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Clare Fonda – “Man Spanked & Mouth Soaped!”

I was perusing Clare’s member area of Spankedcallgirls.com (as you do) and spotted the latest movie updates which today I have featured Clare herself. Nothing gets me going more than seeing a proper Domme getting a good dose of her own medicine and whoring madame “Momma Clare” gets it good from handsome James, one of her best clients who ensures that Clare doesn’t “enjoy” being over his lap too much with a good old fashioned mouth soaping to cleanse her potty mouth!

Images below are the story so far (they are HQ pics of this movie so far) and then I have included a totally exclusive movie clip only available here with some nice screen shots of the mouth soaping scenes (and check out Clare’s amazing rump, all reddened and sore!!!)





OK, the below movie clip was yesterday’s update so it’s bang up to date! As I said earlier, feast your eyes on Clare’s amazing arse, which jiggles provocatively, a proper woman’s well spanked bottom that puts many girls half her age to shame!!!

Click image above to view this exclusive mouth soaping wmv clip



You can view the FULL Length Clare Fonda Spanking movie HERE

Now of course, Clare’s girls are often spanked by her own hand and the angry clients that wish to instill some discipline into these lazy but very beautiful sluts, well, this week there is also the ongoing update of Domestic “in house” Discipline carried out by one of my fave ladies, Snow Mercy, giving a good hard spanking to genuinely naughty porn starlet and gorgeous spanko (who was another outstanding star of Exclusive Education 4) – I’m talking about Ashli Orion.

Recap: In this part of “Exclusive Education 4” the girls take part in a Spelling Bee contest
incl. spankings all round with the hand & hairbrush incl teacher Snow Mercy getting it!

Don’t be fooled by her puppy dog eyes, this girl is very VERY naughty…does that make it even hornier to watch her getting thrashed? Mmm, I’ll let you decide from some latest images below!!!


Actually, just uploading those images has got me worked up, so much so I think Ashli and Snow deserve better coverage so I’ll update my SpankingNews blog today with an exclusive  clip and a few more images. (Give me time to prepare it though, eh?)

Ok, as most of you all know, Clare Fonda’s network, which includes Spankedcallgirls can also be viewed by her very popular Clare Fonda pass giving you access with one set of codes and full access for a fraction of the combined cost of all her sites (I always recommend this being a member myself and it’s THE best way to view her many and varied site updates!)

Spanking Updates & Blog News

Spanking searches – I hadn’t paid much attention to them until recently: However, judging by how some people find my sites and blogs by what people type onto search engines like Google, I have always refused to let you know what some search terms are used to find my blogs etc as they are either hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) or downright filthy, even frightening! Some of the odd 1 or 2 are just mind numbingly surreal! So it’s nice to check that if I typed in “Spanking” today into Google (from my end at least) – this blog turned up first! (edit, I just did it again and it’s gone down, d’oh, but it’s still on the front page) I was (earlier) shocked and surprised that it had somehow made it but I was more pleasantly surprised that if you currently type in “Spanking Blog” then my 2nd blog I’ve been running for 3 years is now Number One…I had seen it slowly creep up the pages but that was a real shocker. I have decided to take a copy of it for my own posterity 😀

SpankingNews Blog – How the hell did this happen? Click on image for my latest posts

I guess this means it might motivate me to post MORE posts there now 😉

You may also have noticed that I have got the Bloggin’ bug again as there’s far more waffling here from me too so enough of my jibber-jabbering and onto some NEW Updates, some stuff I’ve been watching from the past and just some good hard decent stuff you may have missed as well as latest industry news from the UK.

I have been meaning to put this up for days now, so apologies to Amber, as this is an awesome update she’s made for the last week with, what could be described as her long lost sister, however, it’s another HOT Redhead, a first timer, she’s from Romania and her stage name is a very anglicised Audrey Lords – seriously, loosen your pants gentlemen, Amber has surpassed herself (yet again). I had made and hosted a free gallery late last week but hadn’t promoted it, so, if you clicky-clicky on the image below, be prepared to rise to the occassion!

Double Trouble – Redheads and RED RED Butts!

Remember that Amber offers $10 off if you join both her sites at once!
HIGHLY Recommended!

The next spanking I’m featuring here is from REALSPANKINGS.com and this vast site has so much to offer. I was digging around my RS Folder,(as you do) and came across this wonderful paddling, featuring Kailee Robinson as the spanker (looking f*cking sexy as ever) but check out the gorgeous girl and that rounded bruised rump as she is PADDLED in her pyjammas, this is a perfect “Pyjamma Punishment” the way she is forced to remove them after being battered across her cheeks then a long lingering scene as she feels the heat of her very red cheeks – another awesome film with many extra angles from REALSPANKINGS (taken from my archives) Enjoy!

The below movie clip is best viewed on VLC Player or Real Player (it’s in RM format)

There are plenty more cracking movies like this at REALSPANKINGS

Just in case you were not aware, I have been playing around with this blog which is a little edgier at times as it features a nice subject of mine as you’ll see. It features the teen and schoolgirl theme, teen spankables and beauty appreciation of girls, there’s a Home page with tons of content there as well as a blog (I updated it earlier today with a real tears update!!!) I also intend to update the blog at least 3 times a week, maybe more! Click on the tearful girl for free access:


Finally, this special news announcement below – No bullshit, just 10 (YES TEN!) carefully handpicked Trial Memberships, all a FULL 2 weeks in length to fully check out the sites for a fraction of their normal costings. Many of these I have had exclusivity to, so if you fancy checking out a few premium quality British Spanking Sites then click on the welted sore bottom below (there’s more added) and check out what’s available! It’s well worth a peek and there’s a TON of Free spanking content to compliment what you see! That should keep you guys going!!!

Have a good evening, back soon with some great stuff I was reviewing earlier today! 😀

Latest News & Updates at CutieSpankee

WARNING: This is a bumper FREE Image & Movie Update of the cutest Japanese girls thrashed in the most adorable uniforms at home and at school. DO NOT VIEW if easily aroused by the sight of tearful girls in various states of undress being spanked on their bare red bottoms.

I actually had a mail recently asking me why I don’t feature the Japanese girls as much, well, I think I do, but this person was adamant that I was deserting showing cute Japanese girls getting spanked! “Au contraire!” I adore seeing their tight japanese bottom getting thrashed, usually with a hand or, as is quite popular at CutieSpankee – the dreaded paddle!!!

Well, here’s a bumper update that I suggest you view in a darkened private room, for…ahem…better viewing!

Below is the very latest update out now, and just look at their cute little uniforms, here we see an angry friend spanking her badminton partner for not bringing her short skirt so they can’t play the game, I rather feel it’s an excuse to get me all hot and bothered watching 5ft Japanese cuties giving each other a darned good thrashing across their naked butts! Joy!!!



Taken from the ongoing “Head Girl’s Trouble” series of movies

As you will probably know, Cutiespankee covers just about every schoolgirl scenario, but there is also a strong workplace and Home Domestic Discipline section which continues to amaze and baffle the visual senses with fantastic costumes, beautiful photography, and at last all the newer films are encoded at a far higher bit rate giving us all a far clearer playback resolution!

Seriously, if there was an award for best dressed/partially undressed girls then this site would win hands down! (along with the knickers)
See for yourself as I bring you a collection of domestic updates this past year that you may have missed (Mr D of Bracknell, I hope you’re satisfied! heh heh) I’VE ALSO GOT YOU SOME VARIOUS MOVIE CLIPS WHICH MAINLY HAVE A SCHOOLGIRL THEME for those that feel I might be not catering to the best dressed and undressed schoolgirls getting spanked on the Internet!








Don’t forget to check out the HOME PAGE HERE as it contains bonus free content as well as one of the cheapest sign ups to the largest archive of Japanese Spanking anywhere!!! I hope you’re all having a good weekend, I’m about to kick the TV in as my useless football team are facing relegation and oblivion to the third tier of English League Football (the utter shame of it).