Then stand in the corner where she rubs her every so sore bottom. And she has Missy call Jade so that Aunt Clare can threaten to spank Jade as well.

Download this spanking film here

Kay Gets Revenge on Maddy

Kay Richards is still sore from being spanked by Maddy Marks in her office. But she has something on Maddy now, and will not leave her office until Maddy gets a spanking too. Kay puts Maddy over her knee for a long, sound spanking, using her hand and a leather paddle. When it is over, it hurts for Maddy to sit at her desk.

Download this spanking film here

Dria Spanked Over Failed Test

When Dria gets zero correct on her test, she gets called into the office of Volleyball Coach Veronica Ricci, who lets Dria know that she is convinced Dria got all the answers incorrect so she could get kicked off the team. But Veronica will not let that happen. She puts Dria over her knee for a long and painful spanking, that includes a wooden paddle.

Download this spanking film here

Introducing Bitsy

The tiny, cute Bitsy was not spanked growing up but in her interview with Clare Fonda, she confesses that she did quite a few naughty things she got away with. So we do an imagined spanking that is a fantasy of hers, to get spanked by a teacher. Clare plays the teacher in this very real spanking.

Download this spanking film here

Each of these sites is massive in their own right, but of course… you know that you can also choose a multi-site membership too, choose from 3, 4 or all 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost! Go check it out for yourselves, these sites will keep you more than busy during April and May when we are likely to be stuck inside!


Spanking Updates for Self Isolation – 1

The title says it all, I hope you are all safe and well, and practicing “Social distancing” as best you can. There’s no need for me to lecture anyone on what to do. Instead, I’ll give you something to keep you occupied and even daring to join the awesome sites featured below who are making content for us all and keeping us safe and sane indoors… so without further ado – in no order of preference – hold on to your seats ladies and gents for the first ride this weekend!

Foxy strapped by Heidi

Foxy is a recent addition to the unique and hot performers from E. Europe at this studio. Using one of their many specialist discipline furniture, Foxy is placed and given a bare bottom leather strapping by resident female disciplinarian, Heidi. She has redhead Foxy gasping as her punishment is completed swiftly and silently. Bared spread and exposed… Heidi is left to rub her sore red bottom afterward.

Click here to see more of Foxy’s films at Spanking Server

Introducing new Spanked Sweetie – Iris

Iris is a professional switch who works in an LA dungeon. She and her sister were both spanked growing up and Iris tells us all about her experiences. This tall, sexy lady then re-enacts a spanking in which her mom (played by pro-domme Mistress Gloria) spanks her with hand and shoe.

All-new content of sexy Iris exclusive to Spanked Sweeties

Math Tutor Spanking

Apricot Pitts is not doing well in math. Her tutor Ashley Lane is very upset with her and her lack of studying. So Ashley gets creative with her discipline. Ashley puts Apricot over her knee for a very long and painful spanking, incorporating math into the spanking. By the time she has finished, Apricot is much more eager to learn math and has learned a very valuable lesson. And it leaves her bottom very sore and red and it definitely hurts to sit down!

Visit Girl Spanks Girl for more hot spanking content!

The above 2 sites are also part of the Clare Fonda Pass
(giving you up to 5 sites for a fraction of their combined cost!)

Tennis Tantrum Punishment

Cara Day is sitting in her hotel room pouting. She got into a fight with her partner during a doubles tennis match and knows she is in trouble. Her coach, Miss Elizabeth, is known for being very strict in her punishments of players who act up. When Elizabeth arrives, she has both a hairbrush…and a diaper. After a scathing scolding, she puts Cara across her knee for a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush that leaves her struggling, red, and very contrite. But this is only part of her punishment. Elizabeth is going to give Cara some strict diaper discipline for this behavior. She makes a big production of showing her the diaper, making her lie with her legs open and everything very exposed, powdering her, and humiliating her. Act like a baby, get treated like one! Cara now has to go down to practice in a short skirt that hardly covers her brightly colored Rearz Safari diaper. Miss Elizabeth is one of the most authentic scolders the fetish scene has ever seen, and sweet lifestyle little Cara Day is clearly so embarrassed by her punishment. And the cute, vintage tennis uniform combined with a fluffy, padded diaper is to die for!

Click here to see more cute girls Spanked and Diapered

Megan and the Pool Cleaner

Meg is on holiday in Spain and rightly she wants to enjoy herself but sometimes she goes just that bit too far. Mr Stern is not known for being a very sociable sort of person and while he is cleaning out my pool he does not want Meg trying her best to distract him When he has finished with the pool he decides to teach Meg a bit of a lesson, he grabs a hold of her and puts her over his knees for a good hard spanking.

See all the very latest updates from Spanking Sarah


After her previous hard OTK spanking Amy Fox now receives an ass-scorching caning in her thin, tight leggings. Viewers of this site will know that the owner has a penchant for tight leggings and films whole series of them on a regular basis, if you want to see girls spanked strapped and caned in tight leggings and yoga pants this is a great place to visit!

See more from Spanking 101 HERE

Under the Sea

Dorothy has entered her family into a rather challenging competition, never imagining that she might actually win. Well, guess what?! Paul is singularly unimpressed both with the prize and with Dorothy’s unsanctioned actions and determines punish her for it. Another trip across Paul’s lap for a well-deserved spanking.

View more free previews exclusive to Northern Spanking

The Tattoo

Since this blond angel was committed to Girls Boarding School some weeks ago, she felt a lot of ease and relief. Life at Girls Boarding School does not seem to be THAT bad. Sure, some slaps here, some thrashings there, but in the end all pretty bearable and within reason. This feeling of ease and relief was until a few days ago… until everything changed… on that one day when the Headmaster discovered her new tattoo! What happened on that day can hardly be put into words! One of the most severe bare bottom beatings ever taped! Download this video and see it for yourself: a young Swedish beauty receiving the corporal punishment of her life, with the wooden paddle and the cane on her bared bottom, 20 minutes non-stop corporal punishment, no way out! Enjoy this firm young bottom turned into a dark blue mess, enjoy this beautiful young face crying a flood of tears! Not a movie for the faint-hearted!

Check out the vast archives of Girls Boarding School

Or view this as part of the multi-site VIP Spanking – giving you access to multiple spanking websites for a fraction of the combined cost which will keep you very busy during your self-isolation!

Made it here? There’s plenty more coming this weekend! Stay safe!

End of Year Updates – Part 1

It’s nearly the new year, so I will wish you a very happy start to a new decade and 2020! I hope to write one more time before the year’s end. In the meantime, I trust that you all had a wonderful festive time with family/friends or, if you were alone… enjoyed getting up when you wanted, eat what you wanted and watched the TV you wanted… here (below) are the recent updates from the Clare Fonda Pass Network of sites! Enjoy!

Showing this week at Spanked Sweeties

Introducing Lola Belle

Lola Belle is a super cute Vegas girl who was very naughty growing up and she gives a great interview to Madame Samantha B (who also plays her Mom). Lola tells about how her and her friends were spanked and she was told by mom that “you’re not too old to get spanked.” Samantha B delivers a hard one!


New at Spanked Callgirls

Blair Williams Spanks Madam Clare

When Madam Clare Fonda discovers that she wrongfully spanked Blair Williams, she says that she is sorry, but that is not enough. Blair puts the madam over her knee in the kitchen for a painful spanking that includes wooden spatula. It leaves Clare with a red bottom and extra angry at Elori for initiating this.


New at My Spanking Roommate

Kay Spanked in Maid Office

Maddy Marks runs a maid service and when Kay Richards comes into her office to complain about one of the maids Maddy sent, Maddy has some issues with Kay. First she is not okay with Kay spanking one of her maids plus not paying. So Maddy puts Kay over her knee in the office for a sound spanking and paddling.


New at Spanking Sorority Girls

Iris Spanks Andy Long and Hard

New girl Andy Moon is called into the office for fighting with tall mean girl Iris. Iris does not want to get kicked off the volleyball team so she strips Andy naked, puts her over her knee and gives her a long, painful spanking with hand and wooden bath brush to help Andy see her point of view. After her bottom is red and sore, Andy agrees to say that she started their fight.


The latest film at Girl Spanks Girl

Erotic Pop Tart Remastered

This remastered classic features two great performances, with Kylee Reese playing the diva star who picks on her personal assistant Claire Dames, and even asks her to pleasure her sexually and spanks her with her hairbrush. But Claire is pretty spunky and decides that Kylee is a real brat who needs to be taught a lesson so she puts her over her knee for a spanking of her own. Classic sexual action and sound spanking, too!


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Hot New Spanking Updates at the CF Network

Hello, today I have for you the very latest updates from the Clare Fonda Pass spanking network. Each site featured below is massive in its own right and can be purchased separately and each site is individual to a specific theme. You also have the opportunity to view all of them with one affordable pass, which makes it a stunning option. This also supports our fine producer in question making more content and gives you the chance to spend a lot of time filling your hard drives with top quality spanking erotica! Check out these latest updates from the network and see for yourself!

Alexa Nova

Porn Star Alexa Nova was not spanked growing up but she enjoys a good spanking and talks about her experiences. We feature a role play with Clare Fonda as her mom catching her with bad things and. Clare gives Alexa a sound spanking that turns her bubble butt bright red.

Spanking was part of life for so many girls and we ask them to tell us about it in our intimate spanking interviews. How did it feel to be in trouble again, getting a bare bottom spanking. Our beautiful models tell their spanking stories to Clare Fonda and then we act out a domestic spanking scene. The panties come down, the bottoms get red, and tears are cried. We also work with models who have never been spanked and are curious about what corporal punishment feels like. Spanked Sweeties has brought us many of the newest spanking models and contains 1000s of video clips so you can see them with an in depth interview followed by an old fashioned spanking.

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Spanked Sweeties

Blair Williams Wrongfully Spanked

On a tip from Elori, Clare Fonda believes that new girl Blair Williams took a credit card from a client. Clare bends Blair over in the kitchen and spanks her to get to the bottom of the truth. But Elori calls to admit it was her. So was Blair spanked in vain or will she find a way to get even?

Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom, and at home. Bare bottom OTK spanking, strapping, paddling and all the best from Clare Fonda and starring the hottest spanking models of on the net. Features fun and edgy spanking porn.

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Spanked Callgirls

Nudist Bella Rolland Spanks Neighbor

Tall beauty Bella Rolland enjoys working outside of her house totally naked. Her neighbor barges into her house to complain and also whines about Bella wearing clothes inside her house, where it is okay to be naked. Bella does not care for the tone Elori has taken and easily puts the much smaller lady over her knee for a very long spanking with her hand and a wooden spatula. During the spanking, Bella even strips naked to feel more comfortable. But she makes the bottom of the very cute Elori bright red and in a lot of pain until Elori apologizes. All spanking fans should enjoy this scene.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Rachel Spanked In Dungeon

Teacher Snow Mercy only takes the naughtiest of students to her private dungeon and Rachel Adams has been so bad she qualifies for this extreme punishment. She was the one who made the cheat sheet and now she gets a long, painful spanking that will teach her a lesson she will not forget. She is brought to tears as she is bent over and spanked and paddled and then left in a cage to reflect.

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Spanking Sorority Girls

Adriana Gets Spanking Rules

Adriana Evans is ready to be the new roommate for Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) but she discovers that she must now read the roommate rules while Kay spanks her. Kay uses her hand and hairbrush to break in Adriana, who ends up with a sore, red bottom afterward. The two ladies compare sore bottoms and try rubbing away the pain. The high energy scene features some sound spanking action.

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My Spanking Roommate



Weekend Spanking Updates

Tomorrow I will be showcasing what Sarah & I updated the past week (which is pretty incredible) – but of course, there are other spanking sites too, so I have something a little different for you today which I do hope you like!

Spanking Sorority Girls

Cherry Spanked For Bad Behavior

Cherry Kitty is being a naughty girl and her mom was so worried that would lead her to the school for wayward girls that she hired Veronica Ricci to instill some discipline in her daughter by any means necessary. With Veronica, that means a hard spanking and paddling. Veronica helps convince Cherry to change her ways as she puts her over her knee for a long and painful spanking.


Girl Spanks Girl

Missy Spanked Again By Mom

Sadly for her, Missy Rhodes did not learn her lesson with the spanking she received yesterday from her mom (played by Snow Mercy). When her mom catches her sneaking into the booze cabinet, she puts Missy over her knee in the kitchen for another long, hard spanking over her already sore bottom. Missy ends up red, and for real, it hurt so much for her to sit down after this painful spanking.


My Spanking Room Mate

Adriana Spanks Kay

Kay Richards wants to switch roommates. Adriana Evans suggests that she would be a good roommate, but Kay is reluctant. Ariana uses the power of spanking to help Kay consider her. And it is a very sound spanking over her knee with her hand and a hairbrush that goes toward changing her mind. Kay is left with a red, sore and speckled bottom that needs lots of rubbing.


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Northern Spanking

Tea & Caning at the Office

April is a junior assistant at the Home Office and, as happens occasionally, has left a laptop full of sensitive information on the Tube! Mandarins Kennedy and Osborne have been appointed to look into April’s indiscretion and to decide and apply any disciplinary measures required. Recalling long-disused Home Office tradition, the pair decide that April should keep her job but suffer a caning for compromising national security. Besides a tape recording for archive, no record will be kept of the matter to avoid press attention – a satisfactory outcome all round? Perhaps…

NB. for our American audience, the Tube is the London Underground metro system and the British Home Office is equivalent to the US State Department and Mandarins is the term used to refer to dusty, middle-ranking officials therein. All clear? Jolly good. As you were!


Spanked and Diapered

I don’t want to wear my Diaper

Alex Reynolds is visiting her friend, Harley Havik. The two high school girls are trying to hang out together but Harley’s little sister, Apricot Pitts, keeps bothering them. Harley keeps trying to get her sister to leave them alone, saying that she’s just a dumb little baby. Apricot tries to argue that she’s a big girl, but Harley tells Alex all kinds of embarrassing stories about her little sister. She tells her about how naughty she is and how often she has to get spanked. She even tells her that Apricot wets the bed and describes in detail how their parents react: cleaning her up, giving her a spanking and then putting her back in diapers! The girls decide that spanking Apricot over her pink polka dot panties is not enough and pull them down to give her a bare bottom spanking, making her go over Alex’s lap, too, as her bottom grows pinker and pinker. The girls laugh and tease poor little Apricot about being a bedwetter as they both spank her together.

Then, Alex helps Harley lift and open Apricot’s legs, leaving her embarrassingly exposed while her sister positions her adorable Fabine diaper and covers her little princess parts with baby powder. Then the two girls tape her in, then try to get her to show off the diaper. Apricot doesn’t want to, so the girls give her a diaper position spanking on her padded bottom. Finally, Apricot gives in and does as her sister says. The girls tease and torment her some more, tickling her in an attempt to force her to wet her diaper. She holds out, and the girls give her an ultimatum: go to the store with them with her diaper on (the baby print shows through her thin dress) or wet the diaper then and there. Apricot still doesn’t pee herself, so the girls get her ready to go out. Hopefully, they’ll run into some of her classmates there!


Spanked in Uniform

Liz Rainbow’s Spanking Fantasy

The gorgeous, but ever the naughty minx, Liz Rainbow, visited SIU from Spain for some well-earned discipline and she told us she loved the Bellview series and one of her fantasies was to be spanked in a Bellview uniform. We obliged, of course, and in part one… Liz goes across Mike’s knee for a well-deserved hand spanking. In the second half of her punishment, Liz is laid over the side of the lounge chair, bare bottom facing up, and she feels the old fashioned sting of a Slipper. When she screams too loudly her panties are stuffed into her mouth. She ends up in the corner with a very sore bottom.


Stay tuned, have a great weekend and come back later for MORE exciting spanking news and fresh updates.

Spankings to end the weekend

5 more amazing updates are featured today, and that magic number 5 means that it is time to make a welcome catch-up review of the 5 sites Clare Fonda Pass network.

Spanked Sweeties

Blair Williams

Porn superstar Blair Williams talks about her spanking experiences. She was not spanked growing up but did appreciate swats, more so as an adult who grew to enjoy a swat to the butt during sex. In the formative interviews that this site is known for… She also shares her views on sex as well as spanking. Then we do a role-play in which Clare Fonda spanks her for skipping school… you can see some of these images taken from the film (below). Yes… Blair is HOT!


Girl Spanks Girl

Chaperone Spanking Part 1

When cute volleyball player Lola Belle (making her debut on our sites) is confronted by the team chaperone Miss Jenn Davis (also making her debut on our sites) about who tampered with the team van, she knows but will not name the culprit. Miss Jenn puts Lola over her knee and spanks the curvy bottom until it turns bright red, but Lola is no rat, she will not say who did it. But when Miss Jenn starts using a heavy leather paddle, Lola finally cracks and blurts out the name of the guilty girl.


My Spanking Roommate

Snow teaches Aali the rules

Snow Mercy breaks in a new roommate by having her read the roommate rules while over her knee receiving a long and painful spanking. She starts with her hand and finishes with a wooden hairbrush. New girl Aali Kali reads the rules while she is getting spanked. It is so embarrassing and painful and she cannot sit for days when it is over. But she learns the rules.


Spanked Callgirls

Iris Spanks Andy For Tattling

Iris recently got spanked by Madam Gloria for ripping off credit cards. When Iris discovers that it was new girl Andy Moon (in her first-ever scene for the CF network of sites) who ratted her out. The tall, strong Iris puts her over her knee for a long, hard spanking, using her hand and a wooden paddle.


Spanking Sorority Girls

Veronica spanks and paddles Arielle

Veronica Ricci visits Arielle Lane in her house, where her mom hired Veronica to discipline her daughter. Arielle is a bad party girl on a path that will lead her to the school for wayward girls, just like her sister. So Veronica persuades Arielle to be a good girl using good old fashioned discipline in the form of a hand spanking and hard paddling.



spanking sorority girls

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5 spanking sites access

Spanked Callgirls spanking roundup

I always seem to be apologizing for not getting on here to blog as often as I’d like, sorry (again). So today’s special feature showcases one of my favorite sites… which just happens to also star some of my favorite people. This blog post is dedicated to everyone shown below. And the name of that website? Why, it’s SpankedCallgirls.com of course!

The below are all the most recent film updates starting with the most recent, going back to when I last showcased this awesome site… remember, you can become a member to this website (it’s massive in its own right) – or if you prefer, as part of the 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass giving you access to more sites for a fraction of the combined cost! Either option is fair… so check out the films (below) and you’ll see why I rate it so highly!

The 1st four updates are the most recent films, and the final is an archived film I thought I’d add as a bonus… hinting at what you might be able to download with a full membership!

Madam Clare Spanks Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory got Madam Clare spanked by Miss Bernadette and now it is time for Clare to get some revenge. She spanks Sarah on her already sore bottom, using her hand and a hairbrush to teach an important lesson – you do not mess with Madam Clare! But will Sarah learn her lesson?


Cherry Kitty Spanked Hard by Double Dan

Cherry Kitty is new to the staff. She makes the mistake of insulting Madam Clare, who sends her to Double Dad for a seriously hard and painful spanking that leaves her poor bottom bright red. She must read the rules of Madam Clare while she receives this punishment. She promises to never break another rule.


Madam Bernadette Spanks Madam Clare

Madam Bernadette has finished spanking Sarah Gregory for jumping ship, now it is time for her to punish Madam Clare for encouraging it. Bernadette puts Clare over her knee on the sofa, where she gives her an incredibly hard spanking with her hand and leather paddle. Clare makes the mistake of insulting Bernadette and it only makes things harder.



Sarah Punished For Moonlighting

Sarah Gregory has been a Madam Clare regular since the beginning. So when she moonlights for Miss Bernadette, she quickly gets confronted by this strict madam that Sarah so badly wants to join. Miss Bernadette demonstrates how she runs things with a sound spanking and strapping that leaves Sarah sore!

otk spanking


Finally, here is the promised archived footage which was a special location filmshoot in Saint Tropez, France. It’s somewhere I know well, having lived and worked there many years ago. So when this was released it obviously piqued my interest.

Double Dan Spanks Madam Snow

Clare has heard all about the disaster in France. Even though Madam Snow (Snow Mercy) feels that she took care of it, Clare sends Double Dan to France to teach Snow a lesson with an extremely hard spanking that turns her poor bum bright red.

spanking snow mercy


spanked callgirls

This site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – comprising up to 5 sites which can be accessed with the same set of codes with one membership at a fraction of the combined cost of all them together. If you have the time and hard disk space, then this is a perfect option for lovers of fine spanking erotica…