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My Little Toy – Spanking Angela Sommers

warning-natural-distrust-others-april-fools-day-ecard-someecards1Before I start with today’s quick spanking news update, I am aware that it is April Fools Day – so f*ck you very much all you newspapers with your shit make believe stories, pranksters and other jolly japesters who think it’s funny pulling the same inane practical jokes – yaaaaaaaaaaaawn! “F*ck you with a big splintering stick as I am not interested.” Ok, rant over… here is today’s genuine post, no joking here!

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I had the very real pleasure of meeting up with beautiful Angela Sommers when we were in Los Angeles. We had first met her briefly at Fetishcon last summer. Angela was one of the Guests of Honor at that well attended event so didn’t have time to do anything with us, let alone schedule anything… or even know who we were (LOL). She is hugely popular in many fetish circles and is genuinely kinky. She confided to us both that she enjoys getting spanked… and some of the videos we made for the 5 sites (including POV) were incredibly HOT! How could they not be? Angela genuinely surprised me and I would like to think she enjoyed the day with us… it was a pretty relaxed set, just the 3 of us and we talked plenty in between making our films. She was as adorable in the flesh as she looks on film, and I honestly can not wait to meet up with her again (probably at Fetishcon later this year).

This film sets the bar for the type of hot intimate spanking action that Sarah and Angela performed together… and of course Angela switches too and Sarah LOVED the spanking she received (but that is for another day). So… gentlemen, be aware that #TrouserArousal is set to maximum!¬ Ladies turned on by the sight of Sarah having her wicked way with her “Toy” Angela… please be prepared!

My Little Toy – now showing at Sarah Gregory Spanking

submissive Angela Sommers

Angela is waiting and ready! Sexy Angela Sommers is ready and prepared to be Mistress Sarah’s “toy” for the afternoon. On all fours and naked she awaits her mistress. Sarah has all sorts of fun, from spanking her, using crops on her and putting a ball gag in her mouth. Sarah strokes, gropes, and grabs her little toy. The more Angela moans, the more Mistress enjoys herself.

There are both extensive Stills & Video image galleries (see below). Images are reduced in size from the Members Area and the HD video (a clip is shown here too) is naturally a far better quality on the new upgraded HD cams that Sarah is now using on all future filmshoots!

Image stills taken to compliment the film:

spanking powerplay 0247_my_little_toy_gal-004 0247_my_little_toy_gal-007 spanked and spread wide spanking 0247_my_little_toy_gal-016 bare exposed butt 0247_my_little_toy_gal-021

Click below for access to the free clip preview (this should play on all browsers)

[jwplayer mediaid=”48093″]

& below are some hot scenes from the actual video… “oh my!”

Angela Sommers 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-014 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-021 Riding Crop on bare female ass 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-048 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-060 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-068 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-077 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-091 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-098 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-104 strapping Angela Sommers


sarah Gregory Spanking

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Jessica Fox given an OTK Spanking

Time to end this week on a high after I revealed news that Amelia Jane Rutherford will be attending the Lone Star Spanking Party this May (in Houston TX). I had just watched the latest full film update from English Spankers starring cute Anglo-Italian glamour model, Jessica Fox, in a sexy secretarial role in their video release called “Jessica Fox at the Help Desk”. Read on for the full descrption and a selection of images.

See what happened to Jessica – in charge of the Strand Pro Help Desk incl. their site English Spankers


Jessica looks after the help desk but even though she works for a spanking company she herself has never been spanked, until today. She has been exceptionally rude to one of their members and she knows the price she will have to pay. This is a moment she had been dreading, she knew it might happen one day, she was going to have to take her first ever spanking on that beautiful peachy bear bottom. Sarah Stern can confirm that it was designed to cause her maximum pain!

strand-HC307001 strand-HC307004 strand-HC307005 strand-HC307006 strand-HC307007 jess1 strand-HC307008 strand-HC307009 strand-HC307010 OTK SPANKING strand-HC307014 strand-HC307015 jess2 strand-HC307016 strand-HC307017 strand-HC307018 strand-HC307021 strand-HC307023 strand-HC307024 BARE BOTTOM SPANKING jess3 SPANKED OTK strand-HC307030 strand-HC307032


English Spankers


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lone star spanking party - year 2


Brooke & Mia Hot Girl Girl Spanking

Throwback Thursday got me thinking and it’s nice to look back on a few memorable spanking films, why wait nearly a week for the next installments? I am pretty sure I never extensively covered this from a few years ago: This is part of Sensual and the Erotic Spanking archives from one of the 3 vast sections of member content found at Girl Spanks Girl

Brooke and Mia take turns to spank each other…

Brooke spanks Mia at girlspanksgirl

Brooke is the kind of roommate who asks too many favors from her friends. Tonight she wants Mia to cook for some prospective employers so Mia makes the favor conditional. She wants Brooke over her knee submitting to a spanking. The spanking starts to hurt and Brooke even cries. She tells Mia to “Forget it” and that she will cook the meal herself but pretty Asian roomie Mia is tried of being bossed around and keeps spanking sobbing Brooke’s bare bottom. Not to be too much of a slavedriver, though- Mia ends up letting Brooke use a very powerful vibrator on herself while she spanks Brookes thick bottom. This makes the spanking a little sweeter for Brooke.

22 23 spanking 25 26 ass slapping spanked otk 29 30



How rude, when you are taking a shower, to be yanked out of it by your best friend. You are cold and nude, and to make matters worst – taken over the friends knee and spanked on a wet bottom. Those of us who have been spanked on a wet bottom know it can be very, very sore. This is what happens in roommate situations when one has not been doing their chores, running up a huge phone bill or, in a situation like this- with Brooke Lee Adams and Mia Lelani, causing trouble for one another at work. Buxom Brooke is furious and has her hot Asian roommate over her knee, cold, wet, shivering and squirming and taking a smart little wet spanking that makes Mia’s tight buns turn red so fast, giving the exotic cutie a sore spot for a tushy that will sting when she’s back in the shower!

32 ass spanked hard girl girl spanking 35 bathroom otk spanking wet bottom spanked 38 39 40



The girls may be best friends but they are intense rivals for 2 local cheer squads and poor Brooke loses out when Mia’s team win. Their private bet still stands and the beautiful asian girl takes loser Brooke’s firm  rounded bottom over her lap when they are back home and quickly bares it for another lingering spanking that gets her so excited. After all, the victor gets to chose what she wants to do and Brooke’s peachy bum is a perfect ripe target! Mia gets all hot and bothered and strips to finish her spanking of hot Brooke!

02 03 panties down spankings 05 06 otk spanking 08 09 cheerleader spanking



The girls have a large closet and often have fun dressing up in all the outrageous clothes they buy from the thrift stores! the girls play fight over who has the best new clothes and soon Brooke has Mia over her knee, stripped to her panties, Brooke lovingly spanks Mia until her bottom starts to turn red. Mia loves this sensual play and return the favor by making out with Brooke who is clearly turned on… brooke has to spank Mia’s naked bottom and feel it jiggle under her hand.

13 13a 14 15 bare bottom spanking 2 girls making out 18 19 naked otk spanking

These ongoing hot stories of Brooke and Mia can be found in the archives of both the Sensual and Erotic Spanking sections of GirlSpanksGirl.com


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