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Spankumentary “Candid Talk”

Elizabeth originally asked me to write on her blog about this latest film with a strong comedy theme. She had no idea that they would dare publish it as they were larking about… OR WERE THEY? I’ll let you decide below

“There’s a new film just opened at SpankingDigital”, Elizabeth typed frantically on MSN, “can you help me?”
“I’m busy”, I said, “What film? Is it any good?”

… Elizabeth proceeded to tell me there was a brand new movie just released at SpankingDigital.com and she had to call me instead as she wasn’t making sense on MSN! “What’s the matter?” I enquired, she was giggling as she recalled the insane film that she had thought they were only messing around with at the end of a film shoot earlier this year, but “Oh no” – it’s out and members are now happily downloading the “mockumentary” called Candid Talk where she and her mad hubby Bernard explain to an incredulous interviewer their bizarre lifestyle.

candid talk

In fact, it’s the “nutjob hubby” who does all the talking, the sort of strange fellow that likes to hear his own voice and woe betide any foolish female to “butt in” when he is on one of his rants about the “feral youth of today!” he proceeds to proudly show off his array of “weapons of correction” a frightening collection of straps tawses and canes whilst ranting on about discipline in the home! The interviewer keeps a calm demeanor however Elizabeth can hardly contain her fits of giggles… which of course doesn’t impress Bernard (Elizabeth may be a dominant nowadays, but she still takes old fashioned spanking behind closed doors) and the look he gives her during this interview implies she’s for it later!!!

Click on the thumbs below for larger images to the film scenes
candid01 candid02 candid03


Jodie Carnell & Hannah Crawford play the Simpsons’ urchins, Trish & Brenda…

candid05 candid06

candid07 candid08

That’s more like it, teenagers thrashed on their bare bottoms – to the amazement and astonishment of the interviewer and cameramen… does this sort of behaviour still go on in homes around Britain today? I shan’t entirely spoil what members can now download at SpankingDigital but as you’ll see from this final scene Bernard isn’t happy when the interviewer wants to ask more in depth questions… I think we need to thoroughly investigate this fellow further!

candid talk - free clip here

You can see the Latest Movie at SpankingDigital HERE



The Icelandic people, not content with ripping off the British Taxpayer for BILLIONS and refusing to pay us back, now have the cheek to let one of their stupid volcanoes erupt and pour a huge volcanic ash cloud that is approaching UK airspace! OK, I don’t exactly hate Icelandic people, but this chappie, this morning, obviously a little worse for wear on a “Stag Do” in Scotland lets us know his feelings as all UK flights are due to be GROUNDED at midday because of this nonsense!

Thanks a lot Iceland you blonde hobbits, there goes our summer (again)

Global warming my F*CKING ARSE!

“I hate Iceland” – note the calm professional manner of the SKY reporter, lol!

Back with spanking updates later (under a plume of ash)