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Caning Demo of Sarah Gregory

OK, I’m gonna have to be quick as Sarah is sat next to me nagging to go to the thrift stores on Hollywood Boulevard and the Valley… she promises it will be worth it as there are lots of vintage cheer and other uniform fetishes that will no doubt surprise me… so I will get this news of my latest film out to you which involves a good caning of said Miss Gregory a few years back… this film was the last from that particular shoot I did… and Sarah says she looks nothing like that now but I think she looks cute… especially the nervous look of apprehension as she lined up to take 3 different canes off Paul and myself!


As it was a caning demonstration… Donna Davenport was on hand to provide how English girls took the rod… which I think only made things worse for poor Sarah as we whacked Donna quite hard, the strokes of the cane making familiar whooshing noises that it would appear so many American girls dread! Below are some sample images taken from the film… I have these resized, members get to see the full 1920×1080 resolution images.

demo001 demo002

demo004 demo006

demo012 demo013

demo018 demo026

demo031 demo035

demo039 demo045

demo052 demo057

demo060 demo061

This film was made in June of 2011 and was the last of Sarah Gregory’s tour to the UK at that time. We saved the last and best film until the end of her day’s shoot with us as she had been promised a lesson in what it was like to take various caning implements across her bare bottom. Sarah was understandably quite nervous and this showed in the film as she watched Donna, our “stunt bottom”, take various canings from Paul & John before it was her turn! The look on her face is priceless as well as her reactions to the cane. An unusual film that fans of Sarah will enjoy immensely!

You can see a free teaser clip at AAA Spanking


These films will also be available at the clips store when I have time… as I have to go shopping now *sigh* have a good one everyone from a rather overcast Los Angeles. Just so you know I shall be meeting Clare Fonda tonight, which I am rather excited about… and please do keep suggestions about what we will film with Casey Calvert coming in… example, the anal hook scene will now be done thanks to one individual’s request… I also got a temp taking request that I will put to her too! You naughty people!

P.S. Affiliates, the gallery is uploaded in your admin section or you can use the images you see here as they are the same… sorry there’s no mail this week, I just don’t have time. Regards!

My Spanking Updates this week

It’s a busy week and I thought I’d get these out now so you can check out what is about to show and also what will be coming at the main site, & what is secretly out at the Clips Store well in advance of the main site and also what wheelbarrow/POV spankings are now showing for your perusal and viewing pleasure with a different perspective!

You won’t see these images anywhere else at the time of writing, naturally, as they are from my sites 🙂

Tomorrow, there’s a great schoolgirl detention film with Kami Robertson in her tennis kit getting a detention thrashing for fighting with other girls in practice! As you’d expect, Kami is a feisty girl who answers back but she soon learns some respect and becomes less of a brat when her bare bottom is getting a deserved whacking! I could watch Kami’s burning butt all day long, she has the most addictive wiggle when her bottom smarts from a whacking and I am not ashamed to say it’s rather a turn on… hell, I wouldn’t do it otherwise, would I? *mmm*

Check out some mouth watering images in advance of the main site screening and the full film (low res 960×540 version) which will be available immediately on the AAA Clips store later today!

Kami’s discipline included a bare bottom hand spanking, leather slippering & hair brush punishment!
~(the flash preview clip is much lower res than the original!)~

Can’t view Flash via Android devices? Download free WMV trailer at the front of the site HERE

Kami Robertson is in detention for fighting with the other school’s tennis stars during practice. She is not remorseful at all when confronted by the teacher in charge of her detention discipline! To teach her respect and some manners he spanks her in her tennis kit without the protection of her panties as she is also given the leather slipper and hairbrush heavily across her tight bare bottom. This starts to have the desired effect of making this arrogant young madam just a little more compliant and sorry for her recent disgraceful behaviour!







Don’t miss this new exclusive Kami Robertson detention film showing at AAAspanking.com


This film is also available NOW (A full day early) IN FULL at the AAA Clips Store HERE

Here is some info you might not know about the correct uploading of clips to the stores: Incidentally, this film at the clips store, like many of my earlier edited clips had some very clever editing, as many of the earlier films were especially edited for the Clips Store according to the supposedly strict guideline to producers & webmasters was to not exceed 10Mb/minute (which isn’t great) however, at 960×540 size the editor used a clever variable bit rate and upped the rates where the action scenes required and saved elsewhere… giving you less data to download but at a great quality and you wouldn’t notice the difference at all… I remember being rather impressed with this when we started uploading our original data but I have stopped that now (it’s time consuming to start with to re edit yet again) since every other producer nowadays has consistently ignored this guideline, so I have too on all the more recently edited films 🙂

One such example of my ignoring this is the hidden film you may not have known about which I snuck in recently and exclusively early at the Clips Store – I really liked this film and it’s on the update schedule which will see it appear on the main site around the end of June… so if you can’t wait until then or only download the odd clip, then this delightful domestic discipline film with Donna Davenport (aka Cindy Hodges) is a real corker! She really was hilarious in this film, answering back at every opportunity giving me hell, calling me all names under the sun and giving me every excuse to thrash her fantastic behind possible!

His Lying Stripper Wife

Artwork from the clips store is below,  (click on it and it leads directly to that film)
I have also got you some early preview images from the film too!

How would you feel if you had found out your wife had been stripping to help make ends meet for you both? Maybe you’d be pleased she was helping with the hard pressed finances but also deeply disturbed and horrified at what she had been doing? Perhaps you’d also be a little jealous that she enjoyed the attention in the seedy club as leering men ogled at what she was made of… violating the privacy and intimacy of what you had once both shared with each other and no one else! Welcome to the dilemma facing this husband in these hard economic times, as he discovered the truth when he wondered why their increasing credit card bills had been paid off only to discover that it was by her new employment of stripping in a seedy lewd bar – imagine if that was your wife… it’s hard to take, isn’t it? A classic domestic discipline spanking film with loving banter, and much intimate and good old fashioned discipline spankings from a hubby – ashamed of his inability to prevent his wife from performing such a job and attempting to help her find that lost moral compass as only a good old fashioned spanking can prevent this destructive lifestyle from breaking up their marriage!


stripper02 stripper03


stripper05 stripper06


stripper08 stripper09


A rare NEW film starring Donna Davenport!


Finally today there’s a new upload at the POV style site which has a wheelbarrow spanking (all wheel barrow positional spankings will always be uploaded at this clips store from now on but most of these films will also be available at some point on the main site too). This upload of Alex Reynolds over the lap of hot bully Zoe Page is about 3 weeks in advance of the main site update – so once again those who just download the odd movie have an advance full preview… whilst for members, here’s what’s coming soon (like the film with Donna above) – hope you like it 🙂

This is the artwork from the upload at POVspanking.com

Alex graciously filmed 2 wheelbarrow position spanking films and this is the 1st you’ll see anywhere on the internet with her over Zoe Page’s lap! For lovers of F/F spankings this is an added bonus with some nice hard spankings, bottom rubbing and of course some fantastic cam angles as Alex takes the challenge of this embarrassing and uncomfortable position! We thoughtfully provided her with a cushion to rest her elbows and hands on as her glorious bottom was stuck up high in the air, vulnerable and exposed! This film will be available soon on our main site AAAspanking.com but in this HD clip form it will only ever be available at this store and no where else! So get to see it 1st HERE! Enjoy!


alexwb02 alexwb03


alexwb05 alexwb06 alexwb07

alexwb08 alexwb09

alexwb10 alexwb11


& don’t forget that there’s some genuine great POV style spanking films starring Alex which is available no where else, I particularly liked the dropseat PJ film… Alex talks to YOU, the viewer as if YOU are the person taking charge of her punishment… she pleads and begs not to be spanked but it’s too late… check out the images which should give you a better idea and check out the link… I’ve showcased some of these films before… they are different and we are striving to make better and more realistic films in this genre… let me know your feedback on this as without it I can’t improve the films or get ideas as to what YOU may want to see!

alexPOVdropseats01 alexPOVdropseats05

alexPOVdropseats08 alexPOVdropseats19 alexPOVdropseats26

alexPOVdropseats47 alexPOVdropseats56

Check out all the POV spankings HERE




Oh… and in case you haven’t seen these, I added some free galleries which help promote what is currently being watched at the main site, if nothing more, then enjoy the free images (just click on images below to access these galleries)…

a1 a2


In case you’re bored shitless reading about my stuff today, I have got you a wake up image below 😉

about to get kicked out

In case you think I’m some sort of Philistine, or just a nasty ol’ bottom perv and nothing more… I found this amusing image of 4 naughty ladies (personally I thought the one on the left should have moved out of shot but I can imagine they would have no time so fair play to them, lol) as these ladies try out a re-enactment of “The Three Graces” – painted by Jean-Baptiste Regnault in 1799 (I remember staring at this when I was last at the Louvre Museum, Paris. France) – yes, I am a perv but found this funny… and don’t those ladies have very spankable bottoms? 🙂 *cough cough* “PERVERT!”

Regards, Chief. xx

Quick Spanking News Updates

Hi all, just some quick updates with 6 choice images from each site to show you just what is out there today… these are quality spanking updates from other sites I take a keen interest in, so you know this will be all good and to your taste!

However, before I continue, I’d just like to mention that I will be updating the Clips Store far more often after a response to me with several emails, seems some of you really do just want to download the odd clip, and I will also be announcing some news soon on Naughty Bottom – but for now, you can download 2 clips from the very latest movie (as I promised yesterday) just released today on AAAspanking.com called “Bathtime Spankings”

Click image above for a special FREE HD Preview clip

& clicking on the images of Irelynn or Leia (below) leads to their special clips at the Store for one off downloads!


For all other clip updates and plenty more appearing during this week, check out the site (below)


OK, and onto other sites I have really enjoyed viewing this week so far! I absolutely love seeing Sarah get a thrashing and spanking, there’s something about a more mature lady getting her just desserts, I sound like I’m aging her, but you know what I mean! A very good looking woman getting a spanking and put in her place always does it for me… and this scene below with a handsome new spanker ticks all the boxes… there’s also a free preview clip for you to check out too!




The tables are Turned: Headmistress Sarah is a firm believer in corporal punishment and has administered it to a young lady that day. Now an angry parent is at the school and is demanding that Sarah takes the same punishment she dished out. An argument and something of a struggle takes place before Sarah finds herself face down on a vaulting horse being spanked and paddled. Then to add to the humiliation she has to push her bare bottom in the air for a terrible hard beating.

Click here to see the FREE HD Preview Clip


 I love trawling through the vast archives of Northern Spanking – I came across this beauty of a film, a short sharp shocker of Donna in a cheer girl’s outfit getting a good hard OTK spanking and leathering for forgetting her pom poms!




See why I rate this site withtheir great archived content – check it out HERE


Another girl that should know better is Audrey from Punishedbrats.com – especially when she got caught out shoplifting by Veronica (you don’t want to be doing that!) This is a particularly “ouchy” film and Veronica doesn’t hold back on Audrey’s fantastic rounded rump!!!




See this film IN FULL at this link HERE


OK, short and sweet, that’s it from me for now and I’ll be back later! Have a good day. Chief.