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Spanked and Diapered!

I had always intended to introduce this film as a surprise to everyone so I hope that is what has happened… I tend to drone on sometimes and bleat about what’s coming, I’m not so sure that it’s a good idea, personally, so I will avoid doing that in future… I would rather you are genuinely surprised and delighted, of course I will let you know what is coming from time to time, but I think telling you every week is not necessarily so good for me or my site, personally (therefore I hope you understand!)  – Yes, I have 2 new full HD films starting this week… I had forewarned you of the recent Amelia Jane Rutherford film alongside Sarah Gregory… well, I honestly think it is one of the best films she has appeared in anywhere and the quality of the film, the lighting etc etc is outstanding, you’ll have to wait until near the end of the week for that to appear and I will no doubt blog about it BEFORE it appears in more detail, but in the meantime, please do check out this new film I released earlier today at AAAspanking.com with a fantastic twist… spanking AND diapering starring Adriana Evans – I love this girl, she is awesome, she can take virtually anything you can dish out to her… and she is genuinely into the diapering fetish too, being a leading light on the subject with her own successful C4S store (check out the diaper tags on clipsforsale and you’ll soon find Adriana’s films as hers are pretty much number 1 all the time!)

Anyway… as I was saying, Adriana is given a humiliating diaper position spanking… after her PJ bottoms are removed… this is just the start of her bedtime punishment and the images/storyline below should better explain what happened!

Spanked and Diapered – starring Adriana Evans

d007 d008 d013

d019 d035


d044 d046


Adriana had one too many accidents in her bed recently. John was upset that at her age she shouldn’t be wetting the bed and thought it could even be due to her late night sessions at the bars, sneaking in so drunk that her mishaps happened as an unfortunate result of this. The latest incident had forced him to think up a quite suitable and demeaning punishment that she would want to avoid at all costs in future, so he provided a reality check by bringing in a grown up diaper which he was going to make her wear like a little baby. What was more, she would get a humiliating spanking as part of this unusual punishment. Adriana was ashamed and shocked that it had come to this and she reluctantly accepted that she needed to be punished but had no idea just how humiliating this would all be! Spanked hard in the revealing diaper position without her panties and PJ bottoms, she was then diapered like a little babygirl before getting one final spanking in her new uncomfortable safe underwear and made to go to bed wearing her new Diapers of Shame!


d065 d068


d082 d092



Some purists will hate this, others will love it… either way, it was a cracking film to make and Adriana taught me how to diaper a grown woman… which I rather enjoyed! Spanking her in the “Diaper Position” was my idea, I thought I’d stay with the theme… it’s a cool film and rather humiliating and full of embarrassment for Adriana! You can view and download it now at AAAspanking.com



(click image below for direct access)



Good night!!!


Pee Pee Spankings

Just a very quick update here until I get you a more detailed look across many more sites tomorrow… I have news today for you of a new long play film starring Lola Marie & Wynter Sky in their 1st collaberation shown at my site AAAspanking.com – Lola should have filmed with me way back in April/May but because of the tight filming schedule I had to delay that due to an overseas visitor (I grow more weary of these now as I know other producers do too as you never know whether they are filming with a dozen other people in a short period and so on…) sometimes you don’t mind, it depends on how you feel about working with the person so when they don’t turn up and you’re all ready to go, then it kind of sucks… but I’VE DONE THIS ROAD MANY TIMES… so you bide your time, regroup and meet someone you should have met earlier and make up with it with some great films… and why not throw in a girl you loved working with in the past too? Result: a great day’s filming!

Check out this new film with a twist… my famed twisted Girl Guides, disgracing their uniform by peeing their panties and walking along with wet knickers (and predictably) getting caught and punished! Ladies & Gents… I give you the lovely and aptly named new long play film “Gushing Girl Guides” – this was my 1st peeing and spanking film… and it was also Wynter’s 1st peeing action caught on film too!


The girls show off their pee soaked panties!

An awful lot of images compliment this film, there are around 200 screen grabs and about 100 HQ stills…all fully uploaded – the original images for members are 1800×1200 in size – all zipped: already along with the film so it’s a great new update this week and as some of you may well be aware, taking stills after the event, it compliments the film so when Freddy the cat wanted in on the action (I love Freddy… such a cute kitty) he wanted to say hello to the girls… I think he likes the smell of pee pee, not only a cute kitty but a pervy one too! So Freddy stayed in some of the images we took… the girls liked him too 🙂


*sniff* “What the deuce? I smell pee pee!”

ggg020 ggg023 ggg026

ggg036 ggg037

ggg038 ggg042 ggg044

Below are some screen images from the movie and the film plot so you know what it’s all about!


ggg020 ggg028

ggg039 ggg045 ggg050

ggg059 ggg079 ggg106

ggg098 ggg115 ggg128

ggg136 ggg154

ggg157 ggg163 ggg165


ggg183 ggg197

These 2 girl guides were a disgrace to their uniform as they wondered if they could make it back to the Guide HQ before needing to pee… they could hardly walk, their bladders were so full & each girl in turn relieved herself. Lola pulled her panties down & gushed freely, but the daft girl peed directly onto them! Wynter didn’t even have the luxury of that option as she couldn’t wait & peed in her panties stood up, the tell tale trickle running down her legs. Both girls returned to the HQ in shame but not before Troupe Leader Mr Osborne had guessed what had happened from their nervous walk & decided to teach these madams a lesson in humiliation & discipline on how to avoid such unladylike disasters in future. This film features wet panty investigations, spankings with humiliating gaze of the other & the final insult of a diaper positional spanking before being placed in an embarrassing reflective aftermath position both girls would not forget! This isn’t for everyone & hardly traditional, but for those that like something a little bit more kinky, we are sure you’ll enjoy this long play film.


View a free preview of this film HERE



Various short clips are being uploaded to the Clips Store… I have uploaded the pee scene only… as well as the 1st spanking scene of Lola. Tomorrow the spankings of Wynter followed by both girls finale of a humiliating diaper position  spanking will be available to download giving those who like to download one off clips a great choice!

1st 2 clips are below and available to view:

GGG1 (1) GGG2

As promised… let the Girl Guide spankings begin!

I’m knackered! I’ve had a long tedious day at my regular job and came home with having little sleep these past few days but I also sat down and spent time getting this update out as I had promised and I can see already from my stats that it’s a popular movie, and why the hell not as this features gorgeous Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson, spanked, paddled and thrashed with a bathbrush side by side and in the diaper position… in – those – uniforms! Oh, and of course, check out those naughty panties which “angered” me as well!!! (hmmm, well… possibly *not* angered!)

…& who do these panties belong to?

These magic panties foretold what was about to happen to Jenna!

Hmmm, and Taylor’s we’re any better with sizzling lightning bolts.

OK, the panties aren’t magical, but they didn’t help the girls when I had spied them both slacking in the kitchen, not making the sandwiches as promised…. and that is why this film is called “Sarnies & Red Bottoms”

Meet Taylor & Jenna in their uniforms, who are about to feel more than a little foolish!

I rather enjoyed making this film as you’ll see from the images below, it was a great kitchen location, the girls looked absolutely fab in my authentic guide uniforms and of course they got some unusual punishments which actually look pretty good on film, definitely a good spanking romp. The angles in the kitchen were really tight (as you’ll see from a few behind the scenes images and the lighting issues were almost making us pull our hair out with frustration, but in the end, it came out OK, as I hope you will agree!




Jenna & Taylor were 2 unhelpful Girl Guides who should have been preparing the sandwiches for the local Village Hall Fete but instead the girls gossiped idly and even prepared the food most unhygienically! Luckily, the ever suspicious Mr Osborne had been viewing their behaviour on CCTV (he always does that with potentially naughty girls, doesn’t he?) and he wasted no time confronting them both with evidence of their shambolic attitude and quickly took turns to spank both girls in front of each other. But worse was to come as he ensured they were thoroughly humiliated in their uniforms after seeing the disgraceful blight to their dresscode with racy panties, he whacked them both on the bare with the paddle and that awful bathbrush they really hated, their bottoms stuck out high in the air and in the embarrassing diaper position on the cold stainless steel kitchen table! Ladies & Gentlemen, you miss this film at your peril!



I have some images below which I took behind the scenes and the dilemma of the kitchen table as I had wanted to do a decent facial shot but it would have meant doing several takes and after what the girls went through, we decided it wasn’t worth it as this film needed to be spontaneous… which made it special… they didn’t know what was coming and had to endure the bathbrush and a paddling in the diaper position on that table! (Mean… wasn’t I?)


There is a free movie preview of this film shown HERE

click here to view the free movie previews

Real Holiday Spanking Treats!

I trust that you have all enjoyed the holidays… typically here in the UK, it is a time of the year for the heavens to open and it’s God’s way of saying thou shall not BBQ in our quiet retreats that are our gardens… but in a dramatic twist…  where I am, the weather had been miserable all day and then decided to clear up just before I had given up on the day and decided to sit down with my bottle of Australian Blaxland Shiraz and write this little post this evening… the damned sun has come out, it’s a glorious end to the day and it’s like God is giving me the finger! Well, Sir… 2 can play at that game and I give you Monday’s offering which will make even the Lord God himself blush seeing beautiful girls thrashed for no other reason than they had commited rather petty or minor offenses… life’s not fair, I know… so deal with it, oh blessed Creator! Seriously though, I hope you like the following sites and clips, pics and such that I have got for you, this is a reminder of why the following sites are so damned good when you start to check out their massive archived data, then you’ll come across the following amazing girls and their punishments…  what I’ve chosen for you are seriously sexy girls who are properly punished, many to real tears and I am sure you will all thank me later before I am smited or whatever it is God does nowadays to blasphemous sinners like myself!

Angie from Girls Boarding School was always one of my favorites and for good reason, she was so seriously sexy, she cried beautifully and got some damned hard thrashings off both Headmaster Tom and his cohort, Mr Lewis! Here below you’ll see the dangerously pretty Angie paddled in the diaper position, snivelling like a baby as Mr Lewis reminds her about why she shouldn’t break School Rules! Film images are followed by some amazing HQ Photos of this punishment… you *have* to see this entire film to fully appreciate the ferocity of Angie’s entire punishment!!!

Note: The file is in original RM format as the conversion to Flash player was terribly out of sync! (sorry)

& below are some wonderful HQ images as promised as Angie is paddled over the wooden drawers

Click HERE to see more of Angie’s relentless and unforgiving punishments!


Kailee Robinson still remains a firm favorite of mine and this girl can really take a ferocious paddling or belting across her wobbling cheeks as I’m sure you are aware of… so as I had been showing you some incredibly erotic and sexy girl/girl spankings recently from Badtushy.com I thought I’d remind you of just how hard Kailee could take a thrashing across her already sore cheeks courtesy of this site and this film (one of tons she did here) where she is told off by her strict Aunt for avoiding the chores and homework whilst at hers – gossiping on the phone and social online networks meant that she’d learn a very sore lesson…. much to our viewing pleasure as you’ll see in this old classic!

More stunning films of Kailee getting it real hard can be seen HERE


The following film has been released this week and I had known that Mike was planning on filming with both Pandora Blake & Amelia Jane Rutherford for a while so I am very happy to see his latest film at Spanked-in-Uniform.com with both girls together and it’s a welcome return to the South West Police station as the girls play 2 bumbling police officers who are sent to pick up a man in a run down council estate for questioning… that couldn’t go wrong, could it?

PC Rutherford and PC Blake were sent to a local council estate to pick up a criminal in flat 24 of one of the towerflats. The little madams forgot the right flat number and they arrested the poor tenant in flat 23. Back at the station they got a good scolding from Chief Johnson and he gave them both a sound heavy leather paddling interupted halfway by some time in the corner. Both PC’s were sent back to their duties with sore, hot burning bottoms under their uniforms.

Both girls will be appearing in yet more spanking uniform japes & sore retribution very soon HERE!


Finally…. a few tasters from NorthernSpanking.com which should keep you interested as you’ll see from the images shown below! You can see why I once asked Leia about Jadie filming with my own site as it was mooted that she was retiring…. however, although these images were taken a while back, they have just been released for the first time and these are only teasers(sorry folks) but members can get to see oh so much more of this twosome that work so well together…. don’t you think? jadie reece over leia-Ann’s lap getting a spanking, lovely!

You can see more of Jadie’s forfeit at the hand of Leia HERE

The below set features a brand new girl to spanking…. I’m not sure, but I think she is part of the staff that helps maintain the hideaway residence that Paul & Lucy use in Hampshire so she knew what they got up to and was of course curious… and the first results of paul spanking her can be seen from these wonderful images below…. She’s called Lexi and isn’t she adorable? Paul seemed to think so 🙂

Lexi’s very red bottom can be seen in more detail on the home pages here

An example of what is to come soon is below with Lexi’s bottom looking the part, don’t you agree?



Ok, that’s it, I have been adding bits to this post and now it’s late (I started it an age ago…. please don’t go far as I have the very latest news on the new film coming out at AAAspanking and it features 2 girls I’ve shown somewhere here today… but you’ll have to wait until my next post to discover exactly who…. in fact, I just realized that there are 3 people above out of 4 in this film that are featured in today’s post… am I teasing? You’ll have to wait, so don’t go far! I promise it’s worth the wait!
Chief. xx 🙂

Cyber Bullying, Tears & Spankings

As the weekend approaches and the weather here in England remains surprisingly pleasant (for once), my missus (Er Indoors) has currently been “outdoors” in the garden busying herself and goading, then bullying me into sorting out the hated steep grass bank we have… I hate cutting that, but as it’s dry, I guess I’ll do this tomorrow before all that greenery goes nuts… “What the hell are you on about, Chief?” I hear you moan… give us the spankings we crave, you dick… and stop prattling on about grass banks FFS!”

Okay…okay…. stop bullying me! I’m close to tears as it is! & that is the 1st topic of the day as I logged into SpankAmber this morning to see what joys she has uploaded there this past week (I couldn’t really log on much anywhere last week, of course) and Amber Dawn shows us in a fantastic and unique movie as only she can make what can sometimes happen when she is on her webcam… now Amber has been neglectful of paying her taxes (I know that pain) so has been extra busy camming recently to pay off the IRS, and you can really make her do just about anything, especially if it’s got a nasty twist, we all know Amber is a beautiful pain slut and this episode shows how some naughty guy who’s holding the purse strings makes Amber clamp her tender nipples with clothes pegs, shove a butt plug up her tight hole and then make her strap herself HARD (he’s not satisfied and instructs her “HARDER!!!” with the heaviest leather strap he could see in the room as well as more clamping humiliations which brings Amber to tears! An interesting “twist” (literally, if you see the full movie) and a fantastic film that members of SpankAmber can go view now!

Check out the intro of Amber as the latest Cyber Bully logs in… (there’s no actual spanking but I urge you to check it out as it shows you precisely how Amber interacts with her paying tormentor… and I have some images of what happens later so you can see for yourself (I feel it’s only fair to Amber I don’t give away all her content, of course, but this is what members will get to see!)

Go cyber bully Amber yourself HERE… Her webcam online times are well advertised on her Twitter account or her blog – She loves it really!!!


In another unfortunate twist of events, Kisa’s 2nd spanking doesn’t go quite to plan at MarkedButts.com in this amateur specialist site when she goes over the knee of Kyle for a hard hand spanking followed by an unbearable bath brushing (I know what these wicked instruments can do!!!) and to finish it off… a severe strapping that has Kisa writhing in pain as the stinging cracks really start to bite, I’ve included an original WMV clip below, it is only 15-20 seconds long but is more than enough to show you what I was talking about! Ouch!

Oops! I forgot to warn you that this was a severe clip as you no doubt will have seen and heard! Remember that this site features amateur spanking punishments so some of the camera work is not always the best … and there are varying degrees of movie quality but this is actually the attraction of the site. This film also happens to be one of Kyle’s better lit films too… and the site contains plenty of 16:9 widescreen movies easily viewable on your large screens quite clearly. All in all… as you’ll see from the screen images of this particular movie of Kisa’s 2nd punishment… it is more than acceptable and on this  film alone the low membership fee (and great value longer term deals definitely makes it worth a shout!)

Check out more spanking movies at the extensive free tour pages HERE


Hmmm, talking about the quality of some movies, I have just uploaded the HD MP4 Format from the severe cold caning of Leia Ann Woods at Triple A Spanking alongside the full length HD WMV version! I have cut a very small clip of the HD MP4 version (best viewed on VLAN Player – I’m sure you all know by now!)

I had already included some images from when it came 1st came out but have decided to show you a few images from a another set that I haven’t shown from AAAspanking and this stars Jasmine Lau – who thought she could sneak a few pieces of candy from my stash, only she hadn’t reckoned on me being incredibly petty and counting them all so I knew she had been eating some secretly! Yes… these girls never learn… do they?

Gorgeous Jasmine gets a good hard OTK spanking and hairbrush punishment for stealing my chocolate candy! No one messes with me, whether it be cake, candy or chocolates!!! NO ONE! (lol) These Hi Res photos complimented the full movie and screen images that were also added, I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I did making sure Jasmine wouldn’t be trying to sneak any more candy without my permission again!

Check out all the latest movie updates & excellent longer term membership offers!


I had recently shown more of SpankingSarah.com and this site isn’t only about Sarah but her friends too and I watched a classic last night with very naughty Masie Dee, this was probably her (ahem) naughtiest film she had done without fucking anyone (there are films at this site which does have Masie getting fucked hard and sucking off stiff cocks whilst being thrashed hard at the same time) but this movie was just deliciously rude… She secretly films a porno flick with her boyfriend between spanking shoots and you get to see the little cam at work and also the results of this naughty homemade film as she first fingers her increasingly wet pussy then frigs off her swollen sex with a vibro, really pleasuring herself as it slopped in and out and we get to see it all intimately! See the images taken from this 1st part below… and the consequences of this disgraceful extremely lewd behavior follows!

Images below include those filmed on the small portable Handycam!

Masie cums loudly on camera just as her Film Shoot director returns to find this amateur porno film being made on his set… needless to say he’s well pissed off and sends Masie’s boyfriend packing whilst he proceeds to give Masie a much deserved embarrassing spanking taking away any joy she had just experienced and with his continual withering put downs, this makes her cry as she is spanked in the humiliating diaper position and blubs into the bed’s duvet… She wasn’t happy anymore!

You can see MORE of Masie punished to tears for her disgusting behavior HERE

Have a good weekend everyone! I’m sure Masie here will get over it 🙂