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Je Suis Charlie Hebdo


I know this is a spanking blog – but it is also a personal place where I come to write or rant from time to time or share something wonderful or sad… I had spent 3 years of my life living and working in Paris when I was younger so have always felt an affinity to the place so when I started to see these sickening stories unfold of today’s events, I was deeply saddened. As most of you are well aware by now, a satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo was attacked – It’s a part of the French way of life, especially Parisians who enjoy a funny red over an expresso in the many brasseries.. they have many of these, mainly left wing, but very funny pokes at society… all areas of society. Well, after a firebombing incident a few years back from posting satirical images of Mohammed, they continued undeterred…. but now we have something far more sinister. No one has taken responsibility for the mass murder of the workers and 2 cops so far (12 dead at the time of writing) but it is a fundamental attack on freedom of speech. I realize that Extremists have zero sense of humor, much like those who deal in anything deemed illegal but in this case they have stepped too far. This is a way of life, to challenge it like this will only backfire as it has done on social media already! I implore you to do what these awful ignorant terrorists aimed to do (punished and murder in the name of their religion to stop us satirizing whoever the hell we feel like deserves it at the time… ) by sharing, retweeting, changing your profile pics and such to “Je suis Charlie” or even “Nous Sommes Charlie” – I am, or we are Charlie – after the #CharlieHebdo publication and 4 prominent cartoonists/lampoonists, including Msr Hebdo were killed – show your support for our freedom on how we choose to live! #solidarité.

Personal Freedoms are being whittled away as we have discussed last month in our own niche of Spanking and the production of it from the UK… to allow Freedom of speech to be challenged too is wholly unacceptable!


The French media are understandably shocked but together in solidarity at this outrage!


Le Point

TF1 TV Channel (video)

& English language media below

BBC (video)

CNN (video)


All this has done is galvanize everyday folk against yet more extremism in the name of “Allah” when that religion is being clearly abused for their own wicked ends. They will never win… any “God” that allows this in his or her name is nothing.


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