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20 older galleries from AAA Spanking

Just a break in the posting… here’s a ton more content with these 20 older galleries of great spanking videos stretching back in some cases to 5 years from when it was filmed. Some of these are from English models who may not appear on AAA Spanking again such as Kami Robertson, Donna Davenport, Wynter Sky or even Leia Ann Woods or Pandora Blake. However, just mentioning some of those names brings much fond nostalgia that I am sure we’ll be seeing a few of them again in brand new content (not just at AAA but Sarah’s SG Sites too!) at some point in 2016… I’d like to think so, wouldn’t you? 20 Galleries, with anything between 12 to 24 images per gallery… knock yourself out and enjoy a trip down memory Lane… just click on any image to go straight to the full set.

girl guide spanking arsonists spanked otk otk spanking jasmine lau needs spanking schoolgirl caning hard schoolgirl caning girl on girl spankings spanked in dropseat PJs jessica jensen peels off her panties for a spanking fighting schoolgirls spanking each other

daddy's ransom spanking video

uncle gets his spanking reward gagged schoolgirl hairbrush spanking kami robertson birching cheerleader spanking mistress paddles her girls stroppy sassy brats need a spanking strapped in their pjs unfair spanking punishment lotion rubbing into a girl's sire bottom amelia stretches before the spanking punishments

Okay… I added a couple of extra as I was getting carried away, I think all these were filmed in between 2010-2012, no later. How time flies!

zoe kisses jessica's tight booty before she spanks her

For all the most recent updates – do go check out the tour pages which includes full explanations, great images and free clips so you can see for yourself. >>> Click HERE <<<

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Spanking Galleries

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up to date with my blog… if you are up to date on Twitter or Fetlife then you’d know Sarah Gregory is here with me in England at the moment… see below, we shot this in a famous old woodland setting on Dartmoor a few days back!

spankedinthewoods2 spankedinthewooods

Sarah just uploaded a free spanking clip on Fetlife earlier, I don’t have it here… we had to rush it as there was a “pervy” guy who knew we were up to no good (stalking us) and the spanking noises couldn’t have helped (once we started this, lol!) Still… I managed to make sure her bum started turning red before we decided to stop before getting caught!

I have a few galleries from AAA Spanking (recent & older) in the meantime to keep you amused!

Click any image to lead to that gallery

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10


11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 spanking

AAA Spanking

Free Friday Galleries

Hi there… this isn’t a new post, I will be getting that to you soon as I have been incredibly busy away from the blog… but it’s worth reading again mainly because it has a ton of free galleries!!!

Producers like myself often have a full set of image and video galleries to help showcase what we’re making to any prospective members! It’s a great tool we use and one which I will quickly use today for a few sites as it also helps me as I only have to post one image and link to it and you yourselves will often be rewarded with a dozen or 2 great preview images and a link or instant play clip too… then it’s up to you, the prospective customer (if you are so interested) to purchase said goodies that have been offered, or in many cases teased to you… that’s how it goes and I make no apologies today to let you know the following galleries are from a site I seem to have not been very helpful in promoting (my stats show no sales whatsoever since their inception and it’s a great shame as it is really a fantastic site). Perhaps you are all already members… or I have been too low brow and not appealing to others, either way… do take a look at this site’s wonderful features and galleries – the site in question? Click on the images below and all will become clear 🙂




& finally one of my favourite films from this site…

If you haven’t already… go visit Pandora Blake’s Dreams Of Spanking and check out her tour pages



OK, liked that? Let’s try this with another British Site I like (and you’ll have seen featured on here a lot!)

The 1st image is from their very latest film and I have selected a few of their more memorable films after that which I have personally enjoyed reviewing and watching myself as a member… hope you like these too!

Gorgeous schoolgirl Kiki (in my favourite Gingham dress) is spanked in front of her mother!

The following images lead to galleries of some of my fave films from this site




All above image galleries are courtesy of English-Spankers.com
check out their tour pages as there are a ton of free HD spanking previews!



A couple more sites coming up…

One of my fave models and one I have worked with is Sarah Gregory – she consistently makes great films and is helped and assisted by her daddy… Paul “tubaman” Rogers – who hosted yet another awesome Spanking Party recently in Texas. I had originally intended on going to this but as I have a family wedding end of August in America, I couldn’t afford the time off, which was a shame… so here’s to next year!!!

Sarah’s site regularly updates us all with great galleries and storylines to help us see what is being shown to her members… and as you’ll see, it’s pretty darned good!!! The 1st 2 are from her most recent film co starring Ashley Graham (looking about the hottest I have ever seen her, damn!)




 All the above galleries courtesy of Sarah Gregory Spanking



& finally to my own site where you’ll see a 24 image gallery from the latest film as well as a few select films and content you may not have known about from the earlier days…






If so… click the image banner below and you will get to see all the very latest clips and full movie downloads as one off payments, these films can be streamed or downloaded as required and I know that some of these, like HOUSE RULES movie with Kami Robertson are very popular…

Girl Guide Spankings

Sarah was asking me when I’d dress her up as a British style Girl Guide and have her spanked… I hadn’t realized that she had not been spanked in this iconic uniform, so I’m sure over the coming months, she and many more girls will be too. It’s one of the things the girls ask about when there are any prospective new models to AAAspanking.com … they look over the site tour pages (as required to see if they are OK with what is required etc) and always say, “What are those cute uniforms? Can I get spanked in those too?” Cosplay is a big part of my core kink as I know it is for many (schoolgirl uniform is the most obvious, I guess) and so AAA,  over the years, has provided something original with these uniform spankings… so to celebrate this, as I was thinking what to write… I went over the promotional galleries that have been provided over the years (remember images and resolution are not the same as for members, but you’ll get a pretty good idea after checking these out!). No other site in the spanking genre even comes close to providing this amount of girl scout/guide spanking uniform fetishes… check it out, there are many more films which will be coming out over the coming months too, so with any membership you will always find these cropping up in between the regular new film updates. I trust you are all having a great weekend… I know I am here in the snowy wastes of North Eastern America! It’s milder today so we may make some “spanking snowmen” -and why not? he he

Click on any image below which will lead to the gallery of these films

01 02 03 04 05 06 07  09 10 08 11 12 13 14 16 15  17 18 20 19  21

Click HERE for access to more FREE Clips & latest updates

The site has various special options such as a Trial/5 day membership for under $15!

Or check out the amazing long term Membership Rewards giving you access from $12.50/month




All these films are available as one time downloads, so pick and choose, just enter “Girl Guide” in the search box of the the CLIPS STORE page and you will see the full list of films currently available to download in full of this genre…



Have a good weekend, y’all!


More spanking blog updates can be found at another place I write HERE


asleep-laptopSorry, nothing today, I have had little sleep the last few days and was about to write a new post but just can not, I am up at 6am, need sleep and it is already nearly midnight, so I apologize and will try to get back on track tomorrow… Add to that I have to go away next week to visit the grandkids in France for another expensive short trip I can ill afford at this time… I really wanted to get as much of my own data up (which I haven’t) in advance so will no doubt be having a stressed out weekend pre sorting all that as their net connection is rubbish!

So, no spanking updates, it would take me at least an hour and I’d fall asleep at my laptop… so here’s a few cool galleries from my own site network I haven’t shown in a while which should keep you amused until I return from the sleepy undead!


Goodnight (click on any image below for your perusal)


aaa1 aaa2

aaa3 aaa4


aaa5 aaa6

aaa7 aaa8



All the above films available at AAA spanking or at the Clips Store

& I shall be uploading more POV clips this coming week too 🙂


Friday Spanking Galleries

Howdy! Here’s a collection of hot spanking galleries you may or may not have seen from some of the best spanking sites around! I’ve chosen the most recent where possible with some of my all time fave films from that site underneath. All images below will link to a gallery so click away and ENJOY!

I’m away for a couple of days (can’t say where just yet!) but will let you all know in due course, as for members of my site, support runs as normal and all mails will be answered in a short period of time! Cheers! 🙂


ss2 ss3 ss4

Galleries courtesy of Spanking Sarah



es2 es3 es4

Courtesy of English Spankers



ds2 ds3 ds4

Courtesy of Dreams of Spanking



aaa2 aaa3 aaa4

Courtesy of AAA Spanking



hf2 hf3 hf4

Courtesy of  Her First Punishment



gb2 gb3 gb4

Courtesy of Girls Boarding School


That’s it for now… have a great weekend everyone!

What the deuce?

Hello everyone, as I wake up on my 2nd day here in the US… it’s a gloriously hot sunny day and Friday will be rumoured to be a hot and humid 100f (far too hot for me) so as I type this before going downstairs for a breakfast… I have had a few people remark on my accent already and it made me laugh as I love saying “What the deuce?” just like the character, Stewie Griffin from”Family Guy”… Ok, so I play up on it, but it’s a giggle. & as I haven’t much time, here are some galleries to keep you all amused whilst I scoff on our continental breakfast 🙂

Click on any image below for the gallery of your choice 🙂




Back with more galleries from the UK later… gotta go, I need to get some new shorts for my pasty white legs! God help the good people of Baltimore… oh and I shall be off to an Orioles v White Sox game later this evening… looking forward to plenty of beer and hotdogs as I watch a game of “Rounders” Might post an image or 2 of that.

“What the deuce?”

Tears & Crying this Easter!

Hope you are all having a relaxing time, I’m off from my main job as it is Good Friday and am not needed, so I scoffed a few Hot Cross Buns smothered in butter (yum!) for breakfast, then went outside and did those day off things like washing my car and giving it a good wax and buff, mowing the lawn and other manly activities outside before settling down with a few glasses of Rioja and some Easter Eggs to munch on whilst I write this 🙂

Note to self:  “Chocolate AND red wine?” … not wise! *saves chocolate for later!*

So I thought, as our dear Lord suffered for our sins… why not show a few tearful punishments as the girls cried and blubbed or screamed for forgiveness? So I have assembled a truly mouth watering array of Galleries and also some latest stuff which you can see as the girls continue blubbing! Have a good Easter, I intend to! Click image bvelow for this uber brat model’s wicked spanking, one of my favourites from this site, and I have a whole load more which should whet your appetite! All the following are taken from Bun Beating Fun

Click image below for the latest movie and free gallery presentation

Loved that? Here are some more recent updates and also a few of my all time faves which are all available in remastered full screen Wmv playback! These “baaaaaaaad” girls had it coming!

Click any image below which leads to these miserable crying girls ordeals!





& some egg-stra Easter tearful goodies that I particularly liked from the archives!!!

See all the latest free samples and what is available at BunBeatingFun.com

The above girls can also be viewed as one off movies if you do not wish to purchase a membership (even one that is NON recurring) and this choice is provided by NaughtyBottom.com where (I think) there are 9-12 films to choose from taken from this fantastic site! Go ahead and check it out, there are more previews there too!


Happy Easter Everyone!

& watch out for those overworked bunny-wunnies!

Sunday Galleries & such

Well, I’m feeling a little low, I have a stinking cold and hate being ill, so can barely type so hope you don’t mind me popping up a few galleries instead today, I know it’s lazy… but as promised I had been busy elsewhere this weekend with a couple of long awaited movie reviews, I love doing ’em and explaining what happens in a film you may never have been aware of, so go check out my other blogs below and enjoy the following:

A Lupus Spanking review HERE – & an Ohh Tee Kay review HERE


Oh, and congrats to New Zealand for winning the Rugby World Cup, the All Blacks were given a tough test in a surprisingly close and thoroughly entertaining final against France to win 8-7 and although I was rooting for the Kiwis, hats off to the French for showing the northern hemisphere can still play well (ahem… I say this as England are current European 6 Nations champs, of course!). Anyway, I’m sure my American readers are wondering what the heck I’m wittering on about… well, the All Blacks really are the equivalent of Brazil in soccer, so not winning a final for 24 years was a long time for arguably one of the most feared teams in the rugby world. Anyone going to New Zealand will realize just how everyone breathes and lives for rugby, it’s their passion, their way of life! & of course there is “the Haka”, not bad for a country outnumbered 20:1 by sheep! 🙂



Ok, now that you’re back I have a massive amount of galleries to get through, so I hope you enjoy these including some from Sarah (below) where I’m starting (including a few that I had completely missed) so I went back in and checked her site… and wow! You must see these films! This is the beauty of galleries, they can remind you, if you’re a member to go check something that looks hot, or, of course, if you were thinking about joining up to a site, they can help persuade you that your intuition about some movies were correct and you wanna see more! So here goes, hope these all help one way or tother!

I have to say the very latest film co starring Sarah alongside Erica Scott… wow! What a dame, I remember raving about her when she did a shoot for Northern a while back and I know she sometimes reads this blog, well, you are looking mighty fine, Erica… as you folk will see below. Paul Rogers was a lucky guy to be tanning these ladies behinds! Click images below for the special free galleries!


 “Reading, Writing, and Rulers” – Sarah fails a test and gets into a loud argument with the teacher, Miss Scott. Principal Rodgers hears the commotion and has to come in and spank her for the bad grades, then he shows Miss Scott the way to deal with naughty ladies by giving her a spanking too! Check out the scnes of the use of ruler and cane across their gorgeous bare behinds! Sarah and Erica look epic in this film! Wowser!

As I’m raving about Sarah for a bit, feast your eyes on some classic galleries including one (I won’t say which) which I had totally missed in her member area so I went in and downloaded the film, thank God for these reminders, they are a gift… enjoy these free images, click on any of the 6 images (below) and they will take you to the various special galleries, they’re all different.





Here’s a little treat and one which will pleasantly surprise you, once again, the power of galleries made me search out my hidden stash of Sound Punishment films on an external hard drive to try and locate some of these, I found my films of Kami – I have several of her and they were filmed a few years back and she looks awesome… as well as a stunning East Euro beauty that Agean procured, Natalie… and there is of course a few films (not many) but they’re original… of Jasmine! Check out each image below, they lead to a seperate gallery , and well worth a peruse!





Check out the Free preview pages HERE that show generous clips of these girls and more!


Finally today a nice selection of some recent films and a couple of older ones I just downloaded this afternoon, so it was helpful to find the galleries to help show what is going on… all these are taken from the excellent SpankingSarah.com




As you’ll have noticed these beautiful images come courtesy of SpankingSarah.com – although Sarah doesn’t get spanked on film that much anymore, maybe she is feeling that she shouldn’t, even though she is still in her 30’s and all woman… but what Sarah does do is some fantastic domming scenes alongside some great looking girls and Mr Stern, of course – all very pleasing on the eye! Fans of Sarah can find all her naughty and spank related films in the vast archives of this site so it offers pretty much everything you’d want from a British spanking site! Check out her equally extensive free movie previews which show the quality of the films you can expect too download – Click HERE


Hope you all had a great weekend, oh and to the people of Libya… (of course no one from Libya reads this blog, lol) but may you find real lasting democracy, I really hope you do! Much love and spanko happiness… Chief. xx

Awesome Spankings, Part IV: Volume 5799 – Subsection 4i – Paragraph 2e

or…. Friday – Severe Spankings & Correction Day

… & Lord Belbograth declared: Friday was decreed to be a day of “Relentless Punishment” in His House for his naughty female family, subjects & servants; to be thrashed in such a manner that only their soft vulnerable, exposed bare buttocks be played upon severely for His satisfaction, amusement and behavior correction as He saw fit. He required such a reddening of the private bottom flesh that maketh the tears to flow verily from His snivelling subjects ensuring they learned the ways & teachings of Belbograth Manor – He instilled Order & Discipline in His Private Chambers without mercy on the 5th day of every week for those in need! After Luncheon.

& so to Friday’s cracking Spanking Updates 🙂

Spanked-in-Uniform.com has 2 movie updates I want to share with you that are exceptionally addictive to watch! 1st up is one of my fave sub niches at this site: “Naughty Nurses” – this movie contains, Revenge and Canings! It’s all here below!





Nurse Brittany gets her revenge! She takes nurse Leandra over her knee and gives her a sound spanking. After the spanking Dr Johnson fetches his cane and Leandra gets six of the best across her bare bottom while laying over the massage bed in the office… then our good doctor takes Leandra & Brittany out into a busy corridor in the hospital and Leandra is ordered to stand against the wall for an hour. Her bare, sore red bottom on display while people laugh and make fun of her!!!


Don’t forget there are plenty of uniform niches at this site and the schoolgirl one (this is the latest with Caroline Grey) is an obvious choice to view at your leisure with a fine glass of port, soft pungent cheese and water biscuits for nibbles and of course best viewed in a private darkened room!




Caroline Grey is an exchange student sent to St Catherine’s school from America for two semesters. She is rude, ill mannered, sassy and shows no respect to the teachers. When the Headmaster called her into his office, she was her usual sassy self which earned her a severe scolding, having the back of her legs slapped and a quick hard spanking to get her to listen. Then the Headmaster gave her a proper St Catherines style spanking…. VERY HARD!

Check out all the latest films now available across the uniform niches HERE


Bah! I have run out of time again, (er Indoors is glaring at me to finish as she wants to go out!) but you can check out some galleries I have spied that will show you some awesome updates elsewhere currently! Enjoy… and beware Fridays at the Belbograth Household, ladies!






Have a good weekend everyone!
Chief. xx

Yikes! Spankings aplenty!

Well, I have been seriously delayed in getting up any sort of news or updates apart from my own stuff and, forgive me for being a little self indulgent, but I’m gonna start with news that the “Slapper Clobber” F/F OTK spanking movie at AAAspanking is now up and available in WMv-HD and MP4 (coming very soon). Just click on the image below and it will show you the latest blurb and a free movie preview – I love this film, I love the lighting and of course both Leia and Irelynn look stunning together!!! This film already comes with one of my fave HQ stills sets (and it’s pretty extensive) as well as an image set taken from the HD film too! All in all… this is a humdinger of an update if you love girl on girl spankings…. do NOT miss this film!

This movie, as you may have known, had been briefly available as a lower resolution download at our Clips Store here – for those that don’t want to sign up to the site, downloading the movie of your choice is available by this option and we are adding new films all the time.


& onto the other news and updates of what I’ve seen so far this week!

Staying in Britain, various schoolgirl, domestic and just plain naughty bonkers updates from 2 great sites! At English-Spankers.com there’s a brand new movie out with a Ginghan clad dress schoolgirl called Suzanne! See image below for the FREE Gallery

Suzanne is home from school and she has been fighting with her fellow pupils. Her guardian is not best pleased and decides that she needs to be taught to behave like a proper young lady and not like a ruffian. He decides that a number of punishments are called for and we see them all. She is spanked, paddled and finally caned hard on her bare bottom. Serious punishment that leaves its mark on her tender butt!

Now we know that young ladies like to play with themselves, usually we don’t mind, sometimes we even like to watch or even join in the fun. When the young lady in question is supposed to be getting out of bed and ready for work, however, it is a different matter. How to deal with this situation? A spanking on the bare bottom followed by the slipper and then the cane. Some may say that is just a little harsh but we think it’s just about right and certainly gets the right response. Will she do it again? We fear so.

Above FREE Movie Previews can be seen at this special page link

For the rest of the latest updates you can check out the HOME PAGE of English-Spankers for all the very latest regular HD spanking updates.


At Sarah’s site SpankingSarah.com she has just finished her addictive cruel and unnusual “Unladylike Manor” series with a great finale as you’ll see below with an actress and blogger I love seeing (I’ve seen all her work at Northern Spanking so it’s a treat to see her working here with Sarah – and that is Nimue! (see below)

Wicked Sarah is once again posing as The Confessor and luring young ladies into her clutches. This time the poor girl is in distress as she tells her tale of deceit and betrayal to Sarah, the sympathetic ear! When she has unburdened herself Sarah pronounces the punishment, the most severe she has handed out yet. Nimue is to be paddled and humiliated and caned. This is the latest episode in the Unladylike Manor series and Sarah and Katie make it so realistic, with superb acting skills and real hard authentic punishments.

Natasha has been taken on as Sarah?s maid. The poor girl does not have much idea of what she is to do and what her duties are. Sarah is holding a dinner party and soon finds fault with every aspect of the preparation. The maid is about to suffer. This tiny young girl is no match for Sarah and she is soon over the knee being spanked. She is then made to undress and the paddle is used on her till she breaks into tears.

Again – both the above movies can be seen with FREE HD Previews on this Special LINK HERE

& if you want to see all of what Sarah has been getting up to, visit her extensive tour pages which has a ton of interesting and addictive viewing material showing your precisely what you can expect inside as a member! Well worth a peek 🙂


Clare Fonda’s group of sites have been busy with the continuing series of films shown below and this is some of Clare’s hottest stuff for ages, partly with the fact that her new girls Veronica Ricci and Dani Jensen are such incredible finds… and they are starting to blend in with Clare’s amazing talent like one of my all time faves Kay Richards and the list of amazing girls spanked here goes on… check out the galleries from these latest films!

Kay Richards & Veronica Ricci take turns to thrash each other until their asses are speckled red from the force of their spankings! See the free image galleries below as they whore it up at SpankedCallgirls.com (warning – these are 2 VERY HOT galleries)

Then check out what is going on at GirlSpanksGirl.com – the Strict Cousin mega movie is about at an end and this hot Sugar Momma Clare movie with her younger lesbian lovers is coming to a close in perfect time for the much awaited EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 6 – but 1st check out this amazing set from the sugar Momma Clare film (warning – again… this is HOT stuff!)

Clare looks amazing in this film, doesn’t she? *sigh*

& of course my present infatuation is Dani Jensen who is still explaining to us her life story through the interpretation of hand, paddle and a very sore red bottom! You can see her new movies now showing at the newbie, 1st timer and spanking model fantasy site – SpankedSweeties.com (all Clare’s new girls start here with an extensive spanking intro!!! Luckily!)

Loving those cute socks btw! mmmm!

& finally from the continuing saga of the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate – a welcome return for Chloe Elise, Madison Martin and one of my fave stars of last year’s Exclusive Education series, Ashli Orion who looks so damned cute and innocent but is a real life (very) hard core porn star – this is a great spanking update, the new episode should be due anytime as the full film is now available for download!

Of course – all these sites are great on their own, there’s so much to see and download at each one, but the best bit, as you probably know is that I view this with the Clare Fonda Pass (and you can choose 3, 4 or 5 of her sites at an amazing monthly deal which costs little more than many other sites do for a month!) Easily the best multi site package about for the quality and the fact NOTHING is replicated elsewhere!

Check out the CLARE FONDA PASS for more details and see for yourself!


Finally today, I couldn’t resist showing you what the nasty old Principal at Spanked Coeds is up to – still putting the fear of God into them as this time he “chastises” April for not doing the washing up chores on time! In this short film she is severely spanked across his lap with her long legs flailing and with much crying and tears… seriously, you wouldn’t want to cross this fella and I’m loving his work, see some screen shots from the film below and see for yourself:






If you are interested in seeing a corporal punishment site with extensive use of black girls and collegiates spanked and punished to tears by the mean Portly Principal shown here, then please do go check out what this site has to offer, including a very low join price which isn’t too bad at all! Oh… there’s free preview clips too!!!

Spanking Galleries

Well, it happens, a combination of other work commitments and writers block means today, you won’t have to put up with my ramblings and instead I have collected together a whole load of galleries for you to check out! I have tried to collect something a little different, with REAL women, girls next door… and truly gritty and naughty spankings of women of all ages and sizes, celebrating punishments and kinky spankings, mainly domestic discipline that I hope you will appreciate! It’s not all about spanking bimbos and impossibly cute young things… this is the real stuff we get up to behind closed doors here in Britain! Enjoy! Some of these galleries provided by the following spanking sites are, frankly… damned good and well worth further investigation! I’m a member of all the sites shown below and wouldn’t recommend them otherwise!

Red Stripe Films – Dedicated to sex and spankings, real women, older ladies with attitude, real wives, girlfriends and the girls next door who get strapped, paddled and caned when they misbehave!







For more – Click here to view loads of free previews from Red Stripe Films


The next set of galleries are taken from Sarah England’s website – SpankingSarah.com and this is a great site, part of the same group of sites I am featuring today, but of course with the focus on Sarah as both sub and domme, this is a real life spanko and blogger that really shows a naughty side to her spanking punishments! the site is dominated by sarah, but of course there are plenty of guest appearances from folk in her life and the archives contain lots of sex and spanking too which is rather pleasant to view 🙂 – So if you’re into seeing a real life spanko, (she’s incredibly tall so it can be rather satisfying to see her subdued or if you’re a naughty girl she will obviously appear intimidating, I would imagine!) then do check out Sarah and friends – the images below lead to galleries showcasing most of her recent HD movie updates!







Check out Sarah and friends – FREE Movie previews HERE


& finally today, from the main site in this group we have English-Spankers.com – they led the HD revolution a while ago so have the largest collection of films on this higher resolution format and of course the spankings are far more disciplinary in nature, covering corporal punishments of schoolgirls, wives, the new collections of untried girls and auditions, which I like and generally some red hot talent more recently showcasing women of all ages and, I have noticed more recently, lots of glamour models experimanting with spanking… which is worth noting too! The images below all lead to yet more galleries! Hope you enjoy this little diversion today! Chief.







If you want to see FREE HD Movie Previews from this site – Click Here