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Daddy gives Belle a Spanking

“Spanked by Daddy” is the latest film just released in full at AAA Spanking and it features a debut performance at this site for Belle Calder. In fact, this was the 2nd of a special 2 part film Sarah & I had devised with a couple of sites in mind. Recently, Belle made her feature debut at Momma Spankings as the schoolgirl daughter of Sarah Gregory which you can get up to speed on the full review HERE. Needless to say, there was a continuation and we felt it would be fitting to put it onto AAA. This film features a quick recap of what happened previously, then we see Belle take the walk of shame to her bedroom. The camera follows her upstairs, as she rubs her sore red bottom over her regulation knickers. All the action in this 2nd part takes place in her bedroom when her father returns home. The motto in this household is a “Spanking by Mother means a  Spanking by Father too!” Of course, the spanking only took place because mother had heard about her punishment at school. So poor Belle got a triple whammy punishment!

Check out nervous Belle Calder (below) – about to take her spanking in her pajamas.

Belle Calder at AAA Spanking

As I said, prior to this she had been spanked by Mom downstairs and told to go up and change and wait for her Dad when he got home!

otk spanking for belle spanked otk by mommy belle_010 belle_017

Spanked by Daddystarring Belle Calder & John Osborne

This is part of the “Spanked by Mother, Spanked by Father” series. Part One can be found at Momma Spankings when Belle is spanked by her Mother at home after school where she had already been punished. In this house, a spanking from her Mom also means a spanking from Daddy. We see some introductory footage from the earlier spanking of her in traditional school uniform. Then watch Belle rubbing her sore bottom over her regulation panties as she is sent upstairs, early to bed, to wait for Dad. He is none too pleased and takes her over his lap for a long hand spanking. She is spanked first over her pajama bottoms then on her sore red bottom. He isn’t finished there, he rarely uses his belt but this time Belle’s behavior deserved it. She gets 27 licks with the heavy leather belt including a hard final 6! This is Belle Calder’s debut appearance, watch out for more memorable videos of her coming soon!

 spanking belle spanked over PJs belle009 belle_047 belle_052 daddy spanks Belle Calder PJ spanking belle015 otk spanking belle_068 belle_073 belting punishment belle_080 belle_094 leather belt discipline belle021 spanking and belting on her sore bottom belle028 belt aftermath Belle Calder spanked by daddy


Watch out for more debut performances of yet more new girls to AAA coming soon. There will be more special exclusives that members will love with some stunning girls! Check out the very reasonable membership prices for access to the site. In particular: The long term memberships which are unbeatable value for a small but busy network that rewards those who support its work!


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Catching Up Pt3 – Stunning New Spanking Update!

neartotalityHi everyone, it’s a never ending game of catch up at the moment. I was talking to Sarah yesterday and she mentioned that she had internet connection issues… and damned if I was shaking my fist at God who I suspect was leering down at me with his pants off and tugging away in glee on his majestic magnificent tiny phallus (for a God) and giggling at me… as tonight I had an “iffy” connection too – which really pissed me off as I had a ton to upload as well as try to get my update out earlier. It probably didn’t help that I could imagine God still laughing at me flapping his tiny “deity” at me – mocking my “bad luck” – So the reason? I wanted to go to bed early so that I could watch the near total eclipse tomorrow morning… and that’s before I have a health check up for my asthma (remember that BS I had last year on one of my American trips?) So I am going to be rushing this, unfortunately, as I need my sleep and don’t want to miss a once in a lifetime event (since I missed the TOTAL eclipse which last happened in my hometown in August 1999 when I was somewhere “partially” sunning myself that day (in the south of France) which had a measly 64% Totality – how the fuck do I even remember that figure? I do because it was nowhere near TOTALITY which every one of my friends said was a ONCE in a lifetime event NOT to miss! The next time that happens in the UK I will most probably be dead since it will be in 2090 – unless there are some time saving capsules of longevity I don’t yet know of (I would be 125 years old then so it’s pushing it) even if I was alive I’d think it was night time or something, he he! – Nurse!


faroe-islandsOK, I’m rambling, aren’t I? I shall have to make do with just the 86% Totality expected that I hope to witness later and will try to take a pic though I suspect when it happens it will just get a bit darker and my camera phone will be unable to show the crescent of the sun with the moon trying to block out the remaining light. Oh… if anyone is still reading this – 2 land mass locations are available in the northern hemisphere to view the TOTAL eclipse… bad news is that one is some Norwegian rocky outcrop in the Atlantic and the other is in the remote Faroe Islands halfway between Britain and Iceland (greaaat!)

Just pain with this leather strap

& so to another fantastic event, the new severe strapping and caning film from AAAspanking.com starring the wonderful and awfully fit Lily Swan in a video called “No Pain No Gain!” before this was made, Lily had mentioned she WANTED to be marked, she wanted her badge of honor to remain for a few days at least… just as long as they weren’t all the way down the backs of her thighs etc… since she took fitness classes so could do so with her welts and beautiful bruises hidden under lycra shorts. Deal! So we did a film about her core kink of pain and her fantatical fitness regimes. I wanted to show off Lily’s amazing physique… she has something between 5-10% body fat which is phenomenal… Lily is strong willed but doesn’t always get the discipline she needs, today this stand alone film  (after we had both filmed with her the day before) would be something special. Oh boy, were we right!

nopain001 spanked and strapped in exercise shorts no pain no gain spankings severe discipline punishment exercises without shorts strapping for Lily Swan nopain007 nopain008

The first part of the film Lily is preparing for a training session but decides to do a different set of exercise routines which her coach (moi!) had banned. The story is that I discover this by accident when I left the basement as we filmed the training sessions and the monitor was on upstairs so I caught her deliberately doing another set of exercises… the story continues that as her bottom was still a little warmed from the day before she had been spanked the previous day for doing something similar… this time would be different.

 nopain009 nopain010 nopain011 nopain012 nopain013 nopain014

& so the punishment began when confronted with the evidence… Lily would get a strapping AND a caning since she hadn’t learned her lesson and this time with her shorts pulled down too! What you are seeing are various untouched (smaller res) screen images from the 1080HD film as well as a few stills I have which esteemed members of AAAspanking.com can download alongside the fantastic new movie… some 217 video grabs and (I think) about 35-40 stills. That’s some update! I hope you like this, the official text for this film is at the bottom of this post!

nopain015 nopain016 nopain017 nopain018 nopain019 nopain020

Lily was supposed to be weight & strength training at her coach’s basement gym for the competition that was coming up. She knew that coach Osborne got results by any means possible which was why she stuck by him even though she had recently fallen out of line & had been punished with various spankings! This was because she had not been following his strict regime set for her. She thought she knew better using PiYo techniques when he had forbidden them in her final build up. He left Lily alone to continue her training & she reverted to her PiYo techniques but she had forgotten that he used a CCTV device for their training sessions. When he saw what she was doing on the monitor upstairs he decided she had to have one final humiliating wake up call as he was going to punish & mark her this time so she’d either learn or end up at the competition with fading bruises – her choice! He strapped her hard making her perform her precious PiYo moves before using the cane whilst she reverted to Abs & Core Strength exercises such as The Plank which was made so much more difficult with the cane biting into her very sore red welted bottom. This is an unusual & severe punishment film starring the very fit Lily Swan! She insisted that she wanted to film & take this hard discipline session – so this is what you get to see in this amazing video.

exercise and spanking caning


leather strapping

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It is already selling fast, hardly surprising 😉

Lily Swan spanked at the Clips store

AAA Spanking Clip Store


& from Sarah’s main site SarahGregorySpanking.com a brand new HF1080 video where she took a break and directed this between the beautiful and fabulous Isobel Wren & myself. As you know, one of Sarah’s core kinks is daddy/daughter roleplays or similar and so this is something I have always shied away from myself, to be honest… but I wanted to help her out and of course it meant I got to spank Isobel Wren… who wouldn’t want to pass that up – OMG! In fact, I do look old enough to be her father (or step dad which is what I privately went with) and in fact it’s a cool “plausible” storyline as plots go when you’re making a 20 minute spanking film in a hotel room which we filmed at last year’s hectic and party fuelled atmospheric, Fetishcon in Tampa FL. I hate when someone tries to pass off a hotel room as a classroom or company office… I’d just deal with the surroundings and act it out accordingly. So I got into this storyline easily and enjoyed spanking Isobel who got rather emotional and cried real tears during this video. I couldn’t see this at the time but knew she was crying, of course… there was much real aftercare when we finished the film and luckily that was the last one and we all hung out later which was real fun! Now, of course… I have seen the full film… and “wow!” she is a beautiful crybaby! It took me over 6 months before I got to see that from the other angle, lol! Okay, enough behind the scenes info, you’ll want to see some fab screen shots etc – Isobel is indeed a fantastic girl to spank… don’t all hate me at once (!) – I was just doing my job!!! This video is called (surprise, surprise)

Isobel’s Real Tears


Take a look at the screen shots and images taken from the video…

0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-004 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-046 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-061 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-067 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-082 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-106

OTK spanking

spanked by daddy

Daddy is very disappointed when he finds his sweet daughter checked into a hotel on his credit card attending a fetish convention. He is appalled at what he sees just walking up to the room. Isobel is shocked that her dad has discovered her secret of being a spanking model. Yes she can take a spanking, but to disappoint her loving daddy brings real tears to her eyes. The Humiliation, embarrassment, and shame she feels are unbearable, not to mention she has betrayed her dad’s trust.

0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-135 bare bottom spanking 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-164 sore red bottom

Check out this latest FULL film with Isobel Wren HERE

Isobel Wren

sarah gregory spanking

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sarah gregory pass


Oh, before I go… I was playing with this interesting simulation where researchers and students used powerful algorithm software to guess the impact of zombie flesh eating people taking over the USA… if such a scenario were to happen, of course. You can click anywhere on the map to start off the infection and see what happens, maybe make the zombies walk faster? No problem, program it in! As in most cases, if you click on major population centers, like NYC, Chicago or Miami – it spreads quickly and gets out of control…. I had found that Los Angeles would take most of California and the western coast but it would get contained (apart from the fact it would probably wipe out Mexico!) – but generally west of the Rockies if it happened in the countryside, the outbreak could get contained. Ah…. but not so if you try that other side of the Rockies in the Mid West… oh, no..no… nanana… noh! Try anywhere and it’s game over, lol! For faster effect I started with one zombie in Kansa City and it wiped out the Eastern Seaboard! Watching Chicago fall early on was hard to take after 500 hours from ground zero… as you can see I have been busy calculating my best chance of survival. Tips: deserts and areas with nothing in it do well… Nevada is good, start it in Vegas and it can be closed down quickly (bye bye Vegas!) … Texas not so good, although slower than most… eventually all of Texas goes, but at least the rest of America would have a fighting chance to evacuate those around Texas and seal it off before nuking the Lone Star State of Zombies!!!  My advice: Stay west of The Rockies and go live in the woods!!


A bear will then most likely kill you instead 🙂

& of course there are also studies which of course would debunk any myths that the undead could actually do this… it’s all rather depressing as Zombies would really be at the mercy of nature and simple things like bacteria, necrosis, desiccation, predators and so on… no matter what weather conditions, (hot, dry air or freezing cold) as soon as our immune systems pack in through death… those undead “corpses” will rot and decay – horribly! 🙂


However, don’t forget that in Texas on May 28 thru 31st there is the 1st Annual Texas Lone Star Spanking Party! Details are below, have fun before the zombies take us all!

Lone Star Spanking party

Creepy Dolly Spankings

Hi everyone… here’s a quick update on the latest movie now available to members at AAAspanking.com and for those who prefer to download the full movies at the Clips Store HERE

The new film stars Sarah Gregory in one of our first films we made together in New England a fair while ago at the end of 2013… it reflects one of her key obsessions…. she loves collectibles and in this case she was punished for collecting far too many dolls which had been slowly overtaking her room (in real life). Having Sarah pout and dressed up dolly-like was especially strange for us both as she said she wanted to be like one of her dolls… which I jokingly called “creepy” and told her she’d get punished even more so for that… so here is the film we made! Actually, Sarah looks far too cute and I found it hard to punish her dressed like that, she was trying her best to make me not spank her, lol!

Creepy Dolly Spankings

dolly001 dolly002 dolly003 dolly004 dolly005 dolly006 dolly007 dolly008 dolly009 dolly010 dolly011 dolly012 dolly013 dolly014 dolly015 dolly016 dolly017 dolly018 dolly019 dolly020

See the FREE clip of her spanking HERE


Incidentally, I also called it “creepy” as she had a creepy dolly you’ll see in the film that I didn’t like… if you pressed it, it would say nasty things… I think it was from a horror film… anyway, this film is also available to download in full HERE at the Clips Store too!

Learning her lesson

I played around with this image, found it on the interwebs but don’t know the actual source… I hope you like it… I imagine this was after she had learnt her lesson about staying out too late, spanked by her angry daddy… she would be more careful and respectful in future… as she cried herself gently to sleep with her burning red bottom too painful to the touch!


Found via my Tumblr blog (click banner below for more spanking and my obsession with beautiful ass/butt related imagery)


Taxing Spankings!

First off, I have to tell you when Sarah and I have our little chats (daily) we chide each other about what might need doing… for example, Sarah has a visit with Momma Dana later this week and Sarah’s room easily gets messy, I should know, she had cleaned it all up like a good girl for my visit last month and throughout that week the room just got out of control. It’s partly due to Sarah hoarding SO MUCH STUFF… seriously I have never seen one person cram so much into a room, open a cupboard… stuff spills out, find another door, it’s crammed with costumes… and they spill out (heh heh) and don’t get me started on the stuff she spends money online with near daily deliveries… many costumes were unopened, we used a few when I was there… and I also used the fact she has SO MANY dolls, you’ll be able to see that film within the next 6 weeks or so (it’s awesome). Her whole place is like a treasure trove of clothing booty… so I now fully understand Momma Dana’s anger if she arrives and the place is a tip. But to be fair, Sarah is being a good girl and will have the room ready for her visit… I’m proud of her as she knows this is a tough task and her other lifestyle commitments take up her time and energy so I know how difficult it must be to start from scratch and clean… however, she is well aware that the consequences are unthinkable as she’ll get a tearful thrashing off Momma and I will almost certainly do the same too when I catch up with her!

However, it works both ways, I had told Sarah how I had not completed my tax returns due in at the end of this month (I have had since May last year to sort them out, of course), they are still not submitted to my accountants, I should have at least have placed these with him last week but of course I had the fallout with the revelation to “Er Indoors” to deal with which has just sidetracked me… but this MUST be done or i will get horrendous fines and punishments off our tax authorities. I sheepishly called my accountant yesterday to tell him all my stuff would be there for him tomorrow. he was expecting my call, he sounded a bit pissed off with me, which is to be expected as I have been so shit at getting this done (I did it last year with a day to spare!). So I spent most of yesterday sorting through my paperwork, missing stuff and it bloody took all day, I am so disorganized… which Sarah remarked on and pointed out this would not happen if I was with her… there were also threats of spankings my end too… I know just how mean she can be sessioning with guys, I do NOT want to end up like those poor dudes! Ouchy! So we help each other out, I love her so much for this and I can not wait to see her next month in Vegas and LA where it will be hopefully a lot warmer and sunnier than where I am at the moment – hell, I don’t care just as long as it is not raining, wet and grey nearly all the time – winters in Britain are so depressing! So with that, I will start today with a POV film that I put up yesterday of Sarah getting spanked by her Daddy (well, Daddy in this case would be YOU… as it’s a POV style film).


I loved the way she pleads with you NOT to spank her, she’ll be good… she’s trying to say all the right things to get out of her OTK spanking but YOU are having none of that, it’s too late for regrets or excuses and over YOUR knee she goes! You get the same view of her getting spanked as if she were actually OVER YOUR LAP! It’s awesome… go check it out, it’s a short n sweet HD Spanking film which costs about $5! Below are some screen images from the film so you better understand 🙂

sarah004 sarah005

sarah006 sarah007 sarah008

sarah009 sarah010

sarah011 sarah012 sarah013


Check out the Free Clip and all the other various POV style spanking films HERE



Here is such a typical and appropriate punishment Sarah can expect from both me and Dana if her room isn’t clean and tidy later this week… this previous punishment below was from revelations on the way to the BBW Party last year… (FYI)


momma-50-009 momma-50-016 momma-50-022

momma-51-008 momma-51-010 momma-51-019

momma-52-003 momma-52-011 momma-52-025


Sarah’s Mommy and Daddy found out that she was flashing her bare breasts while on the way to Atlantic City and they were not very happy about it. Sarah was sent to her room while Daddy and Mommy discussed her fate – an OTK bare bottom spanking from each mommy and daddy. After Sarah is spanked on her bare bottom by each mom and dad, she is sent to her room to wait for more punishment. Daddy and Mommy come in carrying a belt and wooden hairbrush. Sarah is given a bare bottom strapping from Daddy with his belt and Momma Dana finishes off her punishment with a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking.


On the other toppy side of Sarah, a recent film released at Sarah Gregory Spanking has Joelle Barros in trouble…  (surprise!) Joelle is getting a lot of exposure this past week as both girls will feature at my site tomorrow in an awesome film (more on that later). Check out this Zumba (or Zumbo… as you Americans call it) inspired  workout film!


0149_the_workout_burn_gal1-013 0149_the_workout_burn_gal1-023 0149_the_workout_burn_gal1-032


0149_the_workout_burn_gal2-014 0149_the_workout_burn_gal2-023 0149_the_workout_burn_gal2-027


Joelle is training under “Zumbo” instructor, Sarah Gregory to also become an instructor. Joelle shows up for her test to show that she has learned the routines and completely blows it. Sarah is very disappointed in her student and she doesn’t know what to do and just tells her to leave and not come back. Joelle wants to keep working with Sarah so she suggests she should be punished and what better way than with a spanking? Sarah agrees! Joelle didn’t know how much of a spanking she would get and wishes that she had never asked! See the full movie HERE


Right… I was going to feature Sarah and Joelle’s “Masquearade” film at my site, but unfortunately for today I have run out of time and also “Er Indoors” is getting pissy with me for hanging around and I have just had another argument with her so am now rushing this post for you in the kitchen before I have to go to work (sigh)

Masquerade Spankings stars Joelle getting a rather demeaning spanking over Sarah’s lap! #yummy