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Classic Schoolgirl Schpaaankings!

Another classic from a couple of years ago… this was a hot film, hardly surprising since it has Leandra and Clover in it!

Schoolgirl spankings, what’s there not to like? Well, it’s pretty much a required part of most spanking websites to cater in some part for this particular niche nowadays… some sites are simply named after schoolgirls (so it’s pretty obvious what you’ll be getting) others feature dedicated sections inside their members area (like mine… and I shall give you a quick preview of what is coming there at the end of this post). Now, just about the only spanking sites that don’t cater to schoolgirls are those that make sure you are clear of that by suitably naming themselves some domestic related name or that they cater to much older ladies etc which is an imprtant niche in itself and which I too am a fan of… and even then I find school uniform role play, age play and such… it’s an entrenched part of our spanko psyche, isn’t it? It’s not solely because we’re all enormous pervs wanting to see schoolgirls in uniform thrashed (as pleasant as that may be, lol) but also a reminder of our youth, the days many of us discovered we were into spanking, like some stolen moments, I myself remember being turned on at the sight of a female pupil in tears from a school next to mine, the girl in question I often walked home with and she recalled her encounter in the front of class with the slipper (over her knickers) from her math Teacher, who was apparently a real stickler. I never forgot this story and about 6 months later we started dating and I did manage to gently spank her once in a roleplay I “engineered” and never felt so alive until that moment… sadly she didn’t reciprocate as I had hoped, thinking of her humiliating punishment… but that memory of my first spanko spark is still very strong and I guess that is why so many of us, like me, LOVE to see school themes at spanking sites!

So it is with great pleasure that Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform.com has updated his schoolgirl section… and he did promise me it would be “right up my street” with the beautiful Landra (featured above), who I admitted to him I had a thing for.. and the equally gorgeous Clover (thankfully with some grown up hair “down there” as you’ll see as they are punished naked in the bathroom at one point!) I also have some exclusive images as well as the screen grabs, these are what members can also download, just be aware I have reduced them in size as that is only fair for those who might want to join this great site and see the larger images and the film for themselves!

Below are some screen grabs from the movie and the storyline behind this latest episode!






St. Catherines girls Leandra and Clover are having a hard day. The night before they stayed up late chatting with the result that the Headmaster stormed into their Dorm Room at 7:00 AM and rudely awoken them. He put both of them across his knee and gave them a sound spanking. They were then told to go and shower and be dressed in 20 minutes. When he went to check on them, they were again chatting instead of showering so he gave them both a good scolding and a sound nude strapping!

& as promised, check out some special previews taken from this movie for you here!




Wow! Leandra and Clover together look stunning, don’t they? You can see all their other collaborations together at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and I’m losing count of the uniform niches added… it’s a uniform lovers paradise 🙂

see more here. OK? 🙂

Cheerleader Spankings!


More storms and rainfall equivalent to a whole month coming in over 1 day is about to dump on us yet again and add to already flooded areas on the eastern side of The Atlantic with more waves battering and destroying our poor coastal defences and flooding more communities…. however, on the western side, huge ice storms are moving from the southern states up to Maine … dumping huge amounts of snow in the process. Climate change is being talked about in the UK, it would appear our future winters could mean more wind and severe rainfalls (Friday’s winds are expected to exceed over 100mph in places which is basically hurricane force) and the north of our country experienced the bad weather, finally… with very high winds causing much structural damage. Once again, I had a power outage at one point today due to the bad weather… this update is shortened and so I hope to get it out right now. So enough of the weather… lets show you 2 amazing cheergirl updates out this week which should cheer us up both sides of the Atlantic.

First up is cheerleader Lola Marie looking absolutely stunning in her blue uniform

The Cheeky Cheerleader – at AAA Spanking


This film is actually a sort of 2 parter, we loved filming Lola in this so much that Dodgy Dave wanted to “have a go” with spanking Lola in this delightful outfit, so there is a short sharp shock film coming soon with Lola (again)… Dave and I have got to know Lola quite well. This was a film that I really liked, apart from me being fortunate to spank Lola’s iron butt, I knew I could spank it as hard as I wanted. To be honest, this girl really can take a hard punishment session and it’s quite a challenge which I love taking on… I have no doubt that I will be working with Lola again later this year and have some great ideas planned for her, but of course I will keep this under wraps, can’t have everyone stealing my ideas, lol! Check out these stills images, members get much larger resolution and the HD film, of course!

lola002 lola003


lola005 lola007 lola008

lola009 lola012


Lola took some rather hard and stinging shots to her upper and inner thighs with the Kent Hairbrush when she answered back and continued to be cheeky (sassy) – I had no choice and this soon made Lola a darned more contrite than before!!! This is a really good spanking film that I am rather proud of, it has the right amount of dialog (not too much) and a lot of spanking action with some sustained spankings and hair brush moments that will keep you interested and stop those who fast forward to the action…. add to that you get to see Lola very intimately and it’s a special feature #TrouserArousal edition! 🙂

lola014 lola016

lola018 lola019


See the new free HD clip of this film HERE

If you only want to download the film then you can do so right now below (in HD-WMV) at the Clips Store



I’m becoming quite the cheergirl afficionado – some of you might recognize Lola’s uniform was based on the series One Tree Hill with the Ravens being represented… and below that the iconic uniform from the hit show Glee (I had bought one of these in the past) comes to the stage at SpankingSarah.com as you will see further below with Clover looking oh so very spankable in the red and white uniform!




Clover is the team’s newest cheer leader and is so pleased with her new uniform she can’t wait to show it off to her Aunt. The reaction she got was not what she expected, her Aunt is in a very spiteful mood and says  has a present for her. It is a wicked looking leather paddle. She insists on trying it out on Clovers bottom there and then, poor clover has to bend over and put her bare bottom in the air and take a real hard paddling leaving her red and most unhappy.

npp6049007 npp6049009

npp6049016 npp6049018

npp6049030 npp6049040

npp6049044 npp6049052

npp6049055 npp6049061

You can see a full HD clip of Clover’s cheerleader paddling HERE


Next week, Monday Wednesday and Friday is THE Wheelbarrow spanking Festival! Don’t miss it!!!

Remember follow me on Twitter as I shall be placing updates exclusively there and info on shoots as and when they happen and my trip details next week when I visit Vegas and Los Angeles (click image below to view and join me on Twitter)

Tempting Tuesday’s Updates

soapboxrantWARNING! – Before I ramble on about various spanking updates and such, I’d just like to point out to a couple of individuals (oh God I’m pulling out the soap box… yes, I really am, I’m dusting it off and standing on it now… so ignore this next drawn out angry paragraph if you came here just for the spankings… sorry!). As I was saying… like the crazed and nutty president of Argentina, Miss Cristina ” I need a damned good spanking off the Chief” de Kirchener… and that deluded American actor Sean“I hate Brits” Penn who seems to think that the islanders of The Falklands have no say in their future… well after yesterday’s resounding and wholly expected endorsement in their referendum to remain British… the leader of Argentina and ignoramuses like Sean Penn will no doubt bleat on about we colonialist redcoats. “Give the islands back to Argentina! Give them back!” Er… if you have time, this illuminating early history of The Falklands on Wiki is most fascinating. The islanders have a say, I don’t give 2 figs about if there’s oil there or not… it is more than that and in any democracy, a real democracy, like our multi cultural society here in the UK, despite its many flaws… we will respect the rights of those there… and not for cynical reasons. If there is oil there and the islanders become far more self sufficient and wealthy, then I can see them being able to finance their own state and protection so would have no problem with them becoming independent, maybe it will never happen, maybe it will in 40 years or so… just like so many colonies and protectorates in the past. 439t8ywhrjtghThe islanders have a close relationship with us despite the distance, that conflict in 1982 brought us closer even still. Today, they still rely on the UK’s protection from a bullying and not entirely stable “democracy” (which, I might add, came about at the expense of the last Military Junta  in Argentina – just in case Madame Presidente has forgotten, along with the 1000’s of her own people who were ruthlessly tortured and “Disappeared”.) But I digress… my mini rant is over and let’s continue with what you’re all here for. SPANKINGS! #yay!


With a proud Brit theme to start today… I’m going to begin with Pandora’ Blake’s latest offering at Dreams of Spanking as she receives a 100 lash belting off Thomas C in the film “Thrashed & Forgiven” out now for members to view and download in full HD. Check out some choice images and a free clip of this latest film #HAWT


Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed010 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed014

Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed022 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed025

Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed031 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed036

Not only has Pandora lied to Tom about having a work do when really she was at a friend’s party, but she’s been caught out by photos posted on Facebook. She is truly sorry for having been so stupid, and she will be forgiven. But first, she will be punished. 100 strokes of her partner’s leather belt will help her learn to be more brave and honest in future.




Naughty housekeepers are always on my “To Spank” list so when I saw the gorgeous and very talented Masie Dee at English Spankers in their latest film out yesterday… one word described this – “Wow!” – You will be glad to know that Masie and I have been in contact several times and I WILL finally get a chance… after sending her an email over 2 and a half years ago to come film in our very 1st filmshoot (as I had always rated her very highly) – to which she replied 2 years later (seriously!!!) By then, I just thought she just didn’t like me or what I did etc. (so we have had a laugh about that now) but she had genuinely just missed my mail and replied anyway… surely that has to be a record? … and definitely a real life plot/storyline for her when I do finally film her. No doubt that’ll probably be with her in a further 2 years time (LOL) … but until then, check out her latest work HERE if you can not wait that long – oh… & it is rather “naughty” 🙂


englsih-spankersnpp8782763 englsih-spankersnpp8782770

englsih-spankersnpp8782779 englsih-spankersnpp8782783

englsih-spankersnpp8782801 englsih-spankersnpp8782804

englsih-spankersnpp8782807 englsih-spankersnpp8782809 englsih-spankersnpp8782818

Young housekeeper Masie Dee has been spanked for her unruly behaviour but now things are getting much worse. Her poor employer finds himself on the end of a campaign to seduce him, this naughty girl will stop at nothing to get her way! Will he resist? Armed only with a large leather spanking paddle, he puts up a good fight giving Masie a red and painful bottom but not before she gets herself into some very revealing positions! #HAWT


You can check out a very naughty spanking preview clip of Masie – Click HERE


Do any of you remember Xela Chaste’s incarceration at Bars-and-Stripes.com ?? In the images below you may well remember her embarrassing and humiliating cavity search and punishment at teh hands (quite literally) of sadistic Matron Lucy MacLean and officer Jessica Wood…

xela_madamscavity_017 xela_madamscavity_025

xela_madamscavity_038 xela_madamscavity_048

xela_madamscavity_066 xela_madamscavity_079

Xela’s second incarceration at this unique centre of punishment fares no better as her continued introduction to officers Lewis & Page prove equally painful and unfair as they punish her at will and for any minor infraction they see fit worthy of a bare bottom correction!

xela2_introductions - 147 xela2_introductions - 151

xela2_introductions - 157 xela2_introductions - 161

xela2_introductions - 198 xela2_introductions - 200

xela2_introductions - 206 xela2_introductions - 210

xela2_introductions - 218 xela2_introductions - 227

Check out these awesome punishments totally unique to BARS AND STRIPES


The conclusion to Classroom Chaos is now available for members of Northern Spanking – and in case you’ve missed a couple of episodes (as they have been coming thick and fast since my last update on this fine long play film) You can check it out below… the girls once again play up and make a real cacophony of noise attempting to play the simple “Mary had a little lamb” nursery tune in Miss McLean’s class but their terrible rendition attracts the unwelcome attention of a very annoyed Mr Lewis who is appalled at the sound he is hearing until the girls once again replay their recorders for a near perfect rendition after his punishment of them all with a caning across their backsides.

NSI100-CCX205 NSI100-CCX236

NSI100-CCX245 NSI100-CCX248

NSI100-CCX258 NSI100-CCX274

NSI100-CCX278 NSI100-CCX282

The girls are dismissed but Mr Lewis is far from impressed at the way the girls behaved and the apparent lack of control exhibited under Miss McLean’s tutelage… she knows what’s coming… and herself takes a tearful grown up caning, it’s been a while since we have seen Lucy take the cane on camera… let me tell you the pictures here do not do her tearful punishment justice… (I’m afraid you’ll have to see that for yourself!)

NSI100-CCX285 NSI100-CCX297

NSI100-CCX302 NSI100-CCX317

See this entire long play film only from Northern Spanking


Another concluding storyline , but with a less happy ending for one poor little fellow…the tortoise!
“The tortoise? What the hell are you on about, Chief?” I hear you grumble.

Allow me to explain in images and the storyline below which is the very latest new movie update courtesy of Sarah Bright at her own spankingsarah.com website 🙂

npp4098001 npp4098009

npp4098014 npp4098016

npp4098024 npp4098026

npp4098027 npp4098030

Schoolgirl Clover has killed the tortoise she stole from a zoo and her headmaster insists that she is punished at home. A good spanking has already been administered and now it’s time for the hairbrush. Bent over she gets it first on her white school knickers and then these are lowered to enable her Aunt to whack her bare bottom. Good hard strokes of the brush soon make her a very sorry young lady.

See a special free clip of this latest movie exclusive to Sarah’s site HERE


Finally, in news of my next film out tomorrow at AAA Spanking … you’ll be able to see a very irritable and naughty young madam with the wibbliest, jiggliest bits getting spanked over my knee in some very sexy lingerie! Having Ashley Graham wriggle over your lap is hard enough at the best of times so it took all my powers of professionalism and concentration to see this one through! (who am I kidding? lol)

A couple of teaser images directly from the film are below….

Image19 Image8

Image2 Image11

Can’t wait? Click Ashley’s sore bottom (below) to see the full movie elsewhere!



Oh… and below is the current TOP SELLING MOVIE CLIP in the SPANKING SECTION… and rightly so!!!
Thank you to those who have purchased this – it’s a great movie, isn’t it? *proud*


Hello 2013… Here’s to More Spankings

Well, we somehow all made it through the doom and gloom merchants usually rubbish predictions of Armageddon (financial, 4 horses of the Apocalypse or just old fashioned raining hot molten lava and sulphur) and of course here in the UK we had some momentous triumphs with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Wedding and the Olympics… which was just as well as we suffered the wettest year on record with depressing rain and floods – as a good sign, this year has been rather normal, some bright sunshine, blue skies and… no rain by the end of day 2 (yet!) I am rather pleased, I never take up any resolutions, I know that this year will be rather difficult for me (I haven’t even done my tax return yet for goodness sake and that has to be filed by the end of the month… and there’s the awful prospect of my mortgage renewal at some point!) On the spanky side, there’s some brilliant new movies from us English producers and here’s a few you can start to see already, I really think us Brits are setting a great standard… please see for yourselves!

I’ll naturally start with my site AAAspanking.com which has just released the 1st new film for this year , a never before seen Kami Robertson classic from my offline site archives (check out her hair colour, lol) and this was nearly overlooked by me… it’s a great bedtime punishment film, it was the last film I did on that particular filmshoot with Kami… she had said to me to go for it and I damn well did with my belt as she got some nasty strokes across her bare ass after I had given that wonderful rump a warming hand and hairbrush spanking over my lap (Kami’s bum wiggles so erotically it’s hard not to spank her over your lap… it demands a spanking in this position – ALWAYS!)

Anyway, I am naturally digressing and rambling as I reminisce with a sad trouser bumpage as I recall her punishment… you can of course see it at the site now and I’ll make this available on the Clips Store too in parts for those that just want to download the odd cheap clip or 3 🙂


Kami Robertson – “Punished Before Bedtime”

punishedb4bed003 punishedb4bed008

punishedb4bed016 punishedb4bed049

punishedb4bed054 punishedb4bed068

punishedb4bed075 punishedb4bed080

punishedb4bed085 punishedb4bed100

punishedb4bed123 punishedb4bed127


Click HERE for a special FREE Movie preview of Kami’s punishment


Oh, by the way… members will already see what they can view NEXT week in the preview area of the members home page, so I’ll just show you an image below and it’s a real naughty girl/girl spanking with Zoe Page at her perviest best giving very gullible fellow girl guide (or scout as you Americans call them), Jessica Jensen, a thoroughly rude and explicit punishment which will have most of us sad balding, pot bellied old guys like myself loving the fantasy nonsense of it all (I really enjoyed watching the film when I was deciding what to show next… and I’m sure the members will too!)


& before I continue, I’d just like to say “thanks” to Zoe (above) who has helped me on several shoots and hopefully will continue to do so behind the scenes and in front of the camera, I know she has gained valuable experience and at our last shoot she was involved in a hectic one with Molly Malone and Amelia Jane Rutherford who I hope to work with again… and apart from turning off the cam for the 1st film (luckily it wasn’t too bad, Zoe!) You were a bloody marvel and I couldn’t have got through that day without your assistance! You know why, and I thank you for that!

I have some great plans for the site this year, so much but I can’t tell you just yet but it WILL be good!!! & of course there will also be collaborations with other producers as well as exploring some of my niches I like aside from spanking and opening other sites by the end of the year when I get my act together! Of course I won’t say any more than that but 2013 promises to be busy and very exciting! You will hear all about what happens here first, of course.


& so to a very ambitious new movie project from Northern Spanking – I would have posted this yesterday but I was away and offline most of the day but I received this mail off Paul who explained their latest film (it’s a whopping two and a half hours in total when it is completely uploaded to the site in between all their other daily updates!)

Check out the free clip below and then the explanation of what went on that day! It will shock you!

“Two women.  Unsuspecting.  Unknowing.  About to be thrown head-first into a world of hell. 2013.
Northern Spanking Gets Evil.”

This was what Paul explained to me the premise of this long play film was about!
What we did was, taking a story written by Stephen Lewis, asked two girls who we knew trusted us completely (Jadie Reece & Sascha Harvey) if they would take part in a filmed scene, without knowing anything whatsoever about what was to happen to them!  Yes, really!  Having checked hard limits of course!  What followed was completely unscripted and even the camera operators knew nothing about what was going to happen, which made shooting it interesting!  Jadie and Sascha remained in-role throughout a long and very painful afternoon, even when the cameras weren’t running (again, they never knew when they were).  It would be easier to list what wasn’t done to them than what was in a really wicked kidnap, punishment and exploitation game played by Stephen and Lucy!

Yikes… and I have a few teaser images for you below!

chosen002 chosen004

chosen005 chosen007

chosen012 chosen013

No doubt there will be those who will protest about non-consensuality… however, as Paul had pointed out he chose 2 girls who trusted he and Lucy who had worked together MANY times… but still! It’s a fantastic idea and no doubt will be a contender for film of the year and it’s only January 2nd! LOL! Check out more of what the good folk of Northern are up to HERE


More great work now from English Spankers with a new series of films and a return for the wonderful Clover Rock looking oh so sexy in that maid’s costume (it’s hard not to fancy the pants off ladies dressed in these uniforms, is it? they do it for simple minded folk like myself everytime!) Check out Clover’s spanking and the storyline is below these fantastic images!

npp4099005 npp4099007

npp4099019 npp4099027

npp4099030 npp4099032

npp4099040 npp4099042

npp4099047 npp4099056

Another recruit to The Sexy Cleaning Company and this time it is young clover who thinks she should try her hand at the old cleaning game. She knows the rules, loads of looking up her rather short skirt and loads of bending over to give the lads a good view and then its down to the real business. Bent over her knickers removed she gets first of all a good hard spanking and then a good leathering with our favourite slipper. Not just bent over, we know you like the diaper position and that’s where she ends up in this great spanking packed video.


Click here to see this latest FREE Preview Video



& meanwhile at Spanking Sarah a welcome return in another series with Leia Ann Woods as she fulfills a collaboration with Sarah & Mr Stern in a “prisoner type” series which is dear to Leia’s heart (lock her up and see that wicked grin of hers!)

npp5003007 npp5003019

npp5003021 npp5003025

npp5004004 npp5004006

npp5004007 npp5004020

This is the next episode in the story of THE PRISONER starring Leia Ann Woods as a young lady in loads of trouble.  Her probation officer rescued her from the clutches of the wicked Sarah Bright but now she has to pay the price and instead of the more tender and amorous approach from Sarah she now feels the full force of her mentor’s desires. He loves to beat her bottom and that is the price of her continued safety, she must submit to his wishes. Today he wants to paddle and cane her just to welcome her to the new house provided for her. This is more than she bargained for but she has to submit to the punishment!


You can see a great free clip of this new installment HERE



Finally Pandora Blake’s site DreamsOfSpanking.com has a rather good schoolgirl film with herself as the aforementioned schoolie and a rather mean looking headmaster Tom Cameron with a heavy slipper we English so love dishing out – especially to misbehaving madams in school uniforms!

Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper005 Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper006

Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper012 Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper021

Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper029 Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper034

The younger Blake girl is in trouble … again. Caught running a booze racket, she’s given a choice between expulsion or a punishment which hasn’t been used for many years: the slipper.

There’s also a brand new photo set just released which is rather quirky and a period spanking as you’ll see. I don’t always appreciate these but I did love this one, it’s a fantasy of Pandora’s and it’s a nice spanky tale: This is a popular stereotype, the “Tavern wench and the captain”

Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern005 Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern049

Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern104 Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern130

A tavern wench pours the captain ale, but refuses to remove his boots. She soon learns the cost of stubbornness. A spanking and strapping eventually secures her submission – and a kiss.

Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern059 Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern120

Click here to view all the latest film snad photoset updates now showing at


Dreams Of Spanking



That’s it on my 1st post of the year showcasing some British Talent…
hope you enjoyed what we’re all doing & what’s coming soon!


Saturday Spankings pt1

I usually love Saturdays unless I have to work late (like today, unfortunately)… so I’ll keep this brief and post a few sets you may or may not have seen as I quickly perused through my spanking archives and checked out what is out there at the mo!

So let’s check out what is available first of all at one of my fave sites NorthernSpanking.com and this is one of the very latest additions to the members area as Nimue Allen lures her submissive partner Janna up to her room for some “Playtime”

Nimue is feeling very horny and has tempted her sexy, submissive playmate Janna up to her bedroom in her favourite school uniform, complete with authentic white cotton knickers. Nimue is delighted to be able to take her time and administer a long and very thorough smacked bottom to Janna, in the knowlege that she enjoys each delicious slap to her buttocks, especially when told she must hold her legs in the air, allowing Nimue the uninterupted view of her hidden pleasures, to be attended to in good time!




Check out how shapely Janna’s bottom got further marked only from NorthernSpanking.com


I hadn’t kept on top of the uniform updates at Spanked-in-Uniform.com until recently when I decided to go through them all and hadn’t realised that curvacious Clover had appeared in 2 films I hadn’t viewed (that was very soon rectified!) and now that I’ve seen them both, here they are taking pride of place as a top recommendation. She’s a top girl and in my busy schedule of bookings this is one girl I have foolishly overlooked so if she is keen I will be contacting Clover to rectify a shoot with me sometime soon at my site. But until then, check out these 2 films, her most recent shown at the site which showcases her talent for looking good in and out of uniform and getting her bum very toasty care of Mike’s shovel hands!

Missing Practice : Rockford School of Dance





Clover Rock showed up at the Dance school and she really wanted to join the cheerleading squad. She was quite surprised when coach Johnson told her that the rules at the dance academy are very strict and that spanking is used. She did reluctantly agree to the terms. A few weeks later she missed an important practise before a show so she was spanked for the very first time. Over coach’s knee her bottom was spanked a fiery red and she had to stand in the corner for a while.




Senior cadet Clover has been late back from a weekend pass a few times and this time her commanding officer caught her sneaking in to the academy red handed. He told her that for one week she was demoted to junior cadet and she had to change in to her junior cadet uniform, and report to his office in 10 minutes. He then gave her a hard strapping and ordered her to write punishment lines sitting on her bare, sore, well strapped bottom. Very humiliating for a senior cadet.

If you want to see MORE of Clover and all the other girls spanked in their various uniforms – CLICK HERE


Part 2 of today’s updates will be out later today, have a good one!

Scorching Sunday

As promised, I will be bringing you some far newer and more recent updates today, albeit with a slight hangover and so I must try and make less typos than I normally do, I admit to being a pedant about spelling and grammar (usually), but I do have a problem with “keyboard dyslexia” – it’s a common problem, so I have heard, where such examples of typing out a word such as “the” ends up as “teh” – I’m sure you’ve seen many of these on my blog (oops). So I apologise in advance if you see any that I may have missed when I re-read what I have written for today’s publication.



I was chatting to Mike a little earlier about one of his new girls featured at Real Life Spankings – she’s a real doll, a blonde cutie called Cory who has started appearing in several movies, all now downloadable in full so you can see what she is about (below)

Say “hello” to new girl Cory from RLS!

This is what Mike had to say about Cory’s punishment: Cory’s sister sent Cory over to us and she called me to tell me that Cory has the annoying habit of throwing het wet towels on the floor instead of hanging them up. During our conversation Cory showed up and I told her to bare her bottom and get in the corner and wait. I suggested to Cory’s sister that our special towel punishment will help in this case and she agreed. I fetched a towel and I threw it on the floor. Cory then had to bare her bottom, bend over to pick up the towel, stay bent over, and get six with my leather paddle or slipper. Then she has to fold up the towel and place it on the desk. I repeated this quite a few times untill she learned that towels should NOT be on the floor. After she spent a lenghty time snivelling in the corner, she was sent home.



You can see all of Cory’s latest films now showing, including a fine look at Mike’s striped “Polo Shirt” collection at Holland’s number one “schpannnking” site! (in fact, it’s probably the ONLY spanking site from this wonderful country!)

See more severe naughtiness with Cory at Real-Life-Schpannnkings.com

I also suggest you take a look at this couch paddling movie she recently co-starred in too!



Cory also stars at Spanked-in-Uniform.com but I will let you find her in the various uniform niches, I had decided instead to show you the very latest update with Clover Rock (it’s a great OTK spanking film) and another new girl called Tracey making her debut as a very tearful nurse from the St Elizabeth “spanko” Hospital…

Clover Rock showed up at the Dance school and she really wanted to join the cheerleading squad. She was quite surprised when coach Johnson told her that the rules at the dance academy are very strict and that spanking is used. She did reluctantly agree to the terms. A few weeks later she missed an important practise before a show so she was spanked for the very first time. Over coach’s knee her bottom was spanked a fiery red and she had to stand in the corner for a while.




Clover has been in MANY films at this site – check her out HERE

As Doctor Johnson was on his way to an emergency surgery he caught nurse Tracy using her mobile phone. With little time, he dragged her to his office and gave her a quick, hard spanking across his knee and confiscated the phone. A few hours later he saw her in one of the hospital rooms using her mobile phone again! She clearly went back into his office and took her phone. He laid the defiant nurse over the bed and gave her a sound slippering and a hard bare bottom birching.




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Ok, I have something a little different, I love the surprises that this site throws up with some totally untried girls, some can take the horrific canings, others wimp out (I actually am glad some girls do as they really are there only for the money, and from what I’ve heard, it still isn’t all that much… but each to their own in Hungary: I have a love hate relationship with that place (I have sadly had to ban the country’s Ip as I got so many scammers, they have some of the most amazing girls in that country (from a trip I made many years ago to Budapest) but even today, most of the nation just wants to scam people, pirate or just rip you off, they’re still stuck back in thge 1990’s as other East European countries like the Czech Republic move onwards and upwards… but maybe that’s the attraction oif this site, check out a couple of girls I enjoyed viewing in the recent movie updates and then take a look at the site with some “forthright” movie previews and you’ll see if this is something for you or not!

Helen was a hippy chick flower power girl next door type that the owners of this site loved working with… fresh faced and with her own charm… how would she cope with the casting that could lead to further severe performances and more money?


Then there is Rita, the very latest girl at this site, she’s another girl from outside of Budapest who contacted Mood Castings for some work, you can see part of how she got on (below)



& finally, the awesome cute Kitty who I have to say is a fave of mine, I don’t think she’ll ever be back but she is one of the best downloaded films and for those that like this network, then you will understand why (below)



There is a free movie preview compilation (below) detailing just what might happen top the girls!
WARNING:  You may find some scenes distressing even though the girls consented & could stop at any time!


I wanted to cover some sites I haven’t shown in a while and the next is an excellent example of what you might be missing! Principal (or Headmaster) Ken is one of the meanest older gentlemen I have had the pleasure of viewing chastise his girls at his frightening reformatory! I half expect him to spit out some chewing tabacco (lol) or give the girls another rollicking and hollering to make them cry even more… but his methods, although unusual and some say, might be cruel… do seem to work as these girls will do anything not to get into trouble! See SpankedCoeds.com -the site that is proudly a part of the Real Spanking network that had Micheal Masterton’s seal of approval, so you’ll know that Ken is firm but (un)fair 🙂





Bailey’s OTK spanking: Bailey stays out far past her agreed upon curfew. The Headmaster punishes her in her bedroom with a long OTK hand spanking on her shapely bare bottom. When he finishes she is teary and very sorry, left to reflect on her punishment whilst still shedding a few tears and snivelling into her bedsheets…


For a free movie preview of Bailey & the other most recently thrashed tearful Coeds – CLICK HERE


Coming next….


Profile – Kami Robertson – Sentence: Indefinite

Background: Kami is a freelance writer/journalist with high ambitions and a pompous attitude. Looking to make her name in any way she can, she selects The Prison as a prime candidate for corruption. She knows a juicy scandal is the best way to earn herself a reputation, not to mention a fast buck. Against The Governor’s wishes Kami is given permission by the state to write a story on The Prison’s way of life. She uses this privilege however, to delve too deeply into the regime that the staff have developed to rehabilitate the offenders and she secretly meets with inmates in an attempt to expose what she sees as a cruel and harsh environment. The Prison staff discover her hidden agenda and set about “adjusting” her viewpoint in a way that ensures she finds out exactly what it is like to be an inmate. She obviously wants to know all about The Prison’s regime and methods and the best way to do that is to experience it first hand. It appears Miss Robertson has bitten off more than she can chew…


Whilst on the subject of “Reform” I had noticed recently that an amazing film is starting to unfold at Bars-and-Stripes.com  – in fact, I am lying… there are TWO amazing films unfolding before my eyes but I shall feature one here today and get you the other feature as my main update at the Teen Spanking  & Discipline site (later today or tomorrow) as they both co-star Kami Robertson, who you all know I absolutely adore… so you will not be surprised when I watched her “lezzing it up with a fellow inmate”  (see the profile below) and I knew she must have had fun playing the “predatory” female… that is until she is caught in the act with beautiful but very naive Lilly Lovel and both Matron and Officer Lewis give her a humiliating punishment in front of Kami’s wide eyed victim.

Kami gets up to no good with her new cellmate…


Prisoner Lilly Lovell #4241 Sentence: 2 Years – Theft

Lilly was brought up well in an area that was fairly middle class. A sweet and somewhat coy girl, the pretty young thing always seemed to manage well in life and was employed in a stable job in retail. However, the influence of peers with less integrity led to her being caught trying the steal cash from her employers, hence her incarceration. But she has been identified for early parole due to to her good behaviour, always obeying the rules and keeping herself on the right side of the guards, she has become quite a favourite. She has never had to suffer the painful beatings that most of the other inmates have endured but all of that changes when she meets Kami Robertson. Kami learns of Lilly’s imminent release and seduces her into smuggling out her story for publication. Naturally she is caught and receives her first taste of bare bottom spankings and strappings. It also means she will remain in The Prison for much much longer!






Click here to see more of this amazing cell block punishment


OK, hope you’re all having a great end to the weekend… I will update my other blog shortly and if you want to know more about Kami’s role play film… then check it out!

In other news, I will be featuring Kami here tomorrow ahead of a fantastic film I shot with her in which she played a bad secretary that got all manner of nasty implements across her bum… it was the reddest I had seen it for a while so I promise you WILL love this one, and it’s a LONG film too 🙂

Sneak preview of what new film is coming to AAAspanking later this week!

Film will be called “Kami’s Monster Mistake!”