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Please welcome Delirious Hunter to AAA Spanking

Sometimes good things come to those who wait. How did I even miss gorgeous Delirious’ filming debut with us? This was made over two years ago and her first film with AAA Spanking – if truth be told, I honestly thought I had put out all the content with Miss Hunter for this site – oops, how very wrong! So, once I realized a few weeks back, I decided to rectify that immediately and the result is this great Daddy/daughter discipline spanking film with her in those cute PJs. The images below are representative of the film and these are some of the best ever images I have seen of her in within the spanking fetish niche. Check these out and I think you will agree that she is delightful, has a great girl next door look and played the naughty daughter to perfection! Oh, she could also take quite a spanking as well… perfect as she possesses  a very spankable bottom that demands attention!

Say hello to naughty Delirious Hunter – the latest debut performer at AAA Spanking


Please welcome Delirious Hunter, another new gir- as promised, this month we are showcasing new talent guaranteed each and every week at Triple A Spanking. This was filmed some time ago, but sometimes, the best things come to those who wait! Delirious is a rebellious daughter, she gets punished at school a lot, she is due another spanking later and got a whupping from her mommy the previous night. She is that type of girl… never learns at all! It’s the morning and she is pretending to be sick… daddy will be late for work and his patience is being tested as she tries to wriggle out of going to school (he knows there is a test and detention for her later that day). In this house, naughty girls who fake ilnnesses are checked with a thermometer first… but as daddy asks her, “where do we place that thermometer?”. Del replies, “like a baby…” that’s right, an embarrassing rectal temperature taking, very humiliating but also very accurate! She hates this but hopes that by being under the covers she is warmer and can try to fake an illness, but her temperature is normal, of course. So she is placed over her angry father’s lap and he proceeds to give her a strong hand spanking on her bare bottom. She cries and yelps but more is to come as she is given a hairbrush spanking, still over his knee… then played on all fours right there on the bed! By the end of her punishment, Del is told to go and get ready, this is one very sorry misbehaving daughter who just never seems to learn her lesson!


See Delirious Hunter in her 1st spanking film, one of over 440 available for members!

Or if you prefer, click the image below to download the full length HD clip from the AAA Store


Elori spanked and caned by Daddy

There’s a brand new film just released at
AAA Spanking with a debut appearance (finally!) of Elori Stix. We had filmed this about 4 or 5 months before this actual release date of August 1st… and there is another follow up cold caning film (including her poor thighs which I know you’ll REALLY enjoy when it is released in only 7 or 8 weeks time).

This is a classic Daddy/Daughter domestic discipline film and Elori, at approximately 4 feet 11 (?) inches tall really looks the part when she is playing a bratty daughter! Anyway, I just wanted to give her a BIG shout out… you can follow her Twitter Account HERE and see what she is up to. Elori is a wonderful actress and genuinely gets that feeling of taking a hard caning/punishment (music to my ears).

Remember that she is on our Customs Page HERE and she is a perfect customs actress, easy to work with, learns her lines, takes the punishment as agreed and is generally a fun bubbly young lady to be with no visible tattoos making her that perfect, but naughty girl next door (great for older period style films like the 1950s, for example). So… you customs folk out there, don’t forget, she is also one of the Strictmoor Girls too! YEAR 3 will be coming out later this year!

& so to Elori’s very latest showing out now at AAA Spanking

Elori spanked & caned by Daddy

Sticks for Miss Elori Stix

Elori Stix makes her debut for us in a special daddy/daughter spanking and caning film. There will be a prequel to this film where those who prefer to see F/F only style punishments will be able to watch her getting spanked with the hairbrush at Momma Spankings sometime soon. But today, you’ll see daddy deal with the aftermath of what happens to naughty girls who defy their parents. If Elori is spanked by mother, she gets spanked by father too… that’s how it works in this house. However, this has become a habit with their daughter so this time she will get a caning for the very first time as well as a bare bottom spanking over her father’s lap. Elori is very nervous. She is scolded about wasting her parents money on music lessons with so many various instruments (to better herself in life) and never achieving much. Well, now this stops! Elori’s cheeks soon turn a shameful burining red after her daddy smacks them hard revealing her earlier punishment. He doesn’t hold back for her first caning; it is mean, calculating and designed to cause maximum impact. She receives 18 severe strokes of his dense, thuddy Dragon Cane with the last stroke being the nastiest to remind Elori that her continuing poor attitude will not be tolerated in the future!

daddy spanking his naughty daughter spanking otk elori stix spanked otk caning of elori stix    hard caning strokes caned aftermath

Click here for the free spanking & caning preview


Also just released is this film in full HD at the AAA Clips Store – if you only ever want to download the odd clip, then this store is the perfect place to do so! CLICK HERE or the image below for the download page which also includes the same FREE preview!

Hello again!

My apologies for not getting back sooner but the truth is I have been so busy these past few weeks that I had no chance at all to write anything meaningful (ha!) apart from tweeting stuff. In between the travel, the parties, the extensive filming (oh, the filming!!!!) and a horrible cold which I caught in my precious downtime at the end of our Vegas stay (grrrrr) I’ve been too busy and unable to give the attention this fine blog needs. So here is a very quick pictorial update post with some all new girls that I have been so very lucky to film personally… partly some of the reasons I have been *ahem* … busy. I will also let you guys know what Sarah and I have been up to on our travels to Las Vegas, San Francisco/Bay area and… the tour continues into next week as we venture down (eventually) to LA! So I better get this out before I feel even more tired!

Introducing Delta Hauser – in her 1st ever online spanking appearance

new at aaaspanking

We are proud to present to you our latest new girl at Triple A Spanking (the 1st of at least 2 this month) who we met recently at a spanking party in Las Vegas. Her name is Delta Hauser and she is a lifestyle switch who has been in the scene for a while but had never ever appeared anywhere on film… until now. This is a long introduction video which features plenty of varying spanking styles that she is familiar with, and we gave this beautiful rock chick a plausible role play for her to be punished (for being drunk and letting people down). More importantly is her debut performance… She is spanked over her tight daisy dukes, then her tight black yoga pants for a long time before they are pulled down revealing her bare bottom turning a shameful burning red. Delta gets to experience the wheelbarrow position (trust us, this is a good one) which we are so well known for – before receiving plenty of leather strappings including a double leather strap finale that adds thud to the sting of the 2 straps used. This is an impressive showcase of a new girl we know you all will be seeing a lot more of over the next few months. We have many more films featuring this lovely lady coming soon, but just enjoy this fantastic introduction for now. How could you not? Just look at her!

spanked in yogapants spankings and wedgies otk spanking Delta Hauser wheelbarrow spanking bare bottom handprint spanking bare bottom spanking leather strapping

See the free spanking preview clip HERE

You can also view this full film in the format of your choice at the AAA Clips Store

delta hauser 1st ever online spanking

Also most recently in Las Vegas we were very fortunate to be the first production company to film with uber gorgeous Veronica Weston. She is a stunning young lady, who is a successful cam girl, but is genuinely into spanking & has the potential, in my opinion, to be a very special addition to new finds of 2018 if she so wants. I get a little concerned when I meet new girls who claim they are into spanking when in fact it’s a boyfriend tapping her butt playfully style light slapping etc. However, I need not have worried – Veronica is the real deal and proved that in our very enjoyable filmshoot. She appears this week (it’s just out, in fact) at Sarah Gregory Spanking followed by an all female super sexy wheelbarrow spanking next week at AAA Spanking – so stay tuned, folks!

Veronica Learns Her Lesson – in her first online appearance anywhere

spanking Veronica Weston

Dad is shocked to find his precious daughter at the door of his hotel room when he was expecting an escort for the evening. He can’t believe his own daughter is working as an escort. He brings her in the room, sits her down on the couch to discuss how disappointed he is before taking her over his lap for a well deserved spanking. He is mortified that his own daughter would be working in this line of work. She is going to learn the hard way what happens when her true profession is discovered by her dad.

panties down spanking leather belting by daddy   spanked by daddy

See the free spanking preview clip HERE

I was going to write more but that will be for next time… until then, I hope you all have a fantastic time wherever you are! I will be back 🙂

Spanked at School Strapped at Home

This is a very special daddy/daughter spanking and belt punishment film of beautiful Belle Calder which is out now for members of AAA Spanking as well as being able to download the film at the AAA Clips Store also (more on how to do all this later). This post features a ton of images, all are in lower res specs taken from the video… as well as some fabulous image stills photography! Unlike some websites that offer images, these are always in high resolution and plentiful, adding to the videos to give you an interesting collection. This is a sizeable sample below, but in comparison to the zipped folders that are very easy to download, along with the high quality HD formats of video, this site always gives you top value for money as well as providfng some really cool home discipline content, and a ton of it too this past week!

Spanked at School Strapped at Home – at AAA Spanking
Featuring: Belle Calder & John Osborne

Belle had been spanked at school for yet another serious misdemeanor and her parents were informed. Mother had sent her to bed early, grounding her in her room until Daddy arrived home from work. He had already been told by the school what had happened and so once home, he summoned her downstairs to face up to the ritual of a second punishment at home. She got spanked at school, but at home, Daddy would strap her with the thick, heavy Discipline Belt.

Sadly for Belle, her attitude was one of indifference to the predicament she found herself in. You’d think she would have realized that being sent to bed early while the sun was still shining brightly outside in the beautiful early evening was deterrent enough. However her attitude only incurred the wrath of her Daddy who gave her a thorough additional hard hand spanking across her tight bare bottom before using that mean leather belt.

This time he did not hold back, not caring that her bottom was already sore from her school spanking. He gave her the heaviest swats with that thick, unforgiving leather belt that had her gasping and crying out in obvious pain! Witness Belle, in her cute pajamas, getting a very hard hand spanking and strapping from Daddy. Those of you who love this style of authentic domestic discipline will adore this film, it really is rather good!

spanked OTK leather strapping for spanked Belle leather belt strapping leather belt punishment strapped by daddy

To download this film as a one time option to keep and playback as often as you want, go to the AAA Clips Store HERE or click on the image below:

There’s a special long play preview clip to give you an idea of what this film is about, this was uploaded to SpankingTube earlier and we have embedded it here, otherwise you can go visit and leave a rating if you wish at the webpage HERE just in case anyone would like to.

[jwplayer mediaid=”54301″]


aaa spanking

Adriana Week at Sarah Gregory Spanking

We’re well into “Adriana Evans Week” across the SG Network and we’re now over halfway with the new addition yesterday at Sarah Gregory SpankingSo here is the third of the four films now available. The last two were mother/daughter themes… this one is similar… it’s just the M/F version – “Daddy/Daughter” which co-stars Mr Rob as her disgruntled father! Sarah & I have got to know Mr Rob rather well over the last year and he is an excellent disciplinarian, living the lifestyle… and now filming behind the scenes for Delco Spankings. If you’re familiar with the name then those on the east coast of the USA will know of the parties that were organized in the past! This is another traditional, hand spanking and strapping… it’s rather good so let’s get on with the review!

Adriana Evans week

Once more I collected a decent amount of screen and stills images, including three wonderful animated GIFs which best showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Sarah’s sites and content really have come on in leaps and bounds these past few years. They’ve always been story driven and with the addition of Momma Spankings this site makes for an unbeatable SG Pass getting both sites for less than the combined cost with the same set of codes.  Oh, and Strictmoor Academy, the entire series of films are also fully accessible with the pass!

Adriana Spanked by Daddy

daddy spanks adriana

Adriana waits nervously for daddy to come and punish her. She knows she has been a naughty girl and no more discussion is needed. Daddy approaches belt in hand. Adriana goes over her lap for a hard hand spanking before she is made to kneel on the chair and stick out her bottom for a dose of daddy’s leather strap. She cries real tears and promises to be a good girl as daddy straps her poor red bottom.

spank spanking adriana evans spanked by daddy otk spanking strappings  


sarah gregory spanking sarah gregory pass

Step Daddy Spanking Update

Just a quick spanking update for you today! Unless you didn’t know, I am back in the USA and I had a great time at Six Flags earlier… the weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun on the rides! Anyway, you’re not here to know what fun I had … you’re here to know what is happening in the spanking world and the latest film from AAA Spanking is a bit special. Ten Amorette makes a welcome return – this time as a shamed daughter who was waiting for her dad, or in this case, step dad (I often think that is more taboo… a personal thing of mine, I guess) to come pick her up from the hotel at his time and expense as she was no longer welcome on the school trip. So lets delve right in… I have included some great representative video screen grabs and stills that showcase this latest film now available for members of Triple A Spanking

Spanked & Strapped Hard by Stepdad – starring Ten Amorette & John Osborne

Ten Amorette stars in this latest schoolgirl spanking movie. She is about to receive a very hard, humiliating hand spanking and leather strapping. Her stepdad, John Osborne, was called to come pick her up from the school educational trip and take her home from where they were all staying overnight. This was a 300 mile round trip for him and he was angry that she had let down her school, herself, her mother and himself. She wouldn’t admit to her behavior at first (but those who will view the full film are able to find out what she did to warrant sending her home immediately). Stepdad had brought with him a leather strap that they used at home and he wastes no time telling her she is going to get a hard spanking and strapping to make the journey home as uncomfortable as possible for her!

Ten is embarrassed that he is spanking her on her bare bottom, her panties pulled down whilst still in her school uniform. Spanking her over his lap is just the start as he finishes with a relentless strapping of her sore red bottom, bared and bending over. She takes her punishment, close to tears and when he knows she is feeling totally humiliated… tells her to get ready for the long ride home. Just wait until her mother finds out!

otk spanking  

Below: Images taken directly from the HD film – see more below



If you only want to view this as a one time option to download and keep then check out the AAA Clips Store (below)

Daddy gives Belle a Spanking

“Spanked by Daddy” is the latest film just released in full at AAA Spanking and it features a debut performance at this site for Belle Calder. In fact, this was the 2nd of a special 2 part film Sarah & I had devised with a couple of sites in mind. Recently, Belle made her feature debut at Momma Spankings as the schoolgirl daughter of Sarah Gregory which you can get up to speed on the full review HERE. Needless to say, there was a continuation and we felt it would be fitting to put it onto AAA. This film features a quick recap of what happened previously, then we see Belle take the walk of shame to her bedroom. The camera follows her upstairs, as she rubs her sore red bottom over her regulation knickers. All the action in this 2nd part takes place in her bedroom when her father returns home. The motto in this household is a “Spanking by Mother means a  Spanking by Father too!” Of course, the spanking only took place because mother had heard about her punishment at school. So poor Belle got a triple whammy punishment!

Check out nervous Belle Calder (below) – about to take her spanking in her pajamas.

Belle Calder at AAA Spanking

As I said, prior to this she had been spanked by Mom downstairs and told to go up and change and wait for her Dad when he got home!

otk spanking for belle spanked otk by mommy belle_010 belle_017

Spanked by Daddystarring Belle Calder & John Osborne

This is part of the “Spanked by Mother, Spanked by Father” series. Part One can be found at Momma Spankings when Belle is spanked by her Mother at home after school where she had already been punished. In this house, a spanking from her Mom also means a spanking from Daddy. We see some introductory footage from the earlier spanking of her in traditional school uniform. Then watch Belle rubbing her sore bottom over her regulation panties as she is sent upstairs, early to bed, to wait for Dad. He is none too pleased and takes her over his lap for a long hand spanking. She is spanked first over her pajama bottoms then on her sore red bottom. He isn’t finished there, he rarely uses his belt but this time Belle’s behavior deserved it. She gets 27 licks with the heavy leather belt including a hard final 6! This is Belle Calder’s debut appearance, watch out for more memorable videos of her coming soon!

 spanking belle spanked over PJs belle009 belle_047 belle_052 daddy spanks Belle Calder PJ spanking belle015 otk spanking belle_068 belle_073 belting punishment belle_080 belle_094 leather belt discipline belle021 spanking and belting on her sore bottom belle028 belt aftermath Belle Calder spanked by daddy


Watch out for more debut performances of yet more new girls to AAA coming soon. There will be more special exclusives that members will love with some stunning girls! Check out the very reasonable membership prices for access to the site. In particular: The long term memberships which are unbeatable value for a small but busy network that rewards those who support its work!


Or you can view this film as a special one time download to keep and play back as often as you wish. There are 2 stores so whichever suits your needs best. CLIPS4SALE & SpankingLIBRARY