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Sarah’s 1st Detention & other spankings

Well, as predicted, the “riots” (well, not riots as such, just mass copycat criminality by those who see a cheap thrill of getting something for nothing and destroying the lives of those who have worked hard to make something of themselves) it has been continuing although once you put enough resources into something like policing the capital city, these cowardly hoodie scum soon disappear! In a way, it’s rather like the piracy I have suffered this last month, although I am kind of on top of it (by putting in extra resources) there are still a couple of determined Russian pirates that I’d love to pour boiling hot water onto their gonads… just for fun, of course, rather like the looters have claimed – so despite those distractions of ensuring my hard work isn’t totally ripped off constantly, you can view our site now from just $8.50 a month FFS! So taking time away from producing and promoting which really FUCKS ME OFF! Here is the latest film from AAAspanking which I rather like as it has Sarah Gregory in her very 1st detention getting a lesson in how to speak the “Queen’s English” and also know what it’s like to get a darned good slippering that we Brits like so much to dish out! (When feral scum aren’t looting our shops).

Check the image below for a brand new long play FREE Preview Clip

Sarah Gregory stars in her 2nd schoolgirl film & shows us some of her infamous bratty cheek (or sass – as she calls it). Her Detention soon turns into a bare bottom punishment when a simple test on how to talk “proppah! – like wot we duz in England” goes horribly wrong when she can not identify how to say the words & correct pronunciation for simple things like tomatoes (she says “to-MAY-toes” when everyone knows we here in England say “to-MA-toes”) then she ridicules our “Chocolate Bars” & hasn’t a clue what she thinks are “Chips” (they are “CRISPS” we eat Chips or “French Fries” as she would ignorantly say… with our wonderful Fish) & the list is endless… so a good bare bottom spanking with a good old fashioned leather slippering, the English way, is needed to correct her wayward tongue! Sarah should learn to talk like her English cousins when she’s a guest in our riot torn country… & we will hope you find her mastery of our language at the end both amusing & hopefully a lesson to those “cheeky brats” out there that dare mock our accents! The final scenes of Sarah stood up with her hands on her head have to be seen to be believed as she recites the “Queen’s English” like us Limeys! What a good sport she is… next she’ll be learning the rules to cricket & rugby!






See this and the other exclusive films with us starring Sarah Gregory at AAAspanking.com


Now Sarah has a fine bubble butt, so that is my little theme today and what you are about to witness in a new update from FirmHandSpanking.com is probably one of my most under rated spanking stars that I adore, the “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” look of Corrine Gonzalez – she who has a most amazing bubble butt booty, so deliciously spankable that how could her evil House Mistress, Allaura Shane (who I have to say is getting better at this switching malarky) finds ANY excuse to tan that ripe rump! Oh… and check out Corrine’s amazing long hair… impressive, eh? See what happens to Corrine in this latest installment below, actually when you see the story of what happened… she DID deserve it this time! & I can tell you – Allaura really did WHACK her hard with the paddle… OUCH!





You can see more of this severe paddling with a free film preview of Corrine right here!


Now the possessor of the most jiggly, eye-wateringly addictive bubble butt (for me) has to belong to my full time crush and webcam harlot/tease/spanko (delete or include together as applicable) – the one and only Amber Dawn from the Frisco Bay Area… yup, another reason for me to venture to California, one day! You may have seen some images shown elsewhere below from her SpankAmber site – but what you may not have known is that this movie in all its parts is NOW available so I will feature it here. You wanna see Amber get a spanking and a leather belting on the sofa? No problem! Hey… you wanna see Amber give her lucky fella, Daddy, a slurpy, mouth watering blowjob and take his thick wad whilst she rubs and grinds herself off jiggling that freshly tanned butt of hers on full display? No problem… just beware this is HOT naughty stuff between a real life couple, so expect full on nasty & very erotic personal playtime that we are privileged to view! 🙂





That last image I chose says it all “The cat that got the (man)cream” – Amber is an incredibly hot and very erotic lady who looks after herself, loves the attention she gets on camera, members of her site can see some of the shenannigans she gets up to and so much more CLICK HERE for more info…

Finally, from Amberspanks.com – her own take on femdom of other interesting and very real girl next door types you DO NOT see elsewhere, I remember Amber telling me about this girl, I think this was her 2nd black girl or non caucasian type… you know what I mean… I think she was half Swedish/half Jamaican… like the singer Neneh Cherry (who I had a thing for in the 1990s – anyway, I can see why she was so excited with this Rhianna-esque honey, only 19 years old, the way Amber likes her girls… fresh and young and never been spanked on film before! You’ll see Amber put her at ease and admire this girl’s trim waist, bubble butt and full D+ cup breasts that Amber has a generous feel of before continuing with her mission of turning this teenager’s jiggling butt a naughty crimson! You can see part of what is going on and those very naughty cut out pants pushing out Zahara’s rump (below)






I hope you appreciate these 1st show images of what Amber has been getting up to HERE

🙂 “One way ticket to San Francisco, please!” 🙂

ah, and as I finally get this post to edit, Amber has made available a whole load of images that others will blindly post without a thought in the world to how it was made, remember here – you get the FULL stories behind Amber’s fantastic films! ALWAYS!


OK, as darkness starts to descend here in the UK, please think good thoughts for the vast majority of us here sick to our back teeth of the utter feral scum that are taking away our communities… so it was good to see people of these communities fighting back to protect and cherish what they have built up! OK, Good night everyone and stay safe!

“My point, exactly!” Have a good ‘un, Chief.

More Spanking News

I have obviously been so busy recently, trying to find a replacement car (which isn’t going well at the moment and is taking my time) but I have definitely decided to downgrade, which is a shame, but I just can’t find any reasonable alternative at the moment and am wondering about the paltry sum I’ll receive off my insurance company, which isn’t going to help! Still, after news of the AAA Spanking Clips Store which is now open at long last, there’s one of my favorite films going up there around 6PM US East Coast time. This stars both Jasmine and Kami fighting in their pajamas before getting a good OTK hand spanking and a double hairbrush punishment! The film is about 20 minutes long but it’ll be split into 4 parts so you can choose which one you’d like to download so here’s a reminder of what to expect and where to find it. Shhh, I also uploaded it in our normal Wmv format, so it’s exactly the same quality as inside the members area of AAAspanking after I saw some other producers had ignored the measly 10Mb/minute guidelines! I’m currentlky uploading the final part as I type this, and the 5 minute clips are $5.99 (I tried to lower it to $4.99 but the software wouldn’t let me so I’m not trying to be greedy) Actually, I’ve seen some producers put up 7 minute clips and try to charge $15+ (damn, that’s a little steep!) Anyway, I’m waffling as usual….

That’s My Boyfriend – part 1 of 4

This scene has then girls pillow fighting and really getting into the spirit of a proper cat fight as they argue about the same boyfriend they have both been inadvertently seeing! A good start to the film and the perfect excuse to sort these minxes out who are making so much noise!

That’s My Boyfriend – Part 2 of 4

Beautiful Jasmine is the first to get a spanking over John’s knee, which she thinks is massively unfair with Kami looking on and gloating, but Kami feels justified in goading Jasmine as she feels that she is the wronged party here when she had been seeing the boy first! However, Kami’s taunts turn to tears as her abusive behavior in this doesn’t go unnoticed… leading to part 3!

That’s My Boyfriend – part 3 of 4

Kami’s turn! With Jasmine told to stand up close by with her red bottom on display, john deals with kami who is soon subdued and taught a painful lesson in some of the best OTK scenes you could wish to see! This is all leading to the climax of the double hairbrushing as both girls are laid out on the bed for the last part…

That’s My Boyfriend – part 4 of 4

Where to start? With so much double girl punishment action, lots of spanking and hairbrush punishments across the girls bare sore backsides as they bicker and argue and the punishment continues until they both say sorry… fortunately for us, the girls find this difficult and as John pointed out… he could be there all day doinhg that to them, sadlu they eventually “make up” but not before we’ve had out fill of a very memorable clip!

All this (this 4 part update is due to go up later today) and the other clips including the EXCLUSIVE Jasmine “slippering movie” are only available at the clips site available HERE – so don’t miss it 🙂


As I’m talking about clips stores and the one off download benefits that so many people think is preferable to memberships, you might just be interested to know that at NaughtyBottom.com – over 30 films have been massively reduced in price, most of the films that are now reduced vary from around $4-7 only, and that’s a full Hi Res Wmv files and in some cases the movies are in full HD and come with image sets as well! I have chosen a couple of sample below for you, click on the images and they’ll take you to the preview page where there’s a FREE clip to make it worth your while and maybe interest you too at these prices! 🙂

This is just the tip of the spanking download iceberg at this site with a whole load of movies now massively reduced in price and the others are being reviewed as well making this one of the best value download only sites which will have more films coming soon which you can now enjoy for far less. The full movie listings are located HERE.


& so to some updates and such from other producers I have liked and viewed over the last days. First up from the very reasonably costed SpankedCoeds.com site comes this latest offering with the unfortunate schoolgirl Daija (below) spanked to tears with the hard hand of the Headmaster and his hairbrush that she complained she couldn’t take! Some interesting and embarrassing poses add to this film, as her punishment… which was for peeing her panties on the desk stool (oops!)

You can see more nasty punishments of very tearful & remorseful Co-Eds HERE


Next up here is a girl that I think could be the next big spanking star if she wanted to be, thanks to FirmHandSpanking for the continuing series of films starring the lovely Corrine Gonzalez who has the most amazing bubble butt, this time spanked by the equally alluring and goirgeous Allaura Shane in the latest film now showing at this site! Still images which accompany the actual movie, as always are available and here is just a small selction of what you can get right now of Corrine!

You’ll see why Corrine steals the Chief’s heart once more… (below)

Corrine is spoilt brat Alluara’s maid… & Allaura can never resist any excuse to punish Corrine’s jiggling bubble butt so this time she gets her on her “sloppy dress”… Allaura hungrily devours the sight of Corrine’s magnificent rump as she slowly peels down those panties to reveal the full beauty of Corrine’s rounded cheeks! With her maid’s legs dangling provocatively over the edge as she is made to lean up on the kitchen counter, Allaura ensures that Corrine is strapped to perfection in this unfair but visually appealing girl on girl punishment film! You can also see a free preview clip of this at Firmhandspanking.com


Finally for today… I just noticed inside the Sensual Spankings section of GirlSpanksGirl.com that there is a rare movie just posted that I’ve never seen before starring Paris Kennedy when she was just 18 years old and all wide eyed and innocent looking before she turned REALLY naughty! Here again you get a glimpse of what she was capable of, I had featured a great movie previously where she starred alongside her 2 tormenting goths… so here again, they are together in film called “The Snoop”.

As Clare explains, ” This was a retro scene shot when Paris Kennedy was just 18 years old. School Girl Paris is spying on the goth girls she is staying with, and she catches them spanking each other. She has a fantasy about being spanked and begins touching herself. But the girls catch her and give her a real spanking. First Kat puts her over her knee and they both give her a hand spanking. Then Paris is bent over for some smacks with the riding crop. And she even gets the riding crop on her nipples before they leave her to rub her sore bottom and return to doing her homework.

If you want to see the full movie of this amazing naughty early work of a young Paris, then check it out HERE

Ok, I did say that was it, but just one little last bonus look at another of Clare’s sites and I know this has probably been shown elsewhere already as the full movie is now out to download, but it’s a cracker and since it has Faye, who I first saw at the above site getting thrashed by Clare as a schoolgirl in her Exclusive Education Series (last year) I have always looked out for this hot honey’s work! So here are a few images and a free clip you’ll get no where else outside of the members area in appreciation of Miss Faye! This is from episode 83 of the continuing spanking soap opera that is MY SPANKING ROOM MATE

Mark & Madison Spank Faye at Office: Madison is visiting her boyfriend Mark’s office when Mark’s ex Faye arrives and throws Madison over the desk and begins spanking her. Mark and Madison decide to end this quickly and teach Faye a lesson. They put Faye over both of their knees and spank her together, with hands and hairbrush. How romantic!

View more of this episode and download all the previous installments HERE

Remember that both the sites featured here from Clare’s sites can also be viewed as part of her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS Network which offers the best value and easy access to as many of her sites as you wish to choose!

Cute girls given much needed spankings!

Hi everyone, I will just go straight for it today, less of my waffle and a quick look around the wonderful world of the spanking internet! You might also want to check my other blog HERE as I updated that earlier with some cool stuff… and the first update here is a continuation of that cool stuff elsewhere so if you like this, definitely check out the other blog as it contains a free clip and the previous spanking that beautiful maid, Corrine Gonzalez, gets at the hands of Allaura Shane who just can’t stop spanking this cute girl… I don’t blame her!

See MORE of Corrine & the hot new girls spanked exclusively at FirmHandSpanking


Next up is from the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com and although there isn’t a lot of spanking in this scene I’m about to show, the movie does have this and the overwhelming theme of humiliation – as only Clare Fonda knows how. In this old classic with hot redhead, Vixen, she gives the girl an air enema and this makes her fart, this was when Clare played her evil alter ego “Aunt Gwen” and you can see part of this scene below and the obvious tampon Vixen is wearing too… which Clare playfully tugs at! (OMG!) With the spankings this girl gets, this is why a visit to the archives of this site is a MUST SEE!

If you thought that was hot check the archives again and you’ll come across another old classic from a model we all know so well who gets more similar humiliating treatment with bottom inspections/temperature takings and such – poor Amber Pixie Wells! Oh my!!!

Check out what is in the archives at spankedcallgirls.com HERE

This site is part of Clare’s infamous & top value CLARE FONDA PASS


You can never go wrong with schoolgirl spankings, their cute uniforms, the almost inexhaustible excuse to punish the girls in and out of their panties and all those institutional instruments of correction… it’s a spanko’s dream come true!!! So it is for Mr Johnson at St Catherine’s School for Girls where Stacey, Patricia & Sammie were getting an extra history lesson because they were quite lazy in class. That became quite obvious as their answers to the questions on WW2 were quite ludicrous! They got their bottoms spanked a few times and they earned themselves 18 demerits which got them a sound paddling AND a bare bottom birching before the lesson was over. They left with very sore bottoms under those school skirts – all this wonderment can be found at the most delightful Spanked-in-Uniform.com


Finally today from Russia (without much love) the unfortunate girls who experience severe spankings and harsh punishments for the first time often ends in tears… as it is here and no amount of stunning beauty can deter these guys from going easy on the girls! Some amazing images are below that accompany these movies, one of which I have watched several times recently… for, er… educational reasons on the cultural teachings of old Mother Russia (and such!)

Check out the new look tour pages that shows you all the latest movie updates HERE