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When Schoolgirls attack!

Just a bit of fun, I forgot about these images so have put up a few of us playing. I think Sarah makes a rather good pervy schoolgirl getting her own back on a rather surprised and upset Mr Osborne, don’t you think? I particularly like the ass grab pic… it felt good at the time, lol! I will be back later with the latest of the “Halloween Spankings” for this week – update 2! (well, any excuse really to see girls in uniforms getting spanked!!!)

“When Schoolgirls Attack!” or Mr Osborne stars in “Bottom Marks!” *titter*







Femdom Spankings this weekend

It was a Saturday night… I just got back from a quiet evening out at the cinema… I watched a rather disappointing film (I won’t bother saying which one) needless to say, it was unfulfilling and I trawled the wonderful interwebz for amusement and this “beaut” of a vid (which is starting to go viral here in the UK and worldwide) is some sort of “serious” advertisement about a travel agency from Scotland…  now I know the saying about any publicity is better than none, but this video is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Check it out and I think you’ll understand why, they have disabled the comments section (quite wisely) on YouTube – all I will say is check out the staff AND the guy in the white captain’s uniform… OMG! I think I need diapering, I have peed my pants laughing so much, lol!!!!


& so to a few different spanking & fetish updates which are far from inept & might pique your interest this weekend! I will be writing a 2 blog posts tomorrow with more traditional stuff I usually write about

So if this is not your thing, I understand… come back later 🙂


I wanted to tell you about a new F/M punishment site FIRST OF ALL… It’s very good and is produced by someone I know AND I most certainly would NOT want to be ending up over her lap as she spanks the guys and punishes them HARD! Who is it? Why, it’s Sarah Bright, of course… the brains behind SpankingSarah.com now has her own F/M punishment site and she told me that far more severe stuff is on the way for the very naughty gentlemen she has been punishing… but I thought this punishment below was “ouchy” enough, don’t you agree?

Punished for cheating on Sarah’s Sister! at SarahSpanksMen.com


This is what Sarah had to say about this lowlife she punished for upsetting her little sis! – “It does not take a lot to annoy me and for sure one thing that is certain to make me boil with rage is someone who upsets my sister. This pathetic specimen cheated on her, yes… he went out with some cheap bitch from his workplace and fucked her. She asked me to deal with the situation. I was only too pleased to thrash this cheater, I beat his bottom so hard with my wooden brush he started to cry but that just ensures he gets a lot more to come!”

ssm-013001 ssm-013002

ssm-013004 ssm-013008

ssm-013012 ssm-013014

ssm-013016 ssm-013021

Check out a free vid preview of this cheater getting his just desserts!

Members will also get to see him caned to tears as well! Talking of caning, there is also this nice little feature where Sarah cold canes this foolish gentlemen… just check out his poor bottom – ouch!!!

ssm-012005 ssm-012007
ssm-012008 ssm-012013
ssm-012019 ssm-012020

This is what Sarah had to say about David’s caning: “It was a most unusual request. David came to see me and what he required was simple and very straight forward. He wanted to be cold caned. That means that he wanted me to cane his bare bottom as hard as I could and without any warm up spanking, as is usually the case. I have to admit this was a first for me but it was quite exciting knowing that I was giving David exactly what he wanted in the way he wanted it.”

Check out the free preview vid of David’s caning (below)




Of course one site that has included F/M and M/M spankings as well as the usual M/F and F/f scenes is Pandora Blake’s DreamsOfSpanking.com – I have featured her most recent male collaborations, but you can much more at her excellent site HERE

Sent to Headmistress: Why won’t student David Weston behave? Strict headmistress Pandora Blake is exasperated by his continual cheek, and refusal to accept discipline. Tough measures are clearly called for, in the form of some corporal punishment. She tells him to bend over the desk to be spanked with the slipper. Some hard smacks get his attention, then to make sure the message really has an impact, the headmistress tells him to drop his underwear to receive some stinging whacks to the bare bottom.

See the images and a free clip below:

Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress005 Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress006

Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress011 Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress015

Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress021 Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress027 Dreams-of-Spanking_headmistress032


Images below are from a 2 part M/F/M film called “The Evacuees”


Evacuees Molly Malone and Alexander Knight are delivered safely from the city to the countryside… straight into the hands of their host Dr Richard Barton, a strict ex-housemaster. After only a week they’re called to meet him in the drawing room, in serious trouble. Dr Barton administers a bare bottom spanking to schoolgirl Molly, while Alexander watches. Then it’s Alexander’s turn to get an over the knee spanking and a very red bottom.

The conclusion of this two-part evacuee story sees Molly Malone and Alexander Knight bending over the sofa to receive a hard strapping. Richard Barton delivers firm strokes to each of them, before concentrating on the one who he identifies as the ringleader. Molly Malone takes twelve stinging strokes, until her bottom is bright red and she’s truly sorry. She then must stand next to Alexander against the wall, displaying the evidence of their host’s strict methods of old fashioned punishment.

Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees012 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees015 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees029

Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees030 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees049 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2006

Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2015 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2016 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2018

Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2020 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2023 Dreams-of-Spanking_evacuees2027

For more male spanking stories and mixed punishment scenarios… check out the tour pages HERE


Finally… from ClareSpanksMen.com – a sexy girl on male slant which stills ends up with the guys getting sire red bottoms! Below is very sexy Australian fetish model, Gigi Allens spanking her minion… I’m half tempted to be naughty and bad too, especially as SHE removes his trousers (or pants as you Americans call them, which still makes me laugh, but I understand our little differences)… anyway – Gigi Allens, over her lap… bare bottom spanked. OMG, what’s not to like?

Boss Gigi Allens Spanks Worker Again

001 004

006 008

009 011

012 014


015 016

Gigi Allens is at it again. She calls her worker Josh into her office to give him more discipline for not performing the tasks he was supposed to. The much taller beauty puts Josh over her knee for a hard spanking with her hand, a paddle and her hairbrush. This time it is a lesson he will never forget!

Finally, a sort of POV (though it’s strictly not but has elements of it) with Courtney… a cheerleader who gets her own back and spanks her coach!

003 004 005

006 009 010

011 012 013

The coach has been hitting on the cheerleaders. So Cheerleader Courtney Shea meets him in his office, where she teaches him a firm lesson in self discipline. In the POV format, she puts him over her knee and spanks him long and hard with her hand and a wooden paddle. This psycho girl is strong and lectures the coach about not hitting on the other cheerleaders all while she spanks him.

CLICK HERE to see more HOT girl on guy spankings updates hot from the West Coast!


PantyRaid copy

POV spanking film with Sarah Gregory!

I have had an absolutely horrendous day at my workplace… I’m shattered and remembered that I had promised to upload and show you this POV spanking film. So I will be brief and get this to you as it is now 2.15am as I start to write this and I am working at 7 am (up at 6am so better hurry!)

I have taken some images from this unique scolding and spanking experience in the POV style from YOUR perspective as the spankee… if this appeals to you, read on… I have a future film of sarah as the spankee in this POV style… but today… YOUR ass is hers! 🙂


Welcome to Sarah Gregory at POVspanking.com as she attempts to scold you but you’re being naughty as you keep looking at her amazing cleavage! Sarah is NOT impressed with YOU and was going to just give a “naughty boy” spanking over her lap… but now she’s going to spank YOU harder and with a small leather paddle that will sting like hell! Enjoy this POV spankee perspective as YOU go over Sarah’s lap. This is filmed with the camera being YOUR eyes and it’s the closest you’ll get to being punished for being a dirty breast peeping pervert over the lap of Sarah without seeing her in person! Filmed in HD-MP4 1280×720 playback for a clearer viewing experience!

sarahpov02 sarahpov03

sarahpov04 sarahpov05

sarahpov06 sarahpov07

sarahpov08 sarahpov09

sarahpov10 sarahpov11

sarahpov12 sarahpov13

Here is a free teaser clip as Sarah is displeased with your poor attitude while she is taking to you… she is fed up with you staring at her amazing tits and *that* plunging cleavage… *tsk tsk*

Check out the full film – only available from POVspanking.com



OK, it’s now 2.30am… I need sleep. Good night!

Yet more spanking goodness!

Sometimes you have to admire an individual, I just watched the amazing and historic 200m race in which Usain Bolt defended his Olympic title with ease and did it with style. I don’t know what it is about the men’s 100 and 200m finals that evokes such emotion… but I was guilty of being caught up in it, 1st it was the 100m race which he won easily last week… now tonight we witnessed what everyone believed would be equally historic, perhaps it’s seeing Man take on and defy nature of what we are or can become, the same can be said for many of the sports I have witnessed over the past 10 or 11 days, but none stand out like the 100 or 200m final, even though, my fellow countrymen are breaking their own records and actually putting our tiny overpopulated country on the map once more as we show the world that we can compete (and as I saw today, make the French media insanely jealous of our awesome cycling team… which gave me even more pleasure) – So to all athletes and olympians competing out there, a big “thank you” from Chief for making this a spectacle I and many of my fellow Brits won’t forget in a hurry in what has become a momentous year for our country, even despite the crummy bankers and the continuing farce of the Eurozone threatening to drag us back to the Stone Age… I say this – “Why are you not looking at my Spanking Updates?” Let’s get down wit dat ass…

Check out what is to come today and feast your eyes on some rump awesomeness!

OK, let us check out a real honey called Cora at SpankingServer.com – and the usual fantastic punishment shennanigans that Peter gets up to thrashing his bevvy of East Euro beauties in the usual positions over his wicked implements and embarrassing positions the girls (like Cora) are placed in.


Cora has a distinctive tattoo – and you know that I am not a massive fan of obvious or overly distinctive tatts, but this one on her left elbow fascinated me, was it unfinished? Was it meant to intrigue me the way it did? … and for some strange reason, I found checking out her tatt and her various punishments arousing to say the least… you can see what I mean from this recent update as she is punished in a cheer girl uniform and, OMG… Cora looks stunning bent over (and that tattoo of hers blends in nicely with the uniform too!




Do NOT miss any of Cora’s punishments – You can check her out exclusively HERE


Another girl that has a lot of excluisve, and from what I have viewed over the past year, some of her best content, is Masie Dee at SoundPunishment.com – Masie is one of those girls I haven’t actually asked to work with me (I have lots of naughty storylines thought up for her) but I keep meaning to… and I bloody well should get my ass into gear, shouldn’t I… the reason? I’ll let these images from one of her recent updates show you – as they say pictures can speak a 1000 words… and I have waffled on long enough.




See Masie in school uniform getting a massively embarrassing and intimate slippering punishment as her bottom and privates are fully exposed to teach her a lesson she won’t forget in a hury! See MORE of Masie’s great films at SoundPunishment.com


OK, here’s a site I don’t feature often, but you will from now on as I have just become a member and am so impressed by this site I wanted to keep it a secret all to myself (some hope) so today I give you the images that persuaded me to join up (below) and then there are some fantastic galleries which I have found to compliment the promotion of this site, primarily a femdom, lesbian spanking, thrashing, forced orgasm/bdsm – and anything sort of goes as long as it’s “tastefully nasty” in the most gloriously sexual way (yes, it appeals to my pervy side alright!) – ladies and gents I give you Whipped Ass

Famous porn starlet, redhead Monique Alexander, is fucked and whipped in lesbian bondage for the very first time by the beautiful brunette, Bobbi Starr (who I love mainly because this girl has a most amazing natural pubic bush to die for!)

“Nom Nom Nom!”

Mistress Bobbi demands that her new bound submissive eat and drink from her before punishment can begin!

This is one of the sexiest images I had come across of Bobbi spanking Monique… check out more HERE

& if that has aroused your interest then please do go check out the free galleries below, click any image you like for the full gallery of the various femdom lesbian punishments of your choice! & You’ll find Francesca Le, more of Bobbi Starr and a long awaited return of one of the most celebrated vanilla porn actresses, Justine Joli (aka Swan), as well as Penthouse Pets all thoroughly humiliated as you’ll see below from this brief selection!




Check out the free movie previews (if you dare) of this extremely hard kinky site HERE


 You know I have a thing for cheer girls or girls punished in uniforms, well feast your eyes on this double whammy, the striking six footer, Adrienne Black, in THAT uniform getting a good old fashioned whacking across one of the best most spankable bratty asses out there – courtesy of FirmHandSpanking.com

Adrienne Black takes a 37-stroke strapping after disrespecting her teachers




Respect and obedience are an important part of life, stunning Adrienne Black learns as she bends over for a 37-stroke strapping, 27 of them bare cheeked! Already in trouble for spending time on her modeling career, Adrienne’s bottom pays big-time. Hot Reaction Cam replays!


“I have wood!” tittered Chief childishly.
Good night and back tomorrow with more “grown up debate” and updates 🙂

Jaw dropping Femdom from Amber!

Sorry this is a little later than promised but I had been occupied with sorting out the new registration and keeping my old license plate from my old to my new car (which was a real pain in the arse here in the UK, especially if your old car is, ahem… no more!). Anyway, that and the fact I had to work for a living meant that the earlier promised update comes late tonight as I’m pretty much out all day tomorrow offline and I know “Er indoors” won’t be too impressed if I come back from work and sit down in front of my PC and type my usual gibberish on here for a few hours! So hopefully you have accepted my apology and you enjoy this review of a series of films from AmberSpanks.com which has totally blown me away! Where the hell do I start? 5 short films of Amber dressed to kill in a real hard girl Domina, complete with a cropped brunette wig reminiscent of something dark and sexy from “Cabaret”. Over the period of the 5 films Amber breaks redhead Jolene but gives the poor girl some release with a hot finale I’ll let you in on later…

I hope Amber gets to read this (I know she & her Daddy lurk here sometimes) so I’d like to thank them both for making some of the hottest Femdom Erotica out there, it was totally unexpected! Many of you will be aware that Amber has been getting increasingly frisky with her submissive sluts at AmberSpanks.com and most of the girls are unique to her site… as is Jolene who has the look of Amber about her! Perhaps Daddy enjoyed this as much as Amber seeing another redhead beauty submit to his girl’s whims and desires… “Bravo”, as it must have been achingly hard in more ways than one to film this!!!




The 1st of this series has very little dialogue, Jolene is sat facing the wall and waiting for Amber who arrives and proceeds to dampen the white cotton slip that Jolene is wearing to accentuate her shivering body… Jolene moans out of anticipation, it’s obvioulsy uncomfortable, the room is stark, and Amber starts to spank and flog Jolene across her moist white top, increasing the tempo and continually drenching the top until she decides to rip the back of it exposing Jolene’s reddening rump which is worth seeing! This is just a taster, and of course Amber is dressed very provocatively (and without panties!) talk about an “eye candy opener!”




In the 2nd part we see Amber has collared Jolene, we get to see Jolene’s facial expressions more as she is turned around for the camera… but that is to see her reaction to some nipple clamping with wooden clothes pegs and the sensations of ice on her aching nipples and pussy as Amber again rips more of her white top off to reveal Jolene’s very trim buff body and bottom that Amber thoughtfully continued to moisten as she spanked and played with her exposed bottom until her cheeks started to turn an angry red! Jolene is beautifully submissive in all this and I know that Amber has experienced the feelings of nipple clamping and ice-play… so it is reassuring to know that she can understand fully what she is putting Jolene through… and it shows!



Amber has been quite stern and mean, totally in control of Jolene who is clearly tearful… more verbal and mental abuse comes in the way of the demeaning money being stuffed into Jolene’s mouth and across her butt… I’ve seen this done at a few sites, it’s something I actually like even though I’m aware that it’s usually staged or scripted and in this film it looks so real and spontaneous… perhaps it was, I’d like to think so – Amber brings out the double dildo and makes Jolene suck on one end, making her almost gag before inserting it slowly and deliberately up Jolene making her squirm as she is bent over offering Amber her pussy and ass to do with as she wishes! The following scenes are taken from the last films as we see Amber “get off” by inserting the huge double dildo into her gaping slit and the girls both writhe and grind their greased up butts pressing into each other as they fuck that pink love sausage hard…. this was an awesome piece of unexpected porn and of course gets the Chief’s “Maximum Trouser Arousal” levels! It was unexpected for me… I hope you don’t mind me warning you about it!!! (see below – and the sort of interesting cam angles that Amber’s Daddy filmed from!)



With the pleasure comes more sensations of pain that Amber continues to inflict on her submissive girl, collared and compliant she sucks her own juice off the dildo whilst being spanked again! It’s an emotional experience for Jolene, and one which is very nearly over, but not before Amber has the girl lay on the floor, virtually naked now and her legs apart showing us all that God had made her… Amber poors some more water on the girl making her shiver and gasp at the contrast of the near orgasmic experience earlier… the series ends with Amber playing and teasing Jolene to near orgasm (again) which has her writhing and groaning as both girls eventually make out… some more images are below of the final scenes and please remember that these are stills taken from the actual movies so as you can see the quality is (as always) damned good!!!


There is nothing more to say than “I am gobsmacked” and so pleasantly surprised… these series of films are best viewed in private, preferably in a darkened room, your finest wine or port to hand… and a nice big cigar (if you so wish!) I cannot praise this latest offering from AmberSpanks.com enough! If ever there was one film worth just signing up to a website for… then THIS IS IT! & of course Amber now has 100’s of amazing films to download at her site anyways… This is seriously HOT Femdom… and Amber has raised her levels again! Thank you, Amber!

You can see the full series of these films in Wmv or HQ Quicktime Format at AmberSpanks.com