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Kami Robertson: Her Last Submissive Spanking Film

I have a very special film which has a unique pairing of both Kami Robertson and Danielle Hunt. Dani is still active on the scene though I would say most of her work is sessions nowadays – she still films so is very much active as a sub in The Scene. Kami sessions too, but as a Pro Domme only… this happens to a lot of girls working in the industry over time and it comes as no surprise that Female and Male Tops will switch or change, they are best suited to understanding the needs of a sub having been one themselves! Anyway, as the title of this post says… as far as I know, this is the last genuine unseen new footage now available of Kami as a sub (I don’t mean to denigrate Dani, who I have always loved filming with, as I still have films of her to come!) … and I had kept this one for a while (it was filmed about 3 years ago). Kami got very emotional in this 23 minute film, the chastisement and first part of her punishment (a gruelling hand punishment and lecturing) really got into her psyche and she really believed she was a very naughty girl deserving what was happening to her and you could see the tears welling up, this was one of the most submissive states I’d seen her in anywhere online! Anyone who has worked with Kami or watched her films will understand what I mean when I say she really immerses herself into a role and I always found it so gratifying to help her achieve her subspace. She was always one of my favorite models to play with on and offset! We still keep in touch from time to time and I always ask her if she’d do a couple of films and she said, for me, she might… so you never know, one day perhaps (LOL!) But for now, please do make the most of this rare footage now available for members at AAAspanking.com which can also be downloaded in full at the Clips Store HERE

Saturday Detention – The NEW hand & bare Bottom Punishment film at AAA Spanking

severe punishments on the hands

I think the above image says it all, the girls both got a pretty nasty heavy wooden ruler whacked across the flats of their palms… I wanted to try something different at the time and told the girls what was going to happen, both were a little nervous as I told them we would then still give them a double punishment, myself and Harry Jackson, with 2 different styles. I would be cold and calculating, no contact, no over the knee, just the hand punishment which (sadly for them) lasted 10 minutes… followed by a short sharp shock strapping and hairbrush without any warm up. Then, as they were allowed to recover in their cornertime reflection… Harry Jackson found them and spanked them both over his knee – this final humiliating spanking proved too much for Kami who was barely able to get up and in a memorable finale, helped and hugged Kami and let her release her tears. What can I say? As Vinnie Jones once said (in Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels) “It’s been emotional!” – It certainly was! The whole premise was that Saturday Detentions were the most feared at this school – I think we got that point across. There are several images and a link to a free clip for you to check out…

2 sassy schoolgirls in detention

Laughter soon turns to tears in this punishment session!

Kami Robertson and Danielle Hunt hand strapping of kami Robertson ouch that hurts! saturday_detention021 saturday_detention028 saturday_detention031 spanked over panties knickers pulled down leather strapping saturday_detention061

Below are some stills images (reduced in size here to 1200×800) which members can also download in much larger formats along with the 100 or so full 1920×1080 video images as well (reduced in size here too) – so it’s not such a bad update, is it?

sat_detention029 hairbrush spanking on the bare Danielle Hunt spanked and hairbrush punishment sat_detention040

Coming up – Part 2 of their punishment as Mr Jackson turns up…

 punishment of schoolgirls tearful hand strapping spankings Kami Robertson

Kami is spanked to tears as Dani watches, regretting their appalling behavior that got them both into this mess in the first place!

OTK Kami Robertson

 thrashed over his lap dani's turn for her spanking OTK spanking Dani Hunt OTK

Detentions for the girls at this Boarding School on a Saturday were always the worst. As Kami Robertson and Danielle Hunt were about to find out! They had been caught fraternizing with the boys from the adjacent public school and their parents had heard about their embarrassing behavior and demanded that their girls be taught a lesson. The reason why punishments were usually far worse at weekends was because the teachers would rather be enjoying their day off than dealing with girls who undermined the authority and good name of the school. The Head Teacher, Mr Osborne, was particularly blunt when dealing with both girls, taking time to scold, chastize and use a painful method of correction: A hard wooden ruler across their hands. Kami found this particularly difficult to take and was in tears as they both received the Discipline Hairbrush and Strap on their bare bottoms for the final part of their punishment. He left them to recover in their cornertime reflection period with Danielle angry that they had been so harshly treated only for Saturday Duty Teacher, Mr Jackson, to conclude that they had not learnt their lesson. He took both girls over his knee for a further spanking! An unfair double punishment? Perhaps, but this was why girls tried to avoid the dreaded Saturday Detentions at this school as they were often unfair! This long play video features the last classic pairing of Kami and Danielle.

tearful Kami Robertson Kami Robertson is consoled by Dani


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Detention Delinquent

While I was at a theater production tonight in my hometown… I got a pissed off message from Sarah Gregory saying that her only 2 sessions that she had gone out of her way to organize (finding a location to rent etc) had wimped out at the very last minute. Okay, she had also to contend with New England’s shitty snowstorms (her original flight was cancelled and she left yesterday instead of Monday). Now, before you feel 100% sympathy… she did fly down to Miami to escape the freezing cold and stay at a friend’s awesome place… and she will catch up with a few other people while there. But, like any working model will tell you, they do rely on their session work – this would have paid for her flights there and the car rental etc. She didn’t take a camera with her as she didn’t want to do any filming… which I fully understand. So now she has 2 wastes of space messing her around when she had organized so much in advance. I’m not sure if she took a deposit, I hope she did – I understand why girls do nowadays and it somewhat stops the assholes from wasting their time if they’re serious – Sarah had the same shit with a couple of timewasters in England when she came over last year. Of course, I don’t have that luxury of session work like the pretty girls – so just slowly get more broke over time when I travel extensively. My decision, I guess.

I told Sarah I was going to bed, but I can’t sleep so thought i’d better get this quick promo out of her most recent HD  film at Sarah Gregory Spanking – although it doesn’t feature her, she filmed it with me and the awesome Adriana Evans! I enjoyed helping to make this film, I think it was the last of the day (from memory) and I helped Sarah get some great angles for the punishment incl a low upward looking angle I like but it did look really good with poor Adriana’s caning as you’ll see form some images I have for you from the film. I also liked the story, naughty Adriana was doing her lines but got bored quickly and simple doodling led to outright abuse of Mr Osborne’s character with obscene, flithy imagery and words… there was no going back, no pleading allowed when her teacher saw this… oh no!

Adriana Evans is bored in the new film “Detention Delinquent”


Adriana can not even do her lines in this detention without getting into further trouble when she starts to write other nasty things out of sheer frustration and boredom.

0192_detention_delinquent_gal-032 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-004 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-007

Adriana is in detention and she is there to write lines for her bad behavior. Well, professor Osborne catches her drawing silly photos making fun of him instead of her lines. Not only does this misbehaving school girl get a bare bottom spanking while bent over her desk. She is made to spread her legs and stick out her bottom for an old fashioned caning as well.

0192_detention_delinquent_gal-008 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-026 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-033 0192_detention_delinquent_gal-026 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-047 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-050 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-058 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-064 0192_detention_delinquent_gal-029

Needless to say, this did the trick and Adriana had to sit down with her sore bottom throbbing from her caning and concentrate on finsihing her lines as she should have done previously!


Please do go check out this new film and the other wonderful films which focus on Sarah herself, obviously. These films she is producing really are some of the best around and I know how much effort both she and I put into making them!

Join at the site or via the Pass which gives a discount on joining both sites with the same set of codes – MommaSpankings.com is becoming really popular with good hard spankings in that mommy/daughter dynamic.



Night y’all

Kami’s Latest Punishment

Fresh off the press, so to speak, I only just uploaded this new film for members a few minutes ago so I thought I’d give you some inside info and of course a few extra images that are not seen anywhere else that were taken with my stills camera during the filming of this naughty severe schoolgirl film! Kami Robertson looks great in her pink Gingham dress… however, those who know Kami will be aware she is rather dinky and trim so I put her to the test with this item of schoolgirl clothing as it was a little on the snug side, even for her! But she managed to squeeze into it as you can see below… and we ended up making a great OTK spanking and a prolonged hard caning film finale where I lost count of the times I whacked her , it was that many! Add to that we shot it in an authentic setting, that classroom was fantastic, and this is a film I’m proud of… what’s more, of course, it has Kami looking very cute and bratty in that uniform and, boy, did she get a good thrashing as members can now see HERE

Kami wonders how the heck she’s gonna fit into that tiny dress!

Kami somehow squeezes into it ready to start filming!

Kami was very insistent on getting her roles just right, we’d discuss why she was in detention, I’d get her into the mood of it, it helped greatly of course with the realistic surroundings of an austere bygone classroom… and once Kami was ready to be that naughty bratty schoolgirl, stood there waiting… knowing that she was to be spanked and caned, I knew that we were going to make a great film once I had the go ahead from the cam guys that the lighting was ok! You can check out some screen images below from the movie, I must admit spanking Kami in such a tight dress over my knee was a pleasurable sight indeed, as I’m sure you can imagine!




Once Kami had been spanked, her bottom was positively glowing and ready for the second part of her punishment during this detention session which was a caning! As this is a “behind the scenes” look at what we did, I let kami choose the cane to go across her bare cheeks, and I was surprised that she let me use the nasty whippy one we had… this wasn’t too long after I had birched her rear so it was a little tender anyway and this cane had a habit of biting into a girl’s cheeks… I certainly didn’t hold back as you can see in the images below and I’ll give you a link to a free preview clip afterwrads…





This film will also be available to download as a one off at the CLIPS SITE HERE – showing the spanking and the caning clips (or being able to choose the full film) this is coming soon (probably tomorrow as it’s late here and I need my sleep – but I’ll let you know when I post again tomorrow!) But it really is 2 films in one so ideal to split for those that either just want to see her amazing jiggling butt spanked OTK and those that want to see her wiggling bum caned – it’s ideal! Have a good night everyone… “sleep tight, don’t let those bed bugs bite”… ‘cos if they do, you need to change your mattress and bedding QUICKLY – as that’s just nasty 😉