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Spanking Diaper Humiliation

Another spanking diaper humiliation treat, this time it’s the latest new release with new babygirl Ally Cakes, spanked by mother at Momma Spankings


It’s a maternal discipline drama that covers the aspect of a girl unable to control herself, wearing diapers and getting punished… it’s probably not for everyone, but it’s done in a way that is still engaging to watch and has some great spanking scenes and for those that want to view it… a real diapering scene too!

Ally’s Diaper Discipline


Ally had an accident at school and mommy was called by the teacher. Mommy is very disappointed in her little girl and as soon as Ally gets home from school she is in for some serious scolding and punishment from Mommy. She was supposed to be wearing her pull-ups but she hasn’t been. For this mommy must give her daughter an over the knee spanking with her hand, hairbrush, and slipper before diapering her. She is told she must wear a diaper now everyday to school since she has been having these accidents. Mommy then diapers her daughter after the spanking and Ally is humiliated, but accepts her punishment in shame.

momma-219-007 momma-219-030 momma-219-035 momma-219-038 ally1 momma-219-040 momma-219-047 otk spanking momma-219-057 momma-219-068 ally2 hairbrush spanking momma-219-082 spanking diaper diapering and changing momma-219-098 spanking diaper humiliation ally3momma-219-118




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Ally, Adriana & Sarah will all be in attendance at the Lone Star Spanking Party from May 19th-23rd in Houston, Texas. Check out the party website for more details on attendees and schedules etc. HERE


SG Site Spanking Updates Part 2

Sarah Gregory Pass

The 1st of the 2 new film updates from the Sarah Gregory Pass (which is a better value double pass that comprises 2 of Sarah’s primary sites) is available from Sarah Gregory Spanking and stars legendary Amelia Jane Rutherford in a great outdoor spanking film where she gets a hard OTK punishment… this was the film shoot that she later admitted she hadn’t been whacked like that day for any film company for some time… Sarah was glad that she could oblige!


Garden Thief Amelia – from Sarah Gregory Spanking

0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-013 0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-017 0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-027 spanking otk spanking

Amelia has snuck into her neighbor, John’s, garden to steal some of his prized flowers. As she is picking them he comes upon her and scolds her. When a scolding isn’t good enough, he takes this naughty thief over his knee for a spanking over her dress and then on the bare bottom.

0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-045 0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-046 0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-054 0216_garden_thief_amelia_gal-032 0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-078 0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-079 0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-080 0216_garden_thief_amelia_grabs-081

Check out the FREE Clip (below) from this latest film

[jwplayer mediaid=”42687″]

The FULL HD film can be viewed HERE

 spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford


Next up, from MommaSpankings.com is a hard tale of a severe tearful punishment by Miss Chris… playing Mom of Adriana Evans… this video contains some good hard spanking scenes, humiliation and a brat getting a mouth soaping AND a diapering! There are plenty of images for you to check out including a great long play vid clip too!

I don’t want to go to School – by MommaSpankings.com

Adriana Evans about to be spanked by Miss Chris

Adriana plays the defiant daughter who doesn’t want to go to school. Adriana is a real brat, talking back to the point where she not only earns herself a spanking, but also a mouth soaping. Mom deals with her naughty daughter by spanking her bare bottom with hand and hairbrush. When Adriana still doesn’t learn after tons of punishments, mom puts her in a diaper. If she is going to act like a child, she will be treated like one.

momma-175-019 momma-175-034 spanked over mom's lap spanking her daughter momma-175-042 momma-175-044 mouthsoaping mouthsoaping scene momma-175-071 momma-174-004 momma-175-100 momma-175-106 spanking momma-175-127

See a special FREE preview clip (below) of Adriana’s painful, embarrassing punishment

[jwplayer mediaid=”42685″]

momma-175-132 spanking and diapering

Click HERE to watch the FULL HD1080 movie


Momma Spankings

sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah Gregory Pass


Don’t forget, part 3 of this multi site update feature coming soon!

Spanked and Diapered!

I had always intended to introduce this film as a surprise to everyone so I hope that is what has happened… I tend to drone on sometimes and bleat about what’s coming, I’m not so sure that it’s a good idea, personally, so I will avoid doing that in future… I would rather you are genuinely surprised and delighted, of course I will let you know what is coming from time to time, but I think telling you every week is not necessarily so good for me or my site, personally (therefore I hope you understand!)  – Yes, I have 2 new full HD films starting this week… I had forewarned you of the recent Amelia Jane Rutherford film alongside Sarah Gregory… well, I honestly think it is one of the best films she has appeared in anywhere and the quality of the film, the lighting etc etc is outstanding, you’ll have to wait until near the end of the week for that to appear and I will no doubt blog about it BEFORE it appears in more detail, but in the meantime, please do check out this new film I released earlier today at AAAspanking.com with a fantastic twist… spanking AND diapering starring Adriana Evans – I love this girl, she is awesome, she can take virtually anything you can dish out to her… and she is genuinely into the diapering fetish too, being a leading light on the subject with her own successful C4S store (check out the diaper tags on clipsforsale and you’ll soon find Adriana’s films as hers are pretty much number 1 all the time!)

Anyway… as I was saying, Adriana is given a humiliating diaper position spanking… after her PJ bottoms are removed… this is just the start of her bedtime punishment and the images/storyline below should better explain what happened!

Spanked and Diapered – starring Adriana Evans

d007 d008 d013

d019 d035


d044 d046


Adriana had one too many accidents in her bed recently. John was upset that at her age she shouldn’t be wetting the bed and thought it could even be due to her late night sessions at the bars, sneaking in so drunk that her mishaps happened as an unfortunate result of this. The latest incident had forced him to think up a quite suitable and demeaning punishment that she would want to avoid at all costs in future, so he provided a reality check by bringing in a grown up diaper which he was going to make her wear like a little baby. What was more, she would get a humiliating spanking as part of this unusual punishment. Adriana was ashamed and shocked that it had come to this and she reluctantly accepted that she needed to be punished but had no idea just how humiliating this would all be! Spanked hard in the revealing diaper position without her panties and PJ bottoms, she was then diapered like a little babygirl before getting one final spanking in her new uncomfortable safe underwear and made to go to bed wearing her new Diapers of Shame!


d065 d068


d082 d092



Some purists will hate this, others will love it… either way, it was a cracking film to make and Adriana taught me how to diaper a grown woman… which I rather enjoyed! Spanking her in the “Diaper Position” was my idea, I thought I’d stay with the theme… it’s a cool film and rather humiliating and full of embarrassment for Adriana! You can view and download it now at AAAspanking.com



(click image below for direct access)



Good night!!!


Diaper Spankings & Humiliation

I know I sometimes go off at a rather bizarre tangent to the point of derailment – Once again ressurecting bizarre cat memes as “Diaper cat” (left) takes an interest in today’s post … why? well, if you ever wondered what Clare Fonda has been up to away from her spanking films that she used to make, you’ll know she has been concentrating on her own love of the Adult Baby Girl (ABG) fetish with includes diapering grown cute girls, dressing them up as cute babies and generally getting off on the age play scenarios with the humiliation, punishment and love that one can give with such girls as they act cute, brat, become sassy or just need some love and attention… there is also (thankfully) still some scenes of spankings before and after intimate diaper changes that I so love seeing… so it’s a little bit different and I don’t expect everyone to understand or get this ABG fetish… so the first part of this update features Naughty Diaper Girls – scroll down to see what Clare’s former business partner, The Cameraman…. and now Owner of Clare’s sites he helped her grow into the fantastic network it is today and still growing… go explore some hot updates from that network this week and news of a new movie (at last it’s out!) that I had messed up last week at my own site and put out the Amelia film in advance instead – oops! 🙂

I love revenge scenarios, and this one I may have featured before as it’s not new, but I love it so much, I watched both films again, and of course it stars Kay Richards who is a fantastic switch and one of my fave ABG models on Clare’s site! The twist is she turns the tables on step mother Clare… but first see what nasty perv, Clare got up to!

 Images below taken from the film “Diaper Punishment for Kay Richards”





Poor Kay- she is home form college trying to live a normal life but her new stepmother insists things be super clean. She waits until after Kay’s date, forces her to strip,checks her panties, wipes her down and diapers her then let’s her boyfriend take a look at her!

The 2nd film (below) see Kay getting her revenge on her wicked pervy “step mom” Clare!





The tables are turned and now Kay controls the purse strings in the house. Stepmom Clare is forced to strip and has her pussy rubbed clean with a baby wipe before she is spanked and diapered. The younger girl shows no mercy to the older woman with the diaper punishment.

Click any image below to access some kick ass galleries that also help showcase the best of Clare’s twisted imagination as she gets beautiful girls to do “crib time” and also play with themselves, be treated like babies and of course get the odd spanking and always a naughty humiliating diapering!

Ashley Rose – cribtime!

Ashley shows us what a naughty Adult baby girl she is!

In a 1st… here is Lana Miller diapering her real niece Rihanna!

& Rihanna shows us just how cute she looks in her grown up cute diaper…

More cute girls at the images below… enjoy!



Click here for the very latest updates at Clare’s Naughty Diaper Girl site

Clare corrupts her friend Bliss…


Welcome to part 2 of this update as we see some of the very latest galleries that show you just what is being shown inside the member areas of the expansive Clare Fonda Pass network

Stoners at Girl Spanks Girl get what’s coming to them
Stars Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards (mmm)


New Girl “Dixie Comet” shares her experiences and fantasies at SpankedSweeties.com


At Spankedcallgirls.com – meet “The Millers” a hard working set of girls that know all about punishments!

& finally from this network, this is a VERY HOT film starring Veronica Ricci (who else?) at Spanking Sorority girls and this is by far my fave film of the site… check out this awesome gallery below and you’ll see what I mean… the film is far better, the images are fantastic but they just don’t do it justice! Well done to “The Camerman”… Veronica is again a winner as a sexy switch!!!

watch Veronica turn the tables on 2 girls (click image below for the gallery)

All of the above sites in this 2nd part of the post can be viewed independently or for a few dollars more, the best value monthly fee of the Clare Fonda Pass!


& as I had promised earlier this week… the Girl Guide film of Joelle Barros and Nyssa Nevers at AAAspanking.com is now up and available for members. I hadn’t time to upload the photo gallery too, that will come later, but I did add over 110 video images on this update as well as the film which will be in both wmv and Mp4 at a higher resolution and screen size… I’ll also be editing more films like this from now on,

Go check out the free clip and see what is in store for these naughty girls!
I was playing around with the image, hope you like it!!!

I’ll bring you some behind the scenes images and the full story of this with some more unseen images… however, if you’re a member at AAAspanking.com then you can view this film now 🙂

This film is also available at the CLIPS STORE, click on the image below for the direct link to this as a special one off payment to view the film in HD-MP4

Good night… I’ll be back soon! Chief