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Schoolgirl Spankings

Schoolgirl spankings, what’s there not to like? Well, it’s pretty much a required part of most spanking websites to cater in some part for this particular niche nowadays… some sites are simply named after schoolgirls (so it’s pretty obvious what you’ll be getting) others feature dedicated sections inside their members area (like mine… and I shall give you a quick preview of what is coming there at the end of this post). Now, just about the only spanking sites that don’t cater to schoolgirls are those that make sure you are clear of that by suitably naming themselves some domestic related name or that they cater to much older ladies etc which is an imprtant niche in itself and which I too am a fan of… and even then I find school uniform role play, age play and such… it’s an entrenched part of our spanko psyche, isn’t it? It’s not solely because we’re all enormous pervs wanting to see schoolgirls in uniform thrashed (as pleasant as that may be, lol) but also a reminder of our youth, the days many of us discovered we were into spanking, like some stolen moments, I myself remember being turned on at the sight of a female pupil in tears from a school next to mine, the girl in question I often walked home with and she recalled her encounter in the front of class with the slipper (over her knickers) from her math Teacher, who was apparently a real stickler. I never forgot this story and about 6 months later we started dating and I did manage to gently spank her once in a roleplay I “engineered” and never felt so alive until that moment… sadly she didn’t reciprocate as I had hoped, thinking of her humiliating punishment… but that memory of my first spanko spark is still very strong and I guess that is why so many of us, like me, LOVE to see school themes at spanking sites!

So it is with great pleasure that Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform.com has updated his schoolgirl section… and he did promise me it would be “right up my street” with the beautiful Landra (featured above), who I admitted to him I had a thing for.. and the equally gorgeous Clover (thankfully with some grown up hair “down there” as you’ll see as they are punished naked in the bathroom at one point!) I also have some exclusive images as well as the screen grabs, these are what members can also download, just be aware I have reduced them in size as that is only fair for those who might want to join this great site and see the larger images and the film for themselves!

Below are some screen grabs from the movie and the storyline behind this latest episode!






St. Catherines girls Leandra and Clover are having a hard day. The night before they stayed up late chatting with the result that the Headmaster stormed into their Dorm Room at 7:00 AM and rudely awoken them. He put both of them across his knee and gave them a sound spanking. They were then told to go and shower and be dressed in 20 minutes. When he went to check on them, they were again chatting instead of showering so he gave them both a good scolding and a sound nude strapping!

& as promised, check out some special previews taken from this movie for you here!




Wow! Leandra and Clover together look stunning, don’t they? You can see all their other collaberations together at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and I’m losing count of the uniform niches added… it’s a uniform lovers paradise 🙂

see more here


If you saw the Caption Competition (please do enter, you could WIN the FREE membership!) then this is taken from my next film at AAAspanking called “Pyjamas Canings” and it should be out for members this Wednesday! You’ll have seen details of this competition previously… and I will keep that post featured at the top of the blog’s main page until the competition ends (I’ll give you some notice, it will probably be around for a few weeks, so get your thinking caps on!)

I haven’t got any images from the film edited just yet… but I will give you an exclusive free preview in tomorrow’s blog post, I’m running out of time today, sorry! (I have an important meeting at work tomorrow so need to prepare for that!) *sigh*

Until tomorrow… and PLEASE do enter the competition… OK? 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day “Schpannkings!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day ASS

As I said earlier, I’m back (at last!) … this is a late post but it is a quality one as you’ll see as it stars one of my most lusted after spankees from Holland making a welcome return, blonde babe, Leandra… alongside a newcomer for Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and that is beautiful brunette, Clover Rock… together these 2 girls make quite a two-some as I am sure you will agree… and they help celebrate the 9th new section of uniform punishments, and one I love seeing – that of secretaries! Just as you can never have enough schoolgirl or airline flight attendant niches, the “sexy secretary” (“take a note, Miss Jones… and bend the hell over!”) can never be overlooked, lots of excuses for tight black or grey tight fitting skirts covering fine hosiery and stockings… and of course, the goal of discovering a bad girl’s rump to play upon as you please when she has done wrong… the ultimate power play in a work place scenario!

Whippingsham Secretarial College - New at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Here is the premise of the new uniform section of Whippingsham Secretarial College:

The Whippingsham Secretarial College is well known throughout the business community as they train the best secretaries in the country. Through a very strict regime the girls are trained to be perfect secretaries. Hard working, dedicated, submissive and an asset to any boss. The methods used at the Whippingsham College are very old fashioned and include sound spankings, thrashings, canings and other punishments.
The dresscode is also very strict and the business uniform has to be worn at all times. The secretaries are also regularly sent out as temps to other businesses so they get work experience while being trained.


So let the “schpannnnkings” begin with this twosome! Clover & Leandra!
(in keeping with the new look, this latest update features HQ stills like the images above, a welcome addition, I’m sure you will agree… and below are the some sample screen images taken from the movie!)



Clover and Leandra want to join the Whippingsham Secretarial College and they are found suitable during their interview. They are told of the strict regime and they change into their sexy uniforms. Computer skills are very important at the College especially typing speeds. Now as some lie on their CV’s, the girls are given a speed test which they fail miserably. As a punishment Clover has to type it again and while she types, Leandra is spanked. Then Leandra has to type the piece again while Clover gets her bottom spanked. Excellent method to improve typing speeds.



See the new “Schpannnked secretaries” in this 17 minute movie RIGHT HERE

& of course, here is a quick reminder of Clover since I have been away, she has also starred in one of my other favourite niches, the very latest “air hostess” movie *swoon* and she gets it good in this deserted hangar as you’ll see below!




Stewardess Clover missed a very important private jet flight so Mr. Johnson asked her to meet him at the private jet hangar of Europe Airlines. She didn’t have a good excuse so he made her bend over, and gave her a sound paddling. Then he told her to hand him her skirt and knickers, pick up a broom, and as an extra punishment, sweep the entire hanger with her bottom bare!. He watched her and she earned herself another paddling and a hand spanking before she swept the entire hangar.


Staying withthe secretarial theme for a minute, I can’t remember if I showed you this or not, previously… one of Pandora’s many fantasies, and I know this is a popular theme anyway, the “punished secretary” (again!) and I have to say that she does this so well, certainly knowing how to power dress and look the part, in and out of her dark skirt, stockings and sexy panties!

A young, nervous secretary. Her stern, intimidating boss. There’s only one way this can play out. But is it real life, or roleplay? His fantasy, or hers? This is what Pandora wants to draw you in… see for yourself in these selected images. Full set and her latest films are available to download HERE




My favourite site of Clare Fonda has always been SpankedCallgirls.com since its inception about nearly 4 years ago and this time we get to see, what I think , is the very first MAN spanking of the ever so lovely and beautiful spankee of the year, Veronica Ricci, who plays hooker babe Audrey Tate alongside another of my spanking crushes… Ten Amorette (who you will see I feature heavily at another blog of mine… news of that coming up!). What can I say? Dan is a lucky man… and I just love the double spankings these girls get, images below are reduced in size, but are large enough for you to appreciate what happens in the movie! Enjoy! I most certainly did!






Clare has become so good at playing mother or aunty nowadays, so it’s not surprising that her latest series “A Mother’s Concern” with young Elise Graves being put through her paces in the home is proving to be so popular! After Elise’s recent mouth soaping…. this time, she bends over and presents her soft tender bum for one of Momma Clare’s favourite implements, her Mason Pearson hairbrush… reassuringly expensive and extra stinging! 🙂



Elise Graves

Both these sites can be viewed independently or, as I’m sure you all know by now, part of Clare’s amazing CLARE FONDA PASS which gives you the option of choosing 3, 4 or 5 of her sites with one set of codes and membership at a vastly reduced rate!


Ok, that’s it from me, it’s nice to be back… and in case you didn’t know where I was, check out my other blog HERE with a really cool and naughty update featuring Ten Amorette and a naked Taylor Rayne getting a good hard OTK spanking!

In other news, do also check out the TEEN SPANKING TUBE, I updated that with many new films clips today.

& Finally… if you click on the image below, you don’t have to wait for this movie to come out later this week at AAAspanking as it is out in FULL at the Clips Site already… it’s worth checking out as it still has some exclusive clips there and also a great option for those that just want to view the odd movie and nothing more!

click here if you want to view MORE of this film NOW!

Interesting viewpoints & spankings of the day

The first image below has always fascinated me… to gaze upon a woman’s most private parts with a cane in your hand, telling the trembling thing that not only her bottom will be spanked and caned, but her most precious and vulnerable pucker hole will be too! Oh my… I will definitely incorporate that one day, but for now, I will leave this to one site that , above all others has mastered this technique, and that is SpankingServer.com

However, this isn’t only reserved to peter at the site, his glamorous and more than capable beautiful Domme, heidi can also wield the cane in the most intimate of places with equally devastating effect as you’ll see from 2 chosen models who, just happen to be… drop dead gorgeous as well, I present to you Ines (the brunette) and Michelle (the blonde) for your perusal:


Check out some equally amazing images of what Heidi gets up to with these 2 girls prostrate on the floor, their tiny holes exposed and waiting for the swish of kooboo which results in a very painful sting to an area you’d not really want any sort of acute pain!





I’ve been told it’s rather like figging only the burning sensation is restricted to the delicate and nerve laden area of the anus… what do you reckon? This site has a whole ton of content like this as well as the more traditional spankings we all love, as Heidi demonstrates over her knee (below)


I haven’t featured a “schpaanking” from Holland at Spanked-in-Uniform.com for a short while, that’s not to say Mike and co are not updating, I’m just so far behind, so here’s a recent film update I think hardly anyone has noticed, but I do… as I just “love” seeing nurses in their uniforms being punished… and this has a double whammy, the lovely Sarah Bright (more from her site later) and her co star for this particular film shoot, a brunette Dutch girl called Jolene with a very spankable bottom as you will see below!


Nurse Sarah Bright caught nurse Jolene smoking a cigarette in one of the stairwells. Instead of reporting her to Dr. Johnson, she got Jolene to agree that she would spank her instead. She took Jolene into Dr. Johnson’s office and gave her a spanking standing up which Miss Bright enjoyed very much, Unfortunately they were both caught by Dr. Johnson and he put them both across his knee and spanked them rather painfully instead!




Check out all the very latest punishments in uniforms Right HERE



The next site there is an homage from me of some of the best Japanese schoolgirl spanking films from the last 4 or 5 months, and just look at some of the stunning girls and the photography (amongst the best along with their costumes and oh so cute uniforms) … and just *HOW* did they get to film in those schools? Damn… you’ll love this site ifyou ever sign up… a worthwhile addiction for 2012! See what I mean from some choice images I have for you



… the cutest girls, the cutest authentic uniforms, it can only be CutieSpankee.com


Do you remember me bringing you news of Sarah Gregory’s “Etiquette” film where she, Ten Amorette and Jenni Mack crossed Chelsea Pfeiffer? I had shown in some detail the first part with the beautiful bouncing butt of Jenni really given a good hard spanking over Cheslsea’s knee… well the entire movie is now out for download and you can see some wonderful images from the film (below) or Ten and Sarah’s turns as well as a butt blistering finale that I enjoyed… and I know YOU will too!




Ten, Jenni, and Sarah are three rich brats from the upper east side of Manhattan. They are unpleasantly surprised when Miss Pfeiffer, a teacher in etiquette, shows up at their place. Miss Pfeiffer is appalled at how rude and bratty these three girls are. She uses one method that never fails…  good old fashioned spanking. These three brats get the spanking of a lifetime and a lesson in being polite and proper young ladies.

CLICK HERE to watch this movie in full and check out the other girl on girl spanking punishments


Here’s another full film now available to download and stars one of the best known spanking stars around in the UK (though if you know her, spanking is one of her kinks and she is far more into bondage, but that is for another day) – so as you’ll see from the images below, it’s Clover (who I hope to get sometime later this year, better late than never, I say… and I have plenty of time to think up something wocked) just as well… as Miss Clover is a very naughty girl… caught fingering herslef, dipping her hands into her sopping box when getting caught would lead to some serious punishment… was it what she wanted? Hmmm…. I guess if you’re in a cell, all lonely like…. those fingers would indeed go wandering down below to relieve the boredom, right girls?







Check out MORE of Clover’s many punishments in the Cell or the Governor’s Office

Happy Canada Day & other spankings

In celebration of Canada day, for which I haven’t forgotten…. the only amazing Cannuck spanking model I could think of… off the top of my head, was the very beautiful and very spankable Catherine Corbet…. long since retired, but not forgotten. One of my favorite films she starred in was a bonkers movie with a great cast as she played alongside Pandora Blake and both girls were punished by one of Pandora’s fellas, the excellent Master Tom Cameron, who looked every part the religious nutter he portrayed! A mad, bad storyline of 2 girls playing in what can only be described as a “cult” and are caught by their “pastor” who then instills his own brand of corrective therapy to get his girls back on the path of… hmmm… righteousness! I think it’s a darn good excuse to see both girls play with each other and then get spanked and this is available as a special one off download (with a great free preview clip) HERE from pay per download specialists NaughtyBottom

Check out the full listings of all the films including this offering HERE


OK, the rest of today’s update has nothing to do with Canada but perhaps we should return again to the colonial roots on our small island that seems to sprout so much deviance, which I like…. so many naughty ladies and who better to demonstrate how English girls can take a punishment, wheteher they like it or not… is Amelia Jane Rutherford in this latest movie now out at FirmHandSpanking.com

Remember I said English girls do NOT like the wooden paddle yet find our American chums worry about the cane odd? Well, here we see Amelia not like the school paddle, she took some damn hard smacks with this in the ongoing “Definitive Guide” series (some select images below).

Don’t miss the blistering free preview of Amelia’s paddling HERE


A chance to download one of my fave movies with the slipper should be around the time this post goes live at the new AAA Spanking Clips store – the latest addition is the slippering punishment of Kami Robertson in that hot red flamenco dress! This was one long excuse to tan the tushy of a girl with one of the most spankable bottoms around! Now you can just download this movie as a one off cheap payment for those that for some reason hate memberships or the idea of them! Reminder images are below of what lucky members of AAAspanking.com (check out their NON recurring deals, these are some of the BEST around) have been able to view as part of their membership for months, a great film of Kami!!!

See MORE & be able to download this film and check the full listings of the other clips HERE


Before leaving … I had to share this latest naughty but fun movie at SpankingSarah.com – Basically Old man Stern had gone on vacation leaving Sarah in charge and she’d be able to do as she liked (like spanking Clover her village spanko friend) but the mean old man had left their troublesome housekeeper, ol’ Katie to keep an eye on any shenannigans!  Sarah even tried to involve katie but the old bat had threatened to get straight on the phone and tell his lordship of her behavior so sarah and Clover concocted a cunning plan to get rid of her so they could spank each other in private as they had before… they set up Katie, getting her drunk and left her in bed with a naked Clover with all manner of rude strap ons to suggest she had been up to no good! Oh my… you can see what happened in this naughty but fun spanking film below:

The FREE movie clips of what Clover & Sarah get up to is available to view HERE

OK, have a great weekend everyone, I know there is that little holiday also coming up just south of Canada very soon so I’m sure many of you good folk reading this will somehow be involved enjoying get togethers with family and friends – have fun… oh, and to the people of Canada… thanks for making Wills & Kate feel at home, aren’t they just an adorable couple? (excuse me… I have something in my eye) *sniffle*

See Clover go naked over sarah’s knee for a good hard sexy spanking HERE