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Amber’s Daddy is a lucky man!

Amber Dawn and her Daddy have been making their own unique brand of films for over 4 years online now and I wanted to focus on a couple of their most recent films at SpankAmber.com which show just how far and intimate this real life couple have become online and I have to say I’m happy that Daddy is finally showing himself more and more on film with Amber as it’s a natural thing to see them play or punish as they would in private… the voyeur in me enjoys this perspective… and it’s addictive viewing, especially the sex and spanking scenes we have been treated to more and more as we know couples like them who practice their own unique brand of domestic discipline and fun play demonstrate more and more to the curious public…

So to the conclusion of the Sex bench, scroll back a week and you’ll see the 1st parts to this movie… here are the inevitable results of Amber’s teasing as she is cropped and painfully whacked with the Lexan paddle bringing her to tears before giving her Daddy a delicious blowjob, taking his engorged member deep into her warm waiting throat before she is fucked hard over the bench, showing us her swollen pussy seeping with his seed afterwards, her freshly punished red bottom all too evident… an alluring sight indeed and one which I, ahem… heartily approved of!





You can see the full series of this movie in HD Quicktime playback – playable on VLAN player – or on the Wmv version which is almost as good, the above screen grabs were from the QT version and you can decide which versions to view thanks to VLAN Player’s ability to recognize many formats nowadays!


& so to their latest film which is a little different, a split perspective on the screen as we see 3 angles at once of an OTK spanking over Daddy’s lap. We get to see his spanking, Amber’s ripe round wobbling bum and her facial reactions as well as what I called the “Breast Cam” which you’ll see in the images below 🙂

So enjoy this nice domestic discipline spanking that has Amber first in her sexy stripey socks, her ass soon matches their color as you’ll see… and watch out for his groping hands on “Breast Cam” – I can almost 100% say that Daddy must have had some severe “wood” spanking Amber like this, I know I “would have”…




See MORE of this fantastic series only at SpankAmber.com


I am going to feature more of Amber this week, at her Girl on Girl spanking site… AmberSpanks.com but members will already know that her latest hot, steamy spanking film with her double lookalike, Jolene are incredible… Amber eats out Jolene and spanks her hard including lots of anal play… (one image below will capture one scene!) if you can’t wait, don’t worry, her movies are up and the Quicktime format is amazingly crystal clear… remember that you can purchase both her site memberships at the same time and get a generous $10 off, making both sites the equivalent of under $15 each, and for 100’s of her totally unique films, that is an offer NOT to overlook in my opinion! Help support Amber to create more of what I think are some of the best original spanking films of domestic and girl/girl genres out there!

OK, I need a cold shower after viewing this! Back tomorrow with some UN-Halloween spanking updates 🙂

Very Naughty Spankings

Warning: the below punishments are very naughty!!! 😀

Beautiful blonde schoolgirl Kelly has been a revelation at SoundPunishment and this naughty punishment sees her not in uniform this time, but in a raunchy outfit as she dared to sneak out and try to come back un noticed at 6am – but young drunken girls think they know it all and they make noises trying to “tip toe” in – we’ve all been there… and Kelly discovers she’s in for a proper thrashing for this latest outrage! There are 2 options to view this special free clip:


Or click on the image below and download/view the WMV high resolution clip

“What do you get out of this? You wierdo!” sobs Kelly…

Kelly would try the patience of a saint. But as he is no saint she finds that she is tried, sentenced and condemned to a bare bottom OTK spanking and then a sustained dose of his heavy leather paddle. She is soon sobbing and red raw and wishing she had obeyed the house rules. Check out some sexy screen grabs of Kelly and her long lithe legs and bare bottom spanked before her harder paddling punishment!




Seriously, doesn’t Kelly look fantastic? & the way she answers back to Him as he’s spanking her… accusing him of getting off on punishing her, I’m hardly surprised, I know I would be!!! You can see tons MORE movies and free previews like the above of Kelly and lots of other naughty girls EXCLUSIVE only to SoundPunishment.com

Now check out the very latest punishment story with UK porn star Masie Dee and she is one very naughty lady! I also liked the fact that maisee has decided to buck the trend and show us what a real woman she is with her full hairy bush unashamedly on display, she’s been trimmed, shaven and now she’s in her “natural look” and I have to say that it’s damned refreshing to see girls with a full compliment of their lady hair! Very retro… lol! Check out this hirsuite madame below!

The storyline: Masie is a UK porn star and she has been booked to do a femjoy shoot. Unfortunately she is not in the best of spirits because her boyfriend is off to Afghanistan to fight for Queen and country that morning. She has not been able to ‘make up’ the argument she had with him before he left that morning because he did not have time to spank her. This guilt makes her break down in the middle of the shoot and our “kindly filmaker” persuades Masie that he could do the spanking as proxy for her boyfriend! Masie agrees and after a hot bottom has been received she soon is back to her randy porno self!




Now it’s a fairly common fantasy of most spanko males that enjoy seeing their ladies dress up in school uniform and although they then might look all innocent as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths or on their unpunished bottoms… in reality, we all hope these girls then act like wanton whores still in their unfiroms so we have an excuse to “punish” them and have our wicked way whilst in the uniform.. well it is for me at least! At Spanking-University.com that is precisely what these ladies get up to… imgine having your girlfriend dressed up then played upon sexually whilst spanking her… imagine no more…check out dusky Lorraine and from my SU archives another cutie to give you an idea of what these pretty but very slutty girls are capable of receiving!

Lorraine’s ass and slippery pussy is given a good feel!





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One of the naughtiest females involved with spanking out there in the UK is Sarah, from her own SpankingSarah.com website – often featuring sexual themes, masturbation, blow jobs, punishments both sexy and harsh that are always guaranteed and here we see Sarah switch as she turns on her maid, Holly and gives her a thoroughly humiliating paddling as she gropes the poor quivering girl’s soft flesh! See images from this movie below and a direct link to a special preview clip!






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