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It’s that time of the year again when we all think towards Xmas and what naughty Spanko Santa has hidden in his huge sack for us this year! Well, as all our supermarkets are going crazy for the festive season, I thought I’d join in and bring a little Xmas cheer of my own. Not only is there the Loyalty Membership (more on that in a moment) but for those who want to purchase DVDs – now is your chance to at a limited fantastic price with lower shipping costs too, (this is an experiment of mine as I WILL put the prices back up and I’m doubting I will repeat this too often in the future!) – So I’d get these in quickly to avoid disappointment before Xmas as they are dependent on all our overstretched postal services bringing you your naughty movie discs on time before you have a Joyful Noel! I have some FAQs on these as well.


I won’t go into detail on the DVDs as you can check out the DVD page HERE – however, there are interesting sets to collect, including 2 Schoolgirl Volumes, and other themes like Cheergirls, the Spanking Bench & Wheelbarrow Positions (both the current best sellers as there are a couple of films on there not seen yet!) and also by actress such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Kami Robertson or Mishka Devlin….


Then there are a few additional membership options which are great deals… the Loyalty Membership options are best shown on the join up page – CLICK HERE and you will see what is available. The best mid to long term recurring deal is the $32.95 first month sign up followed by the same amount then recurring every THREE months meaning membership after this costs just $11/Month until you cancel… the longer you stay the more you save as the site gets bigger and bigger. It’s the last time this offer is made at this price and you can get locked in if you sign up BEFORE Xmas!

Don’t like that? Then there’s also a Non Recurring ANNUAL Deal from my secondary billing agent too – CLICK HERE (works out at $12.50/month)



& to show you what is coming in addition to this week’s updates (click on images for the latest free galleries below)

aaa1 aaa2

The following week there’s another fantastic “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” meaning you get 3 full films next week as well as the conclusion to the long play Zoe Montana Cold Caning Film… that’s an impressive amount of content coming your way (well over 1.5 – 2Gb of data next week alone!) – I am going to give you 4 images of each film so you can see for yourselves!


Sarah Gregory

aaa001 aaa002 aaa003 aaa004 aaa005 aaa006

Lily Swan

aaa007 aaa008 aaa009 aaa010 aaa011 aaa012

Rosie Ann

aaa013 aaa014 aaa015 aaa016 aaa017 aaa018



& just so you know what should be coming up over the following weeks…
Check out the images taken from these films!

In no particular order what you can expect, just a few of the films, there are many more with new girls stunning Candle Boxx & Isobel Wren I filmed at Fetishcon in Tampa… Angel Lee  in Chicago & Stevie Rose in Las Vegas which will see us through to the New Year in style plus the Xmas Film I will be making with Sarah Gregory for this site too!

comingsoon001 comingsoon002 comingsoon003 comingsoon004 comingsoon005 comingsoon006 comingsoon007 comingsoon008 comingsoon009 comingsoon010 comingsoon011 comingsoon012 comingsoon013 comingsoon014 comingsoon015 comingsoon016 comingsoon017


Amelia’s Stunning Wet Bottom Spanking

As promised, this update came out on Monday… it’s received  some good press (quite rightly too) – there are tons of films with Amelia and I have rarely seen her in a bad one. She’s a fantastic actress and very versatile… a real pleasure to work with. This was my wind down film for Amelia at the end of a long day… she had filmed a lot of content between myself and Sarah Gregory, we did a double film shoot with her… I think I had mentioned that I did a lot of hand spanking that day and for the first time I got a blister… a blister!!! So Amelia’s got that claim to fame… I did spank her rather hard at times but this is possible once Amelia’s bottom is nicely warmed up… and it was positively glowing in this 2 part film where I got to spank her in some cute PJs before taking her off to the bathroom for a cold water showering and spanking scene with a difference! I wanted to do something a little different with Amelia and I think this film captured the humiliation element pretty much… after I had spanked her on her bed with her PJ bottoms pulled down, Amelia was still answering back and refusing to admit that I had a valid point… in fact, the character I was playing was a little deranged and clearly had some OCD issues regarding showering. I kind of felt sorry for her as she had some valid points (lol) however… my character had enough and dragged her to the bathroom and this was the best part of the film for me… I showered her in cold water over her PJs. The cotton material clung to her and she did look rather uncomfortable. I turned her around while she was really complaining and finally realizing there was no point in arguing with my deranged character. So Amelia became a little less hysterical after she got used to the damp clinging clothes but it was time to again expose her magnificent bare bottom for the last part of her punishment.


shower002 shower003



shower006 shower007


Some of you will know that wet bottoms, though soothed if the water is cold (like treating a burn) can be perilous as the friction from a hand spanking or leather paddling can be quite painful… a nasty stinging sensation if you get it right! Sadly for Amelia, I did… as she got a good spanking alright! Members will be able to see this in fantastic detail with some great close ups and facial reactions… we covered it all seamlessly. The finale of this film is the scene of Amelia, now genuinely contrite, removing her wet uncomfortable PJs and we ensure that this is filmed tastefully and as naturally as possible. I loved making this and as it was our last film of the day lots of hugs, chatter and mugs of tea were had in aftercare, sharing anecdotes before Amelia had to make plans to leave.


shower010 shower011


shower013 shower014



shower017 shower019


Despite the severity at times of this film, you can see from the banter that we were all enjoying our role plays but at the end of the day the punishments were very real… I summarize my films as “what ifs” on many an occasion… as in “what if I really did have this OCD about cleanliness and was dreadfully unfair on Amelia?” – I would want the viewer to side with Amelia yet also want to see her spanked, and spanked well for foolishly answering back or provoking said character as in real life none of us would, given the bizarre situation! I can almost imagine the viewers of this film shout at her not to give the creepy OCD guy an excuse… argggghhhhh! Too late! LOL


 Enjoy the images & free clip you can see below, it’s lower res & members get to view it in HD1080 MP4 or WMV


If you can’t view this free HD clip – CLICK HERE to download the WMV file

Amelia had been testing out the boundaries of what she could get away with. She felt stifled in a house beset with what she thought were ridiculous rules. She had returned home from college and a hard vigorous gym workout and was tired, having an important exam the following day, so went to bed early without showering. John found out and it crossed one of his many strict and often unfair House Rules – Shower before bedtime. Amelia didn’t take too kindly to being disturbed and answered back in such a brusque tone that it meant an instant spanking whether she liked it or not! She continued to be really bratty and refused to listen to him so he dragged her into the bathroom for a humiliating cold water showering punishment with her pajamas still on. That soon brought a shocked Amelia to her senses and made her aware of how much trouble she had got herself in. An embarrassing and quite painful wet bottom spanking and leather strapping got her attention and John left her shivering in the cold bathroom afterwards to contemplate never breaking his House Rules again!

Good news! The Loyalty Membership is back! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS





There are also 2 new DVDs added earlier today and there’s a Special Offer in them – ALL DVDs are $10 off in price with the cheapest shipping I can do at the moment (just 2 prices… $6.95 for US and Canada and one set price elsewhere at $9.95) Click on the nasty Santas on the banner below to see all DVDs incl. the new ones!


Kami Robertson’s Dropseat Spanking

I finally had some time this week to update my site and keep it on schedule for my esteemed membership… even though my time in Vegas is precious – this included the finally anticipated release of my Kami Robertson film in her gorgeous dropseats getting a spanking she richly deserved for being an utter brat in the morning!


I remember this spanking of her like it was yesterday, even though it was filmed nearly 3 years ago… Kami had seen this lovely pair of dropseat pajamas in my costume bag and begged to be filmed in them getting punished in some way. Anyone that has worked with her will know she must have a plausible storyline so we quickly agreed on something we could both work with and came up with a brat spanking of a girl who refused to get up for school… hardly original, but that didn’t matter as Kami was perfect in this role, ever so happy to be given a short sharp shock punishment feeling naughty in those PJs! Check out the screen images from the film below… members will also get a bonus Quicktime MOV movie which I have rendered in ultra HD at 1920×1080 myself as an experiment as the other films were original 1280×720 versions in both WMV and MP4 – these have all been uploaded along with around 87 screen images for today’s new film update 🙂

kami_redpjs008 kami_redpjs016

kami_redpjs018 kami_redpjs023

kami_redpjs024 kami_redpjs025

kami_redpjs028 kami_redpjs034

kami_redpjs039 kami_redpjs053

kami_redpjs059 kami_redpjs063

kami_redpjs065 kami_redpjs071

kami_redpjs084 kami_redpjs087

Another rare chance for fans of Kami Robertson to see a new movie! She was dressed in a stunning outfit of red and white dropseat pajamas. In this short sharp shock film, Kami decided that she didn’t want to get up for school and made every excuse possible refusing to get out of bed in the morning. Her legal guardian didn’t have the time or inclination to argue and talk this nonsense out of her and threatened the brat with a temperature taking and a spanking. Her shame and guilt were confirmed so he gave her a quick, hard and humiliating spanking on her bed, pulling down the dropseats to reveal her peachy bottom which fans of Miss Robertson will find most appealing! This film comes with a bonus HD1080 MOV version.

You can also see a free clip below taken from this new movie out today…

The full film can be viewed HERE


This film is also available as a full download in 3 versions for your convenience at the AAA Clips Store




In other news… if you click on my DVD section, I have added more choices here too… I had added 6 more titles (4 are currently showing as I have to update the next 2 when I am back in England this weekend) and introduced these at the recent Shadowlane Vendor’s Fair – they included a second Kami Robertson volume (thanks to the success of the first) – another schoolgirl series and some quirky ones including a “spanking bench” volume (these are the 2 not currently showing on the DVD section which I will update) – there are many films shown here that have not been released inside the members area, so well worth taking a look… including what will be a big Amelia Jane Rutherford “hit” of her getting a shameful shower scene spanking which is available as one of the films on an “Amelia volume” – DVD010

Go check out the DVD section and see for yourselves 😉


Finally! Now you can buy our DVDs!


dvdlogoAfter many requests, I finally got my finger out and decided that I could now ship DVDs as I have a location to do so from within the USA! Some quaint broadcasting laws in the UK prohibits us from posting DVDs in the mail so as a rule I will not be doing that, judging from the mail enquiries, most of the DVD requests have been made in America anyway 🙂

Postage costs are very reasonable within the USA – at just $6.95 going up to a maximum of $14.95 worldwide ($11.95 for Europe) – prices for the DVDs range from $30-35 and are all approx 50 minutes or so in length (some a bit longer) – so lots of spanking action, there are 6 new DVDs released and if there is demand then I will release more. The hard work is done setting up the pages and payment options, so I hope it looks OK.

Check it out HERE and see for yourselves! There are actually some unseen films available only by DVD at the moment (3 wheelbarrow films alone !) & I have news of my latest members site update and what’s on the various clips stores coming for you all tomorrow, so don’t go far! Goodnight!

DVD 001 – Sarah Gregory Collection Vol 1

dvd001a dvd001b

DVD 002 – Cheerleader Collection Vol 1

dvd002a dvd002b

DVD 003 – Schoolgirl Spanking & Discipline Vol 1

dvd003a dvd003b

DVD 004 – Mishka Devlin Collectors Edition Vol 1

dvd004a dvd004b

DVD 005 – Wheelbarrow  Spankings Vol 1

dvd005a dvd005b

DVD 006 – Kami Robertson Collectors Edition Vol 1

dvd006a dvd006b