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This has been long overdue, I used to run these every few months and had an angry mail the other day…well, sir, I’m not obliged to run anything, but despite your anger, I have decided to run another competition – as the results can be quite amusing. I hope I have picked a decent image for you folks to get your creative juices flowing…enjoy!
Please don’t try to enter 100s of times, maximum 2 tries I think is fair, but please leave your correct email address as well, so I can inform the winner and give them their prize!

What is the prize? It’s a FREE month’s access to OTKspank.com
(this was where the image was taken from)


If you like OTK spankings and want to access some pay per view movies only (they are a lot cheaper than forking out on memberships etc) then check out 3 choice additions to NAUGHTYBOTTOM – of course, if you don’t then just enjoy the free previews that all the new movies now contain, a decent sized movie clip! 😀

or you can check out ALL the recent and classic movies HERE


My next update are the gorgeous Japanese girlies – and it’s a mega post, so don’t go too far…have a great weekend! Time to prepare the BBQ!!!