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Creepy Dolly Spankings

Hi everyone… here’s a quick update on the latest movie now available to members at AAAspanking.com and for those who prefer to download the full movies at the Clips Store HERE

The new film stars Sarah Gregory in one of our first films we made together in New England a fair while ago at the end of 2013… it reflects one of her key obsessions…. she loves collectibles and in this case she was punished for collecting far too many dolls which had been slowly overtaking her room (in real life). Having Sarah pout and dressed up dolly-like was especially strange for us both as she said she wanted to be like one of her dolls… which I jokingly called “creepy” and told her she’d get punished even more so for that… so here is the film we made! Actually, Sarah looks far too cute and I found it hard to punish her dressed like that, she was trying her best to make me not spank her, lol!

Creepy Dolly Spankings

dolly001 dolly002 dolly003 dolly004 dolly005 dolly006 dolly007 dolly008 dolly009 dolly010 dolly011 dolly012 dolly013 dolly014 dolly015 dolly016 dolly017 dolly018 dolly019 dolly020

See the FREE clip of her spanking HERE


Incidentally, I also called it “creepy” as she had a creepy dolly you’ll see in the film that I didn’t like… if you pressed it, it would say nasty things… I think it was from a horror film… anyway, this film is also available to download in full HERE at the Clips Store too!

Flirtacious Sinn gets it good!

Remember I promised to let you know more about the amazing F/F spankings at Chelsea Pffeifer’s well run sites? Well, today, I am quickly updating something as I have to pop out for a birthday lunch… but will be back later with another regular Monday update covering all manner of spanking mayhem… but if you are into extremely sexy girl on girl discipline and making out as they get genuinely turned on during the filming… then please read on!

Sinn tries to talk her way out of being caught in Dia Zerva’s closet… rummaging through her stuff, trying on her panties and being very interested in a strap on cock she saw hanging on a hook! Dia (OMG, she is so beautiful and it’s great to see her back with Sinn again!!!) is having none of it and quickly takes Sinn over her knee and we get to see Sinn’s amazing bubble butt jiggle and bounce as it is spanked, first under her skirt, then with the offending black panties removed and Sinn is actually getting turned on and can feel Dia is too… cue some mischievous behavior as Sinn makes out with Dia, and dia fingers Sinn off while she spanks her… I have included a clip of a double handed spanking of Sinn’s very red bottom as well as actually cut some images directly from the film so you can see some of the action sequences… unfortunately my editing “software” is crap so the images aren’t quite as good as I’d have hoped for but they do show the movie as intended and the Flash movie, I had some sound sync issues with too… If it’s too off putting you can download the WMV version which is flawless (underneath the instant play clip!)

The original clip can be downloaded in this WMV version – CLICK HERE

Go check out what is available on the extensive tour pages of SpankSinn.com
(check out the new movie where Sinn gives some back to Dia!)

Impossibly Cute Spankees!

Just a couple of updates but these needed posting as Adrienne Black is back at Firm Hand Spanking and in possibly her sexiest brattiest role yet, she is spanked and paddled with a wooden spoon completely in the buff, the added bonus of this is she is spanked in front of strategically placed bathroom mirrors giving us a glimpse of her trim body and tight buttocks with 3 angles shown at once! I have a short clip below which I implore you to check out and some HQ images that members can download now! Enough of my waffle, just enjoy this amazing new update!

The final part of this movie contains a great scene of the camera following young college brat, Adrienne, back to her bedroom as you can see her sore, red jiggling cheeks – it’s a great end to this most painful of short sharp shock punishments for the beyond cute Adrienne Black!

FULL Movie & full archives of Adrienne Black available HERE


BadTushy has been updating some really HOT F/f spanking movies recently and this recent Mom/Daughter spanking is no exception as slutty Jennifer is caught red handed flirting with boys on a webcam (the beginning of the movie you get the webcam perspective!) and there’s no escape or explanation that Jennifer can make – so she is taken over the knee for a hard embarrassing spanking to teach her a lesson and when she complains that this isn’t right & “she’s too old for this shit” she’s placed over the table and her bare bottom is reddened further with more stern spanking. Jennifer is wonderfully sexy, the sort of daughter you’d be dead scared to leave out of your sight if she was under your roof… there are plenty of nasty men out there (yeah, like me) that would *love* to show them what happens when you flirt online!!!

Oh my goodness, Jennifer’s bottom really does turn a beautiful shade of red by the end of this!

You can also check out all the most recent movie updates at the extensive tour pages HERE


Finally today a couple of updates from NorthernSpanking – I was going to do a classic with Kami Robertson which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy, but when I went into the members area I see the pesky folk of Northern have been messing with me with a brand new update today starring the gorgeous Irelynn Logeen and lovers of naughty girls wearing skimpy dresses and tights/stockings (getting spanked over these first then having them and the knickers yanked down… well, you’re in for a treat with Miss Irelynn!)

But 1st… to Kami who is simply “oh so cute” in this classic, an inspiration to the title of today’s post… enough of me gushing on, please see what I mean below!  I wish I had a little “treat” like this today! (England easily beating Wales in the Euro qualifiers today doesn’t count!)

Kami presented herself to boyfriend Stephen in this movie as his “Birthday Treat” – If you haven’t seen this before then you are yourselves in for a treat as she dressed up in his favorite fantasy uniform as a nurse and allowed him to spank and caress her warmed bare bottom before allowing him to strap and crop her delicious tushy! This is NOT a punishment spanking, of course… so contains plenty of gratuitous scenes of bottom rubbing and a huge smug grin across the face of Stephen Lewis! Trouser arousal settings are, naturally, at maximum!

OK, if that wasn’t hot & cute enough from the vast NorthernSpanking archives… then the very latest update which again has lucky Mr Lewis this time paired with the adorable Irelynn Logeen who caters to gentlemen like myself who like seeing girls punished for staying out waaaaaay too late in their clubbing gear… Irelynn’s short dress, stockings and panties are no match for Stephen as he confronts her over her unavailability when he wondered where the hell she was! She’s drunk and abusive and past caring… but I think she’ll have other things on her mind in a few moments to worry about! See the 1st teaser images I have for you… members will be able to see much more of this unfold over the coming days!

Yikes! That telltale redness is creeping through her frilly knickers! Want to see more?

Have a good rest of weekend – don’t go far as I have news more updates coming and a great new blog which I aim to update daily to get the content posts up and make it a worthwhile place to visit for FemDom lovers (it’s open but I’m just finishing off the boring crap to make it look nicer, like the sidebars and stuff – as these are a pain and I’d rather make some of my own banners to make it a little more unique, something which I will be doing here soon as well… ok, I’m waffling… yadda yadda yadda!)


The Girl Next Door – Toasted Buns & Man Spankings!

Lily Anna is the girl next door I’m sure we’d all love to see spanked naked across her amazing full plump buttocks! Sadly for me, she is nowhere near my neighborhood but if you’re travelling between the East and West coast of America, then maybe… just maybe you’ll have the chance to see this gorgeous creature on her way to work at either Punished Brats or with Clare Fonda in the West.

Today I thought I’d bring you Lily Anna courtesy of Clare’s Spanked Sweeties site. Why? Here we see her interviewed and an old spanking memory re-enacted! & when you see just some of the images below you’ll admire my choice, those pretty colored bikini panties and her fabulous rear are keeping me warmed just looking at her toasted buns!

Disclaimer – this is NOT Lily Anna’s burger buns! 😀


However, the images below sure are!!!!!





Clare descibes Lily Anna on the home page from her latest update: ”She has a darling personality to match her cute little bod and beautiful features. She talks about the erotica of spanking and is spanked hard for the birthdays she missed. The girl next door looker also plays out a punishing little office scene that makes her cry!”


Want to see the movie that made her cry, click on the image below where she stars alongside Alicia.

Of course I’m sure you may recognise Lily Anna from one of her most memorable roles with Clare & co way back in one of the epic EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION SERIES in this case, number four EE4 (Exclusive Education 4) at GirlSpanksGirl.com and you can see the dedicated galleries from the schoolgirl discipline section of this below.

Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Lily Anna BONUS

Or you could also access both the above sites can also be viewed by Clare’s specialist multi site pass, access all her sites with a lower fee and one username/password for your convenience via the CLARE FONDA PASS

Hand-Spanking.com from Japan

Today’s post is a review of Hand-Spanking.com

Ok, I have rather been a “Dodo” about the site Hand-Spanking.com website – I once joined up many years ago only to be a little disappointed. However, now, I took the plunge again last night and, well… I’m blown away! You may all know I have a rather delicate fetish for all things Japanese so to see this site with a clear and easy navigation once inside was a joy! A model index with names which I always think is now essential really makes it worth viewing and the films have all been remastered and all new content is widescreen 16:9 ratio showing us far more clearly on a larger screen all the essential spanking action… and finally, of course, the girls and spankers are a joy to watch, even the English translations are near perfect so it’s hard not to miss ANY of what is going on! This site covers all manner of F/F spanking in all your usual locations of the home, school and at work and there’s a strong theme of Mother/daughter relationships and role reversals which I like… I suppose I could be on here gushing for an age and boring you, so instead, just check out the very latest update below (as of Jan 28th 2011) which I’ve covered (God, this girl is cute). Also,  to show you a taster of what is inside, I’ve got a collection of some beautiful pics which showcase exactly what Hand-Spanking.com is all about!

Cute Kurumi is about to be spanked by her cruel Stepmother

Kurumi spends her high school days in constant fear of the punishment her stepmother could inflict. It’s hard not to see why this 18 year old cutie is a victim of her cruel stepmother who obviously enjoys spanking her tight white bottom!




Crumbs! You can see MUCH MORE of Kurumi’s spanking punishments HERE

OK, I wasn’t going to review this site but it is fast turning into that so here goes…
“What do you get for your money?”

Considering the vast array of spanking films (there are 100’s of films and most seem to average out from what I’ve downloaded so far to around 10-12 minutes which is fair) they only contain F/F action: I knew this in advance and it is obvious from their tour pages this is what to expect. Will you find the girls spanked with other implements? No you won’t as this is strictly “hand spanking” as the title suggests and that, too, is fine by me. It’s a shame I would love to see their menfolk spanking the girls but this is how it appears to be with the 2 big Japanese spanking sites, (edit: maybe I should import some Japanese girls and spank them myself? … as long as I had my cast iron protective undergarments on!). I am guessing that the owner employs English speakers or is fluent him/herself as the the English version is impeccable and the translations in wmv format are pretty much spot on, so I can concentrate on the spanking and dialog without giggling at the English translations that I sometimes see on foreign language spanking sites who want to cater for the vast international English speaking market! Costs are reasonable too. Considering what is available to download, $24.95 per month or the highly reasonable longer term membership options ($60 for 3 months) seem fair and full updates of movies usually come at one full movie and images per week!

Ok, here are some more images which, as they say, speak a 1000 words
and considering my waffle, that’s no good thing!




Ok, I think you get the idea, there are quite extensive tour pages including free intro clips that give you a better idea of what to expect if you’ve never seen this site before and they do show you the quality of their movies which is totally acceptable! The spankings are not the hardest in the world, but then again, I don’t always want to see girls brutalized, this site fulfills a real niche of seeing very pretty women spanked by women in a variety of believable situations and of course, no girl, and I mean no Western girl cries as beautifully as a Japanese girl and hearing them cry out is somewhat addictive! (I’ve noted even in orgasm they seem pained from my, ahem, review of vanilla Japanese stuff, but that is of course another story and another hard drive of naughty materials).


So, finally to recap, do I like the site? Hell, yes! You know I have been raving about Japanese girls for some time on this blog (you only have to enter “Japanese” into my search box in the menu bar and you’ll find a ton of stuff…) well, if you liked what you had seen before, you will love this site too and my highest recommendation is that from now on this site will get a regular updated feature as well as my odd ramblings about their archives, and since the site looks to be updated with a new film and images every week without fail I shall be letting you all know about the latest ones when they come out from now on! In conclusion, those who like asian girls, Japanese girls who cry beautifully and are into F/F punishments and hand spanking will love this site! For those requiring more severity, (some spankings are tougher than I once remembered which is good and there are red bottoms of course) if you’re into wanting to see nasty hard spankings then this isn’t for you.

Want to know more? See what all the fuss is about by clicking the banner below:

Chief (a Hand-Spanking.com convert)

Ho! Ho! HOE! From Spankedcallgirls.com

There’s a brand new update just released at SpankedCallgirls.com that not only has beautiful exclusive new girl, Mary Jane, looking incredibly cute as usual… but for the very first time, Miss Madison Martin is now one of Momma Clare’s working girls – and this cruel twist of a punishment is to remind both girls just who is the boss!

Clare says the following about her new movie ” Christmas Presents Punishment” :-
“It was time to get My Spanking Roommate star, Madison Martin, onto Spanked Call Girls. She and Mary Jane look the part and it is easy to see why men would pay for them and anyone would want to spank two big and juicy bottoms!”

“Well, I heartily concur, Clare, I can’t believe you hadn’t got Madison in earlier, and she is looking HOT *sizzle!* with her new hairstyle and slutty callgirl clothing, wow… and to top it you have her AND your new babette Mary Jane!!! But to cruelly teach these girls a lesson with presents tricking them into thinking you were being kind, only to reveal that you KNOW about their sideline with their regulars… well, pure genius!” Please click on the link below that gives you all a special free intro to this wonderful film that highlights why I love checking out Spankedcallgirls (as I’m sure you will enjoy checking out the images from the movie after that!)


Madison is first up for her punishment…



Then it’s Mary Jane’s turn over Clare’s knee!



Both girls are feeling rather foolish and tricked by Momma Clare – as they learn that taking “extras” from their clients is stealing from their employer… will they ever learn? I hope not!

Check out this movie HERE with 2 very HOT naughty chicas!

Oh, before I go, I thought I’d show you a quick bonus spanking movie clip of Mary Jane in her recent film now out at this site as well as she is given a good “man spanking” by Double Dan – “the spanking man”, one of Clare’s best clients and friends! If you check a few previous posts you’ll see some very sexy shots of Mary Jane in her slutty clothes! here she is fooling around with dan until he decides it’s time to really start spanking her cute bubble butt! (and CUTE it is!!!)


Don’t forget that this site is part of Clare’s famed multi site pass options: YOU choose whether you want to have 3, 4 or 5 sites with one set of codes at a vastly reduced monthly or quarterly price! See HERE or the banner below. Have a good ‘un!