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Locker Room Thieves

I have had to delay some anticipated updates from other sites today as I thought I had to let you all know about our next film coming out on Wednesday (tomorrow) at the time of writing. As I had let you know earlier, it has 2 unseen players, one a professional Domme, here called Emma Watchful… and a very cute sub, only 18 years old, by the name of Taylor Richardson. Alongside these 2 is Jenna Jay, one of our other new recruits and together, they make a really good F/F schoolgirl discipline film! OK, the plot isn’t much, the girls steal some keys to the lockers and rummage through them until they find a few items they are after, what every girl loves using … a smart phone (not what you were thinking you naughty pervs!)

So to save some time, I have just made some galleries available from this film for promotion so click on the images below… and if you check out the front page of the site tomorrow, you’ll see a very interesting short scene containing another first for us… face slapping! Short sharp and quite painful… but if you see the entire film you’ll understand why Taylor was slapped as she was just so giggly and naughty! Jenna would have got the same but I think she soon shut up answering back so much after she witnessed the face slaps! (oops!)

Click images below for the latest galleries!

Taylor is mainly featured below in the following image gallery…

& of course let’s not forget cheeky Jenna!

Please do check out AAAspanking’s HOME PAGE on Wednesday if you’re not a member as there’s a free preview going up which shows a scene of Taylor getting a slap across her face!

OK, short n sweet, I know, I will be away for a few days without a connection which is why I have been busy uploading the new film updates so they are ready to go “live” tomorrow before I go!



PS! Triple A Spanking has been nominated in the “Most improved” spanking site category, I know it’s a bit cheeky, but if you have liked my site, it would mean a lot to us to have our hard work recognised 🙂

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