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Latest Update News at AAA Spanking

I have news of the 2 most recent movie updates now showing at AAA Spanking and they both feature 2 new girls including one not seen on any spanking website until now! As well as the updates, I have a series of early show images taken from 2 recent film shoots that I had just complated in the UK. These 2 separate shoots are the first of many planned in the UK for this year so watch our for lots more amazing content that we are known for – coming soon.

But first here are the very latest films now showing at the site, with the most recent showing first! So please welcome Kali Danes in her first showing at AAA Spanking in a special 3 scene feature that has her spanked in 3 positions, by hand, Compliance Discipline strap (made by renowned Ouch UK) and a thick leather razor strop for a fitting finale. Kali can take quite a punishment and welcomed one of our favorite male tops, Johnny Lake, to turn her bottom an angry red… a challenge Johnny relished!

Introducing Kali Danes

Say “hello” to Kali Danes. Please welcome another stunning debut performance at Triple A of a real lifestyle player. Nothing entertains submissive Kali more than pleasing her male tops – showcasing an amazing tolerance level that she possesses during impact play. She chose to work with one of our favorite male performers, Johnny Lake, at a recent party. You will watch her take a hard spanking and strapping in three seperate scenes and each one is packed full of action. No long introductory dialogue or storyline, just the spanking from the start between a couple who make for wonderful viewing.

In Scene One: Kali is spanked over Johnny’s knee, her bottom is already glowing as we join them mid flow, no warm ups, no talking, just good old fashioned hard,hand spanking. For lovers of OTK this is a must see.

In Scene Two: Kali is bent over a couch, her bare bottom exposed to the hard administrations of Johnny’s leather Compliance Discipline Strap. This strap stings like hell and it is used a whopping 200 times without stop as Kali takes each and every swat given to her.

In Scene Three: Kali has her bottom stuck out and her back fully arched. The cheeks of her bottom are stretched more in this precarious position as she is given a similar relentless tempo of 70 measured, severe follow through swats with Johnny’s trusted thick double edged Leather Strop.

Watch the free preview at AAA Spanking HERE

Or download the full length film at the AAA Clip Store (click image below)

Fae’s tearful Spanking & Diapering

Fae is new to any dedicated spanking website…  she is best known for being one of the best known cover girls at ABDL Dreams – naturally, over the past few years, both Sarah & I have really loved the crossover of ageplay and especially age regression/humiliation scenarios that spanking and diapering brings during a punishment roleplay! Fae is local to Sarah and is available for custom work! Just take a look at this stunning debut performance as Fae gets a spanking and diapering from her mommy, played by Miss Bernadette, in this delightful late 1960’s style. Wetting her knickers at school to get out of schoolwork has dire consequences… as you’ll see (below).

We are proud to bring you yet another new first time performance from one of the ABDL world’s best loved performers, Fae. This is a fantastic debut as she is dressed in a cute authentic school uniform, in a believable late 1960’s setting. Naughty Fae has been wetting herself at school, and mommy finds out, believing that her daughter is using this excuse to get out of exams, tests and leave classes. She confronts her after school and gives her a chance to own up but Fae tries to cover up her obvious shame and lies to her mother. This doesn’t bode well for her as mommy explains that she knows everything, telling her what will happen next.

Fae receives a humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking as her regulation knickers, with double cotton gusset protection, are pulled down. Soon her cheeks are burning red as the hairbrush is also used to properly tan this deceitful little madam! The final part of this punishment involves severe age regression as her private parts are powdered and she is placed into a large, old fashioned white diaper. She can not move without the embarrassing sound of the padded outer layers crinkling… she can barely look at mommy! Then Fae endures a final scolding and embarrassing spanking on all fours, still wearing her fresh diaper, to remind her not to act like a baby. She should learn to grow up when she is at school or she will endure more punishments like this at home!

aaa spanking

Watch the free preview at AAA Spanking HERE

Or download the full length film at the AAA Clip Store (click image below)

If you haven’t seen my recent tweets, then you will have missed some early preview shots (these images are taken with my phone but they are pretty good as you’ll see). many of these shots were taken as we were filming and not staged, so this is what you’ll see… some images are naturally some fun images that show you what we got up to behind the scenes!

Film shoot with Zoe Page & Lucy Lauren

What can I say? These two ladies were simply awesome! Zoe has worked with us many times but Lucy made her first appearance and they produced one of the most visually stunning spankings I’ve filmed in a while from a new uniform series called “Spanko Air” this will chart the lives of various flight attendant spankings scenarios… in believable uniforms (not costumes, which are just tacky… I hope you appreciate the effort we put into this!) – We also shot scenes outside for our other sites with yet another real soccer uniform… anyone care to guess which English professional team this was loosely based on and why? & of course, lots of other amazing stuff filmed including schoolgirl spankings and more content for our forthcoming Intimate Spanking site (coming soon!) – Enjoy!

A few days later I filmed with Lola Marie once more, she is one of my favorite ladies to work with and she did NOT disappoint… including a first time mouthsoaping and some pretty hard canings at the end with her restrained in a humiliating naked caning punishment! We also filmed a cracking outdoor/indoor two part schoolgirl discipline movie… with a great new uniform! Check it out!

So plenty to look forward to, I think you will agree!!!

News from my latest film shoot

This is Katie Brown, who filmed with AAA Spanking yesterday


Here are some more images taken from yesterday’s film shoot with the lovely but very naughty Katie Brown… who I might just rename Miss Niagra Falls (more on that in a mo). Katie was looking forward to the film shoot but we had to start late as she had a job interview earlier in the day (I got to spank her in that outfit in my own unique interview later, lol) so I had to reschedule a bit… but it was worth it, even if I did get home tired late last night and have to get up early for my normal job… it was well worth it. We did a couple of the POV style films as well as 5 or 6 films with extensive image sets, so for her 1st spanking shoot, she got a lot in and started to show signs of stress as her poor bottom became ever more sore and tender… I actually did a few hard scenes, after all… it is a spanking site, and I was impressed with the way she took her punishments and she wasn’t a shy girl, as you’ll see below, giving me scope to bring a few more risque storylines and feed my kink… and hopefully provide my members with more variety and a new face, of course!

I sometimes wish I just had to film and nothing else… it’s stressful at times, but also very rewarding when you get the content you are after 🙂

So here is roughly the order of the day from some images I found and arranged to give you an idea of the events as they happened! Katie wasn’t shy, so I got her to play with herself getting off to spanking scenes from a jazz mag, very old school, but they belonged to uncle John’s… you’ll see her get off and relax after orgasm and she is caught with her PJ bottoms down by “moi” and of course I’m very shocked and see she had also been using some punishment implements so test a couple out on her bare bottom to see if she gets off to that too!!! tsk!




Katie is now a proud member of the AAA Wheelbarrow Club… and we took our time to ensure that the lighting was perfect, a lot more goes on behind the scenes than you can sometimes imagine… I have seen some of the raw video data and it looks pretty good, I have to say 🙂 Oh… and for that added kinkiness, I spanked Katie in a cheerleader’s outfit! well… why not?

SWS_8993 SWS_9000

SWS_9016 SWS_9020

Katie was very photogenic and loved being in front of the camera… can you tell?

The next film was amusing as I put her through her paces in an alternative interview – with spanking implements! Does she accept the job? Well, that would be telling!!!

interview001 interview002

interview003 interview004

Katie’s bottom marked up beautifully in this film and I loved the way it showed under her tights before those and eventually her beautiful panties were removed for various strapping and paddling punishments with her bottom high in the air! God that is so sexy, isn’t it? Katie had a very VERY spankable butt, I can assure you!

The next film was fascinating and time consuming but I hope it is worth it… I had Katie dressed as a nervous schoolgirl, afraid of telling me she needed to go pee after she was to report to the kitchen for defying school regulations with more uniform mishaps… and I didn’t want to hear her excuses, cutting her short everytime she talked, I should have listened as I left to fetch some implements for punishing her for the “crime” of wearing those pink panties under her skirt… she gushed a torrent of pee from them that never seemed to end… seriously, I never knew a girl could store so much in her bladder… filming this, Dave and I looked at each other open mouthed as she carried on…. and on…. and on, lol! Mopping up after was “fun” … ahem!



Katie: Before we discovered Niagra Falls!


Yup! That bathbrush doing it’s job… again “ouch!”


I have no images of the pee scene, but it is all captured on film, trust me when I compared her to the Niagra Falls, I am not far wrong!!! & I checked the data to see I got it all, clearly… O-M-G!!!

The final images I have here are from a film between Dave and Katie, in her PJs, caught up late watching TV when she should have been upstairs in bed… Dave decides to teach this naughty girl a lesson… which you will see he rather enjoyed over his lap and with the aid of some soothing cream for Katie’s sore red bottom!

SWS_9290 SWS_9305


At the end of the day, it’s all smiles as you can see from the final image above 🙂 Just in case anyone would ever think we coerce our girls, I only ever try to employ ladies that WANT to come work with us… so know what we are about! I had a great time filming Katie, Dave did too and I hope to work with her again in the near future! Members will start to see her work appearing very soon at AAA Spanking and of course those with The Loyalty Membership need not worry as her updates will appear fast and furious over the coming months! I can hardly wait myself!!! All this and what is coming, I get excited sharing this news with you all! 🙂


Behind the scenes at our latest Film Shoot!

I have just gone through a few images, these are all raw data and the images are vastly reduced in size as they are for represenation only… but I think you’ll get the idea! We had a fun film shoot yesterday, it was very tiring as the weather was quite muggy and under the sudio lights it got a little warm at times… but I was ably assisted by a nice new chap, Paul Down, who helped me quell the unrest of having to deal with 3 VERY naughty girls – Emma, Cindy & Sara (together these girls are a real handful!!!) See the image set below that gives you an idea of what went on and a small glimpse of what you might expect to see coming soon! I can’t wait to see the edited films!

We had some fun with the dreaded drop seat pyjamas, Paul was a leftie (left handed), so we did a good double scene with the girls caned one by one in front of each other over the bed, taking turns (but we lost count when taking our turn, lol) no images of that yet, sorry… we also did an epic schoolgirl movie which I know the editor will HATE rendering, that will take forever… heh heh! Hopefully you will like this too as much as we did making the films… and if you still want to take advantage of a Special Trial Offer… please do it quickly as I intend to remove that sometime this coming week and I certainly won’t be repeating that for a long time! So have a great May Bank Holiday everyone… we have friends here so I have just popped in to show you what I got up to yesterday. Now back to the wine! Back soon! Chief

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