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Spanking the Maids

Sexy Cleaning Company – Zara’s Interview


Just a blast from the past while I get you some more up to date film reviews…

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This was the very first in a new series for English Spankers – this goes back to 2012. Based on “The Sexy Cleaning” company who interview and provide attractive young ladies to go and clean for naughty guys who want to look at a pretty girl in scanty clothes. They may also want to spank her and so she has to be able to take a good spanking. Zoe is being interviewed by the owner and has displeased him so she is spanked and paddled on her bare bottom and her hands.

English Spankers

Catching up with Uniform Spankings

I haven’t visited Spanked-in-Uniform.com in an age so it’s no surprise, then, that there’s whole load of new spanking content for me to let you know about! With currently 17 different uniform niche sections, there are about 12 or 13 which are regularly updated… the others are archived, either they weren’t considered viable or from member feedback they have moved onto better things? I don’t know… but the other sections are always getting updated and they are among my favorites such as nurses, sports/cheer girls as well as waitress or more formal secretarial type or military uniforms and of course various school uniform film sections too (it would have to be included, right?) – so here are the latest updates from across just a few, you can check out the site IN FULL HERE later and see all the sections for yourselves.


From the Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency section: Carla’s Submission Training

 ep11_2 ep11_4 ep11_6 ep11_7 ep11_11 ep11_13 ep11_14 ep11_5 

Carla was not submissive enough during her last job so it was time for a spot of training. Mr Johnson, with the aid of his riding crop and short whip, gave her an intense and painful lesson in obedience. However, what surprised them both is that during the hard hand spanking towards the end, Carla had an intense orgasm and a smaller one after. ( The orgasms are not fake but really happened during shooting of this episode).


The SIU Badminton Club: the Tawse for Monique

 ep8_1 ep8_5 ep8_6 ep8_7 ep8_8 ep8_9 ep8_10 ep8_12 

After each practice one girl is assigned to clean up. She has to make sure all the racquets, shuttles and clothing are put away properly. This time it was Monique’s turn and she thought chatting on her phone was more important. When Coach found a few racquets in his office, little lazy Monique was soon bending over the chair, feeling the sting of his two tailed tawse.


St Elizabeth Private Hospital: Caught in the Act

 ep52_3 ep52_2 ep52_8 ep52_10 ep52_11 ep52_12 ep52_14 ep52_4 

While Dr Johnson was soundly spanking one of the nurses in his office, nurse Rani got so turned on that she started playing with herself whilst peeping through the window. Unfortunately her orgasm was so intense that she didn’t notice the spanking had finished and Dr Johnson came out and had caught her in the act. A few minutes later, after a stern scolding, she was over his knee getting a long hard spanking.

& finally a special 2 part schoolgirl special to finish on… I liked this one 🙂


St Catherine’s Private School for Girls: Hiding in the bathroom – Pt 1

 ep77_1 ep77_3 ep77_7 ep77_12 ep77_13 ep77_14 ep77_16 ep77_5 

The Headmaster caught schoolgirls Kitty and Angela skipping a History class AND smoking in one of the restrooms. He immediately marched them both to his office. He gave them both a sound hand spanking for skipping class followed by a lengthy cornertime. In part two they get worse for smoking…

After spending some time facing the wall, it was time for the dreaded Two Tailed Tawse. Angela was called first and had to lay, bare bottomed, over the desk. The Headmaster administered 5 hard strokes and Angela was bawling her eyes out. He asked Kitty if she would take Angela’s last stroke for her and she agreed. Kitty was next and she also was close to tears when the headmaster finished with her sore bottom.

 ep78_1 ep78_3 ep78_5 ep78_8 ep78_10 ep78_12 ep78_13 ep78_14 





Joelle Barros at AAA Spanking & POV News

The latest hot spanking film is now available for members at AAAspanking.com and if you take a look at the images below, most of which are from the film itself (reduced in size) you will see just what a stunning French Maid Joelle makes in this upmarket tale of my preparations for an important dinner party… I trusted Joelle to get on with laying teh table and getting everything looking perfect… but she messes up so of course, there are consequences! This full film has a HD1080 version playable in MP4 whilst the standard HD is set at 1280×720 WMV (which is not shoddy either). The screen images you can view below are reduced in size to 1200×675, taken from the full HD version at 1920×1080

OK, enough of numbers… check out how awesomely cute Joelle looks as a French maid… I had to find ANY excuse to spank her in that, didn’t I?


Mr Osborne had a special evening meal planned for close friends and he left his trusted maid, Joelle Barros, to set the dining table with the finest silver, china and crystal dinner service. With time running out he came to check up on her progress and was far from impressed with her tardiness. Joelle was employed as his corporate “eye candy” and she was paid way more than normal maids because he got to punish her in his unique way when she did something wrong! It was part of her very special contract! Joelle’s eyes were raised in disbelief when he told her to assume the position over his knee for a short sharp shock OTK spanking on her bared bottom. He didn’t have much time but insisted that this would speed her up especially as he insisted that she’d continue preparing the table with her skirt hiked up in shame afterwards, the sooner she took her spanking the sooner her bottom would heal before the party guests arrived!

joellemaid003 joellemaid008

joellemaid023 joellemaid032 joellemaid035

joellemaid038 joellemaid045

joellemaid047 joellemaid055 joellemaid069

joellemaid071 joellemaid082


joellemaid094 joellemaid096 joellemaid099




There’s an interesting concept short film (in 1920×1080 HD MP4) at POVspanking.com which stars Chessie Kay making fun out of YOU – it’s from your perspective but read the storyline and try to get into this headspace if you can… if you like the idea, then I promise you that the film is worth downloading – there are no actual spankings done by YOU or given to YOU… but this is a provocative, confident highschool girl teasing you and there are threats, hints and even promises of spanking that you, as a younger awkward person… just embarking out on the road of discovery of kink and relationships… finds hard to comprehend… only you are excited beyond words!


This is a fantasy scenario of when you might once remember and imagine how socially challenged it was to be an awkward geeky 18 year old high school college boy… you always found excuses to hang around at your Uncle’s place after college had finished because your attractive and sexually active blonde cousin, Chessie, was a very naughty and alluring girl. You’ve thought about being with her more than once, you’ve thought what it must feel like to even spank her as she could be so infuriatingly confident and you wanted to take her down a peg or two!, You know she has spanked boys at school for fun. her butt is to for, so here we are… you walk into the kitchen and she is cleaning something on the floor, her tarty short school skirt has ridden up so much that her white cotton panties are on show! You feel yourself getting hard, your mind races with the sight of her in front of you until she catches you staring at her!
She is a little shocked but knows what horny boys like you want but you won’t get it that easy – if at all. She’s a real cock tease and makes fun out of you. She loves the power she can wield with her sexuality, you know it, you fear it… even hate that she can do this to you! You feel embarrassed that you were staring at her bum cheeks, then she invites you over for a closer look but she is only teasing! You feel foolish and your cheeks redden… she’s laughing at you, mocking you, calling you pathetic and even referring to your “tiny” manhood… “damn it, how did she know?” You feel angry now, you feel like you want to spank her, she even teases you to try and spank her, smacking her cheeks for you and then tells you that YOU must go over her knee instead. You’re excited and really confused… is this for real? You want to be near her but at what price? As your mind furiously races on whether you want to go over her gorgeous milky thighs, your cock is bursting… to hell with it, you WANT this, you want to have her spank you, you’ll probably cum inside your pants you’re that excited now.
But – Disaster! Your intransigence has pissed her off – she gets fed up with your time wasting and calls it a day! Ah… the folly of youth and missed chances! Re-live a moment like this when you were younger and wanted that girl you never could have – Goddamit, she was offering to spank you and you hesitated!!! “Next time”, you tell yourself… “it’ll be different” as you mumble and make your excuses and leave!

This short scene tries to recapture this description, the headspace, those thoughts and the sight of this sexually provocative girl offering something you had hesitated to take! Contains language of a suggestive nature, threats and promises of spanking, some scenes of self spanking and close up shots of Chessie’s oh so sexy white cotton school panties – all filmed from YOUR perspective – This version is 1920×1080 HD-MP4 playback,

makingfun001 makingfun003


makingfun005 makingfun006


makingfun008 makingfun009


makingfun011 makingfun012


makingfun014 makingfun015


See MORE POV style spankings & scenarios based on various themes HERE

Continental Spankings

To balance things up on this side of “The Pond”, I wanted to kick start this coming weekend with a few varied and interesting spanking/punishment updates. I thought it only fair to bring you some spankings from the European mainland, followed by Mother Russia (even though I’m mightily pissed off with this rogue country’s increasing aggressive gestures to The West once more… sigh) and of course some incredible Japanese films which rounds off my brief rest of the world spankathon before concentrating on all things “American” and HAWT again this weekend!

I have a lot of catching up to do at Spanked-in-Uniform.com so I have concentrated this on one double film update (their most recent and eye catching) and will add their other recent film updates and news at my other blogs later today. If you check out the “Sexy Maid Cleaning Company” section then this is what you’ll currently find with 2 hot Dutch girls, Scarlett and Monique, providing us with a girl on girl spanking-fest!


Part 1 – the Mobile: Scarlett and Monique were sent out to clean an office and Monique caught Scarlett texting on her mobile instead of cleaning. Little Monique took matters into her own hands and gave Scarlett a sound OTK spanking followed by a hard slippering using her own shoe. Then she put Scarlett in the corner for a while before they got back to work!

ep6_3 ep6_4


ep6_5 ep6_8


ep6_9 ep6_12

Part 2 – the Mobile: Not long after Scarlett was spanked by Monique, Scarlett caught Monique in the Rec Room taking a break while the room was a mess. Time for revenge! She took little Monique over her knee and spanked her tight little bottom as hard as she could. Then Monique was bent over and she got the same nasty slippering followed by some humiliating cornertime too!

ep7_1 ep7_3


ep7_4 ep7_5


ep7_8 ep7_10

Check out more of these unique uniform styled spankings HERE



Next up is a gorgeous girl called Caprice who is making viewing ANY form of punishment at Spanking Server a real viewing pleasure… as you’ll see when Peter gets to pussy strap her in the Gyno chair… an incredibly erotic sight as you’ll see from these images taken directly from the film clip below!

caprice001 caprice002

caprice003 caprice004

caprice005 caprice006

caprice007 caprice008

caprice009 caprice010

caprice011 caprice012

Check out MORE of stunning Caprice exclusive to Spanking Server

Caprice2 (7)


Russians are far from my favourite group of people at the moment… they have an idiot representing their media (Dmitri Kisilev) a state sponsored homophobe and commentator on turning America and The West into Ash from a Nuclear attack  (what a fucking idiot and I hope his travel visas to our countries are revoked ASAP since he loves lording it up in 5 star luxury on his visits). I forgot to show you this fantastic commercial ad break that the UK’s Channel 4 TV station showed during the recent Sochi Winter Olympics… it was constantly played on virtually every ad break, much to me and my countryman’s amusement… this is why I despise closed and bigoted racist/homophobic regimes when we can put this out in the UK for fun, mocking Putin’s Russia – if you have never seen it… this then it will make you chuckle!!!

Cool, eh? LOL! Of course since this was made, Russia has annexed a 2nd area of a so called independent country these past 6 years (now it’s Crimea in Ukraine) and it starts to sound all too familiar from events preceding World War 2 when Hitler argued the same bullshit that Putin is now with repatriation of their native citizens into the fold… when does it stop? So will Putin decide to annex the Ukraine entirely or one of the Baltic states again? Who is next? But enough of this gay banter (see what I did there?) – I was thinking of boycotting certain Russian sites myself out of total disdain but I relented and so I can give you a rather cool and interesting punishment of Mara… scolded for getting so many new tattoos and told to get a decent meal before rationing lines return to Moscow if Kisilev gets his way and threatens our way of life in the (relatively free) West… feel free to check her out below – because we can!

mara001 mara002

mara003 mara004

mara005 mara006

mara007 mara008

mara009 mara010

mara011 mara012

Panties used as gags, humiliation, scolding, spankings and forced masturbation are just some of the methods used in this movie… it is a theme at SpankingThem.com which I don’t mind watching – you can see more of what is current HERE


Finally as promised, a Japanese schoolgirl spanking film with a twist, it’s a special 2 parter and the 2nd part has just been released so that is why I’m showing it to you now… it’s a “what if” when the pupils get their own back on their vindictive teacher who finds any excuse to spank and punish them after school has finished…. the girls eventually get their own back and to add to the teacher’s humiliation – they film it… in images you can see what happens to the girls and I have cut a short clip from the 2nd part where the girls have overpowered the teacher and are getting their revenge

Out now to download, Teacher’s Pet and Revenge of the Pets


o16-12 o16-15 o16-18

o16-22 o16-23

o16-42 o16-48

o16-36 o16-49 o16-56

Only from Hand-Spanking.com – the #1 website for ALL your cute Japanese girl spankings!