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Check out these awesome spankings

Here’s a quick round-up of some choice spanking sites, some with new girls featured here for you to see getting a punishment they deserve! On a personal note, it’s been a crap past week, one which kept Sarah and I occupied elsewhere, so forgive me for the absence here. If you go to Sarah’s Twitter feed, you’ll see a tweet currently pinned as to why our week has been so bad.

If you saw her tweet I can confirm many tears were shed, we’re seeing an insurance assessor early tomorrow (floor tiles we never knew about are asbestos FFS) and know only some insurance will cover this… we had worked so hard when COVID stopped filming to make an amazing studio space and then our precious time and money was ruined just like that overnight! If you can help, please do, it really means a lot to know there are those who could support us when this has really knocked us both for six. & so to the reason you came here today… the updates.

Stunning Danusha Cox gets her first-ever spanking – and you’re invited to watch!

A bottom-warming welcome to Firm Hand for Danusha Cox, taking her first-ever spanking in Discipline Counselor. “You can see from my facial reactions, kicking and the color of my ass this was my first time,” laughs Danusha. “Mr Friday’s hand is big, he spanks hard, it stings, no acting required! I loved that I got to give attitude!” See Danusha’s pert booty turn crimson and watch her bottom bounce as she yells in slow-motion replays!

See this brand new series with the new girl next door, Danusha Cox, only at Firm hand Spanking

Arella Bell – Learning to say “Sir”

New student Arella is having trouble learning to say ‘Sir’ so the Dean helps her.

Check out Real Spankings Institute for more films like this with Arella Bell

Anne: Hand Spanked While In A Straddle

Anne is told to lose her panties and straddle the ottoman to receive a hard hand spanking before bed time.

See more red bottom spankings like Anne’s only from Real Spankings

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I will have fun with you

Bonnie Bellotti is another new young lady on this website. This young beauty contacted me and said she quite liked a spanking from her boyfriend and had seen some of Sarah Stern’s and wanted to give it a go. She was thrown right in at the deep end with a good solid storyline and a good hard spanking on her delightful bare bottom.

There’s more of stunning Bonnie Bellotti with Sarah at Spanking Sarah – check out all her films

Alexa’s Inappropriate Dress

Alexa has been asked to call round to see her boss, there have been complaints from some of her work colleagues about the way she dresses for work. After a very careful and close examination, he has to agree that her dress is quite revealing and that under company disciplinary procedures he will have to administer a spanking as her punishment. She does not seem too upset by this and soon finds herself over his knee as he gives her a long and very hard spanking.

There are lots of English girls getting the spankings they deserve at English Spankers

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon! Good night from a freezing cold New England.

End of the week Spankings

Hello… here’s more end of week spanking shenanigans from various sites that piqued my interest at the start of this weekend. So without further ado… let’s get on with this catch-up post… most of the content shown here is recent (in most cases). For those that may be a few months out, that is because I have been so darned busy and have just noticed this – to bring it to your attention… so hopefully, you won’t even notice!

I would have published this earlier today but I had to help a friend move from her place and we thought it would go smoothly as the weather here has been dry and warm… until moving day and it rained all day, so I felt a little miserable (soaked through in just a tee-shirt on top) but it is always good to help out those that need it, right?

Rich Woman’s Secret Desire – Hand-Spanking
Starring: Shihori & Noa


Shihori, a rich housewife, has her own secret – a fascination with spanking. She asks her maid to give a spanking to satisfy her fetish.


Caught Shoplifting – Real Spankings
Starring Kiki Cali & Michael Masterson

When a young lady is caught shoplifting on the security camera, she is brought into the storeroom to be searched. She tries to use her charm to get out of it but things do not go exactly as she planned. She is given a hard, bare bottom OTK spanking followed by the belt. Features some blistering hot leather belting scenes.



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The Dean Spanks Lilith – Real Spankings Institute
Starring: Newcomer Lilith & Dean Masterson

Lilith waits for The Dean to instruct her on what will be happening today. She is ordered to remove her panties and straddle the stool for a hard, painful hand spanking that leaves her bottom swollen, sore and very red.



This site is also part of the REAL SPANKINGS PASS – Giving you access to 8 sites for a fraction of the combined cost of them separately. Take a look for yourselves and see how much content you get with this one membership! CLICK HERE for more info.

Racing Stables Discipline – Firm Hand Spanking
Starring: Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Bare bottom slippered to the limit, bottom bare: Lucy Lauren learns not to lie! Lying bare-bottomed over Zoe Page’s lap in an English garden, gorgeous stable groom Lucy Lauren has to endure a sound slippering for spreading rumors about Zoe having an affair with the owner. As her jutting buttocks bounce, she realizes that lying was a mistake… And there’s more to come. This film also features a stunning slow-motion replay!



Trouble at the Manderin Hotel – English Spankers
Starring: Eryn Rose, Monica & Sarah Stern

This is the full story of the two young ladies, Eryn Rose and Monica, who have decided to marry each other and to take their honeymoon overseas in the Five Star Manderin Hotel. Unfortunately, their behavior whilst out in the town has upset some local people who want the girls prosecuted. The hotel has to take some sort of action and it is explained to them that if they were locals they would be caned by the police. Not only have they been caught kissing and having sex but they were smoking banned substances and this certainly means they must be disciplined. This punishment horrifies the girls but it is offered as the only way they can get out of the mess they are in. You will watch as each girl takes it, in turn, to have their bottoms sprayed with cold water to intensify the sting of the cane and then take a terrible cold caning, twelve strokes at a time, a total of twenty four strokes each. Both girls show off their well-marked bottoms and Eryn is in tears as they have to take the final part of their punishment. Standing together they are given eight strokes of the tawse on their hands. This is a prolonged and terrible punishment for two young girls.


I’ll be back soon with a whole load more news and update content for you all… have a great weekend!

Spankings to start off your week

As the title suggests, there’s no let-up today as I bring you yet more awesome spanking content you might not have been aware of… so without any lectures today (LOL) let’s just get on with the updates and films that I have chosen for your perusal today. As a side note, it really does help both the producers and myself if you choose to use our links we show here if you do decide to purchase something… as this guarantees that we can continue to work together to bring you the very best in spanking erotica, spanking news and more.

Lucia’s Pussy Strapping
Starring Lucia

Lucia is another exclusive East European beauty found at this site who takes the various forms of disciplinary punishment. This scene features the pussy strapping which the site has become known for. legs apart, in the medical chair, her legs are parted and her most vulnerable ladyparts are exposed to the stinging leather. In other scenes, Lucia, found in the archives… endures many varied forms of punishment expected at this site. Outstanding!


Mrs. Williamson is strapped for cash
Starring: Katie Didit & Suzanne Wright

Mrs. Williamson is young and she is a bit of a spendthrift and so she has come to the Strapped for Cash Company for a loan. She is a little surprised at the terms of the loan, but it is explained by Katie Didit the agent that as a part of the deal she has to learn to be more careful with her money. So her lesson starts with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. This is more painful than she thought it would be but she needs the money. So her bare bottom has to take the pain.



Peaches’ bad day at the Institute
Starring Peaches, Miss Betty Blaze & M. Masterson

Peaches waits in time out to be spanked by Miss Betty. She is bent over with her hands on her knees and given hard swats with a strap. When Peaches is unable to remain still, Betty moves her to the lunge position. Betty finishes the spanking and leaves Peaches in time out.



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Ambriel’s Nude Punishment
Starring Ambriel & M. Masterston

Running late getting home, and with a dead phone, Ambriel is required to go to her room, strip fully naked, and return to the living room for a very embarrassing nude hand spanking.



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firm hand spanking

Spa Rules (F – taken from the multi part series)
Starring Helen Stephens & Earl Grey

Missed appointments cost doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens double discipline Late back to the spa after horse riding, pretty therapist Helen Stephens feels her own riding crop across her bottom, protected only by thin jodhpurs. Earl Grey still isn’t satisfied and orders her to take down her jodhpurs and panties for a strapping across her bare bottom. See those buns bounce in slow motion as Helen learns a lesson in the finale of this film.


Spanking Updates for your review

Hello, here is the very latest collection of updates and interesting movies from some select spanking websites that I am sure you will enjoy. Please do go check out the sites shown as they often have vast and informative tour pages detailing what exactly is on offer! Go see for yourselves, there is a wealth of amazing spanking content to get through today!

cheerleader spankings

Cheerleader Spankings

spanking by mommy

Red’s Foul Mouth starring Red August & Madame Samantha B

This is a very special double first for us at Cheerleader Spankings:
A first for mother, Madame Samantha B, who spanks and mouth-soaps a new girl to our sites, Red August (also receiving her first-ever soaping punishment). Mom is upset that her daughter is late for cheer practice and Red walks in casually brushing her hair, half-dressed. She complains that her uniform is dirty and can not wear her skirt. Red blames her mom for this and shows so much disrespect by continually using the F-word. Momma doesn’t take kindly to this nasty, foul-mouthed behavior and drags the brat over her lap as she starts to spank and scold her girl. Those tight white sports panties don’t offer much protection so they are pulled down and Red’s bare, bouncing bottom is tanned with momma’s hand and that hairbrush that she had been using earlier! That foul mouth of Red’s gets her into further trouble as her mother informs her that the spanking part of the punishment may be over, but she is going to receive her first ever mouth-soaping in the bathroom. You can bet that she regrets swearing at her mother, but it is too late to apologize as the bar of soap is lathered up and Red gets to taste the cleansing bubbles on her tongue. Mother really knows just how to properly ensure that this foul-mouthed brat learns a valuable lesson with a memorable mouth soaping punishment that aficionados of this particular style of discipline will enjoy immensely.

baring her bare bottom for spanking hairbrush spanking spanked with the hairbrush bubble butt spanking mouth-soaping mouthsoaping punishment spanked and mouthsoaped

Click here to see the free spanking preview

girls boarding school - spanking site

Girls Boarding School


Linda caned by Headmaster Tom starring GBS girl Linda & Tom

Linda faces another punishment, this time in the office of Headmaster Tom. This will not be pleasant at all, she is already nervous. The look on her face says it all as her bare bottom is spanked and then caned methodically and without mercy. This caning brings tears to one of the most beautiful girls to ever have appeared at GBS. There are plenty more punishments in store for Linda, and this is just one of many you will be able to see as a member with all new MP4 downloads for easier viewing.

spanked and caned caning caning action shot

Click here to see the free spanking preview

northern spanking

Northern Spanking

Left Behind starring Amy Cawcliffe & Paul Kennedy

Amy finds herself the only girl left behind for the holidays at her boarding school. Her parents have gone on holiday to the Bahamas, without her! Unfortunately, Geography Master Mr Kennedy has drawn the short straw and also has to miss his holidays to supervise Amy.

Amy is not the most well-behaved schoolgirl, by a very long way and Kennedy decides to see if he can rectify this, and vent some of his anger at missing his holiday at the same time. His methods will involve intensive geography study and daily (at least!) corporal punishment for Amy. Day one begins in the empty dormitory with a disconsolate Amy having her bottom smacked, and paddled.

spanking otk spanking and paddling leather paddling rubbing her sore cheeks

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english spankers

English Spankers

The trouble with friends starring Jess & Sarah Stern

When you have a friend and you help her out and she just takes advantage of you what are you to do? That was the situation Sarah found herself in when she let Jess stay with her. She has been in Sarah’s house for a number of weeks and has not paid her any rent. Well, this is the story about how she deals with the situation and with that young lady.

hot otk spanking spanking jess otk close up hairy spanking

Click here to see the more of this classic spanking film

momma spankings

Momma Spankings

Slumber Party Sluts 2
Starring Misty Lovelace, Ashley Lane, Veronica Weston & Miss Bernadette

Misty is at it again, inviting her lesbian crushes over for a slumber party when mommy will be out for the evening. Mom is horrified to return from an evening out and find her daughter on the bed with two other naked, giggling girls. Her liquor cabinet has also been broken into and there are empty glasses downstairs. These three sluts need to be taught a lesson. They are each spanked on their bare bottom in front of each other, starting with Misty. Mom knows this is especially humiliating as the girls must watch each other. Then the three girls all take the hairbrush as Misty’s mom scolds the nasty sluts and shames them for their filthy behavior. Finally, each of the girls are bent over the bed and strapped. The leather strap really gets the point across and each girl can feel the pain of the other. it is safe to say that these three little sluts have learned a very hard lesson.

otk spanking mommy spanking her sluts hairbrush spanking spanking and strapping leather strapping

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Sunday Spankings

Hi there…. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Right now, of course, there is the awesome Lone star Spanking Party happening in Houston, Texas. I’m not there, unfortunately, but from what I hear, it’s a great party (so jealous!!! LOL). Anyway, to pass the time, here are some recent updates from some choice websites that I think you should check out!

Lola Anderson

Lola Anderson is a super cute fetish star who relates some of her spanking experiences growing up. We re-enact one of the spanking that she received from her mom (played by fetish superstar Julie Simone) that leaves her bottom bright red. Excellent interview and a painful spanking.

See the full film updates from Spanked Sweeties

Rachel Spanked to Tears for Missing Class

Rachel Adams has been missing class. On this day, when she sleeps in, senior girl Veronica Ricci wakes Rachel with a spanking on her bed. Then she puts Rachel over her knee for a very long, very hard spanking with her firm hand and then the dreaded bath brush. Rachel learns her lesson the hard way, with a red and bruised bottom she will not be able to sit on for days. The tears flow for this special 200th episode!

spanking over panties spanking

See the full film update with Rachel Adams now at Spanking Sorority Girls

Dria Spanked Hard Again by Dan

Dria already got spanked by Blair for trying to steal her client. But now big guy Double Dan also spanks her on her freshly spanked bottom. He turns those curvy buns bright red and speckled as he spanks her with his powerful hand and a hairbrush. She has serious trouble sitting after this spanking.

otk spanking

See the full film update with Submissive Dria now at Spanked Callgirls

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Totally Sorry

Featuring Bambi Belle & Alex Reynolds

Outcall nurse Alex has her hands full with a very wilful and very un-sick patient. Bambi is her parent’s darling girl and if she says she’s unwell then medical supervision must be provided! It seems the Alex’s patience with her patient had already begun to fray, but being referred to as “the help” snapped it completely and Bambi is going to get some alternative therapy; the kind given to bratty little girls and administered via the bottom, with hand and paddle!

bare bottom spanking

See the full film update from Northern Spanking

Mommy Spanks and Diapers Cherry

Mommy is shocked to find out what her sweet innocent Cherry has been up to. Cherry has a new boyfriend that likes when she pees in her panties and sends him photos. She finds nothing wrong with this so she of course complies. Well, mom is horrified to find out what is going on. She plans to teach her naughty daughter a lesson with spanking and another special punishment. She plans to put Cherry in a diaper for the night to teach her that she shouldn’t be wetting herself for silly boys to see photos. She threatens to take a photo of poor Cherry in the diaper to send to the boyfriend as more punishment, how humiliating!

hairbrush spanking

See the full film update from Momma Spankings

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Ivy Bound’s First Paddling

Ivy had surprised Sarah. She had just finished her first spanking and she was overjoyed. She had never thought she would enjoy it so much. Did she want to try the paddle? you bet1 She presented her bottom eagerly for a real hard thrashing over the fishnets and over her bare bottom. When her punishment was completed she had the reddest bottom!

spanking and paddling

See the full film update from English-Spankers

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, here’s some spanking action from Family Guy 🙂

Coming to the Spanking Stage!

Hello… before we all stuff ourselves full of Turkey & Stuffing with all the trimmings this coming Yuletide… let’s delve deep into Santa’s Sack (Ho Ho Ho!) for some present spanking showstoppers from around the globe. If you’ve been on the naughty list then you can escape with a few viewing treats provided by the following websites all vying for today’s Spanking Stage. So let’s see what’s out and about this coming Christmas time…

College Girl Spanked

After being arrested at a party at school, third year college student Nadia was called home by her mother. Her mother was not at all happy with her daughter’s behavior, and attempted to discuss the matter with Nadia. When Nadia told her that she is a gown woman and will do as she likes, she found herself over her mother’s lap for a spanking. It was bad enough being spanked, but when Nadia insisted that the spanking cease, her mother took down her panties. Nadia was struck by disbelief, then her mother’s hand. As her mother spanked her bare bottom harder and harder, Nadia forgot of her feelings of humiliation and was now begging her mother to stop spanking her and promising to be a good girl. After her spanking was over, Nadia was led to the time out chair used when she was a child. Placing her freshly spanked bottom upon the wooden chair was another in several humiliating and painful sensations she needed to deal with since this college girl arrived home.

otk spanking

See MORE of Nadia White grtting a deserved spanking here

– Episode 37 & 38: Caught At Home –

Cheerleader Ivey decided to miss a practice and mobile with her friends. Little did she know that coach missed her and went to visit her in her own home. After a good scolding she was turned across the coache’s knee and her tight little bottom was soundly spanked. Afterwards she had to strip and kneel on the couch with the dreaded Stinger in her mouth. After spending a while kneeling naked on the couch, she was bent over and she felt The Stinger’s pain explode across her naked bottom before she was taken back to practice. Her bottom bare under her skirt so the other cheerleaders can see she was punished.


The Judge at Home (new series)
– The Hamster Problem –

This is the first in a new series of The Judge at Home: Not in a court of law but a domestic setting where domestic crimes are sorted out. A complaint has been made against Cherry for not looking after her pet hamster. Judge Stern listens to the evidence and pronounces the sentence which is to be carried out. This will be in 2 parts for which the first is a hard OTK spanking!


Check out British Discipline at English-Spankers

Alexa You Played with my Husband

Alexa is staying at Sarah’s house but it is not quite turning out how she envisaged. Her husband caught her going through their stuff in the bedroom and then is walking around the house in sexy outfits. Sarah is not happy at all eith the way she is behaving but her saving grace is that she said she likes spanking ames. Sarah picked a very heavy leather paddle – a real punishment instrument and no plaything and she used this on Alexa’s bare bottom.



Yasmeena found and spanked

Yasmeena tries to hide from Peter when it is time for her punishment with his belt. He finds her hiding behind the curtains and quickly places her over the sofa, pulling her pants down before giving her the promised spanking and strapping across her bare bottom. Yasmeena then spends corner time near her hiding place, this time with her bare, sore bottom on full display to remind her to behave better in future.


spanking server


Spanking Biz Updates

Time to get you some of the very latest spanking updates out there from these following excellent websites. So check out these reviews with full plotlines, images and where you can view free preview clips and download the full films! Supporting these sites is incredibly important… anyone sourcing these videos or site rips of the sites in our niche are not helping one little bit. Membership sites like the ones below do NOT cost the earth and you really are helping when you purchases a membership.

For any spanking producer who uploads their content at a clip store or their membership site…it is incredibly galling to see the latest videos pirated from the use of stolen credit card details. It kills creativity and those sort of independent large scale productions (sadly I don’t think any of us anywhere will ever fund such a thing on our own coin anymore, those days are long gone!) However, custom work is very helpful but for those special large scale productions, they are the brainchild of the client, catered to them specifically and can sometimes be quirky or a little off point of our fetish. But these are interesting times so every producer worth their salt (myself included) help to make them as they can help mitigate costs in production and provide a much needed service to those who request something a little more personal from us all (plus, on the whole, from my experience anyway – I really love making custom work come to life).

But as usual, I am digressing… LOL – so… on with the updates!


Violet and Veronica had been caught by female officials in the locker rooms making out and performing sex acts on each other. As a result, their lewd behavior got their entire cheer squad unfairly disqualified for setting a very poor example at the Annual Christian Boarding School Championships. Their coach was beyond herself with anger and wasted no time in giving both girls the type of discipline their filthy selfish actions deserved. This means a damned good spanking and humiliating ear withering scolding that both of them receieve in front of the other. The spankings are not over as coach is so disgusted that her entire team suffered due to their lewdness, that she uses a heavy rubber soled sports shoe on their bared, exposed bottoms. Both girls are bent over side by side and it is a painful reminder to these sluts that this type of behavior will never be acceptable at such a prestigious cheerleading championship ever again!


Double Punishments

Audrey tells her dad it that was Harley’s idea to steal his credit card but she was too scared to admit the truth and she tries to save her own ass. Both girls get a spanking but after this “revelation” Harley also gets a leather strapping from Audrey’s father. It really hurts as Harley’s bare bottom is blistered and stings with shame. Audrey can only watch, racked with guilt, as her friend takes a nasty leathering which she should have received. Afterwards, when dad has dispensed with his punishment, Harley is so mad at Audrey. So in order to save their friendship, Audrey must take a hard hand spanking and hairbrush punishment over Harley’s lap for her lies. Audrey agrees and takes worse than she would have if she had told the truth.. there is a lesson to learn here!

ff spanking


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Auntie knows best

Sarah has been sent to stay with her strict Aunt because her behavior is out of control and mom is at her wits end. Sarah is in for a rude awakening when she is woken up (mind you at 3 in the afternoon) and told that what she needs is some good old fashioned discipline for her rude behavior, skipping school, and general breaking of rules. Sarah is taken out her aunt’s knee for a hard hand and hairbrush spanking.

spanking with a hairbrush


The Sound Of Silence

Sisters Alex and Maddy are always squabbling. They are awful at school, where somehow they are in the same class and horrific at home. All Paul and Clare want is a peaceful household and it seems the only way to achieve this is a return to giving the girls regular spankings. Here we see the first installment of that process.

otk spanking



leather paddling

This is Mia Beth’s return to the office after her spanking for failing to buy the syndicate lottery ticket. Her boss has to pay out the other syndicate members and he intends for Mia to suffer for her behavior. She has to kneel on the sofa as he removes her panties and paddles her bare bottom.


We will teach you

Amelia has got herself a job at Aunty Katy’s “House of Correction” under false pretences. Parker the probation officer, however, knows the truth and the truth will out. The punishment will be a double caning. Stripped naked, she is bent over the kitchen table as Parker and Katy take turns to lay the cane strokes on her bare bottom.



Spankings to start the week

Brittany Sent To the Principal’s Office


Brittany was sent to see Principal Audrey after being caught cheating on a test. She was stunned when she learned that her punishment was to be a bare bottom spanking. After a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking, Brittany was subjected to several hard swats with the school paddle. She promised to never cheat again.


Click here for a free spanking preview

Teaching the Trainer

Mr Stern just had one hell of a telling off from his wife for not doing his training exercises. His personal trainer dropped him right in it. He is now going to teach his trainer, Lola Marie, the erros of her ways for telling Mrs Stern. As he was good at cricket in his schooldays he finds a wooden paddle shaped like a criket bat and plays with Lola’s bare bottom instead of a ball. A real heavy duty painful whacking for Lola.

spanking and paddling

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Harley Gets the Slipper

Harley has been a very rude girl. Once again she finds herself confined to her bedroom, in her jammies in the middle of the day. Worse is to come though, much worse. Soon Paul will arrive and he will punish Harley with his hand and probably his carpet slipper.

slippering and spanking

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northern spanking

Spanking Updates for your Perusal

No time to waffle, so here are a whole bunch of quality spanking updates I’ve been fortunate to check out and bring to you! If you like what you see, don’t forget to help support the sites, take out a very reasonably priced membership… trust me, the producers need your memberships to help them to continue to create more content that you all love. These membership sites also represent the best value as opposed to clips store sites, case in point with these websites featured below, 100’s and 100’s of films for a membership well under 30 Bucks. (or buy one film for 10? You do the math!)

Fitness Fanatic! – Firm Hand Spanking

New model Lyra Bryant makes her spanking debut in the all new Fitness Fanatic with John Friday!

Meet real-life athlete Lyra Bryant as she makes her spanking debut at Firm Hand with John Friday taking her to a new level of ‘training’ – reddening her buttocks with a series of spankings that test her resolve and set her cheeks jiggling. Commitment to her sports sponsors earns Lyra her first of many spankings In the all-new Fitness Fanatic.

Click here to view the free spanking preview

Lily’s Double Discipline – Cheerleader Spankings

Starring Lily Swan & John Osborne

Lily has had an awful day. Earlier at school she got a hard spanking and caning. Then she had to go to cheer practice with her short skirt revealing the shame of a glowing, sore red bottom. At home, her father had already been informed of her punishment and Lily knows that whatever she receives at school she gets at home too. So, still in her cheerleader uniform, she sees Daddy come into her room and he has a look of thunder, carrying a cane in his hand. Lily’s day is about to get a whole lot worse as she is reminded that what happens at school, happens at home.

Placed over his lap, her toned legs kick as she struggles over his knee getting a hard spanking. He leg locks her and pulls down her tight cheer panties to smack her mercilessly on her sore bare bottom since she still can not behave properly. Next she is given one of the hardest canings, far harder than at school for still showing Daddy defiance. This is a deep impactful caning that Lily knows will make it difficult for her to sleep restfully later. She will remember this double discipline day for some time to come!

Click here to view the free spanking preview

The Family Strap – Northern Spanking

Stars Mackenzie Reed & Stephen Lewis:

Stephen is livid at having to leave a business meeting to fetch Mackenzie home from her school trip.

The cause? Having been bullied incessantly for some time, Mackenzie finally snapped and pushed one of the bullies. Unfortunately down some stairs and all the way to hospital! Learning the details, Stephen’s anger cools somewhat but nevertheless, violence is never the answer and to reinforce the point, Mackenzie will get a spanking and a rare visit to her bottom by the family strap before they depart on the long journey home. Mackenzie will not be sitting comfortably in the car for four hours!

Click here to view the free spanking preview

Molly’s Cathartic Spanking – AAA Spanking

Starring Molly Malone & John Osborne

This is a rare chance to see the amazing Molly Malone from a film we had recently discovered, edited and sitting in the Triple A vaults gathering dust. It had hidden for over 5 years so we are really happy to share this with you… finally! It brought back many interesting memories from that cold November day in 2012. It was the last video of the day and we all had a stressful time away from filming which none of us present could ever forget (oh if only we could tell you why but we’re sworn to secrecy).

In this video, John thought he’d ask Molly a few questions, a sort of end of day “spankumentary” before dishing out a much needed cathartic spanking. No role plays, no stories to tell, just two people enjoying the act of spanking for spanking’s sake. Molly is a fantastic switch but if you want one last chance to see her so spankable, bare bottom jiggling under a hard hand spanking, then here’s your final chance to see this long lost video today! Molly is so damned hot, how could you not want to see her get spanked?

handprint spanking

Click here to view the free spanking preview

aaa spanking

The Health & Safety Inspector – Spanking Sarah

Stars Lydia St Claire & Agean.

When Lydia wants to open a nightclub, she never thought she’d have a problem with the Health & Safety Officer but he was a really miserable person who would not succumb to her blandishments and who could resist the offer of sex for opening early?

Instead, he made it clear that unless she did as he wanted she would be reported for attempted bribery. She had no choice but to go over his lap for a lengthy, humiliating bare bottom spanking.

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spanking sarah

Belle at the Sexy Cleaning Company – English Spankers

Starring Belle Calder & Sarah Stern

Beautiful Belle Calder is the latest recruit to the Sexy Cleaning Company who is indeed most welcome. Belle has filmed here before and is a firm favourite. She is quite into the spanking scene and never minds going over the knee for a hard spanking. In the first film of this series, Belle has on her lovely maid’s uniform but as usual, looks better with her panties pulled down, laying over the knee, with her bottom in the air turning a bright red.

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Back soon with the #SpankingAwards “Producer’s Choice” and more update news!



Coming to the Spanking Stage

It’s almost the end of the year so I thought I’d choose a few sites not featured here recently, they are all video page images showing you data from the movies… a sort of coming to the stage for what you can expect to see!

Mari Sladen & the stories she tells – at Punished Brats

She was sentenced to twenty five strokes of the cane, and her torment was to be transmitted back to her colony as a warning to others. Mari was aware that this punishment was being broadcast back to her colony and she was determined to face her ordeal with as much dignity as she could muster. Despite her determination, she could not help but cry out as her bottom was welted with twenty-five strokes of the cane.

hard caning spanking and caning caning welts welted ass


punished brats

Tindra & the Dirty Photographer – at English Spankers

Tindra’s aunt has decided she may as well make some money from her dirty modeling. She has done a deal withthe dirty photographer to sell anythings they make and split the profits. Tindra starts her first video with some pussy play and then this leads to a good hard whacking with a long handled leather paddle.

pussy play


english spankers

Late for Whippingsham Secretarial College – at Spanked in Uniform

One of Whippingsham’s Spanish students, Montse, overslept and was late for college again! The Director paid her a visit at home and after a good scolding, bent her over her couch and spanked her. Then he ordered her to go and fetch a slipper.  It was an old fashioned slipper which was used on her naughty bare bottom just like her Grandmother used to do.

milf spanking spanish montse gets a hard spanking


spanked in uniform

Foxy’s pussy strapping – at Spanking Server

Foxy readies herself for the infamous gyno chair at spanking server as peter has her legs straddled, exposing her pussy fully. then he uses the leather crop again and again, until her pussy lips turn numb and her tingling pain nearly brings tears to her. Another hot addition in this unique series.

spanking a pussy pussy strapping


spanking server

More to come before the year is out… Happy New Year!



Weekend Catch Up Spankings

Hi everyone… Sarah & I are away this weekend, although we have full access to the internet so our customer service for the sites and such are unaffected, as are blogs posts or site updates. I have severe post “Strictmoor Drop” … that should be a hashtag. It was an awesome weekend last week with some amazing new girls and I will be posting a huge behind the scenes review with some basic plotlines. This was the biggest yet and the finale was really special… I know, I’m teasing but let’s get on with a few site updates across a few I think you should check out!

A Visit From Mom

Features Sarah Gregory & Clare Fonda at Momma Spankings

Sarah is living away at college and the last thing she expects is for her mother to show up unannounced. Mom is shocked to come to Sarah’s college apartment to find that her daughter is skipping classes and sleeping late as she is spending too much time partying. She always tried to be the cool mom, but apparently that hasn’t worked. It is time for mom to get strict and teach her daughter that college is not just about drinking and partying, it is about getting an education. Sarah goes over mom’s lap for a very deserving spanking and is one very sorry girl.



Meet NEW MODEL Lisa Langley as she discovers that she can still get spanked!
This series is now showing at Firm Hand Spanking

Lying over her uncle’s knee, Lisa Langley discovers she’s not too old to be spanked, panties down, in Attitude Adjustment. “Being put over John Friday’s knee the first time was awkward,” says newcomer Lisa. “Then he pulled down my panties: super awkward. Being spanked was a new experience, but so fun too,” she confessed.


Net Neutrality – at Northern Spanking
Featuring Annabelle & Paul Kennedy

There is uproar in the household when Anabelle uses up the entire family’s data allowance downloading films and games to her phone. Something must be done and as head of the household, it falls to Mr Kennedy to give the datahog a good spanking!


I don’t like work – at English Spankers
Featuring Sarah Stern & Loiuse Burton

This is a welcome return to our site for Louise Burton who has to admit in this film she does not like work and so when the so called doctor from the ministry calls around to see her she does not expect to find herself over her knees getting her bare bottom spanked. She really does not like being spanked and it shows in this film as she has to take it hard and long.



More updates & spanking biz news to follow, have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Spankings to Start off the Weekend!

Another weekend is here, and I am always catching up so check out the latest batch of fine spanking site updates… there’s a lot to showcase so let’s sit back and enjoy the show and see what is coming to the stage. Oh, there is also a new site I’m showcasing here today (it’s not actually new, but it is here at the blog: I shall be showing more soon). I may also consider showing other sites I don’t normally feature more often if you like this post today! Oh, and to those at the Chicago Moon Spanking Party – have a great time!!!

Peaches Voyeur Spanking – at Real Spankings

Peaches gets a bedtime spanking over the knee of Mr M. A hot hard hand spanking over her bare bottom before she is told to stand close to the wall for some extensive reflection time to process her punishment.

See more vids of cute asian girl Peaches at Real Spankings

Karol – Anal Caning Punishment at  Spanking Server

Karol is a popular model past and present at this unique website. This style of caning punishment is done best here and it has been copied elsewhere but with far less finesse! The restraining contraptions are also amazing, perfectly designed to create maximum embarrassment, leaving Karol at the mercy of this most intimate caning. This is one of many typical style punishments that you can see there!

SPANKING SERVER – The home of Anal Caning Punishments

Neighbors with Benefits 2 – at Assume The Position Studios
Featuring Julie Simone in a bouncing bubble butt spectacular

Julie’s neighbor has been dying to get his hands on her beautiful round bottom. She has been taunting him with her incredible curves in the tightest of jeans skirts and dresses. She regularly cheeses him by bending over and wiggling her bottom at every given chance. Today he will deal with her annoyance and have his way with her and gorgeous round bottom. After a lengthy hand spanking on the seat of her skin tight jeans, her pants are pulled down. Her creamy white skin is splotchy red and angry with the attention it has received. He caresses her succulent ass luxuriating in the heat rising from her skin as he smacks her pretty round globes. She yelps and and moans and protest as her exposed bottom is spank solid red. The heat rising off her throbbing bottom creates a confusing sensation of dread and desire between her legs.

otk spanking


The Lost Game (SIU Badminton Club) at Spanked in Uniform
Featuring Jentina Small

Badminton player Jentina had a few late nights and she lost a Badminton game the next day. For that she was summoned to Coach’s office where she got a good slippering across her tight naughty little bottom and she was put in humiliating position number 2, on the desk, for half an hour. After her lengthy humiliating position, Jentina was taken over Coach’s knee and her bare bottom got a sound paddling followed by a good hand spanking. She then had to turn in her Skort and her knickers and go to practice with her red well spanked bottom on full display.

spanking and paddling

See Jentina in more uniform style spankings and punishments HERE

Sexy Maid Spanked – at English Spankers
Featuring Tindra Frost

The Sexy maid is caned, a prospective customer of the Sexy Cleaning Company is interested in new girl Tindra Frost and has asked that we make a video of her being caned to see if she will be suitable for his requirements. She is to be naked for the caning and she agrees to take it. She bends over and we see every stroke hit home onto her pert tight bottom, a real caning delight.

Maids in Uniform get caned at English Spankers

Back tomorrow with more spanking updates away from the showcase stage! Have a great weekend everyone! There’s lots more news and updates to cover… so don’t go far!