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Scorching Spanking Updates

A collection of some sites I haven’t covered for at least a week… so let’s catch up with what is being updated today! Hot off the spanking presses from RSI – Real Spankings Institute the concluding part to Kiki’s humiliating punishment by Dean Masterson is available to download…. below is the entire story of her shameful punishment which ends up with her stripped and strapped in the nude!

Kiki Punished by The Dean – at REAL SPANKINGS INSTITUTE

13179_001 13179_007 13179_016 13179_021 13179_037 bent over for her hand spanking 13179_041 13179_053 13179_061 spanking

Kiki is placed in time out, exposed, waiting for her spanking. The Dean places her on her knees on a stool, hands on the floor, and delivers a very hard hand spanking that leaves Kiki in tears. Then the Dean stands Kiki up on the bench, fully nude, and straps her bottom with the leather tawse.

13179_080 13179_086 stripped for spanking 13180_009 naked and spanked 13180_019 bare bottom strapping 13180_032 schoolgirl strapping 13180_037



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One of the selected films you can view at Spanking Server features another hot regular called Tyron – I thought this name unusual, seeing as I associate it with being a boy’s name (a form of Tyrone) – so I looked it up and this is what I found… The meaning of Tyron has more than one different etymology. It has the same or different meanings in other countries and languages. The different meanings of the name Tyron are:

  • Celtic – Gaelic meaning: Land of the noble
  • English meaning: Land of the noble

Anyway, what I do know is this Tyron is about to get her bottom well and truly cropped… and it is rather HOT! (see more below)

tyron001 tyron002 tyron003 tyron004 spanked and cropped bare bottom cropping tyron007 spanking and cropping tyron009 tyron010 tyron011 tyron012 spanking aftermath tyron014


spanking server


Finally from Spanked Sweeties comes the continuing story of Celeste Star – in this fantastic role reversal spanking, Celeste recalls how she wished she could have spanked a mean teacher… We are fortunate to have Clare Fonda help act this out… a rare sight seeing Clare getting a bare bottom OTK spanking – this is worth it alright!!!

001 otk spanking 003 004 Clare spanked OTK 006 007 otk panties spanking otk panties pulled sown 010 011 012 OTK paddling OTK spanking punishment painful spanking Clare Fonda spanked

Stunning Celeste Star was swatted by her mom growing up. We reenact those swats, plus show her what a more lengthy and painful spanking from her mom would’ve been like. Celeste talks candidly about her memories of spanking, and mentions a mean teacher she wished she could spank. Wish granted.


spanked sweeties

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Spanking! Spanking! Spanking!

Today is a “Banzai!” of an update, I have decided to cover as many sites as possible and will do this over the next couple of days, I have also featured a hot new spanking model on the West Coast called Jenny Sativa at this blog post HERE covering some of her many new films from the Clare Fonda Pass network. take a look later after this post if you have lots of time to view some great spanking pictures etc.!


Back to Today… let’s get on with the Spanking updates that I am starting this week with.

So starting with some girl on girl spanking from Japan… it has to be an awesome recent full film update from Hand-Spanking.com that I bring to you. The girls are always super cute and you will see much more of this site featured here now that I just renewed my membership so I can advise you what films are worth watching… right now I’m playing catch up at this site and have been impressed with their update schedule, it is fairly relentless bringing out a new film on average at least once a week! This one is called: “Reflection Notebook” starring teen spankee, Maria, as the girl on the receiving end of a spanking by mother.

a20-02 a20-08 a20-09 a20-18 a20-21 a20-24 a20-26 a20-27 a20-35 a20-39 a20-40 a20-44

Maria has been obligated since her childhood to write her reflections in a notebook when she breaks her promises to her mom and gets a spanking. And now she is over her mom’s knee.

Check out the free clip previews now showing on the extensive tour pages


From Firmhandspanking.com – some of you may have seen the return of awesome teen Kylee Anders… here’s some of her most recent work coming from the new “Au pair”series.

au_pair_d004 au_pair_d007 au_pair_d010 au_pair_d017 OTK spanking Kylee Anders is spanked OTK bare ass spanking Kylee Anders is the spanked Au pair

Welcome back our hottest new model of 2014, college beauty Kylee Anders. Bratty attitude has her pert bottom over Jonny Stockton’s knee, gym shorts and panties down, for a long, bare spanking in Au Pair, boobs popping out. Awesome slow-mo replay!

au_pair_e002 beautiful teen Kylee Anders teen au pair cropped on her bare bottom spanking and cropping au_pair_e011 a riding crop spanking au_pair_e019 clutching her sore red ass

Sneaking into her boss Jonny Stockton’s bedroom earns gorgeous Au Pair Kylee Anders a stinging taste of the riding crop. “Pulling my pants down, it was painful!” confesses Kylee off camera. Watch her facial reactions in slow-mo replays for proof.

Catch up with Kylee’s new series as well as the free to play clips – << Click Here >>


At SpankAmber.com you can see a whole series of films with a girl she played with called Anna – Amber always gets herself a whole bunch of girls you won’t find elsewhere and I felt bad that I haven’t showcased Amber’s site in a while as it is amazing! I love what she has done over the 8 years or so since she started up her sites with her Daddy and Amber has progressed into webcamming successfully – as well as owning one of the most original spanking sites out there and of course her archives are immense (well, they would be after 8 years!)

Check out a typical spanking session with her sidekick, blonde Anna, in this steamy spanking update. Anna really enjoyed getting spanked and sexually aroused by Amber… guess what, so did I! #TrouserArousal

anna001 anna002 anna003 anna004 anna005 anna006 anna007 anna008 anna009 anna010 anna011 anna012

See what Amber has been getting up to & access her 3 site network HERE


Nurses… I love their uniforms, I love seeing them dishevelled and getting spanked in them… however there is one person who has the ultimate kink for authentic nursing uniforms (in fact one of his core kinks) and that is my good friend, Paul Kennedy, who just so happened to feature this recently at NorthernSpanking.com (surprise!) it stars Aleesha Fox giving Ella Hughes a hard seeing to in this picture story you can download along with the humongous archives that makes up this site!

Ella Hughes Aleesha Fox spanking nurses spanking over her panties a hard hand spanking pulling her panties down spanked on the bottom girl girl otk spanking

Ella is relaxing in the nurses quarters after a long shift on the wards when her room-mate and colleague Aleesha enters, clutching a small bottle of tablets. The small bottle of tablets Ella remembers, in horror, that she forgot to give to Mr Atkinson on his discharge. Ella has given Aleesha the opportunity she has been looking for for weeks; the opportunity to get her hands on her room-mates peachy little bottom, to take down her knickers and give her a spanking.

See MORE hot, erotic and authentic spanking updates, stories and films HERE


More uniforms next in a complete double film update for members at Spanked-in-Uniform.com for those, like me, who have a Flight Attendant uniform fetish… this awesome two girl punishment should satisfy your needs, it is the 40 film in this niche (and remember there are up to 17 uniform sub sections). Check out “The Flight to Tenerife”

europe_ep39_4 europe_ep39_5 europe_ep39_7 europe_ep39_9 europe_ep39_10 europe_ep40_1 europe_ep40_5 europe_ep40_6 europe_ep40_7 europe_ep40_10 europe_ep40_11   europe_ep40_16

On one of the holiday flights to Tenerife, stewardesses Scarlett and Sidney (the new 19 year old), made a real mess of things. They were late serving drinks & forgot the safety presentation. The passengers complained and Air Europe CEO, Mr. Johnson, told them he would punish them personally and the second part of that punishment there was a surprise! Both girls were thoroughly warmed up with a hard bare bottom spanking then Mr. Johnson put the naughty flight attendants in an unusual and embarrassing position so he could strap their bare bottoms together at the same time. The final humiliation was that the leather strapping was filmed and part of it broadcast via the inflight video system for the return flight from Tenerife so all the complaining passengers could see that the girls had been suitably punished!

See more of the various uniform spanking updates HERE


Here is a good film that has appeared at Punishedbrats.com this past week – called “Chores” – it stars Lexi Ellis & Adriana Evans. Lexi is one of those girls I haven’t worked with but hope to do so soon (with Sarah, of course), who has already filmed with her and LOVED her… you will love this film too!

choresvg1-22 choresvg1-92 exposed bare ass and pussy choresvg2-71

Here are is a selection of images taken directly from the film (above) & stills cam (below)

chores2-11 leather strapping on her bare ass chores2-41 chores2-51 chores2-61 sore red bottom

It was Saturday, and Lexi had been told to finish her chores before even considering going out. Undeterred, Lexi attempted to sneak out but was caught in the act by her big sister. An already exasperated Adriana decided to give her baby sis a lesson with her grandfather’s razor strap. After Lexi’s punishment with the razor strap was over Adriana placed her incorrigible little sister in the corner with her red, bare bottom on display. The usually rebellious Lexi only wanted the sting in her bottom to go away, but no matter how she jiggled and rubbed it wouldn’t.

See the latest hot spanking films at Punished Brats – still from only $17/month


Finally today… from Spanking Server – Heidi spanked and strapped 2 girls recently that I loved seeing… there are plenty more F/F videos like this with an amazing array of talent you don’t see elsewhere. Go check out the ever busy Server website and see for yourself what is on offer today! Girls featured here today are Sara R – followed by Candy…

Sara R – Strapped on the bare bottom (features close up shots of her spanked ass & walltime)

sserver001 big wobbling buttocks sserver003 bubble butt sore wobbly ass sserver006

Candy – OTK spanking in nurse’s uniform & reflection time on the bench

sserver007 sserver008 nurse OTK spanking sserver010 exposed butt and peeping pussy bent over after her spanking

More F/F punishments of hot east European girls can be found HERE


Okay… I’ll be back tomorrow with a whole bunch more of hawt spankings so don’t go far! For the 85% of you working for the weekend to come, you got over Monday… only 4 more days to go 🙂



Don’t forget… There are now DAILY updates at the AAA Spanking Library store!


Asshole Canings

As there appears to be some destructive asshole site ripping Triple A at the moment, which I have to say will harm it no end if he releases every film (I just don’t understand why people do this as it’s not about money although the file sharing companies he’s using have an affiliate system,(I get those deleted quite quickly so they’ll never make their 1000 download  quotas when the links are available which they have to be to make their cut). My security software and company I use for these matters will get back to me about the identity of the perpetrator soon enough and of course CCBill will be informed as I will have the full download logs and any threat of a chargeback or whatever once I have the details of who it was will be used as necessary. Needless to say there is no refund happening with this guy when he’s found out! All I will say is you better hope you’re not based in England, matey! When you threaten my very livelihood, I will come visiting – that, I promise!

Of course there’s always amnesties, if he can behave then so be it, I’m not always vindictive, I would rather the guy write to me and explain why he does what he does as having my stuff shared in this manner will be ultimately self defeating, I just don’t get the behaviour of these people, someone care to explain? I will place more and more films on Clips4Sale and heavily advertise them there and so on: These are things that go through my mind when shit like this happens when I get angry! It is just so upsetting… anyway, I promised myself I wouldn’t ramble on about it and I have, so I apologise.

The guy in question, I’m sure you read this blog, you know who you are, write to my gmail address (eubilling at gmail dot com) or even leave a comment and let me know why you did it. For all I know, your membership might already be blocked as the security company are dealing with it.


& so to an asshole caning, something I have done many a time in private but never on film, although I’m sure that that will change this year if I still have a site unique and worth keeping if it isn’t pirated to hell and back… here is the very beautiful East European girl, Claudie, getting the short sharp shock of an asshole caning, it actually welts her anus and you can see the marks which are no doubt uncomfortable! This is a trademark punishment of Spanking Server – enjoy!

Claudie appears in many updates at SpankingServer.com

Claudie (2)

You can also see her in top rated image sets from films which also include the usual pussy strappings and such!

Claudie (4) Claudie (5)

Below are video images taken from the HD film of Claudie’s asshole caning, I think you get the picture!

claudie001 claudie002

claudie003 claudie004

claudie005 claudie006

claudie007 claudie008

claudie009 claudie010

See MORE of gorgeous Claudie’s varied and severe punishments at Spanking Server

Claudie (6)


OK, that’s all from me, I just wanted to highlight this post of Claudie for today 🙂