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Varied Spanking Updates & Party News

It has been a whirlwind few weeks away from this blog so I really had no time at all to catch up, but I’m sure you checked back here from time to time to see if I found time. Well, today I did and I have some interesting things from many varied sites that I think you’ll like! If you do, go support these sites with a membership purchase, any of these sites are worth the entry fee and will cost less than a dollar a day! At the end of this post, there’s the promise of spanking parties ahead. I’ll let you know where and will be writing more insight on this soon! Continue reading

Check out these awesome spankings

Here’s a quick round-up of some choice spanking sites, some with new girls featured here for you to see getting a punishment they deserve! On a personal note, it’s been a crap past week, one which kept Sarah and I occupied elsewhere, so forgive me for the absence here. If you go to Sarah’s Twitter feed, you’ll see a tweet currently pinned as to why our week has been so bad.

If you saw her tweet I can confirm many tears were shed, we’re seeing an insurance assessor early tomorrow (floor tiles we never knew about are asbestos FFS) and know only some insurance will cover this… we had worked so hard when COVID stopped filming to make an amazing studio space and then our precious time and money was ruined just like that overnight! If you can help, please do, it really means a lot to know there are those who could support us when this has really knocked us both for six. & so to the reason you came here today… the updates.

Stunning Danusha Cox gets her first-ever spanking – and you’re invited to watch!

A bottom-warming welcome to Firm Hand for Danusha Cox, taking her first-ever spanking in Discipline Counselor. “You can see from my facial reactions, kicking and the color of my ass this was my first time,” laughs Danusha. “Mr Friday’s hand is big, he spanks hard, it stings, no acting required! I loved that I got to give attitude!” See Danusha’s pert booty turn crimson and watch her bottom bounce as she yells in slow-motion replays!

See this brand new series with the new girl next door, Danusha Cox, only at Firm hand Spanking

Arella Bell – Learning to say “Sir”

New student Arella is having trouble learning to say ‘Sir’ so the Dean helps her.

Check out Real Spankings Institute for more films like this with Arella Bell

Anne: Hand Spanked While In A Straddle

Anne is told to lose her panties and straddle the ottoman to receive a hard hand spanking before bed time.

See more red bottom spankings like Anne’s only from Real Spankings

This site and RSI make up part of the amazing value 8-site Real Spankings Pass – check it out!

I will have fun with you

Bonnie Bellotti is another new young lady on this website. This young beauty contacted me and said she quite liked a spanking from her boyfriend and had seen some of Sarah Stern’s and wanted to give it a go. She was thrown right in at the deep end with a good solid storyline and a good hard spanking on her delightful bare bottom.

There’s more of stunning Bonnie Bellotti with Sarah at Spanking Sarah – check out all her films

Alexa’s Inappropriate Dress

Alexa has been asked to call round to see her boss, there have been complaints from some of her work colleagues about the way she dresses for work. After a very careful and close examination, he has to agree that her dress is quite revealing and that under company disciplinary procedures he will have to administer a spanking as her punishment. She does not seem too upset by this and soon finds herself over his knee as he gives her a long and very hard spanking.

There are lots of English girls getting the spankings they deserve at English Spankers

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon! Good night from a freezing cold New England.

Spanking Punishments You Should See!

Here’s a little collection of the latest updates and spanking punishments that I feel you should check out. They are worth it and visiting the site tour pages will give you more information on the films featured here plus other updates I haven’t covered. You can support the sites by signing up for a membership… these are troubling times for everyone, but the websites featured offer amazing value (remember  20 years ago how you’d crave a blurry VHS tape for 50-50 Dollars?) – Now you get HD content for many hundreds of full films at every site shown plus extras like photo galleries and model updates and such. Trust me, every membership received is greatly appreciated and helps keep the sites you love open and creating MORE content.

northern spanking

Summer Camp

Alex, Maddy, Harley & Linny find themselves abandoned by their parents to a Summer Camp, (a feature of growing up in America) and one with a very strict disciplinary policy. Having skipped off for the afternoon and gotten lost in the woods, the girls must now face an angry Camp Director… and his cane! One by one the girls are lectured, bent over, and smacked hard across their white cotton panties, followed by a 12 stroke caning that leaves their bottoms striped and very, very sore.

sore bare bottom caning spanking schoolgirl caning spanked and caned bottoms


northern spanking

spanked in uniform

The Home Nurse

Nurse Olga was supposed to take care of a patient at her home but the little madam decided to take a nap, forgot to give the patient her medicine, and did not have the required uniform on. Her bottom paid dearly for that. First, she gets a sound spanking. Then naughty nurse Olga, still laying on the couch with her bottom bare, gets a sound paddling before being sent back to the corner to wait for her next punishment. Olga gets a spanking in the diaper position before she is sent to the corner, her bottom sore and red, to reflect on her poor behavior.



spanked in uniform

spanked and diapered

Diapered for Disrespect

After being extremely rude to restaurant staff in the hotel where they are staying on their school trip, Cara is taken to her room by supervising teacher Miss Elizabeth to be punished. Cara’s punishment is going to be both painful AND humiliating. As well as the spanking schoolgirl Cara is expecting, Miss Elizabeth informs her as she’s smacking her bottom, Cara is to wear a diaper under her school dress for the rest of the day. And she’s going to apologize for her rudeness, in person, in her diaper! Also, it seems that Miss Elizabeth has borrowed a wooden spoon from the hotel kitchen. Pretty sure she told them it was going to be used to punish this rude little girl!


firm hand spanking

New Rules for Lola Sanders

A second six with a wooden paddle, panties pulled down, for bratty Lola Sanders Lying flat on the dining table, pretty brat Lola Sanders pushed John Friday too far by damaging his clothes. Clad only in bra and panties, she’s already had six swats with a long school paddle. Now it’s time for her pert bottom to be bared for another six burning smacks. Her bouncing buttocks clench and twitch as she’s punished, replayed in slow-mo.

wooden paddling sore red buttocks



Pot pourri of Spanking

Here’s an interesting mix of spanking updates and websites I really think you should check out starting this week off with the finale of a full series of films starring one of my fave spankees that I have worked with for our own network several times… here she is (with a different last name which this site often does to their performers, but whatever) here is Lola Sanders (also more commonly known as Lola Anderson) showcasing at Firm Hand Spanking

Lola Sanders – New Rules

Nude strapping finale for sassy senior Lola Sanders stripped from school uniform: In the bathroom mirror, stunning senior Lola Sanders can see her face and the strap swinging up to lash her bottom. The fact that she’s totally naked in front of John Friday makes the whole experience even more stressful, as he walked in just as she was about to take a shower. This epic nude strapping finale includes a bonus exclusive interview with Lola!

Check out the free preview of this film (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”63953″]


The next site featured today is Dallas Spanks Hard – Last year saw the beginning of some amazing films with an exclusive first-time model called Hailey! As Dallas remarked, she was a young Madeleine Stowe look-a-like! Check out this special preview of the first series of films she starred in called “Hailey’s Hot One!”

This is what Dallas had to say about this film series: “I hold her tight standing up and give her another paddling and a ruler-strap whipping. She was shaking so much from the pain of the spankings, that I literally had to hold her up! She is then made to put on tight short-shorts, wherein I start with my hand over her shorts, then pull them down, for the rest of her hard hand spanking. She gets a wooden paddle after that, followed by a painful rubber paddle for not using a helmet when riding her bike around campus. It is followed by not only a tearful hairbrush spanking OTK, but her lying on her stomach for a hard antique razor strapping!

Click on the image below to play this 1 min 30 sec preview of stunning Hailey’s punishment

[jwplayer mediaid=”63983″]


Finally today, here is someone I miss working with… Audrey Sugarsmak. Possessor of one of the finest, most spankable booties known to mankind (in my opinion, LOL). I have decided to show her work at Punished Brats since you can find most of her work from this site – it also has a special offer (currently) allowing you to view the full site for just $9.95 for the month. It’s a time limited offer and is available at the time of writing.

Audrey felt humiliated when David bared her bottom and began her punishment, stopping only briefly to chastise her regarding this outlandish behavior. As David landed swat after swat with the strap upon Audrey’s bare bottom she tried to make up any excuse that came to mind. She remembered that David had to spank or strap her on a few occasions before. As this had to do with familial propriety,  this time Audrey was strapped until tears flowed from her eyes and while rubbing her sore red bare bottom, she promised not to behave in such a manner again. Once her spanking was over, all that the socialite could do was rub her sore bottom and promise to use better judgement in such familial matters as tears streamed from her eyes.

Click (below) to view this free preview of Audrey’s leather strapping!

[jwplayer mediaid=”63975″]


More Exclusive Spanking Updates

Hello again… here are some more exciting and exclusive spanking updates for you all, most are fresh off the press, so to speak. A couple others are classics you probably haven’t seen before but are typical of the sites I have featured so you have a great idea what each producer’s films (shown below) are all about! Enjoy!

Amy’s Caning for Credit Card Fraud
Starring: Amy Fox & Sarah Gregory

Gifted wild child, Amy Fox, has been sent to a special reformatory institute by her parents (at great expense) so that she can stay out of “Juvy” and continue her education. However, the institute has harsh methods of correction if any of the girls fall foul of the strict rules. In this case, Amy has gone beyond that, as she has been caught “up to her old ways,” when she was discovered stealing credit card numbers… using them to make fraudulent online purchases. Her parents have given the principal, Miss Gregory, the means to carry out correction as she sees fit. Unfortunate Amy earns her first cold caning punishment for her serious infractions. Amy’s sassy attitude soon disappears when the reality of this discipline takes place with her bent over the table, bottom vulnerable and exposed. The first 12 strokes are carried out with her panties pulled up, making them wedgied and feeling uncomfortable. Then the remaining 12 (after yet more withering and harsh scolding from the principal) are carried out with them down. Poor Amy loses what little dignity is left as these final 12 strokes really drive the point home. This cane is one of the most fearsome Miss Gregory possesses; A straight, knotless, dense Dragon Cane nicknamed “The Bequeathed” as it is so precious! The caning punishment is calculated and methodical, designed to elicit the maximum emotional response to the painful consequences of receiving 24 strokes… cold, from this most feared implement! The results speak for themself… Amy’s poor bottom is welted and an angry red from the top of her bottom in uniform lines all the way down to her sore, burning backs of her thighs.

spanking and caning caning and spanking punishment welted caning welts and cane marks

View all the latest films exclusive to AAA SPANKING

aaa spanking

Riley Breaks in and gets Spanked Paddled Caned Birched and More
Starring: Riley Laroux & Stevie Rose

Cat Burglar Riley is caught by the lady of the house and must submit to a long, humiliating punishment. It starts OTK and goes to a hard paddling over a chair bottom stuck out. Then she bends over the couch wide legged and looks between her legs for 12 from a cane. The lady of the house tells her to take off her clothes, except her mask and gloves and report upstairs for the rest of her punishment. When Riley strips, she is told to undress, except for her mask, hat, boots and gloves. The lady of the house meets here in garters and thigh highs giving a very hard birching with a 6 rod birch across her bare ass. She gets on all fours and stick out her naked ass for 24 hard lashes on the bare. Then Stevie Rose climbs on her and gives her 5 bare pussy swats for cursing and finishes with 15 Penalty Swats on her bare and open butthole!  This is a very erotic and strict punishment from a beautiful redhead.

spanking and birching spread and spanked pussy spanking penalty swats

View all the latest films exclusive to WORST BEHAVIOR PRODUCTIONS

worst behavior productions

Sasha: Shackled & Paddled on the Bench
Starring: Sasha, Peter & Heidi

Sasha undresses and is shackled to the spanking bench by both Peter and Heidi. She is placed in a vulnerable position with her ass cheeks spread. She waits for him to begin the wooden paddling. Her unmarked bum soon reddens as the paddle hits her full force. Soon, her delicate cheeks are a deep blushing red from the assault on her backside. Sasha is released and allowed to reflect on her punishment during corner time… rubbing her perfect sore bottom.

bare bottom wooden paddling spanked and paddled spanking

See more beautiful East European girls exclusive to SPANKING SERVER

spanking server

Spanked in Uniform series: D – Lucy’s classic OTK
Starring: Lucy Lauren & Dodgy Dave

Lucy Lauren about to get a spanking

Spanked to the max in school uniform, panties pulled down: Lucy Lauren fantasizes about it…now she’s experiencing being Spanked in Uniform. Lying over Philip Johnson’s knee, plaid school skirt raised, panties pulled down, her bare bottom bounces beautifully as his hand teaches her the value of obedience and good behavior. The slow-motion replays of this brat’s spanking are stunning!

otk spanking spanking

View all the latest free previews on the tour pages of FIRM HAND SPANKING

firm hand spanking

Reverie is caught snooping
Starring: Reverie & Mr. M.

Reverie finds a box in Michael’s closet and discovers that he had bought several canes as a gift for her. Having gotten into them without permission costs her and she receives an 18 stroke caning for her troubles.

spanking and caning

See more of reverie and many other hard punishments at REAL SPANKINGS

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real spankings

Spanking Stuff to start your week!

Howdy! Here are some different spanking updates for you today, they are varied and cover many websites I love to catch up with. If you like what you see, please go check out their tour pages and see the other latest content from the links I have provided for you to view! Have a good one… and here’s hoping this makes for a better start to your coming week! Enjoy!

Correctional Institute – Zoe Page & Lucy Lauren

Prison officer’s bare ass paddled as revenge: red hot punishment scene! The painful, stinging smack of a wooden paddle across prison officer Zoe Page’s bare bottom can be heard outside her office as inmate Lucy Lauren exacts revenge for months of abuse in Correctional Institute. Awesome 20 swats counted out, plus many more before and after, leave Zoe’s bottom red raw. Check out the slow-motion bouncing booty replays!

See more of this preview & series only at Firm Hand Spanking

A Friend’s Loyalty – Introducing Veda Rose

After a friend’s night out, Veda comes home alone. Refusing to rat out her friend, she is soon bent over the bed for daddy’s belt. Still refusing to talk, her pants are pulled down for a spanking across his knee. Veda whimpers as her bottom gets spanked swollen and red.

See more of this movie only at Assume the Position Studios

Jill And Britney Caught: Spanked And Penalty Swats

Jill Kassidy and Britney Light, the two prettiest women in spanking today, are caught spanking and playing with each other by Daddy who spanks those pretty naked bottoms hard and gives Penalty Swats too.

See the full-length movie of these sexy girls at Worst Behavior Productions

A Proper Whoopin’ after Getting Paddled at School

Michael receives an email that Kiki had been paddled at school, so upon her return home, he demands to see her bruised bottom. He then follows up with a bare bottom whoopin’ that she will not soon forget.

See the latest hard domestic punishments featured at Real Spankings
Or visit Real Spankings Pass – offering you THE BEST value (8 sites for a fraction of the combined cost)

Business studies – with Bambi Belle

Bambi is an industrious school girl who has started running a small business from her dorm room. Unfortunately, some of her stock was intercepted by a concerned mail room staff member…since one of the boxes that arrived for her was clearly labeled as coming from a sex shop. The headmaster has come to Bambi’s room to have a word with her. Bambi seemingly has no idea why her new money making scheme of selling vibrators and lingerie to the girls in her building should be a problem…but the headmaster definitely thinks it’s a problem!

Bambi is about to learn the limitations of on-campus commerce via a sore spanked bottom and a taste of the Headmaster’s strap.

See more of this film & Bambi’s other features at Northern Spanking

Midweek Spanking Updates

It’s been a while so here are some excellent recent updates and a classic (at the end) that I have for you today from these fine sites I recommend you go support. Each is different, as you’ll see… so without further waffle from me, please enjoy today’s reviews!

Spanked in Uniform starring Lucy Lauren

spanking over regulation knickers

Panties pulled down, Lucy Lauren is spanked long and hard in school uniform: Fantasizing about being spanked as a naughty schoolgirl is one of Lucy Lauren’s favorite themes. But when she’s faced with the real thing, panties pulled down by headmaster Philip Johnson, it’s a whole new world of humiliation in “Spanked in Uniform”. Lucy’s bouncing cheeks are soon turned crimson. Awesome slow-mo replays show every ripple!

spanking from Sir schoolgirl spanking lucy lauren spanking aftermath


Rude Awakeningstarring Cara Day & Alex Reynolds

cute cara day at spanked and diapered

Little Cara is on vacation with her big sister… but she has too much energy in the morning. When she won’t stop bothering her sleepy sister, Alex, and doesn’t listen to instructions, she’s in trouble. A day at the zoo is still in her future, but it will have to wait until she’s had her bottom spanked over Alex’s knee. And what happens to little girls who don’t listen? They can’t be trusted to listen when they’re out of the house, so they end up getting put in diapers, just in case. Cara looks so sweet being taped into a vintage Bambino diaper that I daresay all will be forgiven.

otk spanking panties down spanking explicit diapering of Cara Day spanked and diapered


Priceless Artifactsstarring Rachel Adams & Paul Kennedy

Rachel is a security guard at a city museum. She works very long hours for very little money and this is just one of her jobs. Overcome with tiredness one day, Rachel takes a nap. Unfortunately, the 18th Century heirloom on which she’s napping is covered by a security camera.
Rachel’s boss is a lazy but connected city employee seemingly freshly transferred from one of its correctional facilities, where no doubt his strengths were more in play. About heritage and history, he gives precisely zero fucks but he does recognize an opportunity when he sees it asleep on a screen.
Unwilling, supposedly, to go through the mountain of paperwork needed to dismiss Rachel, his alternative punishment is more immediate, painful, and extremely humiliating for poor Rachel, who soon finds herself across his desk, tights and panties down, on the receiving end of his belt. She does want to keep her job after all, doesn’t she?

spanking over pantyhose spanked and strapped leather strapping


Judicial Caning & Hand Tawsing of Chrissy Marie & Delta Hauser

hand tawsing and caning

There are 2 sets of a dozen strokes delivered to both girls with increasing velocity to each of them. The cane cuts into their tender skin. Delta takes her 1st 12 then is made to watch as Chrissy receives hers, this is then repeated again with the second set. A second camera angle captures the look of pure agony on their pretty faces with each cut of the cane. The punishment bench pushes their bottoms high in the air, spread and exposed without an ounce of humility.
Their punishment ends with a severe leather hand-tawsing for each of them before they show off their sore hands and striped bottoms.



That’s it for today… and a friendly reminder that this is the type of America we should all aspire to live in, not a divisive one we seem to be struggling in right now where neighbors and friends can not even say who they support politically without resorting to petty name-calling. We are better than this. It was never this bad… was it? I can’t vote, but I highly recommend those who can exercise their God given right and do something about it!


Spanking on Titillating Tuesday

This is an update post on what could be called “Titillating Tuesday” when you see the film reviews past and present I have for you today! Have fun, y’all!

titillating Tuesday

Doctor’s Dilemma
Starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Stripped naked and paddled hottie doctor Lucy Lauren volunteers for a spanking

Gorgeous private clinic doctor Lucy Lauren decides to appeal to boss Zoe Page’s good nature by undressing ready for a spanking, but it doesn’t save her bottom. Stretched over a punishment frame, bare butt in the air, Lucy yelps as a leather paddle goes to work in Ms Page’s hand for Doctor’s Dilemma. Exciting Reaction Cam shots and slow-motion replays!


The next updates all make up a membership to the Clare Fonda Pass – the site owners are now actively encouraging you to make this your default way of becoming a member, as it really is so much better in terms of value… accessing 5 sites for a fraction of their combined cost. So who are we to argue? Ignore the landing page as it is in transition. What matters is that it gives full unrestricted access to the five sites with your membership codes. Here’s what members have been viewing this week from the very latest updates (from 3 sites chosen below):

Vixen And Darling REMASTERED at Girl Spanks Girl

This erotic remastered classic stars Darling (who goes by Dee Williams now) and Vixen and will now have full files in all formats. Here is the original description: Darling’s pussy is too tight for sex so she visits her friend Vixen who has a magic technique for loosening it up and getting it nice and wet — which of course involves a sound spanking, then some dildo play. Afterwards, Darling gets her turn to spank the very long Vixen, who then is so aroused she decides to pleasure herself.

Veronica Spanks Her Aunt at My Spanking Roommate

Aunt Clare Fonda recently spanked her niece Veronica Ricci for laughing while she watches her friend Kay get spanked by her mom. But after Veronica also got spanked by that mom, Veronica is angry that she got spanked twice for the same offense. So she gives her aunt a taste of her own medicine, putting her over her knee for a sound spanking.

Stevie Spanked By Tiana Irie at Spanked Callgirls

Stevie Rose poses as the madam who interviews a new lady, Tiana Irie. But turns out Tiana is an undercover cop, ready to bust Stevie. But Stevie offers to take a spanking instead of going to jail. Tiana agrees, and gives Stevie and incredibly hard spanking with her hand and wooden paddle!

All the above 3 films are available with the CLARE FONDA PASS membership

Jessica Fox Paddles her Bottom
A self spanking by Jessica

This is what Sarah Stern had to say about this particular film released a few years ago:
“I just love Jessica, she is such a lovely lady and these films I have of her are the only ones she has made. We had a great day filming and were looking for ideas and she said why don’t I spank my own bottom. I know that lots of you do like to see this but I was not sure if she would be hard enough but said OK and left her with Remington Steel who filmed her for me. The result is spectacular and when you see this film I know you will agree and love the way she goes about it.”


Corona Infractions
Starring Ana & Mike

This is what Mike has to say about the latest episodes completed in the Bellview Catholic School section:
After many months of not filming, we are finally back with a new Bellview episode. In this episode young Ana is soundly spanked for disobeying the CoVid measures put in place for all our benefit. This is the first punishment of many. In part two… Ana is soundly slippered with a Gym shoe for not wanting to wear mouthguards as instructed by the health services and Government. In her final punishment of this painful session, she feels the sting of our Tawse explode on her bare bottom for not keeping her distance during this pandemic.


News from around the Spankosphere

Hello again… here’s a collection of some of the latest films and updates I may not have covered from the past in detail so do go check out all these sites and see for yourselves what is going on.

However, currently, I am really pissed off and am having issues where we are unable to have unrestricted internet access due to EverSource in Connecticut unable to get power back to the residents in a timely manner. Storm Isiahs hit early this week and has caused havoc to 750,000 residents. Now, observing this as a British citizen living in the USA right now, this situation is unheard of to me. I used to live in a rural area of Somerset (similar in the UK) and the most we ever had with no power was 24-48 hours after a severe winter snowstorm. We literally had a few hours of 60mph winds and it has caused this devastation… I also notice nearly all power lines are overhead in the USA, as that is cheaper, something cable and power companies don’t always do in the UK as underground costs more but residents DESERVE service, especially when Eversource Corp are the ONLY power company where we have no choice but to use them. Again, unacceptable. This goes for internet services too where we live. It is a monopoly and it doesn’t create competition or innovate, just makes profits for shareholders, and pays exorbitant salaries to CEOs and VPs. The CEO of Eversource earns a reputed $19M a year, I wish I was paid that much for overseeing the gross mismanagement and incompetence we residents of Connecticut are experiencing. Anyway, I have phone access (using my British phone and the data plan) which, through COMPETITION… I am still getting offered at no extra cost to use here in the USA. Sarah’s cellphone company doesn’t offer that at all. Anyway, I could rant on and on… this does make me miss the UK when some of our problems are much simpler there.

But enough of that, here are the latest updates for you all that I am covering today!

Breaking Point – Full movie from Punished Brats

real tears punishmentStarring Chloe Noir & David Pierson

As Chloe was preparing to leave the campus of the Amber Wells’ School For Girls, she was surprised when she was summoned to Dean Pierson’s office. She wondered if the dean had not gotten the message that she was a reporter on assignment and not a student. When she met with the dean, she found that he was quite aware of who she was but still insisted that she take her punishment. Chloe was shocked to hear the her editor also believed that she needed to take her punishment or there would be no job for her when she returned. The young reporter now grasped that her time at the school had been a set up all along. She gasped when she learned that her punishment was to be twenty-five whacks with the school paddle on her bare bottom. Despite her best efforts to control her emotions, the pain of the paddle made her cry. Once the twenty-fifth whack was delivered, the tears were streaming down the young, undercover reporter’s face. She was then sent back to face her editor.

paddling and spanking    spanking chloe noir  


Lucy Lauren – Doctor’s Dilemma (ongoing series)
starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Spreadeagled nude over a punishment frame, Lucy Lauren is soundly strapped

Talented doctor Lucy Lauren works at a top clinic, but boss Zoe Page likes nothing more than telling the pretty blonde medic to bend over for a spanking! Seems Dr Lucy is starting to enjoy the experience as she strips totally naked to lie spreadeagled over a punishment frame to be strapped in Doctor’s Dilemma. Epic slow-motion bottom-bouncing replays!


Sarah Spanks Amy (Spanked callgirls) via Clare Fonda Pass
Starring Amy Fox & Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory recently received a spanking and it was all because Amy Fox told all about her plan. So now Sarah exacts her revenge by putting Amy over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand, and a hairbrush. The spanking goes on until Amy repents for what she did. Lesson learned. Do not mess with Sarah Gregory.


Smacked in the Changing Room
Starring Zabrina Black, Jadie Reece & Alex Reynolds

Zabrina has been caught cheating in an inter-school cross country race… by the PE Mistress of the opposing team. Cornered in the changing room by a furious Miss Reece, Zabrina soon finds herself bent over having her bottom smacked, first across the seat of her PE knickers, then bare. Miss Reynolds, the PE Mistress of Zabrina’s school enters, having heard the commotion. Attempts to defend her girl only to inflame Miss Reece’s temper and soon Miss Reynolds is in Zabrina’s place, having her bottom smacked like a naughty girl, Miss Reece having ripped off her knickers!

We hope you appreciate the 70’s/80’s feel we were able to create with the wonderful venue we had available to us. This film was in fact shot in 2016 as the finale of a four-part series of PE-themed punishments.


Spanking Updates Now and Then

More updates today. I thought since many of us are still at home or social distancing through no fault of our own, I’d go through some classics as well as some recent updates from the sites featured below. For example, the RS Network has featured this young new performer, Arella Bell… and there are some great perspectives of spanking in POV format at Hand Spanking as well as 2 classics I’ve added showcasing Samantha Woodley & Justine Rosenberg (and where you can find more of their content than any other website). okay… let’s get on with this (I’m excited to show you).

Arella’s Institute Arrival

Starring Arella Bell & Michael Masterson

Arella is in the Dean’s office, waiting naked. She has been strapped by Miss Betty, so she will receive the same punishment from The Dean. She is bent over and strapped naked. The Dean decides he is not done with her and leaves to find another strap. The Dean returns with a heavier strap, and applies it to Arella’s bottom, leaving her bruised and sore. He then tells her to put her uniform on.

See more films starring Arella at Real Spankings Institute

Arella’s Bare Breasted Strapping

Starring Arella Bell & Betty Blaze

Arella is bent over and strapped on her jeans, panties and bare bottom for not wearing a bra.

See more films starring Arella at Real Spankings

You can access both these sites as part of the amazing value Real Spankings Pass – 8 full RS membership sites for a fraction of the combined cost!

Spankee’s Eye, Spanker’s Eye

Starring Noa & Shihori

A daughter comes home late again and is given a sound spanking by her mother. You can view this spanking from the spanker’s eye view as well as the spankee’s view.

Check out the tour pages of Hand Spanking – the only Japanese all-girl spanking site


Starring Justine Rosenberg & Arnold

Justine is starting to build a new blog website, unfortunately, as she has no idea what she’s doing it’s a total mess. Arnold finds himself sorting out her problems that mean he has to spend too much time in front of the computer doing her work – rather than his own that is much more important. He is frustrated and takes it out on poor Justine’s bottom – first with his hand and then with the leather paddle.

Spanked at Home contains more original content of Justine than anywhere else

Brat Camp

Starring Samantha Woodley

Visiting her friend Chloe Elise at an exclusive athletics training camp, Samantha soon learns the penalty for bringing in alcohol as she watches Chloe being paddled Brat Camp style – bare bottom! Coach loses no time in telling Sam to bend over for her licks, even though she’s not a student there. Shorts and panties down, she feels the burn of the holed board for a full ten swats.

Firm Hand Spanking – the largest archive of Samantha Woodley content!

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End of the week Spankings

Hello… here’s more end of week spanking shenanigans from various sites that piqued my interest at the start of this weekend. So without further ado… let’s get on with this catch-up post… most of the content shown here is recent (in most cases). For those that may be a few months out, that is because I have been so darned busy and have just noticed this – to bring it to your attention… so hopefully, you won’t even notice!

I would have published this earlier today but I had to help a friend move from her place and we thought it would go smoothly as the weather here has been dry and warm… until moving day and it rained all day, so I felt a little miserable (soaked through in just a tee-shirt on top) but it is always good to help out those that need it, right?

Rich Woman’s Secret Desire – Hand-Spanking
Starring: Shihori & Noa


Shihori, a rich housewife, has her own secret – a fascination with spanking. She asks her maid to give a spanking to satisfy her fetish.


Caught Shoplifting – Real Spankings
Starring Kiki Cali & Michael Masterson

When a young lady is caught shoplifting on the security camera, she is brought into the storeroom to be searched. She tries to use her charm to get out of it but things do not go exactly as she planned. She is given a hard, bare bottom OTK spanking followed by the belt. Features some blistering hot leather belting scenes.



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The Dean Spanks Lilith – Real Spankings Institute
Starring: Newcomer Lilith & Dean Masterson

Lilith waits for The Dean to instruct her on what will be happening today. She is ordered to remove her panties and straddle the stool for a hard, painful hand spanking that leaves her bottom swollen, sore and very red.



This site is also part of the REAL SPANKINGS PASS – Giving you access to 8 sites for a fraction of the combined cost of them separately. Take a look for yourselves and see how much content you get with this one membership! CLICK HERE for more info.

Racing Stables Discipline – Firm Hand Spanking
Starring: Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Bare bottom slippered to the limit, bottom bare: Lucy Lauren learns not to lie! Lying bare-bottomed over Zoe Page’s lap in an English garden, gorgeous stable groom Lucy Lauren has to endure a sound slippering for spreading rumors about Zoe having an affair with the owner. As her jutting buttocks bounce, she realizes that lying was a mistake… And there’s more to come. This film also features a stunning slow-motion replay!



Trouble at the Manderin Hotel – English Spankers
Starring: Eryn Rose, Monica & Sarah Stern

This is the full story of the two young ladies, Eryn Rose and Monica, who have decided to marry each other and to take their honeymoon overseas in the Five Star Manderin Hotel. Unfortunately, their behavior whilst out in the town has upset some local people who want the girls prosecuted. The hotel has to take some sort of action and it is explained to them that if they were locals they would be caned by the police. Not only have they been caught kissing and having sex but they were smoking banned substances and this certainly means they must be disciplined. This punishment horrifies the girls but it is offered as the only way they can get out of the mess they are in. You will watch as each girl takes it, in turn, to have their bottoms sprayed with cold water to intensify the sting of the cane and then take a terrible cold caning, twelve strokes at a time, a total of twenty four strokes each. Both girls show off their well-marked bottoms and Eryn is in tears as they have to take the final part of their punishment. Standing together they are given eight strokes of the tawse on their hands. This is a prolonged and terrible punishment for two young girls.


I’ll be back soon with a whole load more news and update content for you all… have a great weekend!

Spankings to start off your week

As the title suggests, there’s no let-up today as I bring you yet more awesome spanking content you might not have been aware of… so without any lectures today (LOL) let’s just get on with the updates and films that I have chosen for your perusal today. As a side note, it really does help both the producers and myself if you choose to use our links we show here if you do decide to purchase something… as this guarantees that we can continue to work together to bring you the very best in spanking erotica, spanking news and more.

Lucia’s Pussy Strapping
Starring Lucia

Lucia is another exclusive East European beauty found at this site who takes the various forms of disciplinary punishment. This scene features the pussy strapping which the site has become known for. legs apart, in the medical chair, her legs are parted and her most vulnerable ladyparts are exposed to the stinging leather. In other scenes, Lucia, found in the archives… endures many varied forms of punishment expected at this site. Outstanding!


Mrs. Williamson is strapped for cash
Starring: Katie Didit & Suzanne Wright

Mrs. Williamson is young and she is a bit of a spendthrift and so she has come to the Strapped for Cash Company for a loan. She is a little surprised at the terms of the loan, but it is explained by Katie Didit the agent that as a part of the deal she has to learn to be more careful with her money. So her lesson starts with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. This is more painful than she thought it would be but she needs the money. So her bare bottom has to take the pain.



Peaches’ bad day at the Institute
Starring Peaches, Miss Betty Blaze & M. Masterson

Peaches waits in time out to be spanked by Miss Betty. She is bent over with her hands on her knees and given hard swats with a strap. When Peaches is unable to remain still, Betty moves her to the lunge position. Betty finishes the spanking and leaves Peaches in time out.



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Ambriel’s Nude Punishment
Starring Ambriel & M. Masterston

Running late getting home, and with a dead phone, Ambriel is required to go to her room, strip fully naked, and return to the living room for a very embarrassing nude hand spanking.



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firm hand spanking

Spa Rules (F – taken from the multi part series)
Starring Helen Stephens & Earl Grey

Missed appointments cost doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens double discipline Late back to the spa after horse riding, pretty therapist Helen Stephens feels her own riding crop across her bottom, protected only by thin jodhpurs. Earl Grey still isn’t satisfied and orders her to take down her jodhpurs and panties for a strapping across her bare bottom. See those buns bounce in slow motion as Helen learns a lesson in the finale of this film.