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Kami’s Latest Punishment

Fresh off the press, so to speak, I only just uploaded this new film for members a few minutes ago so I thought I’d give you some inside info and of course a few extra images that are not seen anywhere else that were taken with my stills camera during the filming of this naughty severe schoolgirl film! Kami Robertson looks great in her pink Gingham dress… however, those who know Kami will be aware she is rather dinky and trim so I put her to the test with this item of schoolgirl clothing as it was a little on the snug side, even for her! But she managed to squeeze into it as you can see below… and we ended up making a great OTK spanking and a prolonged hard caning film finale where I lost count of the times I whacked her , it was that many! Add to that we shot it in an authentic setting, that classroom was fantastic, and this is a film I’m proud of… what’s more, of course, it has Kami looking very cute and bratty in that uniform and, boy, did she get a good thrashing as members can now see HERE

Kami wonders how the heck she’s gonna fit into that tiny dress!

Kami somehow squeezes into it ready to start filming!

Kami was very insistent on getting her roles just right, we’d discuss why she was in detention, I’d get her into the mood of it, it helped greatly of course with the realistic surroundings of an austere bygone classroom… and once Kami was ready to be that naughty bratty schoolgirl, stood there waiting… knowing that she was to be spanked and caned, I knew that we were going to make a great film once I had the go ahead from the cam guys that the lighting was ok! You can check out some screen images below from the movie, I must admit spanking Kami in such a tight dress over my knee was a pleasurable sight indeed, as I’m sure you can imagine!




Once Kami had been spanked, her bottom was positively glowing and ready for the second part of her punishment during this detention session which was a caning! As this is a “behind the scenes” look at what we did, I let kami choose the cane to go across her bare cheeks, and I was surprised that she let me use the nasty whippy one we had… this wasn’t too long after I had birched her rear so it was a little tender anyway and this cane had a habit of biting into a girl’s cheeks… I certainly didn’t hold back as you can see in the images below and I’ll give you a link to a free preview clip afterwrads…





This film will also be available to download as a one off at the CLIPS SITE HERE – showing the spanking and the caning clips (or being able to choose the full film) this is coming soon (probably tomorrow as it’s late here and I need my sleep – but I’ll let you know when I post again tomorrow!) But it really is 2 films in one so ideal to split for those that either just want to see her amazing jiggling butt spanked OTK and those that want to see her wiggling bum caned – it’s ideal! Have a good night everyone… “sleep tight, don’t let those bed bugs bite”… ‘cos if they do, you need to change your mattress and bedding QUICKLY – as that’s just nasty 😉

Moving on… Cheerleaders & Schoolgirl Spankings!

Ok, I’m done witha  lot of bullshit that surrounds us in this world at the moment… so as this is a spanking blog, you want spankings, right? So, I’ll give you more spankings than you can handle…. let’s see if you can fill your boots with these quality updates and recollections.

“YOU WANT MORE AT SPANKINGBLOGG? … You can’t handle the Chief’s rantings!”


& here we go with one of my favorite spanking sites FirmHandSpanking.com – Alsion Miller at the ongoing Boot Camp series, this time her amazing bubble butt (check out these images) plops out for a good hard caning from Mr Grey who is in no mood for her excuses! I promise you this caning is surpassed by some great photography, the focus on Alison’s fabulous jiggling cheeks and a special “Slo-Mo” sequence that I have got in a clip for you!!!

See the FULL length movie HERE from the entire Bootcamp Series

I have some additional images from the past starring an old favorite of mine, Lizzy Madison who featured a few years back, she filmed extensively with FirmHandSpanking in 2006-08 and below are just some images taken from her many series of films as you’ll see! Playing cheerleader, schoolgirl and naughty girl next door so well…. please “doff your imaginary cloth cap” in her direction 🙂

I think you get the idea, these are all from photo sets that accompanied films she starred in between 2006-2008. I have seen Lizzy spanking Michaela McGowen too… if ever that was an encouraging sign to see more (see below!!!) All this and more only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Back over the Atlantic and to the “Houshhh of Schhhpannnkings” that is Spanked-in-Uniform – Our Dutch maestro has been busy updating his site since my last visit and you can see below some of the very latest uniform offerings!

From the new Rockford School of Dance – here is the latest spanking episode 🙂

Two students Julie and 19 year old Milena follow the modern dance class & after they did their warm-ups, they got a short 10 minute break. They came back 20 minutes later and they knew very well what was to happen next.  Rockford is a strict dance school! They were scolded and they both learnt proper self discipline again by means of a painful spanking over the knee. Then they had to do the warm-ups all over again but this time with their sore red, well spanked jiggling  bottoms bared for choreographer Mr Johnson able to see his recent handiwork glowing on their obviously throbbing reddy cheeks as you’ll see in these free images below:

In my 2nd look at Spanked-in-Uniform.com here is one of my favorite uniform fetishes – seeing nurses spanked, and in this latest movie just released, these 2 naughty girls really do get what they deserve! Check out the images and the description of this full movie (I just downloaded it and it’s a cracker… I’m not sure, but this could be the 1st pairing of Sammie & mocha honey Stacey together… & it’s a winner!!!

Dr Johnson told nurses Stacey and Sammie to give a young patient Patricia in room 63 an injection twice a day and when Patricia didn’t want the injection, the two nurses decided to take matters into their own hands and spank Patricia. Later when the Doc saw Patricia’s red bottom he called in both nurses who had been attending her. They both got scolded and received a sound strapping over the bed right in front of Patricia for added humiliation to which they had to apologize ina most grovelling and demeaning manner with their knickers removed and bottoms sore and on display! I love this hospital 😉

Check out all the various uniform discipline punishments HERE – with over 100 episodes of Hi Def spanking goodness, more than enough right now to satisfy discerning spankos like myself!


BadTushy.com has had some great F/F movies recently with some Hi Res movies shown at the same kicychen location, by the time I see th elocation I know we’re in fpor a treat and this most recent movie Francesca Le looks really demure and very hot when she gets to punish her so called friend who has let her down after she had to bail the stupid girl out of jail yet again! Cue much anger… tears and a great OTK spanking and bubble butt given a good hard furious “smack…smack…smacking”. I’ve got you a short WMV clip exclusive to this blog as well as these promo pics – damn, this site is getting good again!!!



Now before I go on… I got sent this amazing but very cocky young man taking a penalty in a soccer match… he celebrates before it hits the back of the net… this is a very confident buck, I can only imagine that the opposition players went in with some hard tackles after this… but little gems like this display of sheer arrogance are warranted… enjoy!


I find a humbling of a schoolgirl in a spanking film addictive viewing, apart from the obvious attraction of seeing a cute girl in uniform embarrassed with her knickers down being punished there is the control aspect that I like when those in authority use their powers to fully humiliate and make the girls learn their lesson! So when these arrogant girls show disdain for their teacher’s authority this is only going to end in tears for the foolish girls… and thoughtfully… at Hand-Spanking.com we get to see this in beautiful submissive detail! have these girls not seen the many Japanese spanking sites before? The teachers are always on the prowl to sort out misbehaving girls!!!


PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING! Watching the above free clip of this snivelling schoolgirl’s bottom grinding and heaving up and down across her teacher’s lap will cause serious trouser arousal for gentlemen imagining that she is indeed over THEIR lap instead! Please do not do think about it – I have!!! & it’s NOT pretty!!! This is a seriously good hand spanking film!

Check out the latest updates which feature more free movie previews & image galleries!

Finally if you want to see something a little different, check out my Teen-Spankings blog that shows “Schoolgirls in Space” get spanked too! CLICK HERE for that update 🙂


Don’t go far as there is a NEW movie update going up at AAAspanking tomorrow – I’m umming and ahhing about what to put up so it will be this short sharp shock film which shows the FULL movie including video images and HD-MP4 which will be available with this all in one update tomorrow… if this whets your appetite below, come back here or join my site and you’ll get to view it all… this is the film I broke my hairbrush on Irelynn’s naughty bum! (more on this tomorrow!!!)

Punished brats & schoolgirls on a Sunday

Here’s a full quick update of Lorraine who is one of my favorite girls at this site and it looks like she is still wholly exclusive to PunishedBrats.com – in her last film which is, of course, out IN FULL to download, this pouty uber-brat  takes a good hard spanking over aunt Veronica’s lap! Imagine this little beauty moaning, whining and squirming as you spank her… what a pleasant thought that is during this weekend!!!



Lorraine has moved in with her strict Aunt Veronica and is learning all of the house rules the hard way! This is going to be just the start to Lorraine’s painful adjustment to living with her Aunt as you can see from these delicious images of L’il Miss Pouty’s ever reddening sore red bottom!



Check out all the latest updates including MORE of Lorraine HERE

Of course, there is a BRAND NEW movie with another classic PB beauty (and that is Juliet Valentina!) In this latest film , Juliet is arrested for vandalism and the only thing she seems concerned with is how her evening was ruined having to sit at the police station. Well, David is about to redirect her thoughts with a dose of his leather strap and you just know this is gonna hurt!!!



You can see Juliet punished without the relative protection of those cute panties HERE


Meanwhile, I thought you’d like to check out another of my forays into the magnificent archives of NorthernSpanking for a quick look at a pyjama punishment spanking that I adored starring the very cute Irelynn Logeen. I’m not sure if it’s the combination of her silky bed-wear, her pouty sulking expressions or presenting her bottom for punishment, but this flame haired beauty does it for me and I just had to let you know here… there’s plenty more of her available in some amazing spanking movies HERE

Worried Irelynn is about to get the leather strap on her bare bottom!

Sent upstairs by Stepehen, Irelynn awaits him with trepidation until he tells her to slowly remove her satin pyjama bottoms so that her bare bottom can get the much needed punishment he thinks she so richly deserves! Please proceed with caution, viewing further imagery below could cause uncomfortable “Trouser Bumpage” ™ Chief at SpankingBlogg




Pyjamas, bedroom punishments, brats and tearful punishments… ah the joy of Sunday evenings! 

See MORE of Irelynn’s many punishment films HERE


You might want to avail yourselves of my latest additions at

Take the last 4 added below, click on any image and it will lead staright to the movie! These movies are courtesy of the infamous Miss Brown, who knows how to cane an impertenent schoolgirl’s bottom as well as any guys that happen to cross her path! WARNING: Careful though, her stuff is seriously addictive once you get sucked into her world!!!



You can see much more videos in HD-Wmv playback right HERE

Exclusive Education 5 (EE5) 1st Review


As promised, Clare’s latest EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 5 (EE5) is now out and features 10 sets of bared red bottoms in this punishment classic. Throughout this series as you’ll see from above, it promises good honest mayhem which I can’t wait to see unfold as each story is told and I like the twists that are promised! 😀 OK, so the very 1st of this series focusses on the unruly classroom as all 10 girls play up in the absence of new teacher Miss Alicia Panettiere….that is until Headmistress Clare Fonda walks by catching these girls fooling around, playing up and even playfully making out with each other! You and I know this will only end in tears and the shame of the image below…

I have some “exclusive” first shots for you and it features troublemaker Sarah (or is that Rachel?) Gregory with her magnificent bared bottom getting the first of many spankings….

…along with her fellow disruptive pupil, a girl I’ve not seen before, but am loving her work already…Miss Marie Elle, who as the name suggests has French influences (born in Paris, I think…my fave European city which I try to visit as often as poss!) and I have been told she put her sexy accent to good use later in the series, I can’t wait!!!

 Apparently I think Clare and co thought Marie Elle might have been one of those troublesome models, God, I know how that can go…when a girl’s first questions are “When will the shoot end?” and “Can I bring my boyfriend on set?” (I think they were told it was a boyfriend free environment etc) then you do worry, but it seems this girl pulled it round and as you’ll see from the first few images of Sarah and Marie…it’s no wonder Miss Lana and Miss Alicia eagerly take turns!!! Check out the classroom mayhem of the girls and the first 2 called up for a spanking…Sarah G and Marie E! (in Da House…heh heh)





So…2 girls down, only 8 more to go! I’ll let you take a look for yourself HERE

& I know I can’t wait to see much more of Lindsey Meyers

With her glasses and dental brace, I will enjoy seeing this bratty teen with her pants down over the laps of her teachers getting a good hard spanking and much more! View the Series and of course the entire previous 4 hour plus long movie epics of Excluisve Education only from GirlSpanksGirl.com

Remember that this is just one tiny sub section of one site of Clare’s many excellent networked websites, and I can let you know that there is an amazing CLARE FONDA PASS covering many site sign up options making viewing 3, 4 or 5 sites with one pass and one payment (which is considerably lower) far more convenient…you’ll need time to download all this amazing content, so, Like me, I have a longer term membership which means I pay less per day/week…however you wanna work it out! OK, enough of my sales speech, Clare has really done it this time and we can all now get our rocks off to EE5!!! Have a great weekend…I intend to! (I promised to review one of Clare’s newer sites, I won’t say which…and I can’t wait to check it out properly!)

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