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Happy New Year 2022

Hello everyone, we all made it through 2021, thinking that it couldn’t get much worse when at times this past year infuriated us even more than the shitshow that was 2020. Idiots who continue to propagate the lie that an election was stolen (FFS), or deny that COVID vaccines won’t help, refusing to mask up or just try to help their fellow man. Science is being necessarily questioned thanks to false narratives on social media or via obscure blog posts or Youtube channels being the basis for “news” sources, in the name of “doing their research” (FFS). Social media really is the start of the end as far as I am concerned… allowing any idiot to anonymously attack individuals in the name of free speech, just because they feel emboldened. Continue reading

Catching up at AAA Spanking

Here’s another chance to catch up with this fine site (naturally, I’d say that) and the last few film releases that have proved very popular. I have included some extra animated GIFs and removed the sidebar (if you’re viewing on a desktop device) so you can focus on the content in this blog post. Anyway, enjoy, you can also download the featured films as a standalone option at the AAA Cips4Sale Store too, I have included links to these (to the MP4 versions). The most recent update is shown first…


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This film can be viewed HERE (or click image below) in full at the AAA C4S Store

bathtub spanking
This film stars: Adriana Evans, Luci Lovett & Madame Samantha B.

Adriana Evans and Luci Lovett are grifters, a couple of con-artists who have cheated their way across dozens of stores, restaurants, and hotels as they used cloned/stolen credit cards to pay for their extravagant trips across the country. This particular hotel had an executive suite late in the evening and the girls did what they did best by cheating their way to the top floor using another cloned credit card and are having a long relaxing soak together in the large bathtub when the manager of the hotel, Miss Samantha B, barges in and confronts them both. She is angry and sees only two choices, to call the police or deal with it her way, no questions asked… with a humiliating double spanking punishment!

The grifters are bemused, and also quite naked and wet from the bathtub but eventually, Luci agrees to take one for the team and starts the ball rolling thinking this is just some oddball who they can get around. Anything is better than having the police called! Both girls regret this decision as the spankings are long, embarrassing and of course the hand spankings hurt so much more across a wet glistening bottom. Samantha spies a hairbrush next to the tub and she uses this which makes Luci welp out in pain. The same happens to Adriana and it is humiliating for them to watch each other take this. Finally, Samantha uses her hand and hairbrush with both girls back in the tub, their wet bottoms glowing red and sore.

They are given 10 minutes to clean up before Security is called to throw their cheating, sore asses out on the street!

otk spanking Adriana Evans cries during her OTK spanking   Luci Lovett spanking Swindlers spanked at Bathtime double hairbrush spanking wet bottom spankings



This film can be viewed HERE (or click image below) in full at the AAA C4S Store

Delirious Hunter gets spanked and shamed
This film stars: Delirious Hunter & John Osborne

There is nothing wrong with making a little extra money on the side during these troubling times and Del has been camming for a few months and doing rather well from it. The problem is, she has become addicted to it and her partner made a rule to never cam on a Wednesday. He even hid her laptop but he didn’t know that she had installed software on her smartphone so she snuck into her cam room and did what she loved… until she is caught, open-legged, camming on the one day she had promised not to. This means punishment and John informs her that she’ll be strapped with every implement he can find. First, he spanks her flawless pale buttocks and then uses several nasty leather straps until she is crying out in pain and he leaves her with a sore, stinging pink bottom. Delirious Hunter is a hot young lady and we are sure you can find her online, 6 days a week! Just not on Wednesdays!

otk spanking hand spanking over his knee for a spanking leather strapping hard hand spanking for Delirious Hunter the leather strapping Delirious Hunter gets punished at home



This film can be viewed HERE (or click image below) in full at the AAA C4S Store

Violet October receives a humiliating punishment
This film stars: Violet October & Madame Samantha B.

Currently in 2020, a punishment film like this would be unheard of in an office environment… imagine getting spanked for faking an illness with a pathetic cough. At the time of this film release, any employee caught doing this would no doubt be fired on the spot for coughing or causing other colleagues distress by not wearing a mask. So let’s remember a time when office managers like Madame Samantha B knew how to deal with those employees that continually faked an illness for selfish reasons.

This is the tale of an office junior, Violet October, who was always faking ailments to get time off and her latest ruse was an annoying cough. Her boss heard about this and she was summoned, in person, to hear the pathetic cough for herself. Violet tried to fake it some more but it was all too obvious. Samantha’s unique ways of dealing with her girls were to humiliate or embarrass them so they wouldn’t try the same trick again. In this case, that meant a spanking for Violet, over her the lap of her boss right there in the office!

The hand spanking was long and hard and Violet’s pale bottom soon turned a shameful hue of crimson but this was also a horrible bare bottom spanking with a mean leather paddle which Violet was sure other members of staff could hear. The embarrassment of this was far from over as she had her temperature checked… the old fashioned way! Her bottom was wiped, as her boss remarked on the glowing redness of her spanked cheeks, then a glob of greasy Vaseline was applied to a rectal thermometer. Violet had to remain kneeling on a stool, her bottom on full display, clenching the thermometer stuck up her bottom so it would not fall out! Madame Samantha B left to fetch some paperwork from another part of the building promising to check on Violet soon, but the office door was to remain open for anyone passing by who would be able to see the poor wretch.

This was one lesson Violet learned a few years ago and she never faked an illness ever again at this company!

knickers down spanking spanked and paddled by her boss red bottom spanking hand spanking for Violet October spanked and humiliated rectal temperature taking Violet October AAA Spanking


click here to see all the HD films at AAA Spanking

Cheerleader Spankings Recap

Hi again, here’s an in-depth look at all the most recent films that are relentlessly updated on a regular schedule at Cheerleader Spankings – I have covered all the films that bring this site review up to date since I last looked at it. For your info, I have made some exclusive and interesting animated GIFs as well as links to the individual films that you can download to keep and playback as often as you want (as a one time purchase). Or, if you prefer… links are shown to the membership site tour pages where you can view pages of recent updates with free previews, and then have the option to download ALL the films shown as part of a signed up membership via CCBill (best option in my opinion). Of course, there are also NON-recurring options for your added peace of mind if you’re that way inclined to worry about any recurring billing.

Oh, if you’re a genuine reader of my blog, continue to enjoy… have a fantastic day! 🙂

Also if you’re one of those people that say they’ll “never pay a cent for anything” then that’s your perogative, but it would be nice for you to try and support the sites/folks you like to see content from on the odd occasion, but whatever… I understand if buying a cup of coffee for a few days in a row is more important than downloading a film/s (for the equivalent price) that “you really like” rather than begging fellow forum members for it before you might eventually get it is rather sad. Just remember, whoever the producer/content provider is, if that continues large scale unchecked, then… *no-more-content* … just a thought.

However, if you’re one of those sad-sack Russian/Former Soviet shithole state residents that love to rip off our content (I can think of 2 or 3) and post it as your own with your crappy, stupid, obvious-as-f*ck additional watermarks (on top of stealing our content with stolen credit card details) – then I really wish you and everyone you hold dear nothing but misery and a lifetime sentence of being stuck in your shithole authoritarian countries without a passport or the privilege of international travel – You thieving morons f*cking suck.

That is all… heh heh!

cheerleader spankings - click here

Cheerleader Spankings Update Review

All updates below start with the most recent at the time of writing and work back.

Uniform Punishment

This vid can be downloaded HERE – taken from the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store download
Starring: Britney Light & Miss Bernadette

Britney sees Mom waiting for her in the Living Room. Britney is wearing her cheer uniform… in fact, she has been wearing it wherever she goes and whatever she does because Britney thinks she looks cute in it. Mom is fed up with this strange behavior as one of the most recent incidents was when her girl arrived at church dressed in her uniform instead of her Sunday Best. This was becoming obsessive and Mom needs to have a chat with her. It is clear that Britney is infatuated with herself in uniform and won’t listen to mom’s concerns, so if she thinks she looks cute in her uniform, maybe she’ll feel cute with a sore spanked bottom too.

Mom spanks her over the lap, her tight green sports panties offer little protection from the smacking, and to humiliate Britney further, she loses the dignity of those panties. Her bare bottom jiggles under the continual hand spanking and the hairbrush that Britney had brought in gets used on her round cheeks too which really grabs her attention. Mom will not be tolerating her girl’s nonsense anymore, this uniform obsession will be nipped in the bud or the spankings will continue!

Britney Light OTK spanking

View the film in full at the Clip Store HERE (this option is for HD1080 MP4)
Or click HERE or the animated image below for access to 100s more films via the Membership Site

cheerleader spankings - click here

Principal Punishes Jas

This vid can be downloaded HERE – taken from the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

Cheerleader Spankings C4S download

Starring: Jas (Little Jaybird) & Miss Bernadette

Jas is one of the leading cheerleaders, and with that comes greater responsibility. She has been reprimanded and punished previously for some of her more provocative cheers during games, so her coaches thought she had learned her lesson after they punished her. It would appear not… as she has been booty shaking and dancing inappropriately once more, so now she is faced with a disciplinary meeting with the school’s principal, Miss Bernadette. The principal has no time for her feeble excuses and wastes no time in putting her across her lap like the naughty girl she is for an old fashioned humiliating hand spanking.

Jas doesn’t know how to respond as her principal of the school is now spanking her bare bottom with her tight panties pulled down, this is so embarrassing! The punishment is far from over as the School Compliance Discipline strap is used when she is told to present her bare bottom bent over the table. The cheerleader’s poor jiggling bottom takes stroke after stroke of leather until the principal is satisfied that this miscreant has learned her lesson and sent back to classes.

Cheerleader gets a spanking and strapping

View the film in full at the Clip Store HERE (this option is for HD1080 MP4)
Or click HERE or the animated image below for access to 100s more films via the Membership Site

Cheerleader Spankings - click here

Amy’s Caning Bastinado Punishment

This vid can be downloaded HERE – taken from the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

Cheerleader given bastinado and caning punishment
Starring: Amy Fox & Sarah Gregory

In this special custom collaboration between Amy Fox and Sarah Gregory, we present to you a cheerleading punishment with a difference. This sneaky cheerleader has been disappearing from after school practice far too many times recently and coach, Sarah Gregory, finally discovers the reason why. She has been feigning any excuse to go to the bathroom to the unsuspecting assistant coaches on the field… then just leaving early. She discovers that Amy’s absence is systemic and decides to confront the idle girl privately… and before she sneaks off again, at the school’s staff recreation quarters (when no teachers will be there outside normal hours).

Amy lies and continues to deny any wrongdoing when given a chance, to tell the truth. Only when she is confronted with CCTV evidence does she feebly admit that she has been leaving early… and often. Miss Gregory tells Amy that her little leaving feet are going to be punished as well as the usual hard caning across her bare bottom and thighs that she would give her. This is humiliating and embarrassing for Amy as her feet are also caned as she is laid out on the kitchen table. Her bottom and upper thighs are striped and welted from the cold caning and each bared foot receives the same nasty, painful treatment to ensure she learns her lesson. The lesson that her early leaving ways will not be tolerated in the future!

spanking and caning bastinado - caned on her feet

View the film in full at the Clip Store HERE (this option is for HD1080 MP4)
Or click HERE or the animated image below for access to 100s more films via the Membership Site

cheerleader spankings - click here

Promiscuous Fae Spanked by Mom

This vid can be downloaded HERE – taken from the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

promiscuous cheerleader given a spanking by mom
Starring: Fae & Miss Bernadette

Fae’s mom is waiting for her to come home from “cheer practice” as she needs to confront her about something worrying that she had just heard from Fae’s coach. Her daughter denies anything is wrong but after being given a chance, to tell the truth, mom spells out what she has heard… and it is disgusting and embarrassing. Fae has been having sex with boys underneath the bleachers instead of turning up for practice. She has absolutely no shame about it and this angers her mom who takes her right over the lap for a hand spanking there and then. Still dressed in her cheer uniform that she so recently defiled with several boys, Fae struggles and complains as she is scolded for being such a slut.

Those shorts come down, something Fae is used to by all accounts, for a harder bare bottom spanking before her continual backchat earns the unrepentant hussy a nasty hairbrush spanking! This now focuses the loose daughter’s mind on her recent lewd behavior as the brush stings so hard that any thoughts of having sex are the last thing on her mind. More punishments are promised if she doesn’t learn to respect herself, her mom, and the uniform that she is wearing. She is one sorry-looking young girl nursing an aching sore red bottom.

hairbrush spanking for a cheerleader OTK hairbrush spanking

View the film in full at the Clip Store HERE (this option is for HD1080 MP4)
Or click HERE or the animated image below for access to 100s more films via the Membership Site

cheerleader spankings - click here

Kiki Learns Respect

This vid can be downloaded HERE – taken from the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

cheerleader spanked by her coach
Starring: Kiki Cali & Anastasia St. Claire

Kiki has been summoned for a showdown meeting with the new young assistant coach, Anastasia. The reason for this meeting is because Kiki has been showing attitude and constantly undermining the new coach’s authority in front of the other girls. The Head Coach has given Anastasia full dispensation to teach this cheer girl a lesson as she sees fit. Head coach spanks the girls when they are out of line… and that is what is going to happen to Kiki. There is little choice in the matter unless Kiki wants to leave the most successful squad in recent memory.

Anastasia spanks a lot harder than Kiki thought possible and she soon regrets her earlier sassy attitude as the assistant coach really goes at it. She ensures Kiki’s bottom burns when she is spanked on the bare! You’ll see some great facial reactions from Kiki as she struggles at times from the great hand spanking action from Anastasia (who asserts her newfound authority). Kiki is bound to tell the other girls not to antagonize their new coach in the future. Anastasia earns and Kiki learns the meaning of respect!

bare bottom spanking cheerleader spanked and paddled

View the film in full at the Clip Store HERE (this option is for HD1080 MP4)
Or click HERE or the animated image below for access to 100s more films via the Membership Site

cheerleader spankings - click here

Lewd Rude & Spanked

This vid can be downloaded HERE – taken from the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

Naughty cheerleader given a spanking at home
Starring: Veronica Weston, Miss Bernadette & Dodgy Dave

Veronica’s parents are discussing the phone call they had just received prior to her return home from cheer practice. It would seem their girl has a lot of explaining to do after her coach picked up her phone and discovered filthy, lewd images of herself. Rude selfies that she had been possibly sexting to Lord knows who. She arrives home, bubbly and happy after a great practice but is soon confronted with her parents’ questions over the naked images she had been taking on her phone.

They are both in agreement that she needs to be disciplined the old fashioned way with a spanking by them both. Veronica knows how this works and no amount of protesting is going to stop it from happening. She is spanked over mom’s lap and despite struggling, her tight shorts are pulled down to give her bare bottom the spanking it deserves. There is also a hairbrush waiting for this young madam’s cheeks, which she hates and her reactions prove this as the painful implement smacks her bottom hard.

Daddy is next, he spanks her over his lap as mother watches and scolds Veronica but the punishment is far from over. The Family Strap is used as she is placed lying down on the couch, her bottom a ripe, inviting target for daddy’s leather strap to lick her quivering, red bottom multiple times. Afterward, she is sent to her room in shame, without her phone, and grounded for the rest of the week!

spankings and strappings leather strapping from dad

View the film in full at the Clip Store HERE (this option is for HD1080 MP4)
Or click HERE or the animated image below for access to 100s more films via the Membership Site

cheerleader spankings - click here


cheerleader spankings

Spanko Air: New at AAA Spanking

There is a new spanking series just released at AAA Spanking featuring a particular uniform fetish of mine… and I hope yours too… seeing a well heeled flight attendant or two in a smart believable uniform (not the silly Halloween costumes that you see) with attention to detail – E.g.) wearing pantyhose, and looking every part a member of an airline cabin crew. I hope that as the series progresses over time we include other aspects of an airline/airport operation, from pilots to ground crew and so on. To kick start this off, as soon as I knew I was filming with these two beauties recently, I knew they would be PERFECT! Welcome back Zoe Page and say “hello” to new girl Lucy Lauren! They filmed some more scenes but this opening one is very memorable… as you’ll see! So all aboard the most kink friendly airline in the world… SPANKO AIR! Will there be mile high spanking scenes? Who knows? Filming would be cramped inside those restrooms… riiiight? 🙂

I have featured some nice video screen grabs, some animated GIFs and a link to the full length 90 seconds preview! Enjoy… this film really is a wonderful visual spanking treat! How could it nbot be with these 2 young ladies?

SPANKO AIR: The Disciplinary Meeting

This film can be viewed as part of the AAA Membership site option starting from as little as the equivalent of $12.50/month with the Loyalty Annual membership – or from around $25 for a basic monthly subscription… giving you access to well over 460 full length films, their extensive video image galleries and high quality stills images – all zipped for easy download and there are MP4 streaming options as well as the HD1080 versions to download and keep.

Or… purchase this as a one time video download from our Clip Store – Click HERE for access

For a limited time, you can get 10% off the point of sale at the Clip Store until end of June 10th 2019 (at the time of writing) – this applies to ALL films, click on this link HERE or the image below for the preview page of all films at AAA

We have something special for you as we introduce a new spanking series called ” Spanko Air”. This is a kink friendly airline, employing staff that understand particular fetishes that they and their fellow passengers are comfortable with in public. It has proved very popular with customers so demand for quality trained staff is important.. This is where we start as ceratin standards have been slipping with one individual who has been turning up late for training, work evaluations, performing poorly on the job and so on… but this is precisely what Lucy Lauren does (making her amazing debut appearance at Triple A). She has been taking advantage of her friend, roommate and fellow employee, Zoe Page. Zoe is her superior at work and has been told to deal with Lucy appropriately when they return from their latest flight for the day. Lucy’s Disciplinary Meeting means that Zoe has been asked to punish Lucy, or she will be in trouble too.

It’s a little embarrassing for them both but Zoe is professional and takes matters into her own hands after the initial scolding. Then Lucy is placed over the desk for the start of her spanking punishment. As well as poor attitude, laziness and rudeness to passengers, it appears Lucy is also wearing a thong which is forbidden and this is removed as her bottom is reddened quickly with a hard hand spanking. Management has insisted they be able to hear and then inspect Lucy’s bottom afterward, so Zoe ensures Lucy’s bottom is thoroughly tanned with an additional leather paddle that she uses without mercy. Poor Lucy, her bottom is so sore at the end, it is just as red as the neckerchief she is using to dab the tears from her eyes. Zoe is pleased with her work, leaving a very sorry Lucy rubbing her swollen reddened cheeks as she waits for the inspection by senior management. Welcome to the new series of Spanko Air, a colorful, authentic uniform spanking feature that we are sure you will enjoy.

spanking hand spanking paddling and spanking


aaa spanking

[jwplayer mediaid=”59791″]






Check out the following stores… ALL purchases via the following links are active until June 10th. Click on the image of the clip store and you’ll be taken to the clip store of your choice… all purchases will have 10% taken off at the point of sale. Hurry while it is available, a uniqque chance to purchase some of our best clips for less!

Don’t forget that Clips 4 sale also has specialist search functions enabling you to search for models, titles of films and such… go ahead, try it on the store you choose. There are 1000’s of clips to choose from so it pays to search wisely!

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Post Party Spanking Updates

It’s been nearly a week since the Lone Star Spanking Party finished… in my opinion, the best of the four that we have hosted. I would like to thank all the awesome attendees that made this such a fun party to help host, and also the biggest. I will be writing more about it soon, with background info, images and what went on but for now, since I am trying to combat Party Drop (still… it was that good) – I am travelling back to Houston to meet up with Sarah tomorrow. I have been away on a fun filled roadtrip with fellow Brit, Dodgy Dave – the highlight being a booze fuelled time in New Orleans. Of course, there are other times to be reflective (at the Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana (Vacherie province) … or the fuckwittery of playing with candy toys (Wacky Monkey I love you!) in a candy store in Scott, LA. Anyway, more on all that at a later date as I just wanted to remind you about the very latest film now showing at AAA Spanking

So here is the latest film, it is selling like crazy at the C4S store (I wonder why with that title, what a dirty bunch of pervs some people are!) and of course, members at AAA Spanking can now see this and 412 more films as part of their membership along with the 1000s and 1000s of images too. Please welcome back Luci Lovett and Madame Samantha B in this latest all female production.

Probed and Punished

Luci Lovett is one of the worst behaved girls at school and is constantly getting spanked in class or during detention. So when she approached the school nurse (who was relaxing in the common room during lunchbreak) claiming to have tummy-ache, and wanting to go home; this request was met with much derision. The school nurse (Madame Samantha B) decided to take Luci’s temperature the old fashioned way, by placing the thermometer up her bottom! The nurse knew full well that there was an important examination later that day in Luci’s Year so decided to teach this faker a lesson. She made Luci wipe her own bottom before sticking the lubed thermometer where the sun never shines, and lo and behold, her temperature was normal! With her bottom already stuck out, nurse Samantha spanked the girl, scolding her for telling lies to get out of a test! Then Luci was placed over the nurse’s lap and the spankings continued with her hard hand and a leather paddle which really stung, making Luci’s bottom a very shameful red! The nurse informed Luci that she then had to go take that test and she would pass… or else! Luci learnt a valuable lesson in not using the school nurse to get out of a test that she had not prepared properly for.

wiping her bottom taking her temperature the old fashioned way inserting the rectal thermometer temperature taking rectal temp taking schoolgirl spanking wobblesome bottom spanked otk spanking sore bottom spanking jiggling buttocks given a hand spanking shamed and spanked by nurse scolding


As usual, you can also download this new title via the Clips store (below)

probed and punished

Sorry this is just a short post but I wanted to at least write here to let you know I haven’t forgotten about this blog! I promise to be back soon with all the gossip and news from the amazing Lone Star Spanking Party and of course plenty more spanking updates that I really think you should be checking out!!!

Bye Y’all!

Springtime Spankings

Finally, it would appear that the last vestiges of the wintry weather are at last disappearing and I have already driven with the roof down on my car (twice) – so it must be getting warmer, right? Spring is my favorite time of year… I love seeing the trees turning green, the apple and cherry blossoms, the days getting warmer and longer as well as the flowers in the fields and woodlands going crazy after such a miserable, grey cold winter! It’s also a busy time of year for me, and nowadays, more often than not, I am back in the UK… so that means I get to find some bluebells in the woodlands… when I have time to do so. Oh, and I suppose I better get you some spanking updates as it has been far too long! I do apologize… I know, I always do, but like I said, I have been busy, so wrapped up in other things that I have had to spend less time on here… but let’s forget that for now, I’m back, Spring is back… and some cracking spanking updates are back on this blog! Enjoy!

In House Discipline – AAA Spanking

Mackenzie is a hard working employee but she gets frustrated with others who are unable to keep up with her schedule and has created a lot of animosity among her fellow co-wporkers. This has come to the attention of HR manager, Stevie Rose, who has a special, trusted method of dealing with this type of delicate situation. Mackenzie is a valued employee but her attitude is appalling. Rather than let her go, Ms Rose decides to give an off the record “Disciplinary”. That means it is done the old fashioned way, with Corporal Punishment! Mackenzie knows she has been difficult and takes the punishment to keep her job and learn from her mistakes. She is spanked over Ms Rose’s lap, her tight pantyhose unable to hide a growing red marked bottom from a hand spanking. She is then spanked over her panties and on the bare bottom which she find embarrassing but worse is to come. A paddling over her manager’s lap with a mean wooden implement is followed by her bent over, pantyhose and panties fully removed with her bottom bare and exposed for a double leather strapping that has her gasping in shock and pain. Then Ms Rose lets Mackenzie struggle back into her pantyhose, letting her know that she is watching how she deals with her freshly spanked sore red bottom. It’s embarrassing and humiliating, something Mackenzie will want to avoid again if she ever faces another “In House Discipline”.

pantyhose spanking pantyhose spankings otk wooden paddle strapping sore red spanked bottom

I loved this movie, no new girls at AAA this past week, but it was a first for Stevie topping at this site and did she deliver! Stevie is fearsome and so good to watch, especially strapping Mackenzie’s gorgeous butt… then watching her poor hapless employee awkwardly changing back into her pantyhose afterwards… joy!

You can see a free preview clip of this awesome film HERE

Or view it as a full film download (or in even smaller action spanking and strapping clips with no build up dialogue) at the AAA Clips Store (direct link to the full length film is below) 

In House Discipline from AAA Spanking

Two Little Thieves – Cheerleader Spankings

Sarah and Rachel are caught by Miss Elizabeth trying to steal items from the other girls lockers after she heard them both rummaging and rifling through personal effects from outside the Locker Room. They snuck back into school after hours while the rest of the cheer squad was practicing. Miss Elizabeth is shocked to find the girls as she is on her way home for the day. The girls deny everything of course. Sarah is particularly bratty and answers back with smart alec quips which earns her a spanking over Miss Elizabeth’s lap. Rachel is told she is next as Sarah is spanked and then given a harder hand spanking on her bare bottom. The girls swap places and the punsihment and scolding continues, but not without Sarah answering back continually. Miss Elizabeth has had it with these two little thieves and pulls out a hairbrush from her bag, taking first Sarah, then Rachel, over her lap as she really wallops them both with the brush which finally gets through to them both what nasty thieving cheerleaders they are! The girls apologize and feel rather foolish that they had been caught and punished in their cheer uniforms, their red bottoms on display for all to see.

 cherleaders get a spanking OTK spanking hairbrush spanking

These uniforms are absolutely adorable, and with the locker room setting, and of course Miss Elizabeth scolding & spanking Rachel & Sarah – this is as about perfect as a cheerleader spanking video gets in my opinion!

View the free spanking preview clip HERE

Or you can check out the latest movie update from the Cheer Clip Store HERE

Asking for a Spanking – Firm hand Spanking

Creamy smooth bouncing bottom bared, Lilian White asks for a spanking Bubble butt brat Lilian White returns as a girl curious about spanking in her all-new series Asking For It with John Friday. Lying across his knee she claims to be nervous, but as the spanking heat is turned up and her buttocks jiggle redder, it’s clear she needs more than a hand on her butt! Awesome slow-motion booty-bouncing replay.

bare bottom spanking spanking

FHS get this  right with a lovely OTK hand spanking that has the right power and intensity to ensure this IS punishment – whilst also being incredibly hot to look at! Go check out this latest series for yourself.


More Cheerleader Spanking Update News

Yup! I’m back with a whole load more spanking news updates from around the interwebz…. it has been a while and I still would like to post about our recent trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco, especially since both Sarah & I filmed so many new girls and fab new spanking storylines. But that will have to wait as I know the updates need to be addressed – and I really am woefully behind on that!

Just for now, I thought I’d catch up with the last 3 spanking updates featured at Cheerleader Spankings – so you will get a special animated GIF feature along with some high quality images taken directly from the film and links to more free previews. Just remember you can purchase these films and the smaller parts if you need to – at the popular Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store as well!

Mom Takes Charge
Starring Mackenzie Reed, Kitty Catherine, Clare Fonda & Madame Samantha B

spanking a tearful cheergirl

Sisters Kitty and Mackenzie have been giving their cheer coach, Clare Fonda, all sorts of issues at the latest practice with their squabbling and petty fighting. Coach calls home and Mother rushes over to discipline the girls there and then… brandishing a hard heavy hairbrush! The girls are ashamed, then doubly embarrassed as Mom spanks Mackenzie in front of Kitty, letting Coach know this is what should happen if they play up again. Kitty is near to tears watching her sister being punished and is told to hand the brush to her mother. Poor Mackenzie yelps, cries and struggles over Mom’s lap as the hairbrush wields so much pain! Then Coach is told to spank Kitty in the same fashion… Kitty sobs and Mackenzie cries watching her little sister receive the same humiliating punishment. Mom finishes off the punishment of a very tearful Kitty… letting Coach Fonda know she has no problem with her punishing both girls this way in the future!

hand me the hairbrush! spanking cheerleader spanked by mommy  hard hairbrush spankings


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)

Autograph Ass Whoopin
Starring Lady Alice, Violet October & John Osborne

caned cheerleaders

Alice and Violet skipped an important cheer practice. Their reason for not being there was because they wanted to meet a famous film star who had arrived in town and they eagerly explained and showed their Coach the autograph they had got from their idol to prove their story! However, Coach was far from impressed and decided that this was not a valid reason for ruining the previous cheer practice. He confiscated the autograph and informed each girl that they would receive 12 hard strokes of his cane. These would be hard mean strokes split into two sets of six due to their severity. The girls agreed to take their punishment to atone for missing practice and by the second set.of 6 cane strokes their legs were shaking and buckling from the onslaught of his heavy dragon cane. The tearful girls barely made it to the end before Coach sent them back to their current practice session without their prized autograph.

tears canings and spankings caned cheerleaders


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)
cheerleader canings

Sisters Before Misters
Starring Nuna Starks & Mackenzie Reed

Mackenzie invites her BFF, Nuna (and fellow cheergirl) over to hers after practice. Mackenzie has an ulterior motive for this as she wants top see Nuna’s reactions when she recounts her boyfriend issues as she suspects he has been seeing someone behind her back. She already knows it is Nuna and as she awkwardly lies, Mackenzie shows her the proof she obtained from her boyfriend’s phone! Nuna is busted and unable to reply – her best friend is upset but they are still best friends… “Sisters before Misters” she says. She knows a way they can get over this and move on. Mackenzie wants to spank and paddle Nuna’s bare bottom, to punish her, and if she accepts this, that will go a long way to showing that she cares for their friendship. Nuna agrees to take the spanking over Mackenzie’s lap and her beautiful bottom is spanked over her white crisp panties before they are pulled down and the spanking gets harder to teach Nuna her lesson. It’s far from over, Mackenzie wants her to feel truly sorry and produces a heavy wooden hairbrush that is used with much greater force than Nuna expected. She gasps and cries out in pain as the wooden implement whacks her bouncing cheeks time and time again. The girls make up and Mackenzie tells Nuna that her boyfriend is history as it is always “Sisters before Misters!”

otk spanking hairbrush spanking


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)

cheerleader spankings

A Hot OTK Spanking

Lily Swan is one of Sarah’s close friends who often comes over to visit her for a spanking (especially an OTK spanking) when she needs it. Often during these times, Lily films content with us both when she is free from her own busy schedule. Lily loves pain and admitted to Sarah that she needs to get a good whacking every now and then so when we are all together, there’s no discussing it, it just happens – but we also make some films in between private playtime! One such film (below) was from about a year ago… Sarah’s housemate had been brewing beer in their basement (a lot of beer… and it is rather good, actually!). Anyway, we had planned on filming some more videos down there but with all the freshly fermenting 5 or 10 gallon jars placed there, it was a bit cramped and very “hoppy smelling” so I thought why not make a video based around these real life props! What better excuse to spank someone than illicitly brewing beer in a “Dry House!” 🙂


Lily Swan ends the punishment contemplating the error of her ways with a very sore red bottom!

As I said, Lily could take quite a lot of punishment and she required that she be marked up so she could go home and show her hubby! You may have noticed that she is also incredibly fit and does a lot of working out with lifestyle/fitness coaching. She assured us that she didn’t have to show off her bottom for the next few days and would use yoga pants or leggings anyway… which was a relief! She ended the day very sore and bruised! Just how she liked it! The following film is more of a take on one of my fave spanking pastimes; just using my hand in an OTK position on a bare bottom! There’s nothing quite like it, I love taking a naughty young lady over my lap and giving her an old fashioned tanning!

Brewing up Trouble – The new video with Lily Swan at AAAspanking.com


Lily Swan is back in a great OTK spanking video and you will see why she got this swift bare bottom punishment as she thought that her landlord, John, would be away on business for longer than she anticipated. She was brewing gallons of beer in the basement hoping to hide the evidence before his return. Only he caught her red handed making this from returning early from his overseas trip. What made this worse for Lily was that John had a rule about alcohol in the house, a simple rule – NO ALCOHOL at all. It was a “Dry House”. He gave her a spanking that made her bare bottom sore and she knew she had to take this hard spanking for her obvious deception and lack of respect toward her trusting landlord! Lily is exclusive to the SG Group of sites and a very popular spankee here at AAA: We know you will LOVE to see her “getting it good” once more!

b002 b003 b004 spanking b006 over his knee for a spanking b008 b009 otk spanking 1 b010 b011 bare bottom OTK spanking otk spanking 2b013 b014 b016 OTK spanking b018 b019 b020 b021 b024



otk spanking 3

Check out more OTK spanking films & hard videos featuring the amazing Lily Swan HERE


Or you can view this film as a one time download to keep and play back as often as you want in full HD1080-MP4 format from the following Clip Stores (direct links to the videos are below)

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Rosie Ann Given a Strapping & Spanking

The latest video from AAAspanking.com features an all girl spanking and strapping-fest featuring lovely young Rosie Ann with Sarah Gregory (doing the strapping/spanking action). This was filmed last year in the UK… Sarah had been asking me for ages when she could meet up with Rosie Ann as she had a ton of ideas she wanted to run with Rosie… you can see her at both of sarah’s main sites via the Sarah Gregory Pass

This film was near the end of the day and Rosie had taken a fair amount of punishment… she has an amazing butt and fantastic recovery between films (seriously scary!!!) but of course the spankings and various implement whackings were still very painful! This video had no build up, it did EXACTLY what it said… Rosie was naked on the bed and Sarah. dressed in a smart “toppy” outfit was already wielding the 1st of 2 leather straps she loved using.
It is a 10 minute non stop roller coaster of spanking and strapping of Rosie splayed out on the bed, bottom flat… then, with the aid of pillows, bottom stuck out so she was virtually on all fours! This is a hot girl on girl spanking/strapping video you shouldn’t miss! I have some images from both the film and some additional stills that AAA Members can all view right now!

Rosie’s Naked strapping – starring Rosie Ann & Sarah Gregory

Rosie Ann spanks

Gorgeous Rosie Ann was still only just 19 years old when this was filmed!

rosie001 rosie002 strapped and spanked rosie004

Sarah Gregory had been wanting to meet Rosie for quite a while after seeing what had been filmed at Triple A previously! This was a memorable encounter as Rosie had seen Sarah’s strapping techniques and had asked her off camera if she could demonstrate to her what she did best! Sarah couldn’t wait, but insisted on having the lovely Rosie naked on the bed. What you will see are two fabulous ladies doing what they do best as Top and Bottom. This is fine spanking erotica at its best starring two very sexy ladies!

ass spanking rosie006 rosie007 following through with the strap

There are also some stills (like these below)
reduced in size from the Members area –

Rosie given a spanking by Sarah Gregory rosie010 rosie011 bare exposed bottom

This was Rosie’s 1st film with her new look red hair at AAA … all previous films with her as a brunette had been uploaded. There are some amazing videos coming up in the next few months showing more of just how much Rosie can take! So members on a longer term “Rewards membership” can look forward to some great content coming their way soon! back to this film… more images from the video AND some additional bonus stills.

strapping Rosie Ann girl girl spanking rosie015 leather strapping rosie017 rosie018






Spanking Library AAA Clips 4 sale



Direct links to the videos here > Clips4sale or SpankingLibrary (you decide)

Spanking Clip Store Nominations

Okay… let’s see if you have any interest in this one, this will be the final category which will be voted on early next year (Don’t worry, there are still a few more to vote on yet!) 


However, as a few producers that only use C4s bleated after I had already asked about this months ago, let’s see if there is any real interest in this category. I am expecting LOTS of replies and mails! Do it! This is your chance to get a store you feel deserves a nomination, I mean it can be anything, I have listed the categories of the stores that they are shown at below – so go ahead, knock yourselves out, producers…. get some free advertising courtesy of my blog. I also want those that have regularly used this service to nominate your favorite stores.

I accept nominations as a comment on this post only or via the usual email addresseubilling (AT) gmail.com – title it C4s so I will see it easily or can check my spam folders easily. I know this is how most of you do it as y’all wanna remain anonymous, but please do leave a comment if you wish 🙂
This will stay open for one week and one week only from today. Then as the other voting of the remaining categories are completed and the results are being announced this will become the final one for you to vote on. I am hoping there are enough clear stores to nominate on, given that the variety and sheer number of stores out there is vast I will allow up to 15 clear nominees or closest to that. & because I am giving everyone else a plug, effectively, I have decided that if you want to vote for the stores closest to me AAA or POV – including Sarah’s excellent store HERE – then you can, this is a free for all, anything goes… any category M/M – M/F – F/F – POV – Caning etc. etc..

C4S Spanking stores

You are spoilt for choice at Clips4sale

HERE ARE THE MOST RELEVANT CATEGORIES – Please do check them out! How it works at C4S: There is a TOP 50 selling stores currently on the left, below that the Top 50 selling clips (these both change all the time) and then there is a list of the latest clips released. That’s it. Look at each category you like below, although most stores (for your convenience) will feature primarily in the 1st… there are those in F/F or POV for example, that may not necessarily apply!

There is also the Spanking Library store website – Stores here, like the ones I am associated with, will often feature BETTER version free clips – example: this is the AAA Library store… clips here can be chosen or made personally by the store owners, unless some store owners don’t bother (which I personally don’t like and think that is lazy). Please factor in everything from the type of content, quality (this isn’t always a priority as you may just want real amateur couples etc) and the way they take time to present the stores to you. I think all this is important, however, you may not feel it is so. Please feel free to check out the Library site too… You will see many familiar names there as well!

The only stipulation for the C4S stores must be that the stores you are nominating for are primarily about SPANKING – so I won’t accept a famous model that did 2 clips or one of the Top rated stores that does 1 clip and sells a lot because of their fanbase… this is about SPANKING only – about those who wish and want to produce content about our subject and for those that I feel should be nominated by others who like and genuinely appreciate what they do. In any case I would ignore these – but in order for you NOT to waste your precious nominations, I am just letting you know.

You will be able to nominate up to THREE stores. No more. If you place 4 or 5 stores on the list the 4th or 5th would not be counted. In order to get to the final 15 stores more easily, I am going to award your first choice 5 points. second choice 3 points and your third choice 1 point.

Get nominating from the above categories! Prove me wrong and make this a good category for us to vote on soon.

Wonder Booty Spanking

Christina CarterThere is a hot new spanking film available to download at AAAspanking.com and it’s a special OTK spanking feature with popular and renowned fetish/cosplay and glamour model/producer, Christina Carter. She is a very busy lady and of course you may have seen her in her trademark cosplay superheroine parody costume of Wonder Woman. I met Christina again tearlier this year at Fetishcon and we found some time to film a few things with her when our schedules were clear… I’m so glad we did, she is a blast to work with, naturally… and we had a lot of fun making some films. You may remember that Sarah did a great F/F video with Christina… you can see a FREE gallery of that sexy spanking fun film HERE

Anyhoo… Christina also happened to be good friends with our roomie, Johnny Lake so we naturally asked them if they’d film an equally sexy M/F film… and this sure was… you’ll see Christina genuinely get off to her spanking and ask, no BEG Johnny to spank her some more! Christina is known as a Fetish and Bondage model but she still loves to be spanked by the right people!

Just so you are aware of who Christina is… her website is ChristinaBound.com – I do suggest you go check it out and see they types of naughtiness she gets up to, it’s a popular site and she is one of the best at very naughty, rude parody cosplay scenes! Before I show you some images from the film and a link to a cool free clip… I found these images below of myself, Sarah & Johnny on what looked to me like one of our warm up sessions before getting delightfully drunk (by the looks of it). Ah…. Fetcon, that was a fun few days! 🙂

DSC_5077 DSC_5079

As we were in a hotel, we easily made the plot believable as you’ll see below… and Christina was naked too… win/win all round! 🙂

Wonder Booty Spanking – starring Christina Carter & Johnny Lake

wonderbooty001 wonderbooty002 wonderbooty003 wonderbooty004 wonderbooty005 wonderbooty006 wonderbooty007

otk spanking wonderbooty009 wonderbooty010 wonderbooty011 spanked for being late Wonder woman spanking wonderbooty014 wonderbooty015 sore red ass



Or if you prefer to watch this as a one time download/keep option then this will become available later today at the AAA Clips Stores (below)

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore

& that’s not all… earlier this week at the POV Clips Store there was another awesome teasing & scolding film with some great interaction with YOU (this is your perspective as the sub) as the desperate guy who turns up for his session. You really need a good hard spanking over her lap…. you’ll do anything and even show a little disrespect by trying to grab at Christina before she puts you in your place! “Naughty Boy!” Check out some screen grabs and a link of where you can find this!

POV – Are you a naughty Boy? Starring Christina Carter


Christina Carter is the stunning fetish model who you meet for a special session. However, you didn’t request her to be in her trademark “Wonder Woman” costume… you are a naughty little boy that wanted to see what she was like underneath all that clothing. My my… you are naughty, aren’t you? She scolds and teases you at first, you asked for her to use and abuse you… you want to be punished by this strong woman…. but she won’t make it easy for you, oh no… she is going to tell you exactly what will happen before you deserve to go over her naked lap! You only make things worse for yourself by trying to paw at Christina carter’s ample breasts… such a disrespectful young man…. aren’t you? This film doesn’t contain any actual POV spanking or scenes of spanking, but it does contain some fantastic scenes of scolding, humiliation and femdom POV material from your submissive point of view… and of course, it stars the fantastic Christina Carter in this one time exclusive film here at POV Spanking

ccarterpov002 ccarterpov003 ccarterpov004 Christina Carter hairbrush spanking ccarterpov006 ccarterpov007 Christina Carter POV Spanking ccarterpov009 ccarterpov010 ccarterpov011 ccarterpov012


Check out a FREE Preview clip of this video (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”44796″]


Have a good one… oh, & don’t forget to put in your nominations for the #SpankingAwards