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Erotic Spanking Preview

I try to steer clear of politics as it is a spanking blog, after all… but yesterday was the 1st anniversary of Brexit – and (in my opinion, at least) the UK seems nowhere near prepared or ready to negotiate its’ way out of the Union when the remaining EU members appear even more united. I still can not forgive David Cameron (aka Spoonface) for giving in to the right wing fringes of his Euro hating backbenchers to put in a Referendum in the first place… so personally, for me at least, it was a sad day. Sarah was here a year ago in the UK and we are at the same place but she cheered me up… as she does and so I love her for that (heh heh!). So we plan to film some killer content next week. I cheered myself up yesterday by ensuring we got some fantastic updates out working alongside sarah (FYI… the Cheerleader Spankings update should be going up later today as well!)

So at AAA Spanking there is a change in pace as many of the films there recently have been really hard discipline focused and with real tears punishments… so this week a rather awesome sexy, erotic spanking film between Sarah and Isobel Wren turns up the temperature. As if we needed extra heat after our recent fun trip to Spain to meet the ex Guvnor of Bars and StripesMichael Stamp… and his naughty but lovely partner in crime, Zoe Page! If you check Sarah’s Twitter feed HERE you will see some images taken of our time there!

So to the update that went out yesterday! Yikes… it contains an actual #TrouserArousal Warning – it is *that* hawt!!!

Isobel’s Erotic Spanking

There’s been many punishment and severe discipline videos recently from us so here is something a little less severe but ever so sensual and erotic! Sarah loves to play with Isobel and submissive Isobel loves nothing more than to be her wicked, naughty plaything! Perfect! Watch two incredibly beautiful women doing “their thing” as Sarah gets to spank Isobel in a variety of revealing positions and various states of undress until Isobel is naked and visibly excited. Sarah kneads her girlfriend’s bottom, playfully groping, grabbing and spanking her already sore cheeks from lots of filming previously! This is a warm-down video for Isobel at the end of her final filmshoot (ever!) so this is a visual treat as both girls are smoking hot! Sensual or erotic, or both… you can decide, but it is a beautifully crafted spanking film with a sexually charged twist! Warning: “Trouser Arousal” rating is set very high! Watch with extreme caution 🙂



This film has also been made available as a one time download (to keep and playback as often as you like) at the 2 AAA Clip Stores (see below)

or if you prefer via the Spanking Library – Direct download link is HERE

Brooke & Mia Hot Girl Girl Spanking

Throwback Thursday got me thinking and it’s nice to look back on a few memorable spanking films, why wait nearly a week for the next installments? I am pretty sure I never extensively covered this from a few years ago: This is part of Sensual and the Erotic Spanking archives from one of the 3 vast sections of member content found at Girl Spanks Girl

Brooke and Mia take turns to spank each other…

Brooke spanks Mia at girlspanksgirl

Brooke is the kind of roommate who asks too many favors from her friends. Tonight she wants Mia to cook for some prospective employers so Mia makes the favor conditional. She wants Brooke over her knee submitting to a spanking. The spanking starts to hurt and Brooke even cries. She tells Mia to “Forget it” and that she will cook the meal herself but pretty Asian roomie Mia is tried of being bossed around and keeps spanking sobbing Brooke’s bare bottom. Not to be too much of a slavedriver, though- Mia ends up letting Brooke use a very powerful vibrator on herself while she spanks Brookes thick bottom. This makes the spanking a little sweeter for Brooke.

22 23 spanking 25 26 ass slapping spanked otk 29 30



How rude, when you are taking a shower, to be yanked out of it by your best friend. You are cold and nude, and to make matters worst – taken over the friends knee and spanked on a wet bottom. Those of us who have been spanked on a wet bottom know it can be very, very sore. This is what happens in roommate situations when one has not been doing their chores, running up a huge phone bill or, in a situation like this- with Brooke Lee Adams and Mia Lelani, causing trouble for one another at work. Buxom Brooke is furious and has her hot Asian roommate over her knee, cold, wet, shivering and squirming and taking a smart little wet spanking that makes Mia’s tight buns turn red so fast, giving the exotic cutie a sore spot for a tushy that will sting when she’s back in the shower!

32 ass spanked hard girl girl spanking 35 bathroom otk spanking wet bottom spanked 38 39 40



The girls may be best friends but they are intense rivals for 2 local cheer squads and poor Brooke loses out when Mia’s team win. Their private bet still stands and the beautiful asian girl takes loser Brooke’s firm  rounded bottom over her lap when they are back home and quickly bares it for another lingering spanking that gets her so excited. After all, the victor gets to chose what she wants to do and Brooke’s peachy bum is a perfect ripe target! Mia gets all hot and bothered and strips to finish her spanking of hot Brooke!

02 03 panties down spankings 05 06 otk spanking 08 09 cheerleader spanking



The girls have a large closet and often have fun dressing up in all the outrageous clothes they buy from the thrift stores! the girls play fight over who has the best new clothes and soon Brooke has Mia over her knee, stripped to her panties, Brooke lovingly spanks Mia until her bottom starts to turn red. Mia loves this sensual play and return the favor by making out with Brooke who is clearly turned on… brooke has to spank Mia’s naked bottom and feel it jiggle under her hand.

13 13a 14 15 bare bottom spanking 2 girls making out 18 19 naked otk spanking

These ongoing hot stories of Brooke and Mia can be found in the archives of both the Sensual and Erotic Spanking sections of GirlSpanksGirl.com


This site is vast in its own right but it is also part of the infamous Clare Fonda Pass network of sites giving you up to 5 sites of hot and intense girl spankings for a fraction of the combined monthly cost… go check it out and see for yourself!

clare fonda pass

Red Hot Spanking Videos

As promised I will show you a full update of what is now out at AAAspanking.com – it’s the hot girl on girl spanking erotic video with a couple of firsts… I had never filmed Lily Swan to orgasm, not that I had asked or eben thought about it… but she had never done that and asked if I would film it, if it was possible – so many things change when the lights go on and the cameras are rolling. To say she is a true “painslut” is somewhat of an understatement. This girl LOVES to be punished like a naughty girl, NEEDS to feel truly submissive and feel that she has had a good discipline session… and gets off on that. It’s a f*cking hot to know that, to be honest! It was also Joelle’s first time on AAA as the “Top” –  I had seen her do it before and she does this in her private life but until last year or so didn’t really feel like she was confident enough to show it on film (I had asked her in the past) … However, I have Punishedbrats.com to thank for working on Joelle as she is a great “Switch” – this was an easy film for both girls, it’s part of a new series of videos and this one shows Joelle being asked to spank and strap Lily (and Lily gets into the mindset that allows her to finish herself off as she got so turned on!). So all good as far as I was concerned! What is there not to like watching an attractive woman, confident with herself to “cum” on camera and take a good hard sexy spanking off Joelle “in lingerie” as well (you’ll see her red butt in the pics and the film clip!)

Spanked to Orgasm #1 – Starring Lily Swan & Joelle Barros

spanked to orgasm

This is the FULL plot of this video… followed by various images and the clips (it’s up at SpankingTube but I have embedded it here, it’s Flash so won’t play on some Mobile Devices but will play on most Desktop or tablets unless they’re Android, apologies)

Lily Swan & Joelle Barros are lovers – Lily suggested something a little different and kinky one evening as they lay on the bed together in their sexy lingerie… Lily had been hiding a secret and wanted to try something a little more kinky and explore her submissive side with her girlfriend. All that “50 Shades” hype had made Lily curious and she had secretly bought a stash of spanking implements and wanted Joelle to try them out on her. Lily was excited when Joelle finally agreed to requests that she said she’d like to try and orgasm when her girlfriend used these on her, experiencing the delicious pangs of pain with the pleasure of ecstasy. See both combine to give Lily a very real shuddering orgasm as she fingers herself off whilst Joelle marks her bottom a glorious shade of crimson at the same time! This is hot stuff!

Lily presents Joelle with the spanking toys so003 OTK spanking OTK bare bottom leather paddling so007 so008 so009 paddling and spanking hair pulling and spanking so012 turned on and spanked by Joelle so014 so015 so016 spread and spanked strapping bare bottom so019

If you are unable to play the link for the long play clip, there’s a link HERE to a WMV downloadable HD1080 version, it’s a little shorter but you get the idea…

spanking Lily to orgasm


Click below to view the FREE Long Play Clip (Hosted at Spankingtube)

This film is also available as a one time download for those that don’t do membership sites!




I have also been happy to find a new digital radio station that is dedicated to the 80’s only – so many fantastic hits from that era… as I was typing this, the Human League track, “Love Action” came on, and it gave me so many great memories from the early 80’s when I was a tearaway teenager. It made me smile and I found the video clip on Youtube (below) – Play it, don’t play it… it’s a corny video (bit of a rip off from the classic film, The Graduate… but the tune is great!)



CLICK HERE – All news updates are on the front page of the website

Lone Star Spanking party

Spotlight on Girl Spanks Girl

After yesterday’s little Brit-love spanking festival that I hope you enjoyed (it got some nice retweets on the Twittersphere) – I thought I’d pop back over to the West Coast of the USA and visit what is going on currently at GirlSpanksGirl.com – in fact, as a standalone site, it is truly massive with archives stretching back 10 years or so… add to that the attraction that is is (in my opinion) the main site that makes up the Clare Fonda Pass (giving you an option to join this site and up to 4 others for a fraction of the combined cost) – and this site, or the package, is a very attractive possibility. Who is it aimed at? Anyone who loves girl on girl spankings & punishments… as the title of this site indicates, of course! What you may or may not know is the site is broken down into 3 distinct sections – DISCIPLINARY – EROTIC – SENSUAL –  & today I will bring you the news updates from the very latest films from each of those sections.

Sexual Harassment (Day 3) – taken from the Erotic Section

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016

Gigi Allens is still sore from the last spanking she got from her worker Allison Tyler. So sore, in fact, that she is home sitting on a pillow and called in sick to work. Well Allison is not having it. She storms into Gigi’s dining room and takes Gigi’s temperature – rectally. Discovering that Gigi was faking being sick, Allison is compelled to give Gigi a sound over-the-knee spanking. Well, Gigi is the boss and the boss always spanks back! Followed by a kiss. Perhaps these two are growing fond of each other.

Next up from the Disciplinary Section (this is the home of all the legendary “Exclusive Education” series) is a film between Clare Fonda, who makes another welcome return… and new girl Ivy Sherwood. Clare typically pervs out on Ivy, abusing her position of trust and then pays the price, lol! Classic Clare Fonda!


New swim Coach Clare pays a surprise visit to her star swimmer Ivy Sherwood to make a personal introduction and to take Ivy’s “measurements” for a new swim suit. She fondles Ivy a bit, before Ivy wakes up, shocked to discover her new coach in her room, violating her space. Ivy will tell the dean on Clare, unless Clare agrees to be punished for this intrusion. Ivy humiliates Clare, ordering her to strip, and turns Clare’s bum bright red with a hand and hairbrush spanking.

02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13

See MORE of Clare getting her comeuppance HERE

Finally from the “Sensual Spanking” section – A Mom/Daughter Spanking scene with gorgeous new girl, Elektra Rose , who you can see far more of in a whole series of intro films at SpankedSweeties.com – part of the Clare Fonda Pass of course.

001 002 003 004 005 006 008 009 010 011 012 013 015 016

Elektra went from a never been spanked model, to jumping into doing a special Halloween spanking shoot for us just in time for that scary day. Ms Fiona X plays her mom, who spanks her young daughter for wearing a slutty outfit and posting photos on social media just before going to her Halloween Party. This was a very realistic scene!

Feel free to check out all the latest film updates now showing… and of course an extensive preview section of the 3 areas I have highlighted above – CLICK HERE to see more from Girl Spanks Girl

This site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass – access up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost



& below is my thought of the day!


Unless it is for the Clare Fonda Pass websites 🙂


Best New F/F Spanking This week!

Well, I just wanted to say “thank you” to those that wrote to me about the “Spanked & Diapered” film that I had uploaded on Monday without warning for you good folk… from now on I will be keeping you all on your toes, no announcements of the exact films in future, I think this is much more fun to keep you guessing, eh? Don’t forget that at the end of the week I have what I think is by far the best Amelia Jane Rutherford film I have ever seen in a spanking movie… you will see it later this week and can decide for yourselves! Trust me, everything about this film is just wonderful… the interaction between schoolgirls Amelia and Sarah, their bickering, fighting, complaining… Sarah’s spanking of her and then I come in (and ruin it, lol) – no, then it’s my turn to spank both girls and then save a special punishment for Amelia… all will become clear this Friday! I have already replied from the kind feedback from the “S & D” film ( as I call it) with naughty Adriana Evans being the star of the moment… Fetlife is covered with her featuring in another Diapering movie too… I of course aided that by uploading a few on my images to Fetlife so she has been trending quite a bit earlier this evening! I can’t wait to hook up with her again and make even better naughtier and utterly fantasy driven punishment movies that I haven’t even dreamt up yet!

I said she was trending… well, I have what I consider the best new F/F film this week which Adriana admitted certainly got her into her subspace, I should know, I was helping to film this hot piece of spanking and punishment erotica for Sarah’s site – SarahGregorySpanking.com – this is what Sarah does best as a top to a female: she knows what they want, what they need and she knows just how far to push them to their limits without truly pissing them off. This has erotic punishment  written all over it, as you’ll see from the images (the images are also much larger now and look fantastic). This was a little more BDSM-y but it works as Adriana plays a sub coming for her weekly session with Sarah (incidently, Sarah DOES have female clients!) – Right… let’s see why I rate this as the BEST new F/F spanking film released this week!

The weekly Session – now out to view only from SarahGregorySpanking.com


It’s Adriana’s regular session time and she shows up for the usual with Mistress Sarah. This consists of stripping down before straddling the spanking bench for a hand warm-up spanking followed by numerous leather implements. Next she is cuffed to the cross for some sexy strapping, paddling, caning, and flogging. This is a super hot and hard spanking video you don’t want to miss.


0164_weekly_session_gal1-005 0164_weekly_session_gal1-010

0164_weekly_session_gal1-011 0164_weekly_session_gal1-013



0164_weekly_session_gal1-028 0164_weekly_session_gal1-029 0164_weekly_session_gal1-032


Told you this was HOT! You can click HERE to view the Full 1920×1080 HD versions of this movie!

or view as part of the double site package saving over $10 with a combined membership (see below)


Yikes, I need a cold shower…


Spanking Galleries

Well, it happens, a combination of other work commitments and writers block means today, you won’t have to put up with my ramblings and instead I have collected together a whole load of galleries for you to check out! I have tried to collect something a little different, with REAL women, girls next door… and truly gritty and naughty spankings of women of all ages and sizes, celebrating punishments and kinky spankings, mainly domestic discipline that I hope you will appreciate! It’s not all about spanking bimbos and impossibly cute young things… this is the real stuff we get up to behind closed doors here in Britain! Enjoy! Some of these galleries provided by the following spanking sites are, frankly… damned good and well worth further investigation! I’m a member of all the sites shown below and wouldn’t recommend them otherwise!

Red Stripe Films – Dedicated to sex and spankings, real women, older ladies with attitude, real wives, girlfriends and the girls next door who get strapped, paddled and caned when they misbehave!







For more – Click here to view loads of free previews from Red Stripe Films


The next set of galleries are taken from Sarah England’s website – SpankingSarah.com and this is a great site, part of the same group of sites I am featuring today, but of course with the focus on Sarah as both sub and domme, this is a real life spanko and blogger that really shows a naughty side to her spanking punishments! the site is dominated by sarah, but of course there are plenty of guest appearances from folk in her life and the archives contain lots of sex and spanking too which is rather pleasant to view 🙂 – So if you’re into seeing a real life spanko, (she’s incredibly tall so it can be rather satisfying to see her subdued or if you’re a naughty girl she will obviously appear intimidating, I would imagine!) then do check out Sarah and friends – the images below lead to galleries showcasing most of her recent HD movie updates!







Check out Sarah and friends – FREE Movie previews HERE


& finally today, from the main site in this group we have English-Spankers.com – they led the HD revolution a while ago so have the largest collection of films on this higher resolution format and of course the spankings are far more disciplinary in nature, covering corporal punishments of schoolgirls, wives, the new collections of untried girls and auditions, which I like and generally some red hot talent more recently showcasing women of all ages and, I have noticed more recently, lots of glamour models experimanting with spanking… which is worth noting too! The images below all lead to yet more galleries! Hope you enjoy this little diversion today! Chief.







If you want to see FREE HD Movie Previews from this site – Click Here

Classic “Sinn”ful Spankings!

Delving deep into my archives this morning – I was checking out what to write up here today and went to my SpankSinn folder for some inspiration and wanted to review one or a few of her very naughty films for you that I hadn’t seen in an age. However, I have currently been watching a whole load of SpankSinn.com content this morning and, ahem… have difficulty concentrating now as this girl can get very raunchy (as I’m sure many of you know!) Well, I also remembered that Chelsea, who often spanks naughty Sinn, likes to also get “down and dirty” with her, often pleasuring or allowing Sinn to be a naughty slut and film it for our obvious viewing pleasure! So… one film in particular caught my eye and I decided to just update this post with this film, so it’s a sort of film review and then I’ll let you decide from there just what is still showing today… more of the same, but I felt this old film from 2009 deserved a mention… “Stepmom takes Control!”

Sinn was caught sneaking in at Dawn but was caught out by her stepmom, Chelsea, who had been waiting up all night to catch her out… and she was mad as hell and hell bent on spanking her step daughter! Chelsea had her eye on this naughty girl for some time and Sinn was mortified that her dad would ever find out that she had been staying out all night so submitted to Chelsea’s spanking punishment! Chelsea soon discovered that Sinn was turned on by her OTK spanking and could even feel her dripping wet pussy and gently rubbed the horny slut’s panties to feel the moisture seeping right through! This secretly thrilled Chelsea as much as seeing this attractive young woman heaving and sighing across her lap but she was supposed to be punished – so Chelsea decided to spank her some more with a hard hairbrush and also allow Sinn to pleasure herself with the handle during this part of her discipline as she knew the feelings of pleasure and pain would sustain this for much longer – after all, Chelsea had been up all night waiting for this opportunity so wasn’t going to let this go by without some more original spanking punishment she had in mind!

Below you’ll see the scene before the hairbrush punishment where Chelsea checks out how “nasty” a girl she is asking Sinn to “shake her booty” like she’d do in the nightclubs…. this is a shameless scene to watch as Sinn jiggled that amazing bubble butt of hers and some interesting cam angles as you’ll have seen above make this a very erotic clip! Watch those trousers!!!

Chelsea continued with prolonging Sinn’s punishment after she pleasured herself with the hairbrush and Sinn tasted her own cum juice on the handle so Chelsea decided to make Sinn keep it in her mouth to stop her from moaning with pleasure so much… this time she spanked her hard with her hand, strap and paddle as Sinn’s muffled noises of both pleasure and pain continued – whilst Chelsea reminded her what a nasty step daughter she was! See more images taken from the movie below:

Sinn’s punishment was coming to an end and Chelsea had her fill of this brazen hussy… however, Sinn was so worked up that she couldn’t keep her fingers away from her sticky pussy so Chelsea allowed her the chance to bring herself off but only if she could watch what a dirty naughty little girl she was…. if you view this entire film you’ll understand that Sinn was past caring and as you’ll have seen from the interesting cam angles shown in the movie images…. Chelsea got more than an eyeful of Sinn’s delicious honeypot as she fingered herself off to a huge climax!

This film has it all, some incredibly hot spanking punishments of an oh so buff Sinn and of course being a very very naughty girl which she just loves performing on film like this! There’s a great strapping scene below which is typical of the punishment that Sinn received but for the more raunchy and erotic parts, you can gleefully download the entire film HERE!


Impossibly Cute Spankees!

Just a couple of updates but these needed posting as Adrienne Black is back at Firm Hand Spanking and in possibly her sexiest brattiest role yet, she is spanked and paddled with a wooden spoon completely in the buff, the added bonus of this is she is spanked in front of strategically placed bathroom mirrors giving us a glimpse of her trim body and tight buttocks with 3 angles shown at once! I have a short clip below which I implore you to check out and some HQ images that members can download now! Enough of my waffle, just enjoy this amazing new update!

The final part of this movie contains a great scene of the camera following young college brat, Adrienne, back to her bedroom as you can see her sore, red jiggling cheeks – it’s a great end to this most painful of short sharp shock punishments for the beyond cute Adrienne Black!

FULL Movie & full archives of Adrienne Black available HERE


BadTushy has been updating some really HOT F/f spanking movies recently and this recent Mom/Daughter spanking is no exception as slutty Jennifer is caught red handed flirting with boys on a webcam (the beginning of the movie you get the webcam perspective!) and there’s no escape or explanation that Jennifer can make – so she is taken over the knee for a hard embarrassing spanking to teach her a lesson and when she complains that this isn’t right & “she’s too old for this shit” she’s placed over the table and her bare bottom is reddened further with more stern spanking. Jennifer is wonderfully sexy, the sort of daughter you’d be dead scared to leave out of your sight if she was under your roof… there are plenty of nasty men out there (yeah, like me) that would *love* to show them what happens when you flirt online!!!

Oh my goodness, Jennifer’s bottom really does turn a beautiful shade of red by the end of this!

You can also check out all the most recent movie updates at the extensive tour pages HERE


Finally today a couple of updates from NorthernSpanking – I was going to do a classic with Kami Robertson which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy, but when I went into the members area I see the pesky folk of Northern have been messing with me with a brand new update today starring the gorgeous Irelynn Logeen and lovers of naughty girls wearing skimpy dresses and tights/stockings (getting spanked over these first then having them and the knickers yanked down… well, you’re in for a treat with Miss Irelynn!)

But 1st… to Kami who is simply “oh so cute” in this classic, an inspiration to the title of today’s post… enough of me gushing on, please see what I mean below!  I wish I had a little “treat” like this today! (England easily beating Wales in the Euro qualifiers today doesn’t count!)

Kami presented herself to boyfriend Stephen in this movie as his “Birthday Treat” – If you haven’t seen this before then you are yourselves in for a treat as she dressed up in his favorite fantasy uniform as a nurse and allowed him to spank and caress her warmed bare bottom before allowing him to strap and crop her delicious tushy! This is NOT a punishment spanking, of course… so contains plenty of gratuitous scenes of bottom rubbing and a huge smug grin across the face of Stephen Lewis! Trouser arousal settings are, naturally, at maximum!

OK, if that wasn’t hot & cute enough from the vast NorthernSpanking archives… then the very latest update which again has lucky Mr Lewis this time paired with the adorable Irelynn Logeen who caters to gentlemen like myself who like seeing girls punished for staying out waaaaaay too late in their clubbing gear… Irelynn’s short dress, stockings and panties are no match for Stephen as he confronts her over her unavailability when he wondered where the hell she was! She’s drunk and abusive and past caring… but I think she’ll have other things on her mind in a few moments to worry about! See the 1st teaser images I have for you… members will be able to see much more of this unfold over the coming days!

Yikes! That telltale redness is creeping through her frilly knickers! Want to see more?

Have a good rest of weekend – don’t go far as I have news more updates coming and a great new blog which I aim to update daily to get the content posts up and make it a worthwhile place to visit for FemDom lovers (it’s open but I’m just finishing off the boring crap to make it look nicer, like the sidebars and stuff – as these are a pain and I’d rather make some of my own banners to make it a little more unique, something which I will be doing here soon as well… ok, I’m waffling… yadda yadda yadda!)


Cream Horn Spankings

Sorry about the absence! As I said I’ve been busy away from the blog so once again “Sorry!” My humble apologies if I seem somewhat tardy in updating nearly everyday to just 3 or so times a week but what I will update I hope you all love! better late than never and just released at SpankedCallgirls.com is my long standing favorite spankee, Kay Richards who looks super slutty and amazingly “dee-lish” in that outfit with her dress showing off all her natural curves… She gets properly “man spanked” by Double Dan… and I gotta say, if ever I make it over to LA (which I hope to much later this year) I will be looking up Kay for some man spanking of my own… and that’s a promise! Find out why she gives ol’ Chiefy his trusted “Cream Horn” Award!

Today’s Cream Horn Award goes to Kay Richards at Spankedcallgirls.com




This is something we should see more of, Kay getting MAN spanked! I love Kay’s husky accent and the way she moans and complains, it’s just so sexy! In this episode, you’ll see Kay getting some hot OTK action from her client which is one of the hardest thrashings she has had in a long time. Kay always gets very red and sore, vulnerable and weepy as we all know! Mmm!! See more of Kay HERE


Another of my real faves is the lucious Michaela mcGowen, another who easily earns the Cream Horn from me everytime, again it’s her cute accent, the way she whines and complains when things go against her like this wonderful scene from the infamous “Houseguest from Hell” series just over a year ago at Firmhandspanking.com – yeah, I know it’s old but it’s worth posting, and bear with me as I’ll update with a brand new honey from there afterwards!




OMG she’s incredible, isn’t she? I have gone Michaela mental recently, check out how Aunt Cindy disapproves of Michaela’s short skirt then chases and spanks this gorgeous brat in the long play streaming clip below: Enjoy!

& as promised some short clips of a newbie and some images too which I’m sure will have already been circulated, but this new girl has the look of Ann Hathaway about her, don’t you think? I kind of want to see the actress spanked for making some criminal films like that awful princess one (can’t remember the title) oh hang on, I’ll go Google her film biography…. one sec!

tum tee tum…. just looking

still looking her up… *sigh*

Ah yes… “The Princess Diaries” (d’oh!) and I think they made a sequel too (WTF?) Anyway, as I said, new girl Carey Brooks has the touch of Ann hathaway about her…. and I’m sticking with that as it does it for me!


Yes! Those buns ARE real, carey is the possessor of a fantastic bubble butt!!!




Sarah Gregory Spanking Updates

I’m sure you’re well aware of Sarah’s excellent spanking site, the aptly named Sarah Gregory Spanking where she is spanked and also has the chance to get her own back as we have seen her at many other sites over the last few years… well, I believe she originally hails from Boston and is still in that area (hmm, I really should think before I write but I’m sure she is) – so this “Beaner” or “Bostonian” babe rocks at her own site where she gets to do her own thing including being the webmistress (good luck on that, it’s hard work…eh?) I have been to America a few times but only really on the Eastern side and have spent a lot of time in Boston so love the place to bits (I was responsible, in my youth for incurring the wrath of the dreaded INS when I used to live and, ahem, “work” at the youth hostel some 20 odd years ago (and I got deported, which sucked big time, of course). I didn’t go back to America until around 2005 (yeah, I was allowed back by then, LOL!) and have been back twice since and spent most of it with friends and family contacts in New England so appreciate it a lot and even the Red Sox…chilling with a beer and a Dog at Fenway! 🙂

Anyway, as usual I digress, I’m posting this up at 3 of my blogs in the hopes that as many people see this post as possible, because as well as showing you what the very lovely Sarah has been up to recently on her site, including some special EXCLUSIVE free clips that I have got for you incl. a whole load of promo images taken mainly from her latest stuff out now – I also want YOU to leave me questions as well as load of my own that I aim to ask Sarah in a forthcoming interview! IMPORTANT: Please feel free to post as many questions as possible and leave your name if you want, I will be sending these all off to Sarah (who has graciously agreed to answer our questions) so get thinking, anything you haven’t seen asked before, something you’d like to know about her you haven’t seen asked or whatever, just ask!!! Eg) what’s coming, the best/worst times etc etc etc, in fact ANYTHING you want to see Sarah answer, let me know. Depending on the responses across these blogs I’ll collect and get these out to her hopefully this time next week so I can do a full site review and give you her replies! Does that sound like a deal? OK, just give me as many questions as you want me to ask and they’ll be sent off.

So, I’m ignoring Sarah’s cute Halloween update personally as I rather missed halloween altogether – But you can view a FREE GALLERY of that HERE – (it’s a great film all the same!). Below are her 3 most recent updates and I have to say these are colorful, feisty and damned good viewing! As you’ll see below, she also gets to bring in some lovely girls like the adorable Kat St James and Julianne Leigh for example!

So first up, with a non spanking intro clip, but it’s worth downloading  just to see how bratty and mean both Sarah and Kat can be when they have to accept a girl they don’t really like to their Slumber Sleepover. Their parents told them they had to invite Kisa, the most unpopular girl in school. So, they cope with the situation by being very very mean to her when she arrived. They hide her phone, make fun of her, and even scare her (as you’ll see in the free clip below). However, Kisa has plans for her own revenge on these two mean girls and it involves two very sore, red bottoms as you’ll see from the HQ Stills after the movie clip!

These are all Quicktime files, if you are a Windows user you can easily view these files (once you’ve saved them to your PC) with the multi media players like VLAN or much improved RealPlayer that easily plays these formats (just allow the player of your choice to play .mov formats – simples!)



This is one of the very latest updates & Kat is the next to go over Kisa’s lap!
Hmm, I can’t wait to see how this turns out, eh?

I love the name of the next movie update, it’s called “Stripper Whipper” and it’s a great excuse to see Sarah and her co star Theresa stripped and spanked in next to nothing! I like the choice of underwear, or colorful lack of it… anyway, check out this little HD Spanking clip below and you’ll see some fine ass jiggling spankings of both girls, this is just a taster and of course the full movie is in the same high quality playback and it’s HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Sarah and Theresa have gotten into a fight on stage at the strip club where they work. They are called into the boss’ office the next day and fired for their outlandish behavior. They protest and say how much they love the club. The boss comes up with another plan knowing that he promised the other girls these two brats would be punished. He will show these two bratty strippers that fighting in the strip club and not following rules leads to a very sore and well spanked bottom. Yay! See some of the further results of this from the rather extensive HQ Still collection.



I’d pay good money to watch these 2 fighting & getting thrashed in person, wouldn’t you?

The following recent update has Sarah in one of her dominant roles that she has become very adept at, and this is a really sexy movie, the full length film is something like 400+Mb and around 15-16 mins long so it gives you an idea of the high bitrate and quality of the playback, as you’ll see from the short clip of her spanking the very sexy blonde babe, Julianne Leigh, who is getting a rather erotic spanking from her girlfriend… there’s plenty more to come from this, I can assure you! (phew!)

Sarah & Julianne are in a relationship. Sarah is into spanking! As Julianne is new to spanking she asks her girlfriend, Sarah, to give her very first spanking. Let’s just say that after a long naked bare bottom hand spanking over Sarah’s lap (which you saw part of) what follows is a leather paddling, and sensual flogging, in which Julianne now has a new appreciation for spanking… and of course the end of this naughty movie has Sarah starting to make out with Julianne (this gets the Chief’s Trouser Arousal Alert set at maximum!)



There are of course MORE recent updates but I think you all get the idea from these 3 fairly recent movies, you can of course check out all the latest storylines and what is available right now on the Tour Pages of SarahGregorySpanking.com – it’s well worth checking out and as the site is now been open for, I reckon a little over 6 months, the entire library of content that is now available in such a short time is incredible (but you can see for yourselves as a member if you don’t want to hang around for my next update and these teasing little snippets, just get the real deal!)

Sarah’s generous site options are below on this banner – enjoy!

PS. Please don’t forget to leave your questions where ever you see this request, I would really like to be able to ask her a lot of questions that members or prospective members or fans of Sarah might want to see answered, let’s make this a good one, OK? Thanks! 
Regards, Chief. 😀