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Please welcome Delirious Hunter to AAA Spanking

Sometimes good things come to those who wait. How did I even miss gorgeous Delirious’ filming debut with us? This was made over two years ago and her first film with AAA Spanking – if truth be told, I honestly thought I had put out all the content with Miss Hunter for this site – oops, how very wrong! So, once I realized a few weeks back, I decided to rectify that immediately and the result is this great Daddy/daughter discipline spanking film with her in those cute PJs. The images below are representative of the film and these are some of the best ever images I have seen of her in within the spanking fetish niche. Check these out and I think you will agree that she is delightful, has a great girl next door look and played the naughty daughter to perfection! Oh, she could also take quite a spanking as well… perfect as she possesses  a very spankable bottom that demands attention!

Say hello to naughty Delirious Hunter – the latest debut performer at AAA Spanking


Please welcome Delirious Hunter, another new gir- as promised, this month we are showcasing new talent guaranteed each and every week at Triple A Spanking. This was filmed some time ago, but sometimes, the best things come to those who wait! Delirious is a rebellious daughter, she gets punished at school a lot, she is due another spanking later and got a whupping from her mommy the previous night. She is that type of girl… never learns at all! It’s the morning and she is pretending to be sick… daddy will be late for work and his patience is being tested as she tries to wriggle out of going to school (he knows there is a test and detention for her later that day). In this house, naughty girls who fake ilnnesses are checked with a thermometer first… but as daddy asks her, “where do we place that thermometer?”. Del replies, “like a baby…” that’s right, an embarrassing rectal temperature taking, very humiliating but also very accurate! She hates this but hopes that by being under the covers she is warmer and can try to fake an illness, but her temperature is normal, of course. So she is placed over her angry father’s lap and he proceeds to give her a strong hand spanking on her bare bottom. She cries and yelps but more is to come as she is given a hairbrush spanking, still over his knee… then played on all fours right there on the bed! By the end of her punishment, Del is told to go and get ready, this is one very sorry misbehaving daughter who just never seems to learn her lesson!


See Delirious Hunter in her 1st spanking film, one of over 440 available for members!

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Midweek Spankings

Wow, middle of the week already and we’re almost a week into September? I have been so busy recently with lots of travel and filming that time has literally flown by (Thanks to Southwest airlines) at times that  I didn’t even know what day it was! So after a wonderful trip out west, Sarah & I are back in New England and already working on the sites. We have something special planned for next week across all the sites that involves one of our favorite ladies… but that is all I will say for now! I also need to update you on other spanking news from some other sites (as well as our own) as usual. So, here’s a few to keep you occupied.

Chloe Noir is “Fashionably Late” – out in full at Punishedbrats.com

Following her runway show, Chloe had gone out with some friends and didn’t get home until 6am. Upon her arrival home, Chloe was confronted by her father who noted that very little good happens when staying out with that crowd. Chloe attempted to defend her behavior instead of listening to her father’s warning. Soon, she found herself over his lap, whose greatest fear was realized when he lifted her skirt to find that she was not wearing panties. He spanked her bare bottom until he was certain she was not to be a casualty of the lifestyle. After her punishment was at an end, Chloe was placed in the corner with her bare red bottom on display.


See all of Chloe’s Spanking films & more

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Del Hunter features in the very latest schoolgirl punishment film at Sarah Gregory Spanking and this was an awesome film to help make. Del is suitably punished across her hands and bare bottom with a tawse and the school cane! (See below):

Del’s Detention – now showing at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Del is in detention for cheating. Headmaster Osborne is very upset and intends to teach her a very hard lesson. She first gets her hands tawsed because cheating hands get punished. Then she is spanked while bent over the desk. Finally she is given 6 strokes of the dreaded cane on her bare bottom.

hand tawsing  spankings    schoolgirl caning


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I’ve actually run out of time and was going to get you some more spankings and news updates, so I will have to do that tomorrow! Have a good one!



Volleyball Spanking Fest at CheerleaderSpankings

Every now and then we put out a film that we love so much, we get carried away, as I am now, showing off so many images… but what the hell… this was a film that pressed so many pervy spanko buttons for me. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Volleyball girl uniforms in future episodes at Cheerleader Spankings – and why not? Anyone that knows this blog and my penchant for volleyball girl uniforms (just put that in the search function for some awesome observations) would know that eventually Sarah & I couldn’t resist putting out a few films like this. We had some nice feedback on a previous film we made so this one should hopefully get everyone who likes the whole “sporty uniform thing” (and especially those tight shorts!!!) when three girls take on a rival team after winning their grudge match – just check out the forfeit the embarrassed losers paid below.

Before you get to see more images and such, I do just want to say a massive thank you to the girls involved, you were all amazing and I know how much you all enjoyed making this. I think it would only be fair at some point to have a rematch and the losers get their own back… check it out – let me know what you think!

Thank you to the winning team of Audrey Sugarsmak, Adriana Evans & Bianca Rose (The Red Team) and to Del Hunter, Ava Nicole and Lexi Ellis on the Blue Team (the losers!)


The losers of this grudge volleyball game knew the consequences, whoever lost would pay the forfeit agreed to in advance in the winning team’s changing room. These girls from the opposing teams really didn’t like each other and the utter glee from the Red team winners is obvious as they decide exactly how to begin their reward for beating the sorry Blues. The Red team of Bianca, Adriana & Audrey, decide to humiliate and ridicule each of the losing girls with a good old fashioned spanking spread on the bench, as their fellow loser team mates got to watch each one take a humiliating spanking. Del, on the losing team is picked on first as she appears to be wearing a slutty pair of shorts which the Reds mock relentlessly and pull them down revealing her bare bottom. With Del’s bare cheeks fully exposed, each girl takes turns spanking her and making fun of her embarrassing predicament! Then it’s Ava’s turn, the same awful, humiliating treatment followed by the tallest and their “best” player, Lexi, who doesn’t like this one little bit. More is in store as all the losers are spanked in various position at the same time to a cacophony of slapping and hitting noises as the winners gloat and embarrass their victims continually. Then each of the losing girls got 5 hard swats of the wooden paddle from each winner. This humiliating finale for each girl receiving a total of 15 mean whacks of the wooden paddle is the icing on the winner’s cake for the Red team! This is an awesome 6 girl film with so much hot spanking action, including tight and sexy authentic volleygirl uniforms that lovers of this genre should not miss out on!

  panties down spanking    spanking hot volleyball girls  spanking cheerleaders  

Check out the awesome free preview clip now showing at the website!


You can also download this in full at the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store (below)