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PunishedBrats – Old & New!

Hey everyone… we’re still here!!!

After all that apocalyptic mumbo-jumbo I heard about the world ending last night… I guess there are a few red faces and shame as some devout Christians or other have to face going back to work (if they haven’t spent their savings on whatever cult it was etc). I’m sorry, being British, I was SO disinterested in this claptrap that I have skimmed the stories. I, like many other of my fellow Brits, fail to understand how in the USA these “Preachers” on TV and in everyday life can con individuals and hoodwink vulnerable people so much… over here they’d be hunted down or hounded out of communities by a very angry mob of people or just plain derided as a lunatic and shunned… maybe it’s because we’re such a small land mass that it’s getting harder to hide in our over populated, over regulated and overly CCTV controlled society (put that soap box away, Chief…)

So here we are on a bright new day and I thought I’d celebrate with a small mini review I did way back, a little reminder about just how awesome Punishedbrats.com is – hardly surprising, they’ve been going 5 years now and of course you may have noticed that to celebrate this they are offering a special Birthday pricing (I think this is a first time that there has ever been an offer so take advantage of it whilst you can!)

Current Birthday pricing: (Get this before they revert to their normal price structure)

  • $15 for 30 Days (recurring)
  • $19.99 30 Days (non recurring)
  • $41 for 90 days (best value at 13.60/month – non recurring)

First of all, I want to let you know that there is a new girl by the name of Pi who will be appearing at the site very soon (I guess that at PB they are now only taking on girls who have number references, I am of course referring to the gorgeous Ten who I will let you see in her latest film in a mo). They called her Pi as it was easier than “TwentyTwo over Seven” – I’m hoping she will also star with Ten and then we can have some Spanking Equation fun 🙂

Pi… or 22/7 with a very sore bottom – coming soon to Punishedbrats.com!

OK, as promised, below is the very latest episode featuring Ten, and I’m sure you’ve all seen her many times on here before so take a look at ten’s amazing posterior and as I’ve said before, I just LOVE her thick, strong amazonian legs, I bet she could crush a walnut with those thighs, I’d love to see that!!! But guess what…. I digress! 🙂

Ten was pulled over by police officer Mike Smith. She thinks she has the cop wrapped around her finger after she pulls the crying routine and gets off without a ticket, but Officer Smith is going to escort the girl home for a crying routine over his knee instead!

Now I live Lily Anna, she can pout withthe best of them and of course has a marvellous great butt that reddens beautifully! You can see what happens when she pisses off her lawyer Susan below!

Lily Anna recanted her entire statement in the middle of courtroom testimony making a fool out of her lawyer, Susan. Susan doesn’t feel the girl understands the severity of her actions and gives her a well deserved lesson in real life discipline she won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

Finally, the film I really liked recently of a girl I hadn’t seen in a while was of David and Bronte… these images below really capture what went on in the movie as she has a pretty face and of course an amazing bum that David ensures is glowing red by the time he’s finished with her over his knee!

Bronte broke away from her class trip to France and snuck off to Paris on her own. Upon her return to the school, she is informed she must consent to five days of corporal punishment in order not to be expelled! Bronte is well spanked but still a fiery brat. Will she be so sassy after some time reflecting in the corner with her cheeks on fire?

OK, let’s not forget what you can find in the archives of this site, check out the images below from an old post I did and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the site even more again! Enjoy! I certainly did re-reading this all 😉


Punished Brats

OK, to those I doubt many of you will remeber this post I did so enjoy the images of a younger Pixie and blonde Juliet amongst others!

Girls at Punished Brats taking it easy

Wowser! I gotta say that David is a lucky fella getting a chance to punish these brats!  😀

Also, to you TV buffs or perusers of teen sites (ahem) don’t you think that Juliet (below) has a similarity to…

The cheerleader Claire (below left) from TV Series “Heroes” and Teen Minx “Tiffany Teen” (below right)

…and Pixie, well, she’s just adorable and unique, isn’t she? (below)

OK, I am seriously digressing here, first OTK from PunishedBrats naturally goes to Pixie!

She has been caught out texting whilst driving (actually an offfence in the UK now you know!) so is given a torrid time and all privlieges revoked at home! See the pics below for that magnicent derriere splayed over Paul’s knee as he administers the bath brush on her rump!

click here to play this free clip

Check the FREE Spanking images from this movie below

click here for more Pixie

Next up, Aunty Chelsea has had a lot (A LOT) of trouble with bratty Juliet but in this part of the movie we see Juliet broken and beginning to realise aplogies might be a good thing! Some great camera angle work and a seriously spankable arse, these ae a few great pics and free clip! Enjoy!!!

click here to play

Oh boy! Where’s that cold bucket of water? and I’ve got Helen and Violetta to come yet!!!

more hot girls and brats punished here

David Pierson gets to have these brats over his knee, the first is the very latest update OUT NOW.

It stars the simply delectable Helen Lei, who I’m guessing has either Chinese or Singaporian heretage, oh my! Anyone of you here know my feelings about Asian girls (well, women in general I suppose…heh heh)  😉 This gorgeous brat, Helen, finally starts to come to her senses as step dad David removes her knickers and continues to show her who’s boss!

click here to view this FREE Clip

Miss Lei, you may only be 19 years of age, but it appears you are never too old to be taught this lesson!

Loving those yellow panties as well, I hope if you are reading this David, that you get Miss Lei back soon!

more brats punished here

Finally I found this movie and the girl, called Violetta who surprisingly in this day and age had a refreshing tuft of hair between her legs!
Ah, just like the old days, no harsh tatts in sight as well! Bliss! Anyway, I don’t know what it is, but I find this girl very attractive! Lucky David gets to have her cry and squirm over his knee in this workplace scenario as she fails to come up to scratch!

free movie clip of Violetta's punishment

With those boots, her legs look like they go on forever! And what a lovely arse! A joy to watch!

OK, I think you get the idea, right? & as I mentioned earlier… please be aware that there is a special Birthday pricing that means for the short period this offer is available – you can get access to Punishedbrats – IN FULL – for less than at any time over the last 5 years, it’s their way of saying “Thank you” to those that have supported them over the years… so if you liked what you saw above, then this is just the tip of the spanking iceberg. Check it out HERE – ‘cos the Chief said so!  😉

OK, have a good weekend, safe in the knowledge that The Earth and all life on it have survived another day!

Regards, Chief.


Arsing About!

I have a hangover from hell… too many bottles of wine, a bottle of Champers and a lock in down the pub meant I was up half the night pissing away half my bodyweight and I haven’t replaced it with water yet… hence I have a head from hell, I’m shrivelled up and it’s a gorgeous day. I’d normally go to the Bookies (betting shop) today as it’s “Grand National” race day, the biggest horse race in the British calendar… I love the queues and the madness of everyone having a punt… doing it online isn’t the same so I won’t bother this year. (Note to self, “If Ruby Walsh rides a winner I shall be annoyed” as I’d bet on anything he rides nowadays!) Outside, the sunshine is hurting me (I think I’ll melt) so I am instead blinking at the screen indoors, behind closed curtains, and have been just goofing about on t’interwebs (as you do sometimes) and I have been really checking out my favorite nonsense like the latest cat pictures and other totally pointless but fun viewing that one can do! Take the infamous “Ceiling Cat” if you have never seen or heard of Ceiling Cat, please grab yourselves an introduction HERE

As you’ll see below, I have my own little introduction for Ceiling Cat – this kitty-kat will watch anything… spankings also fall into this all seeing, all knowing feline!

OK, I think you all might have to suffer me on my little cat craze for the next few weeks – heh heh! Thanks to Punishedbrats for providing me with some lazy inspiration today as my fuzzy head gets round to quickly showing you the latest updates from this fine site! As you saw, Tina (who looks absolutely scrummy in this uniform, btw!) is shown above being punished by mother,Veronica… why?  Well, Tina’s fed up classmate, Amanda, plotted her revenge on Tina who had made her do all the work on a team project and suggested to Veronica that her daughter could use a good spanking! So much to Tina’s dismay, her mom agrees and we (and Ceiling Cat) get to see it all until it’s a glowing red! A few choice images from the movie are below:

Another recent movie which is now available to view in full (I just watched it earlier… it’s a corker!) stars beautiful Lily Anna getting a much needed hard OTK spanking off David and check out Pixie as she sees the state of Lily Anna very sore red bottom in the aftermath… with the Ceiling Cat approval, this is a movie you must not miss!

Finally today, I had featured Dia Zerva recently in a really hot sexually charged punishment with Sinn Sage (you can CLICK HERE if you missed it before) well, this minx has shown up at PunishedBrats.com – so it is with great pleasure that she is now getting the treatment, love and respect that David dishes out so well to potty mouthed madams like her! (No Ceiling cat this time… I didn’t want him peeking from the wall at Dia’s lovely frilly panties and that growing red glow starting to appear from underneath them!)

You can see more of these very latest films with free preview clips on the home page HERE