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Exclusive Education 14 – Volleyball Spanking

It’s that time of the year when there is a new Exclusive Education series release. I had waited until now as there are plenty of clips now for you to download (the film was released at the start of the year). So with plenty of scenes released (this is an hour-long multi girl full-length feature), I checked out The Cameraman’s blog to see what he said. I have reproduced it here (below) in case you have not checked out his blog HERE just yet!

First, it is fun to watch how all of the personalities mesh on set. Since models are basically improvising what they say based on a premise.  Their characters develop during this long (nearly an hour) scene. The girls are supposed to spank the tall beauty Alice Goods when coach Snow Mercy leaves the room because they believe that her mistakes cost them their recent match. Even though she is the smallest one in the cast, Elori Stix called on her inner domme and was the one who put Alice over her knee to get spanked by her and the others.

Ashley Lane was a little late to the shoot due to unforeseen circumstances, so Snow worked that into the scene. She returns with Ashley to discover the Alice spanking going on and decides each girl must get spanked by her and by Alice.  And Ashley will get in more trouble for being late. It is a very real spanking that Snow gives Ashley.

Joy Luck was a switch at the time of the shoot (she is top only now) and she decided to be very bratty during the scene. She paid extra for that as she got some extra attention from coach Snow, including some hard whacks with a wooden ruler.

Cupcake is legendary for taking a hard spanking. Here, she gets the heavy wooden paddle, which she requested. Also of note, there was one pair of super short-shorts, which was the pair Apricot Pitts selected for her wardrobe.



EE14: Volleyball Team Spanking

Exclusive Education Year 14 is here. It stars Snow Mercy as the volleyball coach who must deal with her team fighting and all ganging up to spank tall beauty Alice Goods, who they blame for losing their recent match. Snow spanks each girl over her knee while the others watch. She then allows Alice to spank each of her naughty teammates over her knee with a hairbrush. Finally, Snow paddles Elori and Cupcake, the instigators. Lots of excellent spankings all in one massive scene.


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Exclusive Education 12 is here!

This is the longest running multi girl series, now in it’s 12th year and features up to 8 girls and a couple of female tops you will most definitely recognize. All the previous long play series of Exclusive Education is at one site – Girl Spanks Girl – which is also part of the amazing value Clare Fonda Pass if you want to view up to 5 of their premium sites for a fraction of the combined cost!

Exclusive Education Year 12

Scene 1 (of 4) Now available to view at Girl Spanks Girl

Teacher Snow Mercy is getting her class ready for a field trip when she finds them acting up. She, along with new Principal Clare Fonda, decide to give the girls some discipline to make sure they behave on the trip. So Snow and Clare take turns spanking each of the naughty school girls, over their knee in the break room. The first day is some very sound hand spanking that turns these glorious bottoms bright red. The naughty ladies are Ashley Lane, Elori Stix, Cupcake Sinclair, Apricot Pitts, Alice Goods, Veronica Ricci and making her spanking debut, the feisty Joy Luck. The is Part 1 of a 4 part epic of the Exclusive Education series that will include 12 amazing ladies in total.

Exclusive Education 12

See more at GirlSpanksGirl.com

Girl Spanks Girl is a Clare Fonda Exclusive all F/F spanking website which offers traditional OTK as well as erotic spanking. We have over 4,000 video clips of girls spanking girls in our members section and we update with a new video clip every day. The stories here involve only females. We are best known for our long schoolgirl spanking video Exclusive Education and other full length films which feature hand, hairbrush, paddle strap and cane. We offer excellent customer service, ease of use and fresh content daily with new talent and well-known models. All Exclusive Education schoolgirl spanking dramas can be seen in their entirety on this website, as well as all future Exclusive Education movies and all of our many bare bottom spanking films. Updates are both in clip form and as long videos, all easily downloadable. Every scene is girls spanking girls! We specialize in long films. We use traditional domestic discipline.


Exclusive Education 10 is here!

Girl Spanks Girl is a Clare Fonda inspired & exclusive all F/F spanking website which offers traditional OTK as well as erotic spanking. there are now well over 4,000 video clips of girls spanking girls in the Members section and updates with a new video clip every day. This site is best known for their long schoolgirl spanking video series Exclusive Education and other full length films which feature lots of hand spankings, hairbush, leather & wooden paddles, straps and caning of the young girls bare bottoms. By joining you get access to all the previous nine years of spanked schoolgirl videos with the entire Exclusive Education series and all the other long play videos from the Discipline, Sensual and Erotic sections. All nine previous schoolgirl spanking dramas can be seen in their entirety already on this website (as will #10 once it has been uploaded in full and this is why I am announcing that teh start of this epic has begun!) – both in clip form and as long videos: They are all easily downloadable. Every scene is girls spanking girls, no men at all which appeals to some… if you are one of those… check out what I have in this bumper update today!

Announcing the start of EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 10


WANT TO SEE WHO THE CAST ARE THIS YEAR? Check them all out (below)


ALL images below taken from part one of the series can be enlarged!


It has been 10 years since the beginning of this annual big school girl shoot – and EE10 is one of the best ever. Teacher Bella is leading detention with 6 naughty girls who are just begging for an over-the-knee hand spanking from this powerful (and beautiful) lady. They each get a firm hand spanking from from her, then she has the girls spank each other with a hairbrush. And finally, the instigator gets 15 with a large paddle from Miss Bella. Total length for this film is 60 minutes.

002 003 004 005 Stevie Rose spanked OTK 007 008 009 010 Angela Sommers given her 1st OTK spanking 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 spanking 022 023 024 025 hairbrush spanking 027 028 029 030 031 sore bare spanked schoolgirl bottoms


Don’t forget that there is also a PART 2 to this long play epic
a sneak preview of this can be seen below!




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Trouser Arousal Spankings

A Fine selection of what gives me some guaranteed Trouser “bumpage” today… whether it’s just sexy girly spankings, uniform fetish role plays or far more strict punishments, this has been what I have been enjoying this past week that I haven’t written about! I hope you ladies and gents like this too – please feel free to perv away and check out the sites I have graciously mentioned as they will be offering more preview content and hopefully there is something you like that will tempt you to become a member of these fine sites!

I’m starting with a beautiful girl by the name of Victoria getting one of the trademark pussy strapping punishments that I like to watch on Spanking Server – there are more films of this beauty on the site and she is stunning, as you will see from the selection of images, the first from the pussy strapping film, that i took… and the rest showcases who she is! #HAWT!



Victoria (yesterday) – as featured at Spanking Server

Victoria07 Victoria08

More images of stunning Victoria (the day before yesterday)… or was that the day before?
Her pert red bottom is distracting me!


Victoria is tethered to the pussy strapping bench… and her private parts given a painful leathering!

victoria002 victoria004 victoria007 victoria009 victoria011 victoria014 victoria016 victoria017 victoria019 victoria027 victoria029 victoria032

If you want to see more punishments of this beautiful girl – check out Spanking Server HERE



Cheergirls and cheer uniforms are one of my core fetish kinks… the thought of punishing girls in these uniforms does it for me every single time… it is a strong sub niche of school uniforms, it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” but the brightly coloured uniforms, the short skirts and the fact that the girls in high school were always in the top 5 percentile of most lusted over objects of desire by immature young guys like myself (ah memories) adds to my thrill of spanking naughty cheer girls nowadays… the ones who act particularly bratty always receive special attention from me 🙂 – oops, I digress! EE9 this year at Girl Spanks Girl fulfilled a major fetish of mine… multi cheergirl spankings… check out the finale to the series this year when Christy Cutie gets a thrilling OTK thrashing from coach Miss Mercy in front of the other cheer girl try outs! “Yay!” #CUTENESSOVERLOAD

ee29gl ee29hl ee30al ee30dl ee30hl ee31al ee31bl ee31cl ee32al ee32bl ee32dl ee32el

It’s summer time and eight beauties have arrived for cheerleader camp! Snow Mercy is the camp coach – and Christy Cutie is from her same school, so she doesn’t want the girls messing with Christy. But while Miss Snow is away, Christy actually picks on the other girls, who then spank her, which Miss Snow sees. So Snow spanks them otk one at a time with her hand. Then she allows Christy to spank each one on the other cheerleaders. Then both Snow and Christy spank them 2 at a time, with hairbrushes. But when Snow discovers that it was actually Christy who started it all, she spanks Christy with hand, hairbrush and the dreaded cane. The class of 8 schoolgirls are Christy Cutie, Willow Lynn, Koko Kitten, Alex Reynolds, Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez, Yasmine DeLeon and Lilly with camp coach, Snow Mercy.


See this latest film and download the other 8 full films from the annual Exclusive Education series HERE

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academy_h002 academy_h005 academy_h007 academy_h012 academy_h014 academy_h006 academy_h017 academy_h019 academy_h020 academy_h021

Theft is a serious offence, especially at Reform Academy. Principal Eric Strickman orders pert-bottomed Jodi Biltmore to bend over a chair to be paddled – hard! Six swats on her tight denim shorts, six on her quivering bare buttocks are a memorable lesson.


As I was writing this today, the very latest update came out from FirmHandSpanking.com and it’s a new girl, she is incredible, just what I love about that “girl next door” type… it’s also got Jonny Stockton topping her (I think he is one of the best new male tops around) and makes a perfect partnership with Stacy, his screen wife… she gets mentioned so I am rather excited to see them both punish this beautiful ditzy Au Pair in a brand new series at some point! The plot and build up to her spanking is incredibly believable and plausible too… all I can say is “wow!” – bravo Firm Hand… this is going to be a cracking new series which you can see the 1st film right now (images below)

au_pair002 au_pair003 au_pair005 au_pair008 au_pair012 au_pair013 au_pair016 au_pair018 au_pair019 au_pair023

Welcome to bratty Kylee Anders, a college athlete with a gym-toned, pert figure to die for! She’s over Mr Stockton’s knee for her first-ever spanking, track shorts pulled down to bare those bouncing, smooth cheeks for 200 smacks. Check her reactions in Au Pair!

View the FULL film HERE


Age play and regression therapy are featured next in a new hit film from Northern Spanking with 2 established names in the UK scene… in this film, we join Caroline Grey who ends up over the knee of therapist Stephen Lewis. I have to say it’s one of the darkest and edgiest films I have seen this year by far… if I was voting for a long play film of the year… I’d have to think about this one it’s that good! It won’t be to everyone’s tastes as it explores issues of non consent to a degree (that’s the way I looked at it) so for that reason it’s dark as the therapist regresses her to a time of her childhood and spanks her for being a naughty girl then brings her back to the present and she forgets it ever happened (as he is a hypnotherapist). However, it is part of her treatment but for who’s benefit? Hmmm, I have to say this was acted out brilliantly… check out some images of the regression punishment below (where he had also made her dress up in this outfit!) However, she always comes away feeling uplifted in her spirit and with a curiously glowing bottom.

NSI113-SC005 NSI113-SC007 NSI113-SC023 NSI113-SC028 NSI113-SC030 NSI113-SC031 NSI113-SC033 NSI113-SC035 NSI113-SC037 NSI113-SC038 NSI113-SC057 NSI113-SC058

Check out this full film & plenty more with both Caroline & Stephen in at Northern spanking


Sarah Gregory has a fantastic film out now, in fact this was one of my fave films we made together in LA with Casey Calvert. It, too, required a little more thought in setting up… Casey played a daughter who sneaks out of her bedroom to go partying after I (as Daddy), am going out. She’s a big girl, but you wouldn’t expect her to go to such elborate methods of deception as pretending to be sleeping in bed (rolling up pillows under the duvet and placing a wig for her hair to fool me later when I came home to check on my darling girl…


That is how the film goes so you can imagine when I discover the deception, I am waiting… and waiting for her to come home and she does at some godforsaken time, she didn’t expect me to be glaring at her as she tip toed to her room! Oops! What follows is a no nonsense scolding and OTK hand spanking. Yes, this is a darned good film too! Check out some images below which are both a mix of screen grabs and full size images stills.

0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-005 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-006 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-007 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-008 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-017 0183_casey_sneaks_out_grabs1-0330183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-025 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-012 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-019 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-020 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-021 0183_casey_sneaks_out_gal1-023

You can see the results of this excellent film HERE


& as I am in a frisky mood today… why not check out this hilarious strip tease “Hanky Panky” magic show from Ursula Martinez… it’s got a great ending (no spanking, but fun and full frontal nudity does happen, titter)

& tonight is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall… let’s hope that there is not a return to the Cold War with Russia, though that is looking less likely (thank you Mr Putin) – but tonight, we celebrate real freedom and democracy, I remember this momentous event unfolding with a German national and she was in tears, I will never forget that evening!


Another Weekend & Another Spanktacular

wintTime flies quickly at the moment, I should be grateful, I guess… as that means less time to wait until I fly back to America in November for a few weeks. However, that also means the nights are drawing in much earlier, there’s a chill in the air and that forboding of winter around the corner for us in the northern hemisphere is a reminder of what is to come. I’m not a winter person, I hate the short days, the lack of sunshine and the long dark nights, I hate the cold and (in our case here in the UK south west) copious rainfall.  That’s one reason I don’t like Halloween, I think… as it really signals, for me at least, that it is winter and there are 3 months of misery waiting ahead with all my pet peeves, weather wise! I think these thoughts were brought on by the fact I attended a funeral this morning, it wasn’t nice at all (how can they be?) – Watching my cousin in bits… it was heartbreaking to see him like that saying goodbye to his wife well before her time thanks to cancer (grrr!). Life can be so cruel sometimes. It’s so transient, we have to make of it what we can in our woefully short time here on Earth… sorry to get all heavy for a moment. This is a spanking blog, I know it has my personal touch, but I just wanted to share the grief I saw today and celebrate her life and the joy she brought to my cousin and his family. We have our memories… it is this which defines us all!

OK, I really am getting deep, so I will stop! The first update news I am bringing to you today is from Sarah’s great site HERE in which I helped with this film. I loved this and we had a blast making it with Adriana Evans, who I just love spanking and being involved with. * She is responsible for feeding my growing diaper fetish! … but that is for another blog post, lol! This new film is called “Flirtacious Model” and Adriana and I had fun with this as she came onto me and I got “creeped out” by her behaviour… I even mentioned this to Sarah in the film before Adriana was due for a shoot with us and Sarah agreed to hide and watch her to see if what I was saying about her flirting with little ol’ me was true! I have to say, I rather enjoyed Adriana’s advances… LOL! The film ends with a fantastic double paddling scene of Adriana by Sarah & I after we each took turns spanking and humiliating her beforehand over our laps! I even recall we high fived at one point… hehe! It is all rather HOT, I can assure you – another winner of a film from Miss Gregory!!!

The Flirtacious Model


Sarah doesn’t believe her boyfriend, John, that model, Adriana, comes onto him when she is not around. So, the plan is that Sarah hides and watches when Adriana comes to shoot for them. Sarah is appalled at the flirty behavior towards her man that she witnesses. The shoot has now changed directions and they will BOTH be giving this flirty girl a hard spanking together!

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-017 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-018

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-022 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-035

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-029 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-031

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-026 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-040

0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-011 0178_flirtatious_model_gal1-050



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A visit to the Clare Fonda Network of sites next shows they have been relentlessly busy – all these new updates and films are now out and being viewed by the members of the various specialist sites that you can view individually (as each site is MASSIVE in its’ own right) or as part of the best selling Clare Fonda Pass – combining up to 5 sites access for a fraction of their total monthly cost (highly recommended!) let’s visit a few of these sites and see what you might be missing 🙂

Spanking Sorority Girls

In episode 60… Cheyenne, Star and Poppy are all waiting in Sister’s office. They are in trouble because one of them made Veronica cry. There is only one way to weed out the true culprit before Sister arrives, and that is with some serious hard spanking that includes the use of a wooden mirror. Both sides! Can you guess who finally admits to being the bad girl? See if you can spot who from the images below:

01 03

04 05

06 09

11 12

13 15

16 17

19 20

See who was guilty HERE


Our next visit to SpankedSweeties.com – (the specialist site for 1st timers, interviews, growing up roleplays/fantasies) sees a continuation of new girl, daisy Elizabeth, enact more growing up roleplays around babysitter experiences and getting spanked by members of her family! Checkout more of her below:

002 003

004 006

007 008

012 013

Young Daisy Elizabeth was spanked by her nannies growing up. Many times, she confesses. Cheyenne Jewell plays her first nanny, sexy Sandy plays her later nanny. Daisy talked about a crazy birthday spanking she once gave to a friend (Cheyenne takes this one for the team). Daisy also fantasized about spanking her nannies, so she spanks Sandy. There are lots of good spankings with Daisy on all curvy bottoms.

002 004

005 008

009 010

013 014

See MORE exclusive Daisy Elizabeth spanking films from this site HERE



& finally from this group of sites… the ongoing and amazing cheerleader epic that makes the Exclusive Education series this year – EE9 “Cheerleader Camp” nears it’s close in all full film updates, this is a reminder of the utter mayhem of having so many girls in cheer costumes getting spanked in an enclosed space – (I heartily approve!!!) What is there not to like when you are getting spanked by Snow Mercy AND the delightful Christy Cutie?

001 002 (1)

004 (1) 005

007 010

011 014

015 016

It’s summer time and eight beauties have arrived for cheerleader camp! Snow Mercy is the camp coach – and Christy Cutie is from her same school, so she doesn’t want the girls messing with Christy. But while Miss Snow is away, Christy actually picks on the other girls, who then spank her, which Miss Snow sees. So Snow spanks them otk one at a time with her hand. Then she allows Christy to spank each one on the other cheerleaders. Then both Snow and Christy spank them 2 at a time, with hairbrushes. But when Snow discovers that it was actually Christy who started it all, she spanks Christy with hand, hairbrush and the dreaded cane. The class of 8 schoolgirls are Christy Cutie, Willow Lynn, Koko Kitten, Alex Reynolds, Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez, Yasmine DeLeon and Lilly with camp coach, Snow Mercy.


All the Clare Fonda sites featured here can be viewed as part of the ClareFondaPass.com



Something a little different now as I recall a recent update from SpankingServer.com – Those of you who have subscribed to this excellent site might be pleasantly surprised that the owner and webmaster, Peter, is usually speaking English to his models, I’m not sure if that is because the girls are not always Slovak or East European in origin… or if he wants to broaden the appeal of his site… but I approve either way! This beauty, called Yasmeena (it’s hard to tell what country she comes from as she is speaking English – not her native tongue but it’s more than adequate… and rather cute, actually!). She takes a rather painful hard caning once strapped into the bench… oh, & I love their implements and devices!

yasmeena001 yasmeena002

yasmeena003 yasmeena004

yasmeena005 yasmeena006

yasmeena007 yasmeena008

yasmeena009 yasmeena010

yasmeena011 yasmeena012

Yasmeena has a “girl next door” quality that I like about her… don’t you agree?

Yaseema (1) Yaseema (2) Yaseema (5)

Yaseema (6) Yaseema (8) Yaseema

MORE caning & severe punishments of pretty East European girls can be found HERE


& why am I showing a State map of Texas? All will become clear soon enough!


EE9 – Cheerleader Camp


I may have been a  little slower to report on the news of the latest Exclusive Education series (now in its’ ninth year so will be called EE9 from now on) and this one features 8 girls in their cheer uniforms who arrive at a special cheer camp. The Camp Coach this year is Snow Mercy and the other topping action you’ll see (so far from what I have viewed) is from Christy Cutie… but she is far from being a top… she gets it good from both the other girls AND Miss Mercy. Below you will see the line up of girls featured this year, most you will know, a couple are newbies and it makes for an interesting line up… which is precisely what was wanted.

alex-reynolds chanell-heart christy-cutie
Alex Reynolds – – – – – – Chanell Heart – – – – – – Christy Cutie

koko-kitten lana-lopez lilly
Koko Kitten – – – – – – Lana Lopez – – – – – –  Lilly

willow yasmine-deleon snow-mercy
Willow Lynn – – – – – – Yasmine DeLeon – – – – – – Snow Mercy


Let’s catch up on the action so far as the girls arrive at Cheer camp… Christy is in charge in the absence of Miss Mercy but she soon starts to pick on them and tries to bully the girls but they turn on her and take turns to spank her. When Coach Snow mercy arrives she learns of what had happened and then spanks the girls one by one as a smirking Christy looks on…

002 003 (1) 004

Below are the scenes of spanking by Coach Snow Mercy… the girls get a good hard OTK spanking one by one in front of each other and these scenes are hot… as you know, I adore seeing girls getting spanked in cheer uniforms, it’s one of my main driving fetishes within spanking, so to see that the entire EE9 series is devoted to this genre… well, oh my, it’s a real visual treat and needless to say carries a maximum #TrouserArousal rating 🙂

002 (1) 003 (2)

006 (1) 007

006 008 (1)

009 010

012 014

015 016

EE9, like all the other EE series which you can view in the Disciplinary section of GirlSpanksGirl.com in FULL – are long films so although there’s a good portion of it out already, there is still some fantastic action to come as Christy is allowed to spank the girls next, as well as the more traditional OTK scenes with the chairs and double spankings (performed this year by Christy and Snow) – and of course a hard caning finale with Christy – when it is discovered that she instigated the mayhem in the first place!

001 (1)

I say this each year, but this series of EE get better and better, the episodes really do have you wanting more and more as they are released alongside all the other regular updates at this fantastic site! What’s more, the casting this year went relatively smoothly, even with last minute withdrawals, replacement girls such as Yasmine DeLeon more than made up for any inconvenience and in the end proved perfect as it would appear all the girls got along behind the scenes, no divas or tantrums and many are good friends, such as Alex and Christy… which was a fun dynamic since they were cast to loathe each other in the films 🙂 – Below is a taster of what is to come and I shall be reporting on more of this as and when the updates roll out…


015 (1)

016 (1)


This site is also part of the best value 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass – giving you access to these massive sites for a fraction of the combined cost: WARNING – this option will keep you very busy downloading all the content which is not shared on any of the other Fonda sites making it worth every penny!!!


Catch up Spankings & Updates

Well, I have been real busy, so I do apologise for this… so I am attempting to bring you some updates of the week, starting with my own site and then a few selected networks I really like that I have seen so far this week! Then I hope to do another catch up on all the stuff I have missed and just don’t have time for today! The next few months are going to be amongst the most tumultuous I have experienced in a very long while, I’m scared and also will be relieved… so please understand if I “go dark” for 4 or 5 days from time to time… my site will always remain updated so members there need never fear… anyhoo, let’s get on with today’s latest crop (I like that word, lol) – starting with my own site (naturally) and the promised cheergirl paddling-fest – some of the paddling scenes towards the end of this film got pretty intense, I have to admit that Caniac wooden paddle was EXTREMELY stingy and whacked their bare bottoms far too easily!!! (yikes)


…the stars of the latest film, Maddy, Alex & Christy strike a pose!

I have put in some unseen images first shown here on the blog, though they are reduced in size, as members will get the large size stills and tomorrow the true full HD1080 movie of new girl Katie goes up in MP4 format (I’m really excited to show you guys that!!!) – and that will also be “live” to download in that HD format as a one off at the CLIPS STORE too!


But back to today (or yesterday when it came out) – “Cheerleader Paddling” is the latest film starring Maddy Marks, Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie getting the thrashing they deserve in their oh so cute uniforms as you’ll see below… the spankings were relentless and stinging, as I used a very nifty helpful hand spanking paddler called the “Spank’r” (which protected my hands from spanking the naughty girls bottoms) and it ensured they got an even harder, forceful spanking…. aren’t I mean?

SWS_8847 SWS_8819 SWS_8849


cheerpaddling003 cheerpaddling007


cheerpaddling057 cheerpaddling060


cheerpaddling079 cheerpaddling113


3 rival cheerleaders planned and almost got away with a betting scam as they rigged how their teams would do in a competition. However, they have been found out and are faced with the humiliating prospect of receiving a hard hand spanking with a “Spank’r” and a heavy nasty looking wooden paddle if one of the girls doesn’t own up in time! We won’t tell you just who is the main culprit (they are all guilty of being complicit in this scam) but it’s a great way to see the girls receive some rather hard and embarrassing punishments in front of each other. The hard and fast paddling finale has to be seen, it is a visual treat for those that love to see girls thrashed in sexy cheer girl outfits!

cheerpaddling138 cheerpaddling141 cheerpaddling146

Don’t forget to check out a FREE CLIP of this paddling HERE

Remember that the Loyalty Membership scheme ends by Xmas Day… so please don’t leave it to the last minute as once it’s gone – that’s it!!!



At Sarah Gregory’s main spanking website, there is a great film starring her daddy, Paul… who decides to hire a good time escort girl only to find that it is his daughter (played by Ten Amorette) who turns up… after the initial shock… Daddy has a few things to say about girls who are hiring themselves out like this for their time and personal services (hang on a mo, lol… wasn’t he just trying to procure one such escort for himself?) This is the sort of naughty and twisted kinky film I like… and of course the spankings between these 2 are hard and HOT to watch! Images below are courtesy of SarahGregorySpanking.com


0144_escort_girl_gal_1-008 0144_escort_girl_gal_1-021

0144_escort_girl_gal_2-010 0144_escort_girl_gal_2-016 0144_escort_girl_gal_2-021

0144_escort_girl_gal_3-008 0144_escort_girl_gal_3-010 0144_escort_girl_gal_3-022


If you haven’t seen Sarah’s recent blog post… then please do as it details HER side of our recent large scale spanking shoot including some films with Joelle… I can’t wait to see these films go online and know that the “Bride” film should be up first (it really was rather good… lots of bickering and spanking Sarah’s gorgeous bottom in a real wedding dress was a genuine pleasure on my part!!!) Did I get the dreaded TA (trouser arousal) – ha! I ain’t saying, lol! Check out her AWESOME blog post or click on the image below after you have read this post today… I promise you won’t be disappointed!



In keeping with the escort theme (briefly) there’s a fantastic new film starring Isobel Wren (I had watched some of her stuff not yet released at Sarah’s site which was simply AWESOME!) and am a big fan of this girl even more now… but I do urge you to check out her spanking punishment with fellow call girl, Kitty, when they are called to Madame Snow’s office they nag and bitch until they start to fight and spank each other… who wins? Watch the full film and you’ll find out!!!

003 004

005 006

007 010 011

012 013

014 015

See who wins in this latest callgirl spanking special HERE


Briella Jaden is another girl I love seeing (I watched some more hot films with her at Sarah Gregory’s site – click image below for the free gallery of the Striptease & Spanking film with Briella! (HAWT!!!)


But in the meantime, she is now showcasing in a fantastic intro at Spanked Sweeties, covering a whole load of her stories growing up, getting spanked by her mom, grandma and alongside friends too… this makes for a great series which is always special to this site as it covers first time girls next door, newbies or models outside of our niche, spanking stories of the girls and interviews of them behind the scenes… images below of Briella are courtesy of Spanked Sweeties

001 003 (1)

006 (1) 008

009 011 (1)

012 (1) 014 (1)

015 (1) 016

Spanked Sweeties is part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass Network


As part of the 5 site network, you have the choice to see the conclusion to this year’s Exclusive Education, now in its 8th season! Either via  Girl Spanks Girl – a massive site in its own right (with all the EE series, naturally) and other sections including the sensual and erotic as well as disciplinary F/F spankings you’ve come to expect over the years! Check out this amazing finale as the girls get a thorough spanking outside in the beautiful southern French hills outside St Tropez (near Ramatuelle by the looks of it… I used to work down there… ah the memories!) “Mon Dieu… mes yeux!”

001 (1) 002 004 (1)

005 (1) 008 (1)

009 (1) 010 (1) 011 (2)

012 (2) 013 (1)

014 (2) 015 (2) 016 (1)

Teacher Snow Mercy was caught smoking and drinking by some of her students.. So when the girls go on a hike with their teacher in the woods of France, they decide it’s time for a little payback. They bend her over little Missy Rhodes and spank her hard with their hands, and even 10 whacks with a wooden brush!

Check out the full series of EE8 – all available HERE

The above sites in this network are also part of the 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass


That’s all I have time for today… but I will be back tomorrow with yet more catch up spankings, I promise!


Quiet… or papa spank!

Vegas Memories & Exclusive Education

This was my last hotel room view of Vegas before I left in the morning 🙁


Well, I’m back home… recovered from a minor bout of jet lag and am back in my office in the boring dull grey mildness that is England. I had to laugh when the pilot mentioned that as we were approaching London Heathrow airport,the weather there was wet and 59f (15c)… after being in the glorious Vegas heat of nearly double that less than 24 hours previously… oh well! It wouldn’t be England without the sogginess, eh? One thing I have learnt from my trip is that I detest rain, I hate mist/fog and can take any heat thrown at me… case in point when we ventured into Death Valley… I loved that ridiculous heat, it was just not what I had expected. I suppose if I was living there 24/7 I’d get fed up with it and without air con I’d be impossible to live with. Americans often wonder why we don’t have air con here much (well in offices they do and maybe some malls (more on that in a mo) but in most people’s homes, we just don’t have it because we rarely need it! Our summers are never that severe and when they are, they are short lived. So once again, I have come to the conclusion that our weather here SUCKS big time, my one biggest drawback about living here… if I could move to America tomorrow, I would! & I’d probably make that California or Nevada too!

poolBefore I bring you the spanking updates that I have taken a look at… I have to say how much I was blown away by the shopping malls of Las Vegas! They were works of art in themselves… so much money and thought went into building these… 2 malls in particular, if ever you are on The Strip in Vegas… do go visit the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace malls and hotels/casinos! They are monuments to sheer decadence, I have no idea how much was spent on them… but to create an indoor environment that was constantly a beautiful dusk was awesome… rather like the shock I had when I visited the Paris Hotel and casino… I loved the sky inside! (This was the place where I gambled most as it had that awesome dance bar where the scantily clad girls table danced and dealt cards in revealing bustiers!!! Even the Miracle Mile shopping center where our hotel was located had this amazing effect and dining “out” in one of the cafes and bars was a pleasurable experience!

Anyway, enough of my wittering on about Vegas, shopping malls and great weather… sadly the days of having breakfast In the pool are over for this year *sigh*


& so to the updates that I had missed… and whilst talking to Denn at Shadowlane… aka The Cameraman, I asked him about Exclusive Education 8 and if it was being shown… needless to say, they had filmed this partly in The states and also on their France trip ealier this year and it is now out at GirlspanksGirl.com – some awesome images from this special annual event are below!

001 004

006 008

012 016

001 005

007 010

013 016

Part 1 of the epic starts in a dorm room in The States.  Veronica Ricci discovered that fellow students Celeste Star and Ela Darling were cheating on a test. Veronica wouldn’t tell their Teacher Snow Mercy, who was heading the field trip, if the girls agreed to take a spanking. As if Miss Mercy found out, she wouldn’t allow them to go on the field trip to France! So the girls reluctantly agreed to take a hard spanking from Veronica in return for her silence. However, naughty Veronica told Miss Snow anyway, so Celeste and Ela took turns whacking and smacking Veronica hard on her beautiful pert bottom, with their hands and a wooden mirror!

Veronica’s payback spanking by the girls is below!!!

001 005

006 007

008 009

014 015

Don’t miss this chance to catch the Exclusive Education series start right now!

The next 2 parts will be from scenes filmed in the south of France so it’s a little different this year with a slightly smaller cast but with some stunning outside locations that still make this an event worth waiting for! (as you’ll see below!)





From the same network of sites is a great update featuring one of my fave models and I asked her on Fetlife if she was attending (she wasn’t, sadly) as I would have surely found a way to film her… this is one of the main stars of My Spanking Room Mate – the naughty husky voiced Kay Richards!  Next time I am out that way I intend to look her up and shoot some footage as I just know what to film with her (but in the meantime check her out below!)


Assistant Landlord Anikka Albrite has been assigned to collect rent from Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane). But since Kay doesn’t have the rent, it means a hard over-the-knee spanking for her. Anikka delivers a good one, with hand and hairbrush, leaving Kay’s poor bottom tender and speckled.

003 004

007 009

011 012

013 014

015 016

Of course, what makes this addictive viewing is the fact that hot blonde Anikka Albrite is paired with Kay in this steamy girl on girl spanking adventure! Check out THIS and ALL the previous amazing episodes now showing at this site HERE

see more of this spanking soap opera HERE


Both sites featured here today are massive in their own right, but really come into their own as part of the 5 site ClareFondapass.com network! Access the sites for a FRACTION of the combined cost!

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Revenge at Exclusive Education 7

Just a quick update to the ongoing schoolgirl drama that you can now finally start to appreciate in full as the 2 hour epic of the films, extra scenes and bloopers reveals what can happen tot he teachers too… such as assistant Sarah Gregory… who had been such a bitch to the girls, here below you’ll see her get her own comeuppance. I’ll then recap via the galleries that Girl Spanks Girl have thoughtfully provided to show how it came to that!

Click any image below for the full gallery that shows how teacher, Snow Mercy and her assistant, Sarah Gregory administered the Exclusive Education double punishments to all the girls in class!

As well as the multiple girl scenes in the classroom that makes each series of the Exclusive Education films unique there are also extras as you’d expect like the office of the principal and punishments confined to the offices like the scene below of Snow at her best spanking Kay Richards – over her knee… this is now out for members to view and download!


Below is a recap of all the previous series of Exclusive Education, click any image for a selected gallery from that year, a membership at this site or as part of the amazing value Clare Fonda Pass gives you full access to all of these excellent long play films with 4 other top quality sites and the full archives of the site containing the EE series, now with all the 1st 3 EE films fully remastered for 2012!

To see more check out the tour pages of Girl Spanks Girl HERE


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Last post before I go!

Well, I’m not yet packed, as chaotic as ever. I have been busy uploading content to my own site to ensure I can very easily update it all, I promise you that those that enjoy seeing great girl on girl spanking action will enjoy the next couple of new movie updates over the coming weeks as well as providing access to the next installment of the Submissive Maid series before I return to the UK (where Kami gets a very humiliating and tearful birching!)

So this time tomorrow I will be half way to Newark Liberty airport (NJ) and spending most of my time on the Eastern seaboard between there and Baltimore/Maryland (mainly for a family wedding) but I have also managed to secure some days filming. 3 girls I wouldn’t normally imagine I’d be able to film over here in the UK… so I am very excited about that.

I’m hoping I can get all my necessary cam equipment in the bags (yikes) as I have not packed yet (remember?) I’ll post some pics of where I am in between some spanking updates and such, anyway, enough of me excitedly prattling on… my only regret is that at the same time, the Shadowlane Party is on in Vegas, I am unable to go there, but I have booked time off for next year’s Labor Day weekend and will 100% be there… I haven’t been to Vegas for 20 years… I miss it and probably won’t recognize it at all!

Right, so, I have updated some content EARLY on my site as I don’t want to chance not being able to upload anything for the new film on Wednesday… and it’s Aleesha Fox’s long awaited debut alongside returnee, Jenna Jay… who are both spanked in their pyjama gear over the knee of strict Mistress Zoe (who was also excited to be filming with me again). This was the 1st time they had all worked together… and to mark this, there is a 231 screen image gallery (!!!) which accompanies the movie, each girl is spanked and given the hairbrush for about 8 minutes each… a very nice warm up and start to that particular day’s filming 🙂

Miss Page is a sexy young and very strict Mistress… as we are sure many of you are fully aware! So we were delighted that Zoe jumped at the chance to work with us again when we told her who we were bringing in as the spankee “dishes of the day”. She had worked with them both, but not together at the same time… so please enjoy the fruits of their 1st film collaberation as Zoe got to spank both girls one after the other in and out of their pyjamas over her knee. Yes, we insisted on seeing the girls spanked in their PJ’s and Zoe didn’t mind one little bit as we are sure you will enjoy gazing at the girls bottoms getting thrashed with Zoe’s hand and a conveniently placed hairbrush within arm’s length! Who are the girls? Jenna Jay needs no introduction, just one look at her and you know this mouthy northern English lass needs a good hard spanking to keep her compliant. We are also delighted to finally introduce Aleesha Fox to you all. She is incredibly popular in the “Scene” here in the UK and for good reason… with her classic good looks, a sexy demure accent and a curvacious figure and bottom that cries out to be spanked for the merest of infractions! Watch both girls take their 1st spanking over Zoe’s knee – let the F/F frivolity begin!



The girls get a good introduction from Zoe at the start of their day’s filming at AAAspanking.com

Stay tuned for MORE of what I have in store for members – Bookmark this link HERE

You can also see Aleesha’s Spanking Punishment as a one off movie at my clips store
It’s already out and the 2nd installment with jenna is due out tomorrow 🙂
Click banner below for the latest films, more will be automatically updated while I am away!


AS I still haven’t packed yet (oops!) My missus is doing her nut, I better keep some choice updates of what I had been perving at to just a few images, but you will get the idea and can check the site links for more info and of course they often have FREE Clips too!

Remember redhead Serena getting punished by Stephen and Roxy? (see below)

They felt that redhead Serena had wasted their time, she was an estate agent who didn’t listen to their briefs about what they wanted, so they took it out on her behind! The continuation and conclusion is that Stephen, egged on by Roxy, caned Serena and then Roxy so enjoyed watching Serena after they got rid of her that she took some intimate punishment too… Roxy looks enchanting, and redhead Serena has an amazing ass… Stephen was a lucky man!



See Serena and Roxy get the cane – and so mush more – from NorthernSpanking.com

You might also be interested to know that Pandora and I feature in one of their latest updates… Pandora in the tightest pair of Daisy Dukes I had the pleasure to see close up! I forgot how tanned I was, having recently returned from a quick break in Turkey at the time – this was at the place of my very first filmshoot when Pandora filmed for me… Paul obtained her services too and I duly obliged (hmmm, how could I not resist?)

Why did I not star in any of my own productions at this 1st film shoot? The reason was because at the time I didn’t want my ugly mug plastered all over the design of the site as it was supposed to be a “secret” from my ex employers who I feared would interfere if they knew what I was up to… of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing and they were more interested in trying to sell off their ailing network and get out of the biz and become telephone psychics exploiting more vulnerable people (I kid you not… Christ on a bike!) I genuinely pity people who are SO desperate that they feel a need to call these “psychic card reading lines” – all for about £1.50/minute (2 Dollars 50 a minute)… it’s just mean, seriously, how can turning some cards really predict someone’s future? I despair! – Anyway…. did I digress?  (LOL)

Some teaser images below (Dave from Cherryredreport will blow a gasket!)

Incidentally, he awarded the “Mishka Fantasy Spankings Series” his highest accolade!
I was quite “chuffed” with the  Cherry Award – click on the award for more info…

Now where was I? Ah, yes, the lovely Pandora Blake… and my cane… and “THOSE Shorts!” 🙂

“NOT the cane again! OK…OK… I’ll turn around and let you spank my ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts!”


For all the latest spanking shenannigans – CLICK HERE


A couple of movie updates now from the excellent Spanked-in-Uniform.com – and of course, if it stars Amelia Jane Rutherford… then you know this haughty madame gets everyting she deserves… and in her 1st outing as a waitress at Mike’s 50s Diner… she doesn’t disappoint!



A customer came into the diner just before lunch and ordered a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The waitress Amelia decided to taste the cake before bringing it to him and of course the customer noticed. Mike, the owner and Chef, was called over and both he and the customer decided that a good spanking was in order. She went over Mike’s knee and she got a sound spanking and after apologizing to the customer, she bought him a fresh piece of cake and coffee from her own tips.


See Amelia Jane punished in this cutesy little outfit only at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Another recent movie with Amelia (dressed as a nurse) – *swoon* – is shown below, if that doesn’t get the temperature rising, what will?




Mr Van Dijk, a patient suffering from asthma, was admitted to St Elizabeth Hospital. His nurse, Amelia, diagnosed that he must have had a serious tropical disease so she put him in quarantine for two weeks. When he came out and Dr Johnson went to check up on his progress, the truth came out. Nurse Rutherford was brought in front of the patient – & as this was her third strike, she got the cane. Bent over the bed she ended up getting 18 hard stinging strokes and was put out in the corridor, bare bottom on display, for all to see.

You can check out MORE of all of Amelia’s humiliating punishments HERE


Finally  (for now) check out some excellent galleries that showcase the last site network that I wanted to share with you before I log off for a few days…

Enjoy! Back soon (safe flight permitting!)

Click on images below to grab yourself some cool galleries of some of my favourite sites!




Above galleries are taken from the Exclusive Education & Naughty Tutor series full length films

Courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl.com



The naughtiest girls & hooker babes punished by their pimps, madames & clients at SpankedCallgirls.com




& finally showcasing new talent and 1st timers such as  (at the time) brunette Ashli Orion and blonde babe Missy Rhodes courtesy of SpankedSweeties.com

All of the Clare Fonda sites shown above can be viewed with the Multi Site Pass (banner below for full details)


& while I am away, don’t go doing anything stupid… these staff are looking out for their customers 😉

Likewise, I will be online very soon so any customer support will be dealt with fairly quickly! Bye Bye now… miss you already! *rushes off to pack*

OK… I’m really going now


“Bye Bye!”

Newsworthy Spankings from The Camerman

A new week and yet more spanking news and updates. I am currently uploading a lot of content at my own site to prepare and change the index pages when I am away on my trip to America soon… yes, I don’t use a content management system like the professional sites out there… just l’il ol’ me updating and adding pages and content as and when. Still, as long as I got the data ready all I have to do is make certain pages active from my hotel internet connection and “Hey Presto!” a new spanking movie page appears!!!

& with that insightful knowledge, let’s get on with some exciting stuff I have seen appear over the weekend from one of my fave networks and getting played on my laptop. Checking in with The Cameraman’s latest efforts at Spanking Sorority girls – we see 2 newbies to the site and pledge sister Amaya spanks and uses a wooden spoon on Riley’s pert bum!

Pledge sisters Amaya Meda and Riley have been ordered to clean the kitchen as part of their chores. Riley skipped out to go to her volleyball practice. Amaya offers not to tell the seniors sisters, if she takes a spanking from her. Amaya puts the tall, curvy bottomed Riley over her knee for a sound spanking that makes her bottom bright red. After using her hand, she finished with the wooden spoon. Riley must rub her poor bottom after this, and has trouble sitting down.




See the full film out now to download at SpankingSororitygirls.com


…the conclusion to this naughty story of hooker babes and their life of spanking punishments and play at the hands of their madamers and clients continues with Veronica Ricci once again reaching parts of my eye stalks that no other can!

Audrey Tate (played by Veronica Ricci) visits a lady client. She starts to make out with her until she discovers the client, named Betsy, thought this was free. Audrey is so upset that she spanks the lady to teach her a lesson. However, once Betsy discovers she does has some money after all, she decides to spank Audrey if she is going to pay her.




You can the whole naughty film of the spankings and the girls making out at spankedcallgirls.com


A rather bootylicious new model is on show at Spanked Sweeties this week, and although she is not a true spanking model, her interest in our niche didn’t stop her trying out some great Mom/Daughter roleplays with a professional Domme and showing us her big bouncing bottom made for spanking… she’s into fetish, is a burlesque performer and is called Ludelle Hahn

Ludella is a Burlesque and Pinup model who was curious about spanking. She wasn’t spanked growing up, but is known for her curvy bottom and wanted to do her very first spanking shoot for this site. So we brought in the very experienced Lady Olivia to do the interview and to give Ludella her first real spanking. Ludella’s choice was to do a role-play. So Lady Olivia played her mom and gave her what was essentially a warm-up spanking. Be assured, this was a spanking with a stern scolding and made Ludella tender, but it also allowed for Lady Olivia to give Ludella a second, harder spanking that ended with the hairbrush. As a final treat, Lady Olivia gives Ludella a small taste of a riding crop. All those who love a girl with real reactions and a luscious booty should enjoy this new Sweetie!




See more of Ludella’s 1st ever spanking on film RIGHT HERE


& don’t forget, as if you could, the ongoing updates to THE Big Schoolgirl spanking event of the summer – EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 7 is now available to view at GirlSpanksGirl.com and if you click onthe image below it will take you to a special free promotional gallery of this great long play film…

All the above sites are massive in their own right and will keep you occupied well beyond a month if you take those options, but remember that you can also view 5 sites (including all the 4 I have shown above) with one cheaper multi pass download from the CLARE FONDA PASS

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Schoolgirl Spanking Special

A quick update to show you what is out there in the land of schoolgirl spanking erotica… and there’s some great stuff available for your perusal, including a brand new series of Exclusive Education 7 (EE7) which just gets bigger and better, the 1st without Momma Clare, of course, but her able replacements and the increased choice of girls makes this unmissable viewing… as always!

& here are the 1st show images taken from the latest epic that members of GirlSpanksGirl.com (or members of the best value ClareFondaPass can download from too) – There are lots of new girls for us to catch up with, and some familiar faces too, such as teaching assistant Miss sarah Gregory helping out Miss Snow Mercy in the absence of Clare Fonda… and you’ll be pleased to know Principal Lana Miller has plenty of time to dish out the punishments in class, detention and her own office with some surprising twists! But enough of that, check out these images and feast your eyes on this spankathon that has just begun!






Check out the start of this awesome new adventure RIGHT HERE


Or join via the best value multi spanking pass (see benner below)
Nothing here is replicated, removed or gives you less content unlike some passes I could mention


Tomorrow, more news on my own site and you can see a brand new gallery with some awesome pics of Jasmine and Sophie, the ones inside the member area are even better (and larger!) Click image below for more and how to view the full film.

There will also be news of a new movie going up, a really HOT film with Sarah Gregory spanked in her wet panties!

MISS THIS AT YOUR PERIL!!! Full size Teaser image below 🙂

Can’t wait? – see more HERE – have a good evening