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Doctors & Nurses & I’m away!!!

Just a brief post from me before I go away on a 2 day trip… I still won’t jinx who I am filming with after the last fiasco of being supremely confident but I’ll tweet a pic of her getting into my car so I know we’ll be filming then, lol! But until that image on my Twitter account HERE which you can see tomorrow morning… I have updated the site TWICE, today’s normal Monday update and the NEW movie early as I will be away filming so you lucky people have the new film early this week and I have a FREE gallery which showcases what you will see. The film is also available in full WMV HD at the Clips Store too!

I loved making this “Doctors and Nurses” film… we have authentic scrubs and nursing uniforms, of course… which adds to the surreal relationship between this pair, Zoe and Aleesha. How the hell the girls did not laugh more in between the punishments I do not know… there were a few retakes because Zoe was being such a bullying brat… which she is so damned good at… and Aleesha was so deadpan and “oh my God, you’re such a weirdo” with a deadpan delivery. This is a dysfunctional medical couple, Aleesha the put upon junior doctor and Zoe, the house owning landlady pyscho senior nurse who has a lot of power over her junior doc tenant… as you’ll discover!

Enjoy… have fun, I will let you know how I get on tomorrow, I have a very early start (getting up at 5.00 am) so better sign off!
Good night!

Click image below for the full 16 image gallery of Doctors and Nurses


See the FREE Clip of Zoe spanking Aleesha hard… (it’s HOT!) CLICK HERE


This movie can be seen in full at the CLIPS STORE